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Big Brother 15 – Afternoon Live Blogging


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After completing the alliance post, I turned on the feeds to start analyzing how the week is going to go, and have been able to get a better picture of alliances and the eviction on Thursday night.  The problem I had is that Judd is playing a real good game and was able to briefly trick me he’s working with Team Spencward.

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Andy, Helen and Jessie were outside this afternoon while the rest of the house slept in (what’s new?), and were able to talk a bit more openly about the situation in the house.   I already knew that Andy wants Howard and Spencer gone, but apparently Helen does as well, and Jessie… well she’s Jessie and along for the ride.

Turn on the feeds at 11:30am to get a better understanding of where people sit. Helen is fully aware that Candice will have a little meltdown over Howard leaving, but she’s also aware of the lines being drawn in the sand.  Helen, Jessie and crew are likely jury members at this point no matter which path they take, but Helen is looking down the line.  Would she rather be in a final 7-9 situation with Amanda, McCrae or Howard, Kaitlin, and Spencer.  McCrae is a difficult opponent, but if Howard really has been throwing these comps, we don’t know how strong he really is competitively.

Keep checking back, I’ll be doing some live blogging in this thread

– Jessie calls Spencer the mean bear from Toy Story 3.  He’s all nice but then snaps randomly, especially after she flipped her vote.

11:50am – Judd tells Jessie about his fake alliance with Spencer and crew.  She was confused and scared last night by the way he talked.  She really thought he (Judd) flipped.  He’s quite good at this game.

– This conversation is interesting, you get a lot of insight on what’s going on in Judd’s head.  He is a lot more of a thinker/player than is aired on CBS.  People are going to be shocked when he goes far, but he is a LOT smarter than he appears

12:10pm – Helen pulls McCrae into the pantry to clue him in on the situation.  It is sounding more and more like Kaitlin going home this Thursday


12:26pm – Helen is now chatting with Elissa and Amanda in the pantry.  She is doing a lot of the leg work today to get Kaitlin out, but it’s sounding official barring any last minute craziness this wee.

Skipped ahead to live…

1:25pm – Andy chatting with Kaitlin in the bathroom.  He is trying to play it off cool and Aaryn going home, but Kaitlin is stressed.  She thinks she is safe, but she’s not even close to safe right now

– Elissa joins to mention Spencer’s comments about Jessie in a bathing suit.  Talk then turns to Spencers on again/off again girlfriend, and we get some fish.  For some reason they feel like chatting about his girlfriends personal life, but I guess you can blame Spencer for telling people in the first place.


1:43pm – Candice is outside wearing a onesie trying to warm up from a cold night in the have not room.

3:18pm – Took a little break, came back to an emo Elissa being calmed down by Andy and McCrae.   At 3:18pm or so, they were outside chatting about Howard using his religion as a tool.  Elissa was getting a bit worked up and raising her voice, so Andy tried to shoosh her without making it obvious.  She took it as Andy and McCrae making fun of her.  She stormed away, and the guys had to come in and talk her off the bridge.

When the guys walked inside around 3:30pm, they tried to apologize and Elissa still wasn’t getting it.  Her reply is “You two don’t need to flatter yourselves because I wouldn’t put on a show for either of you” – whatever that was supposed to mean.   She is losing her mind and having a real tough time accepting that she was being loud.

Watch that flashback because it is almost jaw dropping how crazy Elissa is acting.

The house is on indoor lockdown and feeds went to trivia.  No clue why, but if something happens I’ll start a new post on it

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  1. Comments (53)

    Judd is spenward’s last hope on that side of the house it seems

    • Comments (38)

      If Judd is their last hope, then they should start packing now since he’s faking his alliance with them. Somehow Amanda has convinced the house to keep Aaryn and get rid of Kaitlin. I think Kaitlin would have worked with them and brought in GM; if Kaitlin goes home then it’s basically going to be Howard, Spencer, and Candice against the rest of the house. Depending on tonight’s show, I may stop watching entirely.

  2. Comments (126)

    Andy against Howard is not surprising since his lifestyle clashes with Howard’s strong belief system, though kept covert it is there. Andy is sly and smart and his rally against Howard last night shows this is a little deeper then just the game it’s rooted in opposite ideologies.

    • Comments (1276)

      I thought I’ve heard Howard say that the Homophobic remarks were wrong as well as the racist comments. I’m Christian, but I firmly and fully support gay rights and don’t believe they are against my religion in any way, but of course, I’m the few and far between.

      • Comments (126)

        If Howard said that I agree, it is not right to dis barge any human being, but there is nothing ‘phobic’ to disapprove of a lifestyle that God condemns. It is not for Christians to support it, but it is not for Christians to denounce a person for it either. I will let God deal with it come Judgment time. The red herring is to compare a lifestyle with a race, which is a definitive error.

        I am sure Andy is a great guy and he is playing a crafty game, such that I don’t think most in the house see it. But if you can’t see that the Gay Community is diametrically opposed to the Bible that calls their way of life an abomination to God, then it’s time to become aware Christina

      • Comments (216)


        As a Christian, there’s one person who gets to define what Christianity is all about, and he isn’t commenting on blogs about reality shows because His mortal husk died 2000 years ago.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Faust. I’ve always been of the firm belief system that it is not for any human to judge.
        I also do not believe that being gay is a “lifestyle” choice, it is part of who someone is. Pat of who God made them to be.
        Sadly, I also believe that until a lot of people have a child, brother, sister or someone else very close to them that is gay, many people will not see or agree with that. I think it’s sad, and as a Christian, all I can do is pray that God finds forgivness for his children that hide behind him for their homophobic views.
        Discrimination is wrong no matter who is being discriminated against, and it honestly makes me sad that people don’t realize that it is.
        Years ago people said that it was against nature for a Black Man to lie with a White Woman, which in fact was saying it was against God. Hopefully it won’t take people as long to realize what a load it is to hide their prejudices behind their “belief” system like they did then.

      • Comments (126)

        Christina sounds like you know more then God, ever try reading his Holy Book, it contradicts most of what you just said.

      • Comments (1276)

        Unfortunately, God himself did not write the Bible, so I have not read “his Book”. I have read the book that was written by the hand of Man, and find that sometime men make mistakes in understanding his true meaning.
        But thank you so much for questioning my belief system, as well as pointing out that in fact you know more than I do, when it comes to how God leads me and my belief system.

      • Comments (1276)

        Also Raysay, you might want to look at John 3:7 “And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”
        Also, have you yourself never sinned? Have you had sex out of wedlock? Have you ever coveted another man’s wife? If so, then you yourself have committed one of the seven deadly sins. Oddly, being gay is not one of those sins.
        I usually try not to use the words in the Bible against anyone, for I know that many find strength in the words, however, when one chooses to only go by the words that fit their way of life, I find it hard not to point out the hypocrisy in it.
        Of my soapbox now, I surely will never convince someone I will never meet the error in their ways. It took me years to convince my own parents, my Mother who is an Elder in the Church, and Father who is a Deacon, that passing judgement was wrong, but I am proud to say they now see that even the man written book of The Bible, might have some errors.

      • Comments (216)

        As a heterosexual man, I can assure you heterosexuality was not a “choice” for me.

        And being physically and emotionally attracted to others of the same gender is not a “lifestyle.” Hanging out in bars is a “lifestyle.” Getting married and having kids is a “lifestyle.”

        Also, in addition to what Christina said, the original Bible wasn’t written in the King’s bloody English. You might want to give some thought to who commissioned the translation you’re using to condemn people (hint–his name was James) and why (hint–he was a King).

        I don’t know you, but I cannot for the life of me understand how any heterosexual can be that obsessed with homosexual sex.

      • Comments (233)

        Christina, as you often do, you just stated many of my own thoughts and beliefs… and much more eloquently than I ever could have. You rock, sister. Ignore the trolls looking for an audience. And now, if you could just get over your Amanda love…. (Let the thumbs-down begin. lol)

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Vic 😉 If Amanda can’t stop her and McCrae from turning into the next Jeremy and Kaitlin, I might have to get over the Amanda Love, but for now, I’m still rooting for her.

      • Comments (126)

        ‘Mortal Husk’ boy do you got the wrong Christianity, deception is a deceiving thing and you are wading in it. Ever hear of the living Word of God, but of course reading may be difficult for those who should to avoid the Truth and go along with the decay of our current society

      • Comments (528)

        Preach somewhere else, dude. We are not interested.

      • Comments (126)

        Christina, you are obviously confused and the real judging is coming from you, I was very clear not to judge Andy, but you have twisted it just like you have twisted scripture into the image what you think God is.

        You have a lukewarm christianity if that; and God will judge that, I don’t have to. It is not wise to misconstrue the Word of God written by man but totally inspired by the Holy Spirit which means it is errant

      • Comments (1276)

        Well Raysay, you actually managed to make one valid point. The men that wrote The Bible did in fact write those words based on what THEY BELIEVED to be “inspired by the Holy Spirit”. I too, live my life the way that I am inspired to do so, by my maker. Personally, I find great strength in knowing that my beliefs are much stronger than anything any people could write down and compile into a book. But again, thank you so much for pointing out that you believe that I in fact have a “luke warm” Christianity. Since you obviously know me so well.
        Also, I actually never judged you for your beliefs, I just pointed out that I found some of those beliefs to be hypocritical. Furthermore, I did not “twist” the scripture, I quoted it, there is a difference.
        But, since you are keen on judging me, I will share my opinion of you. I think your belief system is small minded, just like the many, many others who think that because they were born strait are somehow better than, and morally above those that are born gay. Just like some (and I am not saying you) years ago, some still today, believe that they are somehow better than other races, since they were born white. But I totally get why you would think there is no similarity between being a racist and being homophobic.
        But again, thank you so much for your time as well as your great insight into my heart and beliefs.

      • Comments (1276)

        But seriously everyone, sorry. I really do try not to get religious on here. So, off my soapbox for the day.

      • Comments (126)

        Once again Christina you mix your statements, cloud this discussion and quick to judge, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are oblivious to it and it is not intentional.

        I base my statement that you are lukewarm if that; simply by your secular theology you have professed on this blog, it is so far from God’s Truth, which is not real Christianity.

        I am sure you are nice woman just a compromiser of Biblical Christianity, you are probably ecumenical as well.

        But enough said, you are misled not aware of what you are saying, I give you that, but just know that God holds accountable those who misrepresents his Word.

      • Comments (528)

        Omg, could you be more obnoxious? Stop trying so hard.

      • Comments (1276)

        I will leave my last reply to any of this, because honestly this is a BB blog, not a pulpit. The Bible as we have it today is a mangled version of various interpretations, written by the hand of man, not the hand of God.
        I live my life by the moral code and faith that was placed in me by my maker, I do not feel the need to discriminate based on a book that has had passages removed that condoned things like slavery, just as it still today condones being gay.
        I have a clear conscious and a strong faith. If that is not good enough for you, and in your eyes that makes me a bad Christian, so be it. I would rather have you look down on me, than choose to follow a man written book to the letter and discriminate against anyone for being gay.

      • Comments (274)

        Ray its just like the Word of God says “they go running to false ddoctrine that tickles their ears and will find ruin instead.” Dont throw your pearls to the pigs, you tried but they want to believe their lies. Your hands are clean of the blood they have shed. They’ll soon find out their ways are wrong.
        Thank you for not being afraid to speak truth brother!! In the end it will be rewarded to you as righteousness!

    • Comments (1076)

      Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. Living near the beach in a contemporary house is a lifestyle. Eating out every other night is a lifestyle. Your sexuality is innate. Please do not confuse the two. By referring to homosexuality as a lifestyle you render it interchangeable with heterosexuality. No one wakes up and says “I think I’ll be attracted to the same sex today”. Thank-you.

      • Comments (1276)

        Well said!!!

      • Comments (137)

        well said, I was just getting ready to post is this blog about BB15 or about gay rights and religion. I was getting a little confused thinking I had the wrong site. I had to actually look to make sure I was on BB15.

  3. Comments (3)

    First off, love your posts Beans. Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date.

    I have a comment/question for everyone…Is Howard REALLY throwing all the comps? I am on the fence on this one. He certainly looks strong and athletic, but that doesn’t really translate into wining comps. I understand why the HGs want him gone, but I’m not convinced that he is really a comp threat. I could be totally off base, but I don’t think he should be feared.

    What does everyone think? Is he throwing the comps…or does he really just suck at them?

    • Comments (38)

      He was throwing comps, but I think he didn’t win the last HOH b/c he just didn’t get the question right. He was definitely trying to throw the milk comp to make the mean girls have nots, but McCrea was just so terrible, he ended up beating McCreas team.

      • Comments (25)

        He could have been dipping even more shallowly each time, with even less winding up in the bucket to throw to the left or right, high or low of her. I think he did want to throw it to a certain extent, but couldn’t quite stand to look that hapless in case CBS didn’t choose to air his intent to throw it on one of the shows – he also has made remarks in the past about how difficult it is for him to be a have-not. I think he can not be trusted any more than any one else in the house and needs to go

    • Comments (1162)

      He definitely threw the Scary Dairy -Sour Milk Comp. lol

      I think Howard could be a forceful challenger on certain type of competitions, however his
      strong athletic build will hurt his chances to win others.
      Sometimes smaller sized individuals have a real advantage over larger built house guests.

    • Comments (302)

      I’m totally with you. I do not understand the obsession with some of the houseguest to get Howard out. Rarely do any of the challenges play to the strength of big bulky players. They always mix in a few endurances challenges during the season and big guys never do well on them. Many challenges require finesse and Howard hasn’t shown that. Many require creative thinking or strong recall and Howards game play hasn’t shown that. Sure he could be throwing a few challenges but my guess is he wouldn’t win them anyway. I love the guy but his game play has shown more follower than leader and he has been slow to recognize what is going on around him. I fear life in big brother land will soon come to an end for Howard. I think there are much bigger threats that houseguest will soon come to realize too late.

  4. Comments (1)

    Seriously, am i the only person on the face of this earth who absolutely positively cannot STAND Helen?!??! i mean shes so dramatic, she thinks that every HOH is “her alliance’s HOH” shes so coy and totally let her HOH power get to her head. she thinks shes leading the pack of wolves when really shes almost a complete hypocrite because she keeps talking about playing her game and yet she kisses everyones ass in this game and its so annoying she just needs to be voted out already she keeps saying “america doesnt wanna see all this drama they wanna see good fun game play and hard working competitions and for everyone to get along” and its like nooooo bitch we wanna see drama we wanna see people argue and fight thats what makes this game great you stupid idiot!!! gaahahah1ohfoihf1nfoi! soooo annoying!

    • Comments (528)

      Well,considering your opinion of her is mostly that she’s an “annoying bitch” who’s throwing around power (she rightfully earned) I’m going to take your option with the same kind of grain of salt I’m taking all these “opinions” of women on the house. That is, if they gain too much power they’re just annoying bitches.

      Carry on.

    • Comments (14)

      You could take any one of the contestants and make a case against them, if that is how you choose to look at things. I don’t recall BB ever putting saints in the house. They are all human, some meaner than others, but human. No one is perfect.

    • Comments (5)

      Helen really annoyed me as well. When I first heard that Rachael’s sister was coming in the house, it irritated me. But After I watched Elissa, I saw that she was totally different than Rachael. So then I started to like her. And when Helen was really on her side and trying to keep her in the house, I liked Helen. BUT- as soon as Helen won HOH, it was like an alien took over her body, and she was just driving me CRAZY!! I don’t have live feeds, but I do watch After Dark. Whenever Helen came on, I fast forwarded!!

      It’s been kinda peaceful since she had the curfew!! ;o)

  5. Comments (768)

    I like Judd. He’s smart and knows when to talk and when to keep things to himself.

  6. Comments (16)

    Some clarification? So who is Judd really loyal to??

  7. Comments (65)

    I really want Judd and Jessie to be a showmance, but I think they’re just going to stay “friends”. 🙁

    • Comments (5)

      This season doesn’t need another showmance.

    • Comments (528)

      Jessie has made it pretty clear she’s too good for Judd.

      • Comments (233)

        That comment about “I wouldn’t let him take me to Prom, but I would let him do my homework”… was pretty shallow. Surely she was kidding around? Or is that ego starting to jump out front again?

      • Comments (140)

        I believe that comment was in jest. She was referring to when she looked at his high school picture (not that it’s fair to judge someone based on their looks). I think she understands that being in the house has forced everyone to learn each others’ personalities and I think Jessie genuinely likes Judd.

        I won’t hold someone accountable for something they would have thought in high school – we’ve all grown up and matured since then (except maybe Aaryn, Kait and Gm…)

      • Comments (1276)

        Agreed Sadie, she’s made it pretty clear that she thinks she can get better. From what I’ve seen of Judd, most girls would be lucky to have him.

  8. Comments (6)

    I would not have called it in the beginning but Judd is starting to be my favorite player. He is smart and strategic under that mumbling voice, laid back, appears to be pumped with pain killers facade of his!!! Who would have thunk it?

  9. Comments (1446)

    I won’t be happy until the house turns on Amanda and McCrae. I really don’t get how they get to lay around, do nothing but plot, and yet everyone in the house wants to align with them. Neither has won a competition(except Mc’s first HOH, which everyone else threw), and yet the house acts like they are king and queen of the castle. Why is that?? Why is their showmance not worthy of breaking up? I loved Andy until he climbed right up Mc/Amanda’s butts. Jeez even Jeremy(who I could not stand) wasn’t as annoying as these two. And now they’re going to have “wedding” on the show – um, I think we used to do that when we were like 7 or 8 yrs old…yuck!! My alliances have now switched to Spencer, Howard, and Candice and I hope the rest of the house wakes up before Mc/Amanda annoy their way to the final two.

  10. Comments (68)

  11. Comments (453)

    Looks like Helen, Elissa, Howard, Candice, Andy and possibly Jessie are the only ones who deserve to make it to the end. The bigots make me sick to my stomach. I had not seen all of them making the remarks and now I know why Julie Chen was appalled. Very very sad and sick!

    • Comments (39)

      what has judd said? hes my fave thus far.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’ve missed Judd saying anything negative, well, other than calling the “mean girls” trashy, but hey, that’s just true, so unless I missed something, he hasn’t said anything bad.

  12. Comments (48)

    I like the way Judd has handled his HOH. He went out of his way to talk to everyone to get an idea of where they were and what they thought. However, in the end he made his own decisions I would like seeing Elissa, Howard, Candice, Jessie and Helen in the end. Even though Helen keeps talking about playing nice I think when she got closer to the money we might see a different Helen. If she doesn’t change, she will never make it to the end.

  13. Comments (768)

    Elissa and her little temper tantrum…once again she demonstrates the disconnect between her brain and her mouth. The twist this time is that it was between her brain and reality. She has one dimensional thinking and refuses to hear someone else’s opinion or explanation of events. Weird. She just makes me shake my head.

  14. Comments (316)

    Jessie might just win this game if no one else notices her…

  15. Comments (39)

    Elissa does not hear what anyone is saying. She just whines and goes on her little tirades. I liked her but oh my god she is driving me nuts. So hypocritical

    • Comments (768)

      My sentiments exactly.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think she just started seeing red when she thought they were making fun of her. That, along with the pressure in the BB pressure cooker, just made her react.
        It was really weird to watch, because they tried so hard to explain what happened, but it’s like she had gotten so upset so quickly, that she just didn’t believe, or understand that they weren’t trying to laugh at her.
        I thought it was kind of sad.

      • Comments (768)

        That’s why I was shaking my head at it all.

    • Comments (1076)

      If I was cooped up in the BB house I’d be a claustrophobic mess by now. Maybe she is just getting cabin fever?

  16. Comments (41)

    Finally looks like everyone is talking strategy in the house. Its about time, I couldn’t figure out what some of them were there for. Great updates Beans, keep it up. One thing though Judd has had a final four with McCrae, Amanda and Andy for Weeks. Helen and Eliisa were added as the final six. Spencer and Howard were staying loyal to the final three with Jeremy from day one. Sp/Hw’s final two has been scrambling for a final four deal with MC/Am or Judd/Andy or Hn/Elissa.
    I think its great that Aa, GM, Cn and Jesse can float and get used by the all of the different alliances.Glad they finally see Kt as the biggest threat….they almost lost two HOH to her already.
    I see a lot people getting thrown off by all the entertaining social game that is covering the main alliances
    in the house that has nothing to do with the game.

  17. Comments (83)

    I can not believe they would get rid of Kaitlin before Aaryn, or GM, if they keep them I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass,frankly I would like to see Helen go, she has really gotten annoying, and there obsession with getting rid of Howard is crazy,i’m hoping Judd wins the show.

  18. Comments (528)

    Elissa is a compulsive liar or something. The lies she has said don’t even make sense, and then when confronted in a lie her response is “I never said that.” It’s crazy. The more the talks to people the more whack she comes off…sure, lying is part of the game but damn, have a plan or something. Don’t just lie for the sake of lying; it’s weird.

    • Comments (1076)

      Dick Cheney Syndrome.

    • Comments (1276)

      Maybe she just really sucks at lying????
      I’ll be honest (no pun intended) I really suck at lying, to the point that I not only can’t look someone in the eye, but can’t even keep a straight face, sometimes tears are involved. I can’t even manage to pull a prank on someone, by the time I get the full sentance out, I’m laughing so hard I can’t even finish.
      So if I was in that house, where you pretty much have to lie to someone at some point, I might end up looking that twisted too.

  19. Comments (1)

    I’ll be glad to see Amanda’s back as she leaves the house. Maybe the next time she’ll see McRae is when he delivers her a pizza. And there’s no way she’s 28. If she is, she’s had an awfully hard life.

  20. Comments (30)

    Andy wake up and smell the coffee. Get rid of AMANDA FIRST AND THEN MCCREA! I don’t like her humor, or her “game” but last night had me turn off the show…..Who wants to watch them “bathing” in the HOH bathroom. Boring!!!! If Kaitlin is sent home and Aaryn stays I may not watch the show anymore. This is the worse season ever.

  21. Comments (7)

    If Aaryn does go home, I hope her non white and non straight fellow students will let her know what they think of her. then when she transfers to another school i hope it happens again. and when she ends up home schooled. Im sure she will find a way to become more hateful. maybe she will marrie george zimmerman and they will go on the lamb together. who knows.

  22. Comments (8)

    Can someone tell me why Judd is on meds?? I saw where Amanda was telling him to go get his meds because he Is acting weird and his eyes are dilated….. I love Judd and think hes playing a good game but hes freaking out right now in the house and just want to know if anyone knows what the deal is…

  23. Comments (20)

    I have a serious question… is Elissa bipolar or is it all a part of her game play?
    Also, I have a feeling Judd could win this game! Smart, smart cookie who kind of dumbs himself down a little. That’s the strategy that I believe wins this game. You go, Judd the stud!

    • Comments (8)

      My question was serious as well! And Id also like to know the answer to yours….DO you all see what she is doing right now? Telling Kait they are voting her out but she wants her to stay…. SHEESH EL

      • Comments (20)

        Agreed! Maybe his meds are bipolar meds? 😉 And perhaps he can share with Elissa? haha.

  24. Comments (3)

    Andy is like a butterfly..floating around..flapping his mouth instead of wings..lands for a bit in 1 place then off 2 another

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