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Big Brother 14 – Update On The House

September 10, 2012 | 30 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

I felt bad for not giving an update yesterday, but honestly this is probably the slowest the house has been all season.  So before I begin, I want to give an early plug to my twitter and facebook pages.  Follow them to prepare for next season so you can get a jump on updates, houseguests, my witty remarks, etc.

You know the season has gone stale when Adam Poch (yes the king of all floaters and the guy who spent his entire summer living his dream to play the game for Rachel to win) said it’s a boring season.  To be fair, Big Brother 13 was worse, sorry Adam.  If you’re reading this, you heavily helped contribute to the most boring, predictable and annoying season I’ve ever seen.  Rachel won it all because everyone else was so terrible at competitions, and that was the only advantage she had over anyone in the finals.  The season was so bad, that it came down to 1 vote difference between a person who won HoH 4 times versus someone who only realized she was playing a game 2 months into the season.

While Big Brother 14 has certainly had it’s slow moments at times, Mike Boogie did more strategizing and scheming than the entire BB13 cast combined.  Then there is Dan, who probably would have had some players from BB13 ask if it were against the rules to nominate themselves.  I don’t even know if BB13 knew what a backdoor was, let alone how to use one.

Ok, enough with the rant, as someone who sits through the seasons spending far too much of my summer watching these people, analyzing their moves and finding things to discuss on a daily basis, when someone who was a main part of BB13 being so dull complains about other seasons, I guess I lose it.

However, my rant is going to seem silly in context with the house being as slow as it is right now, but I assure you, watching Dan swat flies or Ian sit on his hammock is still more entertaining than BB13 was.  Sorry, Adam.


With that said, people were asking about Shane and Danielle.  Apparently Shane won a trip out of the house as part of the veto competition, and took Danielle with him.  I’m sure the entire date was even less romantic than Ian trying to woo Ashley at the kitchen table, but yea that is where they were.

The veto meeting will be held today, and I already went over the possible situations. Shane is going to remove himself from the block leaving two options…

A) Danielle – If she’s nominated, this means the plan is to get Jenn out of the house and go to the final 4 with the ‘Quack Pack’.  Shane has a f2 deal with Danielle and he may be the only one more loyal this season than Frank was.   Dan will likely vote with Shane to prevent Ian from having a say in who goes home and messing with his game.   If Danielle is nominated as a replacement, Dan is still controlling the house and Jenn goes home

B) Dan – This is the long shot situation and if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t even risk this one. This would mean that Ian is thinking for himself and is going to try and get Dan out of the house.  If he is a good player, he’ll of course tell Dan that he’s a pawn and it’s just a visual payback that he feels he has to make.  He’ll then convince Danielle and Shane that the only way either of them have a chance at winning the game is if Dan is in the jury.  Even if Dan goes up, Jenn will still likely go home, but it will send a message that Ian is at least trying to play his own game.

I have a few things to do today, but I will make an update as soon as Danielle is on the block… sorry, I mean as soon as the veto ceremony takes place.

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