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Big Brother 15 – Afternoon Pickin / MVP Reveal

bb15 - morningprimpI am going to be updating this thread periodically throughout the afternoon for those who are at work and cannot watch the feeds.  Before I do, I want to remind everyone to:

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9:45am – People are still waking up after a late night in the house.  I did learn that Kaitlin is the third wheel in the Jeremy/Jessie drama.  Apparently Jessie likes Jeremy, but Jeremy likes Kaitlin… so far the house has reverted to 8th grade.

Additionally, Amanda chatted with Elissa and told her that it would behoove her to disclose if she’s MVP to both McCrae and herself.  Apparently the entire house expects Elissa to be MVP this week simply for name recognition, so she better hope she does get it, otherwise they’ll all think she’s lying when she says she isn’t.

10:10am – Most people are in the living room chatting about movies and such.  Spencer is pretty candid about his dislike for Denzel Washington movies, while Andy talks about all the comics he knows who know celebs.  Weird conversation, but he also mentioned a tough to get into restaurant in Chicago, for those wondering, it’s called ‘Next’.

Elissa is hanging out in the have-not room with a stomach ache.  She is also asking anyone she can if they’re going to actually compete (or throw) the veto competition.  Very worried she’s going to be backdoored this week.

Will Aaryn be 3rd on the block?

12:04pm – Just had my lunch and now catching up.  It appears around 11am, Elissa confirmed to McCrae that she won the MVP, like the house pretty much expected when it was revealed she is Rachel’s sister.   This comes at a bad time for Aaryn as she had a falling out with Elissa recently.  This could make Aaryn the first 3rd person on the block in Big Brother history!   The PoV should be happening at some point today, and I think that’s when the announcement whether or not someone is on the block.  Not entirely sure on that part, but we’ll find out later.

Elissa won the MVP for the week

1:30pm – The house has been fairly quiet in anticipation for the PoV competition, but there has been a little stirring.  Amanda has been chatting to just about anyone who will listen, and McCrae may have shed some light on why.  He feels a bit threatened that she’s on ‘all types of pills’, and mentioned Addarrall by name.  That is an ADD drug which helps increase focus, and it could give her an advantage during some competitions.

2:00pm – Feeds down for PoV competition.  Will start up a new thread to reveal winner and MVP nom

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    Just wanted to say that BB after dark is a disappointment because they are censoring certain words which interferes with the flow of the conversations. Also, I was surprised to learn that they were in the house six days before BBAD so now I’m wondering how much I missed. Happy about the nomination picks — same two I picked.

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    After Dark was so annoying with the censoring!

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