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Big Brother 15 – You Can Catch More Flies With Honey

September 3, 2013 | 201 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

bb15-amanda-elissa-hugFirst off, why does everything in the house happen after I go to bed?   Can’t they ever discuss strategy before 4am my time?  Come on now…

Anyway, before I went to bed, I listened to a very long and good conversation between McCrae and Elissa.  Flashback to around 8:45pm to see the start of it all.  The two sat outside by the pool and spoke about the future of the game.  At first, I thought it was just two bored people having a conversation, but some lights started turning on in Elissa’s head during the conversation.  She started to realize her final 3 / final 2 scenarios and it wasn’t looking very good against nearly everyone in the house.

Right before I went to bed, the two started to end their conversation, and a crazy thing happened, McCrae apologized for their behavior, and Elissa actually apologized back.  If you haven’t been following the season too well, let me say that Elissa isn’t really the type to apologize for much, especially to McCrae or Amanda.  During the night of McCrae’s birthday, Elissa was pretty mean to Amanda, and the next day Amanda had to apologize to Elissa for it.  To actually admit she did indeed say mean things was probably pretty humbling to Elissa, and it likely opened the door for what happened later in the night….

(note: I know everyone will mention the mean things Amanda has said about Elissa this season.  Nobody is denying that.  Amanda said some awful things, but she’ll be the first to admit it.  Elissa, while not nearly as nasty and blunt as Amanda, has said her fair share of mean things in return.  That’s all I’m saying about that)

After a few hours thinking about her actual position in the house, Elissa decided she wasn’t going to play all summer to leave the house in 5th place.  She knows winning it all will be very tough with this jury, but she’d like to at least make final 2 or 3.  The only way she can do that is by aligning herself with the two people desperate for numbers – Amanda and McCrae.

Flashback to 12:39 to see Elissa call Amanda into the cockpit and tell her that she’s going to vote for her to stay this week.  Amanda is blown away by the sudden change of heart, they hug and she starts promising anything and everything as collateral to prove she’d be loyal to Elissa in return.   They chat for a little bit before Andy pops in (shocker) and they tell him about the situation.   He looks like he seen ghost and slowly backs out to let them continue talking.

As of this moment, Amanda is thrilled because she thinks she’ll have Andy, Elissa and McCrae’s vote and will be safe this week, but the downfall of her game is going to bite her in the ass yet again.  She is trusting that Andy will vote her way, but shortly after they worked him for the vote, he ran upstairs to tell his new alliance (The Exterminators) about the plan.  Andy is going to vote out Amanda, it will be a tie, and GM will break it.  Andy will then tell McCrae that Elissa was the one who flipped the vote, but I’m not sure he’ll believe it.  The trust in Andy has been depleting at a rapid rate, and I’ll be surprised if they still count on his vote by Thursday.

This gave The Exterminators plenty of discussion topics for their nightly meeting as they spent a good portion of the time bashing Elissa.  On a serious note, it’s getting old how personal people are with Elissa’s attacks.  Everyone seen the nastiness from Amanda on CBS, but whenever any group of people sit around to talk about Elissa, they go well beyond her game.   People talk about how she married into money, has step-kids she never talks about, how old she was when she had her own son, her real age, etc, etc, etc.

This should hopefully make for more exciting conversations on the feeds through the rest of the week, which is good because a person can only play so much Candy Crush while listening to Andy and GinaMarie talk non-stop about stuff nobody really cares about.

PS – Before there are hundreds of comments about the show being rigged for Amanda, please note that Elissa is the one who came up with this entire plan.  Amanda has been becoming at peace with her exit this week.

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