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Big Brother 14 – Tuesday Night Eviction Spoiler

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Welcome to the final 3, Danielle.

That’s right, tonight there was an eviction and HoH competition that was taped and will air tomorrow night.  Spoilers naturally leaked, and the results are in….

Jenn was evicted by a 2-0 vote.  This was not surprising in the least, and it guaranteed the ‘quack pack’ minus Britney to control the final 4.  Although, the alliance is so fractured at this point, it’s basically Dan and Danielle versus Dan and Ian versus Shane and Danielle, and maybe Dan.  Yea, Dan pretty much has a side alliance with everyone in the house, so he should be all set.  The big question is, who will make the final 3?

Danielle won the HoH, so she’s guaranteed to be there.  The nominations are completely irrelevant as it mostly matters who wins PoV.  Basically, if Ian doesn’t win PoV, he’ll be going home next.  If he does, well it’ll probably be Shane.  Needless to say, Dan is in good shape to make the final 3 right now.

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  1. Comments (8)

    Go Dan!!! I really hope they can get Ian out this time!!

  2. Comments (19)

    Wow I cant believe Danielle pulled it off it doesnt really matter bc she is still gonna let Dan make the decisions she will hopefully remeber that Dan wanted Shane out and turn on him and put Ian and Dan up IMO

    • Comments (2)

      I hope so. I want Dan out!!!! He would deserve that

      • Comments (4)

        She wouldn’t even be there without Dan. And if she lost I’m sure Shane wouldn’t be sticking with her outside the house. Quit dissing the Dan for doing what he has to do.

    • Comments (2)

      In my opinion, if Ian does not win POV he is done. I thought this kid is smart well more stupid than the other house guest. Danielle will probably nominate Dan and Ian because that woman is so infatuated with Shane and she would want to please him and she has alliance F2 with Shane. I feel bad for Ian wanted him to be the winner however whatever he did to Frank and Boogie might happen to him too.

      • Comments (76)

        HMM last night i thought Danille was i love with Dan. Thats what i was thinking. She was so gooo gooo eyes with him. Just about made me puke!

  3. Comments (1)

    NO GO SHANE win pov be the only vote and vote dan out

    • Comments (2)

      Shane and Ian in the final 2 I hope. Dan already won and Danielle is to whiney.

      • Comments (4)

        So what if he already won. That’s not what this game is about who deserves it based on need. Anyway, Ian will probably be making 500,000 dollars a year in 10 years anyway. If the others are good and win they could get a chance to comeback too.

      • Comments (1092)

        I think its irrelevant if Dan has already won.

        He isnt my favorite hg, but he is playing the best game, so he deserves to win.

        If he doesnt win the veto, and gets backdoored, so be it, but other than that, he is the most deserving player of the season.

      • Comments (76)

        Thats what i hope too.

  4. Comments (528)

    Didn’t matter who won this week, we all know the target is Ian. Now it’s just a matter of Ian = veto or Ian = Jury house.

    • Comments (2)

      Yes too bad for Ian and when he stated that he will die for the Quacks it might just happen. If this happens, what comes around goes around. I would have preferred F2 with Ian and Frank or Boogie and Ian. Ian should have thought that with his photographic memory as he has stated and Frank strength they probably could have made it to F2 and he is a sure winner as no one likes Frank.

  5. Comments (2)

    If Ian doesn’t win pov then Dan beats Danielle in the finale

  6. Comments (1)

    Cray Cray better hope Dan has her back, or she will be packing!

  7. Comments (3)

    All I would like to say is….whoever is running this website..you’re freakin’ awesome!!!! I don’t know how you do it…but thank you for keeping us in the loop all season long!!!

    And…. Go Dan Go!!!!

  8. Comments (2)

    everyone should have listened when they said to get Ian out at the start off the game, cause the challenges would be in his favor towards the end of the game, cause now look. But he’s definlty the target this week, and then after that I’m thinking it’s going to be between Dan and Shane who will win the game, Danielle just floated her way here, and she’s really starting to get on my nerves. Even notice that when she’s trying to be the “Sweet southern bell” her accent comes out, like during live evictions when she’s talking to Julie? but when she’s talking to other people she doesn’t have an accent. Also she lies so much, she would tell Jenn so many times how her and Shane didnt have a showmance and how much she actually hated Shane and how she has a guy at home, but yet she tells DR how much she loves Shane and blah blah blah..

  9. Comments (12)

    the smart thing that danielle would do is put dan and ian on the block because that way shane will no her allegiance is with him completely. also that means if shane wins p.o.v he will do what danielle says and evict ian. not to mention shane agreed to a final 3 deal with dan and dani. if ian wins pov shane is gone. in my opinion best case scenario for dan is ian wins the pov and shane goes home that way dan guarantees the final 2 because either dani or ian would take him. i know it would be easier for dan to beat shane or danielle in the final 3 but hes guaranteed a spot in the final 2 if shane goes out first.

    • Comments (3)

      I’m really hoping Dan can pull out the POV win. I think he made a pretty big mistake during his HOH reign by discussing evicting Ian BEFORE they played for the POV. Shane has dirt on Dan that he can use if Ian wins the POV. However, I’m not sure if Shane is smart enough to use it… hopefully not. Then I think Dan should send Shane packing. He’s the biggest threat to the endurance part of the HOH plus he’s not taking Dan to the finals.

      • Comments (5)

        I bet if Ian wins veto and Shane tells him Dan can convince Ian that Shane is Lying and that he (Dan) really is loyal to him (Ian)

  10. Comments (24)

    I am annoyed a floater won this HOH i cannot stand Danielle!

  11. Comments (76)

    I think this has been the sadest big brother. I mean it is so boring. They might as well called this big brother Dan show. Everyone dosnt talk to each other and are so clueless about what Dan is doing.

  12. Comments (76)

    O LOL i forgot its the Dan and Danielle show.

  13. Comments (126)

    Big mistake not voting Danielle out, since Jenn is the best to try and take to F2, it could virtually guarantee the 1/2 million with all those Quaker packers on jury. Now she won HOH, something Jenn probably wouldn’t of done.

    With Danielle, anyone of them could lose to her in the finals. I thought they knew how to play this game. This was a wasted eviction for all of them, a personal vote not a strategic one.

  14. Comments (28)

    Dan is a dirt bag…

  15. Comments (1)

    This has probably been mentioned before but the “coaches” had a DEFINITE and OBVIOUS advantage this season. They were carried to a certain spot in the series that and other contestants didn’t get the same opportunity. I also don’t understand how the other players don’t see Dan as this huge threat, seeing as they know he’s won before. Ian of all people – a self proclaimed superfan – should know this. What’s with all the ignorance!?

    • Comments (3)

      I don’t think they had that big of an advantage. If you think about it in Dan’s case his first person went home night one. Then his second went out pretty quick. He was pretty vunerable at the first part of the game and they could have easily taken him out. Especially since everyone guessed they were going to come into the game pretty early. Also I think it’s harder to manipulate someone else into doing your bidding. Ultimately the coache’s player was the one with the power. Whoever they wanted to nominate was what would happen. They didn’t have to listen to their coaches. So if your player targets someone you wanted to work with later you are most likely making an enemy out of them because they think you are in it together.

      • Comments (233)

        Exactly! Coaches had the biggest targets on them after reset, especially the prior winners. Any small advantage they had from being coaches is far out-weighed. Go, Dan, get the PoV!!

      • Comments (7)

        But it wasn’t too hard for Dan to manipulate them.

    • Comments (4)

      The time the game was reset there were still 12 players in the house which is about the number of a typical season, there would have been 13 if Willie hadn’t gotten kicked out, so it was no big advantage. If anyone got a big advantage it was Frank. Also, as coaches go, Dan was at a disadvantage since he didn’t get to pick first, and also got last pick with Jodi and making them get rid of someone before the game really even started was dumb and unfair.

    • Comments (62)

      Your commnts spot on as usual. I could not agree more regaurding the advantage gained by coming in on the reset. They influenced the HG’s before they were a threat. This along with a few other observation is why I laugh everytime I read Dan is the best player ever. ROFL not even close to Dr. Will!! I’d say Boggie a better player and he has short comings.

      My opinion why Dan is not seen as a threat is simply believing something hes said to each of them plus Frank and Jenn. No one is going to give Dan another 500K as he has already won BB. I think they are all wrong!! Dan the douchebag is better than 1:1 odds to win BB14. You’d have to hold your nose pretty hard to vote for Dani. As long as Ian does not win veto he goes home tomorrow. Shane never wins the 3 part final! By the way the online community appears to have uncovered Danielle is NOT an RN but rather an LPN who work(s/ed) in a nursing home alledgedly and no where near 3 degrees! I’ve not confirmed this but I have seen this writen several times by other. Apparently Dani is a dilusional pathalogical liar. LOL

  16. MelonieMississippi
    Comments (1)

    I HATE DAN!!!! Can just ONE of these idiots have enough sense to get rid of him. This is their last and final chance!!!! AND dear GOD don’t let the people in the Jury be as stupid as the last IDIOTS that gave him a half MILLION dollars!!!

  17. Comments (8)

    GO DAN! GO! If the others aren’t smart enough to see how Dan is running this house, then he sure deserves to WIN!

  18. Comments (316)

    I want Danielle and Shane to go to jury. Leaving Dan and Ian to battle it out!!

  19. Comments (10)

    This is the time to show some balls and try to win this game. If Nominations are Dan and Ian then Shane can earn a real chance at winning jury by making a big power play against Dan and convince Danielle he is getting Dan out for all the [email protected]@t he has done against Dani. If not then only way Danielle could have any chance at winning would be to make a move against Dan in final three. Why do I feel like Dan will use Jedi mind tricks to get Danielle to put up Shane and Ian.

    • Comments (1276)

      LOL, because “the force is strong in this one”. If he pulls that off, he again is earing his spot as the best stratigic player of all time.
      No matter who he votes out, I would love to see Shane win POV and have the choice to vote out who he wants. I want to see if, when their backs are against the wall, if they start turning on each other. They have to at some point, it’s part of the game.
      And YAY Dani! I was wanting to see you step up! If she were to bag one more HOH, she’d be tied with Frank (on HOH’s only of course). I don’t care what anyone says, she’s the only female this season who’s been able to win an HOH, she’s no floater. She might not be the strongest player, but a floater, nope.

      • Comments (233)

        Yeah she’s annoying, but the chicks who coat tail it to the end and win have actually put up with huge amounts of BS to get there. I always kind of like it when the student becomes the master, but not this year! Go, Dan.

      • Comments (10)

        Lol she won HoH this time against 2 people. And if the challenge was mental all she really had to do is best Dan cause Shane wasn’t winning. And did Dan really want to win this one? He would of had to expose himself threatening his two F2 deals.

      • Comments (10)

        Also if he gets off the block he decides the F3

    • Comments (528)

      If he does, do you think he’ll target Shane or Ian? He’s tried to get both out a couple of times now…

      • Comments (1276)

        Good question. I think he knows Ian will be harder to beat, but Shane will take Danielle over Dan if it’s his choice. He went after Ian first during his HOH, so I would guess Ian, but who knows. One things for sure with Dan… he always keeps you guessing.

      • Comments (768)

        I was reading the feeds yesterday morning and apparently Dan was laying in bed looking at his wife’s photograph and saying over and over that he has to get Shane out.

      • Comments (62)

        You hit on 1 important point. Both Ian and Dani take Dan to the end. And yes Shane definately takes Dani F2 if it’s his choice. But Shane just cannot win 7 questions which is traditionally part 3 of the finals comp. Ian can win the finals comp. Dan better be very sure Ian is taking him F2 if he votes out Shane. My guess is Dani will nom Shane and Ian. We all know POV is what matters but will the light actually come on for Shane that Dan is her real F2. Not very likely. Only once he’s out the door does he figure it out.

      • Comments (10)

        He drops Shane for sure because I don’t think Danielle could do it and he knows it. I think Dan is paranoid about there out of the house date. And he sees through the way they are trying to hide it by sleeping in different beds. To me this attempt to look like they are not close is proof they have a deal. Danielle came to this for a dating show and for her to feel like she won she has to walk away with a man.

  20. Comments (1)

    Ian needs the veto, and I’m sure the production crew will make sure he gets it lol

  21. Fight to the Finish
    Comments (60)

    I think Dan knows if the final 2 is himself and Danielle, Daneille will win it because the Jury wont give it to him and it has been his intention all along to take her to the end

  22. Comments (3)

    If the best strategy in the world is basically lying your way through the game, (swearing on the bible, your wife, your wedding band, etc..) then Dan is the best player ever. He told pretty much every player “you need to trust me, F2”. He spent the entire season lying down (pillow talk type) speaking in a very weak voice, quite different from his blasting in the DR. Typical snake in the grass. He is a douche and the other ones are completely blind and stupid…followers.

  23. Comments (22)

    About the picture…Danielle is crying AGAIN???? Geez! It’s a game already, grow up! : )

    • Comments (1276)

      actually, since the feeds haven’t been up for a while, the pic from this post and the last are old pics that stevebeans used I’d guess about 2 weeks ago.
      And is it just me, or don’t most of the girls cry on the show? I think all of them did that were there for any amount of time. And Dani has been there longer then the rest of the, so of course we’ve seen her cry more.
      Sorry, I just don’t get what the big deal is. Girls cry, it’s not breaking news or anything. I’d be willing to bet most of the people annoyed with her crying would do so them selves in the pressure cooker that is BB. Just My Opinion.

  24. Comments (528)

    Anyone watch BBAD last night? Boring but hilarious….they all got woken up, apparently crazy early, got dressed, ready to go, took some pictures and each one of them then promptly passed out where they sat. Dan went to visit Ian in the HoH and after a short conversation passed out on the couch, Ian snoring away in the bed. Danielle went back to bed. Jenn laid on a couch and fell asleep…not sure where Shane is right now.

    Least eventful AD ever.

  25. Comments (4)

    I also want Dan and Danielle to go to jury. If that happens it will be an interesting final two. I will be happy if Shane or Ian wins. I agree, I will not watch big brother again if Dan wins. GO Ian and Shane.

    • Comments (9)

      I hate people like you that says, I won’t watch BB again if so and so wins. Either grow up or you must be 15.

    • Comments (10)

      Lol. No one I want to win a reality show ever wins cause I’m a sucker for the underdog. Bells kitchen and master chef both of the people I wanted to win the final lost. I love the show but hated the outcome but I’m still a fan of the shows. I personally hate Dan and was a huge frank fan. But let’s face it Dan worked this house and made them look like gullible fools. He makes f2 in every scenario except one. He deserves to win cause he played the best minus a few slip ups that the others seemingly ignored. He is the biggest threat in the house and no one gathered the troops and got him out. I think Ian wants to bring Dan cause I heard him talking to himself about wanting to beat the best, I.E. Dan.

  26. Comments (17)

    This cant be any worst . Danielle is not winning because she lets Dan dictate her every move. The best play would be take Shane to the end and put Dan and Ian on the block. Then convince Shane to vote out Dan. This garautees no former winner like Dan to win the BB14.

  27. Comments (17)

    If all of them can play for the pov Shane or Ian should win take themselves off and put up Dan. This way he will leave the game.

  28. Comments (3)

    OMG..! what about Danielle and the MIRRORS…OMG those faces she keeps making Everytime she looks into one of the window/mirrors she lifts her eyebrows and sort of puckers her lips or something. This is so annoying….Please somebody am I the only one who sees this? I am sure she is a nice girl but, what about that Honey BooBoo kid voice…?

    • Comments (768)

      I really only just noticed how much she does that in the past week or so. Has she always done that or is it just more noticable now that there aren’t as many people in the house? Her favourite place to do it is to perch on the seat at the end of the counter and check herself out in the mirror on the wall while making out that she’s talking to someone near the sink. Yesterday she was drying her hair and Shane was trying to take a photograph of her…she said she didn’t want any cameras near her when she didn’t have her makeup on yet! Ummmm, need I remind you, you’re in the Big Brother house and there is a camera or two!!! 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        I think it’s because there are so few people there. Before, there would have been a lot of people to talk to and look at. If she was spending her time looking at Shane, she’s a stalker, Looking at Dan, she’s in love with him. I think no matter what the girl does people are going to pick on her.
        I mean seriously, now one of the girls major flaws is her accent? I guess anyone with a Southern Accent sounds like “Honey Boo-Boo”? Whatever.

      • Comments (528)

        THANK YOU.

        All these wise people who have NEVER been in this bizarre situation acting as though they’re experts and have the right to judge how these people live. Look at your own pig-like day-to-day life before you judge these people. Maybe make a note of how often you fart or pick your nose and then imagine you have to do it WITH THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING.

        I’m fine with people talking game, but when you start mocking people for their goddamn PIMPLES??? That’s sick. You’re sick. You’re the type of wretched person who made people feel terrible for who they are in public while you do the same sh*t behind a screen of cowardice in private.

      • Comments (768)

        It did dawn on me that she may have been trying to check to see if that rash she had was still noticeable. Even Dan called her on it, so maybe it’s just something she just started doing recently.

    • Comments (2)

      Not only does Danielle make faces in the mirrors, she also plays with her hair more than any girl I have ever seen! If she runs her hands through her hair one more time I’m gonna PUCK!!

  29. Comments (1)

    Dan has lied and cheated his way this far, and he’s admitted as much in his DR talks, and why they would keep him in the house when he’s already won it is beyond me. Maybe they figure if they take him to final 2 they have a chance to win it. Danielle is not a floater, endurance HOH win, and another HOH win = game player. I see people complaining that Danielle has lied to people in the house. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!!! They all lie to everyone!!!! The most honest players in that house this year has been Jenn, Boogie and Frank. Frank was blindsided by Dan with his lie. If Frank would have lied first and tried to get him out when Boogie talked him out of it, Dan might have been gone, because he can’t win a competition! Dan is the biggest liar in the house and he’s talked about as a strategist. Dan put his hand on the bible and lied to Frank! Why is Dan a strategist and Danielle’s a liar?? Plus Dan has won, what? one HOH??? Dan’s the floater! I think floating is a strategy and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you’re going to call Danielle a floater, so is Dan. I think this season has been great. The feeds all get a little boring when you only have 5 people left. Congrats to all the houseguests for getting this far. I think it’s wide open to win half a million no matter who they take to the final with maybe the exception of Ian. If Ian gets to the final 2 he wins. Danielle is a sweetheart and has a bit of a complex about herself and she shouldn’t think that way at all and I think her and Frank would make a better couple (sorry Shane), Dan is so smart and got everyone to do his bidding, Ian is smart and will win this if he gets to the final 2, Shane wins competitions but might be second no matter who he’s in the final with except maybe Dan only because Dan’s won it before.

  30. Comments (1)

    Goes to show the poorest season ever. Ian the only brain should have seen through Dan long ago. His youth and paying attention to a dishonest teacher may have cost him the game. The other two brainless floaters have been wrapped up by Dan since the get go. Shane, you should have given more attention to Britt, she told you he is a Judas.

  31. Comments (2)

    I am a super fan, and a bit outdone with this season…Of course it has had a few monments of excitedment, but for the most part these folks are pretty boring. As for the final 3..I would love to see Ian in it, but unless he wins POV, he is doomed. I really don’t have a problem with Dan winning again afterall, he by far played the game the hardest. Shane is good at comps, but pretty much has no idea how to play BB, he just goes along with whatever Dan says. Dani…where do I start? This girl has been by far the most annoying of all of them. She crys when she is on the block, she crys when she is not on the block and she doesn’t have the attention of the house, and I am sure she is crying now because she knows there is a possiblity of having to lose either Dan or Shane, and of course it is all about her feelings and not theirs. I won’t go into all of the lies that she told that were not game related and totally unnecessary, that would be a waste of energy. At the end of the day, she will probably go to final 2 so that whoever takes her wins the game!

  32. Comments (1092)

    It would be a real game changer if she puts up ian and dan, in an attempt to backdoor dan.

    If she did that, she would have a final two with shane, and a 50/50 chance to win. Her advantage would be that they both floated, butshe got rid of dan. If the hgs are real fans of the game, then they should know that floaters dont win – you have to make a move to win te.

  33. Comments (1)

    Danielle is set for the final two but she won’t win. Ian would take danielle to the final two, so would Shane, and so would Dan. I think Danielle wins second place in any situation, now that Jenn has left. Personally, I’m rooting for Ian to win, but its not looking good for him.

  34. Comments (12)

    I find it amazing that all of us have watched the same show and have such different viewpoints on 16 people. We all have differnt favorites for totally reasons n we want certain 1s to win. What a crazy show to watch never mind live in.I loved it even with the coaches n I wish Willie could have cooled down n left the show like every1 else.Good luck to all our favorites.

  35. Comments (78)

    Bastard Dan. Bartered Dan. You f son of a bitch. Your a devil. Shame on you
    You fucking looser Dan

  36. Comments (1)

    I think Dan sucks!!! I would stop watching if there were more than one week left! I hate seeing what he’s doing!!!

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