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Big Brother 15 – Catching Up On The House

bb15-amanda-talkingI took a break yesterday after a very long opening to the weekend in the Big Brother house, and I’m glad I did because it was a relatively slow day overall.  Now I am recharged and ready for more action this week as the veto ceremony is going on today and we’ll learn if Kaitlin is a dumbass or not.  She’s still tossing around the idea of not using the PoV to save her lover Jeremy, but the likely result is Kaitlin will remove herself like she should.

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Aaryn is still working on her ass kissing to the rest of the house while insisting she’s not the type of kiss ass, but I don’t really think it’s working on anyone.  This morning they were still talking about what an awful person she’s been, how she’s denied her racist comments yet continues to make them often.  Aaryn is at the point where she believes she can make the final 2 if she’s that horrible of a person, and she could be right.  I’ve seen it done on other shows, and if I were in the house, I’d rather sit next to Aaryn in the F2 than say Amanda or Helen.

It’s been kind of refreshing to catch up on the feeds today and last night, mostly because they’re a bit more relaxed and back to cracking jokes and having fun.  Sure, Kaitlin and Jeremy are walking around pretty bummed, but they’ve had some fun conversations like making crazy alliance names (like butthole scratchers) so Julie Chen will be forced to say it on tv.

One conversation to note is Amanda talking about the ridiculous protection plan offered to Kaitlin with this veto ceremony.  I completely agree and found the whole thing weird.  They’re going to reward her for doing something she should be doing anyway?  Anyone with half a brain would use the veto in that situation, but because they felt bad, suddenly Kaitlin is safe for awhile?  At 2:04am, Amanda and McCrae were talking with Andy about the protection, but made a point to note that only Helen promised her safety.  They’ll vote her out as soon as they can if they want.

I’m finishing up this post because the PoV ceremony is starting, and I will create a new one when it’s complete.  Kaitlin should use it, and Jeremy will likely be the replacement nom.

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    Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn are on asskissing spree.

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