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willie hantz big brother 14

Big Brother 14 – Willie Hantz

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willie hantz big brother 14

Just when we were forgetting about the Hantz family (on CBS at least), they re-emerge yet again.  How many people are in this family?  You have Russell who’s been on Survivor like three times, his nephew Brandon from Survivor, and brother Shawn from “flipped off“.

Willie sounds like he’s certainly going to be an entertaining character unlike his nephew Brandon who tried to be the nice guy. People need to understand, when you put a Hantz on a reality show, you expect entertainment.  Sure, they can rub some the wrong way, and Russell is probably the most annoying person on TV right now based on his new house flipping show, but he made Survivor watchable.  Hopefully Willie will be the new Evil Dick and just say whatever is on his mind, and who knows, it may work.

Prediction: If this were Russell and he was making his first ever appearance, I would say he had a solid chance to win it all.  What’s going to happen, people are going to find out who he is, see him causing some trouble, and get him out as soon as they can.  Russell’s team threw a competition to vote him off, and I see something similar happening here.  Unless Willie is able to somehow get in that power alliance I made up with Frank the Tank and Ian, he’s going to be the first or second out the door.

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