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Big Brother 15 – Amanda Tries To Bring The Girls Together


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Sorry guys, this won’t be a post full of screenshots, although I’m sure you’re dying to see some. Last night on the live feeds, Amanda decided to get a little wild and put on nothing but a hat, heels and a thong.  You can flashback your feeds beginning at 7/7-11:02pm to see the entire event take place, as Amanda enters the HoH room and drops her towel to reveal her nippies covered in just band-aids.


The girls had a good laugh, except maybe Jessie who looked devastated that yet another girl was gaining more attention than she is..

Why can't all the attention be on me???
Why can’t all the attention be on me???

Amanda did manage to convince the girls to slip into something a bit more comfortable to join her in the hot tub, but while they went, Aaryn took the opportunity to continue bashing Jeremy/Kaitlin to Amanda.  She has been bashing them to anyone who will listen, and it’s only a matter of time until that hits the red line and blows up. For now, we will wait and just see if Amanda can try to ease some of the tension building with the girls in the house…

11:13pm – GinaMarie and Jessie are now (un)dressed and ready to hit the hot tub.  They beckon Amanda which breaks up the little game talk that happened in the HoH room.  Wait a few minutes, I’m sure Aaryn will be talking about it to someone else.

Jessie forgets her mic, so she rushes back to the room so she doesn’t miss anything.  Quickly grabs it and says “I cannot wait to see the guys reaction when they see me in this”.  Ahh, she really does seem like a sweet girl, but I have a feeling they’re going to be looking somewhere else, and it’s called Amanda’s Melons.

In fact, here is the house reaction when she gives her big reveal….


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11:17pm – After GinaMarie gave Amanda a motorboat, Jessie decided to try and steal the attention…


The house gave her a cheer, but attention was quickly diverted into trying to get Aaryn to remove her robe before Helen had a little fun…


Note to Helen’s family – That’s as far as she went

So Amanda was able to motivate the girls into at least getting changed, but Aaryn remained in her robe, GM did a few weird dances and Jessie sat by the hot tub all awkwardly for awhile.

Things start winding down and people break off to go chat game or hang out on the couch.

12:06am – Poor Jessie, even the house realizes how pathetic she is coming across. Candice and Elissa are talking about Nick as the replacement nom, and they mention Jessie as a vote.  They go on to mention how she is likely going to tell them the plan because she just wants to fit in.

12:20am – The girls are still talking, and they’re trying this master plan of getting the guys out one by one so then they can talk to each other. Apparently Spencer has the girls on lock-down where they’re scared to talk to each other about game.  In addition, they want to keep Judd away from Jessie by mentioning some boyfriend she allegedly has.

(keep checking back, going to keep updating on the night as I catch up with the flashback)


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  1. Comments (3)

    I feel sorry for Jessie. She must lead quite the pathetic life.

  2. Comments (137)

    Jessie is just a floater and needs to be removed from the game. Kudos to Amanda for bringing something to the game besides negative talk by Team ignorance.

  3. Comments (231)

    It was funny.

  4. Comments (123)

    for those who missed Amanda’a Melons….here they are:

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