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Big Brother 15 – Up In The Air

July 10, 2013 | 29 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s kind of fitting to have the airplane theme with everything so up in the air this season….

Tonight’s Big Brother episode of CBS featured the veto contest, but you’re probably checking in to see how the nominees are looking since the ceremony (this is a spoiler site, after all).  Before I get to that, I want to do my plugs..

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Wow, feel like a commercial with all of that.  Now, on to what’s been happening this week (if you’ve been following my blog, you probably already know this)

Kaitlin and Nick were pretty much the only targets for the re-nom after Jeremy took himself off the block.  Elissa spoke with a bunch of people, and for some reason decided that Nick was the better choice.  To be fair, I can see the logic of another strong player going home, but I think she flew too close to the sun.  Here is why…

Had Elissa put up Kaitlin, she may have actually had the numbers to get her out.  Naturally Elissa doesn’t know this, but Aaryn has been bashing Kaitlin all week and is pretty much done with her.  They’re in the type of alliance where they will vote with each other, but if one of them goes home, there won’t be many tears.

Why the fallout?  Well, Kaitlin has been walking around the house very arrogantly, and Aaryn thinks Jeremy is starting to rub off on her.  She is very worried that being associated with Kaitlin will start to ruin her game, but that doesn’t explain why she has no problem aligning with the guy Kaitlin has been emulating.  That is Aaryn-logic for you, but that’s a different time and place.  She does have a point, look at this smirk as Kaitlin bragged to Nick about Jeremy’s bullying tactics…

Kaitlin is trying to win the 'mean girls' title

Kaitlin would fit in with “the plastics” – Mean Girls reference

While it still would have been a tough sell, evicting Kaitlin may have been easier than Nick.  Like I said above, we have the privy of knowing how a lot of people feel in private, so Elissa isn’t aware how close Nick is with both Moving Company and the side alliance of The BB Plastics (Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin).

Every one of those people except Nick and Aaryn can vote, but she’s the tie-breaker which means Elissa needs 6 votes at a minimum.  For the Elissa fans, at best she’ll have Judd, Candice, Amanda, Jessie and maybe McCrae.  What will likely happen is that Amanda and McCrae will vote with the house and Elissa will end up receiving 2-3 votes to stay.

It’s hard to say who this move really benefits. The Helen side of the house will probably start winning MVP, but the other side will have quite a strong alliance.  Right now, the Big Brother house is pretty divided, but the eviction tomorrow will probably draw a few lines in the sand and we’ll get a clearer picture of the future of the season.

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