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Big Brother 15 – Anti-Floater Twist. Will It Work?


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I don’t know why I used an Aaryn pic. Just because I guess

It’s a relatively quiet time in the Big Brother 15 house right now, as the veto ceremony will likely take place tomorrow, and that’s typically when the final push for votes really starts.   That has me thinking about the game strategy, and how the MVP will work.

The big twist this season is that fans will vote on a weekly MVP who apparently gets power to nominate a 3rd person.  Julie Chen was all pumped up to use Rachel’s line ‘Floaters grab a life vest’, but does this twist actually do much to stop floaters?

Each week a random person will be the HoH, and depending on the competition, I really mean random.  I’ve seen some crazy underdogs win it many times from dumb luck.  So when that happens, the person typically puts up two people from the other alliance, and has a third ready to go in the event of a veto.  The MVP will come along and nominate someone, but what motive do they have to put up a floater?

This week, Elissa was named MVP and she put up one of the stronger players, so it’s clear she wasn’t instructed to only put up one of a few select people America considers ‘floaters’.  When you factor in the MVP can be completely anonymous, which is a huge advantage, why would they want to waste that on someone who has no impact on the game?  That makes no sense to me.

The MVP each week will be the most popular player, and Big Brother should have known that from the start.   Unless they start pulling a Survivor where only 3 options are available (all players who made bold moves), then that will just be a popularity contest with the ‘Jordan’ of the season winning each week.  When that happens, it’s basically going to give the fan favorite’s alliance more power than they already had, and end up turning the game more one-sided than it could potentially be.

Another thing to think of, even if they force the MVP to vote only ‘floaters’, that will end up making their nomination irrelevant as that floater will turn into a pawn.   So either the MVP (or most popular player) is doing the opposite of the intended purpose and putting up the strongest players each week, or they’re forced to put up floaters who will become invisible next to the two nominated players.

Yes, I put a lot of thought into it, but I don’t think this MVP thing is going to work out anywhere near the way CBS felt it would have.  Hopefully it does, but I just think the MVP twist actually gives floaters more of a chance to coast through the game.

What are your thoughts on the MVP twist this season?

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  1. Comments (126)

    This is a good twist but as in Survivor, everybody fears the strongest and move to evict them first, unless they are a fellow alliance player, ‘floaters’ are easier to beat down the road, but a good twist nonetheless.

  2. Comments (1)

    Pretty sure the idea of MVP targeting floaters is that no floater is ever going to win MVP so it gives players an incentive to play the game.

  3. Comments (1)

    I actually think CBS foresaw the MVP twist as beneficial to floaters and tried to throw in that Rachel quote to counter that and get the ball rolling.

  4. Comments (191)

    You should use Aaryn’s picture whenever possible, just saying.

    This MVP twist is confusing and like most twists should go away in a week or two.

  5. Comments (231)

    I think the MVP will be used to get rid of strong players because floaters are always needed for votes.

  6. Comments (1)

    i really think the only reason julie said that floaters thing is to get the rest of the cast thinking about rachel and probably to reveal elissa’s relation to her as quickly as possible.

  7. Comments (25)

    I thought they put in the MVP so no one would float, they would play the game so they could be voted MVP. If that is the case then shouldn’t they give the HG’s incentive to not float by making it so the MVP can’t be put on the block?

  8. Comments (29)

    I think that if the MVP was 1. only allowed to choose one of three people that America selects AND 2. was unable to be voted off (however they could be put on the block just votes against them would not count and would not be revealed publicly – though people could put two and two together and speculate) then we would have a GREAT twist. I’m hoping more of this twist will be revealed in the next show and that what we have seen is NOT the entire twist for MVP.

  9. Comments (226)

    I agree with Jane, Alisa and Maggie on the MVP. Point is to add incentive to win comps and play the game instead of sit around until the last few weeks. Part of me really feels like there should be a rule that HG’s have to win at least one comp to actually win the money. MVP should be immune from being voted off the week they are MVP – that should give incentive to keep it a secret, so they could go on the block as a pawn and disrupt how the votes fall???

  10. Comments (1276)

    I’m thinking what Julie meant was that America usually don’t care for floaters, at least not ones who never win a comp. People who try, and just can’t pull off the win, but aren’t hateful, are entertaining, and usually kind, are the ones that would win the vote, like stevebeans said, the “Jordans”.
    The Portias of the house are the ones that drive people nuts, going around stirring problems (and not in game mode, just petty girl crap) and actually don’t want to and can’t win a comp. The ones that are actually just taking up space, they won’t get the vote, so, they could not only be put up for being floaters, but also they won’t get the chance to add someone to the block.
    Just my opinions, but hey, either way, it’s nice to see it changed up a bit.

  11. Comments (1)

    i have to agree with Maggie, what good is having the MVP if you can get voted off, it should stay a secret like America’s player, and also you should not be allowed to get it two weeks in a row, other wise why people could use it to float which would defeat the purpose, actually elissa is a floater, she walks around waits for the mvp and then waits for someone to tell her what to do with it, I even heard her say she wants to leave before jury, looks like she just might get her wish…

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