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Big Brother 15 – My Break Is Over; Feeds Are Back



Well, that was a pretty nice break after a summer of blogging the feeds.  The live feeds were off for about a day and a half due to the Judd eviction that we watched tonight, but now that the west coast has seen the episode, we’re back and trying to find out who is on the block.   I’ll give you some updates and see if we can figure it out.  It won’t be easy because right now they’re talking about absolutely nothing….


9:00pm – Spencer, McCrae and GinaMarie are sitting around the living room wondering what Porsche, Adam and Rachel talked about during their final 3.  Fun stuff


9:10pm – McCrae starts doing some shout-outs knowing that BB after dark is probably on.  Hopefully they’ll clue us in on what happened, but now we get to watch fish because of these names he’s saying.

9:20pm – McCrae walked by the memory wall, and only GM’s key is in it….  Not sure who won PoV, but the nominees for the week are:

Spencer and McCrae

(bad news for McCrae)

9:40pm – Houseguests sitting around making stuff up knowing that the feeds were off.  They said that there was a Pandora’s Box and the reward was for Andy to spend time with Jeremy, and the punishment on the house is that they couldn’t.

10:00pm – I guess it’s a quick night for me, feeds are incredibly boring, off to bed.  Hopefully I’ll get more info on veto tomorrow.  I’m not 100% sure they even played it yet


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    McCrae and Spencer are nominated, which most likely means GM won veto.

    According to Joker’s, GM’s key was in the wall.

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      OOOOO..this should be interesting. Guess McCrae is going home

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      Vow, I can’t wait to see Spencer’s face at the nomination!

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      Are you sure they have done the Veto comp? Could McCrae and Spencer be the original noms?

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        I truly doubt that Andy would have nominated Spencer originally.

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        The original nominations are irrelevant. They could have left GM off the block originally so she would be less motivated in Veto comp.

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        Then shouldn’t have Andy not nominated McCrae so then he wouldn’t feel motivated?

        Andy and Spencer have both said that they want McCrae out before the final 3, so your point doesn’t make much sense.

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        True, but maybe Andy has started to doubt GM/Spencer. Folks at Jokers saying the veto is out hanging by the memory wall, sounds like veto ceremony maybe not done yet.

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        Good point. However, McCrae is looking really upset, and Spencer is saying, “If” he stays for next week.

        I guess we’ll just find out tomorrow.

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        They might let something slip between the Elissa insults. So much for everybody who thought Production had warned them off the subject.

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        I just checked, and the veto stays on the wall even after the ceremony. I just looked back at the Amanda/GM fight on Wednesday night, and the veto was still hanging on the wall, even though the ceremony had taken place. I don’t know why the keys are still in the slots though…

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        Pretty sure the veto comp will be live.

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        Last year the veto comp was not live, and they had a two-day eviction like we had today, and will have tomorrow.

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        Sadly if there were any doubts this wk proved nothing is live they even say on after dark that they were pretending to still have five people in house when there is only four so they can fake the.live eviction that was a quote pretty much between andy the ungrateful and spencer coast and be a pawn till the end!!

      • N2Wishun

        Yes they are the original noms. I’m watching BBAD now and DiSpencer was telling Andy that he bets GutterMouth will be fighting like a beast for the POV tomorrow. I think it will have something to do with skating because McScummy was saying that he’ll probably be going home because he can’t skate and even though GutterMouth is banged up, she is very physical.

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        Am I the only one noticing GM and Spencer have.their hands all over each other and keep goin to kitchen to hug? they were lying on the couch and she started scraping something off the crotch of his pants with her face two inches from it and he didnt even move away all he said was ” watch ya got there sweetie?”

        Did i miss somethin? Is GM really Marylyn?? I also heard him say she was ” putting on” her staten Isl accent.

        And what did Judd do that meant they had to do a full day of bullshitting and saying they were pretending there were five in the house when it was really four?

        Oh and I thought Judd looked a little wasted but he gets.called into DR and they FORGOT.TO SHUT HIS MIC OFF !!!!

        Its supposed to be night as its after dark but u hear him say “Good Mornin” and a womens voice says good morning how are you doing now? then the give him meds and he says can I get my next one around 4pm….totallly blowing the whole this is supposed to be After Dark but its really daytime!

        Between GM and Spencers foolin around and Judd obviously getting booted out early ( just a guess but he was throwing a fit before everyone started talking nonsence) I dont know what to think?

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      Andy won POV I hope GM votes off Spencer.

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      Not only did “the rat” win HoH, but he won PoV too. He told McC he was going to sleep on it and decide what to do with the PoV tomorrow…likely he won’t use it and McC will be reunited with Amanda tomorrow night.

      • Jaded

        this is probably the most boring BB EVER in history! I would vote for Spencer before I would vote for Andy, I cant stand that cry baby. I say we call this year of BB “year of the Bloated Floaters”!

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    Easy play for Andy. Spencer is obviously the pawn here. If Mccrae didn’t win veto, he’s gone. Andy should win bb15.

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      Is it really Andy’s best move to take Spencer? Would the jury give their votes to Spencer or Andy. And would they give their votes to McCrae or Andy. Would the jury vote for GM over Andy…..makes more sense for him to get GM out.

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        Who would Spencer tickle on the couch and kiss in the bathroom if andy sent GM home then? Just when did the two of them start hookin up?

        Did anyone hear what GM said to the boys a day or so ago about Kaitlin and how they should have just passed her around and g—-banged her? And people thought Erin and Amanda said bad things??

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    Was there ever a worse season?

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    Im starting to think spencer is renom and gm won veto spencers acting way to happy and chipper

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    andy is the BIGGEST actress..

    crying/swinging his crossed leg/and he isnt even a “REAL” professor…. he is like a sub, not full time.

    he would like you to think he teaches at Harvard!! Ha Ha. what a complete asshole!

    Spencer—- NEVER have I seen a guy grab the “boys” so much or PICK his nose——ewwww

    Can you imagine his girlfriends habits?? DOUBLE EWWWWWWWWWWWW

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    You all should be watching BBAD the things they are saying is making me sick at my stomach still bashing Ellissa as always and what they said about Howard
    and Candice what has happen to Big Brothers having to sit here and listen all
    this crap and not do anything about it sorry television what they said about
    Howard and Candice in a porn movie. And they want one of them win this year.

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      I am gonna have to start calling Spencer “Butter” because he is certainly on a roll.

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      Oh, please! They were making joke porn titles out of their names.
      BIG DEAL!
      (and it is true that elissa mostly has Rachel’s fans)

      Here are some highlights of your complaint:

      “joking about a p*rn movie being made by Howard and Candice.
      Spencer – “Eating candy”
      Andy – “45 minutes in candy land”
      Spencer – “Howard the f***”

      They start talking about the Brenchel Army
      Andy – “Who gives a f***”
      Spencer “I don’t give a f**”
      Andy – “They will all be here to congratulate her on her 6th place”
      Spencer says he’s glad that everyone has their friends but Elissa was using someone else s fans. THey start joking that Elissa’s website is full of viruses.

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    Does anyone else think Spencer is a pig and has no respect for women Marilyn I feel bad for you to know your boyfriend is such a douche bag

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    How come they have not shown people going to the jury house like they are in previous seasons? They only showed when Candace, Judd, and Jesse went there.

    • Avatar

      I have been wondering the same. Julie teased “a look into the jury house” for Thursday’s show so perhaps we will get some info. I have a feeling the jury is not going to be vindictive in their judgement. Helen has been there a long time and has probably drilled a respect for the game into her fellow evictees. She has had a lot of time to work on Jessie and Candice. Aaryan entered in a dazed state after her interview with Julie and probably sought solace by bonding with the other jurors. Helen will have had less time to work on Amanda and Elissa so there is where the bitterness might arise.

    • Avatar

      May be there’s too much clean-up work, too much bickering and cursing, for CBS to acquire just 10 minutes of broadcastable video-clips.

    • Avatar

      They are going to to it tonight.

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    WHY!!!???!!! WHY OH WHY!!!?!!!
    Every time I decide to choose a person they disappear. Boohoo hoo hoo for me! I’m ready to fall on the floor kicking and screaming about now! No way will I keep food down if GirlMalfunction, Smackoff or Ratatouille win! Argh!
    The only thing I so hope happens right about now is BB does interfere by giving a Pandora’s box and mysteriously saves McCrea. I can’t believe my bleeding eyes this has unfolded the way it has! I don’t watch because I feel it’s just too much for my kids to be exposed to, then the players change where I believe it’s safe, then this happens!
    Awww rats!

    • Avatar

      The Academy has presented the “most dramatic post” award to JILL. Congratulations on behave of BB fans everywhere.

    • Avatar

      And how horrible that these disgusting losers get REWARDED for their ways… If I had kids I wouldn’t let them watch this shit. CBS really should be responsible for either encouraging this or not putting some stop to such gross behavior. It’s ruing a game I love so much.. These a-holes (and CBS) are really stomping on the Big Brother BRAND!!

      GM said some disgusting racist comments, Spencer is a waste of time and some of his comments towards women are scary, Andy should be ashamed of himself as ‘the educated one’.. yeah right. And McPussy just seems to follow along with the crowd. I just think its just so disturbing that one of these nuts will win a half million.

      Was cool seeing Ian though. A class act and he seemed like “get me away from this mess”

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    POV winner is Andy or GM

    McCrae was asking Spencer if he’s going home and Spens said he doesnt know what “HE” will do?

    so if Andy won POV then GM will Evict McCrae tomorrow…

    the POV Cerm will be LIVE tomorrow cause when it happens the Eviction has to happen also…

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    Andy won the PoV but they haven’t had the ceremony yet. He is telling McCrae that he is going to sleep on it…translation, noms will stay the same and McCrae will get his walking papers tomorrow night…all hope of a fairly decent person winning is gone….who,ever is in charge, please PLEASE PLEASE cast more mature, less vulgar, mean-spirited people next season!
    Better yet, pull out that reset button Julie teased us with earlier this season, press it, and fill the house with people who don’t think it is fun to bully others and who don’t think it is okay to continuously degrade people for whatever reason! I would love to spend my fall routing for someone decent to take home the title of BB winner. Or maybe you could use that time travel comp to go back to casting and rethink the final selections for BB15 HGs!

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    I hope Spencer wins. Andy can have the 2nd place money. GM was too mean and so stupid with the crush on Nick. (barf!)

    I just voted at cbs.com for Howard to get the fan favorite money.
    Please join me. (remember how he tried to lose that one food comp, by throwing the mess in aaryn’s face? that alone was priceless)

    • Avatar

      I voted for Howard as well susie, I really don’t want Spencer to win.. He seems like a closet pervert and if he gets money in that amount he’ll run amuck..ewww

    • Avatar

      I agree that Howard should get the fan favorite. His only mistake was not speaking up when the racist comments were made. Unfortunately no one speaks up in this house. I know there are a lot of all year Ellissa fans out there but she is not worthy. She was not the most vile person but she did have her moments regardless if she felt like she was being attacked first. She was condescending at times and self absorbed. Her tantrum resulting in saying she would not go to the jury house speaks volumes about her character. I’m sure that University of North Carolina University was cringing because she wore the jersey during most of her “questionable”behavior. In terms of deserving the money or not. That is not the point. I think she has much bigger plans to use the exposure on this show to engage in self promotion. Which is fine.She definitely has a built-in advantage with her sisters turn out the vote campaign. Having the money also helps because like it or not people with financial resources can outsource the voting. What that means is they pay people to sit at computers and vote multiple times. This happens a lot when people are running for local or statewide beauty pageants.

      • Avatar

        That is exactly how I feel! Elissa wasn’t the worst…but she was still bad….she was passively nasty, whereas the rest of the house just came right out and said it

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    While some may be having BB withdrawal soon, may I suggest you find online episodes of my favorite (of all time) reality game show:


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    McCrae will be evicted on Thursday, with the F3 being, Andy, GM, and Spencer.

  16. Avatar

    CBS you really should be ashamed !!! I used to look forward to this show, but tonight was tough to watch. I feel like I am condoning the behavior by even watching these idiots. C’mon CBS, enough is enough !!!

  17. Avatar

    And the bashing continues…what are the odds that they’ll bash during the finale show? Despicable people.

  18. Avatar

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities”

    Any similarities to the BB HG’s or the posters on this blog are purely intentional. Or, as in the great words of my Attorney, the great Alberto Gumbatz, “This circus is the only life we got, so learn to walk the tightrope and balance your balls.”

    • Avatar

      “Traces of nobility, gentleness and courage persist in all people, do what we will to stamp out the trend. So, too, do those characteristics which are ugly. It is just unfortunate that in the clumsy hands of a cartoonist all traits become ridiculous, leading to a certain amount of self-conscious expostulation and the desire to join battle. There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blasts on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us. Forward!”

      —Walt Kelly, June 1953

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    It is looking like Andy is going to ride The Pests Co to the end. If McCrae thinks of it he should point out that Helen and Elissa were always trying to get a Womyn’s alliance going and might favor GM if she makes it to the end.

    Spencer is happy as a pig in slop right now. It will be interesting to see him lobby for a win in a F2 situation, kind of like George Foreman’s sparring partner claiming the title because he was beat up so much.

    Andy has it booked if he wins the final HoH, I think he should win over any of the other 3. Andy might realize that neither Spencer or GM will take him to the F2 if they luck into winning the final HoH. Saving McCrae with the promise of a mutual F2 is his only route there without winning the final HoH.

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    Even Gina Marie should be able to grasp right now that Andy & Spencer are in love and will take each other to the finals(Andy because he knows he’ll beat Spencer & Spencer because he’s stupid). McCrae should be working GM 24/7 promising to take her to the final 2 and making it clear that if she picks him they can work together to get Andy out. But something tells me, like Judd, she would stay loyal to the idiotic Exterminators to her own demise.

  21. Avatar

    Andy must be “servicing” Spencer……

    they are both disgusting..

    • Avatar

      your comment is disgusting.

    • Avatar

      Your comment exposes your homophobia. Andy is FABULOUS, deal with it.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I didn’t want to believe that homophobia was playing a big part in the Andy hate here, but I’m changing my mind.
        Sad, so many still can’t accept a sassy gay man.
        90% of his comments are hilarious! Not to be taken seriously be the thin skinned Elissa fans.

      • Avatar

        Nothing fabulous about such a rat regardless of who he sleeps with. He dresses like a 12 year old and cries like a baby as though he is loyal to everyone he has stabbed in the back. Nobody I would ever want to win. I prefer none of the exterminators win, but if it had to be one of the three left, I prefer it be the one who called the whole house cock a roaches when Nick was voted out!

    • Avatar

      Seriously, you said you were done but you leave disgusting comments like this. ‘sigh’

  22. Avatar

    First of all….watching the feeds while Andy is eating is PAINFUL! Can the man NOT chew with his mouth closed?!?!?

    Second….Spencer, Andy and GM are PATHETIC! Nice Final 3!! They are fixated on putting other people down…and they are obsessed with Elissa! Turn the page and play the frigging game!!!

    Third….Spencer is absolutely disgusting! He is a sexist pig! The stuff he says on the live feed! OMG! I hope Julie plays some of his “finest” moments for him on the finale! What an embarrassment!!

    End rant….

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    Now while Spencer has made some really stupid comments, that is no reason to talk about his girlfriend as if she’s desperate or just as bad as him. I’m sure he’s different with her and maybe even pretty funny. I really wanted McCrae to win but that’s pretty much down the drain. I seriously HATE saying this but I guess I want GM to win because after hearing all the nasty things he’s said about Elissa I just can’t stand to look at him. I mean she may have been annoying but what exactly did she do to deserve all this bashing? I feel bad for her. I thought she keep her composure very well considering the horrible things that were said to her in the house. Andy just keeps on initiating the conversations too, it’s driving me crazy. I don’t think Spener deserves to win diddly shit but looks like he’ll be getting some money. *sigh* big brother needs to step it up next season or I won’t watch.

    • Avatar

      U cant reason with these rabid manhating rejectz. Bet cha Spencer well liked and loved by many at home. If the silent majority ever spoke up, these whiners would run n hide 🙂

      Fuck Julie Chen lol

  24. Avatar

    He’s I meant Andy

  25. Avatar

    Andy in the final 3. YUCK. This is the worst and most boring BB season yet.

  26. Avatar

    CBS DO SOMEThing! Please let MCcrae stay!!!

  27. Avatar

    I am not getting to worked up yet over Andy winning it all, Remember his final Good bye speech to Amanda, he told her he voted her out, I said then well there go his chances for the win, I doubt he has many friends in the jury house, and if gm and andy are the final 2 I think it will be close at best, and I even think if it is andy and spencer, spencer could pull the win, I am kind of sad McCray will be leaving, he has worked hard and been stressed to the max……

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    Can I just vote for Ian to win Favourite Player? :/

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    I’m hoping GM heard Judd’s comment about saying he would vote for Andy or Spencer in the finals. She is not as stupid as she pretends, and as Judd has already been to jury house she may think all the evicted guests are thinking this. She would be smart then to remove Spencer, that would leave Andy with no chance at final HOH and her and MC at final 2, and she thinks nobody would vote for him because of Amanda. Let’s hope she has some New York smarts

    • Avatar

      GM is not book smart, but she is street smart and it has helped her in BB to get this far. Unfortunately choosing a winner doesn’t rely on their morals, just game play. We don’t like them for their disgusting, constant bashing of other house guests and their family members but the jury is going to decide on game play, unless they are vindictive.

    • Avatar

      Why wouldn’t Andy have a chance at final HOH? All three play in the first part of the 3 part final 3 HOH.

      • Avatar

        He does have a chance.

      • Avatar

        Hey Shirley. Did I suddenly go deaf or did the Jury house, led by cheerleader Helen, seem to be leaning heavily in Andy’s direction? And, with McCrae out he even has McCrandas 2 votes. Andy seems pretty hard to beat to me.

      • Avatar

        Yes, suzyq, the jury seemed to favor Andy and appeared to be looking at tactics and not personalities. That little Exterminators confessional will work in Andy’s favor with McCrae, if McCrae was feeling betrayed. Even Andy admitting to Amanda that he voted her out helps his cause. However, if Spencer or GM wins HOH, either one could turn on Andy and send him to the jury house.

      • Avatar

        Because nana10 is an idiot.

  30. Avatar

    I voted for Howard to win favorite player. He truly earned every penny by not punching Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer and GM in the face and clinging to his faith to see him through!

    I have ahd trouble pulling for anyone this season after Howard, Candice and Jessie left. McCrae was the only one I could hope would win at this point, not because I think he earned it, but because he has been the only remaining houseguest who openly belittled anyone due to their race or sexual preference. He also tried to get Amanda to back off of these same comments several times. Could he have done more? Sure, he could have! They all could have done more to stop what was going on in that house. But bashing Elissa (even after she was gone) was more important than doing the right thing.

    I have a hard time rewarding anyone who totally abandons what is right in thier efforts to move foward in the game…. which is why I cannot support Andy! Even Evil DIck knew those boundaries and operated within them. You never saw him threaten to kill people in their sleep, make racist comments, make degrading comments about women or snide remarks about kiddie porn! None of that is good game play to me!

    I no longer care who wins this game. I only watch it now because I truly want to see what happens when every one of these losers go back to their real lives and find out they have no jobs! Or find out how truly hated they are by America. Or find out just how many of their friends and family are truly disappointed in them! I hope their time on this show prevents most of them from every moving forward in the way they had hoped. And I hope Aaryn, Spencer, GM, Andy and Amanda all manage to get the mental help they need……obviously whoever is treating all of them now needs help too! The meds they keep/kept getting from the DR are not working!

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    Final 2 who wins….?

    Andy/Spencer…Hmmm Jury is on to Andy, Game play points maybe? Spencer probably, Helen already said she would have to give it Sp if he got to F2.

    Andy/GM…Hmmm pretty sure the girls are going to give it GM, we know Judd will.

    Andy/McCrae…Hmmm do you really think Am could be helping Mc…don’t think so, she is probably turning them off any votes for him.

    • Avatar

      WTF were you watching? Helen was praising Andy’s game play. None of the jury even mentioned Spencer, he was a non-entity. They were all impressed with Andy. Amanda was pushing McCrae which the others thought was insane, especially Candice, who hates Spencer and GM. If Andy is in the F2 he wins hands down. Please go back and watch the 5 minutes of TV with the jury which just about spelled out the ending.

    • Avatar

      We all know that McCrae was history the minute Andy won POV. You are like a day late and a dollar short. Why are you still including McCrae as having a chance? Please go back to the transcript of Thursday nights show. The 1/2 mil is Andy’s to lose only if he screws up the next two comps.

  32. Avatar

    Out of the four left, I would like to see McCrae win but I feel like he would not do anything with the money to better himself. If not McCrae, I would like to see GM win. She has been very nasty at times but I do think that if she is made aware of the things she has said she will be embarrassed and apologize. Out of Spencer and Andy,, I can’t stand either one but I would rather see Spencere win over Andy.

    I feel so disappointed that here at the end of the season I am having to choose between these four. This is the first season ever that I do not want anyone of them to win. I am the type of person that between any two groups (like football) I can always pull for one that I favor over another. I find it to be hard, I don’t want any of them to win.

  33. Avatar

    I think if Spencer and Andy make it to the end they will vote Spencer as winner cause Andy has turned on all them..But it could go the other way with them voting for Andy since he did turn on them and stayed.

  34. Avatar


    • Avatar

      McCrae as America’s Fave? heh

      He needs to win a year’s supply of coffee, so he does more than sleep his life away. Maybe an all expenses paid trip to the free clinic as well to make sure Amanda didn’t give him something…

    • Avatar

      I agree…STOP YELLING! :p

    • Avatar

      I also doubt any of the HG are wealthy. With the exception of perhaps a few of the season’s HG, I’m sure as soon as they earn a hundred bucks they’ve already charged up two hundred. So typical of people these days.

    • Avatar

      Why would I vote for McStinky? He doesn’t even pay his own phone bill and only pays $100 a month rent. He’s 24 years old and is a part-time pizza delivery guy. He had a chance to win $500k for 3 months work but couldn’t drag his lazy butt out of bed.

      McStinky does not deserve to be AF.

    • Avatar

      Why because he was stupid and voted out the one person who tried to help him and Amanda, and she has more class regardless of her needs.

  35. Avatar

    However the final 2 may shake out, here’s what I *think* who would get the most jury votes to win in order:

    1. GM
    2. Spencer
    3 or 4: Andy/MC (could go either way depending how Amanda’s acting in the jury house)

  36. Avatar

    Andy won HOH & POV. He put up McCrae and Spencer. If he leaves his nominations the same, GM will evict McCrae. He could possibly use the veto to save Spencer; thus, giving Spencer the opportunity to evict McCrae. Either way, it’s bye-bye McCrae.

  37. Avatar

    I would like to see how Judd is received at the jury house, especially by Elissa.

    • Avatar

      That would be great! I’d think the jury house would be far more exciting to watch than the snooze fest with the remaining 4 HG.

    • Avatar

      CBS cant show jury house footage…Theres blood n hair n broken nails everywhere! !!! Come on folkz we all know how chix rrally get along, give em enuff time n theyll turn on eachother…. besides theyre sure ratings are down cuz Elissa’s grill be so frickn scary 😛

      …im guess’ n 😀 lol

  38. Avatar

    I’d just love a show to see Arynn & GM’s face when they find out they don’t have any jobs to go home to….priceless

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