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Big Brother 15 – You Can Catch More Flies With Honey

bb15-amanda-elissa-hugFirst off, why does everything in the house happen after I go to bed?   Can’t they ever discuss strategy before 4am my time?  Come on now…

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Anyway, before I went to bed, I listened to a very long and good conversation between McCrae and Elissa.  Flashback to around 8:45pm to see the start of it all.  The two sat outside by the pool and spoke about the future of the game.  At first, I thought it was just two bored people having a conversation, but some lights started turning on in Elissa’s head during the conversation.  She started to realize her final 3 / final 2 scenarios and it wasn’t looking very good against nearly everyone in the house.

Right before I went to bed, the two started to end their conversation, and a crazy thing happened, McCrae apologized for their behavior, and Elissa actually apologized back.  If you haven’t been following the season too well, let me say that Elissa isn’t really the type to apologize for much, especially to McCrae or Amanda.  During the night of McCrae’s birthday, Elissa was pretty mean to Amanda, and the next day Amanda had to apologize to Elissa for it.  To actually admit she did indeed say mean things was probably pretty humbling to Elissa, and it likely opened the door for what happened later in the night….

(note: I know everyone will mention the mean things Amanda has said about Elissa this season.  Nobody is denying that.  Amanda said some awful things, but she’ll be the first to admit it.  Elissa, while not nearly as nasty and blunt as Amanda, has said her fair share of mean things in return.  That’s all I’m saying about that)

After a few hours thinking about her actual position in the house, Elissa decided she wasn’t going to play all summer to leave the house in 5th place.  She knows winning it all will be very tough with this jury, but she’d like to at least make final 2 or 3.  The only way she can do that is by aligning herself with the two people desperate for numbers – Amanda and McCrae.

Flashback to 12:39 to see Elissa call Amanda into the cockpit and tell her that she’s going to vote for her to stay this week.  Amanda is blown away by the sudden change of heart, they hug and she starts promising anything and everything as collateral to prove she’d be loyal to Elissa in return.   They chat for a little bit before Andy pops in (shocker) and they tell him about the situation.   He looks like he seen ghost and slowly backs out to let them continue talking.

As of this moment, Amanda is thrilled because she thinks she’ll have Andy, Elissa and McCrae’s vote and will be safe this week, but the downfall of her game is going to bite her in the ass yet again.  She is trusting that Andy will vote her way, but shortly after they worked him for the vote, he ran upstairs to tell his new alliance (The Exterminators) about the plan.  Andy is going to vote out Amanda, it will be a tie, and GM will break it.  Andy will then tell McCrae that Elissa was the one who flipped the vote, but I’m not sure he’ll believe it.  The trust in Andy has been depleting at a rapid rate, and I’ll be surprised if they still count on his vote by Thursday.

This gave The Exterminators plenty of discussion topics for their nightly meeting as they spent a good portion of the time bashing Elissa.  On a serious note, it’s getting old how personal people are with Elissa’s attacks.  Everyone seen the nastiness from Amanda on CBS, but whenever any group of people sit around to talk about Elissa, they go well beyond her game.   People talk about how she married into money, has step-kids she never talks about, how old she was when she had her own son, her real age, etc, etc, etc.

This should hopefully make for more exciting conversations on the feeds through the rest of the week, which is good because a person can only play so much Candy Crush while listening to Andy and GinaMarie talk non-stop about stuff nobody really cares about.

PS – Before there are hundreds of comments about the show being rigged for Amanda, please note that Elissa is the one who came up with this entire plan.  Amanda has been becoming at peace with her exit this week.

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  1. Comments (2)

    Elissa came up with this plan? False. Production fed it to her after she came out of the DR, they’re just desperate for Amanda to stay and will do whatever it takes.

    • Comments (162)

      They just may lose some viewers over this if Amanda stays……..

      • Comments (401)

        Truth be told, I will watch no matter what happens. I’m addicted to BB 🙂

      • Comments (2)

        I haven’t really been a fan of Andy this season but hopefully he stays in board to send Amanda packing. Her look will be priceless when GM has to break the tie.

      • Comments (2)

        if amanda stays your right they’ll lose viewers and this just proves it’s rigged

      • Comments (1446)

        Well that just blows out of the water all of the Elissa fans who tried to convince us all that she was such an innocent paragon of virtue who was a victim of just about everyone in the house. All sweetness and light my a$$. Looks like she’ll sell out her values for a little more camera time.
        Seems Andy will be the paragon this week to send Amanda packing!!
        Amanda will go home and Elissa will be target #1.

      • Comments (3)

        I really don’t think anyone thinks Elissa is a saint. Amanda lovers always go to extremes, just like Amanda. Elissa is not bat shit crazy like Amanda. I doubt I would be a fan of Elissa’s outside the show. But as far as gameplay, she is thinking long term. So far, all of the HGs have been thinking short term.

      • Comments (1446)

        How long have you been on this blog?? 90% of Elissa’s fans think she can do no wrong and that she is a victim of everyone else in the house.
        Say something remotely negative about her and you’ll get all thumbs down.

      • Comments (207)

        Kevatk and charlotte although i like your comments i think Elissa is really thinking that she has no hope after mcCrae gets evicted so shes going to change the game around by taking Amandas side. I believe people will like McCrae after Amanda leaves and that can be dangerous.

    • Comments (2)

      I dont think production told her to keep Amanda at all. Elissa is playing a smart game. She already has Helens, Jessies, and Candices vote in the jury house if she makes it. She tried to help Aaryn last week stay (which could make Aaryn another vote for her in the end. Just think, if she tells Amanda shes going to keep her and actually does and then Mccrae gets voted out at the DE then she’ll have another. I think shes trying to cover all her grounds.

      • Comments (624)

        As much as I HATE McCranda, this may be what she’s thinking. Got to give Elissa credit if she is…..she’s not just thinking final three, she’s also tracking her votes in jury house. But I will puke over more weeks with Amanda (please GM break the tie and send that skank home). Elissa’s just trying to secure a vote out the door.

      • Comments (624)

        Meaning hopefully Amanda going out the door!

      • Comments (1)

        Tell ’em Papi!

      • Comments (1446)

        Why is Andy considered a “rat” for trying to do the same thing??

    • Comments (8)

      Amanda came up with this idea, NOT Elissa.

      • Comments (226)

        Amanda fed it to the dr and the dr fed it to Elissa?

      • Comments (30)

        Seriously, the DR may ask questions, but I don’t think they influence the players into making certain moves.

      • Comments (293)

        If they ask the right questions, they can influence the players. They ask leading questions; those are the questions lawyers object to in the courtroom when they say another lawyer is leading the witness or helping the witness along to give the answer the lawyer wants the witness to give.

      • Comments (1)

        I cannot believe that Elissa would want to keep Amanda and much less give her jewelry to keep!! This show is rigged! 🙁

      • Comments (1162)

        If you’re referring to Amanda asking Elissa for her vote earlier yesterday,
        Amanda asked EVERYONE for their vote. Also, it was McCrae’s idea
        for Amanda to ask Elissa.

        IMO, it does appear that after her conversation with McCrae, Elissa
        may have been having second thoughts about alliances and
        Production may very well have steered her in Amanda’s &
        McCrae’s direction.

        Elissa’s only hope is to expose Andy The Rat,
        which would be a Very Big BB Game Move.

        Rat Andy has already ruined Elissa’s plan ………..but she doesn’t know
        yet or does she?

      • Comments (30)

        Time will tell in regards to what McCrae believes. First we will see who wins what. Everyone is blind if they can’t see Andy running door to door. I’m sure Elissa’s word is more trustworthy in the house. We saw Amanda do her absolute lunatical best to make Elissa put up Gina Marie, but it did not work. Hopefully McCrae will remember this and realize Andy is the rat he IS. Maybe they are all idiots. This point in the game winning HOH/VETO means most.

      • Comments (226)

        She needs to sic Amanda after Andy to test his loyalty to her (which we know now has flipped). They need to trip him up somehow…

      • Comments (1)

        If Andy doesn’t support Amanda this week, he’ll be exposed for sure. You’ll have Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Aaryn, Helen in jury all left with a bitter experience about Andy.

        Its like Dan from last season, you can put Andy vs a ketchup bottle (or Spencer) for final 2 and ketchup will win.

        On the other hand, if Andy keeps Amanda this week, the exterminators may screw him over in jury too. He’s lost the game.

      • Comments (8)

        I say that Amanda came up with the idea to work with Elissa because I saw the clip on another site.

    • Comments (30)

      Time will tell in regards to who is what. Really no need for name calling.

    • Comments (7)

      Is this Amanda from big brother? Because the tone of your comments are on the same line as hers. Same kind of childish, racist and ignorant remarks that come out of her mouth on BB. I thought they were not allowed anything they could use to communicate outside of the house. Ooorrr maybe just an Amanda want to be. Hum

    • Comments (61)

      F.Y.I. Amanda approached Elissa 1st earlier in the evening with the Plan begging Elissa to keep Her! Elissa was just answering Amanda back as requested now that is how it really went!

    • Comments (7)

      I believe that too! She may have been offered something, but after ALL the insults & horrible things said I do not think Elissa would change her mind just like that! IF Amanda does NOT walk this week we will have our answer. I don’t think it was rumors, even IF production’s plan does NOT work out!! Amanda & McCrae did NOT just meet in the house either! They have been a couple before coming on the show! How deceitful.

      • Comments (1)

        What do you mean they were a couple before going into the house?? So was the baby she lost Macae’s??

      • Comments (124)

        If they were a couple before coming into BB house than PizzaBoy deserves a Emmy. Where did you get this info … I believe you may just have an over-active imagination.

    • Comments (6)

      And production telling Amanda not to give up, don’t lay down and due, makes u go hmmmmmm wth.

    • Comments (401)

      Amanda had a conversation with Elissa trying to convince her that Elissa would be better off with Amanda/McCrae before Elissa went to DR, before Elissa told Amanda she’d do it. So who knows what DR had to do it and more importantly, who knows what Elissa will really do on Thursday!

      • Comments (401)

        I didn’t realize this when I made my comment this morning, btw. Again, who knows what Elissa will actually do!!

  2. Comments (401)

    I disagree with one thing you said. I’m not sure Elissa came up with the plan. I think she might very well have had help from the DR.

    • Comments (162)

      I agree, I think the DR had something to do with it.

    • Comments (401)

      My comment was directed at stevebeans , just to be clear. Kevatk’s comment wasn’t published when I made mine.

    • Comments (61)

      Sorry(please check the Live-Feeds)Amanda did take Elissa aside in the bathroom & asked if they could talk, in fact Elissa made Amanda wait a minute or two leading Amanda to ask McCrae “Do You think She is really coming?”, She did & they talked. Elissa was sitting on Her bed & Amanda started begging offering Elissa ANYTHING She wanted to hold onto as collateral to prove She really would stick to the Deal She was offering Her. So if the DR did have a hand in this plan they fed it to Amanda 1st. I get the live feeds because I am a BB addict since BB #1, I recommend You go look back at last nights Live-Feed & You will see Amanda DID approach Elissa 1st.

      • Comments (4411)

        Angel, I KNOW you are right. If anyone goes back to the last 2 blogs, I told someone there, the conversation, almost word for word (I had just watched it before I replied). When Amanda begged Elissa to not vote her out, Elissa told her that if she didn’t, everyone in the house would be mad at her. Amanda then whispered to her “then blame it on Judd and I SWEAR we’ll (her and McCrae) NEVER tell”. When Elissa hesitated, Amanda kept begging her “well just think about it. Promise me you’ll just think about it”. Elissa kept saying she was tired, so she finally told Amanda she would think about it (I think to get away from her). I was the longest conversation I think they’ve ever had. Amanda kept telling her that if she didn’t keep her, that she would have McCrae and Andy after her next week (this time she wasn’t saying it in a threatening way, but in a begging way and with tears in her eyes). Elissa just kept looking at her with a blank stare. Amanda was begging HARD). I can’t remember the entire conversation now, but I did put 2 or 3 post about it yesterday. I’m on EST, so we see it here before they do on the west coast (I think). Anywhoooo… WAS Amanda that brought it up to Elissa first.

  3. Comments (8)

    Whaaaaat? So, Elissa had a change of heart and could vote to keep Amanda? Just when I thought this season was getting very predictable….

    • Comments (4411)

      Ryan, I don’t think its so much as Elissa having a change of heart (she still thinks Scumanda is disgusting), I think she just realizes that she might go farther if she with The McScummies because nobody likes them anymore. Now last night (BBAD) when Scumanda was BEGGING Elisa to keep her, she even went as far to tell her “I swear on the lives of my entire family that we will keep you safe” (personally, I believe that if that thang swore on her family’s life, they must all be deceased). She also told her that if they voted her (Scumanda) out this week, that Elissa will be right behind her (that’s the only thing she’s been right about so far, cuz about 30 minutes before that, GutterMouth, RatBoy and Dudd were on the hammock talking about who they wanted out next. Dudd wants McScummy out next, RatBoy wants Elissa out next, GutterMouth doesn’t care which one goes out as long as is one of them. She says if McScummy or Elissa wins HOH, either one will put up the other one so let them take each other out). Now although Elissa might be right and she may be able to get further, I would be hard pressed to leave my fate in the hands of the McScummies. They lie like a rug. I wouldn’t put it past them to talk Elissa into keeping her, just to give them time to work up a new plan, then kick Elissa out of the house and brag about it…..Aaahhh well, such is the world of Big Brother :-/

  4. Comments (6)

    I like how they call themselves the exterminators yet Andy is the biggest rat there is. And I’m also really disappointed with Judd for not sticking with Elissa!

    • Comments (1076)

      Judd was only with Elissa in fantasyland. He was always partial to the boys. He tried to cozy up to Elissa when he got back in the house and she blew him off. If you go back to the second day he was back in the house you can find the conversation when he told this to Andy and Spencer. I have already posted this information days ago but the lynch mob gave my post 587 thumbs down.

      • Comments (624)

        I think right now the best strategy in the house is having a 2 person air tight alliance, and picking a floater or 2 person team to side with you for each week’s events. Anything larger than that is just too risky with your so-called alliance getting shady behind your back. Whatcha’ think?

    • Comments (23)

      Before we throw Judd out with the dirty bath water, he DID say “Let’s not talk about Elissa’s son”. This is while GM.S and A-rat were having a “why we hate Elissa” party after A-rat was close to being exposed to both sides as the tail wearing rodent he is. I just can’t get behind this idea that this game is rigged by production. I see what I think may be the best move Amanda has tried to pull off; (swallowing her pride and going to Elissa to offer a deal that could SAVE Elissa); as a step up in Amanda’s game play and a deal Elissa AND Judd should consider. I’d like them to go to the end and win…but it doesn’t define how I watch this game. It is what it is, love it or leave it. It is just a game.

      • Comments (6)

        I’m not, Judd is still my favorite and he’s a good person. Like I said, I’m just disappointed he didn’t stick with Elissa, instead he formed an alliance with Andy, GM and Spencer.

  5. Comments (162)

    Has Elissa gone nuts, Amanda has finally got to her…….

  6. Comments (10)

    I’ll believe it when I see it….

    it IS a smart move since there is NO way the jury would vote for Amanda.

  7. Comments (140)

    Honestly, if I were Elissa (taking into account she is quite financially comfortable and doesn’t actually _need_ this money), I would not make a deal with the devil just to go from 5th place to 2nd or 3rd place. It wouldn’t be worth my loss in morals, and I would not want to help someone like Amanda get further in the game. I understand she played an incredible game by managing to manipulate/control everyone without having any actual power herself by winning anything. But when she tried to play evil, she did it in a low blow manner and took it beyond game. I had high respect for her at the beginning of the season and now I have none for her.

    While Andy is a floater and a rat, his plan to throw blame on Elissa is pretty good, I have to admit. I hope Stevie is right when he suggests Mc might not fall for it… Here’s to hoping Elissa win’s HoH and can take Andy out of this game – he’ll have made enemies for nothing.

    • Comments (86)

      I feel sorry for your morals.

    • Comments (1076)

      Doesn’t need the money, deal with the devil, nonsense, gibberish, etc. Successful people like to win no matter how rich they are. Your post is silly and ridiculous gameplay. And steve never said Mc might not fall for it. He said McCranda is starting to lose trust in Andy. Low roads, high roads. What? The only road is to the finish line, even if you have to tunnel underground to get there.

      • Comments (124)

        Well said. This move might be the only way Eillsa can get some needed votes if she makes it to F2. Amanda and McRae may give her their votes if she brings Andy to the end. She probably would get votes from Candice, Jessie, Helen and maybe even Aaryn so votes from McCranda would be great for her game.

    • Comments (4411)

      Amanda, either way, Elissa is between a rock and a hard place and doesn’t even know it. Remember, she and the McScummies don’t know about The Exterminators. Since Scumanda thinks Andy still has blind loyalty to her, she told him about the plan and he immediately went back and reported to the Exterminators. GutterMouth then told them that it doesn’t matter because the original plan was to take out McScuzzy in the first round of the DE, then Scumanda in the second. Since McScuzzy came down, they decided to take out Scumanda and if McScuzzy wins the HOH, have him put up Elissa and take her out next. Either way, they planned to get Elissa out by next week. Unless she (Elissa) can pull Dudd and DiSpencer on her side, I’m scared she’ll be out of the game 🙁

  8. Comments (29)

    I read some of the “theories” online of it being rigged for Amanda to win. Does anyone have any real insight to it?
    Oh, and Amanda will do/say anything to stay in the house…even make up with Elissa.

  9. Comments (4)

    It may not be rigged but this is all occurring after Amanda made the comments about her DR where they told her not to give up and not to roll over. Then you here production day you are not allowed to talk about Diary Room sessions. When Elissa went to Ananda was also when she came out of her DR session. May not be true and Andy’s vote will be interesting and we all know you can’t trust him. No matter your beliefs on it CBS has to do something to improve the quality of the game with the way it has played out so far this season

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa hatched this idea after her long talk with McCrae. I followed Jokersupdates all thru the night while I was watching “Birth of a Nation” on TCM and this idea did not come after a DR session. Who is making up all rumor, theory and conspiracy nonsense. You sound like a bunch of medieval townsfolk that still believe the world is flat.

      • Comments (87)


      • Comments (1162)

        You must have fallen asleep and missed some
        of the times reporting on Joker’s Updates.

        12:47 AM BBT – Joker’s Updates
        Elissa comes out of the DR and tells Amanda, she will vote to keep her in the House.

      • Comments (90)

        Arrrrgggghhhhh *screaming like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away* !!!!!!

      • Comments (61)

        I am Hoping Elissa did this is 1)just to Shut-Up Amanda till She is Evicted on Thursday & 2)so that Amanda will Not try Anymore “Plan” ideas on Her!!!

      • Comments (61)

        Wrong, they talked Game Play true enough but hat Does Not change the fact that Amanda approached Elissa in the bathroom asking Her if they could Talk. Hold on now that I think about it, does anyone remember that McCrae while comforting Amanda who was boo hooing in bed, & told Her His idea/Plan of approaching Elissa & offering Her the moon if necessary, to not give up. Amanda almost didn’t even approach Elissa because She told McCrae She thought Elissa would Never trust Her, but McCrae convinced Her to try. So Actually McCrae Not Elissa, Not the DR is the one who started the wheels moving on this Plan.

    • Comments (162)

      Elissa also changed her mind about Aaryn when she came out of the diary room.

    • Comments (4411)

      Scottie, Amanda brought the plan to Elissa. After they finished talking and left the room, Elissa was called to DR, but the conversation took place prior to her going there.

  10. Comments (1)

    <3 Love Candy Crush – thanks for the updates – you are the best!

  11. Comments (7)

    Elissa was approached by Amanda with the plan and Elissa went and told Andy about it and laughed with him about the ideal. I did not get to see the feed were she actually went back and told Amanda she would vote for her.

    • Comments (55)

      I also saw Amanda approach Elissa and promised her the moon if she would keep her. I didn’t hear Elissa promise her anything. Elissa told Andy and started to laugh about it. That’s what I got from BBAD, don’t know about anything else.

    • Comments (23)

      Yeah,I saw that she told Andy about Amanda’s plan…I saw Andy turn reddish green….but I missed something, too, serenity. I’ll keep skimming through the comments and make up my own scenario from what I’ve gathered happened. Keep writing folks…

      • Comments (4411)

        Sizzors, IMMEDIATELY after Elissa told Andy, she went to the DR (I think) and he went straight to GutterMouth and Dudd and relayed what Elissa had told him. That was when GutterMouth started to bash Elissa and talk about her son (something about him looking like a little Puerto Rican (expletive)…and this being not 1 hour after saying how disgusting Scumanda was for talking about Elissa’s husband and son). That’s when the 3 of them decided that Scumanda will definitely be going home and GutterMouth announcing that “she” was the real queen!

    • Comments (1076)

      That was hours before Elissa’s talk with McCrae. You were most probably sleeping. It was about 1:30 PT. I caught it and posted it on the last stevebeans update if you want to go back and look.

      • Comments (90)

        This link shows: Amanda thanking elissa for saving her life, Amanda with andy, then (of course) Andy with Spencer & GM.

        telephone, telegraph, tel-andy

      • Comments (4411)

        Suzy, your link was the SECOND conversation she and Amanda had. If you go back and look at BBAD, the 1st conversation was Elissa and McCuzzy talking in the BY. Then he went in and told Scumanda to go try to talk to Elissa again. That’s when she asked Elissa if she could talk to her. they were in the room on different beds and Scumanda was begging and telling Elissa the plan. Elissa said she’d think about it and let her know. Your link picks up after Elissa had made her decision and told Scumanda that she would back her.

  12. Comments (86)

    Hopefully Elissa will tell Judd she was testing Andy’s loyalty. I cant seem to wrap my head around Elissa wanting Amanda to stay. Judd did say Elissa changed her mind after a dr session. Ugh ugh I just want to fast forward to the finale. The real drama is going to start after a few of them come back to the real world. SMDH

  13. Comments (2)

    I just found this website and have been coming here all season for updates. I have never written a comment – this is my first. I have been watching BB off and on for years. This is the first time I have felt that two players were picked purposely – Amanda and Elissa – to “compliment” each other. By “compliment” I mean to provide drama for the show. I doubt that either of them will win, but I don’t think that is their purpose. I can’t help but feel that their sole purpose on this show is for entertainment only, with absolutely no desire to actually win the game/money. I’m not even talking about fame, as it’s very obvious that both of these women want that…aside from that, they are just here as a drama factor. I would even go as far to say that I would believe they have been “working together” all season. Working together to purposely create drama for the show.

    • Comments (1)

      I am not sure if I agree with your theory but I hadn’t even thought of that angle before. Very interesting!

      • Comments (1076)

        It’s not interesting. There is another word for it but that word is not interesting.

      • Comments (90)

        Damn Suz! Pow, pow and bang, bang!!! You are hot and on fire today. Lol. Your wit and sarcasm know no bounds. Send me some of what you had this morning. 🙂

      • Comments (35)

        Aren’t you just the know it all bitch Suzy

    • Comments (407)

      BellAria, I totally agree with you. I was thinking the same thing this morning that both Amanda and Elissa have been handpicked for BB this season. Amanda has had a previous job with CBS and Elissa’s connection is her sister Rachel. I will repeat part of a previous post from this morning…we will just have to wait until Thursday night to see how all this plays out and see who the 2nd person evicted is. If Elissa is really working with Amanda after all she “supposedly” put her through, my opinion of her is next to nothing.

  14. Comments (110)

    If Amanda stays because of Ellissa I will not watch the show anymore and I
    will not care who wins they are going to give it to Amanda anyway so why
    watch it.

  15. Comments (4)

    I know all the Andy haters are going to strongly disagree with me… but if this all plays out the way he’s proposing, this could literally be the most genious game play decision so far this season. And, I’m not a big fan of Andy’s… I’m not a big fan of any of them. But, as for everyone calling Andy a rat and calling for him to be voted out… it’s a GAME. He may be playing both sides… but it just may take him to the final two. It’s taken him this far anyway. Now, hear me out. My first instinct was the Elissa was just playing with Amanda to get her hopes up… on the other hand, when she started swearing to God and all, I began to question that. Another theory… production put the idea in her head that there’s another alliance in the house and she and McCrea will be next to go (for the conspiracy theorists, this could also have been production’s way to keep Amanda in the house). Either way, if Elissa is serious, I have a hard time believing she came up with it on her own. She has played this game way too personally and she loathes Amanda. Now, let’s say Andy tells Amanda and McCrea he’s voting for Amanda along with Elissa, but does vote her out and Elissa actually votes to keep Amanda, but Andy frames her… making everyone think it was her who voted Amanda out… yeah, it’s a dirty move… but absolutely ingenious. If he ends up in the final two… he has just secured himself votes from both sides. If he convinces Amanda and Mcrea that he voted to keep Amanda (and he will), he’s got their votes. But by going to the Exterminators and letting him in on it and telling them he’s going to do this… vote Amanda out and set Elissa up, he’s earning their trust and securing their votes. The wild card in all of this is the jury house. No doubt, it will come out between A/M and members of the Exterminators what really went down. At that point, would they vote personally or out of respect for the game… in which case, they would have to give Andy their vote despite his betrayal… after all, it got him to the final two (if that were to be the case). The other wild card is production… did they suggest this to Elissa to let her know she’s in danger… or, in an effort to keep Amanda (I seriously doubt anyone could have imagined that Andy would come up with this brilliant idea). If it’s the former, they could also let Elissa know that she’s being set up, so she votes Amanda out after all (there’s no way she’s giving up her wedding ring regardless). In the end, regardless of how this plays out, it’s gonna be the best eviction to watch so far. Like I said, I’m not a fan of any of them… I have mixed feeling about this… on one hand, I would love to see Amanda voted out. I think she’s a disgusting excuse of a person, and her family should be absolutely appalled and embarrassed by her behavior. She’s a bully and as much of a racist as some of the others. On the other hand, for the sake of pure entertainment, it would be fun to see Spencer go (only an idiot agrees to go up as a pawn) and Amanda stay (never going to happen). Let the games FINALLY begin.

    • Comments (45)

      I agree that it is a genius move! It will expose Rat Andy and will evict the much too comfortable pawn Spencer. I also believe he deserves to be blindsided for being a pawn so many times. It also insulates Elissa a little from the Exterminators who were going to target her.

      • Comments (45)

        I agree with you. Good move if Elissa follows through

      • Comments (4)

        I think it’s only going to expose Andy… to Amanda and McCrea… if Elissa also votes Amanda out… in which case, he’ll argue that Elissa backtracked and he had to vote with the house… blah blah… but there’s no chance that Spencer is actually going to be evicted. Either way, it’s going to be fun to see all of their faces when the vote is announced, regardless of how it goes.

      • Comments (90)

        The thing about the target on Elissa’s back can go eitherway with the Exterminators (Why do I want to laugh hysterically when I read that name, knowing what group of people it references?)

        1) If Amanda ends up staying in the house (Spencer the pawn is actually voted out), then the target MIGHT shift from Elissa back to Amanda. …..OR…..
        2) If Amanda ends up staying, the the Exterminators *me snickering* will be sooooo pissed, they’ll boot Elissa out at the next available eviction, which might just be the DE.

      • Comments (4411)

        Vee, I like their tagline…”to get rid of all the rats and snakes”…..LOL….RatBoy is the rat and GutterMouth, Dudd and DiSpencer are the snakes.

    • Comments (86)

      Last night Andy was talking about telling Amanda about the exterminators in his good bye message. If he does this he will nit get her vote if he is in the final two. Also I think Elissa needs to tell McCrae BEFORE Thursday about Andy nit being on team Mccranda. That way if Mccrae wins hoh he will target Andy. I think Andy is stupid enough ti tell Amanda about his new alliance.

    • Comments (7)

      Good theory Cari! I don’t care much for Spencer as he is too sneaky & I don’t trust him to keep his word. I never expected him to be in as long as he has anyway! I SO agree about Amanda. I think Andy is playing a great game, AND he is a NICE guy too. I can’t help but like him! He is also one of the nicest guys in the house too. I am hoping it goes down to the final 2….Andy & Judd with JUDD walking away the winner!! What do you think? I was SO rooting for Elissa, but if all that I just read is true I am not anymore. HOW can you hug Amanda when she said all that horrible stuff. Not me!

      • Comments (2)

        How is Andy such a nice guy if he has flipped people off, called Elissa names, and spewed hatred repeatedly? Thanks but that is not my definition of nice!

  16. Comments (316)

    Like her or not Amanda played the game. At this point I’m hoping Elissa and Amanda make it to the final two! It will be more interesting to watch this way. Would you rather GM and Spencer sit in those last two seats? I certainly wouldn’t!

    • Comments (162)

      If Elissa and Amanda make it to the end everyone will vote for Amanda…wait and see

      • Comments (316)

        she played the game. I don’t care for many of her remarks though.

      • Comments (20)

        I think most people would agree that Amanda played the game…she got everyone to do what she wanted! The problem we have with her is how she went about it!! She is simply a disgusting human being who bullies people and attacks them on a personal level. You don’t need to do all that to play this game!

      • Comments (316)

        Amanda was the mastermind behind most of the evictions. That is strong game play.

      • Comments (162)

        Exactly that’s why it would be stupid top take her to the final cause she would win.

      • Comments (1)

        Amanda HAS the balls to win this game… If she makes it to the finals , she will get the votes to win… No one has played harder. (Her hard play may END her game too). Would love to see her and Elissa in the finals… And I want the jury to ask some REALLY tough questions!

      • Comments (4411)

        How hard can you play in a horizontal position?

      • Comments (4411)

        She was on her back so much, she should have been in an iron lung.

    • Comments (87)

      I don’t think Amanda played the game that well..she was just loud and obnoxious..not subtle or thoughtful. I never her noticed her having a great plan- or a plan at all …

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t like Amanda, but she’s definitely done some planning in this game! She’s always making plans for possible outcomes. Like telling Elissa that Helen is leaving and “trying to earn her trust” if Elissa were to get HOH right after. Which is exactly what happened. All summer long, she was trying to plan who should leave during what week and laying the ground work for it.

      • Comments (4411)

        I wouldn’t call her a planner as much as a schemer.

  17. Comments (9)

    It’s hard to say whether production had a hand in this. On the one hand, Elissa may be aligning herself with who she thinks she can win against based on the emotional state that most of the jury is in, it’s hard to tell. She is taking an awful high risk in trusting Amanda though.

    • Comments (226)

      I can envision a conversation with the DR about her convo with McCrae that made her doubt her longevity in the game. As much as I want Amanda to go, it would be great tv to watch her and Elissa battle in the finale.

  18. Comments (23)

    I must be getting old! I watch the feeds only BBAD and I KNOW I saw Amanda in bed having a pity party with McCrae who told her she had to fight for herself. I know I saw Amanda go outside and whine to the others “no one is fighting for her”. I know I saw her sitting at kitchen counter while Elissa was washing up. Then commercial…..return to Amanda throwing out a game deal to save herself, McCrae and Elissa. I always disliked her game because she didn’t own it! She was the sore loser we all love to hate and here she is right back at it and doing a brilliant job! OMG…I woke up my husband! Listen this girl really has game and she is not going to let those to enjoy her play down! so what is up?

    • Comments (23)

      “…she is not going to let those who enjoy her play down.”

    • Comments (4411)

      Sizzors, we both saw the same thing. And when she was laying in bed having her pity party with that red thing wrapped around her head and face, I pulled one of Elissa’s numbers and spit Coke across the table. That was to freaking funny! I still laugh whenever I think about it. I should look it up on YouTube, just to get another good laugh.

  19. Comments (1)

    So if Amanda is destined to winby CBS then maybe somebody should sue CBS for this because the other contestants came on BB on their own time maybe had to take off of work or whatever to be on the show to try for the money its not fair.

  20. Comments (52)

    Well if that just ain’t the craziest s*%t I’ve heard all day! (and that’s saying a lot – I work with lawyers)…

    It seems that the possibilities are endless.

    Will Elissa vote to keep Amanda?
    Will Amanda say something horrific and stupid to screw up this deal before Thursday?
    Will Andy be seen as the hero by both sides?

    Expect the unexpected!!!

    (And, for the record, seeing Elissa sit down in the DR to vote to keep Amanda on Thursday will be the most unexpected development I’ve seen all season. Especially since she had a chance to save Aaryn, who was far less treacherous to her personally, and decided not to take that deal. I personally think Elissa is leading Amanda to the chopping block with sweet words and promises so she doesn’t have to listen to whining and bullying all week. I guess we’ll find out on Thursday won’t we.)

  21. Comments (48)

    ‘Amanda said some awful things, but she’ll be the first to admit it.’
    Hmmm. Don’t think I agree with that one.

    • Comments (140)

      Exactly. Amanda lives in denial. She’s legitimately confused at the idea America could be viewing her as a bad person. She really doesn’t get it. Someone who knows they’ve said bad things would not question that.

    • Comments (74)

      When I first watched Elissa talk down to Amanda on McCrae’s birthday, I thought it was a little uncalled for… although I also think that dressing as a dominatrix for a prime time family CBS show is beyond tacky. Elissa is a little snobby and did make some mean comments, but she is not so vile… like some of the rest if the house. It’s really unbelievable to me. Now that I’m following more closely online, I am 100% on Elissa’s side in that matter, no matter who her sister, husband, etc. are… and with no regards to her, or again – anyone in her family’s, cash flow.. Amanda works with her mom. Gina Marie lives with hers… Who’s spoiled?? Anyhoo……. I hope Judd, the nicest person left, wins! For that reason. I’d give him the $$ for playing ‘nice’ in this season FOR SURE. Also… I completely agree with *just another fan*.

  22. Comments (2)

    BB calls the shots. I believe Amanda and Elissa for the chlid drama. However, I hope GinaMarie or Judd are in the final 2.

    • Comments (651)

      I was hoping GM had grown but last night she started talking about Elissa’s son saying he must be Puerto Rican because he’s dark–like dirt, etc. At least this time Judd told her to stop but Rat Dog just said he thought her son was cute.

      GM I’m done with you. You are still the loser gutter rat you were when you came into the house. I so hope you lose and I want to see your face when you find out you’re fired.

      • Comments (90)

        Ohhhh… be a fly on the wall. I hope TMZ stays on top of these HGs when they leave the sequestration of the JH. Someone somewhere has to be able to keep us abreast of the fallout and of the reactions and responses of the HGs.

      • Comments (4411)

        I’ll enjoy seeing them on The Soup too 🙂

      • Comments (4411)

        Jackie: ^5, I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s why I’ve nicknamed her GutterMouth.

  23. Comments (3)

    I think the most important question of the season that has thus far remained unanswered is- does Amanda own ANY shirts that don’t fall off of her shoulder??!!!!

  24. Comments (5)

    If Elissa thought of this all on her own…then why did she wait to say anything AFTER her DR session…coincidence??? I highly doubt it…go back to All Star’s BB…this show is getting worse each season!

  25. Comments (50)

    Ok, so this is what I’m hoping happens. Elissa has created this plan to out Andy as a rat AND still get Amanda out. She tells Amanda and McCrae that she’s on their side to keep Amanda in. Come time to vote, everyone votes Amanda out (even Elissa because joining forces with them is just a trick) except for McCrae. Obviously they’re not going to be that shocked that Elissa went back on her word, but then they will also realize that Andy voted her out too. That will expose him to Amanda (who’s going to JH) and to McCrae who will now look for another alliance.

    • Comments (43)

      I was thinking something similar, but I bet Elissa will still vote to keep Amanda. I think Elissa knows Amanda can’t get enough votes to stay since the tie-breaker is up to GM. Maybe she is thinking of way to get jury votes if she makes it to the final two – now THAT would be smart.

      • Comments (50)

        But it will depend on who Amanda believes actually voted to keep her in-Andy or Elissa. I don’t know if she would believe Elissa over Andy. That Rat is tricky!

      • Comments (226)

        Depends on how he is confronted. Will he turn bright red or be able to lie without missing a beat???

      • Comments (1162)

        I like your thinking, however I can, also, see the Value
        in outing Rat Andy before the voting.

    • Comments (14)

      I agree Christine. Just the way you say. Only one vote for Amanda, from McCrae. Now at least McCrae might go after Andy as well as Elissa.

    • Comments (9)

      Ellissa isn’t that smart.

      • Comments (50)

        I don’t know if it’s that or she doesn’t care enough to try that hard. Anyway, it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  26. Comments (2)

    Amanda stays the game is nothing but all rigged and scripted

  27. Comments (610)

    Kudos to Judd for telling the others to stop trash talking family and personal stuff (not game-related) about Elissa. And he did it more than once.

  28. Comments (87)

    why the heck can’t these ppl keep things to themselves? They all have to know Andy will run his mouth off to anyone that will listen.. they only way to make a plan move forward is to do it quietly at this point.
    They are all bashing Elissa because they want her to go away quietly after Amanda.. they do not like a resurgence of game play from her (Elissa) to “wreck” their cozy little plan… personal bashing is to easy..and boring for the most part- as a viewer.

  29. Comments (9)

    I actually think Elissa is making a good move taking Amanda to the end would win her the game…who in that jury would seriously vote for Amanda in the end all Elissa would have to do is to take Amanda to the end and give a speech about how she manipulated the master manipulator and she will have it…imo

    • Comments (293)

      Here are some of the ways the jurors could vote:
      for the person they like most
      for the person who played the best
      for the person with the best morals
      against the person they like least
      against the person who played the worst
      against the person who floated the entire game

      Therefore, Elissa takes a big risk if she assumes jurors will automatically vote against the person they like least.

  30. Comments (74)

    When I first watched Elissa talk down to Amanda on McCrae’s birthday, I thought it was a little uncalled for… although I also think that dressing as a dominatrix for a prime time family CBS show is beyond tacky. Elissa is a little snobby and did make some mean comments, but she is not so vile… like some of the rest if the house. It’s really unbelievable to me. Now that I’m following more closely online, I am 100% on Elissa’s side in that matter, no matter who her sister, husband, etc. are… and with no regards to her, or again – anyone in her family’s, cash flow.. Amanda works with her mom. Gina Marie lives with hers… Who’s spoiled?? Anyhoo……. I hope Judd, the nicest person left, wins! For that reason. I’d give him the $$ for playing ‘nice’ in this season FOR SURE.

  31. Comments (21)

    Everyone seems to forget that Elissa has a stronger connection w Amanda since the beginning. Judd and Ginamarie have been distant from her and showing their hand. She is smart and able to see the writing on the wall. Team Elissa❤

  32. Comments (90)

    Either is ok with me:
    “Amanda, by unanimous vote, you have been evicted.”
    “GinaMarie, we have a tie.”
    “ok, thanks, Jules…buhbye, Amanda!”

    Can anyone tell me what day (how long before eviction day)they film their diary room goodbye messages to the nominees?


    I need some chocolate milk!

  33. Comments (610)

    A huge thumbs down to all the HG who continually use the C word towards women. Disgusting behavior!

  34. Comments (1)

    Whiskey tango foxtrot Elissa?! Send Amanda back under the rock she came from. She’s so nasty.

  35. Comments (624)

    I wonder if Elissa’s just agreeing with whatever MC says just to shut them up for the week. She knows better than to believe that Amanda would ever vote for her in the jury.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well, she might be able to quiet McCranda but she’s given Rat Andy
      more ammo for his Gift of Gab Arsenal.
      He waited less than 20 minutes before spilling “The Secret” alliance,
      he promised to keep a secret.

      I can’t believe Elissa trusts Andy;
      she knows better than to do so.

      All kinds of scenarios are in the wind –
      Do you think GM & Elissa hatched this plan together?
      They had talked about staying together and getting rid of the others.
      GM has said several times that she doesn’t trust Rat Andy.
      IF GM and Elissa are in the F2 – GM Wins and Elissa comes in 2nd Place
      and may, also, win Fan Favorite

      So, is GM a great actress or a mean-spirited bitch?

      Guess, we’ll have to wait and see what happens today …………..

  36. Comments (52)

    Okay, let’s put this to rest once and for all.

    Big Brother is (no matter what label you put on it) a TV show. The outcome may or may not predetermined (I don’t believe it is, but, I won’t argue that point right now). Regardless, the show (like all shows) has one purpose – to draw viewers so that those people can see the commercials of the sponsors who pay for the show. The hope of the network is that a large number of viewers see the show, watch those commercials and buy those products so the sponsors come back to buy ad time again – and the cycle begins again.

    With that said, who cares if this show is predetermined? We all get entertainment from it, we all still watch it even though some of us have our suspicions, and most of us will tune in again for the rest of the season and for future seasons.

    After all – wrestling is predetermined, but a lot of people still watch it for the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      My guess – the thousands of BB Fans who try to become HGs on
      BB would care a great deal about the show’s winner being pre-determined.

    • Comments (3)

      This show is to get viewers yes. I think keeping Amanda and the McCrae in the house is a smart move. and I also believe what Andy is doing is smart as well. I am all for team Elissa. However I think Andy has outsmarted this. I think people need to set aside the backstabbing lying and realize that this is a game, regardless if you’re rich or poorer you’re in it to win it. you have to realize if she were to take Amanda and her boy toy closer to the end, she will get them both over them. She probably wouldn’t win against Andy. I think she realizes with no game talk with the other members of the exterminators even though she doesn’t know about it she’s gotta figure something is going on with no game talk.just like last year I was a huge Dan fan. I don’t believe involving families and racist talk is acceptable however dans style of backstabbing what’s the key to get him all the way to the end I think people were to better to see how brilliant that was and he truly deserve to win it all. Even though I want Elissa to win, I feel Andy will win and I wouldn’t be upset about it.

    • Comments (61)

      I personally think the reason people have a hard time with BB being fixed is the Winner receives $500,000 which is a HUGE amount of Money to Most American’s, so I imagine they/I want the Winner to Earn the $$$Money$$$ Fair & Square!!!

  37. Comments (1)

    What is up with all the “she doesn’t deserve the money talk”…is this show only for people who are poor…no…the comments are silly about this part.

  38. Comments (85)

    wow crazy conspiracy theories abound! I hope Amanda does stay, she was the only one that actually Played the game! So what she is pushy and brash, so was evil dick and everyone LOVED him! so a girl cant be like that? what a double standard!

    • Comments (61)

      Evel Dick Did Not attack by Name calling about HG’s Family’s especially their Children. He was a Game Player not a Disgusting Woman who still as of night before last in the HOH room (I might have the night wrong but it was within the last few days during GM’s HOH) Amanda was making more Racist remarks & laughing Her head off about them!!! Good-Bye Amanda!!! Though Elissa just tried to get Andy to go to the Dark side after a DR session =/ hmmmm… He said He would Vote to save Amanda but We All know what a Lying Rat He is & that that will Never happen & Elissa Will most likely be gone during the Double Eviction due to these Actions =[

  39. Comments (15)

    Amanda idea but she got called to the dr room pitched it to them and they told Elisa to hide it from the house this game is rigged

    • Comments (61)

      TOTAL SPECULATION!!! & I am pretty sure She Did Not go to the DR before talking to Elissa, even if She did these Totally Speculative Rumors are are sometimes taking away from what this Site is All about & that is to discuss what IS going on in the BB House via the Live-Feeds, BB After Dark or the Weekly BB Shows which have more than enough going on to talk about without throwing these at times Totally Outrageous Rumors that have No Validity to back them up!!!

  40. Comments (2)

    If Amanda stays I will not be able to gag that down and will have lost any desire for Elissa to be there. Even if Elissa votes for her to stay one other person would also have to vote for her to stay and I don’t see that happening UNLESS it is rigged as the person posted back on July 6. Could be Elissa KNOWS there is no way for her to stay and she is pretending to get Mc on her side. She better win HOH or she is a goner.

  41. Comments (1)

    Am I the only one that wants that weirdo loser spencer out of the house? Then that phony andy! What a season. No one to root for, I’ve seen ALL of them sink pretty low.

    What did Elissa mean on BBAD when she said she wouldn’t have been kicked out and/or would have been brought back. Talking about production?! I feel this season has had us looking at the man behind the curtain. What happened to believing the HGs actually controlled some of the outcome.

  42. Comments (61)

    GM just called to the HOH room & said YEA as She entered I smell PB!!!

    • Comments (61)

      & Elissa was called to the DR just minutes later something is going on I can feel it!!! Good things I Hope for both GM & Elissa =D It will probably be the Diamond POV… You think??? =D

    • Comments (61)

      Nope it just looks like it was Camera Time =D Still holding out some Hope bc they just did a Lockdown as GM was coming down the HOH stairs =D

  43. Comments (40)

    From what I saw on “BB After Dark”, Macrae and Elissa were outside talking and then when Amanda woke up from a nap, he went in while she was crying and feeling sorry for herself. Macrae asked her (Amanda) if she has talked to Elissa yet? She is quiet for a few seconds and then says no, he says he thinks he should. (That made me think that Macrea was out there warming Elissa for Amanda to talk to her) That’s when Amanda a little while later approaches Elissa and lays out a proposal for her. By the time After Dark ended she was telling the other house guest that she would not vote to keep Amanda. I know that Elissa doesn’t want to keep her, but at this point she must be feeling very confused. Amanda did tell her that Andy and Spencer want her (Elissa) out. So she had this on her mind. I just hope she makes the right decisoins so she can win this all the way! Go Elissa.

  44. Comments (15)

    So the argument is that the show isn’t rigged because Amanda wasn’t in on it? If she ends up staying after all of the planning this week to get her out, this show will definitely come under fire for fixing the game. You would think that they (production) would want to get her out if only to dispel the rumors that the fix is in. I am a BB fan from the first season but this threatens to change the outlook of many of the loyal viewers, and lose them.

  45. Comments (2)

    This VIP idea has created a house of floaters this year. Once Amanda is gone everyone might as well tune out the bore fest that is coming. Thanks BB for making this one of the worst seasons

  46. Comments (60)

    NNNNNOOOOO!! I read this and almost tossed my cookies!!!.. If Amanda gets off the block…I’m done with BB

  47. Comments (8)

    I don’t think Elissa has any intention of voting to keep Amanda. I’m hoping she is trying to get Andy to agree to vote to keep Amanda (while in the presence of Amanda). Then when he does not vote to keep Amanda, she (Amanda) will hopefully come to the conclusion that Andy was not loyal to McCrae and her. Andy could not use the excuse that he “had to vote with the house” because he was supposed to be voting with McCrae and Elissa. I hope that made sense.

  48. Comments (2)

    It was Amanda’s plan. Elissa wasn’t planning on accepting it, but after coming back from DR, voila!, she’s changed her mind. Surprise, surprise! I just hope McRae sees through Andy’s “acting job” when Amanda gets voted out. That little rat deserves eviction more than anyone in the game. … Would really like to see Elissa and McRae win everything from here on out and just wipe out the exterminators. They are all so foul-mouthed, racist, and nasty that I couldn’t stand to see any of them win. If the Exterminators are all that’s left, this show is doomed to ratings hell.

  49. People are not too bright...
    Comments (2)

    Assuming that the following are a given and will not change:

    1. Mc votes to oust Sp
    2. Ju votes to oust Am
    2. GM breaks any tie and sends Am to jury

    There are 4 possible outcomes to Thursday’s vote:

    1. El votes to oust Spencer, An votes to oust Spencer (3-1, Sp is out)
    2. El votes to oust Spencer, An votes to oust Amanda (2-2, tie, Am is out)
    3. El votes to oust AM, An votes to oust Spencer (2-2 tie, Am is out)
    4. El votes to oust Am, An votes to oust Am (3-1, Am is out)

    In 3 out of the 4 scenarios, Am is out.

    In scenario 1 An is revealed to be a rat and is targeted by the exterminators, and also loses their jury votes. Since El isn’t part of the ext. she doesn’t risk losing anything here and could gain considerably.

    In scenario 4 An is absolutely revealed to be the rat and loses Mcranda’s jury votes.

    In scenarios 2 and 3, it’s clear to both Mcranda and the ext. that SOMEONE is a rat. An will try to convince them it’s El, and El will try to convince them it’s An. I think both groups are more likely to suspect the rat is An, when they put together the pieces from past history. Even if they can’t be sure, both El and An are likely to become targets and lose jury votes. Again, since El has no previous alliance with either group, she has little to lose, and much to gain if she pulls it off, while An has everything to lose.

    The result of situations 1, 2 and 3 is that Am heads to jury, and An is far more likely to be outed as the rat, destroying his game. El has very little to lose, and quite a bit to gain by this big move. Before this she was already an obvious target of both Mc and the Exterminators anyway, and this way the target may be deflected elsewhere.

    The best scenario is that El has already secretly gotten Gm and/or Ju in on the twist, and really can’t lose, since the Ext. would like to know about the presence of a rat in their alliance and probably are already worried about that possibility.

    Because of this game twist, I think the next 3 evictions will go like this:

    1. Am or Sp (most likely Am)
    2. An
    3. Mc or Sp

    I think the final three are likely to be Ju, Gm, and El.

  50. Comments (401)

    Well, the good news: there’s lots of comments equals a successful blog. The bad news: they’re all mixed up again.

  51. Comments (1)

    DR came up with plan to cover their wrong doings. McCrae and Amanda working with DR to sell to whoever will listen. As usual Elisa is without conviction and willing to listen. The others including Andy seem to have developed a backbone. Watching Amanda in a fake nice personality makes me want to barf. Amanda was so over the top with her crude sex conversation. She may think she is a sexy Mrs. Robinson but the truth is she is a crazy 9 1/2 weeks! In order to compete with TV cougars she has a lot of cosmetic surgery to have done, complete extreme makeover. If Amanda doesn’t go BB will lose viewers. America is more interested if McRae can play his own game as he claims or will he be the biggest baby when his showmance ends because Amanda is back doored the way she did all the other showmances. Let s turn this make into a real game rather than a scrpited reality show which it has become this season.

  52. Comments (143)

    Sounds like rigging to me, from what I saw Amanda approached Elissa with a crazy plan on bbad and elissa told andy right away and they laughed it off now all of a sudden its a real plan.

  53. Comments (3)

    I can’t believe people are STILL race baiting…yikes. I swear some people must have a whole closet full of torches out there, waiting for the next witch hunt.

    Anyway…this is not a direct reply to any poster, rather a general comment after skimming through the multitude of posts.

    Some players live in the here and now, while others think about the tomorrow. (The planners in life always think about the tomorrows)
    I was shocked to think that Amanda ever had a chance of staying, until I applied just a little critical thought on this.
    Elisa has no one, she knows she has no one…Amanda also has no one (other than McCray).
    Elisa is likely one of the smarter players in the house (sorry Elisa haters), she stays calm, reserved and and knows how to get under someones skin when its needed, totally blowing apart their game.
    Elisa was a target from week one and sure to go home the next several weeks but someone did even after the Americas vote thing ended.
    The bottom line is, after Thursday Elisa really has no hope of continuing, on the other hand…aligning with Amanda (and pizza boy) she at least has someone and possibly a chance to stay a little longer.

    Shooting fish in a barrel and picking low hanging fruit, is no way to win this game and certainly this late inthe process no way of moving forward…getting rid of Spencer (at least right now) seems like it will have far greater implications on the power and outcome of this game.

    As far as CBS manipulating this game…duhhhhhh!
    Its all about money baby! 😉

    • Comments (3)

      I meant
      Elisa was a target from week one and sure to go home the next several weeks in the game, but someone else did, even after the Americas vote thing ended.

    • Comments (143)

      None sense because mccrae would be the target. There is only one pair and its amanda and mccrae and they tried to get elissa out the game. Keeping around Amanda and mccrae is stupid because they are a pair who would keep andy over her.

  54. Comments (6)

    McRae is the one they should vote out, Amanda can’t win challenges, she is the most hated person in the house, who better to sit in the final 2 with.

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