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This week is coming up Andy

Big Brother 15 – And Then There Were 4

This week is coming up Andy
This week is coming up Andy

In under 12 hours from now, the final 3 will consist of an alliance called ‘The Exterminators’, and it’s a pretty fitting name for this group of people.  Not only did they exterminate some of the tougher players, but they also managed to exterminate a lot of the interest in the finale by many fans.


The feeds went dark on Tuesday for the eviction, HoH competition and PoV challenge which all took place before they came back up at 12am est last night (this morning).  When they returned, we learned that Spencer and McCrae were nominated, and Andy won the PoV which means he likely kept the nominations the same.  There was no real power shift and no last minute deals by McCrae to save himself.  The final 3 will likely consist of Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy.

This final 3 has to be even worse than BB13’s finale, which featured two of the biggest floaters in Big Brother history sitting next to Rachel. This year we have Spencer (Adam), GinaMarie (Porsche), and Andy (who is nothing like Rachel).   I don’t even know what to say about it at this point.  What is there to say?   I can’t really say I’m looking forward to watching the three of them sit around and bash former houseguests 95% of the time they’re awake.    Any strategy is going to consist of them all promising each other final 2 deals and one of them being disappointed on Wednesday night.

That said, I am curious to know this…


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    LOVE the none of the above option. I’d vote for the fish for final 3.

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      Will this be the first time in BB History that the Winner doesn’t attend
      the BB Finale Party?
      Talk about being an unwelcome guest ………

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        I tell you, in the past seasons I have loved watching the backyard interviews. I CANNOT wait for them this year. I also look forward to the segment when the non-jury houseguests take the stage and are interviewed to see how much they spill. I imagine some of the familiies, especially those of houseguests that lost their jobs, may shuttle them away from the backyard stuff.

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        I don’t know if all the HG’s are invited to the finale party. It said “some” of the BB15 HG’s. And since Brendon said anyone who trashed his nephews will answer directly to him, I think Rat Dog should just scurry back home as fast as he can and take GM and Demanda with him.

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        Brendon is going to have to take on plenty of HG’s. Most of them hated Elissa.

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      I am looking forward to hear how they answer questions from the Jury. The problem with Andy is he played both sides of the house but Spencer and Gina Marie were pretty upfront and honest with their game play. Yes most boring season ever with the best looking players getting voted out in the first few weeks. But it shows a lesson in life the more you lie, backstab and cheat the easier your life will be. Guess that is why my life is hard lol.
      PS really looking forward to see Gina Marie and Nick. Her poor heart is going to be broken

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        Yes, Andy is flat out dirty and went out of his way to embarrass Elissa–calling her out as a liar for a lie that Andy just made up–is enough to lose the majority of the jury votes. If I were going up with Andy in the final 2, I’d be feeling pretty good about winning it all.

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        I meant to add that also every new jury member is coming in with more dirt on how Andy screwed over so-called allies and then shifting blame on others.

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        I would bet the HG’s don’t view Andy as you do.

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        Current HG, yes. Jury members, not so much. They have had several weeks to compare notes on all the HG. Not good for Andy!

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      If “none of the above” was a real option we’d be set.

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      to whomever is the writter of this particular spoiler, this will be my final comment strictly aimed at you ONLY. you undoubtley have a hard time accepting truth in life, you are way to bias to even have a spoiler for BB, I wish you the best, but there are two other sites that have you beat by far. GO GINA MARIE and GO ANDY!!!!!! and thank THE LORD that Mcrae wont be winning any money to give or share with that evil witch amanda… and ALWAYS remember GINA MARIE is the one that got amanda OUT!!!!

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      Worst BB season EVER! So totally disappointed :/

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    This season can go to hell.

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      It’s there now.

      Will the Finale audience be o

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        “Will the audience be told “No Booing Allowed?”

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        I will be booing at home

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        MM I was thinking the same thing. But now I’m wondering if the audience will be told to cheer for everyone & “put on a happy face for the cameras”.

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        Why –
        Because the HGs families are present and CBS/BB wouldn’t
        want anything done to show disrespect?
        If that turned out to be CBS/BB’s answer – mark it HYPOCRITICAL!

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        Midwest Middie, They had better not tell the audience not to boo! They sure as hell didn’t limit what they said in the house! Thats all i am looking forward to is them pieces of crap get whats coming to them. For the end to be some fluff piece of tv would make me contact cbs and let them know what i think of them.

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        Been There Done That. I suggest you go to the site and email them a head of time. They are paying attention to reactions from this season.

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        Prepare to be sadly disappointed. The bad behavior took place on the feeds and AD – not on the CBS broadcast shows. The finale will be on broadcast as well and only part will be in the safe harbor time slot. Julie will probably ask some tough questions but that will be the extent of it.

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        Finale Night – is when CBS/BB hide their ugly BB racists, bigots
        and creeps from the General Public by dressing them up to
        appear human.

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        Like a walrus trying to pass as a one of us 😀 lol

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        It’s easy to be an anonymous bully on line. The live audience will be less hateful, more sophisticated.

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      Will you be the welcome wagon?

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      Kyla, it already has. The one who needs to be evicted from BB is Allison Grodner, the Executive Producer. They may never be a BB16 if she remains at the helm! CBS rethink casting and A. Grodner and you may resurrect next BB season out of the crapper.

  3. Rita

    So I’m on a break at work and a thought flashes into my head. I imagined my house with an overhead camera in the living room. As I leave the house my cats are sitting around trash talking about me. Saying things like “It’s about time that bitch left.” And “Did you hear what the c**t said when I was on the counter last week?”
    I was laughing all the way back to my desk hoping nobody would ask what I was laughing about.

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      Okay, now that would be funny. They should make a house full of animals and have voice-overs of what they say about the other animals when they leave the room or aren’t HOH. Even house cats would keep the house cleaner than the people/animals they have this year.

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      LMBO!!! I have 4 cats so my daughters and I do the voice over thing all the time. By the time we finish we’re hysterically crying with laughter. 🙂

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        Oh also….next season and those following, it should be mandatory that th HGs collectively keep that house clean!! The house looks like a disgusting pig sty. Maybe they need a chart with their names and a rotating list of chores. The crew that has to clean that house after the HGs leave will have to wear hazmat suits. And the HOH bed? BURN IT!!!! But the current state of the house is a direct reflection of the people living inside of it. SMH.

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        I blame the baby boomers for letn us all dowm 🙂
        ….they know lol

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    Andy that is some fugly skin you showed us on BBAD.Called Judd a diva as you sat there with those white ass legs crossed. And that fake crying when Judd left-PLEASE. Hope you get ZERO votes if you make it that far. By the way your family has all moved and left no forward address.

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      Betcha IF Andy was an underdog n pranced around the house sprinkling glitter everywhere you’d all really like him 😛
      …..ya just cant handle your gays when they dont flame out huh??
      lol 😉

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      They should youtube a single video of nothing but Andy’s crying (or mostly self induced crying) every time another HG left. It was like he just shot his dog or something. They’ve only known each other a handful of weeks and suddenly love love love….BARF BS

      • kneeless

        I loved Judd’s exit interview with Julie when she asked him why he was laughing after listening to Andy’s good-bye. His response was he’s never seen a guy cry so much! Priceless!

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      by my count if andy gets there andy will win, regardless of which one he takes. brace yourself.

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    Their strategies may annoy the living crap outta me, but they are in the finals so kudos for slinking by. I would choose GM because she at least broke up McCranda and bless her heart she can’t do speeches very well, but she isn’t as dumb as she sounds. She might have been friendly with them all but she pegged each one correctly for the lying backstabbers they were. She’s purely delusional about Nick (unless maybe she is a halfamillionaire). LOL… but she did at least try to win things and not use others to do her dirty work.

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      Ok I agree she played a good game…after Candice eviction, she was poised, loved when she told Aaryn “I’m trying to chill and you’re messing with that” or something along those lines. .. bit Aaryn did the dirty work and yes GM’s hoh finally buried Amanda…also like the “get to stepping” 🙂 she is a funny and frustrating public speaker so as one of our fellow bloggers said, it would be gold to see her final speech if it happens on finale night…. and be sure that all these sour graperz WILL be watching and jus for laffs how great would it be to see their last hopes crushed when/if Elissa fails to steal the amoricas choice 😉 lol

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    the only joy left is watching them try to outlast each other in the really physical challenges like the kind usually given in the final 3. I am not even sure that is worth tuning in for.

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    This season was so bad. All the entertaining good game players were gone so early, left are ignorant no class people except for Macrae and he will be gone tonight. Can’t wait for Survivor to get started l! Reading this blog and posts was more entertaining than BB. I am working the night of the finale and that’s fine by me lol

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      When did MCrae get class ? He’s almost as bad as the others left in the house .MCrae let a woman come between him ,and his game . He probably could have won BB15 if not for allowing Amanda to side track him . I lost all respect for MCrae when he stopped playing the game . A classy person wouldn’t have been talking about ej%^*.ting on someone else’s bed .(I read that on another site) ,or hooking up with Amanda .At this point it doesn’t matter who wins
      IMO none are deserving .

      • Avatar

        McCrae got class the same week Anna Wintour said long, greasy hair pulled back by sweaty neckerchiefs was the latest in haute couture.

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      “all the entertaining good players were gone so early”. If they were voted out so early how could they be good players?

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    Does anyone know how to cancel the subscription to the feeds?

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    3 people that did absolutely nothing for the majority of the season. Maybe they’ll cancel the finale and add something less boring instead.

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      I would love to see the HGs faces that lost their jobs. And none of these people are deserving. But i nwould never want GM to win because of her racist remarks. Hell i can’t stand spencer or Andy either. I know McCrae will go home. Andy will want to make a big deal about how the exterminators got everyone out. Well they haven’t been a team long enough to take credit for much. I will be sick no.matter who wins.

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        Nancy W – I, too, hope Julie, or someone, announces to America how some of the HGs have no job to return to. I also hope Andy is one of them. Sure wouldn’t want him teaching my kids/grandkids with his despicable behavior and potty mouth. He is suppose to be teaching communications. He cannot even complete one sentence w/o the “f” word. Some vocabulary!

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    I have been reading all of the comments for this season but have not commented until now. The current outcome may not be what you or I hoped for, however, this is reality (live) viewing. This means the characters are not actors and the show is not scripted. You get what you get. As much as you do not want to believe this, I think the group in the house are representative of the youth of today. Sad isn’t it? You think this is boring and not worth watching because you remember last season which featured previous players, older, and more mature houseguests. (for the most part. Fans of Big Brother watch it because they love the game. I will continue to watch until the end and then I will wait with anticipation for next season. If I had any input, I may want to see a house of guests all over the age of 30.

    • Avatar

      The “characters” are mostly actors… google them. You will see their faces are more famous than anyone thought. Most actors pretended to be models first. I agree they are pretty much representative of the current youth… which is just plain sad, but I don’t necessarily fault them for all the crap they said. If that was me in there I’d say stuff I shouldn’t too… it’s part of the game. I do; however, believe some things should be off limits. But my off limits topics would be different from the next persons… Making fun of children and the families these people left behind is vile. I personally don’t care how Judd or Spencer feel about women or what they call them. That’s the reality part. They were each (even Elissa at times…) ugly in their own ways. My husband disagrees that even the way Andy played was a strategy. I don’t really like any of the remaining people… I chose Spencer from day 1 and he’s still there but I’d still give it to GM. I’m just ready for the farce to be over and HOPE that CBS listens up and makes some much needed changes.

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    I tthink our host is very obtuse about our final 3 in his blog

    I actually like and preferred this outcome two having a racist like Aaryn or a Bully like
    Amanda winning or a looser pizza boy like McCray winning the game not to forget Andy has 2 hoh wins at key times in the game and both times he was hoh he was pov aswell and he got two power
    Players out in helen and Amanda and Spencer formed two alliances the moving company
    And the exterminators and won an hoh and has the bb record for most times on the block
    And ginamare has 2 hoh’s so it’s unfair to call them floaters Amanda was the biggest floater in the game
    Didn’t win anything except a pov a lot of people will hate this but Spencer has the best chance of winning

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    I have to say, GinaMarie did win some HoH comps, no matter how, she won them she did just that, I want to say if andy wins, I will puke, and never watch the show again, but that would be a lie, I may burp and my hind end will be right back in the recliner waiting for season 16, lol. as of right now I want GM TO WIN …. YOU GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!! GET TO STEPPIN AND BRING HOME THAT CHECK !!!!

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    I think the “real” finale will happen once the show ends & the HG start checking their FB, twitter, etc. Now that would be interesting to watch!

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    Once Amanda left, this final 3 was inevitable (short of McRae winning every competition). Spencer is a virtual lock for the finale. Both Andy and GM will take him bc they’ll beat him. The final hoh competition will basically consist of Andy vs GM. Winner gets 500k. Loser gets nothing. And Andy should win with GM banged up, but I won’t count her out. She’s tough. I’ll give her that.

  15. Avatar

    Pathetic ending to a pathetic season!

  16. Avatar

    I can’t believe people are standing behind GM and hoping she will win. Have we forgotten her racist comments?!? Apparently that means nothing. Andy maybe a rat but at least he’s not a racist, I’d prefer he win over GM who should go back to 1813.

    • Avatar

      Andy made just as many and just as bad of remarks as any of the others. He did no my TV and BBAD anyway.

      • Avatar

        Actually Andy didn’t make racist comments. True, he has said mean things. However there is a difference in being a racist (GM, Aaryn, Amanda, Jeremy) and being a bitch (Andy).

      • Avatar

        Andy cheered on the others and joined in on the laughter.
        He’s just as much of a racist as the other creeps.

        BTW – Andy’s use of the word, “C**T” gets him into the
        He’s already in the WUSS HALL OF FAME AND

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    Are you all forgetting some of the horrible racial things GM said? What about the thing she spewed to Candice about her adopted mom while she was walking out the door? Behind none of the above GM has the next higtest votes in the poll!!! WHY I ASK?

    • Avatar

      casey i am not forgetting! The racial things Aaryn and GM have said were disgusting people. It was the first big topic most people agreed was disgusting at the beginning. Well its still disgusting to me. The others have sickened me too….but its the year 2013 its time to take a stand to racism! Not reward it!

    • Avatar

      Thank you Casey, I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t forgotten what a racist GM is. I hope she doesn’t win!!

    • Avatar

      No! I totally remember….and I would not support her to won $500k at this point because of that! But I would defintely rather see Her and McCrae sitting in the final two next week above Andy and Spencer. I would just love to see Andy be sent out of the house with nothing because someone did the exact same thing to him that he has done to everyone else this season! Spencer deserves nothing as well! None of these people deserve a damn thing! But since the jury has to pick someone, it may as well be McCrae. He probably could have played a better game, but has been the least offensive to other people out of the four remaining!

      • Avatar

        I would also imagine CBS is going to have a ton of fallout if Spencer or GM win anything. If McCrae leaves tonight, I will be shocked that CBS allowed that to happen!

  18. Avatar

    Never would have guessed Andy vs Spencer for the final 2. It’s like if Will and Joe had made the finals last year. Except they were actually decent human beings.

  19. Avatar

    We’re all vomiting at my house… This may sound crazy but I’m considering voting Amanda for my favorite because once she left this season got even more boring really really fast….

    • Avatar

      Yeah. As much as I grew to dislike her, once she left, any entertainment value this season had left, walked out the door with her.

      When Julie interviewed her, Amanda actually seemed likable or rather, made me dislike her less. From a game standpoint, I could see her returning because she brought an element that no other woman ever did. The only other woman that I remember was that strategic and never won much was Danielle (the black one, in an earlier season, maybe season 2 or 3).

      That Danielle was robbed. Her loss was the reason jury was implemented. Her fellow HGs went straight home after each eviction, and were so bitter that they voted to give the $500k to some other puppet, where in reality Danielle played the best mind fu*k that whole season.

      To this day, I feel she was one of the most under celebrated players of BB. Amanda kinda reminds me of her. Except Danielle talked crap about the HGs in the DR, whereas Amanda talked crap period.

      As much as I do not care to bring back former players, Amanda would be my pick (along with Candice and Jessie) to return and play with newbies or all-stars.

  20. Avatar

    Is GM the only vote to evict? I hope she keeps McCrae.

    • Avatar

      If McCrae was really a gamer he’d be convincing GM to keep him because Andy/Spencer are a couple in this game and neither will be taking her to the end. Since she’s the deciding vote for eviction it’s her game to lose. Unfortunately no one in this final 4 has any game. She won’t see it and McCrae won’t convince her.

      • Avatar

        Maybe next time McCrae goes into the DR they can press the issue and give him the idea of talking GM into him staying. Also GM in the DR they could ‘STRONGLY SUGGEST” keeping McCrae!

  21. Avatar

    Maybe it’s changed today, but I noticed on BBAD that they didn’t stay gathered in the HOH room like they usually do. After Andy has helped himself to everyone else’s HOH baskets, he should be falling all over himself to share his. Another thing that bugged me is that he seemed to always use the HOH’s toilet and shower instead of using the one downstairs, not that I blame him since the communal one is probably filthy.

    • Avatar

      Andy was EVERYONE’s confidant. So most likely, whoever was HOH trusted him and never suspected him. His ability to gain practically every HG’s trust is fascinating. I do not particularly care for the way he went about it, but looking back….he played to his strengths well and it got him far.

      With that said, I am rooting for Spencer.

      Why? Because this season has been a complete let down. So it would suit this season fine if Spencer won. Spencer winning would be representative of lazy players, sheep-like thinking, racial and inappropriate comments, and an overall lackluster season. GO SPENCER!

      When he was part of the moving company, I actually thought he had the mental strength and loyalty to go all the way. I think once Helen blew up his alliance and held him and Howard accountable, he became a loner who voted WITH THE HOUSE.

      And for that reason, this season’s ‘WITH THE HOUSE’ mantra will serve them well by giving it to Spencer who took the brunt of that. I would feel like they all deserve to see Spencer hold that check.

  22. Avatar

    One more thing, what’s with the offensive remark Spencer made about Maya Angelou?????

    • Avatar

      Spencer is a BOOB and needs to go!

      • Avatar

        If Spencer won, it would be fitting of this entire season: a big, fat let-down.

        As I see it now, Spencer has pawned himself to the very minimum: $50,000.

        $50k is not a bad trade-off for sitting around in a house, playing circus games.

        Spencer did alright for himself, considering no one ever saw him as a threat. He accepted that and played that all the way to the end. Being a pawn that many times and making it to final 2: shows the flaws of this game, and he exploited that.

      • Avatar

        Dont forget the weeks pay for HG’s, an all xpence trip and 10k…. he’s doing better than most amoricans right now 🙂

    • Avatar

      Spencer tells Andy, McCrae and GM, “I bet Maya Angelou is a total bitch about that quote. I would like to give a f* you to Maya Angelou. I know why a caged bird sings, cause she’s a bitch!”

      • Avatar

        Before saying that, Spencer said he would sing lyrics from “Grease” over the live feeds, so that BB would have to pay royalties. Then he explained how Maya Angelou sued for being quoted without permission.

  23. Avatar

    Wait did I miss something or don’t they still play for Veto again?

  24. Avatar

    Out of the three exterminators left, Andy played a social game.
    1. He floated back and forth between the 2 queen bees for a majority of the game. By doing so, he mucked up a lot of plans to shift power.

    2. He was a covert spy, bringing back information for the head queen bee, Amanda.

    3. Convinced almost every HG he was their best friend.

    4. He flipped sides at a critical time. He flipped on McCranda/3AM right after Aaryn left. At that point, he had the numbers on his side with the exterminators yet there wasn’t enough time left in the game for him to be discovered by McCranda.

    5. Although, I never cared too much for this type of strategy (weasely, snitchy, flip flopper)…but with the misfits remaining, Andy probably did the most social work to be where he is today.

  25. Avatar

    The ONLY way I could support GM as the winner is if she were to flip on Andy and Spencer and vote Spencer out! Then support McCrae in getting Andy our next. Those two are pretty vile and defintely derserve to come this far and end up with nothing….including their self respect!

    I just dont think GM is smart enough to come up with that plan on her own! I am hoping the DR will help convince her it would be a better game move for her!

  26. Avatar

    My heart is broken. I feel like somebody died. I can’t stand to see Andy in the final 3. It’s just shameful. I will not be watching the finals. I’m done. I really hope next season is better.

  27. Avatar

    What is the number to call to cancel the live feeds?

    • Avatar

      1-800-GO-FUCKYOURSELF. It’s the same emergency number that you call for an earthquake or hurricane. It will ring forever and no one will ever answer.

      • Avatar

        Unless you’re a foreign country then the call goes right to the top do-gooder n then watch the money fly out da tax payerz pockets for “relief” lol

  28. Avatar

    I would love to see the final twist to this season be that whoever “wins” with votes from the jury be made to switch places with whoever is wins “America’s vote!” that would be awesome!

  29. Avatar

    Remind me again why everyone hates Andy? I’ve watched every single episode but not much “after dark”. I know why GM and Spencer are disgusting, but what has Andy done? I’m just curious…

    • Avatar

      I’m doing research. All I see is that he called someone a c*nt, said he’d like to punch someone in the throat and said “hate”. What am I missing? Who cares?

      • Avatar

        You are missing a lot. Rat Dog is as vile as the others. He even trashed Elissa’s children. He NEVER stood up for those being attacked for their race or just being bullied. He would throw something out so all the other hyenas could rip them apart and then he’d just sit back and laugh.

        He is supposed to be an educator but has tolerated and instigated racism and bullying and has called every woman a c**t but not to their faces because he’s a coward.

      • Avatar

        Wow – I did miss a lot. This season has SUCKED.

      • Avatar

        Elissa deserves the abuse. She is a vile human being.

      • Avatar

        And so are you suzie q

      • Avatar

        Andy’s vile rants were non-stop every single night.
        He is a Creep and a #1 Wuss, unworthy of any $$$$$
        for BB15.

  30. Jaded

    UGH My worst nightmare for BB realized! I too love the “none of the above” in the poll. I tell you, if production didnt rig things this year, they sure should have! I have seen more excitement watching paint dry. Seriously worst season of BB ever! I really hope they do something better next year.

  31. Avatar

    I hope Judd left something in the Bible that Pizza boy can show GM that will change the game and send “the crying BITCH” Andy to the jury.

  32. Avatar

    What was that a couple of nights ago on BBAD when McCrae said Amanda was going to sue for defamation of character? Don’t the contracts protect CBS from being sued by the contestants?

  33. Avatar

    Okay let’s throw this out there and see what people think. While Rat Dog is officially a “Professor” he takes classes at the improv. Rat Dog thinks he’s funny.

    Do we think he’s funny? Would you pay money to go see Rat Dog’s show?

    • Avatar

      The term “Professor” is painting this creep with a BROAD BRUSH.
      He is a part-time Instructor with one class and a Masters Degree.
      Dime a Dozen ………
      He isn’t even a PhD candidate.

      If Andy goes onstage for any Improve performances, he’ll
      need to wear a wet suit. Tomatoes are in season.

      • kneeless

        MM you’d do much better at improv than Andy. Prob much better at BB than Andy or any of the HG’s! Let’s petition for MM for BB16!!

      • Avatar

        Do you have one of these “dime a dozen” Masters Degrees? I thought not. Stop your drivel.

  34. Avatar

    CBS needs to put a better cast together. This season has been painful to watch in every way especially with the nasty comments about other people.
    What ever happened to if you can’t say something nice….these people never have anything nice to say. At this point I am hoping that the lesser of all evils wins. So Spencer maybe?
    And hopefully the next BB will be more exciting?!?

    • Avatar

      They need to give them conduct rules for sure. Chores, etc like in the early seasons. Didnt they used to have to accomplish something for the pool table and grill to appear? Pair them up randomly (or randomly on purpose) to expose them to people outside of their current clique…etc. If they break one of the rules (such as calling other HG vile names) then they get a punishment. Simple!

      There are so many things the producers could have done with the HG’s (abiding by California’s whack labor laws) to mix up instead of letting them couch all day everyday! There were some activities during AD that you could tell were directed but since half the country doesn’t have TVG channel it was kinda silly.

  35. Avatar

    This is the worst season ever! The real players will not to get to even try for the money, nothing but floaters. I would give it to charity before any one of those three. They need to do alot better next year.

  36. Lou Lou

    The floaters “life vest” must have been made with some durable stuff to keep them above the “water”. Too bad they don’t have that good of ones in real life.

  37. Avatar

    FYI: Went to vote for America’s favorite, but you have to be from U.S.A. I am disappointed.. I thought it was for all of North America..Guess they don’t care what all the Canadians watching and pushing their ratings up think,:(

    • Avatar

      I’m from canada and voted from all three of my email addresses. Not sure what happened in your situation but its not that they block canadian votes. Unless it accepted my votes and then didn’t count them….

  38. Avatar

    We have Andy the really good lying rat, GM, who is racist and Spencer who enjoys pleasuring himself to child porn. They are all disgusting.

  39. Avatar

    Bet Andy has had to change his “CARS” underwear a lot today. I bet he has shit them every time someone said his name.

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