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Big Brother 15 – Afternoon Live Blogging

July 23, 2013 | 82 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


After completing the alliance post, I turned on the feeds to start analyzing how the week is going to go, and have been able to get a better picture of alliances and the eviction on Thursday night.  The problem I had is that Judd is playing a real good game and was able to briefly trick me he’s working with Team Spencward.

Watch completely uncensored live feeds

Andy, Helen and Jessie were outside this afternoon while the rest of the house slept in (what’s new?), and were able to talk a bit more openly about the situation in the house.   I already knew that Andy wants Howard and Spencer gone, but apparently Helen does as well, and Jessie… well she’s Jessie and along for the ride.

Turn on the feeds at 11:30am to get a better understanding of where people sit. Helen is fully aware that Candice will have a little meltdown over Howard leaving, but she’s also aware of the lines being drawn in the sand.  Helen, Jessie and crew are likely jury members at this point no matter which path they take, but Helen is looking down the line.  Would she rather be in a final 7-9 situation with Amanda, McCrae or Howard, Kaitlin, and Spencer.  McCrae is a difficult opponent, but if Howard really has been throwing these comps, we don’t know how strong he really is competitively.

Keep checking back, I’ll be doing some live blogging in this thread

– Jessie calls Spencer the mean bear from Toy Story 3.  He’s all nice but then snaps randomly, especially after she flipped her vote.

11:50am – Judd tells Jessie about his fake alliance with Spencer and crew.  She was confused and scared last night by the way he talked.  She really thought he (Judd) flipped.  He’s quite good at this game.

– This conversation is interesting, you get a lot of insight on what’s going on in Judd’s head.  He is a lot more of a thinker/player than is aired on CBS.  People are going to be shocked when he goes far, but he is a LOT smarter than he appears

12:10pm – Helen pulls McCrae into the pantry to clue him in on the situation.  It is sounding more and more like Kaitlin going home this Thursday


12:26pm – Helen is now chatting with Elissa and Amanda in the pantry.  She is doing a lot of the leg work today to get Kaitlin out, but it’s sounding official barring any last minute craziness this wee.

Skipped ahead to live…

1:25pm – Andy chatting with Kaitlin in the bathroom.  He is trying to play it off cool and Aaryn going home, but Kaitlin is stressed.  She thinks she is safe, but she’s not even close to safe right now

– Elissa joins to mention Spencer’s comments about Jessie in a bathing suit.  Talk then turns to Spencers on again/off again girlfriend, and we get some fish.  For some reason they feel like chatting about his girlfriends personal life, but I guess you can blame Spencer for telling people in the first place.


1:43pm – Candice is outside wearing a onesie trying to warm up from a cold night in the have not room.

3:18pm – Took a little break, came back to an emo Elissa being calmed down by Andy and McCrae.   At 3:18pm or so, they were outside chatting about Howard using his religion as a tool.  Elissa was getting a bit worked up and raising her voice, so Andy tried to shoosh her without making it obvious.  She took it as Andy and McCrae making fun of her.  She stormed away, and the guys had to come in and talk her off the bridge.

When the guys walked inside around 3:30pm, they tried to apologize and Elissa still wasn’t getting it.  Her reply is “You two don’t need to flatter yourselves because I wouldn’t put on a show for either of you” – whatever that was supposed to mean.   She is losing her mind and having a real tough time accepting that she was being loud.

Watch that flashback because it is almost jaw dropping how crazy Elissa is acting.

The house is on indoor lockdown and feeds went to trivia.  No clue why, but if something happens I’ll start a new post on it

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