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Big Brother 14 – Thursday Night Prediction Time

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For the second time this season, Frank and Joe are heading into Thursday night in the eviction chairs, and for the second time in a row, Joe has a slight advantage in staying in the game.   The big difference is that Big Brother will not be able to save Frank this time, and it may be the last night in the house for the guy with 9 lives.

Frank has played a phenomenal competitive game, but his trusting nature will be the downfall of his season.  He gave his complete loyalty to Mike Boogie who had control over their alliance, and was fortunate enough that Boogie was also loyal in exchange.  As soon as Boogie was gone, Frank looked for his Mike replacement, and found it in Dan.  The problem is, Dan is nowhere near as loyal to Frank as Boogie was, and that’s why you’re going to see Frank talking to Julie Chen tonight on Big Brother 14.

Honestly, I haven’t even checked out the feeds today to see if a miracle has happened with Frank.  I had to run some errands, hit the gym, etc, plus I pretty much saw this week playing out exactly the way it has the second Dan won veto.   I’m going to assume it’s still on course that way, and give you the same prediction I gave on monday afternoon…


votes to leave

Dan – Joe
Danielle – Frank
Jenn – Joe
Shane – Frank
Ian (tiebreaker) – Frank

Frank leaves the house in a vote of 3-2.  Ian gives a witty speech he thinks will help him in the finals.  He’ll try to take credit how he got both Boogie and Frank eliminated, trying to earn some jury credit.  Of course that will be squashed later in the season when Dan reveals HE is the real reason the house went the direction it did, but it will be cute to see Ian think he had an impact.  It will be like the puppet believing his legs are real.

In addition, you will then have an HoH competition featuring:

Dan, Shane, Jenn, Danielle, Joe.  My prediction is it will come down to Shane and Dan, and Dan throws it to Shane to allow more people to do his dirty work.

Shane nominates two out of Jenn/Joe/Ian with the 3rd being the replacement nominee if needed.

Jenn or Ian then become the 2nd person eliminated tonight, depending on who is sitting there after the veto.

Dan will probably then win the next HoH


I will be live tweeting and blogging the episode, so make sure you follow meYou can also still sign up to the live feeds as this is probably the last week of real excitement in the house for the season.

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  1. Comments (316)

    Go Dan and IAN!!!! I am rooting for you guys!

  2. Comments (1)

    I think that there is a very good chance that it will be a 4-0 vote to evict Frank tonight. As it is, it will definitely not go to a tie. Dan does not want to give Ian the power to decide who goes home. So Dan, Danielle and Shane will all vote to evict Frank. Jenn, on the other hand, is aware that Dan and Danielle are voting to evict Frank. She may very well decide to vote with the house so that she is not the one vote to evict Joe. If Joe is staying, she doesn’t want to be the only one who voted to evict him.

    Dan may try to win the first HOH tonight, but he does not want to win (if at all possible) the second HOH. With the second HOH there will be the final 5 HOH and that person will not get to play in the final four HOH the following week. Dan wants to be eligible to play in the final four HOH because that is the ONLY guaranteed spot in the final three. It doesn’t matter who you nominate with the final four HOH because it all comes down to who wins the veto.

    I think that Dan will try to win the final 6 HOH and then he would like for Danielle to win the final 5 HOH, leaving him open to play for the final four HOH.

    • Comments (62)

      A little both ways on you comments. No 4 nothing vote. Dan is playing for a jury vote here IMO. He’ll orchestrate this to be a 2-2 tie and let Ian have his eviction fun. Ian gains no power by breaking the tie. Ian won’t be in the final 2 so the point is moot. I think Dan is smart enough to realize Frank will have alot of influence in the jury house regaurding Dan if Dan is in the final 2. His perception of the F2 deal, bible swearing ect and how he explains it to the jury members may make the difference whether Dan gets another 500K. Dan definately votes for Joe to try and get Franks vote.

      As for the HOH tonight I think it’s pretty reasonable to think Dan tries at 6. I personally say no. I also think he would feel at 4 that everyone left will take him to the final 3 and HOH at 4 isn’t necessary. I do think he wants to win at 5 if Dani doesn’t. He really has no reason to think tonights 2nd eviction would even see him on the block let alone going home. He’s put in alot of work with Jenn this week including saying he will never vote to evict her. I believe that to be true. Jenn is the perfect person to sit beside in the final. Dani won’t see Dan’s blindside coming.

      Also I do think folks seem to think Ian is done. Don’t be so sure. Joe seems to like the kid in private. Floaters need to find a dance partner with 6 or 5 left. Don’t think Shane puts him up necessarily either. Shane has a tough choice if he’s HOH whether to go after Dan or leave QP intact. He puts up Jenn and Joe and veto is used back dooring Dan becomes a real option. Any HOH for the 2nd eviction tonight would be very smart to back door Dan if they had a chance.

      • Comments (528)

        I’m a little surprised how much people are writing off Ian (well, except for stevebeans who obviously harbors some kind of weird resentment towards the nerdies and it letting the bias affect his opinion) he has played a great game. Just because he’s worked WITH people on the show, just like any other player does, doesn’t make him a puppet. It wouldn’t surprise me…well, it would actually shock me but it would be the smart thing to do…if Ian started gunning for Dan as soon as possible. He’s told him to his face he wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him in the f2 because he feels he wouldn’t stand a chance. So at least he recognises that.

      • Comments (30)

        obviously you’re against the Big Brother America Status-Quo here. Firstly, I don’t think stevebeans has any bias to stereotyped ‘nerdies’ nor letting it affect his opinion. Simply put, stevebeans views the BB house as objectively as he can, whereas you seem to have a twisted subjective reality of how this game is going.

        And btw, Ian does NOT represent the ‘nerd’ type player. Physically? Relative. Intellectually? (In a knowledge sense), you betcha. Socially? Yup. But when it comes to playing Big Brother, he does not belong to the clique called ‘nerds’. Dan is more of the nerd than Ian is, because he’s running the house. Clearly, us nerds should have the advantage when playing a PURELY Strategical game, which is what Big Brother Is. It’s what we strive at; Strategy. Ian’s Strategy? Horrible from the start. I doubt he even has one at the moment.

        Ian’s initial strategy? Take slop so everyone will like you, act like a fool: like passing up a trip, wearing a dog costume, *kicking yourself in the head*.


        On top of that, he’s a Rat/Snake combo, but like one of those Garden Snakes, which aren’t that deadly, with the instincts of a rat how they are puny and scurry away.

        If you want to be ‘evil’, I can’t sum it up more than this, which has been said continuously on this forum: “There is no crying in Evil doing”. Plus, if you’re going to snake everybody, MAN UP when you’re confronted about it, and they KNOW you’re the snake. Can’t keep the jigg up when it’s clearly torn down.


      • Comments (528)

        “objective”??? What a joke. And I think you don’t quite know what an actual nerd is…and a “Big Brother” nerd isn’t a thing, it’s nonsense. This isn’t the high school cliche season if you haven’t already noticed.

      • Comments (30)

        I think you should’ve done a google search to understand what I meant there, because now you look completely foolish.

        Objective vs. Subjective Reality.

  3. Comments (191)

    Bye bye Frank!

  4. Comments (20)

    Boy! Is Frank a dirty low down sneak, or what? He actually tried to put the moves on Danielle last night, while talking to her. He reminded me of the pathetic losers who would “hit” on girls, and get shot down repeatedly, and move on to another victim. You could tell that Danielle was ready to laugh in his face, but bit her tongue and played dumb, as she is so good at doing. It was then that I realized of who Frank reminded me. It was SKUD FARKUS of The Christmas Story. he was the evil kid with red hair, red eyes and yellow teeth. He bullied little Ralphie, until Ralphie took him on. Farkus was blindsided, just as Frank will be.

  5. Comments (123)

    ur right….this is the first time in BB history that 2 HG’s are on the Block on eviction night 2 times in the same season, lol…☺…

  6. Comments (28)

    Dan the dirtbag needs to go 2nd elimination Thursday nite ….bringing a bible into franks hoh room throwing his quackpack under tha bus an lying to frank about going final 2 with him if you ask me thats just going to far….

  7. Comments (102)

    I actually have stopped watching and I blog this crap. I had to mute the sound Sunday night whenever The Rat and The Dirtbag were on. I sat through Boston Rob and his cult of dummies on Survivor and I have no intention of watching Dirtbag and his house of Dummies. Least with Boston Rob he was so hungry to win because he’d failed so many times before. He wasn’t a greedy pig that already won and wanted to win, again.

    The fact is if there’d been a house of Wil’s last week instead of the dummies that are there, Dirtbag’s dramatics wouldn’t have worked. They all would have wondered why Dirtbag needed to speak to Frank in private when he had no problem humiliating and emotionally abusing Danielle in front of everyone.

    Maybe next time they cast the show, they’ll give the players an IQ test.

  8. Comments (1)

    i dont have access to a tv tonight. can i watch the episode online live somewhere? or do i have to wait til cbs posts the episode tomorrow?

  9. Comments (126)

    Agreed, though personally I like Dan, and understand his play, its duplicitous that CBS, in the past has censored racial and sexist remarks i.e.{BB6} when pressure came from Women and Minority Groups, as well they should.

    Willie got expelled for tapping Joe’s head something less physical then many of the challenges the Guest have had to endure, but it was the intimidation that cause his removal, Joe was offended and it’s in the violation rule book.

    Christian viewers are also offended and they contribute to BB high ratings. To be fair, CBS has to address this matter as they have for other sensitive P.C. issues The producers censor ‘Fish Tank” would be on flash-drive if the Guests were on a Obama bashing rant and demands for HG visits to the DR to shut-up would be in order

    At least Dan is not dumb enough to pull that same stun by pulling out the Koran, talked about flooding the blogs at the CBS Station, asking for his head some literally. Though I don’t agree with Islamic faith you have to admire their zeal for a book they think is the truth, and won’t except an ounce of disparaging it even in jest or game play.

    But Christian raise just an objection for the blasphemic way our Holy Book is misrepresented by Dan, we get this obvious “it only a Game”, from some brilliant bloggers, and I say “Duh really!”

    In summary the Bible is trashed all the time in all forums around the world; my God is big enough to deal with these offenders on His own time with His own method. So, it’s not about me, it’s about others who view this undignified way the Bible has been used as a tool of deception and trickery whether its game or not, it causes a cheapening of the Faith and Christians as being untrustworthy hypocrites, overtly if not subliminally so.

    So relax non-christians and Atheists, Christians know it is not right they are convicted to this Truth, we don’t expect non-believers to see what we know, how can you? CBS’s logo says much.

    This is not a proselytizing message, only that the action of Dan do not represent true Christianity game or not, Dan is wrong. But he is a nice guy, I am just mad; short of a miracle that Frank is leaving tonight.

    Enjoy the show, I will, and hope to see Ian out next, then Dan.

    • Comments (8)

      I think to stop these controversies from happening with peoples Beliefs they need to stop allowing people from swearing on the bible they should be aloud to read it not swear on it thats a little to crazy for 500K and you don’t even know what will end up too be. Dan sound like a great guy but he took it a little to far

      • Comments (528)

        Yes, because censorship due to religion has always gone sooo well, hasn’t it? Give me a break. The bible should be treated like any other book of fiction and if some people want to worship it like its gospel (haha) that’s their choice, but don’t talk about forbidding this and that because a few people are sensitive about it. They can just deal with it the way the rest of us deal with their preaching. The only reason we’re afraid of images of Muhammad is because it comes with death threats – maybe you guys need to get a little more hardcore if you want to be taken more seriously, eh? XD

    • Ninja on a Scooter
      Comments (15)

      Honestly, it is not a big deal that Dan swore on a book of make believe stories, that make human beings feel comfortable, because they do not have the answers to their exsistence.

    • Comments (9)

      he is Catholic so i hope he dosnt represent christianity

  10. Comments (8)

    If Ian is a really smart player It would be in his best interest to keep Frank to have the target off his back plus he can’t play in HOH and who would Shane/Dan/Danielle rather get out Ian or Frank?
    Hopefully Ian does the smart thing and Jenn could win that HOH. If Dan votes to evict Frank GOD should sin him the least he could do to say he tried not to break the promise is Vote with Frank.

    It’s all in your hands Jenn! (IF FRANK STAYS

  11. Comments (126)

    My last message was in response to Joe

  12. Ninja on a Scooter
    Comments (15)

    Republicans are against abortion, so they can have more people clean up after them! GO DAN!!! YOU HAVE TO WIN ANY WAY YOU CAN!!!

  13. Ninja on a Scooter
    Comments (15)

    God spelled backwards is Dog, and that is exactly what Dan did to the Big Brother house!

  14. Ninja on a Scooter
    Comments (15)

    Dan will drop his winnings on Big Brother in the denomination basket at his church!

  15. Comments (1)

    Give me a break. If people are offended that dan swore on the bible it is because they hold certain beliefs. You think cbs should hold your same beliefs. Many people don’t. Stop crybabying. Personally I don’t like dan but I don’t give 2 cripes that he swore on a bible.

  16. Comments (15)

    I don’t think we have seen the last of frank look for a bb14 return a past player will get a chance to come back into the game via another Pandora’s box frank will come back into the game and it will be double trouble for the house America will vote frank back where are still missing 1 week with Willie hantz getting expelled

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