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Big Brother 14 – Weekend Wrap-Up; Nomination On TV Tonight

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Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend, I tried my best to stay updated but it was really tough with spotty Internet service.  I went to visit my parents deep in Maine and let me just say that they have one traffic light in the entire town.  I am shocked I was able to get Internet at all, even if it was very spotty.

With my life story out of the way, let me do a little weekend recapping for those likely tuning in after watching the nominations on CBS (Sunday night).  After the wild and intense live show on Thursday night, the show was cut off before the HoH competition, so people who just watch CBS still have no clue who actually won the HoH.  (hint: sign up for the live feeds, there is still time in the season to enjoy it).

There is plenty of time to enjoy the feeds
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Here is what happened on this wild weekend once Julie Chen went off the air and our Big Brother 14 houseguests were back on their own….

HoH Competition:

HoH was played and finished shortly before 1am est, and in fact BBAD came on a few minutes before the live feeds did.  Luckily I picked up Showtime this winter and watched as the first thing they showed was Frank had the key around his neck.  This means Frank won the HoH.

Frank is showing weakness without Boogie:

Frank and Ian tried to talk it out and let me say, I’m a bit shocked at the Tank.  Ian has somehow convinced Frank that least week was just a random lapse in judgement because Dan got to him, and he’s still aligned with Frank.  Let me just say, Frank claims this has been a dream of his, but when did this dream start?  2011?  He can’t be that clueless so see that Ian is lying to his face, especially after the guy nominated both Frank and the girl he had a crush on.  Guys like Ian don’t simply nominate girls like Ashley unless he’s deeply embedded and loyal to that alliance.   Come on Frank, you know better … or do you?


Nominations were only a mild shocker because I thought for sure that Dan and Shane were going to be nominated.  While he didn’t make a stupid decision like Jenn and Joe, it was a little puzzling to see Dan and Danielle nominated.  Frank has two huge physical threats remaining in the game, both have worked hard to get him evicted.  If Danielle goes home this week, that almost makes things easier on the quack pack because neither Dan nor Shane have to feel obligated to slit each others throat to take Danielle to the finals.  Of course Frank doesn’t know the inner dynamics of the alliance like the fans do, but still… not really a good choice there.

Pandora’s Box:

This was finally introduced into the season after a week or so of the clue in the arcade room.  What happened was they hid quarters around the house, and you had to try and take the balls out of the machine.  One of those balls was a special veto power, and Ian was the winner of that.   As of now, he doesn’t plan on using it (because he is scared to make big moves) but that veto set up the possibility of both Dan and Danielle being removed from the block.  It’s a good thing this didn’t happen last week, otherwise fans would tear down the BB house claiming it’s all a conspiracy to keep Frank and Boogie in the house.

PoV Competition:

The PoV may as well have been called the punishment of veto competition this week.  Talk about a suck challenge. Houseguests had to figure out a drawing and buzz in.  If they buzzed in, they had to either guess it, earn buts but also take the punishment or be disqualified.   Frank was the big loser of the competition as he buzzed in the most, got the most penalties, but then was disqualified for accidentally saying the answer when Britney buzzed in.  He was dominating in points, and for some reason even took the two week with no HoH punishment (for 10 points), which was mighty stupid of him.  For an HoH, maybe.. but for PoV when you have 5-7 people after you?  Let someone else have the veto.  Worst case is Dan and Danielle come down and Shane and Britney go up.  In no way whatsoever was the 2 weeks of HoH-less time was worth it.

Jenn ended up winning the veto by spending the rest of the summer on slop.  Another dumb move.. I’ll have to watch the competition to find out if they had to do that, but let me just say.. if Frank didn’t HAVE to take the HoH punishment, and Jenn didn’t HAVE to take the slop, they’re a lot worse at the game than I thought.  Boogie really was carrying Frank.  Jenn had nothing to fear this week with Shane/Dan/Danielle/Britney being massive targets.  It was a terrible decision, but it doesn’t shock me.


So this is mostly caught up now.  I’m going to be tweeting a bit more now and watching the feeds, so be sure to sign up to the feeds and also tweet along with me!

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  1. Comments (102)

    When I heard Frank forgave The Rat, I was worried about this. Boogie did all the strategic thinking, while Frank won the physical challenges. It’s the exact same thing going with Britney and Shane.

    I still think once Frank is gone, and it’s looking like he could be gone next week, that the Craptastic Four or whatever is left of them will put The Rat up on the block and boot him out. They only need him as a snitch to snitch on Boogie and Frank and with both gone, he’s outlived his usefulness.

    • Comments (178)

      Someone might decide to put Ian up on the block but Big Brother will figure out a way for him to win the POV in order to keep him in the game, i.e., a competition that involves the use of mind over brawn. Also, no one seems to mention that some of the Big Brother competitions are clearly designed for a female or a short male to win, i.e., the competitions where they have to stand on a very narrow ledge (most men’s feet are too large to stand on the ledge without falling off) and/or hold onto a bar that is set more comfortably at the height of a short female, which makes it more difficult for a taller man to hold onto (comfortably) for a long period of time.

  2. Comments (7)

    Shane hasn’t won nearly as much as Frank… Two weeks no HOH is rough but the Veto comps have been mostly physical and he’s at such an advantage there. Im pulling for him to keep winning… The whole house has been after him since week 1 and he keeps one upping them. He deserves to win more than anyone IMO.

  3. Comments (6)

    I really do not understand Frank putting up dan and danielle I mean his best bet was Shane and Dan and if shane won veto put britney and dan together get the people controlling shane and danielle out of the house. Now there is a big chance that they vote danielle out and keep dan if that happens this HOH was a waste

    • Comments (102)

      Because he made a deal with Suckney that she wouldn’t put him up. Of course, she’s a complete two-faced liar. But she’ll probably get one of the others to do her dirty work, again.

      The Rat may still take one of the Crap Pack down, but let’s hope Jenn doesn’t use her veto. Although Frank could put up Suckney and Shane.

      Although I agree Frank should have put up Shane instead of Danielle.

  4. Comments (44)

    Ugh, i gotta say, i am dissapointed in frank’s decision.. Taking the 2 weeks of no HOH is not worth it, especially, when he doesnt win, he is on the block. I guarantee Shane, Britney, and Ian will get rid of him as soon as they have the power to. making the deals, was necessary, but i think he was naive not to make Ian use the veto, It is so obvious Ian is not on his side. Ian and (joe/danielle) , Ian comes off, put Dan up. If Veto saves either of them, Put up den (britney or shane) assuming we knew Jen won the veto.

  5. Comments (768)

    I don’t know why he didn’t go ahead and nominate Ian even if he did have a veto. At least he would have ferreted it out (an appropriate term for him) and wouldn’t have to worry about it coming in to play later to take Dan or Danielle off the block.

    It was very interesting to see Dan showing his ‘true’ colors toward Ian and the others when he was out in the yard looking for quarters. Talk about someone being a bully!!!

  6. Comments (6)

    If Danielle survives this week and wins hoh she needs to nominate jenn and ian and align with Frank on the side because she is crazy if she thinks Shane is gonna take her over britney. The best bet for her game is Frank. Because now i c that britney is just gonna go to who ever is in power and Shane aka no brains will follow.

  7. Comments (1)

    I prefer the summary posts like this.

  8. Comments (7)

    I am so tired of everyone complaining about Frank. People seem to think that Ian needs to be treated with kid gloves just because he is young. If he is lucky enough to be playing with the big boys he needs to be treated as an equal. If one of the older players were judged by playing the game Ian is playing they would be so criticized. Ian is playing a very dirty game, which is fine, but don’t criticize everyone else fo playing that type of game. You can’t expect everyone else to down play their abilities just because they are playing with a younger player. Personally I cant wait for Ian to join the jury house. It is hard to watch After Dark, with Ian’s squeeking on the hamock and rocking and pacing and talking to himself.

    • Comments (44)

      I agree with you, i honestly dont get why most people seem like him.. i think he’s overlooked, and i honestly doubt it has anything to do with strategy (maybe accepting slop). And he cant respond to being comfronted, he did to Briney (“foreseable circumstances”) and he cant defend himself, showed today when Frank was trynna talk to him ” do what you have to do” i think he said.. was such a mundane answer.. And Dan surprised, why’s no one complaining abt him being a bitch , i know if boogie did that, – he’s an ass- everyone wants him gone.

    • Comments (102)

      And his bare chest is just so repulsive.

      Yeah, that just killed me when Twitney was telling Frank not to yell at the poor little sensitive rat. You want to proclaim yourself a villain in the league of Evel Dick, then take the heat for your own actions instead of running away like a little coward.

      The only way he can do anything is behind someone’s back and then hiding behind someone to let them take the heat for his actions. He’s a gutless little coward.

  9. Comments (102)

    Okay, this is a horrible thing to say, but did Big Brother purposely cast the dumbest people they could find? Did they give them an IQ test and did they all fail? The only reason these coaches are still in the game is because the other contestants aren’t bright enough to get rid of them. This is beginning to remind me of Survivor and the Rob The Slob Cult. They were so enthralled by him he could even tell them when to go to the bathroom and they obeyed.

    On another topic, if this was a scripted show, the latest twist would serve as yet another obstacle for our ultimate hero Frank to overcome on his way to being dubbed the greatest hero of the BB series who has served so much backstabbing and whatnot to win it all.

  10. Comments (1)

    Is the picture one of Franks punishments?

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