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Big Brother 15 – Big Decision Today For Aaryn


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Update:  People waiting for the upcoming challenge and nomination.  Candice and Howard apparently broke off their ‘showmance’ to work alone.  Follow my twitter for updates, or get a free trial to the live feeds

Update 2:  Feeds down for the competition, likely havenot.  I will create a new post when it’s back up!

The Big Brother house was a weird one last night after the live eviction ceremony.  People were getting along, Elissa was acting normal, and everyone came together to pull a mini prank on Aaryn (they hid when she got her HoH key). It’s not the typical post-eviction scene that we’ve been used to this season, but it was pretty fun to watch nonetheless. Sure, nobody was flipping mattresses, but it’s clearly the calm before the storm.  Everyone seems to both worry they’re going up and comforted about being safe at the same time, and that’s due to a huge wildcard winning HoH.

The house quickly went into game talk pretty much right after I went to bed, but I won’t hold it against them – this time.  Aaryn is wondering if she should keep the deal she made with Helen and Amanda about letting them choose nominations, while Howard realizes he’s a target and is trying to deflect. I plan on a lot of last minute conversations with Aaryn prior to the nominations today, but it’s unlikely her decision will be swayed by any of it. It is sounding more and more like she likes Amanda’s plan of putting Howard and Spencer up, though one wonders if that is the best game move for her.

Whenever someone is HoH, I tend to find myself playing fake HoH role and wondering who actually would be the best people to nominate to further their game.  This one is a tricky one because there are a few really good options available for Aaryn this week.  The way I see it, she can do…

Howard and Spencer

This is the safe route of the week.  Neither of them have a whole lot of support in the house, and it would make the goof troop pretty happy to see a big threat like Howard go.  That said, is he really that big of a threat at this point?  Big Brother competitions are generally more about endurance and luck than strength, so even if Howard was throwing the comps like he said, that doesn’t guarantee anything moving forward. If I were Aaryn and knowing there is a good chance of an endurance competition this week, I’d much rather face a 200+ lb guy than a yoga instructor.  Big guys just have too much weight to hold up, and they always struggle on endurance.

The ironic part is, last night even Amanda said that muscle is not a big factor in competitions, then a few minutes later mentioned that Howard needed to go because he’s a strong player.  When these competitions turn into Survivor competitions, then worry about Howard.  For now, worry about the good social players, or the fit thin people.

Elissa and a pawn

Elissa would seem like a no-brainer to me, simply for the reason that she absolutely hates Aaryn.   No matter how Aaryn tries talking to her, Elissa either ignores her or gives her a rude, snarky reply.  Sure, Aaryn is a pretty mean person and you almost can’t blame Elissa for it, but when someone hates you so much she’s willing to nearly destroy her alliance to get you out, that’s a red flag.  Plus, Elissa can’t play in veto this week, so this is the prime opportunity to get her out of the house before she goes on a Rachel-like winning streak of competitions.

McCrae and Amanda

Here is the dark horse power move that nobody would expect. Aaryn said she wants to make a big move this week, get some blood on her hands, etc, well this is your chance. Sure, it will likely be Big Brother suicide because Amanda and crew still have the numbers to take you out next week, but there is no denying the strongest social player in the house right now is Amanda.  Also, if you do this, you have a solid 5 alliance moving forward (Aaryn, Spencer, Howard, Candice, and GinaMarie).  This is probably the best move to make if you want to go big and win it all or go home trying.

Right now I think she’ll choose option a, but this is Big Brother.. expect the unexpected.

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  1. Comments (83)

    They get what they derserve for not voting out that racist bitch, but I would not honor my deal with Amanda, she needs to go home, so sick of hearing her talk, and watching her and Mccrae, what a hoe bag, and Helen is annoying as hell also, hopefully america will put up either GM or Amanda,sucks for Elissa not able to play pov.

    • Comments (624)

      Get rid of GM, Aaryn, Amanda. All 3 are ugh

      • Comments (45)

        What about the coup d’ete. If Howard and spencer goes up what if one of them win it. Also Howard has to step up and start winning POV and HOH, to stay in the game

      • Comments (143)

        Nope, winning and trying to win is what gets you sent home and put on the block for being a strong player. Smart players know bb is a social game, that is why the comps are made randomly diverse for different skill sets on purpose. Ie.

        -Elissa wins MVP 3 weeks and is on the block for 2
        -Aaryn wins HOH with Jeremy and goes on the block next week
        -Kaitlyn wins veto and almost won HOH twice and goes home because people felt threatened
        -The best way to win BB is to throw all the comps, take all the money, say you are utterly worthless to everyone and pretend to be all weak and pussy while being secretly conniving and stabbing people in the back when they think you are too dumb. This will prevent you from being labelled as smart or a good social player. Dan and Dr. Will both figured these out pretty good, Danielle was good at that. Evel Dick, he is a great player but I don’t know if that would work again, he had a daughter in the game and that was a big advantage. But it still follows the basic principle, instead of not being eliminated for being weak he was not eliminated because he was so hated that people thought he could be gotten rid of anytime.
        This season has no obvious smart players so my bet is another jun hung lee, someone who just slips through the cracks and no one remembers like a helen or jessie

    • Comments (2)

      I so agree about amanda! she “directs” the others to her game plan.

  2. Comments (23)

    Also the important is AMERICA’s Vote.IF GM is voted,that will be more dramas.

    • Comments (624)

      UGH! If I hear any more NYC, Brooklyn, Jersey, etc. crap out of her mouth I’m gonna go throw a rock through the window of my local pizza joint just for spite…lol

  3. Comments (1)

    Does anyone know if Jessie/Judd are officially in a showmance? and also am i the only one disappointed that Jessie gets like a minute of screen time every episode…

    • Comments (624)

      I think Jessie blew it (no pun) from the get go when she acted like she had all these men to choose from talking to Kaitlin the first week. As weeks tick away, she quickly became this insecure clingy type that they joke about in the house. Judd may not go for her, but I bet Spencer would if she let him.

    • Comments (2)

      no, she came in as “pretty” one, only to be reduced to “average” when the other women were shown.

      • Comments (160)

        I was so turned off by her arrogance and narcissism during her BB 15 interview. Now, she doesn’t bother me as much. I like the fact that she’s a wildcard.

        I’m starting to get annoyed with McCrae and Amanda. I think those two need to split up. I would prefer Amanda to go because she’s really good at convincing others to vote her way. If McCrae leaves, she always has Andy to manipulate.

  4. Comments (624)

    Totally random and OT, but to go off on a tangent here’s my order of hotness of ladies left in BB house. Like to see your ranking or discussion:

    1. Elissa (gorgeous (with and w/o makeup) and athletic. Probably marries for money and high maintenance though). Her older sister…nah not so much.
    2. Jessie (very cute face. needs to mature a tad and lay off the junk food lol)
    3. Candice (pretty face but lay off the heavy eye shadow)
    4. Aaryn (something kinda off about her eyes and hate the attitude. Seems like a spoiled brat that got everything she wanted, and will likely seek a rich guy to marry into.)
    5. Helen (very intelligent and level headed)
    6. Ginamarie (you may think you’re the cat’s pajamas coming from Joisey, but it didn’t give you good looks) She has a voice like Howard’s mother on Big Bang Theory. I wouldn’t do her even if I was guaranteed nobody would ever find out.

    • Comments (2)

      Is this just based on looks or…? because if it is, Aaryn, even though the attitude, in the house is the hottest (maybe second to Jessie)

      • Comments (624)

        Looks wise, I like Elissa better than Aaryn. She has some weird looking eyes and just blah without any makeup.

    • Comments (768)

      I think I would have liked your assessment better if you had described your take on their game skills rather than their physical attributes. We all have eyes. Just sayin’.

      • Comments (624)

        Game skills, I’m pulling for Elissa or Helen. Both can be crafty…

      • Comments (1076)

        Two bad about all the woman bashing and disrespect going on in the house. Thank goodness there is none of that in the comments I read here. Excuse me, but do you guys even realize that u are talking about women in a very uncool way. I am sure that all of you have a better chance screwing each other then any of the women you talk so disparagingly about.

      • Comments (1162)

        The guys aren’t alone ……….

        Amanda went on a “woman (Candice) bashing spree” this afternoon.
        All of it without Candice being there to hear it. Naturally……..

        Candice sprayed some of Aaryn’s perfume on herself.
        After she was gone, Amanda claimed that Candice is “so inconsiderate!”
        Coming from Amanda that is just…….. too funny!!!

        Continued her rant saying she wants “to KILL HER!”
        McCrae attempted to shhh her at that point, however with her non-stop
        hatred for Candice, Amanda continued and called Candice “a bit*ch c**t face.”

        It’s long past time for Amanda, the lazy, inconsiderate, two-faced bit*ch,
        to be evicted from the BB House. She is just like Aaryn and the other “Mean Girls.”

      • Comments (160)

        I wanted to reply to your game skills questions because I just felt like it, hehehehe. This is NOT the order of my favourite female players; just whom I think has really good game. For example, I think Amanda has the best game but I don’t really want her to win BB15.


        1) Amanda – She’s smart; and thus, dangerous. Personally, she’s the biggest threat in BB15. When commenters say “she’s not playing the game” it’s really so silly to me. If you’re really a big brother fan, you know what this show/game entails (lie, cheat, make alliances, break alliances, convince others, make deals etc.). She’s like a general and the other players are her soldiers.

        2) Candice – She’s observant. She’s one of the first people to figure out the all boys alliance even when Jeremy and McCrae were starting to drift away (making it less obvious that they’re working together).

        3) Helen – I would have put Helen to second place because she’s so easily moved by Amanda that she’s kinda downgraded to third place. I also find that sometimes she’s way out of target. She’s still smart and can convince others to vote her/Amanda’s way (i.e., Nick’s eviction). She and Amanda have similar personalities in that they are both personable. Both of them know that this is first and foremast, a GAME. They know how to be sociable with their friends AND enemies. They are always looking at the bigger picture.

        4) Jessie – She’s starting to play the game for herself – finally. She’s starting to think about how other people’s opinions affect her own personal game, rather than accepting what it being said to her. I didn’t like her OR her game at the beginning because I felt she was concentrating waaaaaay to much on how to get the most attention. I feel like now, she’s slowly stepping up her game.

        5) Elissa – Sweet girl with a scary crazy side. I understand why she was so hesitant to vote out Kaitlin when Aaryn has bluntly said she’s gunning after her. Can you blame the girl? I like that she doesn’t entirely listen to Amanada, and put up Nick instead of Howard. The downside to her is that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

        6) Aaryn – She’s got the 6th position by default because I think GM is not much a game player and I don’t think Elissa’s game is worse than hers. She and Elissa are similar as they are very emotional players. They don’t know how to pick their battles.

        7) GM – A mess. I almost feel sorry for her. I think she’ll make it to jury because she’s so non-threatening, that people are not taking notice of her. She’s an absolute floater that can be “easily” be disposed. Big mouth with no game.

      • Comments (768)

        I like your assessment Kathy. Well written too. I think Amanda’s downfall is going to be that she dictates what HOH winners should do and who they should put up. It would be smarter if she would word her conversations in such a way that the HOH came up with the idea on their own. That way you never have blood on your hands. Eventually people are going to tire of being told what to do and rebel against her.

      • Comments (160)

        Thanks, Rob.

        I am not even in the house, and *I* think she’s being way too pushy and aggressive, and thus, I really want her to leave this week for the sake of balance. I think Andy, Helen and Judd have commented about her being bossy so people are starting to notice. Even though she’s being annoying (to fans and other houseguest alike), she still able to convince them because she’s personable. I guess her sales background really helps her in this game lol.

      • Comments (768)

        And her talent as an actress. I do admit… I would miss her diary sessions if she were evicted… she does the best ones. At some point in a later thread I’d like to hear your assessment of the men in the house. You have a talent for articulating your opinions in a coherent and concise manner and I’d be interested in hearing your take on that! 🙂

      • Comments (31)

        Convince people of what? She is not a threat just sickening. She can’t win shit and hasn’t. Why are you making crap up about how great Amanda is? Is this your game. People please do not listen to this woman. Amanda has not gotten anyone to do anything. She just talks….pay attention.

    • Comments (624)

      Totally forgot Amanda. Put her right before GM. Too manly for my liking…

    • Comments (31)

      You left out Amanda.

    • Comments (1)

      Umm. Elissa big Blow fish lips are gross! Jess has a great bod but she is not *that* attractive, average at best. Aaryn (seriously hate to admit it), Candace & Kaitlyn are/were the most attractive with or without make. And Elissa makes goofy faces from having had too many facial injections and the glue from her lashes is always showing (white) on her lids. IMO she’s waaaay more attractive without all that getup.
      GM has the typical over tanned face of her area. YUCK!
      Helen is attractive too.

  5. Comments (18)

    I hate to say this because I really do like Amanda and her gameplay because she seems to be the only one really playing the game but this would be a good week to get her out of there by aaryn. I do hope Aaryn puts up Howard personally. He’s boring and uses his religion too much. That’s worse then the lying, using religion for anything else but just that. If Amanda were out this week, I just don’t know how much action Andy or Jessie or Howard could give us on the backstabbing and gameplaying. I am so excited about this week though!

    • Comments (1437)

      Amanda is NOT really playing the game – she just has the kind of personality that intimidates others – why they follow her and McCrae I have no idea. She just hides behind the others in her alliance. Her game play will catch up to her soon – the house is abuzz to get her out. In my opinion, the one who COULD really step up is Candice. She seems to know what’s going on, but has not had the opportunity( or guts) to confront the house and put together a good alliance. Could you imagine if Aaryn put up Howard and Candice…the two black people? Holy moly the crap would hit the fan! Aaryn has NO business staying longer than the people she hurt with her bigotry. Shame on the house for not dumping her racist azz last week!

      • Comments (160)

        You’re kidding right? Amanda has one of the BEST games in the house. She’s very observant, along with Candice and Spencer. Muscles aren’t anything without a brain. She has convinced people to do her bidding! HELLO?!?! How is that not really playing the game? Yes, she can be intimidating but that doesn’t mean these people don’t have a mind to make their own decisions. 90% of the time she knows who’s the strongest players in the house on a weekly basis. This is the only week I disagree with her as to who is the strongest player because this week I know SHE is the biggest threat. People might think she’s not playing the game because she’s not winning in any of the competitions; but it takes guts to do what she’s doing. She doesn’t need to win HoH to play the game, and that’s what I admire about her. However I do want her gone sooner than later because Besides, she’s rich anyway with her real estate business.

      • Comments (160)

        **because she’s so good as a player and knows it (almost arrogantly about it too).

      • Comments (1437)

        Do you admire the fact that she convinced everyone to keep Aaryn?? She obviously didn’t have the strongest player pegged to go home this week. Amanda may play a good game(actually if it wasn’t for McCrae keeping her in check she would be going off on houseguests), but I don’t admire that style of play one bit – she does nothing but deflect her devious actions onto others. It will catch up with her. I just wish that Candice would get with it,she is very perceptive, but everytime she shares a confidence some nitwit runs to tell on her to Amanda…can’t wait to see Amanda this week on the block courtesy of MVP – let’s she how she acts when SHE’S in danger because that hasn’t happened yet.

      • Comments (160)

        Yes, I do admire her SMART game play by keeping Aaryn and getting rid of a bigger threat – Kaitlin (week 4). Why would she get rid of Aaryn, when Aaryn is no threat. Everyone knows that Aaryn is a bigot, but that does not make her a strong player.

        Again, this is big brother. People have to deceive other players in order to win the game, plain and simple.

        I mean, I too want Amanda out this week or next but I am not going to hate on her for playing a good game, that’s just silly.

      • Comments (31)

        Amanda did not get rid of Kaitlin…….duhhhhhh.

      • Comments (31)

        Kathy, you are making it waaaaay too obvious that you have been planted on this site to cheer for Amanda. She has not gotten anyone evicted. Amanda is a FLOATER and weak. What has she done? She will not win so do not keep wasting your time making comments that simply are not true.

      • Comments (12)

        Amanda didn’t flip the house to keep Aaryn.. Judd and Jessie did. I know everyone wants to make Amanda the mastermind but if Amanda really got her way, Howard or Candice would have been on the block.

        Jessie pushed Judd to make Kaitlyn the target and Judd mandated that is what he wanted as HOH..

        Just saying..

      • Comments (31)

        I totally agree. Amanda is a floater. She has not masterminded anything. Not one person listened to her.

      • Comments (31)

        Kathy, what game are you watching? Amanda simply suggests who to put up. Judd and Helen both made their own decisions. And it was not what Amanda wanted. You seem to be falling into her trap too. She has power over McCrae and that is it. She has not gotten one single person nominated.

      • Comments (160)

        You know, I was going to let your comments pass by considering how simple minded your answers have been; but I believe I would be doing others a disservice allowing such comments to go unanswered.

        Can you explain the game rules of Big Brother to me? Define “game play” in the Big Brother house because I feel like you and I have a different idea how Big Brother is played. Amanda is not controlling the house by means of force, it’s because she’s persuasive. She’s got what she wants this week by getting Howard and Spencer up for nomination, isn’t that power? You call her a floater, and yet others see how dangerous a player she is.

        Winning competitions don’t mean anything unless you have a game plan to execute it with. Big brother is like those Russian glass dolls with numerous layers in it. There is the competition aspect and most importantly, a mind game aspect. You can remove all the competitions from Big Brother, but you cannot remove the mind games. That is where the true game is played.

        Why does it bother you so much that I commend Amanda for her gameplay whilst also WANTING her OUT of the house? I think it’s funny that you think I was planted here to cheer for her lol. I would love to get paid for “cheering” any of the players on; but, alas, this is not the case.

        I’m guessing you’re either a person whom sees the world black/white or a troll.

      • Comments (528)

        Amanda isn’t playing the game because she’s intimidating others into doing what the wants? Newsflash: THAT’S PLAYING THE GAME. In fact, it’s kicking the games ass. Seriously…what do people here think “playing the game” actually means? It’s isn’t chess, it’s Big Brother.

      • Comments (31)

        Who did what Amanda wanted?

  6. Comments (316)

    A M A N D A to win Big Brother 15 ! Woot Woot!

    • Comments (38)

      I thumbed down your comment, but if it makes you happy, there’s a conspiracy theory going around that Amanda’s name is already on the check. She apparently is friends with the producer of the show. There’s also a resume (could be fake) online that says she worked for CBS perviously on another reality show. Elissa has said to one of the house guests that she’s not staying to the end she needed to be there for a certain amount of time to get a different prize (not sure if that’s her game play or if it’s true). I have also heard elsewhere (not from live feeds) that Elissa was a distractor so that attention would not be on Amanda as she picks people off quietly.

      • Comments (16)

        I saw a posting on another site as well saying Amanda put in there for the win.
        She is friends with A.G. according to rumors and that whistle blower letter was out and about before Amanda was becoming hated and noticed so much

        So who knows eh!

      • Comments (38)

        Do you think the theory is true? I didn’t believe it at first but there’s a lot happening that makes me think it is true or at least was true at some point. That fact that Elissa was already on a reality show, the resume (although it could be doctored), the comment Elissa made to another house guest, and then Kaitlin going home (Howard’s last chance at an alliance) makes me think that it’s true. Also, the fact that Amanda’s vile comments are never aired or mentioned (you can only hear them if you watch live feeds) makes me think that something suspicious is going on. Here are links, tell me what you think:


        I couldn’t find Elissa’s statement, but if I do I’ll post it.

      • Comments (195)

        That was quite interesting. Loved on the one it said Superior communication skills and phone manners. That blew me away…..ya she sure does think she is superior when she communicates her vulgar remarks lol.

      • Comments (178)

        Interesting “rumors” and speculation about Amanda. Only time will tell. If Amanda ends up winning Big Brother, then we’ll have some certainty that the show is rigged instead of only theories and conjectures. One can be a “friend” of the producer and be given a coveted spot on the show, thereby guaranteeing at least a few weeks of being paid to do basically nothing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that person’s name will be on the final check. Personally, I find it extremely hard to imagine that the whole house isn’t aware of Amanda’s tactics by now and that they would willingly continue to do her bidding all the way to the finals. Just saying…

      • Comments (282)

        On the pages listed by Rocky it says Amanda is an actress also and with people stating that when in the DR they are told by production to do certain things like keep people(Howard) and not do other things ,the show is starting to feel scripted in the way that some of the house guests are plants ment to do productions bidding.More so this season than others.Any thoughts?

      • Comments (768)

        For sure production influences the game. They have ratings and public opinion to consider. AND I’m sure they have someone who monitors websites like Bean’s to garner public opinion to set the tenor for the game. The last thing they want to happen is that the show gets cancelled on their watch because of poor ratings.

  7. Comments (3)


  8. Comments (162)

    Amanda needs to go……….then McCrae and then Helen sick of all of them

  9. Comments (7)

    Amanda’s sense of entitlement & laziness trump her speedy gameplay. Do McManda ever get out of bed & interact with other houseguests other than to smoke, eat, and do last minute coniving? Let’s see how long it takes them to try to get under Aaryn’s sheets. Doubt it will work this time. Wish Howard would get into the game but it may be too late. I”d like to see Amanda get MVP’d and watch her squirm – it may also make some of the other houseguests open their eyes & see how she controls the house. The vacuum that would occur if she disappeared would be gleefully awesome. Watch the rats scramble. I think Aaryn will honor the deal she made with Helen but who will Helen want to nominate? H & S are the easy picks. I have no tolerance for Aaryn’s horrid remarks & Amanda is right behind her along with GM. BB must have clued them all in. And what about the rumor that AG has a history with Amanda, that Amanda has been favored all along? Makes sense the way the season is unfolding. Amanda’s prejudices are tolerated while Aaryn’s are all over the news. hmmmmmm.

    • Comments (26)

      I 100% agree Amanda is a mean spirited individual. she keeps her racist comments undercover, unlike Aaryn. Aaryn is so immature and thinks she is Gods gift. Little does she know she no longer has a job.
      Back to the evil Amanda, why does she have it in for Howard n Candice? its because they r black, huh. She tries to run everything and I hope Aaryn turns on her n Helen. If she does choose to put up Amanda n Helen, it would be such a game changer, hopefully Amanda would be voted out.

      • Comments (1076)

        Amanda seems to be fine about black people. She just says racist things about Puerto Ricans..LOL…

      • Comments (12)

        Candice is not without sin here… she makes stuff up and then spreads it around and when confronted with it, cowards down beneath the covers. that is Candice’s only game. She has brought nothing to the table except being protector of her man.

        Howard has wanted Amanda out 1st week. BB is about surviving in the house so if you are targeted you fight back. Cudos for Amanda for doing just that.

      • Comments (651)

        Amanda AND McCrea on the block! Then GM as the third. Now that would be something to see.

    • Comments (239)

      Completely agree. What’s different from Amanda saying Howard would taste like chocolate and watermelon and Helen would taste like egg flower soup and eggs rolls and some of the things Aaryn has said?

  10. Comments (231)

    Well, well!! Aaryan as HOH and Amanda picks the noms again. Oh, Elissa and Aaryan talking normally and E saying that she is happy for Aa winning. I wanted a shake-up but but I’m a little befuddled and not so bored any more. I would really like to see Spenser go bc he is so vile. Helen using Elissa to cover up her blabber mouth was interesting but dangerous—- wonder if Amanda or Candice will figure it out.

  11. Comments (5)

    I’m sorry but I missed something… how come Elissa can’t play for POV?

  12. Comments (1)

    Do you know what time the nominations ceremony will take place

  13. Comments (191)

    All Aaryn needs to do is keep her deal. The two she nominates will not matter since the MVP vote will likely be the one going home.

    She keeps her deal and makes the stronger side happy. No blood on her hands.

    They may hate her but they understand they need her there.

  14. Comments (1)

    It kinda sucks how many competitive people/threats were out too fast in the house. I feel that theres going to be to many floaters left in the end. Hopefully Howard isn’t next.

  15. Comments (65)

    I think she’ll most likely put up Spencer and Howard. Amanda definitely should be the third nominee based on all the comments I’ve seen on Facebook and other sites

    • Comments (12)

      Why is GinaMarie’s actions and words not condemning her? Aaryn is the devil but GM just gets a pass and was by FAR the worse mouth in the house when it comes to racist slurs.

      I don’t get. I don’t understand how so many of you have such a double standard.

      Any of you on N*word insurance, as GM likes to call it? Her nails are looking a bit torn up, better get Helen on that GM. Don’t get her started because you will see the ‘black’ come out!

  16. Comments (768)

    If Aaryn really wants to shake things up for the week she should nominate Amanda and Helen…the two people she had promises to and hopefully the third nominee is Elissa as the MVP.

  17. Comments (453)

    Expect the Unexpected : America chooses all the nominations and who goes home for one week, houseguests play for pov so they don’t whine all week and we choose the have nots.

  18. Comments (41)

    Beans…great job, best game analysis so far. I do the same thing for every HOH. I have maps that are remapped every week. On thing though, when Amanda calls Howard a strong player, she doesnt mean his muscles. She knows he is playing the game and manipulating the others just like she is. She is trying to elliminate the threats to her game not muscles. Now Elissa came in with a plan just to elliminate muscle….she needs to go, but noone trust her, so Howard is in line first.

    As for everyone that is being HURT (Sadie included) by anything going on in the GAME, they are playing a game, one that is under cameras 24/7 again being controlled by producers for a TV Show…..just a reminder you can stop watching at any time. Please do, so the strategist and game players can enjoy it!

    • Comments (10)

      Yes! Kudos to you! It’s almost unfair to have America be the MVP because so many viewers/voters don’t understand what you just so clearly explained!

    • Comments (160)

      Am I the only who thinks that Spencer is more of a threat than Howard, mentally-wise? He seems more conniving. I feel like he only game talks once he’s analysed the whole situation before sharing it with someone (namely, Howard).

    • Comments (528)

      You still don’t seem to understand the point behind why hate speech needs to end. Sticking your fingers in your ears doesn’t stop racism, sexism or homophobia. Ignoring the problem just adds to it. Wake up and stop being part of the problem.

      • Comments (1076)

        You need to boycott Fox new and Rush Limbaugh. Hey, and how about Iowa rep. King who said this week that all immigrants are drug mules…Lady, the HGs’ bulls&it is small change compared to the crap being peddled by the important players in real life, not a silly tv show.

      • Comments (528)

        So that means dismiss everyone else for what they’re saying? What about the smallfry people I meet in every day life? If one of them drops the n-bomb I should just ignore it because, hey, it’s not like they’re “important players” right? Wrong. NO ONE should get away with bigotry, I don’t care who you are.

        Get with the program, dude.

      • Comments (41)

        You will never know how much I understand. You never really know everyones situations. You first have to understand the word FREEDOM….its for everyone, good or bad, most people seem to forget that. You cant have your freedom without them having theirs. As soon as you critisize someone for their speech, you are no better than them. It is a choice to give them their space as it is for them to allow you yours………all the “ism’s” in the world wouldnt be there if everyone realized this. You cant force anyone to see, say or be anything without taking freedom to do the same from yourself.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah? How “free” do people feel when they get followed around in stores because of the colour of their skin? How “free” are people who aren’t allowed to marry the person they love even though they are both consenting adults? How “free” are people who will never make the same amount of money for the exact same amount of work because of what’s between their legs?

        Your “freedom” of speech costs a lot of other people the freedom they deserve, just so you can spew hate or make jokes at another’s expense. Quit arguing, friend, you only make your ignorance and privilege more obvious.

      • Comments (768)

        You have a way with words Sadie!

      • Comments (1276)

        Preach it girl! While I do think everyone needs to do things like boycotting Fox News as well as the idiot Rush, we also have to stand up and say that it’s wrong when people degrade others based on their skin, sex or sexual orientation.
        The Producers did not get those idiots to say the horrible racist comments they have made, they have chosen to not only speak and think that way, but also to say it while being recorded 24/7.
        I am able to see the difference between someone disliking someone for their actions, and saying so, and someone discriminating. I don’t have a problem with someone saying someone is being a bitch, when they are being a bitch. However, referring to females as bitches because they are female, is wrong. Me calling one of my best friends a Queen when he’s twirling aroudn the room, is one thing, me calling all gay men Queens would be wrong.
        People need to learn that part of the problem is the generalization, not always the words. Speaking out is all of our duties, as not Americans, but at humans. When someone drops horrible racists comments in front of me, they will damn sure know that I am not ok with it, I’ve walked away from friendships do to that kind of behavior, I will NEVER be a person to be ok, no matter if they are a heavy hitter, someone at work, someone in the grocery store or someone on BB.

  19. Comments (624)

    Hopefully they can get rid of GM this time around and get rid of Aaryan Nation next.

  20. Comments (191)

    Beans I saw in an earlier post that your cat is named Brady. Did you name the cat after Tom Brady?

  21. Comments (96)

    Didn’t the house call a truce on who would make it to jury? I thought Elissa and GM were not on that list, so why aren’t they going up?

  22. Comments (77)

    I would like to see Amanda as MVP this week. I would like to see her actually put forth some effort to be in the house. We would probably see a side of Amanda we haven’t seen before. It would make for some excitement in the house I think. Also, I would like to see her go so that the last couple would be broken apart.

    My picks to go home this week would be Amanda or GM. I want to see people left that are playing the game. Not someone who lays around all the time never doing anything but sending her minions to do her job for her (Amanda) and I can’t stand GM’s mouth any longer.

    • Comments (45)

      even if she was on the block she going to start a rumor about the other nominees and not go home, but i really hope they backdoor her.

    • Comments (651)

      The best move to shake things up would be to put up Amanda AND McCrea. Then stand back and watch Amanda meltdown.

      Come on people you know it would be fun to watch.

  23. Comments (45)

    Howard not in a bad position, if he is nominated with spencer, he will win the POV or if america votes for Amanda for the third nominee everyone might backdoor her. Also in a couple of weeks there will be a double eviction.

  24. Comments (45)

    Everyone please vote for MVP (which is the third nominee)you can vote up to 10 times. I voted for Amanda already. vote fo Amanda

  25. Comments (45)

    I think the best liar in the big brother room is ANDY he has everyone fooled. But im rooting to howard.

  26. Comments (239)

    It seems like from week one Amanda has been honorary HOH. Every week she has been laying in the bed, wearing HOH robe. Getting people to put up who she wants. Mcrea quit playing the game when Amanda moved into his bed. Maybe if she’s gone he will start playing. She’ll probably win because no one seems to see her running things. Also people hate Aaryn for her ignorant remarks but does anyone care that Amanda said Helen would taste like egg flower soup and egg rolls or Howard would taste like chocolate and watermelon? That sounds par with some of Aaryns comments. I am not a fan of either but Amanda is playing hard.

    • Comments (651)

      The things Amanda has said are disgusting. What kind of woman would wish another woman to be raped but make it so she couldn’t scream. Of course Spencer said the screaming doesn’t bother him…

      • Comments (1276)

        I seriously almost vomited reading that. I’ve heard bits and pieces, but I had no idea that was the extent of it. Ok, while I did like that Amanda was somehow able to be HOH and control all votes, even though she can’t win crap, she’s right there with GM and Aaryn, and Spencer just got right back to that list as well.
        Who did she say those things to, and in front of? I just want to know so I’ll know whoelse to root against.

  27. Comments (74)

    Aaryn won…….wha wha whaaaaat? LOL Normally a person like myself against a person like Aaryn would go bat shit and announce my vow to never watch BB again but at this point it’s f’n comical to me.

    I must say when BB15 started I was actually rooting for Aaryn because she was a cute Texan and I’m Southern and I thought OH LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH A Rachel clone is in the house. But my feelings did a 360 and I’m actually liking Elissa why? I don’t know lol. I’ve got a 50/50 like/dislike for Amanda and I did like Mccrae before he started getting “lucky” and now he has Amanadaitis and seems too cocky at times.

    I’m not sure of Amanda’s obsession to evict Howard, I so would rather Spencer hijack himself out of there. He’s creepy and his stories of his girlfriend are misogynistic!!!!!!!

    So for how I’m feeling about the HOuseguest:
    Elissa ~LIKE~
    Helen ~LIKE~
    Howard ~LIKE~
    Judd ~LIKE~
    Jessie ~EH~
    Andy ~EH~
    Amanda ~50/50~
    Mccrae ~50/50~
    Spencer ~CREEPS ME OUT~
    Candice ~INDIFFERENT~
    Aaryn ~ANTI~

    GinaMarie ~WHO?~

    • Comments (5)

      I think you mean your feelings did a 180, a 360 puts you right back where you started =P I liked Aaryn at first as well then she opened her mouth and a whole pile of crap poured out. I didn’t like elissa at first because she just seems so fake to me. She doesn’t seem anymore real to me now (sorry Elissa) however I feel for the amount of crap she has had to put up with just because of who her sister is. I also think it was a bit unrealistic for her to go in thinking she could keep it from anyone, she looks so much like her! Not sure who I am rooting for at this moment, I think Amanda is playing the game but I think she needs to back off and get her own HOH win for once or get out, I just can’t handle her game play anymore. I really want Spencer gone, he just flat out creeps me out, I can’t even watch him. Not much t say about the rest right now either because I can’t stand them (GM) or haven’t seen enough of them (andy)

      • Comments (74)

        D.martin for some reason I was thinking 360 as a turn around oops lol. I don’t think Elissa is fake but has that awkward personality where she doesn’t know how to socialize. Rachel and Elissa both have that spoiled brat mentality which is annoying but I can’t help it I like Elissa. I thought it was stupid for her to think BB fans in the house wouldn’t recognize her but also it’s stupid to think she should have to tell everybody. It’s like having to tell everybody your sexuality or religion when it’s really no ones business. Being Rachel’s sister doesn’t give her an advantage.

        Something about Elissa makes me think she knows how to play the game in her head but when she tries to talk she stumbles and makes her sound stupid or fake. I think that family holds grudges far too tightly and they need to get the f over it. Rachel fixated on one particular girl too.

        OMG I’m so happy I’m not the only one that gets the creeps from Spencer. I just picture him standing over Jessie while she sleeps, breathing hard LOL>

        I hope HOPE he goes home! America better not vote for Elissa again I think keeping her in the game makes it interesting. I like when enemies stay in the house and hash it out!

  28. Comments (20)

    For maximum drama, Aaryn should nominate Howard and Candice. When she announces those nominees and is expected to give her reasons for her choices, she should simply say “because”.

    • Comments (39)

      That would be funny, but she should just put up Spencer and Howard, and if one of them wins POV put up Candice in their place. The only thing that would derail that plan is if GinaMarie gets the public nomination, but I fully expect Elissa to get the public nomination again because there’s so many morons out there who just don’t read the simple rules.

  29. Comments (216)

    Yeah, so if Aaryn’s big move is taking out the black man in the house, she might as well just go ahead join the Klan when she gets out because that’s the only place she’d be welcomed.

  30. Comments (651)

    WooHoo! Looks like Amanda is a Have Not. Guess she has to get out the HoH bed now.

  31. Comments (33)

    I think Aaryn should put up Howard & Amanda and just tell Amanda she is a pawn, since everyone in the house wants Howard gone.She can win the POV and take herself off the block so Howard can’t take himself off.She needs to get her hands bloody if she wants to run the house.POETIC JUSTICE(send Amanda home)

  32. Comments (1)

    Im so disappointed with this season of Big Brother. As much as I dislike Aaryn I was hoping she would win HOH just to create some drama in the house. Too bad shes going to likely waste her HOH and go with what the “house wants”. Im so bloody sick of what the “house wants”. I was looking forward to the MVP twist but its clear the producers made a huge mistake when thinking that one through. Once Elissa kept winning they had to do some quick thinking. Having the viewers vote for MVP while it may shake things up, I feel takes away from the integrity of the game which is to vote eachother out. Borrrrrrrring borrrrrring borring! Did I mention boring? Haha, but im a true fan through and through so of course ill be finishing off the season. Lets just hope things get interesting from here on out….

  33. Comments (65)

    I find this season to be actually really good. So much drama already and hostility between the HG’s and only 4 people have been evicted. You can’t deny that a lot of events that occurred have kept you on the edge of your seat!

    You may despise Aaryn, but her HoH win wasn’t expected at all. Almost anybody can leave this week.

  34. Comments (6)

    It would be a super long shot for Aaryn to trust Howie or Candice seeing how she doesn’t like or respect them as human beings let alone possible allies. She would rather stay with a group where she is a low man on the totem pole than making a big move and solidifying a strong alliance by masterminding getting McCranda on the block. I’m honestly starting to believe the rumors that this season is rigged. Why is everyone checking in with Amanda and following her like sheep?!?!?!?

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