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Big Brother 15 – Is This Candice’s Last Week?


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As of right now, Candice is the target for the week and the Big Brother house is trying to make it a unanimous vote to send her home. With that said, if that happens, I am going to miss the hell out of the Candice and Amanda blowups that happen on random occasions.

During the veto competition, the pair had quite the blowup, but since it was during the veto competition, we’re at the mercy of CBS editors to find out what was actually said.  Judging by the many re-tells of the event, sometime during the competition, Candice mentioned how Amanda thought Judd was the MVP.  This pissed off Amanda because those two are/were allies and she didn’t want Judd thinking her ally was turning against her (note: it is all untrue anyway, Judd isn’t the MVP).

This caused Amanda to say something about Candice’s big mouth which fit Howard’s male organ inside, Candice had a line about Amanda’s pancake ass, and Amanda came back with saying Howard wanted said male organ inside of her, and not Candice.   I strongly doubt many of that will make the cut, and if it does, it will be heavily bleeped.

If you’re wondering why Candice is dressed as a clown, well that’s because she’s ‘a dummy’, as Aaryn put it.  The veto competition was one of those comps where you get a certain score doing some game.  You then pick a prize and  have the option to trade that prize with anyone who had a lower score than you.  Candice had a pretty low score, but she still went and traded her prize with the person holding the veto.  Why this was dumb is because there was likely 0 chance of her actually keeping the veto prize, and someone who won the ‘clownitard’ decided to give that to Candice in exchange for that veto.

That’s what happens when you’re a newbie to the game (or an Ian, who loved his dog outfit).  You end up with lousy prizes and earn a date with Julie Chen on national television wearing a clown suit.

Two other punishments were GinaMarie wearing a ‘cone of shame’ for 48 hours..


And Amanda winning ’50 shades of Orange’ which means she has to get a spray tan every hour night and day 50 times…


side note: McCrae has pledged to wake up with her every hour and sit with her while she does it.  Amanda is going to be his ticket out of the game when he had a real solid chance of winning half a million dollars.  Well done, McCrae.  It’s too bad she’s going to stop talking to you once you’re both out of the house and she’s back selling high priced real estate in Florida and you’re delivering pizzas.  This is a reminder to future players – Don’t fall for anyone inside the Big Brother house, and if you do, don’t let it impact your game!!!

I still expect quite a bit of drama this week, even though Candice and Amanda made up last night, this house is so crazy that someone can fart and set off a major fight.  I’ll be updating twitter on the small stuff and creating new posts for the big stuff.

Also, join the live feeds!  Although most of you who are going to join have joined by now, but I feel obligated to say it anyway.

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  1. Comments (20)

    What if Production changed the colour of Amanda’s tanning to Black?

    Would the message be lost on Amanda and America?

    • Comments (407)

      They should have made it 50 Shades of Gray, that would have been more appropriate for Amanda (and make it a permanent spray!)

    • Comments (302)

      Amanda at it again … now video out of her whispering that they have to get the “monkey” out referring to Candice. How can CBS let this continue? THe NFL, MLB, NBA, Dancing with the Stars … They move quickly to clamp down on that kind of bigotry and penalties ensue. But CBS just throws up their disclaimers … “Hey .. what can we do about it .. it’s their racist opinions not ours.” Well there are a lot of children who watch this and maybe it’s time pressure is put on the sponsors. They have plenty of power to penalize or kick out the offenders. But as you can tell by all the action on these Spoiler sites … the ratings are all they care about.

      • Comments (302)

        …and I’m not bashing the spoiler sites … I think it’s a great place to vent and to find the truth. Having villains in a show is interesting too … but hateful speech and racism just takes it way too far. I’m just pissed at CBS for being so cavalier about it.

  2. Comments (316)

    I am trying to figure Helen out. Does she have good game play or what? I’m wondering if she will make it to the end.

    • Comments (651)

      If Helen had good game play Amanda would have been gone last week and she could set her sites on McCrea. But she said she wanted to wait until this week. Now she’s talking next week. I liked Helen at first but she now she just talks and talks and doesn’t shut up enough to open her eyes and mind and see the game.

      • Comments (140)

        Apparently none of them are ready to make this move. This week is DEFINITELY the time to do it!

        Has anyone noticed if Candice has tried to point this out to anyone in attempt to save her own ass, or is it confirmed she has given up?

      • Comments (651)

        I think they broken her spirit. I don’t think she’ll self-evict but I think she is ready to go home. She’s tried for the last few weeks and see’s that no body is playing the game just trying to get to the jury.

      • Comments (1162)

        Candice is an example of someone attempting to play Big Brother……alone.
        That’s impossible!!!!
        Yes, it is impossible.
        We know it and so does Candice.

        She never expected to be in this position and the those responsible
        for isolating her to this point know they are guilty of so many wrong doings.

        IMO, Candice deserves to win the $$$$ for America’s Favorite.

      • Comments (610)

        Her and Howie for enduring all the crap!

      • Comments (20)

        They brought the crap on themselves. These were the two dumbest players in BB History.

      • Comments (9)

        They will never let a black person win this game because season after season they always have one or two blacks in the house with the rest being white and whose the first to go ????????

      • Comments (875)

        I totally agree, if you look at her face when Candice is sitting in the HOH Room, or in the Backyard with the rest of the HG, she looks like “I’m done with this BS.” Especially now since Howard is gone, they were both each others strength in the BB House, now Candice is in the house alone.

      • Comments (302)

        Helen certainly seems to be a big brother fan and understands that in the end it would be best for her to be up against someone the house hates to win the prize. What amazes me about Helen is that she can’t seem to grasp the idea that others would not want to be up against her in the finals because she has spent most of her time kissing butt and building bonds and making herself a prime target for ouster. That would be fine if she could recognize that now is time to strike … she already has a good relationship with Elissa, Candice, & Jessie … those three seem too gullible to grasp that Helen should get booted early … if she could recruit Judd & Spencer every one of those players would have a better shot at the money then sticking with PropAmanda & McSquirrel. Helen thinks she can keep putting off Amanda week after week … OMG can’t she see that every player that would be loyal to her is getting voted off week after week. Obviously it’s easy for me watching at home … but I guess her most fatal flaw is trusting Andy. He seems to spend a lot more time with Amanda & McCrae and rarely shares information to Helen about them … Shouldn’t that be a sign?

      • Comments (302)

        I also don’t think CBS has done much to inspire confidence and assure people that this isn’t rigged. Stories like this really bother me – especially when any broadcast is touted as live … but really isn’t so they can control what goes out on the air. If you haven’t seen it check out this story.

      • Comments (240)

        Think this is true. Some seasons seamed aimed at certain players winning. Is America really voting MVP or is CBS appeasing viewers? Unless you watch live feeds you don’t see Amandas real side. CBS edits her as funny. Her nomination speech seemed more aimed to say look how cute McManda are. We’re having a BB wedding. Sounded like a way for her to get America say awe how cute and make her MVP. Little does she know she got the votes. Lol. Look at Rachel R. Winning BB. EVERYONE knew she was the best at holding on to the bag. That win kept her from getting voted out. Anyway these people are known as the cast. Amanda (CBS favorite) the star so she will be paid for her staring role. The supporting cast will receive less salary. Maybe that explains why they keep talking about jury. They are trying to determine their salary. I know sounds like conspiracy theory. I am just saying it’s edited and we are shown only certain things of the cast. Why not show on regular tv the things such as rape and throat splitting or Anandas other creepy words? Edited version shows she’s queen. Please excuse my rant 😉

      • Comments (651)

        No Worries JD we’ve all been there at one point or another this season.

      • Comments (169)

        I feel that anyone who still says they love Amanda or defend her, must only watch the CBS edited version on TV.

        Obviously, all of us here know the kind of person she is by the live feeds, but one can’t help but notice that CBS is giving Amanda one of the cleanest edits I’ve ever seen. It was obvious early on that production made her the DR houseguest this season, the one who is supposedly meant to make the viewers laugh because she spouts out her witty, production-fed lines.

        She is also suppose to be the one that calls out other HGs when they’re doing “wrong”.. She’s suppose to look like a hero to us, and they can edit all they want but they can’t fool all of us, all of the time.

        I just wish they (production) would give up the ghost… stop attempting to portray Amanda as this angel.. It just causes more outrage.

        Also, has anyone noticed that production hasn’t been making Amanda do her spray tan punishment like she’s suppose to? Even Aaryn has noticed, it, Elissa has talked about it… But they constantly let her slide for a few hours without calling her. On one site, an updater said they waited for hours to see if production would call her out and deal out a punishment, but it never happened.

        Meanwhile, they’ve told Candice she has to wear the full clown costume with the nose at all times when she’s awake, and GM must wear the cone at all times for 48 hours. GM doesn’t have too many fans, but fair is fair… If they have to abide by the rules, Amanda should as well.

      • Comments (240)

        I was reminded of something. How come a productionqq of McMandas relationship if you can call it that, set up their wedding announcement etc interview their families and not talk about the other major showmance? Didn’t Kaitlyn and Jeremy have a relationship? Again if you can call it that. I didn’t see interviews of their families. Why? Because Amanda is a CBS employee. More evidence the show is as fake as their studio audience. Okay now I am done…I think lol

      • Comments (274)

        WOW this is really pathetic if true. I had a feeling bb controls way more than what meets the eye but they need to allow fans their moment of release when something doesn’t go the way we want.
        This is my first year of watching big bro and as I hate most of the peeps on it I still watch…as painful as it is. I do mean this though, if they don’t make one of the jerks (Amanda, Andy-aka weasel, Aaryn, GangstaMafia) leave before sweet Jessie or Candice, I will stop watching. I watched maybe 2 times total before this season so no skin off my back if I stop now. It bothers me so much how the Amanda show rips Jessie. I didn’t care for her or Elisa in the beginning but now they are my favorites just because of the way Aimapsychoanda decided to have her break from the sane meds and goes all narcissistic on Jessie. She just lies lies lies. This girl is so hypocritical she honestly gives a whole new definition to the word. She is the slut! But as it happens people love to fiddle with dust in someone’s eye rather than take the telephone pole out of their own. Jessie is pretty and Amanda is jealous, so Amanda attacks. She lies to get people to follow her, just like her Howard lie. Karma as some call it, but I prefer the Lords vengeance. She is begging for trouble in and out of that house. You really can have only so many enemies before they all catch on and attack.
        I felt from the way Amanda animates herself that she was prepped to either win or go far. She acts like it is her show and that she gets power, even if power is against her, she inwardly knows she has power.
        So if big bro keeps allowing this crap I can’t watch. My kids don’t need this garbage. Gina can’t even talk without sounding constipated or acting like she has a dick…maybe that’s why Nick liked her?? Hmm
        AARYN! When she stuck her tongue out after Candy won the $-ooooo I wanted to hit her head down on the table so she would’ve bit it off. Hey the Bible says if your hand causes you to sin cut it off….her tongue seems to be a huge issue in her life. You can’t exactly cut out her brain, too small for one. Aaryn is a witch. Amanda and Aaryn are the spoof witches on Wizard of Oz gone bad. Wicked witch of the west and east.
        I feel sooo much better venting! I just want production to do what they do best, control the players by getting Aaryn and Amanda out! They better not let Candice go or they will need to find fake audience members here on out.

    • Comments (96)

      It looks like Elissa wants to take Amanda out this week, but Helen doesn’t want to. Elissa is the only one with a brain right now.

      • Comments (150)

        Jessie is also itching to strike at Amanda. With Jessie off the block is GM (I’m tough! I’m from New York)smart enough to put up McCrae? All they need is four votes. Jesse and Elissa are ready. Judd should be easy to convince if Helen finally wakes up. With Jesse. Elissa, Helen and Judd they can get Amanda out with four votes. Even with Spencer on the block it is so doable. Just keep Andy and McCrae in the dark. Once Helen tells Andy all hell will break loose. For a supposedly smart player Helen still hasn’t learned to stop talking strategy with Andy…..

      • Comments (150)

        I left out Aaryn because her hate for Candice blinds her to smart moves.

    • Comments (21)

      Imo, Helen’s a little two faced weasel who could be someone to reckon with. However, when she has a chance to get the likes Amanda out, yet, she doesn’t. So in my humble opinion, Helen is pretty lame/ dumb. I was really rooting for her in the beginning because of her intelligence/job using her political background to go use. Unfortunately, she’s let me down and giving Amanda a probable final two! Very disappointed in Helen.

    • Comments (21)

      Imo, Helen lost her mind by keeping Amanda in the game this long. I really liked Helen in the beginning. However, she has lost all her perspective! With her political background she was playing a very smart game in the beginning, she was so diplomatic… Plus you can see she’s very intelligent outside the game.She has become a little two faced weasel and she can’t differentiate a good game anymore. I will gain respect for Helen if she evicts Amanda. if she doesn’t do it this week, Amanda and her boy toy Pizza boy McCrea will definitely you the final two standing, in my humble opinion. Helen and Andy, they are one in the same. they both run to Amanda to tell everything and lie while they’re at it! I truly thought Helen would be able to see through Amanda and vote her out last week! Helen lost her game when she became part of McCrandas B.S. alliance. I’m voting for Helen next week for MVP vote if she lets Amanda stay in the house. Aryan could possibly be in the final 2 because everyone knows they can beat her for the big bucks. Craziest strategizing in BB HISTORY to me. Get out the strong players now or it won’t happen. I.e, McCrea, Amanda, Helen and Andy and dare I say Judd. They’re running the house in a strange way. I’m so sick of Amanda’s big effing filthy mouth! truthfully, I’m not really rooting for anyone this season. Unless there’s a big shake up and someone does something on their own without being the Sheep they are then that is how I see it.

  3. Comments (5)

    If McCrae wins the five hundred thousand Amanda will stick around and help him spend it.

    • Comments (407)

      She’ll talk him into moving to Fla. and buying a million dollar home from her. He can pay it off on his pizza delivery salary.

    • Comments (453)

      She would claim it as alimony

    • Comments (1162)

      Will Amanda move to Minnesota and become an ice hockey fan? lol
      Will McCrae move to Florida?
      IF so, he will probably find himself in a position
      similar to the one Candice is in right now…… Karma!
      If Amanda’s family & friends are anything like her, McCrae will be made fun of 24/7.

      Should McCrae win ( and I hope he doesn’t ) I think his future and his family’s
      well being will be of utmost importance to him. Also, he will be the most
      popular bachelor in his hometown of Oak Grove, Minnesota, which beats living with Amanda in Florida.

      • Comments (610)

        And he will still be a pizza boy?!

      • Comments (453)

        Didn’t he say that he eventually he wants to own a comic book store?

      • Comments (875)

        When Big Brother did a spot on Amanda’s Family, & McCrae’s Family a couple of weeks back, from the looks of it Amanda’s Family did not approve of Pizza Boy!…LOL!

    • Comments (21)

      No doubt! After McCreaout runs out of money that Amanda will undoubtedly spend for him, she will kick his b*** to the curb! Lol, & I will be glad because McCrea is Amanda’s lap dog! I would do anything to see Amanda go this week and McCrea play his own game. Being as he is one of the biggest fans of big brother, maybe we will get to see the real McCrea. if that happens, and I like what I see I would definitely be so happy for him! (Even though that tramp Amanda will covet his possible win financially) But at this point l don’t see it happening unfortunately. I’m just so sick of watching the votes to evict all going to one person. I don’t like knowing who is possibly going home. In past seasons even though we thought we do who is going home many times we were wrong.

      • Comments (25)

        I think M and A completely intend this to be on a BB romance. While playing the game the best way they know how with who they are stuck with in the house, they are enjoying themselves and passing their time in the way they choose. It’s long boring hours in the BB house. And I think Candace has squandered her chances. She was in with E and H and A – she started hanging out alone or with Howard. Aaryn was alone without allies (GM aside), and she has fought to network and change things around. Candace is smart about figuring out what is going on with the game, but not with playing the game herself.

  4. Comments (4)

    I want Mcrae to win it all! Even though he has fallen head over heals in love with Amanda. He was probably a virgin before BB15.

  5. Comments (10)

    I don’t think McCrae is in love with Amanda. When Candice came to him after being nominated (when he was HOH), he said he didn’t like confrontation. What better person to handle that than Amanda? She puts a target on her back but I think he is realizing she is putting one on his back too.He doesn’t want Amanda taken off the block for fear he may take her place. Aaryn (who is correct) is afraid she will be put up in her place. I think/hope he is smart enough to know when to separate himself from her.

  6. Comments (9)

    Thank god Candice is going!!!!! And best of all in a clown suit!!!

  7. Comments (40)

    I wish Candice had better game only because the others talks so bad about her. I wish she would win something. These HG are slow I would keep Candice because the only thing that she is running is her mouth. Aaryn needs to go and when Helen wins or gets voted out I want to ask her how does she feel about the alliance she dropped? lol because Aaryn Mccra n Amanda dont give a care about her. They bout to vote her out! Helen messed up she should have kept to more of her morals. IT COULD HAVE BEEN HELEN ELISA HOWI CANDI JESSIE JUDD SPENCE AGAINST THE HOUSE.

    • Comments (651)

      Agree. Even if Judd had jumped ship they still could have gotten out the Mean Girls and McCranda. But Helen didn’t stay the course, just kept running her mouth. I was rooting for her but now she’s #2 on my annoying list. Andy will remain #1.

  8. Comments (15)

    Don’t sign up for the live feeds its not worth it there’s no option to cancel on the web site you have to call cbs to do it and im thinking final 2 judd and mccray or a final 3 add aryan

  9. Comments (166)

    OMG..when are they going to wake up & see that amanda & mccrae are the biggest threat in the house..hello every couple has been split up & now this couple is supposedly ENGAGED!!!!!!! all other showmances had to go, what about mcranda??!! why is everone so laid back & afraid to split them up?? Do they honestly think if you get to the final with them they are taking someone else other than each other!!!!!

  10. Comments (40)

    funny you mentioned the live feeds this is my first time watching them since Howard left. The more I watch the more annoyed I get Im so glad I only brought a month. I feel bad to not want to watch since Howard left but This cast is so dumb!! I would have kept Howies no alliance building self and Candice emotional self You alway knows what she is thinking her feelings are so transparent and that is what a winner needs in the bb house

  11. Comments (412)

    I think Candice is a racist just because she keeps playing the racist card. Just get over it, already. Not to mention the fact she called Aaryn a redneck and mentioned something about cows or horses. Idk if that’s racist but it’s definitely stereotyping which is a form of being prejudice. Don’t get me wrong, Amanda and Aaryn are super racist, but so is Candice. Even worse, she tries to pull the whole religious act. Pease.

    • Comments (160)

      How is pointing our racism, racist? That’s like saying get over being bullied.

    • Comments (169)

      I from a town in South Arkansas, and I don’t consider the word “redneck” a racist term. Heck, I’ve been called one, lol. It’s a term that isn’t meant to harm anyone, unlike some of the things Aaryn and Company have said in the house, thus far. How has Candice used religion? I haven’t seen her use it or say anything of the sort.

      Can you blame Candice for calling Aaryn names? After all the crap she spewed at her and did to her? A human being can only take so much before cracking. I’d be lying if I said I’d be all cool after weeks of being treated like trash.

      Who can actually blame Candice for boiling over the times she has boiled over? Yeah, it wasn’t a good idea for her to go off on Spencer a few days ago, but when a person is that stressed and so much pressure on them, they’re going to make mistakes like that.

  12. Comments (40)

    Lol some of my post are poorly written Im at work lol Can’t really focus

  13. Comments (407)

    This is too funny to not pass on…I just read on BB15 Because You’re Addicted that the house was given 4 bottles of beer and 2 bottles of wine and the “boys” took it all for McCrazy’s bachelor party. The “girls” are mad and Amanda asked McCrazy for some booze and he told her no because none of the girls can have it and he doesn’t wanna play favorites. Amanda walked away mad. Love it!

  14. Comments (83)

    They need to make a huge move this week and vote out Amanda, that girl is so lazy and worthless, she sure don’t deserve a half million dollars, she makes Aaryn look like an angel, its ashame one of those ppl have to win this season, cause none of them are deserving.

  15. Comments (45)

    I want Howard to win Big brother. Oh wait he got evicted because the house guest were to scared to make a big move. Take out Amanda

  16. Comments (96)

    I don’t understand why Candice is the target. She seems very weak in the comps and in terms of game play. Can someone explain why they won’t take Amanda out?

    • Comments (1276)

      Because they are all too scared and don’t get that the longer they wait the less votes they will have against her. Too bad there isn’t a Dan or a Rachel that gets that you need votes to get people out to explain this little fact to them.

      • Comments (407)

        I just read on ‘BB15 Because You’re Addicted’ that Jessie wants Amanda gone this week. Helen is the one keeping Amanda in the house. She (H) talked to Elissa yesterday and told her to vote Candice out this week and that it’s not the time to make a big move like getting Amanda out. Jessie wants to make the big move and get her out. Helen has absolutely no guts at all and if she thinks she is keeping herself safe, she is in for a rude awakening.

      • Comments (140)

        Can we all just take a moment to picture what this house would be like if Rachel were in there with Amanda……….

      • Comments (610)

        That would be some serious drama, crying works, etc!

      • Comments (1162)

        GinaMarie, Aaryn and Amanda would be out of the House by now.
        : )

      • Comments (216)

        Bingo, Christina. They’re lemmings. They’re actually sitting strategizing how to get Amanda to the end. These are the dumbest people in the history of Big Brother.

        There’s been a lot of talk about job losses. This cannot be helping Helen’s career as a political strategist. She’s not just *just* awful at the game; she’s playing the wrong game, and she won’t figure it out until after she congratulates Amanda on winning $500k. It’s just pathetic.

      • Comments (1276)

        Hey Faust, maybe we’ll get lucky and for the double eviction someone will put up Amanda again, and she won’t have time to convince everyone that they need to keep her. If Spencer, Jessie, and I think Judd will vote with Jessie, along with Elissa will vote her out, she’s gone. Chances are if one of those four get HOH they will put her up, and then be able to break a tie.
        I have a funny feeling that Andy will vote her out if he gets the chance, without the week of campaining working against him. If I was there, and won HOH I would put up either Helen and Amanda, GM and Amanda or McRae and Amanda.

      • Comments (216)

        “maybe we’ll get lucky and for the double eviction someone will put up Amanda again, and she won’t have time to convince everyone that they need to keep her.”

        From your lips to Big Brother’s ears.

      • Comments (651)

        McCrea and Amanda and then we get to see Demanda lose it because McCrea won’t fall on his sword for her. Now that would be something to see.

      • Comments (169)

        I hope you’re right, Christina, but I fear the double eviction will be like the past ones… They’ll take the easy route, make the “safe” nominations, the house will evict the “safe” choice. Mostly because they run around like chickens because they only have a couple minutes to scheme.

        Lest we forget the two double evictions last season! Remember the powerhouses of Ashley and Joe? Both of them went out in the double eviction. Lol. True, Frank was the target in the first one and he won veto, but still the safe choice was the one evicted on both occasions. I’m afraid this Thursday will be no different, we’ll see a Jessie or an Elissa evicted in the second eviction, though I REALLY hope I am dead wrong!

      • Comments (169)

        I just had an light bulb go on in my head… Has anyone seen the movie Mrs. Doubtfire? Amanda reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire when she wears that blue HoH robe.. Lol. Not sure why. Yes, yes.. I know I have a strange train of thought!

      • Comments (875)

        Helen can’t see the Forest for the Trees, her sole focus is on winning BB15, and she believes with McCrae & Amanda she will get to F5, then make she will make her move in the House…LOL!

        It will just seem so unfair if some one like GM, Arryn, or Amanda are last 2 sitting in an F2 to win the game….

  17. Comments (30)

    I watched BBAD last night and after listening to 10 mins.of vicious demeaning ridicule being done by McCrea, Amanda,Spencer, & Andy….he is so stupid….against others I shut it off and done,done,done with it all. I believe that we are coming up with a double eviction this week so AMANDA HAS GOT TO GO! I no longer will loose sleep over these MORONS! Are you listening CBS/Julie Chen????? You just lost a fan/customer

  18. Comments (23)

    jojo,Don’t get too excited about the 2 bottles of wine & 4 beers…I saw Amanda sitting in the backyard last night with a glass of wine when the boys came outside after their bachelor party so McCrazy must have saved her some! After all she is Queen Bee!!! I can’t explain why they won’t take Amanda out…They must be brain dead!!! This is the perfect opportunity…It’s now or never!!!

  19. Comments (74)

    ‘someone can fart and set off a major fight’ LOL

    Well I did want to see Aaryn as the MVP nom, just to see her face! It would’ve been epic for her to be a nom on GM’s HOH week. Good going America. SMH

    I think it’s official ~in Julie’s voice~ Candice is going home in a clown suit lol. I love when people’s egos are inflated. From the beginning I had this feeling Judd was going to win the whole thing. I don’t think CBS would even allow Aaryn or GM to win. You know they can intervene 😉

    I’m rooting for Judd and Elissa ~still can’t tell ya why I like her LOL~

    I hope Amanda is super orange for eviction day LOL. And you know I really liked Mccrae at first. I thought he’s got his head in the game. But ever since he got his head stuck in Amanda ~that sounds bad LOL~ he’s my least fav now.

    I like how Aaryn tries to back track by saying “see see see that’s what I went through everybody exaggerated what I said, see see see” The live feeds don’t lie little big ear elf. She’s still a racist, apathetic, waste of oxygen! Shivers at the sight of her face and voice.

    Is it me or did she try acting like Dani you know the ‘I’m so beautiful no one would ever think I’m this sarcastic’ bit? Gags alittle.

  20. Comments (7)

    How dumb can they be? If they are just gonna sit there and vote “with the house” for the rest of the season, Amanda can win for all I care. This show is about making big moves; none of them deserve to win if they aren’t going to take risks.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree marseelee, this voting with the house has gotten very old, very fast. That only flies maybe the first week or two. By now they should be making their own bold moves, not sitting there like logs, but spewing venom and hate everywhere.

  21. Comments (41)

    Just want to say that I’m hoping Amanda and McRae go all the way! I think she is GREAT!!! She is very smart and extremely funny. Yes, she’s had a few unflattering moments on the show, moments I’m sure she and her family aren’t proud of and which she regrets, but who of the house guests hasn’t? And she’s had far fewer of those moments than Spencer, GM, or Aaryn. Candice and Amanda are “tied,” I would say. And I find Amanda to be more honest, more forgiving, and more apologetic than the others, and she doesn’t use a “race card” or a “religion card” for escape. Amanda has played the game better than anyone in the house, and isn’t that the point? To play the best game so that you WIN?

    • Comments (140)

      Right… maybe you’d feel differently if she said YOUR throat should be slit so you can’t say anything when she fucks you in the ass…

    • Comments (610)

      If you haven’t seen the feeds or Big Brother After Dark or read anything on what CBS/BB is NOT showing, then, yes, Amanda appears to be the best strategist/player this season. That is apparently what CBS wants us to believe. A “few unflattering moments” may be all that has been shown on the actual show, but live feeds, BBAD, and youtube show a far different person, with F-words every other word, borderline threats to several HG, extreme bullying, and racist comments on par or even worse than Aaryn. In my opinion, this is not game play.

      • Comments (453)

        One of her latest other than the crap she spewed during the pov comp, was to McCrae, when he didn’t ask her permission to talk to Aaryn, you say the wrong things, I would like to get a harpoon and shoot you in the eye.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda’s big on others hurting themselves and going blind must be a favorite.

        Candice asked Amanda if she could borrow her tweezers.
        Amanda told her she could.
        As soon as Candice was out of the room, Amanda said she hoped Candice
        would fall and the tweezer would go into her eye and blind her.

        She is just so darn nice …………….

      • Comments (407)

        OMG…if Candice knew that Amanda was using her tweezers on her bikini line the other night, she would never have borrowed them. I couldn’t believe they actually showed her doing that. Hopefully Amanda has more than one pair.

      • Comments (875)

        @Marie2…I have also heard that CBS production has warned her at least 3 times for threating her fellow HG. I think CBS is editing Amanda in a positive way on TV, not the live feeds, because she is a Real Estate Agent in Florida, & she would lose her business if they showed the “real” Amanda.

        I’m just wondering what her business associates think of Amanda and her Pizza Boy (a kid), her behavior, and her attitude towards African-Americans…SMH. This Woman has literally shown America her behind!

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda works for her Mommy’s agency so she won’t get fired. I just wonder what Mommy thinks about her saying that Puerto Ricans don’t shower and smell bad and she knows because she’s slept with a lot of Puerto Rican guys. Can you say SKANK!

      • Comments (150)

        Amanda’s mother does not own Prudential Realty. I don’t know if her mother is an agent there or not or if the Zuckerman’s own the franchise, but there are certain guidelines when you purchase a franchise. She still has to answer to Prudential’s rules and regulations. Where do all these rumors start? They can fire her ass for defaming the company image in a heartbeat. But, money talks and she has a commission job. If her listings and sales suffer she will soon be asked to resign. If her business remains good they will ignore the whole thing. Now, her neighbors are another story. Howard spoke to her father and it seems the family has been at the receiving end of a lot of threats and neighbor scorn. Howard has asked people to back off the family and states that he likes Amanda and this is all overblown and harmful.

      • Comments (150)

        There are very few people of color in the million dollar “gated communities” of Boca Raton. I live one town over in Delray Beach. I happily live in a very diverse community that is almost 50% people of color. There are 144 townhomes in my community and about half are black people of Hatian decent who came to the U.S. with nothing but the clothes on their backs and have struggled and saved to become homeowners. Amanda wouldn’t be caught dead in my development. The commission wouldn’t be worth her time, and we don’t have those gates to keep out the riffraff.

      • Comments (610)

        @mello_one, I had not heard that. I sure hope it’s true, but it should be a 3 strikes & you’re out thing… for all of them. No more little ‘warnings’ good grief, in the real world you are fired for talking like that. And, you’re generally escorted out by security. I too wonder how her associates feel, I’m sure they hear about it when they’re trying to work. I would be inclined to NOT use that business if this is the kind of employee they have working for them!

    • Comments (26)

      Could it be that Aaryn’s family isn’t the only one to hire a PR team?

    • Comments (407)

      Oh Boy! Did this one set me off! Here’s a few examples of her “few” unflattering moments:
      About Andy: calls him queer, faggedy Andy and fairy.
      About Candice: wants to kill her with a butter knife or hopes she falls on tweezers and puts one of her eyes out. Also called her hair nappy.
      About Jessie: knock her teeth out and force oral sex on her or cut her throat and rape her limp body.
      About Howard: calls him “black mamba” and “dark knight.” Said his Penis would taste like cocoa or watermelon.
      About Helen: said she probably tastes like egg rolls or wonton soup.
      About Elissa: said she talks like she has f..king autism and calls her retarded.
      I’m sure there are some I have missed, in fact I’m sure there’s a lot I have missed, but this shows what a moron she is.
      Her Dad has deleted his twitter account as a result of the backlash against her.
      If you think I am making this up it is all posted on the Reality Tea website.
      And one other thing….she said she couldn’t be prejudiced because she has a black cousin!!!

    • Comments (216)

      “Yes, she’s had a few unflattering moments on the show, moments I’m sure she and her family aren’t proud of and which she regrets, but who of the house guests hasn’t?”

      Near as I can tell, Andy.

      • Comments (1162)

        “…..few……unflattering moments …………”

        Who are you kidding?

      • Comments (216)

        Oy. I was quoting Lynelle. If the question is who in the house hasn’t said something racist, sexist, antisemitic, or homophobic, I think the answer is Andy. Does he have some awful comments I’m not aware of?

      • Comments (1276)

        I haven’t heard Elissa say anything racist, sexixt, antisemitic or homophobic. And I don’t think Jessie has either. Some of the things Judd has said could be called sexist, but IMO they weren’t. He just said things as insults, and IMO they aren’t the same at all. Helen is prety clear there too.
        Or have I missed a ton of stuff?

      • Comments (216)

        I don’t think so. I thought Judd had some more dirt on his hands, but maybe not.

        At any rate, my point was just that there are people in the house (like Andy) who are clean, so the “they’re all disgusting; it may as well be Amanda” argument doesn’t work.

      • Comments (1276)

        Don’t get me wrong, I could have missed something he’s said. But, I think most people got mad that he started saying [email protected]@t all the time. I heard him say it a few times, but as much as I dislike the word, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. To me it’s kind of like the F-bomb. Growing up, I never heard it, it was the unsaid word. We still don’t use it in from of my parents, and me and both my sister all have kids. I think it’s just the current no no word.

    • Comments (160)

      She hasn’t used the race card or religion card because she’s got white privilege. I highly doubt she’s a practicing Jew, as I’m sure Judaism does not preach about bad mouthing other people’s character.

      • Comments (150)

        If she is a practicing Jew she better buy a whole row of seats for the next High Holy Days. (Jews don’t “pass the plate” for donations because Jews are not supposed to carry money on the Sabbath. So, once a year they “buy” seats for Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur in advance so the temple can collect some funds to pay the rabbi and keep the congregation going.

      • Comments (651)

        I thought it was very funny the other day when after one of her meltdowns she was reading the Bible. Who does she think she’s fooling?

  22. Comments (166)

    I don’t know what is more annoying to watch…amanda being soo arrogant that she’s still in the house and didn’t get evicted or aaryn’s VOICE!!!!!! I’m sure i can’t be the only one thinking every time she talks or whines she’s sounding like a kardashian wanna be!! Also from watching BBAD who knew spencer was soo freakin FUNNY!!!!!

  23. Comments (610)

    Why does Spencer remind me of JR on Deadliest Catch? Maybe the beard? lol

    • Comments (1276)

      I think JR from Deadliest Catch is a jerk. So, between that and the beard, I think you’re right. Spencer is likable about half the time, and I kinda LOVED him when he told Amanda to Shut up, that was Awesome! But he’s said some pretty nasty stuff, and JR is a jerk who will shit you over in a heartbeat, soooo 😉

  24. Comments (58)

    Does anyone know why production doesn’t let the house have butter in with the groceries they get?

  25. Comments (65)

    I heard producers told Helen a plan of Amanda trying to get rid of her. I’m ecstatic, but also sad that producers had to interfere with the game in order for them to finally wake up and see the light. It would be amazing to see her go! And if Candice wins HoH and Aaryn gets evicted, I would be so happy lol

  26. Comments (96)

    As of right this second, it looks like Helen, Jessie, and Elissa are plotting to get AManda out!!! Of course, Andy is running and telling Amanda everything. This is going to be an interest

    • Comments (96)

      *this is going to be an interesting night!!!!

      • Comments (875)

        Andy has already squashed that plan, via Jokers Updates…Amanda is stay this week, unless her is evicted in the double evict this week.

      • Comments (875)

        *Amanda is staying this week, unless she is evicted in the double evict this week.*

    • Comments (768)

      It boggles my mind that they haven’t figured out that Andy is the house ferret who blabs everything he hears, yet they share everything with him! WTF?

      • Comments (1446)

        I seemed like Jessie figured it out during tonight’s episode, but nothing came of it after her and Amanda’s fight.
        Can’t imagine that Amanda and McCrae will take Andy to the end – he has built too many (fake) relationships. If these people are really this stupid to not get rid of Amanda while they have the chance, then I will LOVE seeing McManda boot Helen and Andy out the door! The looks on their faces will be priceless – and they will deserve it for being so stupid.

      • Comments (453)

        Jessie said it during the argument in the by with Amanda about trying to flip the house, but only demanda, andy and her were outside, the others were all hiding in the house waiting for the fight to end.

      • Comments (768)

        And good ole Andy, true to form, as soon as he hears a conversation has to come right over and sit in on it without piping up to say a word. I think he knows he has no chance to win and is one of the ones who are trying to go as far as they can and make as much $$$ as they can. I’m sure he made some $$ wearing Judd’s bear shirt.

    • Comments (274)

      Best case scenario then everyone sees Andy as the rat he is and boots him for his deeds.

  27. Comments (35)

    Helen = biggest butt kisser in the house

  28. Comments (83)

    Andy has got a BIG MOUTH, he sucks at playing the game, he rides coat tales, he needs to go.

    • Comments (875)

      Andy & Judd “ARE” the Moles in the BB House! They had a plan today to finally evict Amanda, Helen tells Andy, then Andy tells Amanda & McCrae…

      I can’t stand GM, Aaryn, Amanda, Helen, Andy, & Judd in that order.

  29. Comments (45)

    Watching big today and it was funny how amamda was telling jesse she was going home than jesse wins POV.

  30. Comments (651)

    Just love watching McCrea everytime Demanda goes off on someone. You can see him thinking–she’s f**king up my game!!

  31. Comments (20)

    Omg amanda gets way too much dr time, I am getting so tired of her

  32. Comments (13)

    This big brother cast is defiantly not the smartest due to the fact they are going after people they do not like instead of the big power house players.

  33. Comments (1446)

    Gina Marie’s nomination speeches to Candice and Jessie were unbeliveable! God that woman is an idiot.
    Instead of hating on them, if she was smart she would team up with them and get Spencer, Judd and Elissa on board to take down McManda. Seems everyone knows who has the power in the house and they are just mindless lemmings excited about “making it to jury.” They all deserve what’s coming to them.

    • Comments (875)

      I am convinced that GM has a mental, & eating disorder. I also think that GM is jealous of Candice,….”Miss Louisiana USA” vs. GM, Miss Pageant Girl, 1 time winner.”

  34. Comments (1)

    I feel sorry for McCrae. I think Amanda has become obsessed with him. He can’t break up with her or she will throw him under the bus and she is really screwing up his game. He is a true fan and I want him to win.

    • Comments (768)

      He’s kind of caught between a rock and a hard place with her. On the one hand he needs someone to have his back for that safety vote, but on the other hand she’s just an insecure loose cannon who can’t differentiate real life from the game. I really wonder if she’s bi-polar?

  35. Comments (768)

    Something else interesting about tonight’s show…. they showed Amanda berating Jessie on the couch, then after they parted Amanda walked over and stood at the end of the kitchen counter. Candice was sitting on a chair at the other end. They didn’t show one tidbit of the blowup that occurred right after that moment between Amanda and Candice where Amanda told her what Howard supposedly had said!!! Now I know what the BS stand for in CBS!

  36. Comments (1162)

    Tonight, GinaMarie made comments about why Candice’s birth mother didn’t keep her at birth.
    *****Total Ugliness!!!!!
    (What parent wouldn’t want their children enrolled in GinaMarie’s Dance School?)

    Memo to Future BB House Guests:
    BB allows anything and everything to be dissed and/or discussed – except Politics.

  37. Comments (16)

    please tell me the HG’s have to realize that andy is going from group to group, person to person tattling on the latest scheme … they have to see it?!?! am i wrong in assuming this???

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (4)

      No…. you are so right about Andy. I call him the carrier pigeon of the BB house. He throws dynamite then hides his hands. why he never gets penalized or even called out on it is beyond me. GM had the nerve to accuse Candice of it when Andy has been the cause of so many arguments in the house as he sits there and just watches as all the arguments ensue.

  38. Comments (624)

    I’d much rather get rid of Amanda than Candice.

  39. Comments (1)

    I’m confused, when i watch big brother after dark, and they put the scroll across the screen it says that amanda’s punishment is to get spray tanned every 12 hours not every hour. Plus we haven’t seen her get spray tanned on BBAD, so what’s the truth?

  40. Comments (26)

    SHAME on CBS(KKK, SHAME on you Julie. How could you allow this racist show continue to develop,. It is an insult to our country. I know I AM ONLY one fan (former)but this will be the last season of BB for my family. Hey Julie, also last season of “The View”. Come on America boycott the CBS network.


  41. Comments (1)

    You guys hate on the racism so much but it’s okay for Candice to make derogatory remarks about being a redneck. Get over it! If it isn’t going to be criticized on both ends them dorm criticize at all. You guys are all the people who probably tought treyvon Martin was an innocent kid…

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