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Big Brother 15 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

August 26, 2013 | 168 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans
'Evil Amanda' was busy yesterday

‘Evil Amanda’ was busy yesterday

Yesterday was a banner day for Amanda..  she forced Elissa into the HoH room for most of the night, was banned from going up there, and was given a warning to be respectful or face a penalty nom.  I think it’s safe to say that Elissa won’t be invited to Amanda and McCrae’s wedding when they get out of the house (which btw, they actually talk about having)

While Amanda is receiving a ton of heat on blogs, twitter, etc, what I am wondering is… would it be different if she were male?   Russell Hantz is one of the biggest sore loser, bully dbags on TV, but he’s been on Survivor multiple times, on another reality show flipping houses, and half his family has been featured in various other shows.  Dick Donato told a girl he couldn’t wait to hear her bones crushing between his fingers, while also banging pots and pans and bullying everyone he comes across, and he is a beloved former player/fan favorite.

You can also go through the list of other former winners/fan favorites who lied, bullied and backstabbed their way to victory, but one thing is common – the biggest fan favorite bullies are male.  Why is this?  Can men be complete a-holes on Big Brother, yet come out well liked, but girls have to be sweet and innocent like Jordan?  Is there a double standard in the way we view our competitors on the show?

I am sure people will read this and instantly think I’m some Amanda superfan, but I’m not.  I will admit that I’m a fan of drama, but I don’t really care who is causing it.  As a blogger, drama = interest in the show = people reading my ramblings.  I would have stayed awake all night blogging and laughing had Elissa went through the house at 2am with a marching band trying to piss everyone off.

Anyway, that’s just a thought I had as I watched the feeds yesterday.  Amanda is clearly not a fan of Elissa and plans to push the envelope to let that be known.  I am not really sure what Amanda’s end game plan with this is.  Is she just losing her mind after being in the house for so long?  Is she taking a page from the Russell Hantz playbook to make it to the end only to lose because of a scorned jury?  I don’t quite understand her strategy, but as a blogger, I am not really complaining… the house has been dull for weeks, so it’s good to finally see a little drama.

Moving on, it’s veto day, so we get to see if Elissa will nominate either Andy or GinaMarie to replace McCrae on the block.  Additionally, things were a bit strange in the house last night with some weird noises in the walls.  The house heard commotion in the HoH room, and by the front door.  Many were expecting someone to just walk in (via Pandora’s Box), but it never happened.  McCrae suggested they’re getting it ready for tomorrow (today), and he’s fairly certain Elissa will get the box sometime this week.

If Elissa does get the box, there is probably a 94% chance it will be something good for her and something bad for the house and that’s mostly because she’s Elissa… and the rest of the house is disliked by the fans.  I’ll be shocked if the house is rewarded while Elissa gets some sort of penalty hour…  assuming it happens at all.  Maybe BB is thinking of something new?  There is still a lot of season left, and plenty of time to watch the live feeds.

This post may be a bit sloppy, but I can just blame my cat.  I was up late waiting to see if anything would happen in the house, but he doesn’t care how late I stay up when he’s hungry in the morning.  If I have typos or weird things this post, just blame him.

There will be a new post soon for the daily updates, and what I’m real curious to see is if Andy will look even worse than he did yesterday if he is indeed nominated today..


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