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Big Brother 15 – Amanda and GM Fight!

bb15-amanda-gm-fightingAfter a seemingly boring week in the house, despite the looming presence of Hurricane Amanda just offshore, things ramped up a bit out of nowhere.  Flashback to 9:20pm (9/4) to see how it all went down.

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Amanda left her diary room session and joined the others in the kitchen as they were playing Jenga.  GinaMarie mentioned something about the bedroom situation, and Amanda gave her a smirk/smile (taking a play out of Elissa’s book) and that was enough to flip GM’s lid.  When I turned on the feeds to see them arguing, I was almost certain Amanda started it, but to my surprise, it was GM who freaked out and started taking the nasty shots first.

The two pretty much let it all out at that point, taking low blow after low blow on whatever they can think of.  Amanda took a lot of shots at GinaMarie’s craziness about Nick, while GM took a lot of shots at Amanda hopping into bed with McCrae when she had a boyfriend heading into the show.

The fight played out a solid 20 minutes before Amanda retreated to the bedroom crying, while GM mockingly shouted ‘Here come the waterworks!’.  After stewing in the room for some time, McCrae finally went to join Amanda in the bedroom and she started going off on him for sitting there with a stone look the entire time.  She wanted him to defend her, or at the very least try to calm the situation down, but he just sat at the table staring off into space.

It’s hard to blame McCrae at this point considering he’s been trying to coach Amanda into a less aggressive game, and even though she didn’t exactly start it, she could have just walked away instead of stooping to GM’s level.  Amanda probably would have done herself some big favors if she sat there and took the shots from GM in front of swing votes like Andy.  To take the bait all but sealed her fate for tonight’s live eviction.

I’ll get on a prediction and update thread (if anything happens today) and of course my live eviction thread for tonight.

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  1. Comments (316)

    Hope Andy votes to send Spencer to the Jury House.

    • Comments (378)

      Hope Spencer wins!!!!!! 😛

    • Comments (120)


    • Comments (36)

      I watched the fight on video & it was awesome ! Most exciting part of this season considering these HG’s. I’m really disappointed in this season. At least other seasons you had a choice of picking a person or two u liked as a favorite. I think it was BB13, where Hayden won (who I liked as a fan) also there was Lane in that mix with Enzo. None came off as these misfits. Amanda who is the meanest person in my eyes, McGrae who looks like his homeless & stinks, and had absolutely no game play whatsoever except hopping the bed with the pyscho. People say Spencer’s a floater but they kept him there as their pawn & he was fine with it. When Amanda isn’t screaming at ppl, she’s fake crying. Andy became the rat but he’s so incrediably annoying it’s hard to like him as a favorite. His flailing around in that tutu was too much. Thank goodness this is coming to an end. Hopefully a better season is coming soon !

  2. Comments (28)

    Amanda and McCrae won’t last one week outside of the house.
    I do think that McCrae could have stepped in and just said “OK guys, enough.” But the way that Amanda berated his manhood after, and her spooky behavior when he finally did stand up for himself – I think he’s he’s scared sh!&less of her!

    • Comments (17)

      It makes me crazy, why doesn’t Amanda rem what she’s done to Elissa??! and the males (cannot call this bunch men) did nothing!!! Same reaction, they laughed a bit..Amanda was screaming & crying about the mean & hurtful things GM was saying to her, saying it was so wrong- a personal attack on her looks & character?!!!!! Amanda might have apologized to Elissa, but come on- really!! The things Amanda has screamed at Elissa were so much worse & so disgusting!! GM mentioned the meds Amanda as been on, but that’s quite obvious to anyone watching BBAD or the live feeds ( & had it been someone else that needed them Amanda would have been throwing it in there face constantly).
      Poor McCrea she did a good job of belittling him & felt so sorry for herself. Ugh
      I really hope ext year is a good one, this in my opinion has been horrid!

    • Comments (12)

      For sure…unless he wins. Then she’ll stay with him just long enough to spend all his winnings…then he’ll be useless to her!

      • Comments (74)

        This is probably true too. I hope he reconnects with his girl at home…

      • Comments (651)

        If you were his ex and saw McStinky’s behavior and the skank he hooked up with, would you get back with him?

        I mean he just lay in bed(as usual)and was talking to the other HGs while Demanda picked his nose, wiped it on his shirt and went back for more. He never even miss a beat in the conversation. WTF!!

        And any female that wants to have a “relationship” with him better have him tested first. No telling what he’s caught from Demanda.

      • Comments (682)

        The relationship seems more like mother/son than boyfriend/girlfriend. If she leaves and he stays tonight who will help him shower, brush his hair and clean his ears?

      • Comments (28)

        Jackie –
        Wish we could have seen McCrae play the game w/o Amanda. He may have been a likeable player – he has had some moments of social lucidity.
        With that being said…you comment was HYSTERICAL 😀

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie, I guess Amanda never heard that….

        You can pick your nose, You can pick your friends, But you cannot pick your friends nose!

    • Comments (74)

      I soooooo agree!! She is scary! I’d cross the street if I saw her coming up it!

      • Comments (378)

        Ya we know brEe ….*eyeroll 😉 youre so frightened of so much youd prolly cry too n piss yourself lmao victims HA! 😀

  3. Comments (231)

    When Gm said there is only room for one queen here and that is me —- I knew the jig was up. She was referring to Elissa and then came the whole Amanda and E hookup. I still think Amanda is leaving and after that Elissa and mcC will work together but unless they can get Judd aboard ——- I don’t know?!?

    • Comments (1162)

      I disagree about GM referring to Elissa.
      At that point, IMO, she was definitely tossing a barb at Amanda, however
      if Amanda leaves, GM and Elissa will be vying for the title, BB Queen.
      : )
      Also, GM was cool with her arrangement with Elissa
      regarding ‘Nick’s Bed,” which was part of the multi-layered fight with Amanda.

      I do agree with you that Elissa, McCrae and Judd coming together at
      this time would be good for all 3 of them.
      Fingers are crossed.

      • Comments (120)

        Piazza Boy Has no LEAVE after AMANDA. He has not played this game
        and he should be tossed out with the rest of the trash followed
        by that rat ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree, except I’d prefer Rat Andy to leave before McCrae.
        Also, the possible “alliance” of McCrae, Judd and Elissa would
        be a good thing for right now, as it could help Elissa & Judd.
        IMO, McCrae is “Jury Ready” after he helps them out.
        : )

      • Comments (37)

        So right MM. Andy the rat is never to trusted..EVER. No matter what he has to go!

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (158)

        Nobody except Amanda has played this game. Every once in awhile a HG shows they might wake up but for the most part with the exception of long-gone HG like Jeremy, Nick and Helen, nobody else has actually played the game except Amanda.

        As vile as her behavior is, you can’t dispute that. This is less of a defense of Amanda and more a criticism of this years cast.

    • Comments (124)

      Screw Judd. He messed up his game first go around, got evicted, got a second chance and now he’s screwing it up again. Unless he becomes some kind of competition beast…he’s DONE.

      • Comments (226)

        I know-I don’t get all of the Judd sometimes. He’s been as vile as the others recently.

  4. Comments (52)

    Watching the look on the guys’ faces last night, I don’t know if GM and Amanda did anything except solidify the concept of a ‘guys alliance’ (which the boys have been whispering about for a few days). And, considering how GM and Amanda have acted all season, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…

    (however – of all the things that went down last night – Amanda going to the HoH to grab McRae’s hat was the funniest by far – I’ve been waiting all summer for someone, anyone, to tell GM that Nick threw that hat back to McRae (since it is his hat) and not to GM as a symbol of her imaginary love affair)

    • Comments (52)

      btw – during the cat fight last night, I kept waiting for Spencer to go get some chocolate milk (best exit line from an uncomfortable/Amanda outburst ever)

      • Comments (43)

        Same here, revcozmo! If I was at that table I probably would have laughed like Andy did. The absurdity of having such an epic cat fight while playing Jenga…wow.

      • Comments (407)

        If I had been fighting like GM was, my face would have been red and my hands shaking so badly I could not have been playing Jenga. I do not see how she could hold it together like she did and continue playing with the Jenga tiles. Tells me maybe she is used to these sort of confrontations! And Rev, another line that I had to laugh at during this fight was when GM told Amanda to “drop it like you drop your pants!”

    • Comments (233)

      I didn’t know that about Nick throwing the hat to McCrae after eviction. GM needs to start extricating herself from her imaginary relationship. lol

      • Comments (12)

        For sure! Can’t u just imagine the way he’s been laughing at her and her obsession with him when he watches BB?! Even if he WAS potentially interested, he sure ain’t now! He’s probably scared to death of her stalking him or something when the show’s over; she’s obviously CRAZY. She’ll prob have a nervous breakdown after the show when she realizes she doesn’t have Nick OR a job! If she wasn’t so racist and immature, I’d almost feel sorry for her!

      • Comments (682)

        But she has made him the most famous 2nd evicted HG in BB history.

      • Comments (12)

        LOL! :))

      • Comments (50)

        The few interviews I have read since he’s been evicted seems like he wants to get to know her better, blah blah blah. Call me cynical but i think he’s playing it safe and not bad mouthing her just incase she wins $500K. He did not seem interested in her AT ALL! But then again I didn’t watch live feeds when he was on the show. Did he seem interested in her then?

      • Comments (30)

        Nick is polite because he hosts another show and he is in the public eye and it’s good PR. He doesn’t want to blow his future in front of the camera.

      • Comments (233)

        Very true. When I saw Nick saying the “yeah, maybe” about GM after he was evicted, I thought he was already seeing that GM’s obsession would get him more attention than just being the 2nd one voted out ever would. GM is a confusing mix: hate, vulgarity and sweetness and humor, rolled into one. When she aligned with Elissa, I thought maybe we’d see a different side of her, but she hasn’t changed a bit. She is that conflicted person we are seeing, and she’s her own worst enemy. The only saving grace for me would be if she is actually keeping a secret alliance w/Elissa and maybe Judd. Now that would be interesting if GM could carry that off. In My Opinion.

      • Comments (23)

        That is how I would react but in an interview I saw of Nick, he had nothing bad to say about her. He said we was flattered by her….which I take as, “yes, she is bat sh*t crazy but I am not going to say that for the world to hear” I have to say its kinda nice to see a real and decent person from this season. I assume he thinks she is insane, like the rest of the world, but he is a decent enough man to respect women….regardless of what and who they are….too bad the boys still in the house couldn’t have those traits! Hell, all of the the girls need a lesson in class as well!

      • Comments (124)

        Wait until she figures out what I suspect already … Pretty sure Nick is gay.

  5. Comments (45)

    In all honesty I don’t really care won wins this season. I will continue to watch but I lost a lot of interest. In previous years I would rush home to watch it, not anymore.

  6. Comments (166)

    Ok here come the thumbs down,but hear me out first..Amanda by far is a very HEARTLESS, VILE, MEAN GIRL thats no doubt, she will have to deal with all the heat from her actions & verbal comments made to so many people when she gets back into the real world..but as far as the GAME goes I kinda want to see her stay bcuz this is what makes BB so interesting to watch, all of the alliances being broken or kept or new ones made on the spot, that is the fun of the game(minus personal degrading attacks) if she stays & Spencer goes there will be so much drama & these floaters will have to step up & either speak or make big moves instead of being wallpaper in the house!!

    • Comments (74)

      I don’t find her interesting at all.

    • Comments (207)

      I dont like Amanda at all but i go for Elissa or Judd. I do think keeping Amanda may help Elissa out . Amanda will target GM and the rest of them before she will Elissa now. I cant believe Judd would make an alliance will GM. (a true alliance anyway). Ohh well i think it maybe worth giving up my choice (Elissa) as long as Amanda goes home. But if that happens please dont let GM, Andy or McCrae win!

    • Comments (30)

      aw come on, Amanda showed her human side when she told McCrae not to use the veto on her. McCrae showed his human side when he compare competing with her as going out into a field to put down ole Yeller! Amanda may be mean and nasty, but she does show true feelings sometimes.

  7. Comments (5)

    Amanda dishes it out but can’t take it…always resorts to tears..poor me..why me…she has been evil to mostly everyone in the house…she takes lots of medicine…understandable since she’s deranged…but a dose of her own medicine…being belittled and ridiculed…is the best medicine by far. Buh Bye Amanda…go seek professional help!

    • Comments (120)


      • Comments (453)

        When Amanda gets out of the house I think her mommy will do the same thing as Aaryn’s mommy did, which was make excuses for her poor, misunderstood little angel.

      • Comments (158)

        Pssst, your caps lock is on.

      • Comments (120)

        I KNOW

      • Comments (1)

        DID the audience Booooo AMANDA when she came out?

      • Comments (5)

        I agree….somethings not right though with the whole Elissa working with Amanda & McCrae…Amanda hit below the belt many times…I for one could not get past that…also I would’ve been just like GM…all up in her disgusting face…I hope there’s more to this turn of events…DR needs to stay out of the game…they probably told Elissa that the house would be boring for the rest of the game without Amanda..which I tend to agree…as much as many hate her and may hate what I’m going to say…but she should stay til the final 2…then she’ll lose cause she won’t get the votes…karma is a bitch also Amanda…haha.

    • Comments (40)

      Yes I agree totally. I just wish Elissa would have been in the kitchen when it happen, because I think GM said everything Elissa has probably wanted to say to Amanda and didn’t. (By the way, Elissa was in the back room resting in bed and didn’t hear it or know it was going on.) I don’t know how she (Elissa) kept her cool like she has all season with all the cr-p Amanda kept dishing out. I really commend her for that. I don’t think I could have done it. I probably would have done what GM did. And Amanda is notorious for the smerks and faces, she thinks she is above everyone else, runs the house and calls the shots and has done that over and over, even follows people around and heckles them. GM had had enough. I don’t blame her, I had predicted to my husband that this would happen between GM and Amanda. Because I sensed that GM not only wanted her out but was just tired of her ways. Amanda tried to say GM was just picking on her and Macrae even scolded Amanda later and told her that she was just as much a part of it as GM was and he said she was even looking for it all day. Apparently he said that she (Amanda) had been going around the house nagging and irritated with GM. So he called her on the carpet for it. She has done alot of provoking this week and then when cr-p hits the fan likes to play the victim. Because she has taken things way beyond game, I will be so glad to see her go.

      • Comments (453)

        Any one else notice that lately Amanda has yelled to product “don’t you screen these people” a lot in the last two weeks?

      • Comments (610)

        I caught that & just started laughing. Hello Amanda, that would include you!!

      • Comments (207)

        I semi agree with you RC. I dont like Amanda at all! But i will never forget the things GM said along those racial lines. She giggled when Aaryn said them too. I hold her in the same low level as i do Aaryn. Yes we should forgive people for their mistakes but lets make then pay for it when they get out first. Show them there are consequences for their behavior. Dont let them get any deals out of this show. I for one will not watch anything they do or buy anything they may put mark on. I dont think i will have to worry about that but im just saying i wont!

  8. Comments (85)

    I have to say that I am with Annette on this one! Everyone hates amanda but she is probably the only interesting person in the house and even though she is not good at comps (except for bowling!) she figured out how to manipulate most of the HOHs to her way of thinking. think what you want but that is game play. So she is Bitchy, pushy and domineering. ANYONE that sits next to her in the final two will win! no one seems to see that…As far as losers, floaters are concerned, Spencer, andy and the BJ Ginamarie should all go home. I would love love love to see Judd, Amanda and McCrea in the F3, then Judd and McCrea in the F2.

    • Comments (120)



      MCREA, AMANDA AND ANDY HAVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (226)

        Then who deserves to win????

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (12)

        NOT GM…too dumb, crazy and racist!

      • Comments (40)

        I want to see Elissa or Judd win, I don’t think any of the others deserve it.

      • Comments (160)

        Not everyone has to agree with you, Tara. Please stop with the caps. We get your point, you do not like Amanda. We ALL don’t like her.

        I too hope she goes this week.

      • Comments (120)











      • Comments (316)

        Why would you even consider rooting for GinaMarie? Just curious.

      • Comments (140)

        Actually yearbooks, there are a lot of people who have really changed their opinion of GM. It’s complicated haha.

      • Comments (207)

        Amanda i hope no one forgets that shes just like Aaryn! She needs to hear and feel what the public thinks about her and Aaryn. Maybe then she will really change. And i dont agree with the things she said to Amanda. I enjoyed Amanda getting yelled at after all she has done but Gina marie went low and filthy! She made me see her in an even worse way. If thats possible! Aaryn ,GM, Amanda should all get boos from the public for their actions. I put Aaryn and GM first because of their sick racial comments.

      • Comments (1)

        I’m not rooting for anyone in particular to win the $500,000, but I feel like people like GM for her personality, and I can’t say I disagree, either. It’s fine if you don’t think that, but I’m just pointing out that she usually stays loyal and has a lot of pep in her step, lol.

      • Comments (316)

        yeah she sure had a lot of pep in her step while she verbally bashed Elissa son. YUCKY!

      • Comments (453)

        She stays loyal until the next person to kiss her a$$ tells her made up or not what that person has said about her or Nick.

      • Comments (49)

        GM stays loyal…really. Loyal to who….and when? When she votes like with the house? GM has not been loyal to 1 person in the house to date….oh wait she did state that she couldn’t put up Elissa as a replacement because she didn’t put up GM…..loyal and GM shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

      • Comments (49)

        I pressed reply to “Anonymous” at 12:52am, but it showed up down here….?

      • Comments (49)

        hey Beans…..your Reply buttons are not working….it is not reply to certain comments, but dropping to the bottom instead.

      • Comments (4411)

        Anonymous: Pep in her step. Stool in her drool…Whatever. I just like the way she stands up to Scumanda. Other than that, she can get to steppin too! Or to put it in layman’s terms, take a long walk off a short pier.

      • Comments (682)

        I really hope GM will learn from this experience and we will see a new and improved GM in the future.

      • Comments (4411)

        Rita: Doubtful

      • Comments (30)

        If you hate how BB has been then stop watching it. Ppl want to yell it is fixed, well then turn it off.

      • Comments (124)

        Tara…in case you don’t know when you type in ALL CAPS it’s considered SCREAMING.

      • Comments (158)

        Turn off your capslock if you expect people to actually read what you’re saying.

      • Comments (528)


      • Comments (207)

        Hey Kathy! WHO CARES IF SHE WRITES CAPS! no big deal.

      • Comments (2)

        Please stop screaming at us lol!!

      • Comments (378)

        Ya tAra , what hope said 😛 dumbass lol

      • Comments (207)

        ME! I think u are caring it a little to far just because someone is using Caps when they write. I have to do that sometimes when i forget my glasses.

      • Comments (378)

        Hey NancyW I think youre an idiot 😛 thats all lol

      • Comments (1)

        Just a thought. I use to have to use my reading glasses too, however I found out that if you hit ctrl and the plus sign, it enlarges the words. You can enlarge them to any size you need.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree with you Tara! Dont forget JADED that Amanda thought she was making all the decisions from the beginning of the game but thats not true. Helen was getting in Amandas head and playing her all the way up until Andy the rat turned on her. The others were just to scared to make a move on her.If Andy would have stayed true to Helen then i think we would have a totally different game right now. Helen played the best game ever! She just got a hold of to many floaters who were to scared to move. Amanda just got lucky. People thoight she was a big mastermind but Helen was. Amanda just sit back and said i wont her out ,him out and people did it. Amanda is lazy and thinks she can start bully people to do what she wants. But she only started getting worse when most of the people left. She didnt say to much the first half. Her and McCrae only had power because people gave it to them. Its not because of some mind game they played or even a social game! Hey wait a minute…..not even comps! Helen and even Elissa had plans to get then out. Helen even jad the order people were to go based on info she collected…but people just wanted to float along and not rock the boat. Andy the rat turned and thats how Amanda the loud mouth becomes intitled!!!!! No way!

  9. Comments (220)

    I predict Amanda is going home because Andy seems pretty certain that his flip to the Exterminators is best for his game, now that the numbers are against McCranda.

    I hope McCrae and Andy square off, once Amanda leaves. They both avoid head-on confrontation. Andy weasels out of everything, but I hope when his swing vote swings against Amanda, that McCrae calls him on it or makes a game move against Andy. That would be fun to watch.

    As for Elissa, I am rooting for her because I don’t like how the Exterminators have ganged up on her. It seems personal and not game related. I suspect they resent her connection to BB/Brenchel Army. I like rooting for the underdog to throw a monkey wrench in their plans, forcing the Exterminators to vote out one of their own.

    Andy has played the BEST social game. He convinces damn near everyone he’s their bestest, most trustworthy friend. He compartmentalizes his lies pretty well and somehow gets HGs to trust him. Although McCrae suspects him now, it took all season for Andy’s loyalty to become an issue. Although slimly, that’s impressive.

    Judd has managed to return and not be target #1. There is something to be said about that. But I have never truly cared for his gameplay.

    Spencer has been a pawn the entire game. I cannot respect that because the HGs view him as a seat filler. Where’s the strategy in that? Although if the HGs continue to disregard him and not view him as competition, Spencer has a good chance of winning the $50 grand, not the whole $500k. So hey, why not paying him for breaking a BB record of being on the block more than any other player?

    McCrae, even though many will say he’s hidden behind Amanda, has run the house all season. Whether it was strategy or stupidity on the part of the other HGs, his gameplay has faired better than most. And he managed to go far while showmancing it with a BIG TARGET, Amanda.

    Although I detest Amanda’s actions, her ability to render the house frozen in fear for most of the season has been frustrating to watch, while simultaneously fascinating that she managed to slide by for so long, in a showmance, with an aggressive approach. That makes me scratch my head, and give her a nod for a job almost well done. If she were in the top 2, she would be the one to have played to the BEST gameplay.

    GM has won two HOHs. She should have used the first HOH to target McCranda, but instead targeted Candice…who hadn’t won anything and had no power in the house. But now that she’s taken out Amanda, her game has slightly improved. But being in an all-boy alliance, she’s the first to go if she doesn’t keep winning. She shouldn’t have turned her back on Elissa for the boys. She should have worked with the Exterminators and Elissa on the side.

    I don’t particularly care for anyone left in the house. But as for today, I am rooting for McCrae and Elissa because I don’t like that smug attitude the Exterminators have right now.

    • Comments (120)

      MCREA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      AND YOU THINK HE SHOULD WIN????????????????????????????????

    • Comments (29)

      Long but I agree with you.

      I think it would be wonderful if the women would get together and and blindside the guys. only 5 women have won bb and it has always been against another woman. if a guy/girl are finale 2 it is the guy that wins.As much as people don’t like Amanda she has played the game (no HOH’s 1 veto)she,Helen,Elisa and McCrae got out the strong players buy letting the HG know who they wanted/voitng out. how wil it be with the 4 guys left tnink about it

    • Comments (160)

      Same. I’m rooting for either McCrae or Elissa.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Comments (40)

      Andy said he is not going to vote for Amanda and blame elissa for the one changing votes, that is if elissa follows through with the mccrae elissa and andy sticking together…. but elissa wont and neither will andy,, but andy says he’ll say it was elissa that changed her mind… punk ass

    • Comments (3)

      Watching the fight all I can do is but laugh. Amanda, spoiled as well rude to anyone who will not submit to her ways, will lash out because it is her way of coping with living in the house. She has demeaned most of the HGs in their face or mostly behind their backs. GM stood her ground and called her out on her actions and for Amanda to play the abused victim, call the kettle black?! It was nice to see Amanda get a taste of her own medicine. It’s getting to the point where Amanda was too comfortable and needed a good shake down from the pedistal she was on for so many weeks. Between Aaryn and Amanda for the most hated players this season, this season of BB sure has more action than most other seasons.

  10. Comments (162)

    McCrae is only trying to help his game by avoiding all of Amanda’s drama before she leave. Ready to see how tonight plays out. Where can I watch the GM and Amanda fight?

  11. Comments (29)

    I think it would be wonderful if the women would get together and and blindside the guys. only 5 women have won bb and it has always been against another woman. if a guy/girl are finale 2 it is the guy that wins.As much as people don’t like Amanda she has played the game (no HOH’s 1 veto)she,Helen,Elisa and McCrae got out the strong players buy letting the HG know who they wanted/voitng out. how wil it be with the 4 guys left tnink about it

  12. Comments (140)

    Stevie, you once asked in a blog why everyone hated Amanda so much, as whether we liked her or not, she is the only one playing the game and brought up how people stood behind other mean players like Evel Dick. I meant to respond but the thread got away from me and by the time I remembered, you had a couple of new posts so I considered it a moment passed.

    I think the fight last night is a good example as to why no one can get behind her as a villain. Evel Dick would never bully everyone in the house and then go hide behind a garbage can crying, cry after losing comps, or run to his bed crying after someone finally gave him a taste of his own medicine. Evel Dick didn’t spend half his time crying. Evel Dick wasn’t a sore loser. I will be the first to admit that for having won nothing, and having had no real power all season (save that one veto), Amanda has managed to play an incredible manipulation game. She had everyone working for her and scared to cross her because then she would come after them with her army of minions who were too stupid to realize THEY were her power. That was incredible. What is ridiculous, is that Amanda couldn’t just accept what was working and go with it. The crying all the time got real old, real quick. You lost a comp? So did x-amount of other people, no one else is crying – just you.

    So many times in this show people say “if you feel safe, you’re in trouble”. Well, Amanda and Mc felt safe all season, and it’s just now finally catching up with them, but trust me it was bound to happen. Amanda, while she was good at manipulating others, is being revealed as a rather weak competitor now that the numbers have dwindled. I say this because, with so few house guests left, her pathetic social game cannot go unnoticed. Last week she won the veto and she went from worried to crazier than we have ever seen her (Bubbie). She prides herself on thinking through all scenarios but she failed to even consider THE NEXT WEEK! You think you can act like that, and terrorize other house guests and it’s not going to effect your game? Of course she’s on the block this week. When you’re safe, it’s just for a moment and Amanda didn’t play her cards well enough to secure another week in the house. Was Bubbie worth it?

    As for her lover, Mc is just as poor a competitor. I say this because while he calls himself a super fan, he neglected to secure his bases. He and Amanda had a team of people who feared going against them lest they be next on their hit list, so he sat back comfortably in his bed and spent every passing hour with Amanda. That’s only something an idiot would do. A true super fan would know you need have back up plans, and back up plans for your back up plan. It’s fine if you want to be in a showmance with Amanda, but when you shut yourself out from everyone else because you only spend time with her, you’ve sealed your fate. Mc has no connections with anyone anymore. He used to have relationships with other guys in the house before Amanda sucked his soul. Now it’s too late. If they had gone through this season, spending more time OUT of their bed socializing with other house guests rather than in it chewing warts and smearing vagina juice on bedsheets, they might have some hope in hell. With Amanda (more than likely) walking out the door on Thursday, Mc is a sitting duck. Any one of the exterminators will probably just toss him and Elissa up on the block and say too-bad-so-sad to whichever one goes.

    End rant.

    • Comments (110)

      I know, when Dan was on he said it too. Amanda acts like a childish brat. If she wants to play the villain then be a villain, and own it. Only immature children act as she does and I sure hope she is not this way in her real life. I also want to know why in previous seasons they would mention that the person has a boyfriend in real life on the televised show, but this season I only read it in the feeds when Jessie would say it. It was never mentioned on air. That 1 year they even interviewed the boyfriend the person had. When Amanda’s parents were interviewed they didn’t say anything. Although Amanda is coming across as a big slut imo anyway so maybe they don’t feel they need to.

      Anyway very well said, I agree with everything you said.

  13. Comments (120)


  14. Comments (2)

    #Team Elissa & JUDD IM good with either one WIN IT ALL!! HUGE fan! I hope THAT STUPID BITCH LEAVES.. I feel bad for spencer, he can’t help that he has been the PON the whole time… GM, is spicy,I like that, but to win it all.. Not much!

  15. Comments (2)

    Oh and Andy… He is a wimp…. He doesn’t deserve to WIN a dime….

  16. Comments (6)

    The worst big brother cast ever,there has never been so much hate and vile comments on display to date,Judd the only one to recognize that fact in the moment and say something .i have not seen any genuine social interaction except for mc and demanda,which is a joke,Andy of course has befriended every house guest,only to steal thier cheese .gina fowl mouth Marie ,
    Demanda and aryan big brotherhood were looking for fame,and found it as disspicable people.

  17. Comments (5)

    I don’t even know who to root for at this point. Usually I have a favorite but they all pretty much suck. McCrae seems like a good guy but I just don’t want him to win cause im sure amanda will be all over that money.

    • Comments (110)

      I agree with you, it is hard to pick someone to root for. McCrea does seem like a decent guy but I can’t root for him to win because I see him as Amanda’s lap dog. He started out strong and then just did what she wanted as soon as he got with her and I don’t respect that.

      They do mostly all suck, no great people you really just want to root on to win (although mostly who I want to win wouldn’t anyway lol). I could live with Elissa or Judd winning. I like Elissa more so because it will be a struggle for her to win and she has faced harder times than some who have had it easier in the house and the odds have not been in her favor. Plus 2 winners from the same family would be cool.

  18. Comments (27)

    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about an episode of BB. Not only are Amanda’s chances of staying close but still likely to be evicted but this HOH is without a doubt the one to determine the rest of the season.

    Go Spencer! Your HOH time has come!

  19. Comments (1)

    Yes so true without Amanda there is no show , and she is a good player doesn’t mean I like who she is. To me people like her are a waist of my time, its there way or the high really as good as she is with the game I do not believe she deserve to win , her mannerisms and comments ruined the game for her

  20. Comments (14)

    I just watched the fight. I’m rooting for Judd because he was the only one who stood up to end the physical confrontation. Game play is one thing and being a decent person is another and I’ll always root for the decent person.

  21. Comments (43)

    Amanda with the post, let’s keep the blogging to stevebeans, just write a comment and be done with it. Amanda is a baby, Mccrae is a pu$#y, and noone can really say if it was two people like spencer and gm in final 2 they wouldn’t watch. Everyone wants to see the finale, see who wins 25k, hear the jury, see the non jury members, etc… and i want elissa to win.

    • Comments (140)

      Thanks for the recommendation, but if Stevie has a problem with my post, he is free to remove it. So long as I have the ability to leave comments, I will share my opinions openly and freely.

      Also, I’m not sure why you singled me out since Didi wrote a post as long as mine. Is it because what I wrote bothered you?

  22. Comments (29)

    just a thought…if McCrae is a lapdog why is Aaryn gone, Amanda wanted to keep her and McCrae Andy (which is not working out for him)

    • Comments (12)

      That was the one time McCrae SHOULD’VE listened to Demanduh…they should’ve exterminated the rat when they had the chance…he was already working against them and Aaryn was still loyal. Boy, are they ever gonna feel like fools when they discover the truth!

  23. Comments (1)

    @ Casey, I think Tara just do not know that writing in all caps means that you are shouting/screaming out your rely!

  24. Comments (302)

    If ever there was a season that could have used the twist of Pandora’s Box it’s this season. Instead CBS keeps other stupid traditions like the Have Not room where I could care less about voting for some stupid food combination. Or another idiotic punishment making the contestants wear Clown or Chicken outfits … Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho … that is just hilarious I nearly die laughing every time. How about competitions that include substantial reward or punishment. Controlling the vote of the Houseguest of their choice for a week … or a penalty like playing a short video of one of the houseguest caught in a lie or allowing a relative 5 seconds to reveal as much as they can to their loved one. Maybe on a double eviction night let America vote for 2 contestants to battle gladiator style in some event to stay in the house for the 2nd eviction. Anyone care to give CBS some fresh ideas?

    • Comments (1162)

      Please forward you comment to CBS/BB.
      You might end up being employed there to help
      the network with BB16.
      Good Job!!
      : )

    • Comments (682)

      They should give a penalty nom for the first person to get called out 100 times for singing, talking about production and talking about their diary room sessions. I’m tired of seeing fish.

    • Comments (17)

      CBS, BB needs some fresh ideas for sure. How about a follow up show, so we can see the reactions of the jerks that lost their jobs?! That would be entertaining!

  25. Comments (14)

    Amanda says she feels badly because she realizes how GM looked was how she (Amanda) looked when she attacked Elissa. And then she immediately excuses herself because she “had a reason” and GM didn’t.

    • Comments (40)

      This has been my experience with people with ADHD (I say that because she takes (Aderol), yes I know it’s probably spelled wrong. And because I see the way she acts and I have someone in my family who can be just as difficult to live with and control at times. Sometimes things don’t get through to them until their own behavior is turned onto themselves. Then they go into “victim” mode. Classic behavior for this kind of person. This in no way makes me a supported of Amanda, I want to see her gone.

      • Comments (453)

        If she does have adhd, the medication will control her actions. I have a grandson with adhd and when he is off his meds, which by the way takes more than one day to work out of their system he is enough to make me to want to run away. She is just a bully and used to getting her own way, a spoiled toddler who never grew up or was made to grow up. Also diet plays a big part, especially red dye 40, and she eats a lot of candy that contains the dye. She may have adhd but I lean more towards bully mentality, because she is on adderall.

  26. Comments (3)

    Wondering why a lot of people want Judd to win he hasn’t done anything in the game and has been voted out. I would vote for everybody in the game now before him . The players voted him out cbs gave him a second chance with half of the people gone

    • Comments (1162)

      He seem like a nice guy, however he has gone over to the Dark Side
      by being verbally abusive and I can’t figure out if he’s acting or

      I agree. Judd needs to get into playing the Game.
      There was a hint of a clue that Judd and Elissa are
      still in an alliance. If so, it is the best kept
      secret of BB15.

    • Comments (378)

      People like Judd cuz he looks…. normal lol …u know, not fruity n screwed up. 🙂

      hey not bad eh? I didnt make fun of homoz skanks losers wimps retardz or post-op trannys like Elissa 😀 *pats self on back lol

    • Comments (124)

      Everyone likes him because they have no idea what the hell he’s saying.

  27. Comments (3)

    I wouldn’t vote for a person who had been evicted and if we were f2 I would stress that point over an over his game play hasn’t been strong.

  28. Comments (29)

    I don’t understand the complaining of the house guests name calling and bashing eachother is any different than what I am reading here that some posters are doing. Sure, some will say its because this is.not on TV and yet I think wrong is wrong and name calling and bully behavior seems to creep into other areas of ones real life when done at all. I LOVE this blog and many of the posts are quite thought provoking. When names like RATboy get added I tend to think its crossed over to personal opinion rather than game play debate and I might be alone on this but I tend to no longer care about that post or “like” it even if it was a great thought. That being said, I don’t like what I am seeing Andy do lately in the game and no longer is one of my favs. I hear the theories of Amanda winning it all and can’t help but wonder why her and not Elissa (if it were rigged)?. Whatever the case or even complaint I have about this summer the poorest of all, sadly I am addicted ad I want to see how it all plays out.

  29. Comments (528)

    Finally! A BBAD worth watching! That was fun…I can’t get over the guys just sitting there during it though. Judd seemed to be having a blast but if the others were so uncomfortable, why not leave?

    • Comments (40)

      Sometimes it is suprising to me as dudes how much the guys like the cat fighting between the girls in the house. But it is a game and they know it will just cause hard feelings and that could always work in their favor in the future.

    • Comments (401)

      They said that they don’t get in the middle of girls fighting with girls (and if anyone should have, it should have been McCrae.) One of them also said later they should have gotten up and left.

  30. Comments (1162)

    I jsut read about Julie Chen on Letterman’s show.

    Apparently, BB Staffers thought Aaryn would become the Sweetheart of BB15.
    It wasn’t until several weeks into the Game that they realized how
    wrong they were.
    Julie said when the applicants come in for their interviews, it is similar to
    job interviews, meaning the applicants are on their Best Behavior.
    Julie made some interesting points, none of which could have pleased
    Aaryn’s Public Relations Team, hired by her parents.

  31. Comments (1)

    It’s pretty certain that Amanda will be going home tonight, but I’m more interested when the house guest figure out how everyone has voted. Ellisa knows that Andy is playing both sides of the house, I don’t understand why should wouldn’t turn this against Andy. Ellisa should vote for Spencer and try to pin that vote on Andy, accusing him of playing both sides. That’s the only way I see him getting on the block anytime soon!

  32. Comments (96)

    I hope they show jury house tonight and Julie gives Amanda the interview that we’ve all been waiting for

  33. Comments (316)

    Beans I like your work here and appreciate it. I’m just wondering why you stop people from repying when issues get heated. Are you trying to silence posters who have a strong viewpoint? You certainly don’t like what GM said about Elissa’s son do you?

  34. Comments (487)

    Amanda crying because GM said vile, mean and nasty things to her was too funny. After some of the things she has said about all the other women in the house, I could only laugh at Amanda. If you can dish it out you better be able to handle it or just keep your mouth shut. It was interesting that during that argument Elissa stayed in the bed out of the line of fire. Smart girl to not get pulled into that argument.

  35. Comments (1)

    We are all sure about Amanda leavening but isn’t this a double elim tonight who else will be going ?

  36. Comments (6)

    Ginamarie is disgusting. I’m so over this season. I think it’s extremely disappointing that someone like GM, Andy, or spencer could win.

  37. Comments (6)

    This season is killing me. Usually I have one or two people I enjoy hating, and one or two I would like to see win. When you don’t like anyone, it makes it dull. I will continue to watch every year though, maybe next year will be filled with likeable and hate worthy characters. Now I find myself picking for who I would hate to see win. #1: Andy, played a squirrelly game, 2: Spencer, just a repulsive man with no redeeming qualities3) Gina Marie, ignorant,racist with no game of her own, a floater of the worst kind. So, I’m rooting that they don’t win in that order. Here’s to a better bunch in 2014!

  38. Comments (60)

    While I was watching BB After dark and GM and Amanda were arguing…all I could think was ” that isn’t a way ladies should act” then I remembered I was watching BB…lol

  39. Comments (124)

    Does anyone think that Amanda wanted to push GM to violence last night because she was hoping to get GM out in retaliation of her nomination? I for one would have loved seeing GM thrown out of the game before thurs eviction. Then when it’s a 2-2 tie and no HOH to break it Amanda/Spence would have to what??? Compete in a competition against each other??? What would happen it this case?

  40. Comments (2)

    So, I don’t have the live feeds, but I read this on another website -“Andy just got up, went to the BR and whispered to Elissa, both saying everything is solid for tonight.” I am SO CONFUSED! I thought Andy was voting out Amanda and Elissa was voting out Spencer. This comment makes me believe they are voting out the same person. What is going on?!?!?!?! 🙂

  41. Comments (83)

    I bet that fight between Amanda and GM was a set up, they all go to the diary room, come out Amanda, Elissa best buds, GM , Amanda fighting, Judd pissed off about something that was said in the diary room, lets just see if Amanda goes tonight, believe when I see it

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