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Big Brother 15 – Buckle In, Another Rough Ride To Eviction


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Kaitlin or Aaryn, Kaitlin or Aaryn… that’s going to be the question leading up to the live eviction on Thursday night.  There is no easy decision this week on Big Brother, and it could come down to the last few moments before eviction until they know for sure who to vote for.  As far as the ‘right’ person to evict, it really depends on who you’re rooting for this week.

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If you haven’t really followed too close, two camps are forming right now and they’re trying to recruit people to their respective sides.  One side is McCrae and Amanda, the other is Howard and Spencer.   It’s getting to a Montagues vs Capulets, Hatfield vs McCoys, or Jets vs Sharks situation in the house.  Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but Big Brother is about drama, so may as well hype it up a little.

Here is the basic alliance list for the house so far…

Team McCranda

On the fence but leaning this side

Team Spencward (anyone have a better name?)

On the fence but leaning this side

Hard to pinpoint

I know some will have their alliances different, but this is how I see it right now.  Helen has been pretty tight with Spencer and Howard throughout the year, but also tight with Elissa.  The problem is, Elissa seems to be leaning on the side of Amanda right now, so that’s what puts Helen right in the middle.  Jessie is a complete wildcard, I never know what she’s thinking other than which bikini top she should wear for the day. She’ll likely vote with Judd, so team McCranda has two important pieces leaning their way in Elissa and Judd, but that doesn’t mean anything on a Tuesday.  It only matters which side people are leaning on Thursday night.

One thing is for sure, this is going to be one hell of an HoH competition this week, and it would be in Big Brothers best interest to have an ‘easy’ endurance challenge because it could become epic. I don’t want to see a competition where the guys fall off in the first 30 minutes, I want to see some real endurance… like peeing your pants type of endurance.  I want to be up until 5am watching Amanda, McCrae, Howard and Candice battle it out over a very huge HoH!  Let me have it, Big Brother!

Anyway, that’s where the current alliances stand, but I’ll definitely be updating throughout the week to keep you guys informed of any changes.  Stay tuned for the live update thread when the houseguests are up for the day…   It’s a rainy day here in Boston, so I have nothing to do but blog!

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  1. Charlotte Heaggans
    Comments (162)

    I would like to see Amanda and McCrae split up and see each one have to play the game as individuals.

    • Comments (38)

      I don’t think Amanda can win any challenges, which is why she hooked up with McCrea right away. She’s good at scheming and manipulating, which is why she wants Howard and Spencer out. If she has McCrea win challenges for her and she can stop two people from becoming close allies, she’ll win the game. She needs to go home or McCrea will lose his $500k over a girl with a boyfriend on the outside.

  2. Comments (1)

    Spencward…..u asked for suggestions. Howcer lol I think of doogie houser! (Spelling…mommy brain is beating me today.)

  3. Comments (316)

    I would much rather see Aaryn go home this week and Kaitlin next time.

    • Comments (7)

      Aaryn is no threat to anyone. people hate her so much they will just vote around her and no one will vote for her in the final. they should continue to endure her lie to her and give that bi’otch more time to distroy her future on the outside. even though i cant wait to see the look on her face when she finds out what she’s done to her self when she leaves the house.

  4. Comments (137)

    Only thing is Kaitlin has a better chance of getting HOH than Aaryn. I have always said I want to see Aaryn go home, but I am leaning toward the fact that Kaitlin is a very strong player in this game. It would be everybody’s best interest to send her home vs Aaryn. Just need to hope that who ever goes home that the rest of the alliance GM or the other not sent home does not win HOH. I think most of the house want either Kaitlin or Aaryn, so next week the house should be back to one on who they want out. Pending of course who wins the HOH.

  5. Comments (5)

    Kaitlin is the bigger threat and needs to leave ASAP!

  6. Comments (19)

    I agree. Kaitlin this week, Aaryn next week, then GM, then Candice.

  7. Comments (1439)

    Although I am not a fan of Aaryn, Kaitlin, or GM…when they are gone you might as well hand the game to MacRae and Amanda when they are gone. Used to like M/A but they are really getting sickening what with their laziness, PDA and taking over everyone’s HOH room. We all know MacRae is lovesick and Amanda will drop him in a hot minute when the game is over.

  8. Comments (191)

    I would keep Aaryn until the end. She is not capable of winning anything and has no chance of beating anybody. Why would you keep someone that will knock you out?

    • Comments (316)

      …..because Aaryn has a vile mouth and spews too much hate, that’s why.

      • Comments (3)

        That’s exactly why you keep her in. The object of the game is to win 500k…not to evict the person who you dislike the most. Evicting her is not strategic in any way. WWDD…What would Dan do?

  9. Comments (453)

    Has anyone seen Amanda wash a dish or do any clean up? I know she cooks, mostly for the two of them, but other than that and doing their laundry I haven’t seen her do anything else to show teamwork in the up keep of the messy house. I can imagine what Julie and the others think when they do the run through on Thursdays.

    • Comments (316)

      If anyone recalls, Britany was worse

    • Comments (768)

      They’re all slobs from what I’ve seen. Every room has stuff lying on the floor and the kitchen counter is always cluttered up with someone’s last food fixings. It’s a testimony to the immaturity of the lot of them.

    • Comments (137)

      I see Elissa doing a lot of the cleaning around the house. You would think if her hubby is that well off they would have a maid. Guess not.

      • Comments (1076)

        My mom used to clean up before the cleaning lady (Hildy) came so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. Hildy worked for my parents for over 30 years. Hildy used to kid me that she loved to come to my house, “it’s like an afternoon off”. LOL.

  10. Comments (118)

    I’m no fan of hers but I’d like to see Kaitlyn stay just to keep the game interesting but it will be a mistake to keep her this week. Time to go and find your man! Bubye!

  11. Comments (682)

    Call me crazy but I would like to see Howard win POV this week.

  12. Comments (7)

    People are forgeting about howard and spencer, big mistake. with candice in the mix that still leaves 3 showmances in the house, the for mentioned how/cand & judd/jess aman/mcra. if they get together thats 6 votes + 1 spencer. thats at least 5 people fit enough to win comp’s. they could be a force to be reconned with. the rest of the house better step up they’re game.

  13. Comments (1276)

    Hey Stevebeans, when was the last “peeing your pants type of endurance” that you can remember? The last one I can think of poor Dani D was peeing her pants, with E.D. cheering her on.

  14. Comments (19)


  15. Comments (15)

    after all is said and done……. it will be Howard/Candice/Spencer/Helen/Elissa/GinaMarie
    …………sorry Katlin

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