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Big Brother 15 – The Day I Go Out, Drama Unfolds

bb15-housemeeting-candiceAs many of you know, I’ve had some family drama lately.  Long story short, a close relative’s girlfriend decided to act like Luke Wilson’s wife in Old School by sleeping with half of her co-workers.  Completely f-d story, but whatever.  We had to get him out of there so I had an impromptu move today and he’s now staying with us for the time being.

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With that said, the drama should be calming down quite a bit and I can continue to blog away, but I cannot believe I missed some serious drama in the house today from Candice calling a weird house meeting to Howard allegedly saying he wants to do dirty things to Amanda once the season is over.

I am dead tired, but I had to get this out here now.  I’m going to recap the house meeting with time stamps (which you can use the flashback feature for), but when I wake up tomorrow I will continue digging up all the dirt and giving you reference points to search for them.  Sign up to the live feeds for free to use the flashback feature!

Update: I’m awake, time to go through this craziness that happened in the house last night.  I am still furious I missed it.


12:30pm – Amanda and Spencer are outside talking to each other, it starts off calm enough until Amanda tries to pretend she had no influence in the nominations this week.  When Spencer tells her to ‘Shut Up’, it starts getting a bit heated.  During the argument, Judd tried to defuse the situation by randomly saying ‘Who’s got pudddin?’ … love him.

Spencer does have a good point when he said bringing up the Moving Company is stupid.  That alliance has been long gone, yet people continue mentioning it.

1:30pm – Amanda and Spencer are still chatting outside, these two have been talking for quite a long time, but nothing is really coming of it.  I guess it’s mostly to build up some drama for later.

2:58pm – Candice calls a house meeting to address the rumors going around that she may possibly receive some votes this week.  Her main target in this session is Spencer, as he’s the one who is doing a lot of the leg work for Howard.  Meanwhile, Howard randomly talks about how he wants to self evict, it’s a strange meeting that I have no clue what it accomplished.

Like I said, I am very tired, but I am certainly going to give you some time stamps tomorrow so you can flashback some great action!

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  1. Comments (302)

    With each passing day every single houseguest gives me a reason to dislike them more and more. This has to be the most unlikeable cast in reality show history. Maybe a Bachelorette or Real World cast might could give it a run … anyone have a least favorite?

    • Comments (1162)

      A blog poster stated that none of the HGs deserves any winnings and BB should
      donate the money to one or more Charities.
      Not a bad suggestion especially if Big Brother doesn’t want the show’s name to be forever
      changed to BIG BULLY.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree Middie. When it gets down to the end, the money is just going to reward bullying, racist, horrible behavior. That’s just wrong!

  2. Comments (50)

    Spenser. I thought Howard and Candice were bad players, but Spenser has broken a cardinal rule. If your ass ain’t on the block keep your mouth shut! OMG…AAryn, and Spenser and Gina Marie are in the HOH room. AArtn is complaining about Candice and GM says, “don’t worry girl, if she starts with u I have your back like white on rice”… could you not love these idiots……

    • Comments (160)

      What the heck does that even mean (white on rice)? LOL

      I’m so speechless with GM. She’s nutty.

      • Comments (50)

        It means no space between the two of them. It’s a very old expression from the day when most people only ate white rice. I am originally from New York and I knew what she meant so maybe it’s a local saying. She just couldn’t have said it at a worse time.

      • Comments (140)

        I’m from the east coast in Canada, I also knew what she meant. I wouldn’t take it as racist, probably due to my familiarity with it. Whenever I hear it it’s never meant in a negative way. It’s just to imply, as feltso state, a sense of closeness.

      • Comments (35)

        You can also take it to the extreme and say “…like white on rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm.”, lol. I remember hearing that a lot when I was younger.

  3. Comments (1)

    I’m confused can anyone tell me if there’s an iota of truth to the allegations that Amanda is making against Howard? As a woman and having expecienced sexual harassment it’s not cool if in fact Howard actually said what she alleges. On the other hand I also am a firm believer of not hinting or alleging something of so serious nature if there’s no truth to. Furthermore has Howard at anytime even showed an attraction towards Amanda? Not that it matters. If what she told some HG’s is in fact untruthful, it would be the lowest, disgusting, vile tactic and I for one will start a one person campaign to have Amanda removed from the show.

    • Comments (77)

      I am confused about this too. I didn’t think Howard had enough interaction with Amanda that he would have the opportunity to say anything to her like that. I find this hard to believe.

      Can someone enlighten me.

    • Comments (453)

      I read on one of the blogs,that they spoke to one another, she said thank you and walked away with a smile on her face. She was then called into DR after telling some one that he said this and came out with her head down. I want to know more also, making an accusation of this nature is serious and if not true very detrimental to him, on the other side, if he did say it, it seems to be out of his character and he has some serious issues.

    • Comments (9)

      I think she’s lying. If you see how she (Amanda) acts on the show & live feeds, and then how he (Howard) acts on the show & live feeds, then you know that a comment of that nature is totaly out of character for him. I dont believe it one bit!

      • Comments (50)

        He’s a man isn’t he? Who knows what he’s capable of?

      • Comments (1162)

        AND, you do realize this comment is coming from Mean Girl, Amanda, right?

        The same Amanda who stated she would “Kill” Candice, “joked”about
        Elissa being raped, hoped Candice would fall while carrying a tweezer and be
        blinded, etc. etc. etc..

        The same Amanda who cried and cried after Elissa said Amanda looked like
        a stripper wearing her long-fringed stripsuit/swimsuit……….but was smiling
        after Howard’s comment and said, “Thank You!” to him.

        Also, Howard wasn’t called into the DR immediately following Amanda’s statement ………

        I hope, outside of the BB House, Howard sues her for her disparaging remarks.
        She has no conscience about ruining a man’s reputation while she lives her
        comfortable life with her multi-millionaire family.

        I hope he sues her and wins!!!

      • Comments (160)

        Can someone tell me what the alleged comment was? Just curious. I’ve been out of the loop lately lol.

      • Comments (1276)

        Kathy, she “CLAIMS” that he leaned in and said that she’s so f’n hot, and when they get out he want’s to f the s**t out of her. She’s scum if she’s making this up.

      • Comments (1162)

        Their conversation wasn’t picked up except for Amanda
        saying, “Thank You” to Howard and she was all smiles.

        She first told Andy & Howard her lie and then the entire group.
        Later she went into the DR supposedly to tell them and shortly
        after was seen leaving the DR room looking very, very

        IMO, she lied about what Howard said to her. IF he had
        said anything like that she would have been screaming,

        McCrae has dismissed the entire thing and every time Amanda
        brings it up the cameras go to fishes.

      • Comments (1276)

        I cal BS on Amanda. First off, she didnt’ seem offended or uncomfortable at all. Actually she seemed pretty happy and giddy about whatever he said. Plus, claiming sexual harrasment is just f’d up.
        On a legal site I pulled this ” A key part of the definition is the use of the word unwelcome. Unwelcome or uninvited conduct or communication of a sexual nature is prohibited; welcome or invited actions or words are not unlawful.”
        He’s not her superior, her work won’t be effected by it, and it didn’t seem to damn unwelcome. If it was said, which I doubt since he clearly can’t stand her, but if it was, it is called flirting. Flirting is far from harrasment. She should be ashamed of herself for starting this.

      • Comments (83)

        I can not believe Howard would ever say something like that, Amanda is a lting piece of trash, she should be evicted by BB for lying, she is far worse person then Aaryn or GM, she needs to go NOW.

    • Comments (178)

      Knowing how Amanda tends to stretch (and invent) the truth to suit her purposes, I’m inclined to think her story of what Howard purportedly said to her is a pure fabrication. If she was given a scolding in the Diary Room for starting that lie, she really deserved more than a scolding. There is a person’s reputation at stake here. I’d opt for her being evicted; but Big Brother seems to be coddling her. They also know the truth about that exchange and, if they wanted to, they could have Amanda make a complete retraction of her lie or, if it is the truth, show the public the part where Howard purportedly made that comment to her (with appropriate bleeps).

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (25)

        It is possible when someone stands close to you and says something that you totally didn’t expect, you don’t always react in some perfect way. Sometimes you just find yourself trying to get past the moment, when they want a response. Thank you is dumb, but not unbelievable.

    • Comments (2)

      I am so lost…..

      What did Amanda say that Howard did???

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (50)

        Amanda says so many ridiculous and unnerving things. Now she is like the boy ho cried wolf. No one believes anything she says. When I made the comment about men being capable of anything I meant it. (My friends will screw anyone and anything). But, no that I know that Amanda was called into the DR and not Howard I too am inclined to think that that lunatic is either exaggerating or making it up entirely. She wants to win so bad she may have crossed the line of decency. I don’t know why she doesn’t just shut up and let crazy Helen take the heat.

      • Anti-Ignorance Fan
        Comments (16)

        I thought it was pretty telling on tonight’s show that Amanda said she wanted Howard out because she couldn’t manipulate him. I believe she really is lying about this.

      • Comments (83)

        I hope like hell BB does a better job next season of choosing who enters that house, these ppl this season are total whack jobs, how could you lie about something like Amanda did, that lie could ruin Howards life, these ppl have no morals, if money is that inportant to you I feel sorry for you, u must have a miserable life.

    • Comments (26)

      Come on people. We all know that Howard would never say that. He is not that desperate. lol. Amanda is the least attractive hemale, oops female in the house. It is really going to hurt her feelings when she finds out America voted her as MVP. Go home MANda.

    • Comments (357)

      You got my vote Andee! Not a cool look to air something like that on TV if it’s not true. It could damage his life forever. Especially as a youth counselor. CBS should clarify this before it gets out of control. I don’t watch live feeds (wish I had the time), but I do watch the show BBAD. Candace was the ony person that I saw Howard flirting with. Even that flirtation was innocent to me. IDK, maybe ppl who watch the live feeds can better clarify what Amanda said.

  4. Comments (240)

    You do an awesome job Stevebeans. This season BB15 is so frustrating. I come here to get all the highlights. I never miss a thing when I come here for info. Thank you!

  5. Comments (35)

    What’s wrong between Jessie and Candice?

  6. Comments (68)

    why the heck is jessie crying? smh…and Aaryn is trying to shift the heat off of her for her racial comments and put it on Candace. Aaryn really makes me sick! Her whole presence is EVIL! I have been watching BB since season 2 and i have never seen such crap in my life! i think i will take a break from BBAD for a few days because it’s starting to pull me in and i find myself getting pissed!(lol) seriously, these people can’t be this blind not to see that Amanda and Mccrea are running the house through all of them! And there are no words for Helen! She is “little miss fix it” AND IT’S ANNOYING!

    • Comments (1446)

      Exactly – this is the worst season ever. Some of us think maybe they need a few more “mature” cast members…and I don’t just mean agewise.
      Most annoying, idiotic, bigoted cast, and I don’t care who wins. I can’t stand any of them!!

      • Comments (50)

        All of your reasons are why this is the best season ever. The show has turned into a Fellini movie. Everyday is stranger and crazier then the day before. The HG’s have different alliances and hatreds every day.

  7. Comments (35)

    Elissa should be useful and make the whole house do yoga. Maybe it’ll calm and center everyone so they’ll stop being so paranoid, lol. Jeez…

  8. Comments (58)

    Aaryn is a complete IDIOT!!!!! Amanda is paranoid big time LOL…. I would love to see the house flip last minute and vote her out and Julie Chin can tell her to “Kick Rocks”…lol. Jessie acts like she’s a 14 yr old… She’s annoying

    • Comments (651)

      They are all acting like they’re in middle school. If BB can’t cast any better next season then I’m done. Right now there is no one in the house to root for except maybe Candice–and she’ll be lucky to get out of there alive.

      • Comments (50)

        Candice is a horrible player and just as bats&%t crazy as everyone else.

  9. Comments (4)

    Agree this is the most dislikable cast ever, I think I like someone and then, no maybe not. I liked Amanda and then no, I really wish she would leave and maybe the house will wake up and do something. Maybe it was Aaryn’s horrible talk from the get go that just made this an angry cast. I do not know, I just know that I look here see what is going on and then move on. I use to look everywhere to see what was up, now this cast does not interest. Every other cast I had people I did not like but it was all entertaining, this cast not so much or rather not at all. However I still need my Big Brother fix and this is a great site to see what is happening so thank you for keeping us updated.

  10. Comments (18)

    I am so over Helen and Candice. They both need to go. I feel sorry for the jury who end up being stuck with Candice.

    • Comments (18)

      I find Candice to be a bully and if things don’t go her way she is the second biggest whiner next to Elissa. I am not a fan of Aaryn especially after she flipped Candice’s bed, but Elissa and Candice are the two most obnoxious people on the show. It seems the fans just dismiss the garbage that comes out of their mouth. It is not okay when Candice and Elissa venom words causes girls like Jessie and Amanda cry.

      • Comments (651)

        Seriously? Jessie was crying because she just didn’t feel like they were friends anymore. And Amanda crying–you feel bad because Demanda was crying???!?!?! The person said she wanted to slit Elissa’s throat so she couldn’t scream while she was raped? Who has said she wants to kill Candice? Poor little Demanda didn’t like being told she looked like a stripper–which she did BTW.

      • Comments (18)

        Did you forget the birthday celebration where Elissa was critical about everything Amanada said and did concentrating on her weight. While Elissa is wrapping herself in plastic wrap. It appears everything about her is plastic in my opinion. That was the point of the stripper birthday celebration. Elissa was just nasty spiteful with her comments. Any girl in that house was treated in the manner Jessie they would be crying except for maybe Arrayn.

      • Comments (160)

        Yes, Elissa was hella mean but are you saying it was justified for Amanda to make SADISTIC RAPE comments about her?! That’s absolutely disgusting.

      • Comments (160)

        I’m not saying I condone Elissa’s behaviour but at least she said it right in front of Amanda’s face rather than behind her back (unlike Amanda). They hugged it all out and Elissa apologized for being mean after. Has Amanda ever apologized for her RAPE comments? No, of course not.

        Btw, I haven’t heard Julie Chen comment about Amanda’s behaviour in any of the episodes.

      • Comments (18)

        I agree the rape comment was in very poor taste and Amanda should apologize but it was a joke. Unfortunately, Amanda says a lot of things that are in poor taste. My concern is the comment she said Howard said and the feeds did not pick it up. It could be a big lie on Amanda’s part.

      • Comments (160)

        Calling it a joke is a huge understatement.

        At this point whether is was a lie or not, we will never know. I HOPE it’s a lie.

      • Comments (160)

        Oh Elissa’s taunting to Amanda was a “joke” as well because I remember watching the episode where Elissa was in the DR and said something along the line that think Amanda “knows” she was just joking. She realized after–I guess, from other houseguests–that Amanda cried because of her teasing.

      • Comments (1276)

        To be clear, Elissa NEVER said anything about Amanda’s weight, unless somehow I missed that and heard the rest of it. She said she didn’t like 1-piece suits and thought they were disgusting. She also said she thought that someone putting whipped cream on their thigh for someone to lick off was gross and would make her puke.
        Also, for the record, Amanda went to the room to do a PG rated striptease, and whipped McCrae. So, are we upset that someone said she looked like a stripper? Because I’m pretty sure that was her intent.
        Plain and simple, Elissa was drunk or at least tipsy, said what she said, in not the nicest way possible, and didn’t have her lips puckerd up to kiss amanda’s butt. So, Amanda, being insecure, took it as an attack on her weight, and got upset. She needs to get over it.

      • Comments (18)

        Elissa was taunting Amanda. Everything Elissa said there was an underlining meaning. I’m not a fan of Amanda. But don’t make Elissa as a good person in this game when she’s far from that. I hope someone who really needs the money wins.

      • Comments (1276)

        It amazes me how many people are trying so hard to paint Elissa into being some really mean and spitefull person. The most negative thing I can honestly see about her, is that she’s had to much work done, and looks way better when she doesn’t have the fake lashes and layers of make up on.
        She’s not hateful or spiteful. When she’s gotten upset or even close to mean it’s been either when she was drunk and said she didn’t like a swimsuit, or when she has believed that she was being attacked. It’s crazy to me that anyone can say otherwise. If you just don’t like her that’s fine, she’s not your cup of tea, everyone won’t like everyone all the time. That said, she’s not mean spirited, she hasn’t said even close to the horrible comments that Amanda, GM, Aaryn and others have said and she actually has tons of redeaming qualitys.
        BTW, I didn’t see you argue that she EVER said anything about Amanda’s weight. So, it would appear that you know she didn’t and Amanda just over reacted. I might have done the same in Amanda’s shoes, in that moment, but once I looked back I would have realized what she was saying and moved on.

      • Comments (160)

        I’m not saying Elissa’s the nicest person because WE ALL do not know these people in real life. But if we were to compare what these two girls have said about each other, Amanda’s comments have certainly made me cringe and felt uncomfortable as a viewer. How can any WOMAN wish rape and violence on another woman, let alone another human being!? I would never EVER suggest such thing, even to women that I do not like.

      • Comments (9)

        Man Amanda is all bark & no bite. She threatens people into doing what she wants & then goes back & talks about others who do the same thing. Why are they so scared of this chic?? It took Elissa only a few comments to make her cry like a baby. Why dont the house guests see that?! She has serious self-esteem issues.

      • Comments (50)

        Elissa is fun when she is not on the block. When she is on the block she gets as nutty as the rest of them.

      • Comments (160)

        Yea I have to agree with you about that lol. Can you blame some of them though? If you live and breath the game 24/7 it’s kinda hard not to take it personally. =S

  11. Comments (4)

    CBS feeling the string in ratings drop for this season I bet big changes will be made to prevent this from happening again next season…

    • Comments (1162)

      CBS/BB needs to make changes right now, during BB 15.

      What are the consequences when HGs cross the line of
      what is considered acceptable words & actions?

      What are the House Rules?

      The HGs must not be allowed to discuss political
      views, yet are apparently allowed to bash -make fun of
      ethnic groups, religions, medical afflictions, sexuality, etc..

      A TOTAL MESS!!!

    • Comments (302)

      Maybe they just need to give the potential Houseguest an intelligence test to qualify for the house. Usually intelligent people aren’t ignorant(although there are always exceptions). Then throw a couple of dummies into the cast to destroy the English language so we can make fun of them on these post.

      • Comments (50)

        Sorry to burst your bubble but the smartest people I know are usually one step away from the booby hatch. The neuroses and strange quirks that come along with a hi IQ have been well documented.

  12. Comments (1162)

    Last night Candice told Helen, she believed there would be a split-vote & Aaryn would
    evict her from the BB House.
    Candice’s guesstimate is “Spot On” and sends the entire House into total chaos.

    House Guests – Crashing into each other in Word Wars, Continued …..

    “You started it!”
    “No, I didn’t but I saw you talking to her/him.”
    “Did you go outside and talk to anyone, alone? During this entire game? Spill it!!!”
    “You have to tell us EVERY word you say and to whom….no matter what time of the day!”
    “I heard YOU said my name!!”
    “Has anyone said my name?”
    “How did Candice find out?”
    “Not from me!”
    Simultaneously – “JUDD!”
    “I’ll always have your back. Always!”
    “GWD, I have a headache.”
    “That Candice is such a liar…..but how did she find out?”
    “She has to go!”
    “Calm down……calm down. We need to stick together. Trust Each Other!!!”

    • Comments (23)

      haha,old high school dramas

      • Comments (651)

        High school is giving them too much credit. Try middle school–about 12 to 13 years old.

      • Comments (50)

        I have been a professor at the same university for many years (tenure) and I see no difference in human behavior in the halls of academia. You would be stunned at some of the stunts pulled by PhD holding individuals. Human nature is the same amongst a bunch of bus drivers or college professors. Most people go crazy under pressure. Intelligence or lack thereof has nothing to do with it. Instead of leaving alcohol for the HG’S They should pass out marijuana. What a difference it would make.

    • Comments (651)

      That’s why they don’t like Candice. She always seems to know what is going on where the others don’t.

      • Comments (50)

        Yes, but she always manages to turn this advantage into a liability. She cannot convert knowledge into a plus for her game.

      • Comments (140)

        Ideal alliance:

        Andy – The gatherer
        Candice – The processor
        Amanda – The manipulator


      • Comments (160)

        Keen observation. That is so true with Candice. It’s not entirely her fault though because the mean crew don’t like her for being “different.” Thus, she has no credibility in the eyes of the other players.

  13. Comments (4)

    I agree that this is the worst cast ever. One by one they have all disappointed and I do not like any of them. I do still feel badly for Candice and Howard for the way things turned out and especially how the bigots are being revisionists and changing what happened. Helen is particularly unpleasant as she assumes the role of house mother and wants to be the fairness cop but she has swallowed the racist’s bait hook line and sinker. Amanda is the biggest racist in the house. I have said before that Aaryn is simply channeling her parents and does not know a different way to behave. Not that I condone Aaryns behaviour. But Amanda knows what she is doing when she chooses to be racists, she is just more covert about it and knows how to deflect. This makes her evil and dangerous in my opinion.

    Yuck on them all.

    • Comments (1)

      You just hit the nail on the head,,, and put the WHOLE situation in a NUTSHELL!!! Amanda says some of the most vile things,,, her description of how someone should be raped,, how someone else should be killed,,, has amazed and appalled me is beyoung words,, But the way she has ENTRANCE those other HGs
      !,,, Like Howard Said “LORD HELP THEM”,,, THEY ARE SERIOUSLY Gonna have to be reprogrammed of Amanda, ,,,

    • Comments (160)

      Stop making excuses for Aaryn. She’s equally as accountable for her actions as Amanda is for herself. She’s a grown person and for god’s sakes, she’s in college you’d think she had to use her brain to get in.

      • Anti-Ignorance Fan
        Comments (16)

        I know! I almost puke every time I hear her say that Candice made up the things that Aaryn said and that Candice made everyone think she was a racist. Good grief!

      • Comments (58)

        I agree Kathy…. I mean look at what she did right after Nick was evicted and GM was in mourning still and made that Nick shrine… Aaryn told Amanda and them “We should go hide Nick’s stuff from her “shrine” and so Amanda’s dumb butt went and did it. GM starts looking for it Aaryn’s like “dont say anything” and them GM starts balling goin nuts looking for it and Amanda feels bad and goes to give it to GM… Aaryn was saying “it wasn’t me and GM passes Aaryn and Aaryn says to her ” I didn’t do it”… REALLY??? And whats Aaryn’s fascination with putting trail mix on the bed strategically moving it around with everyones name given to the pieces??? And then eats them…After everyone crawling and humping all over that bed!!! LOL

  14. Comments (27)

    I have watched BB since season 1 and I always though it had improved and gotten better over the seasons!! However this people have no game!!! It seems to me most enter this house with a plan to make to jury and probably just become; RIDICULOUS!!! So annoy by Ellen what kind of leader is she? the one that follows LOL!!

  15. Comments (11)

    Thank you for a blog that finally only recaps big stuff not every little thing thanks steveburns

  16. Comments (1)

    how about bb doing something different next season like bringing in some older players like 40 and older let the older generation cash in on the money to not just the younger people just a thought

  17. Comments (22)

    Have watched BB since the beginning and this is the absolute worst season EVER!!!! Have you noticed the disclaimer that CBS/BB started using a couple of weeks ago about how the HG’s words and actions are their own and that CBS/BB takes no responsibility? There has never been a need in the last 14 years to display such a thing….when will CBS/BB wake up and admit that they made a HUGE mistake in choosing these horrible and uninteresting people instead of the many other’s that the casing director turned down. If BB is to continue in the coming years, someone needs to wise up before all the fans get fed up and stop watching.

    • Comments (158)

      Kathy those comments always existed in previous seasons, they just didn’t air them on the shows. You’d still hear them on the live feeds, but not near as many people watched the live feeds and social media wasn’t as prevalent as it is now so it didn’t get as much notice.

      This cast is no different than lots of previous ones. Pretty much every HG has annoyed me at some point but that’s called life.

      • Comments (22)

        I never said that what went on in the house was nice or non-racist, I said that CBS never had to put up a disclaimer.

      • Comments (158)

        That’s because, like I said, they just didn’t show it on the shows. The only time you’d catch it was on the live feeds.

        Once it became a big deal on social media/blogs from people watching the live feeds, CBS started adding it to the shows….hence the disclaimer.

  18. Comments (38)

    Stevebeans, sorry to hear about the family drama. Hopefully it works itself out. Your close relative has received a blessing in disguise. He got to see this woman’s true self before he married her. Some people are not so fortunate. Hope you and and relative have a better day.

  19. Comments (45)

    I’ve never watched a season where the house guest talk about jury all the time. Also i still haven’t seen a big move in this game.

    • Comments (50)

      If u haven’t seen a big move in this game then you haven’t been paying attention. Three strong men players out in the first three weeks is unprecedented. Helen and Amanda having such prominent roles in the house id also unusual. Usually it is the men who run the house. If Howard is voted out, think about the men left in the house Andy, Spenser, Judd and McCrae have very little power over the women and are not really influencing anyone in the house, it appears Judd and Spenser are big targets. BB15 is the year of the women. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable (women included) to see women running things.

      • Comments (158)

        It’s Spencer, not Spenser

      • Comments (50)

        So what?

      • Comments (651)

        Its not that women are running things that makes uncomfortable. It’s who the women are and how horrible they are. I don’t care if a guy wins it except McCrea. But he probably will take home 1st with Demanda 2nd. You see McCrea plays like he’s dumb pizza boy but he’s got Demanda wrap around his little finger. He makes the plan and then sends his evil flying demon to carry it out.

      • Comments (45)

        feltso gudinya if aaryn had put up mcrae and amanda

      • Comments (160)

        I just wish that women weren’t so catty with each other. A few of them tried like Candice and Elissa but the cattiness started. Although I’m for sisterhood, it’s so sad to see there’s always going to be women hating on other women.

      • Comments (1276)

        sadly, i don’t think that’s just in the BB house. it’s like that every season. women have an amazing ability to pick each other to pieces.

  20. Comments (9)

    Guys im really trying to like this season, like really. I’ve been watching BB since season 3. But these cast memebers are making it way to hard. Out of the entire cast i cant find anyone to root for considering Howard may be leaving. Where is the loyalty this season?!?? Please do better next season

    • Comments (160)

      I dislike the cast but I enjoy the drama. I like that there’s a constant flux and no loyal alliances. It makes it more interesting… yet aggravating.

  21. Comments (40)

    The saddest part of this season is that everyone besides Amanda and McCrea feels like voting off Howard is the wrong move. Helen admitted it around 12 am this morning and Aaron admit that he was the only one who voted with her when trying to evict ellisa and noone else was with her and how he is about the only one on her side. lol ok so can somebody please tell me y they plan to vote off Howard? I want to interview all the house guess when the show is over I wonder how I could do this…

    • Comments (286)

      Helen wanted Howard out because he lied to her and Amanda herd this and went with it.Once she put it out there that Howard was a BIG threat all the minions jumped on board because they have no game themselves and just want to get to jury.Last nigh on BBAD Amanda was shooting pool with Jessie telling her how if she sticks with the”group” she will make jury for sure.WHAT?!?!? how is that a plan? Days of plotting and scheming for this cast to WIN is a joke.

    • Comments (158)

      Because Amanda, as much as people dislike her, is playing the game. And so far, either nobody else in the house understands that, or has the ability to counter her game.

      Although looking at the cast so far I think that’s less a compliment of Amanda, than a poor evaluation for the rest of the house.

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda isn’t playing–McCrea is playing Demanda. Power behind the Evil Throne without getting his hands dirty and gets a hand job whenever/wherever he wants it.

      • Comments (158)

        I don’t know. I don’t think he controls her that much. I think she definitely wears the pants in that relationship. She’s so forward and controlling with everyone else, I think she kind of gets off on “letting” McCrae play the dominant role. But when the cards were really down, I bet she’s the one in charge.

      • Comments (651)

        I thought that at first but the more I watch the more I see McCrea playing her. He knows her buttons and when and how to push them. Demanda has said that McCrea would die for her and I think she really believes it. Do you?

    • Comments (50)

      It was Helen who told Aaryn to vote off Howard. Aaryn was doing Helens bidding. It just so happened to work out for Amanda. Now that Candice is coming after Helen and Elissa she has changed her tune. Helen talks too much and has made herself an enormous target. Her babbling has made her a bigger target than Amanda. When will people not on the block learn to shut up until the next HOH competition?

      • Comments (1276)

        She has for sure made herself a target, but, do we really have faith that any of the house guests can see that? If they were smart, they’d get out Amanda who is the most dangerous person on the block. Then they would go after Helen, who is the second most dangerous person there. Of course, if they were to get out Amanda, McCrae might snap, he kinda looked like he was after the MPV replacement vote. So he might need to go sooner rather than later. Howard talks himself into corners so badly that he should be easy to get out later.
        And Candice, maybe she’ll settle back down. But if she can’t learn to control the tangents she gets on like “keep my name out of your mouth” type speach, and actually saying that she’s crazy and there’s no telling what she might do, well, she’ll be right behind any one of the above.

  22. Comments (25)

    Was Candice tipped off by producers? I was watching in real time. I got so excited because aaryn GM and Jessie were so kissed that Amanda was always getting her way.

    It really sounded like they were going to make a big move but they immediately said let’s not talk about this until last second cuz they (mcpizza and demanda) will find out.

    Meanwhile Candice is in DR (not confirmed) but everyone says she walks out of DR. I can’t find camera where she did.

    But minutes later she tells Helen and Elissa the EXACT plan.

    What is going on? This throws the whole house into a frenzy.

    Even if Amanda stays (I’m soooooo hoping for Judd and Helen to have a last second plan). This will be an interesting week.

    Everything is getting blamed on Judd so this could be interesting. I think Amanda needs to chill and stop talking game so much cuz she could screw herself really quick.

    Why the hell is Howard so bad at this game!!!!???? He KNOWS for a fact that Helen wants Amanda out before jury. Why isn’t he saying this every five seconds to everyone. This could make Helen realize the time is now because Amanda will be gunning for her.

    For the record Andy has already ratted Helen out about wanting out before jury but Howard could turn the heat up this next 24 hours. But Candice calling spencer out shows how clueless they are. Ya! Of course spencer said he wanted u out Candice. He was talking to Amanda! This cast has no hope.

  23. Comments (25)

    Pissed ******

  24. Comments (25)

    And I have a question. Was any of the last cast on drugs the whole time?

    Judd is high out of his mind most the time. And Amanda is constantly smacking her dry mouth because of addoral addiction. I think aaryn is on addoral as well.

    • Comments (1446)

      I have heard a few of them talking about being on Adderall, although I doubt any of them really need it. It is for ADD/ADHD but most 20 somethings use it for weight control. It’s one of those drugs that’s easy to get a prescription for – I have a son w/Autism who truly does need Adderall and most of the time when I go to fill a prescription they are out – go figure…

      • Comments (25)

        I was thinking the same thing about the actual need for it. A few of my friends used it to get through college but now they are finished and don’t take it anymore. It’s not like they are studying now.

        I also have heard people on the other side who get it to abuse it, snort it and sell it to other students.

        I think it’s great that my two friends were able to graduate college with it but is there a real need for it in the big brother house?

      • Comments (195)

        I noticed that too about them all talking did you take an Adderall? And Amanda said the other night that she took half of one. How many of them are on this drug? And your right about Judd….he looks spaced out a lot and that is when he really mumbles but then sometimes he is really coherent. Well this sums it up. They are all Lindsay Lohen’s of the house lol. Look what Adderall has done to her and she was freaking out because she could not have it in rehab. Maybe that will be some of the houseguests next house they will be occupying!

    • Comments (768)

      I always wondered what Amanda’s constant mouth smacking was about.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think the girls use it for weight control. Like I said, it’s hard to get a legit prescription filled because the pharmacies are always out. I went to college 25 yrs ago and never even heard of Adderall( we had No-doz over the counter), but now every other student is on it. Do you think Big Brother controls how much they can take??

        Coming next season…Big Brother Rehab House

      • Comments (25)

        Lol. I like this idea. Maybe a BB all stars that have drug problems now

      • Comments (35)

        It’d be illegal for BB to control any prescription medication like that. Unless they have a doctor on staff that is the prescribing physician. If the HGs are taking half of the dose they’re prescribed they’re obviously not taking it for ADD/ADHD. You just wouldn’t do that. Adderall isn’t one of those “take this amount to this amount depending on your symptoms” type meds.

        I hate how people abuse/misuse meds when there are people who actually need them. Makes everything so difficult. /End mini rant.

      • Comments (216)

        They probably got 90-day scripts filled before they entered.

  25. Comments (21)

    I don’t understand why they (Spencer, Howard & Canfice) aren’t working together to take out Amanda..? Why are they all so dumb?

  26. Comments (15)

    House guests have no game this season. They started off deciding to band together and get the mean girls and bullies out and then start playing the game. But now, it’s like they have been hypnotized because they insist on voting as a group but the targets nave changed while the remaining mean girls get a pass. I just can’t stand hearing everyone say “eventually we have to vote everyone out, IT’S JUST NOT TIME”. Aargh.

    What I do find interesting is how his social “experiment” reveals the dynamic behind how a lynch mob forms. So, racial tension I created by the most vocal members. The group divides along moral lines and gret indignation is voiced. A plan is hatched to defeat those of lesser moral fibre. As time goes by, those that were shocked and dismayed by the racism start to focus on their own individual needs and suddenly the need to be accepted by the group causes history o be revised and the victims become the villains. Now, when one individuals own need to win is threatened we see her, as a white girl, accusing a black man of threatening her sexually causing the group to rationalize that their revisionism was right. Sad.

    I think the real reason that I don’t like this season is that it is making the very statement I outlined above. I already know about this ugly under belly to our nature and I don’t care to see it on my TV when I m looking to be entertained. I much prefer underdogs and villains that I can cheer for.

  27. Comments (610)

    I wonder… when the game is over, will Howard and Candice get lawyers and go after CBS for allowing such an extreme racially charged environment in the house? (Helen seems oblivious or maybe doesn’t know what was said about her). I feel for Candice because she was truly hurt and adversely impacted by Aaryn’s comments and behaviors. CBS should have pulled Aaryn from the game immediately!

    • Comments (1162)

      I think Howard’s lawyer could have a winning case against Amanda.

    • Comments (34)

      Aaryn is not the only racist in that house. Spencer, GM and Amanda are all rowing that boat. I agree, CBS should have stepped in and removed them, but i am sure making racist comments is not forbidden in their contracts. Doubt it will be next year either. They make way too much money off os creating and keeping the racial pot stirred. I agree, this is the worst cast in history. I cant think of one person i would like to see win right now!

    • Comments (50)

      The HG’s sign away all rights to sue when they sign a waiver that precludes their entering the house, CBS legal department is not stupid…

      • Anti-Ignorance Fan
        Comments (16)

        You can’t sign away your civil rights.

      • Comments (50)

        The Supreme Court did just that just a couple of weeks ago.

      • Comments (140)

        They can basically say, by agreeing to enter the house you understand that we are not responsible for what happens in there, yadda yadda.

        They also probably have a clause saying that at any point they can leave and therefore if they choose to stay, that is on them.

      • Comments (1276)

        They do, that’s why they have the option of self evicting. They all sign contracts to be there, but they can at any time decide to leave, it’s not like they are locked in there.
        And I’m not sure how much of a case any of them would have. Granted, the comments made are horrible, and should never be accepted, but these house guests aren’t even standing up for themselves. I can’t see a judge saying, yep, you went on a game show, people were horrible to you, you lost the game, but I’ll grant you money. I just don’t think it would work out well for them.

      • Comments (1162)

        Howard is a Youth Counselor and Amanda’s comment
        could impact Howard’s future employment.
        At this point, Howard doesn’t appear to know what Amanda
        is saying about him. She continues to say the same thing
        over and over again and each and every time BB cuts
        the feeds and puts the fishes up. I wonder, why?

        If Howard lost his job due to Amanda’s remarks, I believe
        he could sue her and win.

      • Comments (1276)

        He might be able to sue Amanda and have a case, I’m saying that I don’t think any of them would have a case against CBS for anything that has happened. Sure, if they were injured due to the house or something like that, maybe, but even that is probably in fine print somewhere.

    • Comments (1)

      Really, a lawyer? Comon’ thats whats wrong with America suing over nothing. So someone has horrible opions, I don’t think she hates black people. I just think she’s ignorant.

      • Comments (9)

        Its not about her “hating black people”. Its about the fact of if Amanda was lying about what Howard said then she slandered his name & his reputation

  28. Comments (316)

    Everyone complains too much and says too many negative things. Big Brother is one of my favorite shows, good cast or bad, Am I the only one who feels this way???

    • Comments (651)

      Next season if BB casts these type of people again, I’m done.

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m with you yearbooks. I have never come on here and made the “I’m going to stop watching” or “I’ll never come back on the blog. 9 out of 10 times people say that, they are back commenting and watching day after day and year after year.
      While I can not stand, and would love 2 minutes to tell some of those small minded racists just what I think of them, I’ll be watching the feeds today, BBAD tonight and the show tomorrow. And I’ll be right back next year.

      • Comments (35)

        FYI: This is the exact mentality that CBS is relying on, and why no action was taken against this current cast.

  29. Comments (651)

    I’ve been thinking about how Julie will bring up the racism subject with Aaryn when she does go out. Julie is a professional so she has to be careful in how she handles it. Last night when Aaryn was in the HoH room whining to Spencer and GM she said “I’m from the south. I tell jokes.” And I thought THAT’S IT!! With a straight face Julie can show that clip then turn to Aaryn and ask “So do all people in the south say ‘Shut up and go make me some rice?”

    • Comments (18)

      THis was on BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — “Big Brother” host Julie Chen said she actually feels “a level of compassion” for Texas State University student Aaryn Gries because of the young woman’s “oblivion.”

      “As a 22-year-old girl,” Chen told the Express-News at the CBS stars party Monday night, “she has no idea what kind of — pardon my French — (expletive) storm is coming.”

      As she’s been sequestered for the past month in the “Big Brother” house, Gries is unaware that slurs she’s aimed at an African-American, an Asian-American and a gay contestant in the house have led to repercussions outside the house. Her behavior has prompted modeling agency Zephyr Talent to drop her, a magazine to withdraw an opportunity and a petition calling for her ouster. Chen particularly looks forward to confronting the Texan about her offensive behavior in the weekly live exit interview if and when Gries is evicted from the house.

      However, it won’t be happening this week; as head of household, Gries is safe from the live eviction airing at 8 p.m. Thursday.

      “Every week I struggle with: Is this going to be her week that she’s coming out?” Chen said. “Every week I modify the questions I’m working on. I’m going to have a guideline. I’m working on my third draft now.

      “But I also have to go with my gut because it’s live television,” Chen added. “I want to be fair and open-minded and want to be able to make her feel comfortable enough where she speaks the truth and doesn’t say what she feels she has to say to cover her butt.”

      She said the interview also will be a test for her. “I want to know how I perform. I’m curious to see what I do,” she said. “It’s a live interview; there are no do-overs. I have to be calm, level-headed and fair and open-mined and a good listener.

      “The sad thing is no one intentionally says things to hurt people, for the most part anyway. No one intentionally tries to be the bad guy,” Chen added. “There’s a big level of ignorance there. I need to shine a light on that a little bit, but not in a harsh way. In an eye-opening way, so she can say, ‘Wow, was I that hurtful to so many groups of people?’”

      The fact that a young person in this day and age would engage in such racism is “very disturbing,” Chen said. “When I was growing up in Queens in the ’70s, I heard ‘chink’ and ching-chong and they pulled their eyes,” she recalled, “But that was in the ’70s!”

      Chen, who has served as the show’s host since the beginning back in 2000, said this sort of controversy is a “first” for “Big Brother.”

      “It really is. It’s crazy; it’s our 15th cycle of the show. I’ve got to hand it to her (Gries). We’ve had people of all ages, from all parts of the country from all walks of life.

      “Yet, we’ve never had someone who’s so in the dark about their intolerance for people who are not like them,” she added. “That’s kind of shocking to me.”

      What does she feel this says about America now, that not only Gries, but others in the house have engaged in such slur-slinging?

      “What it’s saying is we think we’ve come a long way in the fight to get rid of racism, but we’ve got a long way to go.”

      If, as the TV show indicates, Gries’ racism has proven to be so hurtful to several contestants, why hasn’t the San Angelo native, who’s been on the chopping block twice, gotten voted out already? Chen said it boils down to strategy.

      “Other housemates know that if it were them against her at the end, the jury (made up of evictees), as it’s currently looking like it’s shaping up to be, would never vote for her (to win the $500,000),” Chen reasoned.

      She hopes ultimately “we can all grow from this,” she said. “This ugliness. And not only get past it, but learn from it and change the way people speak and think and how insensitive they are.”

      Does Chen believe Gries could change, once she’s been made aware of how her actions have affected so many?

      “You look at a girl who’s 22, who’s always been a pretty popular girl … who only exposes herself to a group of friends who feels the way she feels or thinks the way she thinks … people who are tolerant of that kind of behavior. Who has ever had a chance to call her out? Or say to her, ugh, that’s ugly.”

      What will make a difference, Chen added, is who surrounds her in the aftermath of this experience.

      “You need a family member like her mom or a mom figure to say, ‘We love you and we support you, but here’s why you were wrong. You were wrong, you were so wrong.’”

      • Comments (15)

        Amanda is worse. Amanda is fully aware of her choices and how what she says effects people.

      • Comments (27)

        I agree to me Amanda is worse because of her age and maturity.

      • Comments (25)

        I agree. Amanda is worse. I also don’t think it is fair that all the focus is on aaryn. I wonder if Amanda’s family reads the spoilers??? This was from an article a couple of weeks ago but still hilarious to me

        At least mom is proud. Marilyn Zuckerman told The Palm Beach Post: “She’s going to be America’s favorite, for sure. They’re going to want to keep her around.”

        I’m sure there will be a lot of focus on Amanda tommorow because some people refuse to watch 24/7 feed and read spoilers. There are prob going wonder why Amanda is hated so much. There is a pretty good highlight reel on youtube of how mean spirited she is. I laughed when she was upset about spencer comments…..I bet the producers were like “we have you on tape saying you are going to stab Candice and you wanted Jessie to gang raped in the butt and her throat slit”

      • Comments (25)


        I just hope over the next week we get more Amanda’s greatest hits. This is a video talking about how she wants to kill Ellissa.

      • Comments (160)

        I think they’re BOTH EQUALLY accountable! I think Amanda is only a few years older than Aaryn.

        A racist is a racist.

      • Comments (1276)

        Amanda’s only 28 and Aaryn is 22. While Amanda’s older, she hasn’t live that much more life then Aaryn. She’s still a 20 something female. Their age doesn’t matter, where they are from doesn’t matter.
        Unless Aaryn was homeschooled, and never really went to college, no matter what her parents are like, she’s seen enough in the world to know better. They are both bad. But why does everyone keep forgetting out GM? She’s said as bad if not worse stuff then Aaryn.

      • Comments (50)

        It is obvious that Julie Chens’ life consists of New York and Los Angeles. Almost half the country that Ms. Chen just flies over feels exactly the way Ms. Gries does. This girl has a wonderful future in Texas politics awaiting her.

      • Comments (160)

        Yea, I agree. It’s different if you live in a big city vs. a small town.

        I myself have encountered racism while I was visiting a small town CVS. They refused to let me use their restroom stating that someone had to stand outside the door. WTF?! Funny how I saw another customer just came out of their restroom, AND returned the key in front of me and the lady.

  30. Comments (45)

    Big Brother Houseguest Aaryn Gries, 22, lost her modeling gig after her comments ignited backlash on the Internet

    • Comments (1162)

      Many of the house guests have agents. I’ll bet Aaryn’s, Amanda’s and GinaMarie’s
      agents are angry with them. After all, what respectable agent wants his client’s future
      jobs to be exclusively working with the KKK.

      • Comments (50)

        I live in the same neck of the woods that Amanda does. Believe me, her attitude towards minorities is no different than most of her peers and neighbors. Black people can be arrested for driving while black (DWB), shopping while black (SWB), walking while black,(WWB), etc. One of my fellow professors is a black man with a brand new BMW. He is stopped at least once a month by police who can’t believe the car is not stolen. Open your eyes people. This is a racist nation, inborn, innate and inbred. It will never stop until this behavior is unilaterally found unacceptable. Even the bluest of blue cities, New York, stops and frisks its young citizens of color on a daily basis. What shocks me is the reaction to Aaryn, as if her behavior as an anomaly. Hypocrite here, hypocrite there, hypocrite EVERYWHERE.

      • Comments (286)

        And that kind of thinking is WHY we cant move on unfortunately.

      • Comments (169)

        100% agree, Painter. I could not have said it better myself.

      • Comments (50)

        Please take a reading comprehension class. I am not condoning this behavior, I am shedding light on the truth. Are black people not more likely to be stopped when driving luxury cars? Are black people not more likely to be followed around a store by security? Are black and Hispanic young people not stopped and frisked on the streets of New York? Is this not a racist nation. I specifically stated my disgust with this situation. There are many blogs on big brother floating around the Internet, but none of them attract the moronic commentators hat this one does. Most of you have a limited vocabulary and very low levels of reading comprehension.

      • Comments (169)

        Are you daft? Painter was referring to YOU and YOUR trolling political rants. It’s your way of thinking, thinking the entire country is one big racist melting pot, that keeps our country from moving forward on those issues. YOU need to take the reading class, my friend. Not us.

        /Sarc/I would think that a self proclaimed doctoral candidate would know as much… /sarc/

      • Comments (286)

        You are correct Keith.

      • Comments (50)

        You still have no reading comprehension. Stop watching so much TV. It is not good for you. It also makes people stupid. Police theme reveal single origins maple locket.

      • Comments (160)

        Ok well let’s say what you’re saying is true. How do we unilaterally stop it from happening? People like yourself contribute to the problem by carrying “it is what it is” attitude. If you know it’s happening, why aren’t you speaking out about it? Julie Chen even said on The Talk that she feels ignorant for THINKING that people, like Ms. Gries, do not exist anymore.

      • Comments (169)

        Who said I haven’t spoken out about it? But labeling half the country as backwards racists is not only 100% inaccurate, but all it does is divide us even more than we already are. I’m sick and tired of the division, the “us vs. them” mentality. That kind of talk is not healthy. It just makes things more toxic. That’s precisely why I’ve discouraged political commentary on here. I haven’t attacked anyone when asking. I’ve asked several times. Just because someone lives in Mid America, doesn’t make them automatically racist. That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. Yeah, the sad reality is that racism does exist, but it’s not right at all to label the entire area between the east and west coast as racism central. Fact is, racism exists everywhere. I never denied that…. But the divisive comments that one commenter posts here constantly does not add to the discussion. It hurts it.

      • Comments (160)

        I just wanted to let you know that comments was not even for you, Keith. But okay, thanks. Calm down.

      • Comments (12)

        SteveBeans I wanted to say I hope things work out soon in your drama. Going through something like that myself right now I know how it can truly affect your live and drain the joy from it. Hopefully your relative finds a way to positively deal with it and understands that in cases like this it is the cheaters fault. It was something I had to learn and not try to blame myself for it.
        What shocks me is seeing someone attacking racism making racist comments.
        Are not people of colour.
        All you whites are racist.
        I have a message for everyone here. If you think North America is bad GO overseas.
        Go live in China for a year, Russia, Japan, France, Korea and parts of the Middle East.
        North America did not invent racism nor does it have a patent on it.
        As for calling people on this site dumb… well I’ll whip out my MENSA wee wee if you will.
        I may not be the most grammatically correct writer on the planet but I can think of a few others as well… Samuel Clemens and Benjamin Franklin off the top of my mind.
        Thomas Jefferson once said it is a poor mind that can only come up with one way to spell a word.
        Racism is a horrible thing. It is based on fear of what is different and a poor self esteem.
        Do not kid yourself. Aaryn needs to prove how superior she is to others because she knows how wrong she is. The loser side in high school shows that. Not that I’m saying she needs warm fuzzys to get over it. She needs to be dumped in a place where she sees what it is like. Send her to the Middle East for 6 months where she is the outsider and make her watch a highlight reel of Aaryn’s greatest hits once a day.
        She can bunk next to GM and Spenser.
        Amanda … that level of hate is scary. Wanting to cut someone’s throat while raping them? That goes beyond racism and into the scary zone. With that floating around online her real estate career isn’t going to be a very good one after BB.
        As for the comments about how bad North America is, talk to some people who have gone and worked overseas. Hear the stories how they are forbidden from saying certain words, of going out and just walking around, the restrictions put on them based on their colour, creed or religion.
        Then come back here and say wow we ain’t great but dang we are trying. We have come a long way but have a ways to go. But at least we are working on it.
        So says the left handed, disabled, single latino dad who used to stutter while in school…

      • Comments (357)

        Well Said, I wish that there was a way to inbox each other (is there?). I have questions about going oversees.

      • Comments (35)

        So calling all Caucasians racist isn’t racist?

      • Comments (169)

        Sorry, I’m getting sick of your political posts on here. You can change your name all you want, but your the same person that has been painting one side with a giant, broad brush. This isn’t the place for political opinions. It’s a place for discussing Big Brother. If you want to voice your political opinions, go to a political website. This is not the place. I don’t come here to read political crap.

      • Comments (768)

        Good call Keith!

        feltso gudinya = santiagaN = lloydA = annoying!

      • Comments (50)

        I was waiting to see how long it would take to get it. I am studying idiots on the internet for a doctoral thesis. I will move on to other sites for more info…but in all seriousness, and the fact that you all get so passionate about things that have nothing to do with your lives, I truly believe you are a bunch of idiots. Thank you for proving my theory. Adios, and I beg you all, start showing some of this passion in your real lives. Pathetic. All of you……

      • Comments (768)

        I’m sure you’ll be missed! :-/

      • Comments (169)

        LOL… Your parents must be so proud of you! Are we somehow suppose to be impressed that you’re studying for a doctorate? Lol. Wouldn’t be shocked if you’re full of BS… Any of us could say that.

        YES, please leave. I already reported you and your multiple user names to Steve… go somewhere where name calling and childish political rants are welcome, because they are most certainly NOT welcome on this site.

      • Comments (50)

        OOOOOOOOOHHHH. I’ve been reported to the principal….how will I sleep tonight? You are still a bunch of jerks who are spending your entire summer watching a TV show. A TV show that you don’t stop complaining about. What does that say about all of you. Excuse me, I have to go answer my front door. I think it’s steve with the entire police department who are here to take away all my electronic possessions. I hope they don’t take the toaster. I love my toaster.

      • Comments (50)

        A site is an inanimate thing. Do you have the ability to animate inanimate objects. You are wasting your talents here. I used to speak for tablecloths but they didn’t appreciate it so I stopped. Boardwalk elevator ship matrix door.

      • Comments (169)

        Yanno, I feel sorry for people like you… you hide being your monitor, spouting off rants and (supposed) insults to people, then you leave, patting yourself on the back telling yourself “I told them!”. What happened to leaving this place because “we’re all idiots”? You put us down, saying we need to get a life because we’re here, yet here you are, right along with us.

        It’s painfully obvious you’re a troll, posting simply to get a response, which is exactly how immature children act. I won’t claim to know if you are one or not, but, one thing is certain, you most certain are acting like one. All I requested was that you cut out the political opinions, I didn’t attack you. It’s obvious by all the thumbs down yore getting that nobody appreciates them. You’re making this place toxic when its suppose to be fun. I’m no longer wasting my time on a troll. You clearly hold lots of hate and self loathing within yourself, so instead of feeding that hate, I will instead pity you.

        Better hurry up and get to working on that doctoral thesis, it’s not going to write itself.

      • Comments (50)

        You need to take a sedative, or the whole bottle…..

      • Comments (50)

        And the thesis does not have a time limit. Spending all this time and energy talking about a TV show that has no effect on your life might be considered a little childish too. The fact that you keep responding to my idiotic nonsense does not really speak too highly of your maturity or self-actualizing. I am not a troll and I get no pleasure jerking you all off. I do thank you for making my work write itself. Believe me, don’t believe me, I really don’t care because unlike you I have no idea who I am talking to so it all means nothing. I prefer a real life over an internet one. I could be your best friend, the man next door or just one of 340 million of your fellow citizens. Nothing anyone here says should mean anything to you. I don’t get the passionate responses. It is that lack of understanding why people put so much weight on things that might not be real is what started my topic in the first place. And my parents better be proud of me because me and my 2 brothers are supporting them in their old age…….believe it or not. If you all have smartened up at all, or question what you read on the internet, maybe you might have even gained something from my so called idiotic “political rants”. And btw, like it or not, ALL THINGS ARE POLITICAL……….

      • Comments (50)

        Also, one last thought. I elected to teach only one class this summer so I could devote time to my thesis topic. How do all of you find the time to devote three months to a TV show, obsessing over every word? Are you all unemployed? Are your children going unwashed and hungry. Are you all developing little red mouse eyes? No travelling, no swimming, no camping, no romantic walks under balmy, starry evening skies, no friends, no family, no bar-b-cues, no shopping, no relationships, no sex? What type of creatures has social media wrought? I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t all so complacent about your smugness. Good night and God bless…you need it.

      • Comments (160)

        This is addressed to feltso gudinya, just in case I get grief from another poster… again.

        Don’t even try to deny it, but you enjoy being an a$$, don’t you?

        Anyway, is your rant about being better than everyone else done? Can we get back to BB15 now?

        Good of you to mention your doing your PhD dissertation, but I don’t think anyone here really cares.

      • Comments (29)

        If you have nothing nice to say ……
        Also I’ve been taught to be a part of the solution and NOT the problem. —- just saying. 🙂

      • Comments (50)

        I walked three miles uphill the other day. By the time I Got there I forgot why I as walking uphill, so I knocked on some lady’s door and tried to sell her a vacuum cleaner that came with a set of encyclopedias. The color orange scares me.

      • Comments (50)

        If you think I am horrible you should try to parallel park on 53st between Madison and Lex. Now that is truly horrible…..

  31. Comments (357)

    As a AA Woman, I can relate to the pain that Howard and Candice felt at the hands of a few catty woman and weak (NOT ABOUT ME, SO NOT GETTING INVOLVED)minded men (using that term loosely). After watching the clips on BBAD about this situation. I commend and applaud Howard and Candice for not becoming the stereotypical “angry black person”. After a while of watching it, my respect level increased because although the pain is still there, they were able to continue on with the game (another loosely used word). What hurts me the most is when I saw Candice crying to Amanda in the cockpit about how Aaryn’s words made her feel and Howard sending Candice out of the cockpit, immediately fell to his knees and asked GOD to help him. If you have never been discriminated on, regardless of it’s category. The sting and hurt associated by it hurts more than someone calling you a [email protected]#TH or other common words. I hate to agree with ANYTHING that Aaryn has to say, but I partially agree (loosely again), that this type of thing unfortunately happens more so in the South, than anywhere else in the country. Having been born and raised in the North, t was not until I moved to the South in my early 20s and it was not until then, that I was referred to as inappropriate word. Based on the history of Racism in this country. These type of words hit you at the core of your being. No matter how strong you think you may be.I have watched BB since season 1 and i look forward to it each year. My history with watching this show will hinge on the reunion and how CBS spins it. It will also hinge on the fact that if next year is a repeat of this? Then I know that this is a show that I will no longer support. This is a way for many to be entertained and enjoy the games played by HGs, HOH comps, POVs, and Backdoor evictions. If I wanted to watch a show about racism, all I have to do is walk out the door.

    Forgive me, I just had to vent for a min or 2. I agree with most of the posts here. One minute I like someone, the next I don’t. Rooted for Elissa in the beginning b/c she was the villain for being Rachel’s (not a fan of Rachel, but fair is fair) sister.But after these last couple of weeks, she can take her weak game-play home. She is a follower who believed she would make it based on family recognition. Spencer is shifty and shady and I believe that he would sell out his family if it meant winning the game, McCrae is oblivious because of his love for Amanda.Who outside of the house would have probably stiffed him on a tip when he delivered pizza to her house, perhaps even slamming the door in his face once pizza is in hand. GM is is on the side of who is the favorite today. She speaks alot about being from NY (so am I), so you know what I’m about. Ahhh…not really, because what has she down on the show other than hysterically cry for someone she meet 3 weeks ago, who had no intentions of having a shomance with her and of course her insensitive racial remarks. Win something GM, and THEN I might recognize you as a real player. I loved Helen in the beginning, the fact that she campaigned sooo hard for Elissa to stay and succeeded, was mind-blowing and I respected her game then. Now, she is a moving puppet for Amanda and it bothers me that whenever someone says something she doesn’t like? Her first words are…”they gotta GO”! I’m still unsure where her true power is. Judd is too wasted to make a big move, that is unless they wean him off his meds. Amanda is the biggest bully and one day she will find herself walking out that door and realizing that she too is viewed in a light that is not flattering. I really hope that her accusations are rumors and I’m sad that she is becoming a mean girl, because her standing up to the mean girls on behalf of Jessie was priceless! Jessie….that poor girl is not used to not being in the limelight, so she is trying to hold on in hopes that the HGs will truly notice that she is there. She’s in fr a shocker when she leaves the house also. Poor Andy…He can’t hold water, even if it were a part of a challenge. I wouldn’t trust him with ANYTHING important. Hang on Andy….You’ll make it to the jury house. Did I miss anybody? It doesn’t really matter, because the history of BB gaming is LOST on this cast! Good-luck in the jury room HG! You made it!!!

    • Comments (50)

      I find it hard to believe that you never experienced discrimination in the north of our country. You were extremely lucky and fortunate.

      • Comments (357)

        I guess all the noise drowned it out! LOL…now all I have to do is hit the lotto and then i’ll be extremely lucky and fortunate!

    • Comments (610)

      Well said nqb1234!

    • Comments (25)

      Please note that the racist-talking house guests besides A ARE Not FROM THE SOUTH. I have met plenty of racists from the north, east and west. Enough with the south stereotypes. Yes, I know A keeps attributing her words to being from the south, but do we really base our opinions on what A says? And isn’t the fact that she blames it on being from the south just another version of people not taking full responsibility for the choices they make?

  32. Comments (1)

    I’m from the south and there is still some racism but that IS NOT how we all feel. I’m have always dated other races and have a 13 year biracial marriage and still going strong. This house absolutely Makes Me Sick. To think that they just let others act that way. I’m a BB fanatic but I just don’t want to watch this crap anymore. What are they teaching people that it is still ok to treat people that way. It’s DISGUSTING!!!!!

  33. Comments (20)

    I am not sure what is the higher number — how many posters here have said “so annoying”, “I’m done” or how many lbs Candice has gained on her ass since she won Miss Louisanna.

    • Comments (651)

      This season is missing game play 101. When you have a showmance and get a chance to get one of them out You Do It! Add in racist, misogynistic, homophobic comments along with saying you want someone gang raped it just gets to be too much. What we have are want-to-be famous, over medicated, immature people who care more about getting to the jury than winning the game.

    • Comments (50)

      A lot of people overeat when they are stressed and women tend to show more weight gain because they are smaller to begin with. Please do not make fun of womens’ body shapes. Real men do not say catty things about women. Shame on you.

  34. Comments (9)

    With all of the paranoia, gossiping, character assassination, fear and mistrust constantly swirling around the house, does anyone think that this is a perfect opportunity for a smart house guest (who also has a certain level of honor / integrity left and who is unafraid of publicly confronting shady behavior) to shake things up and take control of the house? – sort of like an “evil dick” personality who would relentlessly call out folks in front of everyone else. Wouldn’t that kind of personality be able to take over this game right about now?

  35. Comments (682)

    Who ever was in charge of casting this season needs to be fired.

    • Comments (16)

      Agree… As well as the editor of the show!
      Tonight was horrible not reflecting who and how they are AT ALL… such a shame.. Looking like loud mouth bullies will prevail

    • Comments (123)

      Robyn Kass…has been Casting Director for the past 13 years… 🙂

      • Comments (50)

        Her 12 years of good casting count for nothing? One wrong out of 13 would get 92% on a test. A- is hardly a failing grade. You people are ruthless.

    • Comments (407)

      Les Moonves is the CBS-CEO and is Julie Chen’s husband. He confirmed he personally has final say over the contestants. He also said some of the controversial comments on BB were “absolutely appalling” but he felt the network handled them appropriately and they (CBS) didn’t comment until they affected things in the house. Sounds like a lot of bull to me.

      • Comments (4)

        I completely agree! CBS has pawned this racist problem onto Candice and Howard (and to a smaller extent the rest of the HGs) to resolve—when it is 100% their responsibility!!!!! CBS should have a 0 tolerance for racism in the house. The playing field has not been level once racism was invoked — Candice/Howard have had to muddle through the racism as well as try to play BB game & it has caused confusion for them both–it has completely interfered with their game play. Both are trying to defend their Black American heritage and play the game—its too hard to do!

      • Comments (195)

        I thought Julie Chen was married to Maury Povich? Maybe I’m wrong…wouldn’t be the first time lol.

      • Comments (1276)

        No, she is married to Les Moonves, and has been for years.

      • Comments (1446)

        Connie Chung is married to Maury. Julie is married to Moonves, the president of CBS.

      • Comments (195)

        Ah that’s right. Thanks guys for letting me know.

  36. Comments (29)

    Personally with all the JURY talk I’m wondering (hoping) if game play can finally begin once we get to jury weeks. Maybe someone or a group of people will finally see the light and realize the game is NOW — I can only hope…

  37. Comments (21)

    I used to love reading your updates and now there just isn’t enough.. Sorry jmo.

  38. Comments (15)

    I find it hilarious how everybody in the house immediately assumed that America is not MVP because Amanda is nominated. There must be something in the water.

  39. Comments (357)

    I don’t watch the live feeds, so I rely heavily on sites like this (my fav). WOW….tonight’s show is not what I expected based on what I read on here. But, I have to say that Helen is a bit wicked. In the HOH room….let’s do whatever, but make me look like i tried? Wow! Amanda has a GREAT shot in winning this and believe that she will take Aaryn with her, not McCrae (easy win for her). If only the HGs could get a 1 minute glimpse on what;s going on during their DR time. It would be a totally diff game.

    • Comments (15)

      Your posts are spot on. I think that Candice made a valid argument to Amanda and Helen. The concept was that the HG were going to vote together to get the mean girls out. Candice was part of the inner circle with this voting block. Mid way through executing this plan, they make a deal with the enemy (Aaryn). Now, this voting block is not willing to make a deal with one of their own. I completely get why Candice is hurt and p!$$d. But to add insult to injury, Helen runs to her “circle of trust” (LOL, not sure if anyone caught Helen creating this recently on the live feeds. How silly, it’s not an alliance it’s just a circle of trust, too funny) after hearing Candice’s argument and lies to everyone saying that Candice threatened her. I was OK with sitting through 5 weeks of obvious evictions (Jeremy, kaitlyn, Aaryn, GM and Spencer) until these HG’s really started to play the game but now that we see all of the HG’s true colors, I find that I do not like the villains or the underdogs. Although at the moment I am pulling for Candice and Howard to get through this.

      • Comments (357)

        I was moved and cheered when all the “good” people where in the HOH room weeks ago, talking about the house division. Super excited that they had finally come to an agreement to knock out the mean girls AND boys. to be able to restart the game from their and play it like it was/is supposed to be played. It did not take long for the HGs to start eating one of their own. Helen and crew has slept with the devil and they will soon see who is the power player in that house. I couldn’t agree with you more. In this game, you have to lie and deceive to get far, but it feels personal in that house. Amanda having issues with Howard for some unknown reason. Aaryn having issues with Candice for some prehistoric reason. Helen wanting Howard out b/c he lied. She is in for a shock when she sees just how many other ppl lied to her. I don’t really have a fav in this game anymore and yes I am pulling for Howard and Candice to pull through this week.If Amanda goes home, there will definitely be a change in how the game is played.
        There are 2 outcomes after tonights live eviction. Howard or Candice will leave and the house will continue the way it is until the “Circle of Trust” is all that left. Or SOMEHOW Amanda will be evicted and the entire game will change. this is my theory should there be a game change. McCrae’s cockiness will dissipate just as fast as it did when Helen ran to get him when Spencer and Amanda were arguing (TRUE COLORS was shown there). Wasn’t shock to hear he said and did nothing when he stormed out the house. Helen and crew will scramble for new alliances because the Queen B is gone. Aaryn and GM will plot with the “strongest” alliance to be allowed to stay up until Jury. That place must really be nice. And Howard, Spencer, Judd, Candice, and poss. Jessie may become a force to be reckoned with. That is if they can use the brains and brawn that they were blessed with. IDK

      • Comments (15)

        Well, aim certainly cheering for Amanda to go. Not only will this unexpected move shake up the house in true BB fashion, it will get rid of a Miserable houseguest. Although I have to say that Amanda’s game play has been smart given the dynamics in this house. It’s just that she is a villain I don find myself rooting for because of her behaviour on the live feeds. I would b more than happy seeing Candice go all the way knowing what I know now its just that her’s and Howard’s game ply has been weak. Candice is better at this than Howard but they should be calling out all the lying and secret alliances at every turn at this point and shake everyone up. Howard is trying to do this but he is not being understood. It would help him to alter his communication style to suit his audience. Candice does deserve huge kudos for figuring out so many secret motives based only on her power of observation and intuition. I guess what I perceive as week game play on their part has much to do with the fact they are rookies in this game and are dealing with unprecedented circumstances.

        Anyways, Mcrea was one of the first HG’s that I liked then quickly removed from my list. He reminds me of the story, the emprorer’s new clothes. Watching him squirm after Amanda leaves would make for good TV.

        I was recently pulling for Jessie but have since seen seen her being to submissive to who she sees as the popular crowd as well as accuse Candice of attacking her during a conversation when in fact his never happened. This was shotly after Helen made the same false accusation and it just seemed very immature of Jessie. So, she is off my list but I might give her another chance.

        So fingers crossed, bye bye Amanda.

      • Comments (15)

        Ok, I’m turning off auto-correct on this iPad

  40. Comments (1162)

    This group of HOH “friends” don’t need any evidence or justification to suspect someone of
    “wronging” them.
    Their paranoia is real.
    AND, if they don’t find any evidence against a person, they will will fabricate lies.
    It is what they do.

    Tonight Elissa had a private conversation with Jessie. Elissa’s absence was noticed by
    the HOH group.
    “Oh, My!!!”
    Sherlock Helen Holmes raced downstairs to find out what dastardly plot against her
    and her HOH friends was being planned.

    In fact, Elissa and Jessie did talk about Amanda and the need to get her out of the game.
    ; D
    Thankfully Helen missed that part of their conversation. lol

    All in all, I don’t see any HGs strong enough to shake up the Game……..

  41. Comments (1162)

    Talk about an incomplete profile!!!!!!

    • Comments (1446)

      I’m amazed that there is still a phone # atatched to the profile – thanks for finding that, Middie.

      • Comments (1162)

        “Being a child of the technological generation I’m able to network your property through the
        internet…..other realtors simply don’t know how.”

        OMG – she has dissed every realtor in her own office.
        I’ll just bet they love Amanda!!!!

  42. Comments (624)

    Candice doesn’t bother me as much as Amanda. McCrea is starting to act all cocky on the show as well. Time to break up these morons!

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