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Big Brother 14 – Slow Sunday In The House

You know it’s a slow day when they resort to cleaning the Big Brother 14 bathroom, yikes.

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Today has been a nice lazy Sunday, and apparently the Big Brother house was not immune to the laziness.   I went to the gym and then relaxed for the rest of the day, and during that period there were only brief moments of game talk.  With Dan holding the power of veto, I had a feeling today was going to be a bit slow.  It’s like the days in work where the boss shows up early, is full of energy and decides to have everyone work late.  You know you’re doomed because there is little you can say or do to prevent it.  Just a nightmare, boring day.

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How that compares is that Dan is too busy playing chess while the rest of the house is playing checkers.  There is 0 chance anyone in the house will actually influence him to use the veto a different way than he intends to use it, and it feels like people know that.   The most chatter in the house was Frank talking about his “swear on the bible final 2 deal” with Dan, but that doesn’t matter. For someone who talks like an expert of the game (Frank), this is reality show 101.  Dan has a perfect opportunity to go back on his word while not appearing to go back on his word, and he’s going to do it.   This is not some newbie here, Dan has his ‘get out of jail free’ card this week and he’s going to play it.

I’ve covered it already, but here is what I see happening (if you’re just reading this tonight).  Frank and Jenn are on the block, and Dan won the veto. During the night of the ‘funeral’, Dan swore on the bible to Frank that he’d do a final 2 deal with him.  Of course, by doing that, he’d lower his chance at winning, and also be forced to turn on Danielle and/or Shane. So, in order to “repay” Jenn for saving him last week, he’ll clear his debt by using the veto on her, Joe will likely be nominated, and Dan can also keep his word to Frank by voting for him.

The problem?  While Jenn and Dan may vote for Frank to stay, Shane and Danielle can easily be convinced to tie the vote by voting Joe.  This leaves the one and only “I entered the house to play a villain character” to drill the final nail in his former allies coffin with some speech he thinks will impact the game and earn him a vote in the finals.  Naturally Ian will try to take credit for removing the strong player, but the reality is it – again – will be all Dan.  Both Danielle and Shane can easily be convinced to vote whatever way Dan wants, so if Dan wants Frank to stay, Frank is staying regardless of Ian.   Dan is simply going to go along with Ian looking like a bad guy because Ian thinks it will earn him respect in the finals, while Dan knows that Ian won’t have to worry about being in the finals.

The veto is tomorrow, and if Jenn is removed and Joe is replaced, you can almost say goodbye to Frank and cut Dan a check.  Get the live feeds for free and watch to see if it happens.

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  1. Comments (8)

    I think Dan should use the veto on Jenn and then vote for Frank to stay as well as Jen and Danielle they all made a deal ESP. Dan swearing on a bible & his wife he better keep his word and save Frank. If he goes against his word he’s a liar and should be ashamed….

  2. Comments (102)

    Dirtbag Dan may make it to the final two, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get the votes. Frank will have no reason not to tell Britney what Dirtbag did. And The Rat needs to stop saying he’s avenging Britney by getting rid of Frank. She made it clear she blamed Dirtbag for being put up. So he’s full of crap when he says he’s avenging Britney.

  3. Comments (528)

    There it is, the diary sessions that prove Dans little “bible swear” BS is meaningless. He seriously doesn’t care who he screws over so there is a VERY good chance those votes are staying the same and Frankie-boy is heading to the jury house. Knowing Dan though, he makes a lot of last minute self-serving decisions that can shock us so who knows, man. Dude is a wildcard.

  4. Comments (1)

    Wish they get smart and send Dan to jury, but seems they are all fools

  5. Comments (768)

    Dan is a douchebag in every sense of the word. For awhile there after he swore on the Bible and made the deal with Frank I actually believed he was being sincere. He is a desperate douche who will do anything and say anything to win. I hate people like that. Hopefully Frank goes to Ian and shares exactly what the deal was he had with Douchbag Dan and Ian will spare him like it seemed he was going to.

  6. Comments (169)

    This is how the boot order will go the rest of the season –

    Thursday 9/6 (1st) – Frank
    Thursday 9/6 (FF) – Jenn
    Final 5 Eviction – Joe
    Final 4 Eviction – Ian
    Final 3 Eviction – Shane
    Final 2 – Dan & Danielle

    Not sure how the jury vote goes, but I’m not so sure Dan can win at this point. He’s screwed a lot of people over so far. And in a BAD way. After Frank is blindsided Thursday, he will likely use his one minute to say goodbye to let everyone left know what Dan did as far as throwing the QP and Brit under the bus and swearing on the bible… It’ll be too late by that time, though. Jenn might as well just walk with Frank out the door because she’s gone at the end of the hour. Depending on how things go, Ian may leave before Joe… I have a feeling Dan doesn’t want to keep Ian around too much longer… especially going into these trivia HoHs in the late part of the season. He may go in the FF Thursday but I don’t think so… Dan won’t take Shane to the final because he’s stronger than Danielle. I still think Danielle might win… ANYONE could win next to Dan, depending on how bitter the jury is.

    Britney I don’t think will vote for Dan, no matter what.
    Frank won’t vote for him after Thursday.
    Jenn won’t vote for him after Thursday.
    Ashley will likely vote the way Frank votes.

    That’s four…that’s enough to lose. And once he screws over Ian and Joe, I definitely don’t see Joe voting for him… Danielle would likely vote for Dan even if he slashes her throat on national tv, just because she acts like a hostage with Stockholm syndrome… I don’t get how a lot seem to think Dan has this sewed up… he may have played the best game, but he’s getting to the finals in a dirty, lowdown way. Worse than I’ve seen in awhile. Heck, JOE may could beat him, once again depending on the emotions of the jury. If it’s a jury that can get over the brutal backstabbing, he can maybe win… but I can almost promise you if he DOES win…it’ll be close…and it won’t be a unanimous 7-0 vote.

    • Comments (65)

      They better realize that Dan already won this friggin’ show and doesn’t need to win again

    • Comments (2)

      I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s post. I don’t agree with Dan using the bible as a tool for manipulatng the house guest either. No one disagrees that bb is a game but Dan has gone too far with his deceitful ways. I almost feel sorry for Danielle because she’s not only naive she is also a very insecure woman …who has been mentally and verbally abused by Dan all in the name of money. Wow! If it does come down to Dan and Danielle in the final 2. I hope she (danielle) wins and takes some of the money and use it for therapy because she will need it.

    • Comments (169)

      It’s crossed Joes mind, but he won’t win anything so that’s moot. You’d think as big a fan Ian is, he’d know what’s up. I wish Wil was still there… He was good at seeing through people..like when Dan threw that first endurance comp that Dani eventually won. Wil said in the DR he was up to his old tricks. I’ll miss Frank..l I haven’t been so disappointed about a HG leaving before now. Plus, he’s from Arkansas which is where I’m from, lol… But that doesn’t matter…. It’s that he’s played so hard, and to get done dirty by Dan by blindsiding him, it’s just sad. Jenn will be right out the door with him… Unless Dan decides he wants Ian out ASAP…I think Ian goes before Joe does….Dan will use Joe as this seasons Jerry… It may end up being Dan, dani, and Joe in the finals… Who knows…but the season is pretty much played out and I can’t fault Dan for playing with easily swayed HGs. I don’t like that he swore on the bible… and that’s why I can’t root for him to win. I’d take advantage of the sheep HG too if I was that lucky in the Big Brother house, but I wouldn’t have sworn on everything…

    • Comments (1)

      i hope someone figures dan out and kicks his sorry ass to the curb………. he is a dirty player and has already won once i hope frank and ian go to the final 2

  7. Comments (65)

    I feel terrible for Frank. I always wanted him gone, but this week, I’ve realized that he is probably my favorite left in the house. The poor guy has been up for nimination every week he hasn’t one HoH, and he still is an outgoing, friendly guy in the house. You wouldn’t expect someone like him to be such a huge target and hated by many people. The only thing is that he is a bit naive for trusting Dan. Other than that, I feel terrible. He is such a great competitor as well. At least he’ll know that he had so much fans once he leaves the house. 🙂

    Now, I’ll just root for Shane and Danielle. Joe/Jenn are cool, but are terrible players. Ian is likeable, but an immature brat sometimes. I lost respect for Dan after his swearing on the bible and his wife and dead grandfather to keep Frank safe, and demolish it the week after. If I just started watching the season when that happened, a CATHOLIC teacher would be the last thing I’d expect this guy to be. He is setting such a bad example for his students that watch the show.

    • Comments (528)

      I don’t get the impression anyone hates Frank at all. The show edits things but the live feeds show everyone bing very friendly and civil to one another and Ian has said repeatedly now that he actually likes the guy. Fact is, he’s a threat BECAUSE he’s been fairly good (I disagree somewhat on this but whatever) in the house socially and also can be quite adapt in competitions. That = MAJOR threat, so pretty much out of habit and self-preservation they’d be dumb not to try their damnedest to get him out.

      • Comments (65)

        I mean a lot of BB fans dislike Frank, I guess because of his fight with Ian and nominating Brit as a replacement. But yea he has a lot of fans at the same time. I agree that it’s in everyone’s best interest to get him packing. Dan can go next, followed by Ian. Then Jenn, then Joe, and idc who wins. HOWEVER, for the stable ratings, I expect Jenn/Joe to get evicted second on Thursday.

  8. Comments (1)

    Dan is a foul human being. Someone who lies the way Dan is in the house conduct themselves the same way outside the house. Watch out Chelsea because you have probably been told a tale or two, bible included.

    • Comments (1)

      Dan is a douche bag, not a cool douche bag like Dr. Will, but a douche bag who does not deserve to remain on the show. If he stays and Frank goes, I am done with this season!

    • Comments (5)

      Are you for real? Commenting to the wife of someone you watch on television. Stop being so condescending, delusional and well judgmental on people, (and I can not empathize enough) YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW

  9. Comments (1)

    How can you not feel for frank? Poor guy is just too trusting I guess. All he wants to do is make an ally and keep it. But every time he thinks he may have done that the other person stabs hi in the back. I. Disgusted with Dan, he made a huge move and I really hoped he was sincere about his deal with frank, but nope. He’s being a total douche.

  10. Comments (126)

    Very much agreed, using the Bible as a prop for deception is depraved, what is he going to do next sell his wife for a night to avoid being put up on the block

    This guy owes Frank not Jenn, the deal was not with her, but to look good and sear his conscience he will pretend he settle his ‘Biblical Iron-Clad’ pact with Frank, by using veto on her.

    I don’t know why he thinks his F2 is better with Shane or Danielle, then with Frank. I think Shane will easily beat Dan and Danielle may also. Frank will have an uphill battle considering Brit and Ian will be lobbying heavy in the Jury house with full revenge against Frank. F2 is better for Dan with Frank. Besides Frank has earned this shot. The fear of Frank has everybody looking like a bunch of scare rabbits.

    I liked Dan in the beginning, but he is devious with no code, even thieves have honor amongst themselves. I guess he thinks enough ‘Hail Mary’s’ and ‘Our Fathers’ will clear the air between him and God after the house, for using His Holy Sacred Book that states strongly: “not to swears neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation”.

    It may be a game to Dan, but God don’t play that way. There are things more important then money.

    Thanks Dan for making Christianity look on national T.V. like nothing more a mechanism for your own personal furtherance in your worship for mammon.

    • Comments (768)

      Well said!

    • Comments (5)

      Thanks Ray for making spoiler boards look like they are of delusional television voyeurs. Constantly typing inane diatribes with trite in sites into the personalities of people they don’t really know.

      • Comments (126)

        Your welcome,

        I guess it was you being the only one putting the thumbs down, when dozens agreed with my ‘diatribes’
        if that is what you think it is then you really have to do something about that thin skin of yours

        We are all quite capable of judging actions of these players, who have cameras 24/7 on them not to mention DR confessions. Maybe not their hearts, but definitely what they do and have done. Or I guess you are suggesting we should all be mindless viewers, with no opinions voiced, lest feelings like yours get hurt.

        Sure it’s a game but that ½ million isn’t monopoly money. So Dan can ditch his values and morals on network T.V., which I believe reflects badly, since he calls himself a Christian but has used that as mere covering to gain trust among the players, but what he is doing is creating some doubt among some viewers of the genuinely of the Faith.

        I’m sure he is good guy (I actually like Dan) outside the house, and good a husband, but a lukewarm if not a professing Christian would be my humble opinion

        He should of left Bible at home since it appears he doesn’t know what it is for, and certainly anybody who knows the Word knows it isn’t for lying, cheating and deceiving for selfish monetary gain. Some have discernment some don’t.

        I didn’t bring religion to this board, Dan did. And if he can’t win this game without denigrating Scripture, then does he really deserve the triumph. Nope, and I know God will agree.

  11. Comments (6)

    Dan should of never swear on the bible but I had rather Dan in the final 2 than frank cause frank gots to go I don’t like him he’s to cocky and he thinks he is better than anyone in there

    • Comments (169)

      how does he think he’s better? Have you listened to IAN lately? He makes Frank look modest. And Frank has been on the block since week one and survived…. I think he deserves a little bragging rights!

    • Comments (6)

      Frank is the one who is a douchebag and he should leave Thursday I can’t stand him or his annoying laugh

      • Comments (169)

        Would you mind explaining exactly how Frank is a “douchebag”, as you called him? What has he done badly? He’s gotten roweled up and yelled at times, but only when things were going horrible for him and he discovered he was alone in the house.

        Have you been in the house as a houseguest? Think about the stress of being in there, plus knowing that everyone wants you out. How would that make you feel? Jolly and good? Didn’t think so. They’ve wanted him out since day one and it’s because he had the bad luck of Boogie picking him to play on his team. And that’s not quite fair to Frank. Frank still remains cheerful, smiling, and talkative to everyone in there even knowing that he’s on the block.

        He likely knows he may not be able to trust Dan, but he’s not screaming. If he found out Dan was stabbing him AGAIN, and Frank started yelling and getting upset, I can’t say I’d blame him. How many times is this now that he’s been stabbed in the back? I’ve lost count. How would you react? How many times has Frank stabbed someone in the back? Hmmmmm? None? That’s what i thought. He wasted an HoH week getting WIL out. WIL! Because he was sticking to his word. As much as he wanted so badly to backdoor Dan because he had suspicions, he didn’t. I thought it was a good move at the time, but now it’s clear he should have done it. All these people saying that Frank doesn’t keep his word and crap really gets to me.

        Where has he ACTIVELY broke his word to someone? Sure, he’s made deals with other people, overlapping alliances and so on, but EVERYBODY in the house does that! Heck, Dan has FIVE Final 2 deals with people. FIVE! I’m at a huge loss as to how Frank is a douchebag in your eyes, or anyone’s eyes for that matter. He’s been nothing but loyal to anyone he’s agreed to work with, to this point. NOBODY can deny that.

        Just because a guy has an annoying laugh is no reason to hate somebody. No reason at all. I know a guy that was a co-worker of Franks when he lived back in Arkansas here, and he said that Frank is one of the down to Earth people one could ever meet, and I believe it. Yeah, we get it…he gets loud at times and goes off on people… but some of us handle pressure differently. Some can keep quiet and subdued, others cannot. And with Frank about setting a record for number of times on the block, knowing everyone wants him out…well don’t ya think that’ll add a lil fuel to the fire?

        The vast majority of the time he is all laughs and smiles and socializing with everyone, knowing that he probably cannot trust any of them. Don’t fault the guy for the few times he has gotten emotional. After the double eviction, when he lost Mike, realized Ian turned on him, and then Ashley was taken out, he had a RIGHT to be angry! Did you expect him to be passive and say “Oh it’s ok, I get it..you all want me gone, so I’ll just die.” Come on!

        I seriously don’t get you Frank haters. He hasn’t done a damn thing that’s any better or any worse than any other HG in history. Is it because he’s from Arkansas? I read some bozo somewhere say “And did you see his parents?? They’re from Arkansas! UGH!” He acts like a typical southern guy, he’s my age and guys our age are going to hit on women and talk about their bodies… it’s what most heterosexual guys DO…

        Anyway, again IDK where the anti Frank sentiment comes from, I can usually understand why someone may dislike a HG… but with Frank, I can’t. And anytime I ask a person to list what’s so bad about him, other than the bullish reasons I covered above, they never can tell me anything. I’ll bet if Britney or Janelle had picked Frank instead of Boogie, everyone would just LOVE him.

        Alright, I’m off my soapbox!

  12. Comments (102)

    Why does Dirtbag Dan yell in all his DR sessions. I’m surprised every one can’t hear every word he says. You know, his desperation for the money might be a little more tolerable if he hadn’t already won $500,000. It just makes the guy come off as a greedy pig.

    As for why he loves the Crap Pack more, they’re his little puppets. Frank was the only one who had the balls to put this turkey up on the block.

  13. Comments (8)

    I think what some of you guys need to realize is that no matter how much you hate Dan, he’s the only one other than arguably Frank that deserves the win. Ian, Shane, Danielle, Jenn & Joe have all been followers and doing what Dan wants. That isn’t the type that should win the game. While Frank has a horrible social game, his physical game is top notch. Unfortunately, he’s most likely out the door on Thursday.

  14. Comments (78)

    Im done with joe. Im disgusted. Big brother you shouldn’t have a player like that. One who has a bible to play other players. If frank leaves I’m done watching bb. Fine!!!!!!

  15. Comments (78)

    If frank leaves so do all of us here in central California. It’s not fair that you let a person use a bible to get ahead in this game. Dan is dirt. Just dirt. He does not deserve to win. It’s not fair. They don’t let bibles allowed in school how can bb let someone use that to get ahead. Shame on you. I won’t be watching any bb in the future

  16. Comments (28)

    I don’t like that Dan swore on the bible… and that’s why I can’t root for him to win. I’d take advantage of the sheep HG too if I was that lucky in the Big Brother house, but I wouldn’t have sworn on everything…

  17. Comments (78)

    I’m so disappointed with big brother. How can you let a person use a BIBLE to get ahead. Dan is pathetic. We can’t stand him. I have a BB party every Sunday and 30 people tonight showed up. They are so disappointed that they won’t be coming back over next week, just because of Dan. He’s ruthless and pathetic and will do anything to win even if he brings the lord In. Bb should not allow that if schools no longer allow it to. Dan is a devil Yes a devil. Being catholic like him. He makes Catholics look bad. He’s not catholic because we would not do what he did. Yes, Dan play the game but don’t bring the bible into it. Your a loser. I’m done with big brother. Done. I will petition my town to not watch it and I will forward this to my 200 thousand friends as well. Shame on you. Frank is number one. Even though he might not be catholic. He dosent lie. He’s truthful and trusting. God bless you frank. May the best man win. Even if you don’t win a cheating big brother in the long run you will win. Frank all the way……. X.

    • Worried for Humanity
      Comments (44)

      Do you think that maybe you are talking this show a bit too seriously??? It is a reality show on tv…..to spend your time petitioning your town because of a person on it makes me worried for the actual important events. You should use your passion to change things that truly matter, not worry about a tv show.

    • Comments (4)

      I am also thoroughly disgusted with the Holy Bible being used as tool of deception in the Big Brother House! It also raises a question for me… to my understanding books are not allowed in the house so why is there a Bible in the house in the first place??? Are there also Holy books for other religions, and if not then I again return to my query of why the Bible is in the BB House at all if no books are allowed…???

      • Comments (1276)

        They have always had a Bible in the house, I’m not even sure if they houseguests bring it, or if it’s a house Bible. My guess would be that the players can bring in a Religious Book, not limited to the Bible, but I’m just guessing.

  18. Comments (78)

    Dan devil fan is a devil shame on you. You shouldn’t be teaching at a catholic school. Fan have you read the bible. Your a snake. Snake

  19. Comments (78)

    My friends are not coming over next week. Just because we ate from the sacred heart church and we were rooting for Dan because we thought he was catholic. Only to see he was using our lord to get ahead. God bless Dan and we hope he will realize he can’t get ahead like that.
    His day will come and Dan may you fail because you lied.

    • Comments (233)

      Are u SURE that’s why ur friends aren’t coming back ? Sounds like it could be YOU and your preachy ways. Seriously, a church gathering to watch bb?? Get over it, it is a game, nothing more. U didn’t capitalize Catholic or Lord …..tsk, tsk. LOL

    • Comments (2)

      Those watching the live feeds say Frank cheated 3 different times and was only given punishment once and was in cahoots with Boogie about doing something unspeakable to Dan’s wife..I wouldn’t think he would be your favorite to win with your Catholic beliefs

  20. Comments (528)

    Okay, jeez, get over the bible thing, damn. Youre making the atheists want to root for him more with all the melodrama.

  21. Comments (8)

    Anybody talking about the bible and Dan and all that is just grasping at straws. You’re just mad that Dan is walking to a win again and outsmarted all these people. He did these same exact things in Season 10.

    • Comments (169)

      Huh? No matter how well he’s played, you don’t swear on a Bible and get away with it…that’s what we Christians believe, perhaps you aren’t a believer, but I am, and it’s not grasping at straws. I don’t think many people agree with that, buddy. I can take the lying and backstabbing but swearing on a Bible and then breaking your word and being proud of it? That’s where I draw the line. Can’t see how too many people will respect what all he said in his DRs on tonight’s show… he admitted to the world he swore on his wife and he’s ok with breaking his word. What does that say about him? I kinda feel sorry for Danielle too because Dan has used her emotions to get farther in the game, and she will need major therapy… I haven’t see Dan show any emotion… maybe he has no conscience? Who do you call a person that has no conscience about their actions? Anyone?

      • Comments (6)

        OK tell me how Dan is breaking his promise to frank just to say if Dan is taking jenn off the block and not him but Frank told Dan to take her down and he could vote to keep frank but u have Shane and Danielle to vote him out and then u have jenn would prolly vote to keep frank but then u have a 2 to 2 then Ian decides who leaves
        And Ian would vote for frank to leave

      • Comments (8)

        Like Kim said, Dan isn’t technically even breaking his word to Frank. Dan’s current plan is to keep his word and vote to keep Frank along with Jenn while Danielle & Shane vote to keep Joe. This leaves it a 2-2 tie with the decision going to Ian, who is going to evict Frank. So there you go, all these arguments are invalid. Dan swore on his bible and is keeping his word.

      • Comments (6)

        Frank told Dan to take jenn off the block and leave him up there
        And frank needs to go

      • Comments (169)

        Kim, I don’t think you’re getting it. He swore on a Bible, his wedding ring, his wife, and his grandfather’s cross necklace that

        1) The QP info was true

        2)He was honestly wanting a F/J/D/D Final 4 with him and Frank in final 2.

        How can you defend Dan, after he ADMITTED in his DR sessions numerous times on tonight’s episode that he acknowledged he was breaking his word to Frank and Jenn, but he “likes the QP better”. He even said earlier in the day today that he was worried how his behavior and actions will reflect on him to his wife and employer. He knows he’s doing major wrong, but he seems perfectly fine with it.

        I don’t care if I HATED Frank like so many people like you do..I can’t stand Ian, but if Dan had done the same swearing to Ian that he did to Frank, and was going back on it, it’d be the same thing with me. I wouldn’t care if it benefited Frank by breaking his word to Ian or not. I guess Dan thinks he can simply go to confessional when he gets out, admit his sins and say some hail marys and all will be OK…all Dan has shown by his betrayal is that not a word that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. If he can swear on all the things he swore on, and still do what he’s doing without even batting an eye, that tells me he must not have a conscience. It’s a game, yes, but you don’t do what he’s doing for a GAME.

        Lie, backstab all you want… fine..that’s the game. But all his swearing on everything holy is where the line has to be drawn. I’m not even a big, huge church going Christian… I am one, but not a regular practitioner… no matter what, it’s dead wrong to do what he’s doing, and if he thinks he’ll leave the game with as much respect from fans as he had before going in this season, I think he’ll be in for a shock. And if he still works for the church, then he may be in for a shock when he gets back… doing what he did would likely violate a moral clause that most Catholic schools have in their contracts. I pray that he won’t get fired over it, but it could happen.

        Dan’s problem is he’s gotten too wrapped up in the game. He’s not playing like he did in BB10. He didn’t outright lie and backstab fellow HGs needlessly and constantly like now. That’s why the jury liked him.

        Dan is reminding me of the way Russell Hantz plays Survivor, a dirty, low game, and look where it got Russell at the end.

        All this behavior from Dan, yet people are calling FRANK the douche? Just…wow.

      • Comments (10)

        He stacked the deck and petitioned for this outcome. It’s not holding to the oath. This play was genius minus the bible. Ask yourself what his students and colleagues think about this at the catholic school where he teaches. All those kids watching and rooting for him. THAT is what’s wrong. His only way out is they 2-2 tie he convinces Ian that since the QP needs to survive the double eviction and frank is not a threat for HOH then Joe leaves and anyone but Jenn wins the QP gets rid of frank second on Thursday. Then Dan proves loyalty by convincing his multiple alliances that Ian needs to go due to his mental game. He can still come out as holding true. Until then we don’t know if he has gone back on his word. This could be a brilliant play and Dan avoids the dirty work and when frank wins next HOH Dan is guaranteed to make F3 and has Ally for POV.

      • Comments (4)

        Technically the answer would be a sociopath.

      • Comments (169)

        Bingo… that’s the word I was looking for, I wanted to see if anyone else had the same thoughts I did.

      • Comments (5)

        I see and your qualified to make such an assessment? Unlikely, some could see calling someone you don’t know and are not qualified to assess on big brother boards a sociopath. Well psychotic.

  22. Comments (6)

    Let me ask all y’all why are y’all rooting for frank for why not Shane Danielle or Ian

    • Comments (169)

      Perhaps it’s because Frank has been a target since the first week and he’s fought his heart out to stay there? Maybe because Ian has just been a puppet of Dan’s, and all he’s worried about is trying to be a villain? Maybe because Danielle isn’t operating on all cylinders, plus she’s only won one comp? I could live with Shane winning the season simply because he’s won so many comps, but he was Brit’s puppet during both his HoH reigns. Plus, none of the players above have really had to fight every week to stay in the house. Shane has only been on the block once, and he won the veto so he wasn’t even on the block eviction night. Same for Danielle. She’s been on the block twice, and each time she knew she wasn’t going anywhere. And Ian….Ian still hasn’t experienced the nomination chair.

      And that, my friend, is why we’re all rooting for Frank. He may get loud at times, like on the DE night when he lost all his allies and realized he was alone, but for the most part he makes the other HGs laugh and has fun with them. I believe Frank got a bad rap by getting associated with Mike Boogie. If he had been on Janelle’s or Britney’s team, I don’t believe there’d be many people at all that would dislike him. He’s like every other HG…he hasn’t done any different… except he hasn’t backstabbed anybody this season. Did you hear on tonight’s show, he said he wasn’t going to go to Ian and throw Dan under the bus to save himself before nominations…yet what did Dan do? He actually got Ian to put Frank up! Ian wanted to give him a free week… but Dan turned his back on Frank and Jenn as soon as he realized that Ian and Shane were stupid and gullible enough to not be mad at him. I can’t blame him for the stupidity of other HGs…Frank was stupid for trusting Dan in the first place, but I would have trusted him too in that scenario. If a person comes to me and swears on a bunch of things Holy to them, I’d take their word at it.

      Frank’s biggest downfall is that he’s way too naive and trusting. He even admitted to the LFers this morning that he never had trust issues before going into the BB house, but he will be leaving the BB house with permanent trust issues. And that was kind of sad to hear.

      • Comments (8)

        Frank hasn’t fought for shit. He’s only still here because shit has been rigged for him and he’s lucky.

      • Comments (169)

        LOL… there goes the rigging crap again… if I had a nickel…. how was it rigged? If it’s a player people hate, it’s rigging. If it’s a player we love that’s saved, it’s called a “twist”. LOL. I love the double standard. I pointed out last year when the DR was trying to get people to keep Daniele Donato that it was a little suspect, but I was chewed out and everyone said “well the show is suppose to be based on the 1984 book.. they can manipulate things if they want. AG would NEVER allow any rigging!” But now, it’s rigged because a twist happened to save a player that some people dislike. Haha

      • Comments (528)

        OMG, I agree completely. Two players can do the exact Same move but if it’s a player someone likes it was “a great gameplay move!” and if it’s someone they don’t like, it’s “a backstabbing rat!”

        If a payer they like wins a comp it’s “wow! They they’re really good at competitions!” if it’s someone they don’t like, it’s “the game was clearly rigged for them to win!”

        If someone they like curses and swears and acts cocky they can just ignore the behaviour, if it’s someone they don’t like they call him/her out EVERY TIME.

        If someone they like spins the house and plays both sides they’re “playing a great social game!” if it’s someone they don’t like, they’re “floaters and need to go!”

        Friggin MENTAL.

      • Comments (8)

        I’m not just saying it was rigged for Frank, I think it’s been rigged for multiple people this season. The DR has loved Frank from the beginning and built a storyline out of him surviving. However, after Dan pulled that move, they are now all about Dan and want him to survive. To the DR, this makes Frank more disposable now. Even earlier, Frank said the DR was dropping hints to him and he asked Dan to use the veto on him instead of Jenn.

      • Comments (169)

        And also, if it was as rigged for Frank as y’all claim it to be, don’t you think the producers would find a way to get him safe this week? Like a Pandora’s Box veto again? Everyone was saying they wanted to rig it to keep Boogie and Frank in the game…hmm…well if that was the case, wouldn’t the Pandora Veto Ball come into play BEFORE Boogie was evicted? Lol… you people crack me up.

  23. Comments (8)

    You guys all need to realize Dan isn’t breaking his word. He is voting to keep Frank, leaving the tie decision to Ian. Therefore, he is not breaking his word on the bible.

    • Comments (108)

      Dan made a deal with Frank for final 2. Doesn’t that mean he should be fighting to KEEP FRANK? The guy is a douche. Or a weasel. A douche-weasel. I am not a Christian but I know that the bible is SACRED to Christians, and to swear on it and then go back on your word is reprehensible. Unless the guy isn’t a Christian at all… if he has lied about his religious beliefs, then I guess swearing on the bible doesn’t mean anything to him, so it’s not a big deal to lie about it.

  24. Comments (34)

    Dan is breaking his word by intention. Knowing that he has a chance to save Frank he isn’t. Plus he said that he is with the Quak Pak because he likes them better. Right there is proof. Plus Dan said that just because he swore to Frank it doesn’t matter.
    As for Ian suddenly saying that this is why his alliance was formed… let’s be real.. he was an add on and nothing more.
    The Rat Boys ego is bigger then the sun and really he isn’t anywhere as near as smart as he thinks he is.
    Dani hasn’t done almost anything in the game. She’s more like Rachel light…. stalker girl but without the skills.
    Shane has no social game and hasn’t won anything in weeks. I think it was July 21st… He went from being the stallion to being the gelding.
    I think this is the first week that Frank hasn’t won anything.
    Final point.. IF RatBoy really was after vengeance for Twitney leaving he should target Despicable Dan. Dan was the one that screwed the Quak Pak over.
    PS… Big Brother … no more Jesse. What does he have pictures of people doing illegal actions that he blackmails people with? No one wants to see that arrogant moron and his stupid puns…

    • Comments (20)

      Everybody that hates Dan, is missing one important thing. After Frank won HOH, he immediately went to Brittany, and asked her to turn on Dan. Her and Shane DID turn on Dan, and the Quack Pack was broken. When Danielle was asked to do the same, she refused, and stuck by Dan, keeping the QP alive. This is why Dan ended up being nominated. He basicly did what was necessary to save the QP. This meant getting rid of the traitor, who turned out to be Brittany. The remnant of the QP was then re-organized. Dan did what was necessary.
      Incidently, BB did not provide the bible, as some posters believe. He brought his own into the house, which is allowed. Janelle also brought a bible into the house.

  25. Comments (34)

    hmm Kim and Spike I’m a bit lost.. so if I break a commandment without really meaning to sort of by accidentally steal something its okay? Dan intends to break his word. He has said so several times.
    Dan went to Ian planning to throw Frank under the bus. He intents to get Frank out. THAT is how he is breaking his word.
    Dan: Last week you saw me hosting my own funeral this week I’m flipping it around and hosting Frank’s funeral.
    Get real. Dan is playing a scum bag game. Hopefully it all comes out. From his abuse of Danielle and yes it was abusive to his backstabbing everyone.

    • Comments (8)

      He promised Frank he wouldn’t vote him out, and he isn’t. You people need to realize this is a GAME, backstabbing and lying are expected in BB, Survivor, etc.

      • Comments (169)

        Where did he promise that he wouldn’t vote Frank out… please point out the flashback time, date and camera number… because he never said anything about not voting him out, and I’ve watched that scene twice.

      • Comments (1276)

        I personally don’t believe that Dan is breaking his word. From everything I heard the deal was made about working together. The promise that he made on teh bible was that all of the information that Dan gave Frank about what was going on in the house prior to their conversation was all going to be true.
        Did he specifically swear to Frank, on the bible, that he would not be a part of any plan that would land Frank outside? If so, what camera, date and time can I look that up?
        Also, in the Catholic religion there is this great thing called confession, where a person can be absolved of their sins. So to be technical about it, Dan can get out of the house and later ask for forgiveness.
        This part will be a little unrelated to what you guys are saying, because I don’t believe it was any of you all, but in other posts I’ve seen people saying he’d do his wife wrong just to get ahead in the BB house. This too I feel is incorrect. I think from what we’ve seen, he seems to love his wife and is more open about it then any houseguest I remember as of late. Also, he is doing all of this for 2 simple reasons, 1) he loves the game and 2) to make his life and his wife’s lives better.

      • Comments (1276)

        That being said, I personally wouldn’t swear on the bible for a game. But that is just me, and I don’t feel like it is my place to judge someone else who does. Just my opinion.

      • Comments (528)

        I totally would! I just wouldn’t tell anyone I’m an atheist and don’t give a crap about a book. People take that stuff far too seriously (people as in Christians, I guess) so man, I wouldn’t care about taking advantage of that weakness, lol.

        I guess Dan being an actual Catholic and Catholic teacher makes it a whole different fish but people are so taking it too far, my god.

        No pun intended.

    • Comments (169)


      I don’t believe anything we say will get them to see otherwise. I haven’t even read anywhere that Dan is ACTUALLY planning on voting to keep Frank so it’ll go to a tie. From what I’ve seen, it’s just a scenario that Steve on here said on his blog that he’d be shocked if that didn’t happen. I may be wrong, though. who knows. Some things are not to be taken lightly, and swearing on a Bible and all things dear to you is definitely to be taken seriously. I don’t swear on a Bible or someone’s life or my marriage, etc unless I am being 100% truthful. I don’t normally do that kind of swearing, anyway. When people swear on things, it makes me even MORE skeptical of them.

      Hey, how about this —

      When we’re called to testify in court, we swear with one hand on the Bible that we will tell the truth. If I went up there on the stand, swore on the Bible to tell the truth, then lied about everything, and when the cops came to arrest me for perjury, do you think I could say “well I know I swore on the Bible to tell the truth, but I didn’t really mean it… I like the person on trial better than y’all so I thought it would be OK!” Think I’d get very far? Nope. And I’m afraid for Dan, that if his Catholic school bosses and parents of kids he teaches are watching him on BB doing all this, and so blatantly, at that…. he’s going to find out quickly that he won’t get very far with his argument, either.

      Dan has gone over the line this season..I can respect and understand the desire to play the game, but you don’t mess with the Bible. What he did to Britney was wrong, too. I didn’t like Britney all that much but it was wrong… though I could look past it because he HAD to do what he had to do in order to secure himself. But this time, he was in no danger whatsoever. There was absolutely no need to go back on his word. A word that was suppose to be backed up by the Bible. Even if he WAS trying to save himself again, I couldn’t see anyone justifying him breaking his swearing on the Bible.

      • Comments (8)

        That would be real life! Not a reality tv show!

      • Comments (169)

        which is even worse… Needlessly swearing on a Bible for a game show doesn’t tell me many good things about a person’s character. As I said, I’m not a huge practicing Christian, but I personally was raised that one does not swear on the abible unless they intend to go through with their word. I have no doubt that Dan had every intention of keeping his word at the time…hey, he didn’t realize how stupid Shane and Ian would be…he thought they’d be done with him! But that’s why one shouldn’t swear on the Bible unless they know for sure they can follow through on their word. As I said in an earlier post, when someone comes to me, and swears on a Bible that they’re going to do this, etc….then it makes mes more inclined to believe them.

        You said yourself, that would be real life, not a reality tv show…well, may I ask, what is a reality tv show based off of, exactly? hmmmm? Oh, yeah, that’s rights… REAL LIFE.

      • Comments (1276)

        To be fair about the Brit part, she was more then willing to toss him under the bus as well if it meant saving herself. Case and point, making a deal with Frank for her and Shane to work with him just before the comp in the Storage room.
        All of them cut side deals. That is how you get ahead in the game. Dan played this game before and did what he had to do to get to the end, and ended up with a unanimus vote in his favor due to how he had done so. Granted, he didn’t swear on the bible that go round, but the rest, yes. He was welcomed back with open arms at his school, so I really don’t think they will see this any differently.
        The fact of the matter is, they are all playing a game. We don’t know them outside of the house. The people he works with and for, do know him. I personally am not going to assume that anyone’s game play is an accurate reflection of them as a person in “real” life.
        I am still very unhappy with the way he played with Dani’s emotions and used them against the entire house. But, it worked. She was upset with him, but got over it when he explained himself. Yes, when the time comes he will move to get ahead of her, but that’s the nature of the beast that is BB. Anyone who isn’t willing to play for themselves, well, I don’t know why they’d be in the house to begin with. Why people are willing to go in and leave their families, friends and lives to play, and then fall on the sword for another player is beyond me.
        I am not saying what he did was right. I’m just saying it is a game, very few people will be able to play BB or any other show of this type, and not step on someone and end up winning. More often then not, they will have to do so to get to the end.

      • Comments (102)

        A game this dude has already won once. For all the hate Boogie gets, he didn’t go swearing on his child’s life and then breaking his word.

        I was disgusted when Janelle offered Britney her wedding wing just to get to stay in the game, but I can understand the desperation of a Janelle or a Britney better. They didn’t win the game, and this was their second chance to win it. Dan has already won it once before. Don’t tell me he’s already gone through the money already.

        Again, people love to spit on Boogie, but he’d already won and he didn’t have that fire in his belly to win again. He was happy to remain a coach and let someone new have their chance at winning.

        Bottom line, Old Yeller may make it to the finals, but I doubt he’s going to win again. He’s screwed over too many people, but more importantly he’s already won. Why does he deserve another $500,000.

      • Comments (1276)

        I guess the way I see it is if he is capable of getting to the end, even with others not wanting him to win again, he deserves the chance just as much as they did. And I don’t see that it matters if he went through the money or not. Being newly married, I know some people who spend close to that much just on the wedding and house. He could have had college loans, he could have done anything with it, but I don’t think that it matters, since I haven’t heard him reference the fact that he thinks he “needs” the money more then anyone else.
        I guess I just don’t get why people think that Janelle and Brit deserved a second chance, when they had already had the chance, and didn’t make it (for Janelle, 2 prior chances).
        I didn’t like a lot of things that Boogie said, but overall I don’t believe I personally “spit on Boogie”. I respect the mans game play, just not a lot of what he did.
        “Bottom line”, he screwed over a lot of peole the first go round, and he won that one. So again, if he is able to make it to the finals, and they are willing to give him the votes, he deserves the win. It’s ultimatly the other players choice.
        Of course, all of the above is just my opinion.

  26. Comments (8)

    Seriously people??? Dan is by far the best player in the house!!! Swearing on the bible and on his wife and whatever else is game play. Many have swore on family members lives and went back on their word. Season after season, this behavior has taken place. This is a game of survival in the house… A GAME!!! Besides, Boogie said, awhile back, what does all this swearing on family members and stuff really mean? At the end of the day, NOTHING! It’s just game chatter. As far as Dan and his job, seriously people, you don’t know him outside the house. You have no idea of his true morals, values, or work ethic. To call for him to loose his job, is unethical! It’s a game, a game he’s playing really well!!! BTW, I’m a Christian, and I took Dan swearing on the bible as nothing more than game play! I don’t feel he makes any of us look bad… He doesn’t represent me in any way,shape, or form. He’s a player on reality tv…. THAT’S IT!

  27. Comments (1)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Dan swore on the Bible and his wife and the cross that he was telling the truth to Frank. And he did..tell the truth. If Frank assumed that what came out of Dan’s mouth after that was include in the swaring..well that’s Frank mistake 😉

  28. Comments (62)

    A couple of things to point out. 1st how often have DR sessions changed between Sunday and Thursday. Dan(AKA Douchebag) can keep his word just by getting Dani to vote out Joe(presumed replacement for Jenn). I believe this option is most definately in play for Dan. If he knew Thursday was a double eviction and a question based HOH comp likely he’d save Frank IMHO. Frank’s issue for Dan I believe is the 2 week HOH ineligibility.

    Let me say up front I believe Dani will do exactly whatever Dan decides period. Frank stays/Joe goes and Ian does not participate that would leave Shane versus Dan, Jenn and Dani for HOH. Q and A you have to figure Shane has about a 2% chance at best Thursday. That would have Frank playing for HOH at 5 left. The last important HOH that sets up the end game IMO. Frank would honour his final 2 deal with Dan I believe and both would keep Jenn not Dani. Dan will cut her loose when he’s done using her!

    Fact is i’m surprised I have not seen anywhere the most obvious aspect left in the game….. Why would anyone want Jenn out strategically? She has to be everyones number 1 choice heads up for the 500K. Even Joe beats her IMHO. If Dan has a choice between Dani or Jenn in the final it’s good bye Dani. If Dan has a choice between Frank and Jenn good bye Frank and so on.

    I don’t think Frank is done quite yet. Dan can still get Dani to save him. Dani is merely a pawn with absolutely no mind of her own. The beauty of Dan’s game is the intellectual players are all gone. Ian has smarts but not the worldlyness need to read the HG’s effectively. If he nominates Dani as a replacement instead of Joe I’ll change my mind. Though that’s not going to happen.

    Leaving the game in this order:
    1) Joe
    2) Ian/ Jenn HOH
    3) Shane/ Frank HOH
    4) Dani/ Dan HOH(best few days in BB history :P)
    3) Frank
    Final 2 Dan vs Jenn
    Dan pockets another 500K. ROFL

  29. Comments (62)

    Another comment to perhaps explain the earlier discusions about Frank telling Dan to use the veto on Jenn. Folks need to realize that though Frank believes he has a F2 deal with Dan he also believes he has a final 4 deal that includes Jenn and Dani as well. Thus he counts the numbers for the eviction if Joe is the replacement as Dan, Dani and Jenn voting for Joe and Shane the only vote against Frank.

    I believe that’s why Thursday’s show/eviction is going to be classic BB theater IMHO. You have Dan/Dani in 2; 4 player alliances; and will have to choose 1 group to roll with. Don’t buy into the DR stuff on Sunday completely. The truth is Dan will choose and Dani will continue to do his bidding.

    Dan’s Choice…
    1) Evict Frank – Joe, Jenn, Shane, Dani and Dan play for HOH. Jenn knows with Frank gone that Dan used both of them totally. Jenn wins HOH Dan is on the block. Joe wins HOH Dan could end up nominated but not a sure thing by any bet. Dan voting with the quack pack to eliminate Frank gives him complete safety and Joe/Jenn nominations almost a sure thing if any of the 3 win HOH who are eligible.

    2) Evict Joe…
    As I mentioned previously it’s Shane versus Jenn, Dan and Dani for HOH. I like this alot better if I’m Dan. Especially with Frank back playing HOH at 5 players left.For Dan the best part of this senario is he controls basically everything no matter who wins HOH. This not knowing Thursday is a double eviction. Shane wins HOH Dani will be all over Shane trying to get Dan protected. That doesn’t work who cares if your Dan. Only Ian would be eligible to vote no matter which 2 are on the block from Jenn, Dani, Frank and Dan. 2 of these 4 vote while 2 are on the block. Frank will make sure Jenn votes for Dan if Dani is the other nominee. Dan stays on every senario except Frank versus Dan after veto cerimony. Ian makes the decision then.
    My gut tells me Dan goes with Frank and Jenn it’s cleaner for his game and his end game which has he and Jenn as the final 2.

    PS. By the way Dan will have Dani working on Jenn with regaurd to Jenn not being able to beat Frank heads up for the 500K. After Dani gets sent to the Jury house at some point Dan will finish the conversation selling Jenn the only one she can beat heads up is Dan in the final.

  30. Comments (11)

    From what I got at Dan swore on the bible that he was telling the truth. he Made a deal to work with Jen,frank and his dumb little sidekick. Dan knows that he doesnt stand a chance to win big brother next to frank. If frank gets the votes this week I hope he doesn’t turn unto his revengeful self and puts Dan and Dnielle on the block. If Shane is smart he should work with Frank or Ian i think it would be a toss up between jury votes. I just don’t wan to see Danielle, Joe or Jen at the end.

    • Comments (169)

      From what he said in HoH with Frank, it looked like he was saying he was telling the truth on all the stuff and that’s what he was swearing on…but then last night in the DR, Dan said something about he “knew he swore on the bible and his wife to be with Frank and Jenn, etc, but likes the QP better” I got to thinking maybe he was swearing on the Bible to be with Frank and Jenn, too. Idk.. But that’s why people shouldn’t swear on the Bible that they’re not going to do something or whatever… He may have meant to keep his word at the time, but circumstances change, and that’s why people shouldn’t swear on the Bible unless it’s required, like giving testimony in court. Shouldn’t do it for a game.

  31. Comments (65)

    I’m hoping later in the competition Dani realizes that Dan will throw her under the bus. She HAS to win HOH and/or POV so she has the power to backdoor Dan and send him packing. I doubt it’ll happen, but that would be AWESOME :p

    • Comments (169)

      Eh, don’t count on it. Danielle is behaving like a hostage with Stockholm syndrome… She’s completely influenced by Dan…even if Dan cuts her throat on national tv in the Final 3, and he made her cry again, her vote would go to him.. No doubt about it. In fact, she’s the only vote that I could say conclusively is in Dan’s corner.

  32. Comments (2)

    i love dan and also frank. but they have been trying to get rid of frank from the beginng. its all in how you play the game. let the best man win and forget all that foolish talk about how they are doing it

  33. Comments (2)

    DAN RULES !!!!!!

  34. Comments (2)

    HOLY CRAP! You people are too damn sensitive! First of all, Dan is outplaying every person and he is playing no more of a dirty game than Chilltown did. Chilltown used woman for their advantage, and they got no flack for it! Watch the live feeds when Frank/Dan had their convo, and you will all realize how stupid you sound. Dan swore to Frank that the INFORMATION that he was telling him was true. It WAS true! He never actually swore on the final 2 alliance, just shook on it. Guess what, promises are meant to be broken in Big brother. I give props for Dan for being the only one in the house with any game and being up there with Dr. Will as the best of all time!

  35. Comments (10)

    Exactly and CBS should not allow HG to ever use a sacred religious prop as a tool to manipulate people. Such a disgrace. CBS needs to change this as it is a reflection on their moral values. Kids are watching this. Dan should win but if this goes down I don’t think the jury or CBS let him win. The real big brother is coming to this house via Julie and her husband.

  36. Comments (1)

    Dan is BRILLIANT!!! and he only swore that what he was telling him about the Quack Pack was true not on the final 2 deal or he wouldn’t vote him out. DAN/DANIELLE ALL THE WAY!!!

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