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dan gheesling big brother 14

Dan Gheesling


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Dan Gheesling is the second “mentor” to return as a former winner of Big Brother, as he was victorious in season 10.  Not only was he a winner, but he was the first unanimous winner of the show.

Dan also picked up the nickname “Judas” during his time on Big Brother 10, it will be curious to see if that has stuck around or will have faded over time.  The name was coined by Jerry of that season as Dan was accused of “hiding behind the cross”.

Since Big Brother 10, Dan has been pushing his blog How to get on Reality TV, as I guess he needed to write an entire e-book to say “be good looking and/or say outrageous things”.   I am almost curious enough to read that book, but I won’t.  Not because I don’t want to be on reality TV, but for the simple reason that he brags about taking 4 years and over 8 auditions to get on the show.  Bro, I’d be willing to bet half the people you’ve competed against were likely approached at a bar or through a modeling agency.  They didn’t even need to apply, and you’re acting like 4 years of work is an accomplishment?

Sorry Judas, I’m not impressed. You want to write an e-book?  You should write how you’re one of the least memorable winners in recent history, yet you won by a unanimous vote and were asked back for Big Brother 14.  Now that’s an accomplishment in my eyes.


dan gheesling big brother 14

dan gheesling big brother 14


  1. Comments (2)

    Well if Dan is an “everyman” as you seem to indicate rather than being someone who has the pedigree or persona that makes Hollywood talent scouts drool over, then I’d say that his book and blog would be something that most of America (we common folk) would be interested in reading. Getting a golden ticket on one’s own merit still equals a golden ticket. Way to go Dan!

  2. Comments (1)

    Why does the author of this post hate Dan so much?? Ruuuuude!! I like the guy, reminds me of my cousin. That is all.

    • Comments (4)

      Reminds me of my son! Loved him basically telling Danielle to shut up, that her question/analogy is illogical with him replying that’s like us saying if we get in a black hole we’re going to do this or that, when neither one of us even know what its like inside of a black hole.. LMAO!!!

    • Comments (1)

      Dan is awful. I don’t even mean how much of a creep he is – it’s a game – I get it. But why does he talk so LOUD all the time? When he’s in the DR you can watch him prepare to yell. He turns a pale grey/death tone, turns his head to one side, and begins to basically scream his monolog. Oh, and that stupid turn, and thrust his arm into the air. I know it’s a football thing, so please don’t try and one-up me. That doesn’t make it cool. It makes him Al Bundy from Married with Children who can not let go of adolescent fame. Uglier than a walking wart, louder than a steam train, and a true Christian. At least he’s got that going. You see, it’s not his game play, it’s him. That’s the ugly part. He’s just an ugly person, inside and out. Don’t you know any 20 something people who think they know everything?

  3. Comments (3)

    you seem incredibly biased against dan, even though he is my favourite winner of big brother. he had good strategy, floating when he needed to and making moves/ playing mind games when he knew he had to, too. and he won, what, 3 hoh competitions and 3povs in his season? personally, i dont see why you hate him, and i hope he wins big brother 14.

  4. Comments (10)

    i have loved dan as a player since season 10 and i still love him playing now 10/10

  5. Comments (7)

    He is one that I have liked…of course others would not. Hope he goes a long way in the game not that he wins as he has already but to the end. With this season I really cant say who I hope wins…wierd..anyone else feel that way?

  6. Comments (1)

    um are you kidding me? Dan Lease memorable winners…..like THEE DAN?! How about Hayden Moss from season 12 or Adam Jasinski from season 9?! ( Funny thing Adam is actually in prison right now for drug trafficking) but he was never memorable and I bet none of you even hear about that! They both didn’t do shit. Honestly, you should edit this page. Idk what you have against Dan but he is Americas Sweetheart….GET WITH THE PICTURE!

  7. Comments (8)

    I hope Dan and Frank team up!

  8. Comments (1)

    I don’t want Dan to go home! He’s one of my favorites.

  9. Comments (65)

    I doubt he’ll win but I want him to go really far in this game

  10. Comments (38)

    F’n Traitor. I hope his ass is evicted along with his unstable, cry-baby, freakshow of a sidekick Danielle “I have Issues” Murphree.

    • Comments (1)

      I so agree.. Dan is a great player, but he has already won. If his coaching and books are so great why does he need to play this game. Let someone else win. STOP using the Bible just STOP!!

  11. Comments (1)

    Dan, you are the most disgusting person to ever play Big Brother. I thought Boogie played dirty, but you have him beat by a mile. To do what you did to Danielle, then have the nerve to lie and tell her you did it to save her, really? You used her emotions to save yourself, period. I wish you could be a real man and admit it.

    • Comments (17)

      Dan is just playing his game.not like everyone playing to keep each other* He’s playing to win cant you see that.

      • Comments (17)

        Dan is brilliant. He has ousted everyone in the game, now they are down to the final three, the mist has appeared again. How stupid was Daneille to let Dan convince her to put Shane on the block. Couldn’t she see that he was targeting her boyfriend. She should have stuck to her plan, when they were voting Ian out in the first place. Then maybe Dan might have been voted out.

    • Comments (35)

      You’re an idiot.

    • Comments (35)

      what you need to realize is that when Dan swore that everything he told Frank about the quack pack was true and when Frank made the deal Dan just agreed. He didn’t swear on anything to keep Frank after that week and it’s franks fault for not being smart enough to realize that.

  12. Comments (1)

    BIGGEST. TOOL. EVER. I remember not much liking Dan during his first round on the show, but this time? Fuhget about it. What a complete and total douche to sell out his entire alliance to save his own sorry ass. The only up side is that if he somehow makes it to the final, there’s no way in hell he’ll get the votes from Britney, Shane, and Ian.

    He should at least show enough respect to his alleged “faith” not to wear Christian/Catholic paraphernalia while being such a sleaze.

    I’d forgotten about his “Judas” nickname during his prior season. It fits.

    • Comments (4)

      The bible and wedding ring are props. The guy is slime.

      • Comments (1)

        Hey you know DAN…It’s bad enough that your the biggest loser on BIG BROTHER that you had to play on Ian’s “physical challenge” that just makes you a right asshole…I have a grandson with the same challenge and I would never play on that…That just proves that you will never get the big bucks $$$…You do not even have a brother in-law that has the special condition…And on that note Ian should and could kick your ass to the curb…Your knowledge and Ian’s knowledge could never compare….He is alot smarter than you will everrr be…How do you sleep at night knowing that you have expressed how you feel to Ian…Therfore I wish that you would neverrr everr be on the BIG BROTHER everr again…How can you sleep with yoiurself at night knowing how you have manipulated everyone to your advantage…I vote that DAN be the next to be avicted!!!

      • Comments (14)

        holy shit polly remember its just a game calm down…and by the way he won his season and i hope he wins again, he is playing this game the way its supposed to be played

      • Comments (65)

        Attention EVERYONE: this is a public service announcement. Apparently the sole fan that Psycho-bitch, oops I meant to say Danielle, has is harrassing all of us who have opinions about the game. She may be related to Psyc….. Danielle, so beware as you too might be getting stalked, harrassed or just annoyed by her. She goes by the name of ‘Starla’. You have been warned!

      • Comments (5)

        Dude. You can’t even spell…..lol. You’re an idiot.

    • Comments (47)

      I agree Linus! It makes me sick when he keeps asking Ian questions over and over again like he truly cares about Ian or what Ian thinks! Its all fake to make sure he has Ian in his back pocket and keep him on his good side! He acts like he is so interested in what Ian has to say so he drills him with questions but he couldn’t care less! He is just faking it for his own benefit!

      • Comments (27)

        What kind of person swears on his wife, his dead granfather, & the Holy Bible & then completely lies…oh wait that would be Dan….he is a complete snake & I hope he goes home with a big fat nothing!!! It’s a disgrace that this man is a teacher…he has not an ounce of morals!!! I so wish he would go home!!!! He deserves nothing!!!!

      • Comments (47)

        I agree! He deserves a Big fat nothing! And divorce papers!

      • Comments (1)

        Dan is got Karma on the way guaranteed~! What goes around comes around!I can’t even stand looking at him now! You don’t use the bible, as he is and by the way christians i know don’t cuz!!! And swearing on the bible with people’s life? Shame on you Dan! I have a feeling he better watch his back when he gets out! Your a loser if that’s the only way u can get money is by lieing your a dirty player!

      • Comments (5)

        I just want to kick your ass…..you’re a little girl!!! Its a GAME!!!!

  13. Comments (1)

    I absolutely love Dan. At first, I thought what he did to Danielle was wrong but the fact that he talked to her and told her why he did it made up for it. Danielle forgave him in the end and that is all that matters. To each his own. It saved them both from eviction. People need to look at the bigger picture in that situation and that is exactly what he did. GOOD JOB DAN!

  14. Comments (5)

    I’m a little disappointed but he’s a genius.

  15. Comments (20)

    To those who watch After Dark, they know what the whole deal was with Dan saying what he did to Danielle. Bottom line, he did it to save them both. She may be able to “act” but it would not have been as believable. Now they all feel sorry for her and wouldn’t dare vote her out. Plus, he has a huge target on him that he didn’t want it on her as well. Boogie went because of being close to Frank, Britney went because of being close to Ian. And let’s not forget that he pulled this out of his hat and turned on his Alliance after Britney already had. Not to mention he was on the block and going home for sure, no question, end of game. Was he supposed to just lay down and say, ok send me to jury because I don’t want to play this game? Heck no, he did what he needed to do to buy himself another week in the house and it was pure brilliance if you ask me. This is Big Brother boys and girls and if you want to play, sometimes you have to fight!! Danielle is still pretending to be offended. Watch After Dark when they sneak away to talk to each other because they miss being able to hang out. And as far as him not being memorable, total understatement. I forgot Adam had even won and had no idea about the drug thing. Dan is very good at this game!!!!

  16. Comments (16)

    I love Dan! I hope he and Frank make it far but he needs to cut ties with Danielle. I’m not sure if his wife would appreciate her hanging all over him and proclaiming her “love” for him. If he isn’t careful she will turn her stalking away from Shane and come after him.

  17. Comments (1)

    Is the author of this article for real? Love him or hate him, Dan is one of the most memorable and entertaining players in BB history! Right up there with Dr Will in my book.

  18. Comments (65)

    To swear on the bible and wife, and then go back on that swear makes him a piece of sh*t. I hope he doesnt win and when he comes out of this game I hope he also feels like the biggest turd on the earth.

    • Comments (3)

      I would not be surprised if his wife dropped dead from how many times he has sworn on her. I am still trying to figure out how he got anybody to marry him in the first place, I mean he doesn’t even wash his clothes. GROSS!

      • Comments (65)

        My thoughts exactly. Poor mrs. Gheesling. I hope shes screwing around while hes being a gross pervert/liar/”preacher” in the BB house. I really hope she gets pregnant while hes in there… OMG listen to me… well im being honest and not swearing on anything so I think im ok. lol

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      • Comments (76)

        LOL i found a site where Mrs. Gheesling is quite proud of the way Dan has played this game. I know if i was his wife i would be totally pissed. Expecially clinging to Danielle the way he has.

      • Comments (65)

        She probably had her hand on the bible when she made that statement. Which would make it untrue. LOL

  19. Comments (3)

    For someone to carry around a Bible and drink beer and lust after Danielle and get your “jollies” off trying to get danielle and shane to kiss, get a life .How does your wife put up with you?

  20. Comments (16)

    What is wrong with Dan? He has an obsession with Shane and Danielle having sex. Come on, Dan. Maybe its due to the fact that Danielle has flashed her panties about 4 to 5 times in this one episode. She has a problem with keeping her legs closed. I know she sees what she is doing because she is constantly in the mirror.

  21. Comments (17)

    Those shorts Dan wears are so dirty whenever he decides to wash them they will fall apart. They are disgusting!

  22. Comments (11)

    i want dan gheesling i want to c winn the big brother 14 season
    and to win the hoh

  23. Comments (12)

    Once Dan wins again he will be known as the Greatest Big Brother Player of all time! Dans gameplay is better than Dr.Will.

  24. Comments (2)

    dan is such a little bastard!!! he deserves to be taken down the way he is playing is evil! he will get back what he does deserve and that is not winning and losing things in his real life, you can not be evil with out it being returned on him he is a bitch

  25. Comments (1)

    Dan is playing the game perfectly! Remember its a game folks! Love love love Dan and hope he wins!

  26. Comments (2)

    you can not say its a game and make everything ok if this is in him to do this here he has it in him to do it in real life so hate hate dan hope he loses

  27. Comments (20)

    Wow! It’s a game boys & girls. He’s playing a brilliant game. He is playing exactly the opposite of what he did last time, which is exactly what he needs to do if he has any chance of winning. I love how people get so worked up about someone telling a lie in the Big Brother house. May not be morally correct in the real world, but this is not the real world, it’s a reality tv show!! Also, keep in mine, you see bits and pieces of 168 hours crammed in to 3 hours! Editors know how to make America think one way or the other about a person!

  28. Comments (1)

    Funny thing is Dan is burning bridges. He has fucked over most of the people in the jury. Such a brilliant player my ass. The jury will not vote for that pedo little fuck.

  29. Comments (3)

    I usually don’t want people who already won to win again but Dan is playing this GAME brilliantly. He is a huge target because he’s played and won before and if he can somehow get to the final 2 he will indeed be the all time King of Big Brother.

  30. Comments (1)

    I find it funny how people are bringing his religion and his wife into it, do none of you Dan haters remeber what he said in the begining of the show when he said that his wife wanted him to play without emotions and win no matter what. The fact that he is using these tools is briliant mostly because he used similar tatics in BB10, so shame on the players for buying into it. And I have to say there were far more discusing tactics used in previous seasons, for example the plyer who told that lie about his wife being sick (sorry the name has sliped my mind. What we all need to keep in mind is that all morals and opinions on how you should play the game leave the moment you enter that house, and at the end of the day it is a game and everyone wants to win, so in order to walk away a winner you need to fight dirty. And if you don’t like it don’t play because you wont last long. by the way GO DAN GO, number one fan here.

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    • Comments (76)

      Let me see everyone is saying why bring religion into this. He brought religion into this when he started carrying around his bible and swearing on it. Thats what gets some of us mad about it.

    • Comments (4)

      Matt from BB12 said that by the way but I agree with you.

    • Comments (6)

      I agree! So what if he says “I swear on my wife”…wtf does that even mean? Who gives a shit, it’s just words! If I was his wife I would want him to say ANYTHING he can to win. It’s a game and it’s all about winning. I love that the two smartest game players this year are in the final three. Just need to get rid of Danielle who has done nothing for herself this whole season, she is only there because of Dan. He not only brought himself to the end, he carried her.

  31. Comments (2)

    the author of this page is jealous and a loser!!!hahahahaha

  32. Comments (16)

    I feel sorry for Dan, he has NO soul! Anyone who can put their hand on the bible & know in his heart that their intentions are EVIL, is a SAD KID!
    He has to live with himself!
    With age comes wisdom, he’s still a little ignorant kid, with NO MORALS NOR ETHICS!

    I’m disgusted, and that “hand” HE chose to put on the Bible, WILL eventually be his demise!!!

  33. Comments (29)

    Mr.Judas can’t stare somebody in the eyes while your talking to them…your such a hypocrite….man you can’t coach your way out of a T-shirt!!!

    • Comments (20)

      Luckily he didn’t need to coach himself out of a t-shirt! However, he coaxed his way off the block and managed to not go on the block at all with the next full HOH. Obviously he knows how to get done what needs to be done to stay in the game, at least to this point!!! But your right, he can’t get out of a shirt 😀

  34. Comments (1)

    Whether or not you’re a fan of Dan and the way he plays the game, you gotta give him credit! The fact that he is still there is impressive. He managed to come back when it was 100% certain that he was going to be evicted. And he’s managed to convince everyone that he is on their side. No one else is the house this season deserves to win as much as he does.

  35. Comments (5)

    Dan fan club here alright, losers wake up and see his evil lazy ways. Send home this Doc Brown look-a-like!! he’s done his catholic school good hasn’t he.

  36. Comments (14)

    Im sorry but I can’t stand Dan. This is a game and I know you have to lie and tell people what they want to hear, even do a little backstabbing. BUT you DONT swear to God or on the bible or on your wife as a tool for a GAME. I’m a God fearing person and I think you do have to do things in the game that you wouldn’t normally do but God is not a game or a joke. You don’t swear to Him or make promises to Him or Lie to Him. I think it’s inexcusable. Dan you should be ashamed. Your a grown man who knows how God works. How dare you use Him like that. A game or money isn’t worth your faith or integrity.

    • Comments (16)

      the bible says dont swear on anything, just to answer with a yes or no. and requiring any more from some one is a sin. so pretty much every one on here has done that, and last time i looked a sin is a sin. so i can not cast the first stone, i will let you do that.

    • Comments (1)

      Dan swore on the bible . . .which really means nothing. The bible is not holy. God is holy. The bible is a book, its not God. this is a game. You lie cheat and steal to win it. If you’re not willing to do that then you shouldn’t play. If you’re not willing to have it done to you, then YOU SHOULDN’T PLAY! I agree Dan has played a dirty fame, but its what he needed to do to win. What’s the point of being there if you’re not going to do whatever it takes to win? People need to calm down.

  37. Comments (2)

    I give him props for brilliantly playing this time but the dude acts like he does cocaine. Especially lately. He’s spastic and all over the place, and his eyes are constantly popping out of his sockets. This guy is crazy. He probably wants that half million to buy more coke!

  38. Comments (11)

    i want you win big brother 14 season

  39. Comments (19)

    So if you guys didn’t believe in God would your outlook on dan change? I dont think its fair to judge him on that when not everyone even believes in it. Dan us a fantastic player and uts obvious he gets along with females better. Saying hes a pervert is completely out of line. Dan has done what hes had to to stay in the house and deserves to win over everyone in that house. Hes out smarted them all.

    • Comments (47)

      I disagree! Frank deserved to win it more than Dan by far. Frank played a far more honest game and kept his integrity intact. Dan has not played with morals at all. I understand its a game and everyone is doing whatever they feel they need to in order to win but Dan’s game is not clean or honest and Frank was far more honest and he had all the odds stacked up against him and still managed to play with more honesty, morals and integrity. Dan got there by laying low, hiding behind everyone and using them to do the dirty work then stabbing them in the back. Dan has been a floater going back and forth to whoever has the power and until just now he finally won something for himself. I agree he is a mastermind tricking them all but Frank fought harder, played more honest and pretty much did it all by himself without making everybody else do all the dirty work and taking all the risk. I think Frank should get American’s vote, he deserves something for the amazing job he did and against all odds.

      • Comments (65)

        Amen!…. Screw Dan… he shouldnt make it to the finals… i hope he loses and gets sent over to the jury house where everyone will await him with bats… wait im thinking of my own personal dream, lol… Ian sux for not back dooring him this week. This season has just been dissapointing, look whats left.

      • Comments (47)

        I agree! Ian disappoints me because he is letting Dan control his mind and brainwashes Ian into doing whatever will benefit Dan meanwhile Dan is waiting for the opportunity to backstab Ian (yet another dumbass who believes Dans bullshit). I thought Ian was suppose to be the great gameplayer that he brags about being but yes he fails to see Dan for the true snake that he is. Yeah, I too am disappointed with whats left in the house. I guess I have to go for Shane or Ian now but I feel Shane is stupid for listening to Danielle and believing she chooses him over Dan the Dick. And Ian should have used his own brain and put up Dan when he had the chance, he’s stupid he must have forgotten Dan put him up and Dan still gets away with it again. I don’t want Danielle or Dan to win this but it’s not looking good to get them out now! Very disappointing!

      • Comments (16)


  40. Comments (1)

    Dan is a very likeable person in the game. He actually listens to other HG’s and learns about their lives. He makes up great conversations and/or games and treats everyone with respect. They end up liking him and trusting him and wanting to team up with him no matter what his reputation is. He’s one of the most creative players to ever play BB. People who have a problem with him lying in the game or backstabbing other players should just stop watching the game all together. Isn’t the object to win? Why hate on the guy for simply trying to win rather than just spending a summer vacation in the house like most BB HG’s do?

    • Comments (20)

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! Those who respect the game get what he is doing … Those who live in fantasy land where everyone is honest and true need to move on to a scripted show where everyone is happy and honest! Dan is playing a brilliant game!!

      • Comments (4)

        Well said

      • Comments (6)

        That’s exactly it. People who don’t understand reality tv shouldn’t watch it. Dan has played the best game ever. He is a creative genius when it comes to this game. A little dirty? Sure that’s what gets you to the end.

  41. Comments (14)

    Brandi, If you dont beleive in God or anyone else on here doesnt that is your choice, so natuarlly it wouldnt bother you.. But I DO beleive in Him and Dan says he beleives in God, Dan even walks around with the Bible.. so it does bother me as a Christian. Play the game, lie, backstab, cause others to get in a fight.. im all for that because it is a game. But IF you beleive in God and worship him you do NOT swear to Him, on the bible and on your wife when you know its a lie and a ploy. I had no problem with how Dan played the game until that night.

  42. Comments (2)

    For those that say the jury wont vote Dan to win are idiots! In season 10, the entire jury hated Dan and he still won unanimously! IF this jury is smart enough to realize that Dan has played the best game, he will be unanimous again. This aint a popularity contest, its a game of strong will to survive by making moves to further your game, and Dan made the best moves!

  43. Comments (12)

    Usually football coaches know when their team starts the season!!! Dan had no clue when “his team” had their first game. He’s a teacher that wants to wear a headset and team shirt. He’s a token coach that’s allowed to stand on the sidelines. He never talks football , because he doesn’t know the game, for him it’s a social event on friday nights!!!! One more thing, the tough football coach told Ian he would rip his face off if he voted out Danielle, but when talking to a real man like Frank, Joe, Shane or Boogie he cowers and is very timid in his approach. Way to go coach, intimidate little Ian, what a man!!! I went to and played football at a catholic high school, De La Salle High School in Ca. The #1 high school football team in the nation! There is a big difference between a football coach and a P.E. teacher, stick to your pull ups and leave the football to the real coaches!!!

    • Comments (47)

      Yeah, that was piss poor what he said to Ian about ripping his face off if Ian voted Danielle out. I would of liked to see him say that to Frank or Boogie and see what he got in return. Yeah Dan sounds like a real catholic godly man doesn’t he? He’s is just using religion to benefit himself. I feel he is a Bible swearing coward!

      • Comments (5)

        Stfu. You’re probably not even a Christian. You’re just a little pussy ass.

      • Comments (29)

        yeah Dan’s a pussy I would see him getting bitch slaped
        by napoleen dynamite..lol!
        and boogie boogs or booger ain’t diddly shit without Dr.Phil or will…

    • Comments (12)

      I believe Coach Dan won a State Championship.

      • Comments (16)

        Teacher,?football coach.? Or life coach ?… Which one is it?…. He’s an embarrassment to that catholic school he supposedly “coaches” at. He’s supposesed to set by example especially if he’s upholding a status where kids are looking to him to teach them right from wrong.
        WE all get it’s a game, but he still has to walk out of the house one way or another,, one would assume it would be with his head held high , ie: Frank! !! Maybe he should give Frank a call for some “coaching” classes in Ethics 101!!!!

      • Comments (47)

        Well said Mychelle! I agree 100% Frank had more ethics and more class with everything he went thru and still kept it pretty clean!

      • Comments (16)

        Thank you, Jane! (:
        Frank played hard, and still kept his ethics in tact, unlike some people still left in the house.. (;
        I sure do hope he wins Americas choice!! (:

      • Comments (12)

        P.E teacher Dan went along for the ride, he’s one of those guys that never saw the field as a player, and didn’t want to leave. He’s the guy that bugged the real coaches so much, they gave him a shirt and let him stand on the sidelines. Most men who love the game of football want to talk about it every chance they get, but he would rather talk about pok-e man and websites with Ian. I wonder if he knew when the state championship was, because he didn’t know when his team started the season. You think the rest of the coaching staff missed their first game? State champions in the weakest division maybe, when you played for the #1 team in the nation, state championships are are a dime a dozen! I’m sure the parents that work their ass off to pay for their childrens tuition to attend that school, don’t appreciate the example he sets. Last time I checked football was just “a game” also, that doesn’t mean you play dirty to win. Maybe he teaches his so called players that when you play “a game”, no rules apply. Now I’ve compared a game to another game , wow there sure are a lot of games in life, how you play them determines what type of man you are.

      • Comments (16)

        come on man, first of all if you let your kids watch big brother you probably not setting good examples anyways. plus football and big brother are like apples are to oranges. football game, helps kids mind, development,phyicality and how to take direction. big brother teaches none to kids period! so a game is not just a game.

      • Comments (12)

        So I guess big brother is the only thing, game, tv show that stands alone. The ultimate built in excuse, you can justify anything in your own head. Depends on how much you want to convince yourself it’s true. I never said big brother teaches anything to kids, people and there actions teach kids! Period! A game is a game, all depends on how you want to play. Play dirty or clean its your choice,

      • Comments (16)

        Well said!

      • Comments (1)

        THis is too funny. Rule number one to winning people over, talk about them, not you. He isnt talking about himself, cause noone is asking about it. You can be bitter you didnt make it to the nfl, but learn human nature before critising. He talks about pokeman, cause thats what is important to Ian. This helps him manipulate ian, if he talked about football with ian, ian would not be susceptible to Dans mist. The bible says, and wont paraphrase. Christianity is not to be imposed on other people, it is for internal reflection to better yourself. Thou shalt not judge :p

      • Comments (12)

        He knows way to much about poke man to just be humoring Ian. I’m not imposing anything on anyone, just an observation that the guy is a closet nerd. The same as your observation of his game play, the same as everyone’s observations and opinions on this page. Would that be considered human nature? To be able to have an opinion about something?

    • Comments (29)

      Well said coach he must of lied about that too!!Of course he wouldn’t talk shit to Frank,Shane or Joe they would of stuffed his judas ass in the arcade game! Didn’t he look like a moron on stage with Julie trying to play part of a happy ending realizing his plan back fired and nobody was paying attention to him.. lol! hay hay look at me!

  44. Comments (12)

    More idotic people always slanging that “Dan swore on the bible crap”. YEAH PEOPLE HE DID. GET OVER IT. He wants another 500k and from the looks of it he is going to get it. There isnt a rulebook for playing Big Brother. Whenever you play a game you play to win. Lying is apart of BB. I wouldnt reward money to someone who played an “honest” game because that blows. Be honest in the real world but in the BB house DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!! So hop off Dans case peeps.

    • Comments (65)

      You wouldnt happen to be related to Psycho-Bitch or Starla now would you?… LMAO….


      • Comments (4)

        Whenever you play agame you play to win. Dan is a great game player because he knows that if he doesnt play that way he wont win. In BB10 he laid low for awhile and strategically put himself in positions to make moves. He cant do that this year because people see him as a threat since he won this game already. Dan is a ruthless player and puppetmaster inside the house but he has to be that way. Im sure Dan knows that he is generating alot of heat but he has to do whatever it takes. And people saying that this is how he acts in real life isnt accurate. Look at Dr.Will. Liar,puppetmaster,ruthless player. One of Greatest of All Time. Outside the house he is one of the nicest guys ever and very humble.Dan,like Dr.will,knows that he has to playa certain way in order to win this game. Stop taking things so personal. Its only a game not life.

  45. Comments (8)

    People, people, this is a GAME!!! You do what you have to do to win of what is the use of playing? Reality TV isn’t really reality…it’s a game where you use strategy to make $500,000!!! It is not a real reflection of someone’s character! Geez.

    • Comments (6)

      Exactly. Too many uptight self-righteous people posting on here! It’s just a game and Dan clearly has a winner’s mind.
      I guess all the Dan haters just don’t get what this show is about.

  46. Comments (14)

    YEP it is a game.. and you do lie…you stab people in the back… you tell everyone what they want to hear..you try and start a little something between others and sit back and watch them take each other out BUT… you do NOT swear to God, or on the Bible and on your wife. God is not a game ,like I said before.. NO game or money is worth your faith or integrity.

    Also i never had a problem with Dan until he did that! I dont wish him harm but I hope he doesnt win just on principle. God Bless him!

    • Comments (20)

      I have actually heard multiple house guests use the phrase “I swear to God”. And the majority of the time they either go back on that promise or attempt to. Even Frank did this with the whole Brit thing. Right or wrong, that phrase is is just as over used as “I love you” in my opinion! Certain terms that are and should he unacceptable just aren’t any more. The editors showed the clip of Dan saying it, but I bet each and every one of them has at some point.

  47. Comments (2)

    dan, is a real enormous sumbag. swearing on the bible and then stabbing frank in the back. dan, your a real piece of work. shit head. you say your doing all this lying and stabbing people in the back for wife. liar, lets replay the live feeds where you say i am doing this for myself. ciao, porco grande.

    • Comments (5)

      I think its sad you have nooo idea what you’re talking about. You’re just a little sore loser like the rest of the jury. Its a game, and if your little heart can’t take that. Don’t watch, freaking loser. Ian won’t even be remembered. But Dan will.

  48. Comments (20)

    No offense, but reading alot of these posts is like listening to Charlie’s Browns teacher … Wanh, wanh, wanh, wanh, wuh-Wang, wanh!!! Dan is in the final four cuz he played a great game instead of sitting on the coat tails and riding to the end 😀

  49. Comments (16)

    Dan is one of the best players to play this game, yes a game, not reality, but a game. people that get mad because he is playing to win are taking crazy pills. when you start playing with emotion as you have seen they get voted out. if frank would of played the social part he would closer to being in the finals instead of dan. peace out, remember it is a game that you “PLAY” not live.

    • Comments (16)

      Please explain HOW in the world Dan is considered the best player in this game? ! How is he the best player?
      1- for not being a competitor?
      2- for letting others play the “game” for him?
      3- for belittling his wife, by swearing on her life ( I could care less what her thoughts were on how he won) 4- for swearing on his “dead grandfather ”
      5- brining religion into the game?
      Need I go on?!!!
      Btw: How you “play the game” as you put it, shows how you live your life, some do it with morals and ethics and some choose to take a long walk off a short pier. Peace!

      • Comments (5)

        Stfu. Liberal. Get a back bone you spineless human. Go cry me and river, and when you’re done build a bridge and get over it. Peace!!!!

    • Comments (12)

      No one ever said Dan wasn’t a good player, just call a spade a spade. He’s spent years of his life trying to get on a tv show, might as well buy lottery tickets everyday, and pray your the big winner. Or you could be a man go to work and take care of your family. If you can convince yourself it’s ok to do that in the house, chances are vey high you can carry it over to real life. You know the theory, once you cross the line, the second time is easier. So I guess the bible doesn’t count, your wife doesn’t count, and your grandfather doesn’t count. Got it! Everything else matters, thanks for setting me on the correct path in life!

      • Comments (16)

        i’m not trying to set any one on the right path. i’m just saying its a game set up by hollywood with closed the door to morals a long time ago, then we watch it, take it personal, then decide to set standards for people willing to play a game away from their family, job, and friends to win a game that you have a slim chance to win without lying, backstabing, fighting, cusing, drinking, making a fool of ones self,and willing to being half naked. i just think the moral train left season one if you look at it that way.

      • Comments (16)

        people lie on big brother which is as big of a moral dilemma than any other, so how do you tell kids that lying and blindsiding people is ok but do not do anything over that line is all i am saying.

  50. Comments (19)

    Yesssss im so freaking happy dans in the final 3! Go dan!! You all are just jealous

  51. Comments (12)

    He keeps talking about coaching, and his football players. No one finds it odd that he didnt know when “his” team started their season. You would think that such a smart person, and dedicated football coach might know this valuable piece of info, since “his” players would be eagerly awaiting their awesome coach. I know he’s been in the house, but trust me if your a football coach you know the date of your first game long before summer break. He must have been at a casting call, so he didn’t get that info, and not one of the other coaches or players told the almighty coach Dan. When something is important to you, you have a tendency to rember, seems his school and his players come after reality tv. Way to prioritize!

  52. Comments (6)

    I didn’t watch Dan’s season but I can totally see how he won.
    He uses brain power on Danielle to do what ever he wants and
    she does it because she is dumb. I have to give it to him he has
    To be one of the greatest to have ever played this game…

  53. Comments (12)

    Dan in case you were interested “YOUR” football team has a game on friday the 14th, if your not to busy playing video games or watching yourself on tv, you should try to go. I don’t know how they even take the field without you there, the loss of your knowledge of the game must be extremely detrimental to the success of “YOUR” team. Motivating them with his line of b.s. is a possibility, teaching them the fundamentals of football and how to play the game, not a chance. They don’t miss him much, they have 12 other cheerleaders that do a great job!

    • Comments (16)

      bow down to the perfect coach here, dan bad!coach good! lol so you are teaching your kids to keep talking crap about someone that isnt even here to defend their self great job coach i will put a good word for you at my local high school. you must feel real big right now, pat yourself on the back, the football gods are smiling down on you tonight, how dare big bad dan doing this to you. i can hear your motivation speech now, guys huddle up! the team we are going to play is not perfect you are because i am the best thing next to perfect. plus their coaches do bad things so God is already on our side. go out and play a fair clean game, but dont forget to think bad thoughts and repeat it as much as you can and spread the hate to the other team, plus dan is evil, brake!

      • Comments (12)

        I’m assuming that you are a 12 year old girl that would not know about football. What part don’t you understand, I’m not teaching any one, anything. I’ve never said anything about God, nor did I ever say Dan was evil. If he were claiming to be a doctor, I would expect him to know medicine, if he was claiming to be a plumber, I would expect him to know his trade. Once again my main point was that he claims to be a coach, do you think he should know when the season begins? You don’t find it interesting that he doesn’t know this? Teaching is a very noble and important job, be proud of that. Ask the coach at your local high school if he’d give up being with his team, to play big brother. Its ok to say hmmmm that’s true, he should know when his team opens the season, and then you can praise his game play. Ive never attacked his game play, win or lose I could care less what the outcome of this game is. Just have a feeling this game means more to him than any football game ever did. When your expendable at your job, you get the chance to leave for 3 months, the people that are needed are told, that it’s to long a period to be gone, and will impact your future with that company.

      • Comments (16)


        Excellent points! Why Austin can’t comprehend those valid points, is beyond me. Sorry Austin, you truly have no leg to stand on!

      • Comments (16)

        i understand, but just getting personal on somes ones choices is just childish. if his choices affected you in your personal life then i do apologize.

      • Comments (16)

        hmm… Maybe you should re-read his posts and then you’d retract yours. You’ve clearly showed through your comments, how you choose to live your life. And yes, I do live my life with class, morals, integrity, something Dan seems to lack. And No need to apologize, some people have a consciousness and some don’t.

      • Comments (16)

        ok i got your point. nothing wrong with bashing someone over and over, my bad. once i can see but to just keep saying how low someone is for choices they make is good and fair. we should never build each other up just break people down, gotcha, i reread his post and im on the same page now.

      • Comments (16)

        no i am an adult, played football form aged 8 to sr year. tide end ,fullback,nose guard, and weak side linebacker. coached 5th and 6th football for 4 years. i’m just saying your not looking good bashing someone you really dont know, getting personal about someone you dont know. you sound smart and you love football which makes you a cool dude. just thought your maturity level would be higher. you cant point out peoples faults to make your self looker better. yeah am a big football fan, want to talk football im here all day.

      • Comments (12)

        Not sure how I was trying to make myself look better, and I wouldn’t consider it bashing. Just as a huge football fan, like yourself, so it rubs me the wrong way when he always throws out his coaching position and team on national tv. Let me try this approach, he’s probably a receivers coach, and since we both played ball in high school, we know how receiver coaches are at that level. If your an unpaid position coach you usually don’t lead with that as your occupation, he teaches students but never mentions that part. I’m sure Ian would chat him up with some Steelers trivia. Everyone’s comments are how they feel personally, for some it’s the bible, for others it’s his wife or backstabbing. For me it just happened to be football. Go Raiders!

      • Comments (16)

        cool i can live with that, but i got to warn you i am a die hard KC fan. go chiefs. Raiders do look good this year on d. the O will gel later. WE need a real QB!

      • Comments (12)

        A Raiders fan and a Chiefs fan disagreeing, who would have thought! I’m waiting for the day we start to play smart, disciplined, hard nosed football again. Both teams have seen better days, but I cringe every time we go to Arrowhead, tough place to play. Much respect for the 80,000 Chiefs fans that fill that place every game! Tough division to win, and usually the only way to make the playoffs. Rarely does the AFC West get the wild card, and now with Mr. Manning in Denver I’m afraid we both have a long season ahead of us.

      • Comments (4)

        The Oakland Raiders need Dan to coach them. Then maybe they can beat San Diego Chargers.

  54. Comments (4)

    Dr. Will move over there’s a new sheriff in town!

  55. Comments (4)

    I don’t blame Dan. If Danielle, Shane and the other house guests are stupid enough to believe him and buy into his lies, that’s their problem. he won the game before and should have been out of the house a month ago. Fool me once, fool me twice. I want him to win now.

  56. Comments (11)

    i want dan to win the big brother 14th season
    this vanessa

  57. Comments (5)

    Dan is a cross between The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and The Child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Look them up you’ll be amazed!

    • Comments (4)

      Dan is a great player because he knows how to manipulate the other house guests and he gets desired results. That’s how you advance in the game, according to the rules.

  58. Comments (1)

    “waaaawaa dan lied and manipulated and he doesnt deserve to win.”

    are the dan-haters real fans of the big brother gameshow or do you just watch bb to judge character and morals because honestly i believe you are in the wrong place for that. It is a game. Other players have tried to lie or cheat their way to the final two and have failed – Dan is better, and his social game is the most interesting and entertaining thing I’ve watched on bb. Yeah he’s sneaky, he mists, he’s a snake, he hurt peoples feelings… If their feelings were hurt its because they left themselves vulnerable and forgot that they signed a contract to participate in a gameshow this summer, not to sit around a house making friends.

    I can understand how a couple players in the jury house feel slighted.. they got burned, and people vote personally (although neither ian nor dani have done enough to justify winning the money over dan this summer). but whoever wrote Dan’s bio up there is a joke. Im starting to think that the majority of the people writing comments on this page were season 6 “Cappy” fans.

    DAN = G.O.A.T.

  59. Comments (11)

    i want him to win big brother 14 this seasonof mylife my boyfriend

  60. Comments (2)

    ass hole!

  61. Comments (1)

    You are guaranteed a spot in hell!

  62. Comments (1)

    Dan not winning BB14 = EPIC FAIL OF A SEASON

  63. Comments (2)

    Am glad that Frank won 25k$. That kind of validated the show finally. As for Dan, he wins 50k$ but lost the American public (and maybe future endorsement money too…). The world is a just place!

  64. Comments (1)

    My problem with Dan is that he is a Catholic High School Teacher! I would love to see him lose his job. I went to Catholic School for 12 years and they DO NOT teach you to lie and swear when it benefits you and then play by the rules the rest of your life. I wonder if his students are called for jury duty, do they place their hands on the Bible and tell the truth or take Dan’s example and lie? Shame on him. I could never respect him as a good Catholic man!

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