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Big Brother 14 – Veto Used, Frank Finally Gets A Vote

Things are not looking good for Boogster

I made a post talking about who was going to go up between Dan and Jenn earlier, and it will create a path for the rest of the season one way or another.  Well, the decision has been made, and Shane chose to put Jenn on the block as a pawn to try and get Boogie out.

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While things are looking bad for Boogie, well, they’re looking bad.. there is no bright side about it.  If you’re a Mike Boogie fan, things are looking grim unless they can manage to sway a few votes.  There is a long road to climb for Team Boogie, but considering he was able to get Janelle out, I’m not ruling out a Jenn elimination on Thursday… it’s a longshot, but it’s possible.  Boogie is no Joe or Wil, he’s not going to go out without a fight.
Needless to say, Boogie is laying in bed right now upset about the decision, so he’s venting to Frank and talking tough about how he’s going to ‘punk’ Shane in the DR and make fun of him, blah blah.  I’m going to keep updating this thread but wanted to get something out there so my viewers can know what happened… keep refreshing…

12:10pm bbt – Boogie is laying around talking with Jenn, Ian and Frank about how Dan is basically going to win the game now.  He’s right, but the funny part is Ian doesn’t see this.  I think he’s happy to be part of the game and is trying hard to just make an impact one way or another.

12:28pm bbt – Boogie and Frank make their way to the kitchen to start the bully routine on Shane.  Boogie tells Shane that he’s looking like Dan’s bitch on TV, and that he should worry because he’ll be sitting on the sidelines while everyone else plays for HoH.   Shane asks if that’s a threat and Boogie says “No, I’m already going home, I won’t be here.  Frank will finish it though”.   The ironic part of all of this?   While Shane may be Dan’s bitch, Frank doesn’t realize he’s Boogie’s.

12:40pm bbt – Boogie is still fuming about it. He’s trying to be passive aggressive by saying “3rd place money and I get to enjoy the rest of my summer” (because he has picked up $16k in prizes + stipend + free publicity) while “complimenting” how good Dan is.  It’s going to be a long week in the house for Shane and Dan, watch the feeds here.

12:46pm bbt – Frank and Boogie are now working Joe for a vote.  Frank keeps mentioning them having 5, I wonder if they realize Ian’s in their pocket yet.

Boogie and Frank trying to make Dan feel uncomfortable

I just re-read this post and wow is it sloppy.  I guess that happens when I’m in a rush to make a post.  I’ll keep updating this and twitter but likely create a new post summarizing things later on.

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  1. Comments (5)

    The way I see it Frank may convince Ashley to vote to evict Jenn but the rest, hopefully, can still think for themselves. All Boogie does is bully anyone who does not bow to him. If Danielle knew what she was doing she would have backdoored Boogie instead of Janelle. I cannot stand Boogie since the discraceful display of disrespect towards the young lady at the last BB he showed up for. The sooner he leaves the better off the rest will be. Dan so far has not won anything, although if he had gone for HOH instead of safety he would have gotten there before Shane. In any case Frank is a much more dangerous competitor that Dan and with Boogie sowing seeds this will continue to be a bland game. They better get rid of him and get down and start playing for a change.

  2. Comments (1276)

    I’m going to have to go back through the flashback to see today, but I can’t stop laughing that Boogie thinks he can “punk” Shane. I mean seriously, yes, the man can throw out some cutting words, but Shane’s not exactly going to start crying if Boogie hurts his feelings. So how is it that the 40+ year old (who looks closer to 50) is going to “punk” the young muscular Buck Shane? LOL too funny! I’m really hoping Shane is laughing it off.
    Also, Please, Please, Please tell me that Shane did call them out on Frank Being Boogies Bitch??? I mean seriously, if Frank doesn’t win HOH next, he is out that door, which can prove to anyone who doubts it that Frank isn’t capable of being there without Boogie, and would have been gone week 1 without him.
    Now heading back through the feeds, I’m sure I’ll see some funny stuff!!!

  3. Comments (1276)

    Watching it, this is such a typical case of actual bullies. I usually hate when people over use the word bully, but here, these 2 punks (Boogie and Frank), It’s them in the kitchen alone with Shane, Joe ane Jenn to start in. And Boogie with his “Son”, I’m sorry this olding white man has no street cred, so why does he try? It’s just gross!
    Since Boogie’s so tough, I think he should have just said “Shane, since you refused to be my Bitch, and decided to side with someone you’ve been working with, I’m going to sick my Bitch on you” At least then he wouldn’t have looked like such a hypocrit. They are idiots! They too lie to everyone, they mastermined the Janelle backdoor, and now they are mad that Shane didn’t tell them??? Give me a break! Yes, it will be entertaining to watch Frank and Boogie act like fools for the next few days, but really I just want them gone!
    grrrr, ok, I think I’m finished! Sorry 🙂

    • Comments (407)

      The way Boogie talks is hilarious. I used to talk the same way but I had an excuse 1) I grew up in the ghetto/slums and b) I was like 15-16 years old.

      Once I hit 20, the combination of moving out of there and maturing made me realize how dumb I sounded.

      Boogie grew up in the Concord area. I know it. It’s a nice place. In addition, he’s over the age of 15.. it’s time to start talking like an adult.

      Granted, it could be an act for BB. If I saw him in real life and he talked ghetto to me at that age I’d probably laugh at walk away.

    • Comments (407)

      Also, remember when he got all excited about lake winnipesaukee from the Sun night show? It’s freakin’ beautiful there. That’s where we went on our vacation last month. However, when Boogie mentions stuff about home he makes it sound like he grew up in Brooklyn.

      Ohh, back on the courts in Concord… Ugh. His lines are more ridiculous for people who live in this area and know all the parts he’s talking about.

      • Comments (1276)

        I have to admit I don’t know the area, but I know his type. Like you said, most of the guys like that grew out of it in their early 20’s. But I really do think he thinks he sounds cool!
        Honestly, I don’t know how everyone doesn’t laugh in Boogies face like 80% of the time! Between his stupid ways, and Franks drooling at Boogies feet with that stupid clown hair…
        I just really hope that production doesn’t hand the comp over to Frank. Let them battle, let it be something that everyone has just as good of a chance of winning, or better yet, hand it to the girls, let it be endurance.
        Also, kudos to Shane. They tried to get him to blow up, and he showed that he’s better then they are. They were trying to call him out for being a bad person (again, it’s a game people) and he kept his cool, didn’t run away, didn’t get loud back. I was somewhat proud of him, just saying.
        I would have been upset that no-one came to Shane’s aid, but since he let Dan take the brunt of their first attack this week, I would have done the same thing. At the same time, I wouldn’t have sat in the parlor (like Brit and Danielle did) listening through the walls. I would have just headed out there, and well laughed at them.

  4. Comments (1276)

    Oh, and nice to see that Jenn finally woke up long enough to get involved. I mean, it takes a special kind of stupid to jump all into a sinking ship (Boogies gone, don’t back that horse). I mean seriously, She’s up against Boogie, and so she’s now getting an attitude? Too bad they can’t vote them both out. Maybe one Dan, Danielle or Brit can win, during a double evict that is, and then put Jenn right back up against Frank! lol
    And Ian, I know he’s playing both sides, but he’s looking like a real ass. He should just be sitting there with his mouth shut, adding his two cents, will help him go sooner rather then later.

    • Comments (60)

      Jenn tawks alot of smack because she’s brooklyn baby. All talk,sleep and super float mode. She is the type a strong player who has actually been playing the game wants to take with them to a final two. Because when the votes are there will not be any for her because she has done nothing.
      She can keep the attitude because there is nothing entertaining about her to even listen to.

  5. Comments (1)

    You people are idiots. Boogie and Frank are just playing the GAME! I’m from the same town and state as frank/Britney. Frank went to high school and is friends with a college buddy of mine. He is apparently a very nice guy. Britney on the other hand I know. She is a POS. After the last BB she was on, “fame” went to her head and she broke off her engagement to her then fiancé. She is a terrible person and only thinks of herself. These people are just playing the game. Jeff was one of the biggest bullies in BB history and is one of the most popular fan favs of all time. Why cant boogie and frank play the way he did and still be liked? EVERYONE in the house lies and backstabs people all summer long but for some reason its not ok when they do it. The person who wins usually does the most manipulating. You people are just pissed bc….well I’m not quite sure. I have Shane in a BB pool I’m in and I think he’s a terrible player. If he knew what was good for him he would get rid of Britney and Dan ASAP. They are in a sprint for the finish line and leaving everyone in the dust. Boogie has Frank and vice versa. All Shane has done is put a target on himself. Dan is just sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank. AGAIN

    • Comments (36)

      I agree with u 100%. Unlike u, I don’t know Britney personally (thank God) but I could tell she was a POS while on the show her 1st time. Her type is very recognizable. She loves to make funny of people in the DR room, but now someone in the house called her out, here comes the tears, oh pity me, their picking on me. She probably broke up with her fianc’e because of her Lane crush, but I guess that never panned out. She probably felt like an a** because the “brigade” played her. “ZING” !! And, Shane, oh, surfer dude, nothing much more to say…I agree, Jeff was the biggest BULLY in BB history who got on my nerves the entire season, cried wolf too when people disagreed with him, (good luck Jordan, btw, who gave him a deadline line for a proposal) LMAO, got fan FAV ?????

    • Comments (60)

      this is why all the house guests should be new and no previous winners or losers from previous seasons. Dan,Britney,Janelle and Boogie have been there done that. It is a game and I guess part of the paranoia of being lock up together for so long you forget why your there and actually think these people you never met really care about you. ITS A GAME — LIE, BACKSTAB, BACK DOOR, MANIPULATE after all it is 500,000 prize

  6. Comments (1)

    i dont know if you guys realize this but Boogie is actully doind the work that Evil Dick did on is season of BB (Season 8 ) …. and manege to pulld it all the way to the end , and Win the game.
    this housguest should be carefull !
    Chill Town never goes down .

  7. Comments (17)

    i dont know if you guys realize that , but Boogie is doing exactly what ” Evil Dick ” was doing on his season ( Season 8 ) bullying , being mean & having no treaten … & still manege to pulld it to the end …

    Chill town never goes down .

  8. Comments (17)

    Boogie ; doing h job of evil dick ( season 8 )

    Ian ; doing the job of Eric ( season 8 )

    Frank ; doing the Job of Danielle ( season 8 )

    …. guess Frank and Boogie are going nowhere.

  9. Comments (1276)

    IMO, the differences here are simple… 1. Evel Dick and Daniele D are probably my all time favorite players in Big Brother. They can stay focused, and actually pull out wins in comps.
    2. Boogie, thinks he’s a bad ass and does his best to talk like one, Evel Dick actually is a bad ass.
    And Daniele D was, again IMO, is a very likable person. She didn’t need to hide behind Dick to be tough (like Frank is). Plus, she was smart enough to know when to let Dick go off, and keep out of it, and when she actually needed to fight.
    Ian, from what I’ve seen on the live feeds, is totally playing Boogie and Frank, as well as Jenn at this point. In private, he seems to be 100% in the “quack pack”, but doesn’t want to blow his cover. (prob so if Frank pulls out an HOH this week, Ian won’t go up) He’s doing a great job at it, which is why Boogie and Frank keep telling him EVERYTHING.
    Jenn, oh Jenn, no-one was worried about getting you out. But now… Now that girl has put a huge target on her back. I can’t wait until she gets to go back and see all of the horrible things that Boogie and Frank have said behind her back. How useless she is, how they are done with her, and so on. But she’s FURIOUS, that what??? She’s on the block? She’s actually playing BB, and has to be a part of the actual process now? That she’s a pawn? That until showing her attitude today would have ridden out a few more evictions totally safe? Bad move Jenn, Bad Move. And if Boogie or Frank actually gave a crap about her, they would be telling her to stop digging her own hole.
    And for the record, Boogie is going somewhere… HOME. lol

    • Comments (60)

      You could put Jenn and Ashley on the block together and just flip a coin to who you vote out because there is no value to keeping either. Actually these type are the ones you want sitting next to you in final two because they have done nothing but float

      • Comments (1276)

        True, but I wouldn’t want to hand the 2nd place prize to either of them. I’d rather have less of a chance at 1st and have someone worth a dang next to me then one of those. But that’s just me, and I’m sure people think it’s a stupid move, but I am see of seeing the Porsche types sitting there in the end.

  10. Comments (1)

    Honestly i think Boogie treats people that way cause hes scared that he can easily be walkin out that doorsoo he talks badass and goes for the gold and there is a difference between evil dick ans boogie. evil dick honestly was probably raised to be well the way he is and boogie just cant grow up its as simple as that

  11. Comments (1276)

    Stevebeans, did you hear when Frank was telling Ian and Jenn that if they were right behind him in HOH, he would throw it to them? Well, I have a dream. Frank throws HOH to Ian. Ian then puts up any two, other then frank (assuming that the Veto is an option) and then back doors Frank. Votes Frank out so Frank goes home knowing he got played, and is responsible for his own eviction.
    How stupid do you think Boogie feels right now for going for the 10K instead of HOH? I’m loving life right now. Drama in the BB house 🙂

  12. Comments (1276)

    well said.

    • Comments (44)

      I have read all your comments and you just seem to be speaking subjectively. I cant understand why most people dislike Boogie. Since he got in the game even as a coach his players have been targets simply because he’s Boogie. He’s playing the game people and he’s entertaining. Dan is goin to win this game at this rate. I’m curious to see what happens to Shane whenChill Town 2.0 is gone.. I think Boogie realized that his chances of winning the game is very low unless his makes final two with the ultimate floater like Gen..

      • Comments (1276)

        I am totally giving my opinion, which I keep stating. I just don’t like the way Boogie goes about things. I get why he does it, just not how. Again, just my opinion. But I also thing you can be entertaining without playing the way he is. If nothing else add a little humor to it, but he is what he is.

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