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Big Brother 14 – Zingbot Is Back For The Veto Competition

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The Zingbot 3000 made an appearance in the Big Brother 14 house, and I really hope I’ll be able to understand him this year.  While the thing usually comes up with some decent cracks, it’s high pitch drives me nuts… yet for some reason I can’t get enough of it.

In what was probably the latest start of the season for the PoV competition, it was a pretty pivotal moment for The Herd (nickname explanation below) if they wanted to still have a chance at the money or simply let The Silent Six dominate the rest of the season as they sit back and simply wait for their turn.

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Well, it appears that The Silent Six will remain in control, until they start turning on each other that is.  Frank won the PoV and nominations will likely stay the same this week as it would be shocking to see the HoH overturn their own veto 3 weeks in a row.  There is no need for him to use it at this point, so Monday’s meeting will likely come and go with no big changes.

While it may be a slow week in the house, you can only wonder what Big Brother is cooking up for the houseguests because I highly doubt they’re going to just sit back and watch The Herd go down without any fight.  It’s bad TV, bad for the feeds, bad for everyone.   If there is nothing they can do, expect possibly some weird stuff like a back to back double eviction to quickly knock them out and get back to the drama.

Anyway, as far as the nickname, well it’s simple.  Right now you have the pride of lions (The Silent Six) all circled around a herd of gazelle.  Those poor things are just standing around knowing they’re doomed, but they’re trying to ignore the circling lions and pretend nothing bad is about to happen.   A lion snatches up a gazelle, the rest just turn their head and sigh that it wasn’t them… until it is.

When that food is gone, then we’ll see some excitement again.. until then, The National Geographic channel will have to suffice.

Side note – What’s the over/under on Danielle talking about whatever crack zingbot made towards her for a solid 2 weeks?

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  1. Comments (123)

    Here are some of the Zings that the ZingBot said:

    The Best one was for Danielle: “Shane got a special gift for you after the show: a Restraining Order” !!!!….Dani was so mad afterwards, lol…..im taking the over bet, lol…

    to Ian: “For a engineering student, you dont have much chemistry with the ladies”
    to Wil: “What do you call Fabio minus the good looks”
    to Ashley: “The only thing Bright about Ashley is her smile”…..they say it took her a while to understand the zing but then she laughed, lol…..

    i like ur Herd theory…but suppose Dan breaks off the Silent Six and forms one with the Herd to overtake Boogie&Frank…could be interesting, CBS would be happy, lol…☺…

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m taking the “over” as well.
      As for Dan, I can’t decide what he’s up to. I think he might try to stick with Danielle, but he’s hard to read sometimes. I’m thinking this little plot they’ve been discussing about keeping Wil so he can put up Frank and Boogie, instead of them having to go against the alliance sounds like a good plan. But to do it, Wil would have to win the HOH, and stick to his word. I see him putting up Frank and Shane or Boogie and Shane, maybe even Frank and Shane, so Shane could win the POV and backdoor Boogie. But I just don’t know if he will pull off a POV or not.

  2. Comments (8)

    If you want someone gone, You Have to DO it Yourself!!! … If the *SIX* lets Wil win HOH, Will will put up Dan!

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