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Big Brother 14 – I’m Starting To Feel Bad For Joe

If you crank up the live feeds right now, they’re back on and showing the reaction from Frank winning the HoH and general chatter about things of that nature.  Everyone is in the kitchen except for Boogie who is crossing his fingers that his DR session isn’t being leaked, and …..

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Poor Joe.  All alone in the house.  He went from thinking Janelle actually had a chance just 24 hours ago to now laying in his bed staring at the ceiling and waiting for his execution number to be called.   It has to be a rough feeling and it’s going to be a long week in the house for chef Joe.  There is almost 100% chance he’ll be nominated this week, and it will likely be against some pawn from “The Silent Six” alliance.  While an experienced player may have a chance to get out of this mess, I have a feeling this is how we’re going to see Joe for the rest of the week.

Here is an image of the rest of the house…

Random note: Has there been anyone in the house more irrelevant than Jenn in recent seasons?   I know last season had some major floaters, but even Adam and Kalia eventually chose sides and made some impact.    So far, Jenn has done absolutely nothing, and has only competed in one competition that she wasn’t required to be in.  When she talks, I almost forget she is even in the house and remember… oh yea, there is a person there who is trying the major floater strategy.  Have fun in the jury house.

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  1. Comments (1)

    i think it’s gonna be joe and jen on the block with a possible backdoor wil. i hope they don’t put a silent 6 on the block too as a pawn, i hate that! and when is ian gonna win a comp? anything?

  2. Comments (1)

    Kathy from season 10-11? the blond cop who couldnt even stand on her own she was the worst over jen

  3. Comments (17)

    I feel bad for Joe. I hope he wins pov or frank doesn’t go through with the deal. I will laugh my face off. Dan looked worried boogie threw the comp. What does that they them? He is working with frank until the end.

  4. Comments (3)

    The house guests need to keep the best players on the show! forget the egos!!! We all know who should stay on for awhile!!!!

  5. Comments (8)

    I have to LMAO when Dan did the “replay of calling Julie, Mrs Chen” and she replied, “Mrs Chen is my mother.” Why the hell does she use the name?? I know Dan did it on purpose, but lets get real. She goes by Chen. Use it!!!

  6. Comments (332)

    I think the strategy is to hang on, lay low and make it to the end. These people are male dogs following the scent of a stupid woman Britney. Like it wasn’t obvious she and Boggie threw the win to Frank. And all the others never even picked him to try to get him off. I know Janelle will be back in through the pandora box. Some head of household will let her back in that house. It is not over for her.

    • Comments (2)

      please bring back kara and get rid of jenn

    • Comments (1)

      i agree and our L.A. group are fed up with BB’s assumption that we are rooting for ugly geeks to win. the extent they go to, to make that happen. most of us became bored when BB decided to have the coaches enter the game and for that eliminating Frank from eviction. From there, shocker, having Janelle go home, we all in unison said BORING TOO PREDICTABLE…BOOGIE(COOL NAME according to BB)and Frank with a BB nickname soon… ick. i stopped watching AI and now BB.

  7. Comments (332)

    Its sorta strange, they want fan favorite and aren’t even after the big money. Odd bunch of people. And for the nerd to be shy he is a dork doing stupid stuff for attention. Im not sure there is a smart one in the bunch and Boggie knows it. Well Frank has some brains for some reason he is still there after being up for a month now and never going out.

  8. Comments (1276)

    I feel bad seeing anyone look or feel completely alone, but that being said, it seems like Joe doesn’t have a problem alienating himself. He should be putting himself in the group and then he can easily play the “at least I’m loyal card” (which they didn’t accept for JoJo and Shane, and probably won’t’ work anyways) but at least it’s still playing the game. Plus, he did say he just wanted to be in the house one or two more weeks, “for his family”, so he should be happy he’s still there, lol.
    Also, as far as Janelle coming back, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. If she isn’t sequestered she might come back, but I thought they said that if the coaches came back, no one else would re-enter the game??? Is that right @stevebeans, or is my memory that shot? Considering that they really added 4 players just last week (which included Janelle) I just can’t see them giving her another shot, in all fairness, between past seasons, and the reset, and one more chance, that would really give the girl 5 shots at 500K???
    But then again, I’m not convinced that the leak was intenional, I’m not saying it wasn’t, it would have just been stupid. But since it didn’t affect the votes I just don’t know what all the houseguests heard. I tried to go back and watch it, but it was that stupid fish tank for most of the feed, so if you guys heard more, then you know a lot more then I do.

    • Comments (1276)

      I just went back and watched part of the BBafterdark feeds, and I have to say, now I feel worse for Joe. I could actually see that his heart rate was up and his chest was pounding while they were in Franks HOH. Obviously they couldn’t have told him if they had wanted to, because he would have stirred it up with Janelle, but still. It’s the game, I just hate seeing anyone’s blood pressure throught he roof and so visibly upset.

  9. Comments (1)

    If she were to come back it would give her 4 chances for 500k not 5..before the reset she could only win 100k. I really don’t think thatJanelle deserved to be evicted just becasue boogie has some obsession with her and is afraid of competeing against her & Danielle has low self esteem. Had she just agreed to have either Wil or Joe voted out Dan wouldn’t have agreed to backdoor her either.

  10. Comments (332)

    Well Frank will probably be out on the double eviction coming soon. He can’t play next time. People don’t have a chance to think and someone will put him up in that and get rid of him to not have to listen to him anymore. I was a Danielle fan but not now that she turned on Janelle. And I can’t stand Will so I guess I pick Ashley right now and hope she makes it through this week. Janelle saved all her people and they backstabbed her. I want Britney gone.

    • Comments (1276)

      But Ashely turned on Janelle too, and she was a member of Janelles team, and one of the players that got saved, so she turned on Janelle way worse the Danielle did. Danielle was never on Janelle’s team, and Janelle was talking about her, I didn’t hear all of the stuff that Danielle was told said, but I sure heard part of it. Plus as far as female competetors, Janelle was for sure Danielles biggest competition, so it was a good game move to get rid of her. Just saying, I’m still team Danielle (don’t support the whole nurse/teacher thing, but other then that), I love pulling for my Southern girls 🙂

  11. Comments (29)

    It is just me or is everyone playing for Boogie and Frank.. I didn’t watch after dark yet but by looking at yesterday competition wow.. Boogie threw it to Frank and it seemed like everyone was soooo afraid of picking Frank to go up. Boogie was telling everyone who to send up… this year’s cast hmmm I’m not really liking it. I feel like Boogie and his sidekick are dictating the whole game. I can’t believe Will turned his back on Janelle like that, she didn’t do anything wrong all she was doing was trying to protect them. I feel bad for Joe, he had no clue what was going on, now he is all alone.. I hope Frank doesn’t put him up.

  12. Comments (332)

    So much for the coaches playing if Frank takes Will off and Dan goes this week. What a boring game as Britney will go the next week and the only coach left would be Boogie. But this bunch is stupid enough to continue on this train wreck of a ride. Dan was the stupid one and dragged everyone else down with him. He should have never turned on Janelle. Come on production, lets play some real games that toss up the winners and help the game move quicker.

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