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Big Brother 15 – Another One Bites The Dust


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Let me start by saying, this is the most out of touch I’ve been in the Big Brother house since the first week.  I feel awful about it, embarrassed and ashamed as a blogger.  I’ve bitched enough about my personal issues but they should be fully resolved by tomorrow and I can give you the super insight you’re used to!

One thing I’m fairly certain on, almost to a 98.9% certainty is that tonight is an endurance HoH competition.  This means you won’t see the winner on the CBS show, and you’ll have to tune in to the live feeds or keep up here to get the spoilers…. or you could wait until Sunday’s episode, but who wants to do that?  What is this, 2004?

Since I’m in a better mood today, I wanted to start off with something great….

Click here if the embed doesn’t work

Sure, the fad has been over for months, but when you’re living with a bunch of people cut off from the world, sometimes old fads are all you can do.  Next up, the macarena.

On to the house… as I’ve posted a few times this week, paranoia is spreading like crazy in the house. The MVP twist is finally working like it was supposed to on day 1, as nobody can accept it’s America’s vote even though it’s been brought up a few times by people.  Amanda is on a hardcore ‘Judd is MVP’ train and quickly gathering people on it.  Elissa is just Elissa, and the rest of the house is just scrambling for votes.

Spencer has been doing a lot of the dirty work, and I think it should be very entertaining if and when Howard leaves the house tonight.  He (Spencer) has had some pretty heated arguments with Amanda over the past 24 hours, and I don’t think they’ll be kissing and making up any time soon.

Meanwhile, America’s sweetheart, Aaryn has somehow formed mini alliances with Judd and another with Amanda and crew.  I think the house underestimated her social game because they all apparently forgot she was the biggest bitch in the house for the first 2-3 weeks.   I still don’t think she can win, but she should end up in jury which was unheard of just a few weeks ago when her alliance was crumbling.

I’m still working on catching up on the feeds I missed over the past 2 days, but I expect my eviction prediction to be as accurate as it typically is!   I will be posting that later today, but if something comes up in the house, I’ll update this thread and re-link it to facebook and twitter.


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  1. Comments (191)

    It’s going to be too bad if Howard goes home. I like it when Howard speaks and nobody can understand him, including Judd.

    • Comments (77)

      I had to laugh after the speech. I know the speech did not have the impact Howard was hoping for but I thought it was hilarious at the amount of time spent talking and thinking about what Howard was up to. Not just one houseguest but at least 75% of them.

      Little does Howard know that he accomplished something, just not what he intended.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think that some people just aren’t cut out to play BB. I like to watch, but don’t think I would be a very good player. I get the alliances, manipulation, and the lying. But what I don’t get is everyone running around saying “it’s not personal” and then saying some of the most vile, hateful PERSONAL things about each other. Helen claims to play a smart, clean game but wait until she gets home and really sees what Amanda has been saying about her, and especially Elissa. I used to like McCrae, but that he can sit and listen to (and laugh at) Amanda’s sick mouth makes me lose all respect for him. And I am so tired of them masturbating each other under the covers – enough of them CBS!!
        BB is kind of a sad microcosim of our society today…do anything, say anything and screw over anyone for the almighty dollar and to make good TV.
        I am a fan of BB – but I don’t don’t like this one particular season. It started out on the wrong tone with the racism, and has just gone downhill from there. Yes, there have been some pretty ruthless players before, but I don’t recall any of them being bigoted and just plain personally as mean as they are this season.

  2. Comments (158)

    I just don’t get Howard. How can a youth counselor be THAT inarticulate and non-sensical in his speech? Surely he has lots of experience speaking in front of small groups….so what the hell??

    • Comments (1162)

      Howard’s televised DR comments from yesterday’s show were just fine.

      Perhaps he finds it difficult to talk in front of a group like this BB House and who
      could blame him?

      IMO, every single house guest understood exactly what Howard was saying during his
      kitchen speech, however they’re all so guilty of unfairly dissing him that they were afraid his comments
      were being directed at them, personally. Guilty Consciences ……….

      • Comments (453)

        My thoughts exactly, by using this method of speaking he is saying you are guilty without coming right out and accusing, which is smart on his part to not have the wrath of them on him.

      • Comments (158)

        I don’t know, his televised comments were rambling nonsense to me. I think I understand what he was trying to say but not for sure. Even if I do, it was worded really poorly…even Spencer could see that.

        I’ve seen him make good speeches before…like his apology speech up in the HOH room after the Moving Company was revealed. But lately it’s been awful. His one-on-one conversations are great, but his public speaking is just awful lately.

      • Comments (651)

        Can you say MindF*@k? What better way for him to shake up the house where everyone is absolutely sure they know what is going on and really have no clue. They are now all asking “What?”

      • Comments (357)

        I soooo agree with you!

      • Comments (768)

        He may not be as eloquent as some people, but I certainly got the gist of what he was saying.

    • Comments (71)

      I 100% agree with you Kecker. If Howard gets evicted 2nite, it will be interesting to hear his interview with Julie.

      Kecker: August 1, 2013 at 9:39 am : I just don’t get Howard. How can a youth counselor be THAT inarticulate and non-sensical in his speech? Surely he has lots of experience speaking in front of small groups….so what the hell??

    • Comments (357)

      I think Howard is playing “his” game with that speech. Keep em guessing. I think. IDK LOL He does speak very well during his DR time, so this has to be some type of plan of his.

  3. Comments (53)

    well glad to have you back ! because… “they said they wanted me to go to rehab, i said no, no, no!” lol

  4. Comments (1446)

    Good to have you back, stevebeans.
    OK, here goes… I know that America knows that Aaryn has said some pretty awful things in the house(and I don’t condone them), but will they ever find out the truly horrible things that Amanda says?? Like that Elissa sounds like she has Autism(and then acts it out), or that she would like to see Elissa killed and then have her body assaulted?? Amanda is truly the one who is intolerable. Aaryn and GM are idiots who say things because they are ignorant, but I think Amanda knows better and is just a dreadful excuse for a grown woman.
    Also, we had a discussion here yesterday about this – how many of the HG’s take Adderall in the house? Between that and the cig patches, I don’t think any of them are thinking clearly. None of the ones that I have heard discussing Adderall(Amanda and Aaryn) seem like they need it.

    • Comments (407)

      The editing has been pretty harsh on Aaryn. GM, Spencer and Amanda have escaped the CBS wrath pretty well. (note: not that Aaryn didn’t deserve it, but she doesn’t deserve to be the scapegoat of the drama)

      • Comments (231)

        I agree and was surprised that Aaryan was the only one, besides Gm, shown to be racist. That being said, she still denies any culpability and blames Candice for her being seen as racist. 🙁

      • Comments (651)

        Agree and CBS needs to be called on that. Especially since the rumor is Amanda is a ringer–a friend of someone in production and pre-chosen to win. Do I believe it? At the beginning I didn’t but now I really don’t know.

      • Comments (48)

        Any chance Amanda is related to Evil Dick? Such a resemblance. I started out rooting for Amanda because she knows the game, but I’m grieved at her derogatory comments. Now I don’t know who to root for. This year’s cast hast much to be desired.

      • Comments (21)

        Welcome back Stevebeans, I missed you and I’m praying for yourself and family. Thanks for great BB blog. You’re the best! = )

  5. Comments (22)

    Please get americas vote out of the house. This game should be decided by the players in the house not people watching on tv. Dont let america ruin someones game.

    • Comments (158)

      I think you may get your wish sometime soon, but probably not for the reasons you cite. Probably more likely that having three on the block just isn’t sustainable for more than a few more weeks.

      • Comments (624)

        Exactly. It might as well come down to the “on the block” haves and have nots. You gotta cut the number of nominees down or it will become out of proportion.

    • Comments (357)

      I have become so skeptical of (CBS)BB Producers. I’m not even sure they count or look at the votes. I think they just choose the person that will entertain the most. Sad, because I would hate to think that this is rigged in any way. Also, As much as I can’t stand Aaryn. I think that it is VERY unfair that she has become the scapegoat for others like her. CBS should call everyone involved out on this. If your going to ruin one reputation, then you have the moral obligation to ruin them all! IJS

    • Comments (21)

      I disagree as allowing us to vote really shakes things up! Lol. I love it!

  6. Comments (1162)

    Stevebeans, you were missed and you had our support.

    Welcome Back!!!!
    : D

  7. Comments (1)

    “America’s Sweetheart” Hahaha! Good one Steve

  8. Comments (41)

    Welcome back x10……was getting worried. Can’t wait to hear a true analysis of the past two days. I was starting to think maybe the house being so old, 15 seasons, has CO2 or Radon gas seeping in causing all this craziness. Started to look at the meds too or production giving too many hints.
    I was all for Americas vote, but now its not worth it.

    • Comments (651)

      Come on don’t you want to put Demanda on the block for the next 3 weeks? Yes it is mean and evil doing it not because I think the HG’s will get smart and vote her out but just want to see her go bat crap crazy.

    • Comments (21)

      I love that Americans are voting since 2e know who should go or noy! It’s awesome and priceless to see Amanda on the block. I hope you all voted? We need a shake up in BB as at the rate it’s going, it’s so damn boring. Amanda is freaking out and I love it! I actually want her gone before Aryan and Helen. Next week I’m voting Aryan and and after that Helen needs to be out!

  9. Comments (2)

    I would love to see a twist. How about bringing back a cast member. Make it Jeremy and the fun will begin with watching Amanda and Helen squirm. Maybe he would have the guts to put up McCranda and America would vote Helen! That would make for good TV!

  10. Comments (195)

    Sometimes life throws us curves Steve and you have to deal with it at that time. So never worry that you are not doing your job here. We appreciate everything you do and taking care of your family must come first. You are awesome and glad to see you back!

    • Comments (195)

      Forgot to add. By you making your family a priority it shows us again just what a great guy you are! Would have you as a relative in a heartbeat!

  11. Comments (58)

    I agree with what the others are saying… I don’t think Howard should be going home… I would LOVE to see a last minute flip and Amanda get put out on her Kiester!!! Would Mccrap make a demanda shrine??? OR would he actually scramble to do his own gaming and not really care or be relieved thats his Keeper is gone and enjoy some freedom??? LOL anyways… At this point Howard’s the prettiest person in the house to look at…hehe

    • Comments (1162)

      Let’s hope the Game Lethargy is a sham and what we’re witnessing is really the

      IF the Game is truly on and Amanda is voted out, I think there will
      be loud cheering and/or applause from the audience.

      Imagine the HGs reactions hearing that uproar when
      Julie hasn’t even announced the vote outcome to them……..
      : D

    • Comments (651)

      I’m beginning to think McCrea is only playing dumb pizza boy. I know, I know but watch him and his face when Demanda is going on or off (as the case may be). He’s almost like a showbiz parent watching their kid audition. Could he be using her? Could he be that smart? Could he just be a float through life pizza boy? We’ll never know until he and Demanda are separated.

  12. Comments (58)

    I noticed last night that Amanda has been wearing Spencers conway wampus cats shirts….huh??? Doesn’t Spencer have that Awesomely wonderful gf back in Conway?? I live not that far from there and Ill tell ya, Ar girls don’t take to that so good… lol

  13. Comments (58)

    Oops..correction…I meant Aaryn… Too many A names…

  14. Comments (45)

    When howard leaves tonight he should hug jesse, GM and candice give spencer a hand shake and forget everyone else especially helen and Amanda

  15. Comments (1)

    some please tell me what Howard has done to the house. he has not tryed targeting anyone in the house and try’s his best to make friends, while ignoring the racial comments. Just because u see a big dude doesn’t always mean he’s a threat. He hasn’t won one comp yet. the only comps he has a chance at winning at in the future is endurance. and there arnt very many of those.Another thing is what Helen started on last nights episodes. Candice is strong and brave enough to confront Helen. she says she is not running the house which we obviously is being on an alliance with every in the house but Howard and spencer. She is controlling the votes of this week being afraid to make a big move and getting Amanda out which has also trying to force nomonies down the HOH throat. After Helen is done with Candice, she storms off to the HOH room immediaty telling Arryn she is okay with Candice going up and then says she is going to tell Candice she tried to keep her off. WTF? U just complained about Candice spreading rumors and now u r????? Get Helen, and Amanda out!

  16. Comments (71)

    It’s probably just me… but when I watched last night, it seemed as if most of the HG look better in their appearance than they did when they first came in. Helen, Jessie, Andy, Judd, (don’t tar&feather me – Spencer & Aaryn), Howard and especially McCrae — in my opinion they all look great! In my opinion, Candace & Amanda & GM look the same as when they first came in the House and in my opinion all three are attractive in their appearance — especially Candace – I think Candace is very beautiful. I like Elissa – but I still don’t understand what’s going on around her mouth area – In my opinion …. when she was seen on TV last night, her mouth area looked unnatural as if something happened (maybe an accident to her face on the show?) – ? and in my opinion it seemed as if she wasn’t shown too much during the live show or in taped clips during the live show last night? My favorite part of the show last night was the clip of Andy and the angry bird.

  17. Comments (18)

    I know everyone is hating on Amanda, as I do not get the live feeds or hear all the ignorant stuff she is saying but I still stand by that she is playing the game best. Candice is just running around playing the victim and when she tries to go talk to Aaryn or Amanda or anyone, she just winds up bullying them or just walking away when the argument doesn’t go her way. Then blows up at Howard when that’s the only person on her side of the court. I don’t think she understands how to play this game whatsoever. She’s gotten on my last nerve personally. I know she’s been attacked in the house with all the ignorant racism stuff and my heart goes out to that but maybe this house is too much for her. She takes everything way too personally and has to try to remember she’s there for the 500k, not to make a boyfriend or friends or take on the racism issue of America. Play the game if you want to move forward Candice! And who knows what’s up with Howards and the mumbling. Maybe both of them are just losing it a little mentally. Andy cracks me up because he sure is in every conversation or shot in the show.

    • Comments (651)

      Hit YouTube and you’ll see the real Amanda as well as the others. It has to be incredibly difficult to be lock in a house with these horrible people. The game is hard enough without the overt racism and add to the fact that all these people seem to want is to make it to the jury so they are willing to let Demanda and McCrea dictate what they do. Candice also knows that the her and Howard thing is a friendship and someone to support you in the house. That’s why Demanda telling her that her relationship with McCrea was so much more, blah blah middle school, blah blah. It didn’t bother Candice.

      I think Candice came to play and win and that’s what’s scaring everyone.

      • Comments (1)

        I’ve seen posts referring to the YouTube clips of Amanda and her true colors. I’ve searched and have not found anything of the sort. Can someone post a link, is like to see them. She was my.fave in the beginning but I cannot stand her now… Much the same as with most of this cast unfortunately

    • Comments (151)

      I agree so much. Amanda might be a racist jerk, but she is playing a good game. She won’t win though, Helen will vote her out eventually. She’s too powerful socially and soon enough people will see that.

    • Comments (40)


  18. Comments (4)

    I know that Aaryn has made mistakes earlier in the game. But think about this. How many other contestants have made homophobic and racist remarks? How many other houseguests have attacked women in the house? Aaryn and GinaMarie seem like the only ones that are going to have to do damage control when it’s over with. Aaryn made a smart move this week by putting up Howard and Spencer. It keeps her in the house one week longer and gives her the ability to show that she might not be a total bitch. I have not heard her make one single racist remark since Kaitlyn and Jeremy left the house. Maybe she was just acting that way to form a better alliance. Bad way to gain someone’s trust, but you never know. I’ve also noticed that she actually is trying to fix things with Elissa, and Elissa simply won’t allow it. I’m by no means an Aaryn lover, but this is all truth.

    • Comments (7)

      She was not just acting that way. I believe after all the public backlash that came after her comments and action that they told her in the DR to calm it down. She has been too different since Jeremy left, no coincidence, they must have got on her about it.

  19. Comments (357)

    There are 2 outcomes after tonight’s live eviction:
    Howard or Candice will leave and the house will continue the way it is until the “Circle of Trust” is all that is left. Or SOMEHOW Amanda will be evicted and the entire game will change.

    This is my theory should there be a game change. McCrae’s cockiness will dissipate just as fast as it did when Helen ran to get him when Spencer and Amanda were arguing (TRUE COLORS were shown there). Wasn’t shocked to hear he said and did nothing when he stormed out the house. Helen and crew will scramble for new alliances because the Queen B is gone. Aaryn and GM will plot with the “strongest” alliance to be allowed to stay up until Jury. That place must really be nice. And Howard, Spencer, Judd, Candice, and poss. Jessie may become a force to be reckoned with. That is if they can use the brains and brawn that they were blessed with. IDK

  20. Comments (151)

    arryn is racist, but if you put that aside, she is an ok game player. she probably won’t be up on the block next for next’s too bad she’s scum of the earth personality-wise because i’d probably be cheering for her. I love a good underdog story. A

  21. Comments (1)

    Was Aaryn on a cell phone in the Have Not Room?

  22. Comments (31)

    I am definitely starting to believe this game is set up by CBS! Whoever Amanda knows at CBS must be protecting her. It is unbelievable that the other houseguests are too stupid to see what is really going on. Amanda does not win anything, has not participated in many of the veto games (coincidentally, and will probably NEVER get evicted. Also, Helen just seemed to dump her alliances and join up with Amanda to make one big alliance. The other houseguests do not even have a chance. They are calling the floaters “threats” and you haven’t heard shit from Elyssa (the planted HG) lately. None of it makes sense. They are quick to trust Aaryn and quicker to distrust Howard. Howard, Candice and Spencer never had a chance of winning and it is quite obvious. It surprises me that so many bloggers seem to believe the HG’s lies also. Look at the live can see what is happening. The real game is being played by “CBS” on America!

  23. Comments (10)

    Just letting you know if you didm;t already, the harlem shake video was removed due to copyright

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