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Big Brother 15 – Candice Is Turning Up The Pressure


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Sunday Evening Update: I like to make a post on Sunday night’s for the CBS viewers who are checking out the rest of the spoilers for the week, but family drama came up, so I am behind schedule.  It’s ironic that I love drama in the BB house, but loathe it in real life.   Anyway, if you’re checking to see what happened this week so far, let me give you a brief recap…

Spencer/Howard nominated
Amanda nominated via MVP vote
Spencer won PoV
Candice will likely be replaced by Spencer

Also, here are some cool reminders….

On to my recap of last night… 

I tried to stay awake and blog last night, but as soon as the house went into a slow moment, I was staring at the back of my eyelids.  Oh well, busy day, it happens.  Luckily no major fight broke out because there is nothing I like better than doing a play by play on that.  Do I have issues for liking that?  Yes, probably.

Turning on the flashback to 11:30pm (you can do it here for a free trial), Candice is chatting with Helen in the cockpit about the different situations that can happen this week.  She is counting votes but needs the support of Elissa, Helen and 1-2 more to get Amanda out this week, and that’s going to be a very tough sell.  The house overwhelmingly wants Amanda to go home, but all but 2-3 agree now is not the right time.  Personally I disagree, as now would be a very good time considering veto is out of the way, and this guarantees Amanda’s strong personality doesn’t enter the jury house to manipulate votes for her friends.

While I’m sure many of the house feel the same way, the problem is they’re all probably thinking Amanda is going to be manipulating the house in their favor once that time comes.  Sorry to break it to anyone who thinks this way, but Amanda is the type who will do her best to campaign against the people who had a hand in getting her out.  She’ll also campaign against the person who got McCrae out if he’s in the jury with her.   Helen and company may agree that later is a better time to get Amanda out, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one to send her to jury.

I’m sure Candice is not going to stop working on votes for Howard, but little does she realize, Spencer is starting a campaign against Candice.  While still a longshot, voting Candice out (she’ll likely be replacement nominee) is much more of a possibility to those who are just floating around.  If Howard has any chance at staying in the game, it will ironically be because the person campaigning the most to keep him is walking out the door.  And that’s why I love watching this show!

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  1. Comments (453)

    I thought that Helen was a smart player, but her choices lately have been, let’s say that of someone not knowing and just guessing. I agree that the smartest thing they could do is get Amanda and Aaryn out before jury or they are just handing the winnings over to them. They have and are blowing perfect chances of evicting both.

    • Comments (39)

      There’s no way Aaryn would ever win, even if she got to the final two nobody on the jury would vote for her except for maybe Gina Marie. As for Amanda, she hasn’t shown the ability to win any competition, so the smart thing to do right now for the girls is get out Howard since he is a physical threat. Helen can easily build up a case to get out Amanda later on.

      • Comments (140)

        How is Howard a physical threat? What has he done?

      • Comments (302)

        Not only has Howard not proven to be a big physical threat his game play is absolutely no threat at all. He’s shown no ability in any skill game or mental challenge and he doesn’t come off as the kind of guy that would hold a grudge on the jury like Amanda would. Howard probably wouldn’t even figure out who voted him out. Judging by his conversations even he realizes that his name has been dragged through the mud so much no one in the house past Candice & Spencer trust him. The gravesites lined with Big Brother contestants who thought they could wait to get the big threats out(Evil Dick comes to mind). I love the big guy but Howard would be Threat Level Zero in my book.

    • Comments (216)

      Helen’s problem is that she let herself get too attached to Howard the week she and Elissa were on the block, so that she was not able to view his lying in terms of the game and instead felt a personal betrayal. And she still hasn’t gotten over it.

      I can’t want to see her persoanl indignation when Amanda stabs her in the back in the next few weeks.

      Amanda will work to keep around McRae, Aaryn, and GinaMarie, the latter two because they have the weakest chances with the jury (Amanda’s trying to winm unlike Helen).

      It’s too bad Amanda has also proven her self so repugnant. Otherwise, she has Boogie/Dan/Dr. Will-ish qualities. But I can’t look past those comments, and now want her gone.

      • Comments (651)

        Helen knows Amanda will stab her in the back. She was talking with Elissa last night about her going next week but then it was like a light bulb came on above her head and she started to realize that Amanda may never be on the block again and this may be their only chance.

        This is the only week for a big move and that would be getting Amanda out. If not, it will never be anything more than The Amanda Queen of Ugly Show.

    • Comments (40)

      peggi I AGREE

  2. Comments (83)

    First they keep racist Aaryn, saying not the right time, now Amanda, how stupid are these ppl, do they realize they are playing for a half million dollars, they better start playing there own game or gget evicted yourself, Aaryn, Gm, and Amanda gotta go, they are loose cannons, Aaryn is a racist, Gm a nut job, and Amanda a lazy hoe bag, im rooting for Judd ir Andy.

    • Comments (651)

      I liked Judd in the beginning but Judd has started showing a really ugly side of himself. And Andy has no game. He has become Amanda’s pet. So unless one of them wakes up and makes a move this week they don’t deserve to win anything.

      • Comments (160)

        Well Andy has said some stuff too in regards to Helen. Calling Helen “Kim Jung Helen Kim.”

      • Comments (1276)

        I missed Judd saying anything bad. Sure, talking crap, but nothing that could be compared to the others.

      • Comments (160)

        Yes it’s doesn’t compare to the AMOUNT of stuff that GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Judd or Amanda has said; although, I don’t know how anyone could make comparisons between racist remarks said by one person and another person. A racist remark is by definition a racist remark. If we’re going to point fingers on all those who’ve said offensive racist, misogynistic and homophobic remarks we should all not be blinded by a player because s/he has said less or that s/he is our favourite player. I’m just putting it out there. skip to 1:29.

      • Comments (231)

        Judd has been ranting that Elissa is the C word and that was bc of Helen’s lie.

      • Comments (1276)

        Oh, thanks for answering me Patricia.
        I must be a little numb to some of the things happening. And I’m sure I’ll get attacked for this, but as much as I HATE the c word, I just don’t see that it compares to what the other house guests have sais.
        Yes, it is a horrible word, but so is bitch. I think most of the time when people use it, they are more or less using it like they would use bitch. I know that isn’t the case for everyone, but for me, personally I don’t find it even close to as offensive as the racist homophobic comments I’ve heard from the others. That being said, I’d probably feel different if someone said it to my daughter. It’s disrespectful and tacky to say, but it is just an insult, at least to me.
        Was it over the whole convo where Helen said they should get Elissa out since it “must” have been Elissa that told Candice (even though it was Jessie and no one has even considered her)?

      • Comments (21)

        The C word is a very despicable word used mostly by unintelligent, uneducated ignoramus’…no where near being called a bitch. Only white trash use that word. And all over Helen’s lie no doubt. I’m over Helen and Amanda as much as I am Aryan.

      • Comments (1276)

        I personally never use that word, and can’t stand it either. I’m not defending the use of it, I’m just saying I think a lot of the time when it’s being used it’s basically a replacement for the B word. Kind of like how “go to H***” has been replaced with the much harsher “F*** off”. I don’t think it’s right, I just think people are a lot looser than they used to be with the words they use.

      • Comments (302)

        Andy is like Amanda’s little lap dog. He scampers from room to room trying to weasel into every conversation and report back to the Queen of the Hive. I’m with you Jackie … they don’t move now they’ll probably regret and deserve it. Ditto on the ugly side of Judd. He has used the C-Word to describe women more than Jeremy ever did but seems to get a pass because he mumbles it with his mush mouth. It’s amazing how each player I had come to root for eventually shows a very ugly side. This is the most unlikeable group I have see on any reality show.

      • Comments (26)

        Humm Andy is very ,much a lap dog. His natural sneaky, creepy behavior concerns me that he is a teacher.
        As far as mumbling Judd, I would be surprise if he could spell the C word. He and GM could you imagine if they had children together = honey boo boo.
        Helen n crew deserves to loose, not voting out Amanda and Aaryn is going to cost them BIGl.

      • Comments (21)

        Couldn’t agree more!

    • Comments (4)

      Judd, Jessie, and Andy are floaters. It would be an absolute shame if they won….

      • Comments (1276)

        idk, i think judd is playing the game. while jessie and andy have mostly just floated from power to power, which is a type of game play. judd seems capable of winning comps and seems to actually look at the bigger picture. i personally think he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for. i also think that part of it is due to his thick accent. i understand every word he says, but it seems like most people think he can’t speak, and therefore, must not be too bright.

  3. Comments (25)

    I feel like I’m going crazy. Am I the only one that thinks that Andy and Howard are the two weakest players in the house. So they are after Howard for being Christian and being quiet all the time?

    And what is soooooo funny is Helen and Elissa need Jessie to get Amanda out but they are all loyal to Amanda right now? Haha. Meanwhile click on Amanda and mccrae can and they are talking about how soon Helen needs to go. And then right before Amanda gives mccrae is nightly hand job (disgusting) Amanda says Jessie needs to go next week. Lol. What is going on. They talk about an alliance they are in to get to jury but then everyone in the alliance wants to vote each other out next week. I wish Helen and Elissa would see this but looks like Amanda might stay.

    I’m secretly hoping spencer and Candice actually have some plan but they prob don’t.

    • Comments (10)

      Candice gave Howard a hand job but no one is calling her disgusting. Howard has never been loyal to Candace, he’s told people that time and again. MC and Amanda are loyal to each other. Candace is going to feel like the fool that she is once she gets back to the real world and learns the truth.

    • Comments (1446)

      I’m thinking that Amanda would love to take Aaryn to the end because she is probably the only person that she(amanda) could beat for the money. Notice how she talks about getting everyone out BUT Aaryn lately?? The house had better wake up and figure that one out.

      • Comments (10)

        You criticie Amanda for strategizing on how to win the game? Ridiculous! Get real. What show are you watching?

  4. Comments (1446)

    Oh how I am hoping that Helen and Elissa turn and vote out Amanda. I did see on BBAD that Helen is aware that this may be the only chance to get rid of her. Please, please, please send Amanda home this week – I really want to see McCrae play alone and Amanda outta there! Her crying last night was AWESOME!! She has bullied and badgered everyone else, now swallow some of your medicine biotch!!

    • Comments (1276)

      I think they will need 5 votes to get her out. I don’t see Aaryn voting her out if it is a tie-breaker. According the arryn’s little mind, Candice is the cause of all of her problems and must go (by this I mean, Aaryn said racist crap about Candice and Candice calls her out). Plus, Amanda is all about some Aaryn, and Aaryn knows it, so why would she help get rid of her?
      They not only need to get Elissa, Helen and Jessie none of which they currently have, but also at least one more to add to spencers vote.

  5. Comments (48)

    I don’t see Howard as big of a threat than Amanda. Amanda has not won any competitions but neither has Howard. Amanda on the other hand has a weapon that Howard does not. She has such a mouth and she is a bully. Howard has never had those weapons and his muscles do not seem to help him either.

    • Comments (160)

      I think competitions don’t mean anything unless you have a plan to execute it with. I think a person who knows how to convince and direct people’s vote is a lot more of a threat than someone who wins competitions; because no matter who wins, their sleek mouth can convince anyone to do their bidding. That’s why Amanda is such a threat.

      I really hope Howards awkward speech sets in people’s minds sooner than later.

  6. Comments (651)

    I just don’t get it. The question Candice should be asking the others “So who are you going to vote for to win–Amanda or McCrea? Because you know once me and/or Howard is gone their is no way to stop them from being the final two.” Or she could go with the “So which jury position do you think Amanda will allow you to have?” Either of these questions will start will start people thinking. And could be followed with conversation about how no one is really playing their own game because they are afraid and what a shame that is.

  7. Comments (231)

    Well, Helen is still weaving her very tangled web n her goal it seems is to get out Mcmanda when there are about 8 people left, as she told E. When Helen told Jess, she was using a hair dryer n I almost blew out my eardrum, I thought Jess would tell someone but she did not. Candice lost her game to Howard n therefore is in the weeds. McC called Elissa a skank whore last night as a result of Helen’s betrayal of E about the alliance which was Helen not E. McC is, how should I say this, a disappointment, lackluster or do nothing blind wanna be gamer who showed grrrreat promise.

    • Comments (216)

      He’s not a disappointment for me because I had zero expectations for him going in. Frankly, I’m shocked that he’s managed to put himself in the Jordan role. Would not have thought that the pizza boy had it in him.

    • Comments (231)

      The thing about jury is that McManda wants to take Aaryan, Gm n Spenser instead of helen or Elissa who are intelligent but not pliable. I really should say Amanda bc she is calling allllll the shots.

  8. Comments (40)

    Helen should be next because she has minipulated the whole house! She is a FREAKIN politician!! How could they think he is MVP why is it so hard to figure out that America is MVP this is the dumbest cast ever im so over it lol but so addicted at the sametime

    • Comments (71)

      >>>this is the dumbest cast ever

      TRUTH ^^^^

    • Comments (12)

      Have to remember the HG have been secluded for almost six weeks now, their perspective of what is the truth is all based on what has happened and said in the house so far, think about it no news paper, no tv, no inter-net. They are in a bubble.

  9. Comments (195)

    Oh my gosh! It is ridiculous how they think Howard is such a threat and right in front of their noses are the 2 biggest threats ever!!! Amanda and McCrea. Helen was so annoying last night on the live feeds telling everyone that Candice is threatening and bullying her. I really just can not wrap my head around how much they are against Howard….oh yes because he says he lies so much. UGH that is ALL they are doing!!! As far as I can see Howard is coming across as a floater. I usually have by this time one or two whom I would really like see win the money. This year I am having a very difficult time. It would be very very difficult for me to award the money to any of the houseguests that have been so horrific.
    I wasn’t thrilled with some of the things Dan did but oh gosh he is a prince compared to most of these houseguests that are left. This is the only year I would probably want a floater to win and I always want the best game player….but, none of the houseguests that might be playing a decent game deserve a dime with what their words and actions have shown America….and it would be a sad day for BB if that happened.IMO

    • Comments (25)

      Howard is the biggest threat cuz he’s quiet and there is something hidden in his Bible lol. Atleast that’s what demanda thinks. It’s funny how the “America is the MVP” theory is completely out the window now that Amanda was nominated. I think everyone on this site called it. They are convinced its Howard now

      • Comments (1162)

        Yesterday, Judd looked through Howard’s personal possessions attempting
        to find proof of “Howard’s special power”.
        What a creepy – nasty thing to do!

      • Comments (71)

        I can’t believe Judd was allowed by production to do that.
        A couple days ago Judd was one of my favorites, but after his egregious backstabbing and snooping I have had it with him. Besides I’m sick of his damn mumbling, it drives me crazy!

        I hope Amanda decides to snoop too and gets BUSTED, preferably by Helen who might wake up after seeing how evil she is.

    • Comments (21)

      All the more reason they should be strategizing more and evict Amanda. Amanda is more vocal at least and Helen’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Very obviously a politician. I personally can’t stand Amanda or Helen even though they’re the only ones playing the game but their dumb! Take each other out and let the games begin!

  10. Comments (40)

    This is the most that I have heard about going to jury going to jury shut up please helen!! I really just cant stand u!

    • Comments (1162)

      Helen’s not alone in the non-stop Jury Talk.
      They are all doing it.

      • Comments (216)

        It’s because they are watching themselves hand the game to McCranda and yet they cannot stop themselves.

    • Comments (21)

      I personally think this is the worst BB I’ve ever watched. For having so many so called educated HG I think their all playing a strange game of “I can’t wait to get to jury”, so they can choose which McCranda should win? I’m really turned off by the lack of real game play and strategizing. It’s almost boring meto tears. Plus I’m outraged at all the racist and derogatory words. I would love to see Amanda go and see some real game play and strategizing without Amanda who is the only one doing it intelligently (but she’s making everyone’s decision) so, I’d like to see what would these dummies do without her. Then I’d love to see Helen found out for being a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Dumbest cast ever!

  11. Comments (21)

    Why on earth is the decision completely up to Helen? I don’t understand why everyone in the house looks to her for the final word.. She’s just stupid if she doesn’t pull the trigger yo get Amanda out. So sick of those 3 running the show. I hope when Howard goes home, Amanda send Helen packing.. She deserves it

  12. Comments (6)

    I hate that they talk so much about jury!! Basically these are not fans. They are just people looking for a paid vacation. It’s pathetic. If Amanda does NOT go home this week, this cast will go down as the cast of Racists and Sheep. In all honesty, I think Andy will end up winning. He is everyone’s best friend even though they have no clue he is snitching all day.

  13. Comments (25)

    I watched everything last night and I really don’t think Candice was threatening them at all. She basically said “hey wake up this our chance to get Amanda (the best player ) out. After listening to Judd and Helen talk for an hour it’s kinda obvious how this is going to go down.

    It’s obvious that they don’t want to be in the jury house with Howard and Candice. They are completely fine with aaryn staying now. And “it’s been Spencer’s dream to be in the jury so I think he deserves that” wtf!!!! I hate all these players.

    I actually like Howard and Helen now cuz they are the only ones that don’t trash talk everyone. U watch mccrae Amanda Andy and Judd last night. Everyone is a stupid bitch. Or a crazy bitch. Or weird bitch. And they said “do the Howard” and acted like they were praying. I understand scheming and lying but it’s uneccessary.

    And does anyone remember that Candice figured out the moving company. Now she is figuring out how demanda and mccrae are running everything. I don’t think it is about saving Howard. I think it’s not fair to blame her for last night. I don’t understand why Helen is mad. Candice is trying to make moves not just get to jury.

    Judd and Helen were talking all star season and possible seasons in future. I think this cast should never be invited back. They should just have BB15 again next year and pretend this one didn’t happen.

    Has any other season had a huge alliance to make the jury? It’s a joke.

    • Comments (453)

      Agree totally, this should be a big wake up call to the producers, why promise them $ when they don’t earn it, they just sit around and squirm just enough to stay in and not be evicted so they can continue being supported by CBS.

    • Comments (195)

      Well said Nick. Totally agree!

    • Comments (651)

      demanda–good one. Can I use it?

    • Comments (1162)

      Well Said!

    • Comments (1076)

      did they really say do the Howard and then started praying. THAT IS HYSTERICAL….Howard is praying his dumb ass right out of the house. Like I said before, Howie treats god like a genie in a bottle. You are playing a game of balancing good social skills(an enormous fail for Howard and Candice) and evasions of truth. Save your praying for when someone is in the ICU, not on the BB block. Religious people seem to have no shame. I am embarrassed for him.

      • You cant be serious...
        Comments (1)

        Howard is not praying to win. He is praying for other things like patience, tolerance, and to be given the strength not to lose his temper(which he admitted he had a problem with before). Do you think all Christians do is pray to God for money and power? O_o

    • Comments (21)

      Candice is the only one who sees what’s going on like we get to know. And they dismiss her intelligence. I wish no one would win this year. Worst BB in history!

  14. Comments (41)

    $13K (jury money) is the 2nd best thing to winning, and much easier to achieve. Can’t blame them for talking “jury” when the odds are so much greater for them to get there than to win the whole kit and kaboodle.

  15. Comments (41)

    And by the way, what is so wrong with “controlling” the house? If someone is smart enough to do it, thereby getting themselves closer and closer to the big prize, then they deserve applause! This is a GAME, and a game with a very big money prize should they make it to the end! Whether it’s Helen, Amanda, Howard —- it doesn’t matter WHO is “in control” — that person is playing the best GAME. Period.

    • Comments (160)

      I whole heartedly agree… BUT I really dislike Amanda’s cockiness and meanness. Thus, I’m cool if Howard or if Helen wins.

    • Comments (682)

      There is nothing wrong with being “in control” of the game but when someone is obviously in control, especially this early, it is smart to get rid of them early. Nobody wants to see the season end with someone coasting to the end we want to see people making big BOLD moves. Not a bunch of sheep.

  16. Comments (41)

    In case you missed last night’s BBAD, GinaMarie came up with a new word (unintentionally, I might add): metacalphorical

    Amanda burst into laughter and then told her the word is actually “metaphorical.” So funny!

  17. Comments (316)

    Andy may just win Big Brother if everyone else keeps fighting.

  18. Comments (1162)

    Come on Candice and beat Amanda to the punch. She plans on attacking you,
    so go after her first.

    Ask the other House Guests, all of them – “Who is the biggest threat to their game?
    Who is the BB 15 Manipulator?” Answer – AMANDA!!

    Amanda is always saying that those who haven’t won are worthless – well, she is in the same group.
    How many HGs has Amanda labeled as “floaters?”
    Amanda is a “floater.” The only difference is Amanda has managed to do her
    floating from everyone’s HOH bed, basically kicking out the HOHs.

    Tell them to talk to each other to find out just how Amanda has been using each one of them.
    What has she said about each of them, behind their backs?
    WHOA! Buckets Full of Crap!!!!
    Once the HGs learn the truth from each other, they can forget about having any misplaced
    “loyalty” to Amanda.

    The truth will free them to play their own game and free them from their silly “fear” of Amanda.
    IF, they truly believe Amanda is “powerful” and they are afraid of her, then now is the time
    to get rid of their fear/her.

    If there ever was a time to send Amanda out of the House, it is NOW!

    Why would they want her in the Jury House?

    Come on Candice!!! You can do it!!!!
    Rattle the House, BIG TIME!
    You have nothing to lose.

  19. Comments (233)

    The floater name was coined by those big-ego, strong-alliance people who got mad when a floater would flip to the other side. But isn’t it good game play to lay low, not cause drama, keep the target off you, assess what’s in your best interest and vote accordingly? Have the loyal strong-alliance members remained loyal throughout? Heck no, everyone gets thrown under the bus eventually. But because of the extremely low character of most of the people who are “really playing the game” this year, I think the floaters may be where it’s at this season. Just a lazy Sunday afternoon observation.

  20. Comments (768)

    I’m sure Helen realizes that Amanda has been campaigning to get out Howard and then Spencer. Amanda hasn’t mentioned any names beyond those two, but I’m sure Helen knows that she will probably be the next one on her hit list. Last night on BBAD she was talking with Elissa in the storage room and was planting the seeds to oust Amanda, but only with her look and demeanor… verbally she was saying they have to get Howard out this week and work on Amanda next week, but you could tell from her body language she was gauging Elissa’s reaction when she mentioned the possibility of evicting Amanda this week. I’m sure as it gets closer to Thursday she will start talking with the other players to see if she has the votes to get Amanda out this week.

    • Comments (651)

      When she was talking about Amanda going on the block the next week she suddenly stopped and the look on her face was great. She had just realized that they may never get Amanda on the block again and this might be their only chance. Then she started going back and forth about voting Amanda. There is still a chance if these people wake up.

      I still say the best move Aaryn could do for herself is put up McCrea. That could mend a few fences. Amanda would lose it and have a meltdown like no one we’ve seen and Candice and Howard would back off trying to get her out. But that would require game play and Aaryn doesn’t seem to have that capability.

      • Comments (768)

        I know. That was the moment that I realized she was gauging Elissa’s reaction to the suggestion of evicting Amanda. I think she may have wanted Elissa to run with the thought, but when she didn’t she went back to talking about dumping Howard this week. Just watch, I’m sure that notion is going to change over the next couple days!

      • Comments (453)

        Helen presents ideas to others because she wants them to vocalize it, thus keeping the blood off her hands.

      • Comments (160)

        Which is a lot subtle than Amanda’s “We need to get (insert biggest threath’s name here according to Amanda) NOW!” Hmmmm good Helen.

    • Comments (1162)

      I watched that part of BBAD. While Helen mentioned to Elissa the possibility of ousting Amanda, it was
      Candice who began that discussion earlier in the evening and at that time, Helen dismissed it.
      No doubt if the plan moves forward Helen will take all of the credit – IF – it is successful. Ugh!

      This group needs to utilize a strategic plan to bring themselves the advantage
      of a Surprise Vote Against Amanda.
      What not pretend to be at odds with Candice? Make a believable show of it and make
      sure the group remains faithful to the plan – NO LEAKS!!
      Is that even possible with these HGs?

      IF they want to save their BB15 game, this is the time for absolute secrecy.

      • Comments (651)

        Yes this is the week for a game changing move. If they have the guts and can keep their mouths shut. Maybe they’ll surprise us?

      • Comments (768)

        I think it would only be possible if there was no Andy floating around from conversation to conversation and blabbing everything he hears to everyone.

      • Comments (1162)

        No Kidding!!!
        If Andy was given a “Truth Serum” all of the BB HGs secrets would
        be revealed.

        Is he playing Amanda and McCrae or Helen?

      • Comments (651)

        Yes they would have to keep Andy out of the loop. Then after Demanda is gone they could tell him he has to start playing HIS game and stop being a snitch.

      • Comments (682)

        Watching Andy and Amanda’s discussion at about 7:00 pm tonight I think the light bulb should have gone off in Andy’s head that now is a good time to get rid of Amanda. He must have an incredible mind if he can keep all the “private” discussions he has had with each HG today private. At some point he needs to act instead of just parrot what everyone else says and does.

      • Comments (453)

        Or Jessie running to Aaryn

    • Comments (1076)

      Helen has detested Howard since the first week. Howard and his 93 pound bible/albatross are out the door on Thursday, unless his and Spensers campaign against Candice works. All the girls hate her so it just might work.

  21. Comments (45)

    I wonder who im going to vote, for MVP next week. I think Amanda is manipulated but also cant stand Helen.

  22. Comments (195)

    Since last week Judd has been acting like Aaryn’s best friend. And to think just a couple of weeks ago he thought she was disgusting. Hmmm maybe he has the hots for her now. Whatever it is it is sickening how these people keep forgetting how awful the others have been. Although lately Judd has thrown his nice boy image out the window!

  23. Comments (68)

    This is the perfect time to make a big move and to get Amanda out and brake up her and McCrae! They are a bigger threat then Howard or Candace. I think Andy will be caught in his back and forth pretty soon. it is obvious that he tells people what they want to hear. and conforms to whoever he is around. he is so 2 faced! he tells everyone what they want to hear and is flying under the radar being a snitch and a gossip! he really works my nerves because he is so see through. hopefully they will wake up and see what he is doing too.

  24. Comments (1)

    Really confused why everyone thinks Amanda and McCrae are running this house. McCrae is nothing without Amanda. Amanda and Helen have been running the house since the at least the beginning of week 2. Now is the time to get Amanda out and if America is smart, they should put Helen up next.
    I have to give Candice props, she is sniffing out everything in this house. Not sure why the rest of the house can’t see what a threat Amanda and Helen are. Hope BB allows America to make the 3rd nomination the rest of the way.

    • Comments (216)

      Why is that the “smart” move for “America”? “America” isn’t in the game. It’s not like there’a virtual player in there playing for $500k to the US Treasury. Heck, we get $250k no matter who wins!

      • Comments (1276)

        I think you just came up with the next great twist in BB Faust. A virtual player that can win cash too! 😉

      • Comments (216)

        It’d be fun to see Helen get all cranky when she made a deal with “America” and then “America” didn’t hold up its end of the bargain.

      • Comments (1276)

        Very True Faust. What’s making me laugh is how the house, or should I say Helen, thinks everyone should be in one alliance.
        Howard actually had a good point to Candice the other night, he said that he wanted to tell the houseguests that voting him out is voting against their side of the house. The way he sees it, is he’s been working with them, and everyone else has jumped ship to the Amanda/Aaryn alliance.
        On a side note, I can’t stand the way Candice says “it is what it is” at least 242 times in every convo, and Helen says “so here’s the deal” or something to that extent. These people need to find new lines.

  25. Comments (71)

    Okay now I am LMFAO, Mean manipulative bully Amanda is telling Helen that she doesn’t like mean-spirited people or bullies! Hahaha! This bitch has absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever! LOL

    • Comments (651)

      I can’t wait for Demanda to come out of the house and see how and why people truly dislike her. Like Aaryn and GM she really doesn’t have a clue.

      • Comments (1076)

        She will be returning to her upper middle class lily white jewish enclave of Boca Raton where she will be greeted with open arms. And Aaryn will return to her lily white shit kicker Texas town to a parade, the key to the city and an offer to run as a republican legislature….

      • Comments (14)

        santiagoN, The whole problem with this season of BB is the racism and bigotry. I am sorry for calling you out, but your comments fall in that same category and are totally unacceptable.

    • Comments (682)

      She was also saying “threatening people will get you nowhere”. Yet she does it almost every day.

  26. Comments (71)

    Rufkm? On the show they’re making it look like Helen is the big bossy mastermind? Apparently they want the TV only viewers to vote Helen up on the block now. I’m seriously so just about done with this show and these houseguests. *headdesk*
    Helen is manipulative as hell but if she were running the house, Amanda would be going home. We’ll see what happens this week.

  27. Comments (16)

    Tonight’s show was so inaccurate and annoying the way the houseguests were portrayed compared to how the really are.
    The have not comp was good but that was it.
    BB please show their true sides this Wed and Thurs!… Redem yourself the way you are making it look like Aaryn is redeeming herself (I must say she is a good actress now she has been given the inside scoop of how she looked to America)

    • Comments (1162)

      Aaryn’s mother hired a PR Firm to help restore her daughter’s reputation. ( Good Luck with that!)
      Aaryn’s sister’s letter gave Aaryn clues about the need to restore her image by
      mentioning the importance of the “values” she was taught.
      (What a bunch of BS. Her sister knows the Real Aaryn!!)
      CBS/BB has definitely given Aaryn hints/comments about her horrific image in the real world.
      AND YET ….
      through all of the outside efforts to end Aaryn’s hatefulness, she continues
      to deny she ever said anything hateful, bigoted or racist on the show.

      YouTube videos will haunt her ………FOREVER!!!

      • Comments (160)

        Because no one else in the house with the exception of Candice call her racists up front in a non-joking way. Amanda’s warning to her was received from one ear and out the other; and why should she listen to Amanda if Amanda contributes to the bigotry as well. They’re all racist apologizers with the “I know you’re JOKING buuuuuuuttt what you said was racist,” attitude. Therefore, who would take that seriously?

  28. Comments (111)

    I just watched an episode of “Princesses of L

  29. Comments (111)

    Ignore that previous comment… ANYWAYS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY WAS- I just watched an episode of “Princesses of Long Island” with my Mom and there was a huge fight. BUT OMG I CAN TOTALLY PICTURE GINAMARIE ON THAT SHOW!

  30. Comments (240)

    I cannot stand Amanda’s over acting diary rooms. It makes her look fake. Doesn’t she realize we see the real her on the feeds? She told Julie she did. If she’s not out this week the other house guests signed the check over to her. It will prove she’s queen of the hive and her drones are doing all the work.

  31. Comments (302)

    Maybe I missed something but I can’t believe Helen is characterizing her conversation with Candice by saying Candice attacked her. She also said Candice threatened her about the Howard nomination. I watched their encounter on the after hours feed and saw no attacking or threatening. I get that you sometimes stretch the truth as part of the game play but this just feels despicable and low class.

    • Comments (4)

      Helen is cashing in on the racism/hate towards Candice (and Howard)….much like what happens in the real world. Hate has a way of sucking people in.

  32. Comments (4)

    After watching BB After Dark tonight (28 Jul), I hope Candice and Howard pack their bags and just walk out of the BB House now….there is no reason to continue this game as long as racism is an overriding factor….racism has negatively changed the dynamics of the BB game…..and the fun of the game…

    • Comments (6)

      Wow… So to stop racism in the house, get rid of the black people? You might have just won racist comment of the week…

      I didn’t realize Aaryn was able to post on the Internet during her time in the house…

  33. Comments (68)

    I can’t stand AMANDA! AFTER watching BBAD and watching her bully Candace and basically tell her what she(Candace) thinks about Howard is totally wrong. That Howard basically used her and that her relationship with McCrea is more genuine than hers and Howard’s is just b.s.! Amanda down plays what Candace had to go though with Aaryn and that is sad! Until a person guess through that, they can not relate. And Amanda doesn’t have a clue. Amanda thinks she is so smart.and the others who are letting her run the house through them are really stupid! They are doing all of her dirty work while her and McCray sits back! She is basically attack Candace at Candaces week point! And with Helen and Elisha sitting in the room they are allowing it! I thought they were her friends! Some friends they are. Helen is really starting to play a dirty game and a dumb game Allstate the same time. This is the time to get Amanda out now and if they Don’t they deserve everything they get!

    • Comments (68)

      Yes there are a few type-os folks but i am pissed…so please excuse them!!(-;

    • Comments (453)

      I was hoping Elissa would say something in Candice’s defense, maybe she is too afraid to say anything because she would be the one to be put up instead of Candice. Helen kept quiet while hoping no one would mention the supposed attack on her from Candice, that we know never happened.

    • Comments (1076)

      take 2 and call me in the morning if you are still having hallucinations…thank you

  34. Comments (41)

    Settle down, Moonk!! There are two sides to every story, and there can be two interpretations of every story, as well. I watched the same segment of BBAD as you, but I saw it totally different. I saw Amanda being completely honest and upfront with Candice, and not in any threatening way. She merely wanted Candice to see that she (Amanda) had given her correct information about Howard early on, and was trying to HELP her. I’m really getting tired of Candice’s moaning, crying, and whimpering, and the “poor poor me” attitude. She doesn’t seem to have any backbone. Amanda was completely right in pointing out to her that she’s playing an “emotional” game, and it’s going to bite her in the butt. Amanda told her to campaign for HERSELF if she goes up on the block against Howard. Amanda is telling Candice to be strong. That’s all. Don’t turn it into something it’s not.

    • Comments (453)

      Amanda did address the fact that Candice is playing emotional but she also implied her relationship was more genuine which is like saying, okay, you are feeling down, let me make you feel worse. She could have left out her feelings that hers and McCrae’s relationship is both supporting each other, or worded it in a different way so it didn’t seem like she was ‘adding salt to the wound’.

  35. Comments (624)

    Get rid of Amanda while you have the chance!

  36. Comments (316)

    I want Julie to wear Judd’s Bear shirt on Thursday!!

  37. Comments (216)

    It’s like they’re waiting for Amanda to tell her when it’s okay to try and get her out. Are they really worried about the wrath of McCrae?

    • Comments (1276)

      Helen even said to Elissa the other night, if they were to get rid of Amanda, McCrae would have to go against the entire house. So unless he wins HOH, which he very well might, they really have nothing to fear, he’s one vote (2 if you count Aaryn’s with him as well).

  38. Comments (68)

    @Lynelle there is no “calming down” when it comes to racist comments! Point, blank period! Down playing what Candace has gone through and sweeping under the rug is just plain dumb. Candace was effect by this deeply and to have Amanda basically tell her to get over it just goes to she that Amanda’s intention for coming in that room was not to check on her but to attack her and bully her! Amanda is power hungry! If she feels you have some type of mind of your own and she seems as if she has no control over you, she attacks you and tries to control your every thought basically RUN THE HOUSE. LOOK AT MCCREA…. he’s her puppet boy! So there is no calming down and I really feel for Candace. She may ramble on about the situation that happened but when you try to explain something to somebody and they don’t “get it” It’s frustrating. And Amanda will never “get it” because it wasn’t done to her! #Teamcandaceallday!!

    • Comments (41)

      Amanda never dismissed the racist remarks said to/about Candace. She, herself being Jewish, explained that she “totally gets it.” Amanda neither attacked nor bullied Candace. You may not LIKE Amanda, but don’t invent things about her or try to turn her words or actions into something you WANT them to be, rather than what they actually are/were. What you’re incorrectly calling “power hungry” is just someone wanting to win, and they ALL want that.

  39. Comments (45)

    If i howard gets voted out im rooting for canduce and no one else.

  40. Comments (68)

    No, again Amanda doesn’t get what Candace has gone through! Candace’s struggle isn’t her(Amanda) struggle. Just like your life is your life. Candace no doubt has been the one in the house who has gone through a lot personally more than anyone else. The others have been mocked and called names behind there backs including Andy and he just sits there and let them call him that. So Amanda will never “totally get it”! Amanda DID NOT come in there to see how Candace was doing at all as she stated when she first came into the room. Watch as she goes to walk out the room, she says “I just want to say this”, her whole plan of coming there in the first place. Amanda should have left her alone. Amanda has this cockiness about her that’s so annoying. And to say that Howard used her(Candace) and her and McCrea’s relationship is so much “realer” than hers and Howards is just dumb. Just the look on her face says what was in her heart. It’s obvious. Everyone wants to win the games, that’s a fact, but Amanda thinks she is in control and because Candace is off by herself she finds this the time to attack her at a weak point. There are only a few people in that house that deserves to win the game and i don’t think Amanda is one of them. just saying….in the end you have YOUR opinion and I have mine…

  41. Comments (77)

    Right now Amanda is telling McCrae how she “loves” him. She truly does love him or rather the idea of his protection of her trying to get to the end. In the end, I think she would campaign to evict him when she no longer needs him. If it were Amanda and McCrae in the end, I think the housemates would give it to McCrae. Amanda couldn’t handle not being in control of $500,000. She could not let this happen. She would probably take someone like Aaryn to the end instsead and justify it by saying she did this because she felt she could win over Aaryn. I do not trust that girl at all. McCrae has been in somewhat of a bad mood lately. I wonder if he is feeling this too or if he is just sick of her clinging onto him. I am a woman but I cannot stand being around a clinging woman.

    I would love to see Candice take it to the end. It would be great if Candice wins next weeks HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae. If she won HOH, Amanda would be right up in the HOH bedroom with her as much as possible. Amanda would be afraid to let her out of her sight for fear that someone might get in her ear.

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