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Big Brother 14 – Wacky Wednesday Began Early

August 22, 2012 | 12 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

frank yelling at the house big brother 14

Wow, as soon as the old people go to sleep, things heat up in the Big Brother 14 house.  Thinking nothing exciting was going to happen last night, I went to sleep (as did old man Boogie) and it seems right away the sparks began to fly on the live feeds. You had Ian crying, Frank holding back tears, Jenn yelling at Ashley, and Dan just sitting back watching everyone hate each other while he cruises to another half million dollars.  (This game is almost too easy for him)

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It began a bit slowly as Joe finally told Frank that he’s not going to be voting for Boogie this week at 11:42pm on the feeds  (note: watch all the flashbacks here). Frank then tried to reason with Joe a bit explaining how that group is a solid 4 and they’re going to flush him down the toilet the second he’s no longer useful to them (he’s right).  He also tried to show him that he has a much better shot at going to the final 3 by riding with team Boogie (he’s right again).  While Joe may see reason, he swears he basically owes his life to Shane for “saving him”, which apparently means giving up any chance to be in the finals.   (note: I understand repaying someone, but if he’s just going to concede the game because of that, why not just go home?)

Joe went upstairs to hang out with his new bff’s, while the pressure was starting to get to poor Ian at around 12:48am bbt. If it’s an act, I give him credit because he really does seem a bit bothered the way things are playing out. Boogie has watched out for Ian through the better half of the game, and gave him a chance to stay in the house early on.  While he’s not been as loyal to Ian as he has been to Frank, reality is that Boogie is the closest thing to a true ally that Ian had going in the house.  I think he’s going to regret his double agent tactics when he reflects back on the season.

Between Ian crying, Joe giving him the news and the new bff’s up in the HoH room all laughing and having a good time, Frank starts seething a bit.  So he takes matters into his own hands and heads up to the HoH room to have a little confrontation about it.  Tune it to 1:11am bbt to watch this brief but emotional outburst by Frank the Tank.  He goes off on the room for basically celebrating a guy getting evicted while he’s sleeping, and then lectures them all about how they screwed him over this season.  While Ian will have his regrets, I think Frank and Boogie will never let down passing up the chance to backdoor Dan when they had the chance.

Suck it, Ashley!

Finally, it was Ashley’s turn to have some fun (if you call it that), so she heads up to the HoH room at 1:29am bbt to try and speak with Jenn about it all.  Jenn replies with “suck it”, which forces Ashley to spill her guts in front of the entire room.  Pretty uncomfortable situation and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Talk about some wild times on the live feeds… It’s going to get better because now that the houseguest’s are slowly informing Boogie what happened while he was sawing logs, I cannot wait to see his reaction.  I’ll be making random tweets on it throughout the day until I can recap more later.

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