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Big Brother 15 – Up In The Air


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It’s kind of fitting to have the airplane theme with everything so up in the air this season….

Tonight’s Big Brother episode of CBS featured the veto contest, but you’re probably checking in to see how the nominees are looking since the ceremony (this is a spoiler site, after all).  Before I get to that, I want to do my plugs..

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Wow, feel like a commercial with all of that.  Now, on to what’s been happening this week (if you’ve been following my blog, you probably already know this)

Kaitlin and Nick were pretty much the only targets for the re-nom after Jeremy took himself off the block.  Elissa spoke with a bunch of people, and for some reason decided that Nick was the better choice.  To be fair, I can see the logic of another strong player going home, but I think she flew too close to the sun.  Here is why…

Had Elissa put up Kaitlin, she may have actually had the numbers to get her out.  Naturally Elissa doesn’t know this, but Aaryn has been bashing Kaitlin all week and is pretty much done with her.  They’re in the type of alliance where they will vote with each other, but if one of them goes home, there won’t be many tears.

Why the fallout?  Well, Kaitlin has been walking around the house very arrogantly, and Aaryn thinks Jeremy is starting to rub off on her.  She is very worried that being associated with Kaitlin will start to ruin her game, but that doesn’t explain why she has no problem aligning with the guy Kaitlin has been emulating.  That is Aaryn-logic for you, but that’s a different time and place.  She does have a point, look at this smirk as Kaitlin bragged to Nick about Jeremy’s bullying tactics…

Kaitlin is trying to win the 'mean girls' title
Kaitlin would fit in with “the plastics” – Mean Girls reference

While it still would have been a tough sell, evicting Kaitlin may have been easier than Nick.  Like I said above, we have the privy of knowing how a lot of people feel in private, so Elissa isn’t aware how close Nick is with both Moving Company and the side alliance of The BB Plastics (Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin).

Every one of those people except Nick and Aaryn can vote, but she’s the tie-breaker which means Elissa needs 6 votes at a minimum.  For the Elissa fans, at best she’ll have Judd, Candice, Amanda, Jessie and maybe McCrae.  What will likely happen is that Amanda and McCrae will vote with the house and Elissa will end up receiving 2-3 votes to stay.

It’s hard to say who this move really benefits. The Helen side of the house will probably start winning MVP, but the other side will have quite a strong alliance.  Right now, the Big Brother house is pretty divided, but the eviction tomorrow will probably draw a few lines in the sand and we’ll get a clearer picture of the future of the season.

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  1. Comments (1162)

    You forget about Andy’s vote……….

  2. Comments (2)

    I really hate this season so far!! the only players I really like is Elissa and Helen the rest are dumb!!! Looks like this season is gonna be a short watch for me!!! Very boring and nothing like other seasons!

  3. Comments (16)

    It was nice to see the clips of Howard praying for some of them 3 that I saw and not alliances of his…
    He needs to see them as also good game alliances… They already show an openness To him

  4. Comments (24)

    It was great to see Britney again. No one was better in the DR than Britney! Best wishes to you and your hubby on the baby!!

  5. Comments (7)

    How dare Jeremy threaten the moving company on tonights episode by saying he will be done with MC if they don’t vote the way he wants them to to get Elisa out! Didn’t he vote against MC last week?! I hope he leaves next week. I’m tired of that jerk!

    • Comments (12)

      that is because Jeremy is just a bully. I don’t get why everyone kisses his or Aaryn’s butt after nominations either… once she picks her two, her power is almost over, after POV, her power is completely over. these two are power tripping and all I can hope for is they trip over selfish self-righteous selves….

      Can’t wait for the Boo’s as they exit to hit their ears as they are picked off after this week.

    • Comments (1)

      Amen to that. I truly can not stand Jeremy with his egotistical way of maneuvering everyone. He thinks he is the best and it is about time for the rest of the house to realize what a JERK he really is. Are they really that blind to his game the way he bashes on woman, really now that is showing he has no respect for any woman. Sad bc we all know a woman is what it took to bring him into this world. I wish the house would see the real of things, vote out Nick and give Elisa her fighting chance. I want to see certain people go bc they are wrong in so many ways. They are Jeremy, Aaryn, Nick, and Kaitlin. They are for real people with the way they talk and all but they are truly mean people. No heart at all.

  6. Comments (4)

    CBS needs to give AARYN Pandora’s box and in it should have a switch where if she opens it she will have to switch places with the MVP and take the chance of being voted out. Getting her off the show which is better for CBS and keeps Elise safe, which will turn the house upside down and get this season really going.

  7. Comments (1276)

    I didn’t think Nick was a good choice to begin with. While, he is smarter than Jeremy, he’s also pretty athletic, which means he has the potential to beat Jerk in some of the comps (I still can’t belive Jerk basically won a puzzle comp, grrr).
    If she had put up Kaitlin, then I think the MC would have decided that they weren’t going to put up with Jerk’s crap. With Kaitlin up, they would have had Andy, Judd, , Candice and Jessie, and I’d be willing to bet at minimum Amanda. But I think Howard would have voted with them (simply, he likes The Moms better) and I’m also pretty sure McCrae would have as well.
    Leaving, Jerk, GM and probably Spencer and Nick to vote to save Kaitlin. Just enough votes to leave Jerk and Aaryn wheeling (since they will both act like the give a crap, before starting to hook up with each other of course) and trying to figure out who voted her out. They won’t know for sure if it was Part of the MC, if GM voted for or against, if Amanda and McCrae turned on them… it would have been a thing of beauty.
    But now, like Steavbeans said, we’ll be lucky to see Andy, Candice, Jessie, Judd, and maybe Amanda and McCrae, it’s still enough to get Kaitlin out, but a lot of ifs in there.

  8. Comments (316)

    I wonder what their Diary sessions are really like. Do you think the Producers can kind of steer the houseguests to vote a certain way??

  9. Comments (12)

    I don’t know if the production is letting little tidbits slip or if Helen and Elissa along with my new Fav: AMANDA has done the impossible and saved El from eviction but I am definitely watching BBAD tonight.

    Little miss bitchy Aaryn has no more power so she better be really sure she can count on her co-horts to protect her after tomorrow.

    Amanda for MVP this week if she pulls this off.

  10. Comments (31)

    Man, I am really trying hard to keep my tv on every night watching the show, I’ve been a fan since day one! At 10 years old all I wanted was to go on big brother, but this season has completely ruined it for me. I’m disgusted as I watch. Yes I know the casting did not know that the HGs would have these personalities, but this house makes me sick. At this moment it’s not little miss racist or her mean girl side kicks that are turning me off but the jerk. Some people have a big ego but there are no words for what that boy has. (Yes, I mean boy because no man would act that way or threaten people) a many before me has said, this cast sucks, horribly.

  11. Comments (2)

    Elissa should have nominated GM instead of nick!!!! I think she would have had a chance to stay in the house verse GM! She could have campaigned to the MC (minus Jeremy) to vote GM out due to her alliance with Jeremy and Team Ignorance!!! I’m sure Andy and Amanda would have voted with them to strike at Jeremy! I’m gonna miss Elissa!!! Now I’m Team Helen all the way!!

  12. Comments (96)

    As much as I like Nick, I am hoping he gets voted off. I feel that will be the start of getting the Mean Team off the show. Maybe he can be voted back on. I’m really hoping that if that doesn’t work and Elissa does go home that Candince or Helen get hoh or MVP. They seem determined to get rid of team mean.

    • Comments (224)

      Elissa needs to go just so she stops getting MVP every week. Either that, or there needs to be a rule change that you can’t get MVP twice in a row. Why do people keep voting for her, she’s a terrible game player! Just cause you like her sister doesn’t mean she’s good at this game.

  13. Comments (1)

    If Elissa get voted out tomorrow, then I will no longer watch as that will mean that the racists and bullies will be there to the end. I find it hard to believe that the producers couldn’t do a better personality check on each of the players. The only way they will be able to save the show this season is to secretly keep the MVP save and if they are on the block, then any votes cast to them don’t count. That would really flip the house over. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

  14. Comments (137)

    Someone just sent me a song that I think is really fitting for the comments that have been made in the house. Please share this information and maybe everybody can learn from it.

    Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Mary Lambert)

  15. Comments (3)

    A friend of mine texted me this morning and said that on the feeds last night, Jeremy said that it would scare Aaryn if they raped Does anyone know if this is true? If so, what in the hell is going on in that house?

  16. Comments (15)

    is it just me of does jeremy look like jim dumb and dumber lol… i hope jeremy goes home, he is soo cocky and annoying to watch….

  17. Comments (77)

    I feel if Jeremy made a comment about raping anyone on the show, CBS should remove him from the house immediately. I don’t think I could sleep in a house if I heard someone make that remark. CBS should be looking at Jeremy as a person that could be harmful to others and not let him stay. He could not have been joking because no one jokes saying things like that.
    Elisa could not have been able to blindside him this week because as you can see he was picked to play POV anyway. He would have won and saved Nick as well.
    There was not a lot of options left. I hope Elisa gets to stay and play. At least she is not afraid to make a big move.

    • Comments (3)

      He did say it, it was posted on another BB blog that transcribes the live feeds. He was having a conversation w/Howard, where Howard mentioned that Aaryn said she likes to be scared. Howard said “I figure I sneak in there around 2:30.” Jeremy responded with “Rape her. That’ll scare her. You said you like to be scared??” The transcription goes on to say no one responded, and, Jeremy said “Too far?”, to which everyone responded “Too far.”

  18. Comments (2)

    Big Brother needs to get Jeremy out of the house to make sure he doesn’t actually sexually assault anyone. They don’t want to end up like MTV with the Tonya/Kenny/Even toothbrush situation. I wonder how much MTV paid to settle that case.

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