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Big Brother 15 – Double Eviction Live Thread!

Attention everyone: I say dumb things
Attention everyone: I say dumb things

From what I’m gathering, I think I may be the only person watching Big Brother tonight.  It seems a lot of people are having issues with either Time Warner or the NFL being on, so they won’t be able to watch the show.  With that said, I’ll do my best to keep you updated here, facebook and twitter!

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One thing I want to remind me of are the live feeds. I am sure the feeds are going to be pretty interesting after the show tonight, especially with two people heading out the door and a possible twist as well. There is still plenty of time to sign up for the feeds, and plenty of action to watch.  Click here, or the image below to sign up to the feeds and get a free trial!

livefeed224/7 uncensored access to the live feeds here

Some interesting developments happened today, and no, Candice didn’t finally start to campaign to stay.  Judd and Jessie had quite an uncomfortable argument where Judd actually said some pretty mean things to her. Flashback to 1:24pm to watch the argument and see what was said

Jessie speculated that he did it so he can spend more time with Aaryn without feeling guilty, and you know what?  She’s probably right. Judd and Aaryn had a little kiss session going during the midway party last night, and this was just days after Judd was kissing Jessie in the back yard.  This is bad news for Judd because his alliance was already sketchy on him due to the MVP twist.  Once America started voting, the house has been blaming anyone and everyone for being the secret MVP.  The problem is, a lot of the people end up falling back to Judd, and there was talk of backdooring him tonight because the house is aware it’s a double eviction.

The good news, everyone in the house, including the first person evicted, has been selected to Jury.  This is 2 people more than the typical season, so the house is under the impression the next 2 to be evicted are going to lose out on the paid sequester vacation.  The only way this impacts the game is if Julie tells them prior to the second nomination.  If she does, they could send Judd packing as soon as tonight because he’ll already be in jury, but if not, they may give him a week and send Spencer home.

Anyway, on to the live blogging with 20 minutes to showtime!  Keep checking back for updates, and join the live feeds!

9:00pm – And we begin!  Julie announces that the jury begins, and she said she’ll drop those surprises.  That could influence the second vote.

Amanda tells the DR that she’s 99.9% sure that Judd is the MVP.   A sign that their alliance could be cracking tonight

(I’m trying to update more than often because of how many who can’t watch tonight)

9:05pm – They’re still showing flashbacks from the week.  They’re focusing on Jessie trying to flip the house on Amanda, which backfires pretty bad

Helen is scared that evicting Amanda will put a target on her back.  She’s probably right.

9:10pm – Julie announces the jury will consist of 9 people, and it’s also double eviction (they fake the shock)

Julie says ‘Just because you’re on the jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game’ – twist hint

Candice starts arguing with GinaMarie during her eviction speech.  Julie had to break it up and have Spencer just cut them off.

Off to the votes:

McCrae – Candice
Aaryn – Candice “the clown”
Helen – Candice
Jessie – Candice
Elissa – Candice (very sad to evict)
Andy – The very feisty Candice
Judd – Candice

7-0-0 to evict Candice.

On the way out, Candice makes fun of GinaMarie for living with her mother, and GM replied ‘At least my mother likes me’ (note: Candice was adopted)

9:20pm – Julie is chatting with Candice about the issues in the house (race, fights, etc)

Julie drops a hint to Candice ‘good-bye for now, but there is a lot of summer left’

HoH competition


Round 1 – Elissa out
Round 2 – Andy, Jessie out
Round 3 – nobody
Round 4 – Aaryn wins!

She is now deliberating on who to nominate.

9:30pm – Last minute strategy sessions for Aaryn before she picks her nominees.

Here we are, nominations……

Oh, before, Julie says that the MVP twist is done.  Only 2 nominees

Jessie and Spencer are nominated

(note: weak, weak, weak nominees)

9:37pm – It’s PoV time (Andy, Judd, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn playing)

They have to put together a puzzle together, and Aaryn quickly wins it

Aaryn wins PoV

Aaryn has won a bunch of competitions but hasn’t really made any moves for herself.  She is a weird kind of floater.  Anyway, quick prediction, Jessie is going home.  We’ll find out soon

9:45pm – We’re back, time to see if Aaryn makes a big move and backdoor someone…

Aaryn uses the PoV and backdoors Judd.  He is now on the block and likely going home.   Wow\

Ugh sorry for the slow update, website crashed.

Judd was evicted by unanimous vote.  Helen and Amanda are controlling the house, that’s likely your final 2.

10:00pm – Sorry for the slowness.  The server is under heavy load, working on it.  Anyway, Judd was eliminated, and not to toot my own horn, but I called it tonight

I guess the big thing was the no reset button.  Julie must have hinted reset because the MVP twist was going away, but the evicted members will probably have an influence in the game somehow still.. maybe

Sign up to the live feeds to watch the house reaction

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  1. Comments (96)

    Omg I hope the reset button is where America gets to vote a houseguest OUT . Probably wont happen, but one can dream lol

  2. Comments (7)

    I just signed up for the live feeds, but nothing is paying but trivia…will we get to watch the show live? Thanks!

    • Comments (682)

      Trivia is on during the live show. But you can watch after on The live feeds will be back up right after the live show.

    • Comments (150)

      I heard people applauding when Candice when she left the house, but there was no audience behind Candice and Julie when the exit interview took place. I was trying to think who Candice reminded me of when she was talking and it dawned on me, Paula Deen. I is what I is and I’m not gonna change. Another genius bites the dust.

      • Comments (150)

        thank you, You all have been so wrong all season I appreciate the thumbs down. It’s reassuring that I am still on the right track. This game has nothing to do with the people you like. It’s a psychological experiment, not the campfire girls.

  3. Comments (54)

    the twist is that jury will be the mvp, i am 99% sure

    • Comments (651)

      Julie said no more MVP

    • Comments (1446)

      Pretty sure the MVP s done – Julie said so tonight.
      Julie should have told GM to shut her damn mouth and let Candice speak rather than cut them both off.
      Helen’s being openly so happy about Judd leaving when all of the other lemmings were sad about Judd’s eviction could put the target on her back. Aaryn could regret her decision and Helen will pay for it. Can’t wait to see Amanda send her packing soon. Helen had her chance, but always said “this is not the week to get Amanda out.” I don’t think McCrae wanted Judd out. Amanda did, but not McCrae.

      • Comments (1)

        Helen probably thinks that if Amanda goes, she will become a huge target and will likely go as well.

      • Comments (150)

        You are so right! Helen is doomed, like the seventh son of the seventh son….

  4. Comments (15)

    Lol you put Spencer fought with GM instead of Candice hehe.

  5. Comments (682)

    Candice goes home.

  6. Comments (11)

    GM and Candice fight on live TV this season i s turning around!

  7. Comments (150)

    Candice slept all week instead of playing the game and just made herself out to be a total jackass on national TV. Way to go Candice. Howard ent out with class. Candice went out like an ass.

    • Comments (682)

      I think Gina looked worse.

    • Comments (1)

      I think the total opposite. It would have been a waste of energy to try and gain votes. These people had a plan, and the minute Jessie won POV it was set. And the simple fact that Candice did nothing to fight shows that she is in no way the SCARY competitor they think she is…. I think Candice is just about the LAST person in this house that looks like a jackass. (maybe we haven’t been watching the same show??? just maybe???)

    • Comments (8)

      I have to disagree, that was Candice’s time to speak, GM should have shut her trap. I can’t believe GM found a way to embarass herself even more than her racist, stalker attitude.

      What a vomit!

      • Comments (5)

        what did she do?

      • Comments (5)


      • Comments (86)

        She was acting like the trashy pig she is. (Interrupting Cands keep me here speach)

      • Comments (768)

        GM can dish it out but she can’t take it and that final shot as Candice was walking out the door was despicable.

      • Comments (135)

        I totally agree! It was Candice’s time to speak, and she couldn’t even speak then and be uninterrupted. GM had her say during nomination, but Candice doesn’t get hers?! Totally not right. Candice, I think, is smart, and I’m still impressed that she figured out the Moving Company alliance so early — before anybody else. I don’t know that I would have fought if I was her. I think she gave it her best shot; approaching Helen.

      • Comments (228)

        GM showed once again what little class she has knowing that Candice was adopted and made a snide comment to her on the way out saying ‘at least my mother wants me.’ What a low-life no class POS she is. She keeps saying she is from NY, and she’s not. She’s from New Jersey and just employed on SI. Well not anymore since they ‘fired’ her. Does she really think Nick would want to even walk down the
        street with her. She will always have that stigma from her behavior on BB as her identity.

    • Comments (2)

      Candice did not go out looking like an ass. She had no one to turn to. Helen is playing everybody. She had the three racist against her, and all the other house guess had no back bone.

    • Comments (150)

      oooooohhhhhh. is 43 a record? Hit the little birdie and you win a little prize. Candice is like the person who is actually right in her argument with the cashier but everyone looks at her like she’s crazy because she is the one making a scene. Try it sometime, stand up for your rights and everyone looks at you like your crazy. A closed mouth would have served her cause much better. She lowered herself to GM’s level, thereby she lost. And GM is funny, Candice is not. I’d rather spend a night on the town with GM then Candice.

      • Comments (682)

        See, it’s things like this that I don’t understand. Are you saying not to stand up for yourself because you may look crazy to those who might be looking?
        And this is Big Brother. Not “America’s Next Top Party Girl”.

      • Comments (228)

        don’t pay attention to him. Apparently, he’s trying to make Candice look bad.

      • Comments (274)

        Cnoodleman.Just an fyi, if you’re attracted to GM and that type of person/personality you’re just as inept as her. It makes sense now with all your ramblings and blathering. I have an eerie sense you are her mother. Waaaaay too many similarities between you both. I would actually deny being her mother and deny being a daughter of her “mother”. At least Candice was LOVED by her mother, who obviously is a lady and not a neanderthal who beats on her chest with constant inaudible grunting. Anyone can have kids but obviously not everyone can RAISE them. GinaMaries parents are epic FAILURES! They didn’t bother with schooling, morals or even manners. In my book you aren’t a parent just because you had sex. It requires work. And no, not going to the salon to get fake hair and fake nails.

        Maybe you should take this conviction and do something about your own shortcomings.
        Stop trying so hard to bash Candice, you look desperate. Jealousy is pride.

  8. Comments (682)

    One of the jury members may come back. Did you see Amanda’s face?

  9. Comments (453)

    Is the reset twist where one or more of the evicted house guests sent to jury get to play and come back in the house to try again for the 500k?

    • Comments (768)

      That’s what it sounded like to me.

      • Comments (1162)

        From what Julie said tonight, I think we will get to vote for one of the
        Jury Members to come back into the game ……as a player and/or as one
        of three nominated to become BB15’s Winner.

    • Comments (453)

      ok, just read Julie’s comments, about 9:10, so kind of answered my own ??, still waiting for the show to come on here. Nachos were good, waiting on the popcorn, lol.

    • Comments (150)

      Every time an HG comes back they are voted out the next week. That is because they were voted out for a reason. What a waste of time.

  10. Comments (768)

    The very little sliver of respect that I may have ever had for GM is now totally gone!

  11. Comments (11)

    No Candice is MVP poor cause she was evicted

  12. Comments (1)

    Dirty Dirty Dirty by GM, funny but really Dirty

    • Comments (1162)

      GM’s last words to Candice sure weren’t funny.
      Something about GM has a mother who loves her and Candice doesn’t – meaning
      Candice’s birth mother gave her up because she didn’t love her.
      Not the first time for GM to use this hatefulness…..her BFF Aaryn has said it too.

      There are more people to dislike on BB15 than ones to like ………

      • Comments (150)

        It’s not funny because it’s not true. GM needs to stick to making fun of herself. Now that’s funny.

      • Comments (228)

        GM is a female with many flaws. She’s damaged goods. Nick must be so embarrassed by her behavior.

  13. Comments (6)

    GM is a jerk and I hope she gets kicked out next! Well, I would be fine with either GM or Amanda going home!

    • Comments (150)

      GM is dumb, what’s Candice’s excuse for acting so ghetto on her way out. Real classy.

      • Comments (682)

        If nothing else Candice helped America see GM in real time.

      • Comments (150)

        Candice came off as a loudmouth, low class loser.

      • Comments (35)

        Just like you are, right now!

      • Comments (39)

        I can’t stand GM but I was a bit disappointed in Candice tonight…it must have been so hard for her but she should have walked away classy…she is better than those girls and doesn’t need to fight with GM to prove it!

      • Comments (286)

        I disagree, Candice was sticking up for herself wouldn’t you get tired of being a walking mat? She was given the floor to make a statement why to keep her but chose to defend herself against the mean girls who all week talked crap about her.GO CANDICE!!!

      • Comments (2)

        It’s funny how you see Candice as a loud mouth, low class loser, when she was mostly defending herself against racist remarks being said to here. There was one time she should have kept her mouth shut, and that was when she went off on Spencer. At that time Spence wanted to keep her in the house. As she was leaving the house, Gina Marie said something about not letting the door hit her, and she responded back with a few choice words but nothing out of line. How the f**k did Candice become the bad one?

      • Comments (1162)

        Helen lied about Spencer to Candice which is why Candice
        verbally tore into him.
        Helen lies to all of her “Friends.”

      • Comments (286)

        And she cried about Howard lying too her? Wait till she hers about Andy.Helen has sent out the people that would have supported her to fallow Amanda, nice move.

      • Comments (1092)

        Candice comes off as a lowlass loser compared to gm ? You must either be really ignorant, or you are one of , if not the biggest rednecks there ever have been to walk this earth.

        Sure I know it is really fun for you to think up these stupid comments of yours, hoping to offend some, which particulary doesnt bother me, because I actually am beginning to feel sorry for you. I think you were one of those kids that nobody liked, so you tried to get attention by making fun of others. Thing is, is that you are still at it, which kind of means you have never grown up. You are still that little kid that nobody liked, and that’s all that there is about you.

        Truly, I feel sorry for you.

      • Comments (150)

        I am not trying to offend anyone and I am totally on Candice’s side. I am a new York Jewish progressive liberal married to a man who writes and illustrates progressive children’s literature. I am a retired psychologist living half the year in Manhattan and half the year on the Boca/Delray stretch of A1A. I am not a “redneck” which is a horrible slur word to call someone (you let your own stupid prejudice out of the bag). Please, all of you, do yourselves a favor and take a course in reading comprehension. ALL I AM SAYING IS THAT CANDICE LOWERED HERSELF TO GM’S LEVEL, THERBY LOSING THE ARGUMENT. We know what she was trying to do but the rest of America saw two fools out yelling each other. If you think Candice did herself any good tonight I just beg to differ. And if you want to speak against racism DO NOT call any one a redneck again.

      • Comments (682)

        Cnoodleman. Does the course in reading comprehension cover internet posting? Because you really confuse me. Sometimes your comments sound mean and judgmental and other times I agree with your comments.
        You do seem to have a lot of people giving you the thumbs down so I’m curious if that is your intent or just not understanding that tone and sarcasm is not easy to read.

      • Comments (220)

        I am shocked, but I actually agree with this post. While I do not fault Candice one bit for defending her self, arguing with the likes of GM is futile. So I get what you’re saying in this post. BUT, Candace was asked to speak. GM should have allowed her to finish her speech. There is NO amount of class in the world to bite your tongue that hard, when you’ve actually accepted your fate and are delivering your last speech in the house.

        So…I agree yet disagree with you all in the same post.

      • Comments (1092)

        Hmmm, let’s see:

        “Whats with Candice acting ghetto “. That is something you wrote, right ? Not hat you are being offensive or anything. Not that you are being racist or anything.

        Being redneck isn’t being racist, it is being competely ignorant. You may be highly educated, but you certainly come across as being ignorant. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your background is, you ooze ignorance towards others. What am I doing ? What is the purpose of my posts to you ? To call you out on it.

        In reply to : “did Candice do herself any good tonight “. As far as the game goes, no she didn’t. As far as her personal dignity goes, she did great. She walked out with her head high. She got her words in. She made gm look like an idiot. (I can say idiot, right, or is that too offensive to you ?)

        Continuing with Candice, picture the comments flyng around the last couple of weeks. They were meant to be hurtfhl. Maybe it was gameplay, but if so, it was gameplay at its ugliest. Imagine if you will, being tfapped in a house full of anti semetic people. Don’t tell me some of the hurtful comments wouldn’t get to you. It doesn’t matter what your sense of humor is, or if you are a thick skinned New Yorker. It would get to you. You would either cry, or yell at them. So when Candice and Howard were hurt by tbose comments, cut them some slack if they should lash out little. Or, in your words, “act ghetto”.

      • Comments (682)

        Candice took the only opportunity she THOUGHT she had to speak without getting interrupted to speak her mind after being defeated. I think GM should have let her speak and GM would have looked better if she had kept her mouth shut.

        At the same time GM may never have have to worry about a vote from Candice because she may never make it to final two. I say “may” never have a chance because these people are nuts. It’s not a good game move and it’s not a good personal move.

      • Comments (150)

        But that’s not what America saw. They saw a woman in a clown suit making a fool of herself. No one even heard what she was saying. She looked just as stupid as GM and I don’t care how many thumbs down you need to give me, she did nothing but look low class and loud. I am sure Howard was cringing through the whole thing. I would love to hear what he thought of Candice’s stupid exit. An educated person does not conduct themselves that way. They rise above the mire, not roll around in it, so get a grip, everything Candice said was fair but no one heard it. All they heard was a fool. I am very disappointed in her. She blew it.

      • Comments (220)

        Ok, each time I read one of your posts about this Candace exit, I am starting to get your point more and more. A clown suit, yelling….ok, I admit it, I actually agree.

        I just felt the frustration poor Candice was feeling, so I empathize with her for having to deal with vermon like GM, Aaryn and Amanda.

      • Comments (1162)

        I think most everyone watching the show understood
        exactly what Candice was saying. After all, the news
        about BB15 and the racism on the show has been covered
        by every media in the country. Also, GM’s disgraceful nomination
        speech to Candice was seen on the tele.. Tonight
        was Candice’s opportunity to speak her mind.

        IMO, Candice defended herself. Period.
        Also, she did apologize to Julie about her
        confrontation with GM.
        It was Candice’s time to talk to the HGs and not
        GM’s place to interrupt her.

        I thought GM came across as the fool and not Candice.

      • Comments (6)

        I haven’t gotten to watch the show from tonight yet. Football is on here so we have to wait until 2 am. I didn’t care for how Candice acted during the veto last night but honestly she has to be completely tired of the way they have been acting toward her.

      • Comments (228)

        you have it backwards. I think this is GM’s mom…

  14. Comments (150)

    Aaryn is the next HOH. I was right, there is no God. Atheists rule….LMAO…

    • Comments (682)

      At least she won’t be HOH for the rest of the week. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with that. But if GM gets the second HOH I may just lose it.

    • Comments (6)

      What a shocker! This show is driving me crazy! So who is she going to put up there?? Amanda is her best bud so we know it won’t be her! Jessie is probably one of the nominees but who will the other one be? Spencer?

  15. Comments (682)

    Aaryn wins HOH. They better start paying attention.

  16. Comments (4)

    Ugh…Aaryn again. boo

  17. Comments (150)

    Amanda is keeping her mouth shut for once. Smart move.

  18. Comments (6)

    I cant believe it. I havent seen it yet, but Aaryn is HOH? I can’t…..

  19. Comments (41)

    Come on noms Jessie and Ellissa or Helen

  20. Comments (682)

    Spencer and Jessie, big surprise. smh

    • Comments (6)

      So predictable and ridiculous!! Its going to be one heck of a battle with all of the “leaders” left in the house! None of them are playing a good game! Big thumbs down on this season!

  21. Comments (4)

    predictable…is she still Helen’s b*tch?

  22. Comments (150)

    And Amanda skates thru again. Aaryn puts up Jessie and Spencer. Even though my AC is on I am opening all my windows to hear the collective groan if Amanda or McCrae wins the next HOH. It is really time for Andy to make a move. If GM wins again I will love it. I can’t help it but I find her very amusing. HG I’d most like to get drunk with.

    • McCrae_Files_For_Divorce
      Comments (2)

      Or the one that you’d most like to go to a Klan rally with? Or is that Aaryn?

      • Comments (150)

        GM wouldn’t even know what a Klan rally is. She would think she was in the middle of a Macy’s white sale. You are giving this girl way too much credit. A change of environment and an education could easily turn GM around. She likes to have fun and she is very emotional. She needs better tools and someone to get her out of her Staten Island Italian neighborhood.

      • Comments (228)

        Well, go get her..P.S. she’s from New Jersey..Probaby headed back there since she has gotten fired.

  23. Comments (30)

    I can’t believe it. This group is SPINELESS AND IGNORANT! Aaryn…weak …. wins HOH then she listens to the strong players and puts up Jessie/Spencer. It is obvious that they are all terrified to stand up and fight for what they can gain.This 20 something generation frightens me they could be running the country someday. What a thought

  24. Comments (6)

    Aary just won POV!

  25. Comments (682)

    Aaryn wins veto. The only good thing so far is Aaryn is giving them a reason to get her out quick. How many times are we going to hear them talk about regretting getting rid of Kaitlin?

  26. Comments (11)

    Backdoor Amanda

  27. Comments (453)

    still a chance to backdoor amanda

  28. Comments (9)

    Can’t STOMACH watching BB and seeing Elissa UGH!!! PLEASE PLEASE SEND HER HOME SOON!!!!!

  29. Comments (8)

    What a wasted boring double eviction so far! Weak nominations, and Aaryn will just keep the moms the same this sux

  30. Comments (2)

    Stevebeans: You mean Andy (not Adam?) who said “the very feisty Candice” right?

    • Comments (682)

      Haha. I didn’t even see that.

    • Comments (2)

      Stevebeans: You also meant Candice was fighting with GM, then SPENCER broke it up. You put Spencer Twice lol

      For those that didn’t know, GM interrupted Candice’s speech and they started yelling at eachother, Julie then told Spencer to start his speech. It was hard to watch :/

      • Comments (150)

        Brutal…I wanted Candice to leave the better person. She lost out to her worst instincts. Very sad.

      • Comments (228)

        nice try!!!…lol!…is this GM’s mom or relative….GM couldn’t shine Candice shoes in the real world.

  31. Comments (5)

    so one of the reasons people gave for eliminating Kaitlin was that GM and Aaryn weren’t likely to win anything while Kaitlin had almost won HOH twice….since then Aaryn has been HOH twice and GM once with Aaryn being both HOH and veto winner today. I think that people including me underestimated her.

    • Comments (220)

      Winning comps doesn’t always mean the person is a strong player. Aaryn is a perfect example of that.

      She literally hands her HOH decisions to Helen, who directs Aaryn, and then Aaryn obeys.

      They kept Aaryn in the house over some other folks for exactly what she has done today! If in case she wins, Aaryn is easily manipulated. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, was a real competitor with the possibility of really making moves that Helen/Amanda wouldn’t be able to control as easily.

      They estimated Aaryn accurately.

  32. Comments (682)

    OMG!! Trades Jessie for Judd????

  33. Comments (8)

    Whoa didn’t see that coming,

  34. Comments (150)

    Adios Judd. Steve you are a genius or you are psychic. Amanda gets her way again. Candice sealed his fate during this weeks POV ceremony. He should kick Candice’s ass when he gets to jury house. He will most probably sleep until BB is over….

    • Comments (220)

      Judd sealed his own fate. Jessie approached him about taking Amanda out. Judd knew his vote was the swing vote. He aligned with Amanda and McCray, the only showmance still left. Why has everyone overlooked the fact that all the other showmances have been broken up, yet Amanda/Mc are still alive and running the show? Judd made his choice to go with the house. Eventually the house will start eating its own, starting with J-U-double D!!!!! Bye dumb dumb.

      Candice warned Judd. Amanda/Helen did not like that and they suspected he might be sketchy as the MVP, so they took the chance to get him out. He should have played his OWN game instead of following orders from Amanda, Andy, McCray and Helen.

      He did it to himself.

      I’m amazed how some of you claim Candice is such a horrible player yet she is responsible for taking out Judd, who was well-protected in this house, and was juggling two women in the house. How can Candice be both a weak player with such a strong influence?


  35. Comments (4)

    Uh oh…no more kissy kissy for Judd…no more ugly shirt…so sad, too bad.

  36. Comments (126)

    Judd the Judd-Head gets bit by the Black Widow Aaryan whom she gave the kiss of evict the night before.

  37. Comments (12)

    “Spencer starts arguing with GinaMarie during her eviction speech. Julie had to break it up and have Spencer just cut them off.”

    Might wanna fix that – Candice did the arguing and I wasn’t aware Spencer was female 😉

    Why the heck were people crying after they ALL voted to send Judd to jury? Seriously?

  38. Comments (4)

    Yup, way to hand it over to Amanda and McRae you racist and cowardly bastards.

  39. Comments (43)

    what i don’t understand is why they are all crying and sad but voted judd out. it makes no sense to me whatsoever. i was so hoping she was gonna backdoor amanda. oh well

    • Comments (1)


    • Comments (1162)

      BB 15’s Bawling Babies …..”I didn’t want to evict Judd, my best friend and such a great guy, BUT
      the House made me do it!”
      What a bunch of wussies!!!
      All of them scared to death to make a move against “The House” = Amanda + Helen

      • Comments (286)

        Ya that made me sick,If you liked the guy why vote him out?!? Amanda er I mean the house wanted it.

      • Comments (150)

        Amanda for once kept her mouth shut. It is Helen whose fingerprints are all over Judd’s eviction.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda kept her mouth shut for the show but she
        is equally responsible for getting Judd evicted.
        She and Helen were partners in that pact.

      • Comments (228)

        They are a pathetic bunch…

    • Comments (7)

      I didn’t understand that either. don’t get on there and say you sadly vote to evict, if you know you are gonna do it anyway and then cry about it. What pussies! And the thing is, no one is gonna stand up against Mcranda because they are chickenshits! Its stupid really, you got out people who could have made this season exciting to be controlled by people who can’t do anything but pick you off later. So you can sit in the jury house and collect your 5K like the sorry asses you all are. When someone tries to make a game move then you are so eager to get them out. Is no one playing for the money this season but Amanda and Helen? Smdh

  40. Comments (35)

    With Jessie staying and Judd leaving all that’s going to happen is more insecure paranoia from Amanda over McCrae. Ugh.

  41. Comments (7)

    clearly the rest of this season won’t be any good unless Spencer or Jesse wins head of household

  42. Comments (39)

    okay a comment and a question from me.
    1. GM waving that blue hat while she was arguing with Candice..what the…i just cant…
    2. Did anyone else notice when Judd was evicted, he whispered something to/about Elissa, and a couple seconds later she said “this wasn’t up to me” (or something like that)…anyone know what that was about?

    • Comments (26)

      I heard her say it but just assumed it was a last minute jury plug should she make it to final two.

      • Comments (140)

        Nah, the way she said it was defensive. Suggesting Judd said something accusatory.

      • Comments (39)

        that’s how I took it too Amanda! I replayed it a few times to hear what he said, it took place right when he half hugged Elissa but I couldn’t make it out.

    • Comments (407)

      I haven’t watched BB yet thanks to football, but if Elissa told Judd “this wasn’t up to me” then she is admitting she is not playing her own game and is letting someone else control her votes. If she does make it to the final 2 Judd should vote for the other person and tell her “this WAS up to me!”

    • Comments (150)

      1 – Maybe GM thinks the expression is talk to the hat (not talk to the hand).
      2- Yes, because Judd is blaming Elissa and Helen for his demise. Amanda was laying low through all this. She finally got what McCrae has been telling her for the past few days, “stay out of the line of fire”.

  43. Comments (13)

    Can someone plz explain to me why Judd was put up in the first place. Thanks ahead of time

    • Comments (39)

      I haven’t watched the feeds in a few days, but I am pretty sure it is because Amanda wanted him out (she seems convinced he was MVP)..and since Aaryn is Amanda’s puppet, he was backdoored 🙁

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda and Helen have been promoting Judd’s eviction.
      They thought he was “sketchy” and the MVP.

      Did you notice Helen at the very end of the show saying what a good thing
      it was to have Judd gone?
      She and Amanda are something else………and will most likely clash against each
      other at sometime in the near future. That will be interesting.

      • Comments (39)

        What I don’t understand is, if Helen did think Judd was MVP..he wasn’t targeting her…or Elissa… is she that aligned with Amanda that she would want to get him out to protect her?

      • Comments (10)

        Exactly. I didn’t understand that either.

      • Comments (1162)

        IMO, Amanda doesn’t want Helen to make it to the Finale and will be
        targeting Helen soon. So far, she finds Helen useful to her game.
        Remember, Elissa votes the way Helen tells her and by working with
        Helen, Amanda gets two votes the way she wants.

        I think Helen would like to be in the Finale and sitting next to Amanda
        because she believes she would beat her.

        I’d like to see both of them in the Jury House.

      • Comments (39)

        yeah I totally get Amanda keeping Helen for now…but I cant understand why Helen thinks she would make it to the final 2 with Amanda if she keeps her in the house… crazy!

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you.

        Wait until Andy, Helen’s BFF, turns on her!
        Oh the sobbing and tears…………..

    • Comments (79)

      Amanda is 99.9% sure Judd was MVP…I’m 99.9% sure Amanda is about as bright as a solar eclipse at night.

      • Comments (150)

        You can say many things about Amanda, but she is definitely not dumb. She is probably the smartest person in the house, but she talks too much and can’t control her paranoia.

      • Comments (7)

        I would like to see Jessie play with Amanda’s head a little bit longer and flirt with McRae and then him flirt with her back. If Amanda feels that she doesn’t have such a strong hold on him and he starts being his own person, she will F up her own game and they can see how unstable she really is. She and Aaryn followed by GM and Andy need to go. Esp Andy he is as spineless as they come. But now that he’s HOH, its gonna be another boring week of puppet mastery unless he can make a big move and I don’t see that happening.

    • Comments (39)

      From what I picked up during the show, Helen told Aaryn put up Judd or you’re going home next week. After that Aaryn should’ve put her up on principle.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think part of it might be due to the trashy low life stuff he said to Jessie earlier in the Day. It’s what Stevenbeans mentioned in the post at 1:24pm on either camera 1 or 2 today.
      I was so upset and confused when it was happening tonight, but then I saw him not talk to Jessie, then her not be crying to vote him out. And topped off with Him not speaking to Elissa (who did NOTHING in any of it) or Jessie as if they were to blame for him leaving. His mouth, and his disgusting crush on Aaryn is part of why he left.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you hang out with garbage eventually you’ll smell like Trash. This is Judd2.0 with a side of Mean girl(Aaryn).

      • Comments (682)

        I was thinking similar to you. Why pick 4 hours before a double eviction to say those things to Jessie? He thought it would solidify his alliance with the (insert alliance name here) to separate himself from her. It didn’t work as planned.
        And he did seem to have a crush on Aaryn which may be the reason his thought process took a bad turn. He mentioned liking the blonds haired, blue eyed Staten Island type girl and GM was not available.

  44. Comments (79)

    Bunch of stupid pussies scared to make any moves this year. What an epic fail for CBS.

  45. Comments (43)

    Was the “reset” button even mentioned tonight, or did I miss the explanation of it? I am so confused — I must not have heard Julie mention it. I know she said the MVP was finished. When do they have the 3rd HOH competition for the next HOH?

  46. Comments (4)


  47. Comments (7)

    this season is really starting to feel like the year Evel Dick and his daughter got to the final two

    • Comments (6)

      it is like that because remember no one went against them until the final 6 and by them it was too late because they were the strongest players left. im gonna call it right now the final two will be amanda the manipulator and mcrea the love sick puppy.

  48. Comments (1092)

    I cant believe how useless Aaryn is. She knows how strong Amanda is, but instead puts up the weaker players.

    And what is this with the unanamous votes ? If people want to stir things up, they should vote against the group, andthen be the one to point fingers at others.

    The weaker players have no game. Right now it is Amanda and Helen, and it wont change unless someone has the balls to make a move.

    It is a very frustrating season to watch.

    A great game twist would be that whoever wins the pov, has the power not only to use it, but to nominate the replacement. That would be a great way to divide the vote each week, and not have a guest pretty much guaranteed to be voted out.

  49. Comments (1)

    If Julie can’t say anything to the evicted HG about the outside world, we are going to miss out on GM and Aaryn being told they have been fired! I also wanted to hear Aaryn defend herself to Julie. It would have been something like this:

    Julie: There have been a lot of accusations that you are a racist and that you made a lot of racial comments.

    Aaryn: I’m not racist and have never made any racial comments.

    Julie: Roll the tapes!!

  50. Comments (651)

    Candice dancing around the jury house singing to Judd the Studd–I told you so I told you so

  51. Comments (166)

    Soo upset!!!! Really, Aaryn gets HOH & wins VETO & back doors JUDD!!! Earlier in the show on the diary room Meanmanda said she was 99.9% sure it was Judd that was MVP & putting her up, well that’s why Judd is gone!!! And of course now MVP is over & Meanmanda won’t know it was America, really GAMMIT!!!!!! Now Aaryn & Meanmanda & GM are that much closer to the finale, their odds are even better. UGH!!!!! NOOO!!!!! Really GM, telling Candice her mom doesn’t like her, why don,t you find a freakin personality, comb your hair & hide the extensions showing through & PLEASE BB confiscate Nick’s hat!!!!!!

  52. Comments (13)

    Jesus Helen needs to go are they all blind. It was all Helen to evict Judd she is persuading everyONE even at the the end show saying Judd was schemer.

  53. Comments (68)

    Loved Candice’s exit! Finally a break from all the bs in the house. This should teach them that you gotta be careful how you treat people cuz you never know if you gonna need them again! In their case their vote. I know some of them are heated because Candice is in the jury house. They wanted her to go home with nothing. When in all actuality she will be pop aid the same amount they will be when they get sent to jury. Oh, I forgot she did when $5000.00 in a comp., so a bit more! Karma is a (you fill it in).

    • Comments (68)

      *Getting the same amount & *win…oops

    • Comments (39)

      Wow, what a double standard here. If GM personally went off on somebody in front of a live audience right before getting voted out everybody here would be trashing her, but Candice does it and its just her being feisty.

      • Comments (79)

        Then again GM already made racist remarks long before this so…

      • Comments (150)

        You missed the point entirely, once again.

      • Comments (1276)

        GM is trashy, and a racist horrible person, so basically 99% of the time we won’t be good with anything she does. That’s what happens when you are a bad person.

      • Comments (220)

        Are you serious? Candice endured horrible behavior and personal attacks. So how is this a double-standard? Besides, GM barely let her speak. I’ve never seen that on a live eviction, where during the last speech, the speaker is being heckled. It would be a double-standard if Candice had been just as nasty all season toward GM, but for the most part, Candice has been defending herself.

        Its like she can’t win. If she says nothing, she’s accused of being the worst player ever. If she does speak, she’s accused of being classless and its a double-standard to root for her.

      • Comments (150)

        Thank you. Someone with a critical thinking mind. I received 2 thousand thumbs down for saying Candice did herself no favors with her ridiculous shouting match. She achieved nothing except lowering herself to GM’s level.

      • Comments (228)

        GM deserved it and more…

    • Comments (1162)

      Candice may get my vote for America’s Favorite.
      A Candice win would really tick off the hateful HGS.
      : D

  54. Comments (2)

    When is the next HoH comp????

  55. Comments (343)

    Wrong, Helen isn’t running the house…Amanda is. Amanda will whack Helen the first good chance she has; she’s not dumb/weak like Helen, who can’t see the power duo of Amanda/McCrae, and Andy, who tattles on Helen. Helen stupidly thought Judd was more of a threat than Amanda and McCrae! Dumb.

  56. Comments (651)

    Here’s the thing we can’t forget. Julie said just because your on the jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Which I take to mean a jury member will be back at some point.

  57. Comments (39)

    A couple notes for tonight. I don’t blame GM for getting dirty, its dirty to talk personal crap to somebody in front of a live audience like Candice did. That’s just low class and if GM did that all of you would be saying how such a piece of trash she is. Second, Aaryn?? Why?? She had all the power and let Helen strong arm her into back dooring Judd. It sounded like Helen said put up Judd or you’re going home next week. After that ultimatum she should’ve put up Helen out of principle. Instead Aaryn gave another set of nominations to Helen.

    • Comments (651)

      Candice was calling out GM on her nom speech. If GM would have just kept her trash mouth shut it would have been fine. Better get the shrink back in the house for GM and her blue hat again.

      • Comments (39)

        GM’s nomination speech wasn’t on a personal level, it was on a game play level, and also not in front of a live audience, which is just low class.

      • Comments (79)

        Are you watching the same show as me?

      • Comments (3)

        no candice told gm that she was not a rat And I have not seen anyone but in when someone was speaking before a vote

      • Comments (453)

        gm butts in because she is an illiterate street thug from jersey who thinks her tough gangsta talk is all that is needed to get her through, and she has as much class as the “cockaroaches” she is always mentioning.

      • Comments (39)

        I actually get what your saying Jon. I despise GM, but she is an idiot and called Candice a “rat” in her speech,but she actually clarified she likes her, this is just a game, etc. where as Candice brought up GM’s “living with her parents” and totally brought it to personal level. GM is my least favorite person in the house but I thought Candice should have just exited gracefully…. even though its easy for me to say because I wasn’t sitting in a house with a bunch of racists…

      • Comments (39)

        actually I totally take back what I just said after thinking about it and rewatching her eviction. GM is trash and I still love Candice no matter what she said 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        And GM told Candice that she liked her, she didn’t, she wanted her out since day one. And I like Stevebeans theory, that part of it was because instead of being in some crappy pagents like GM, Candice held a real crown. So, when a racist looks at a super hot biracial woman, who is so much better at idk, being a decent human being then someone like GM is, of course Gm doesn’t like her.

      • Comments (1446)

        If you honestly believe that GM really likes Candice on a personal level outside of the game I don’t agree.
        What Candice should have done was use the “evil Dick” tactics this week. If she knew it was a lost cause and she was going home, her last best chance would have been to just go around the house saying things out loud, like “can’t believe you’re all just sitting here waiting to be picked off by Amanda and McCrae, it’s gonna happen!!” Or, “How many of you of you have a final four deal with Amanda and McCrae??” Just start calling out everything/everyone you know – spill the beans out loud to everyone. Her speech to GM at the end was lame…I know she is proud, but I would have liked to have seen a little more “game fight” in her at the end.

      • Comments (39)

        no I wasn’t implying that she liked Candice on a personal level outside the game, or in the game for that matter…I was referring to the conversation she had with GM after the nominations where she apologized and backtracked for calling her a “rat” among other things. Not trying to say she was genuine at all about it. And I totally agree with the Evel Dick strategy, would’ve loved to see that!

      • Comments (343)

        Um, the GM nomination speech was SHOWN ON LIVE TV! It was the nomination speech — OF COURSE IT WOULD BE TELEVISED, too!

      • Comments (39)

        I don’t think that anyone was arguing that what she said wouldn’t be shown on television.

    • Comments (487)

      What show have you been watching. CBS has even replayed some of GM’s comments about Candice. Candice had every right to go after GM. She knew she was leaving because the rest of the HG are playing the game like a bunch lemmings. No guts at all. GM’s comment to Candice about her birth mother was low, but what else would expect from her. She fights dirty but doesn’t like to get dirt kicked in her face. She should be glad that I’m not her mom (I’m 62 so I am old to be her mom) because I would slap her right in her mouth for being such an embarrassment to the family. I’m from the NYC area and I have seen nothing in the papers or online defending her or her behavior. As for her desires for Nick, I’m hoping he tells her to stay away from him because he wants a woman with class and grace not a classless gutter mouth.

      • Comments (39)

        I think its safe to say at this point Nick wont be taking her on any dates when she gets out of the house… oh she is in for a rude awakening on every aspect of her life! She doesn’t deserve to make the extra money being in the jury gets her, but I guess the silver lining is that is the only money she will be making for quite some time!!

    • Comments (150)

      You are very brave. This is not the smartest group of people you will come across in your life. Very few critical thinkers. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  58. Comments (40)

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but, when Candice was going to leave the house tonight and walk right past GM, GM started in saying something to the effect of don’t let the door hit you in the a–. That’s when Candice told her to go home back to her mother, and then GM said at least my mother likes me. I don’t know how Candice was able to take that for as long as she did. I am glad she is out of that. And, now that she is, I think the girls will start on each other. I think it will just be cat fights like crazy. I also have to say that now that Candice is gone, part of me doen’t want to watch the show anymore. I have just been so disgusted by so much.

    • Comments (651)

      I’m right there with you. I don’t know how I feel about the rest of the season. I guess it depends on who gets HoH tonight.

    • Comments (150)

      The house is thrilled Candice is gone.AS PER THE HG’S (not me) she went around slamming doors while people were sleeping. She picked through every ones things, taking and wearing what ever she wanted without asking, leaving clothes and wet towels all over the place and she was an absolute slob in the kitchen. As per Helen and Andy,(not the mean girls) she was a horrible roommate, but a good friend. I am not making this up, please see the feeds. People on this show go home for a reason. She had psychologically tweaked the other HG’s last nerve so they did not feel so bad voting her out.
      I went to a college filled with anti-Semetic girls who made nasty comments all the time. I rose above them. Sinking to their level is just what they wanted me to do, but I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. The result was I spent my senior year as class president whereas Candice chose to go out no better than her detractors. Please tell me what I have said that you don’t understand. There will always be people who say things to put you down. You only get sucked in if deep in your heart you believe them. Please re-read what I have said and THINK about it before you respond.

  59. Comments (32)

    Remember the old movie “Red Dawn”? When the pilot is explaining to the Wolverines how everything got started? (the war) What the pilot said applies here….
    “Sooner or later the two biggest kids of the block are bound to fight.”

    At some point Helen is going to be put up. The other guest had better wake up before it is too late and get rid of her and/or Amanda. Helen is playing a political style game and Amanda is a bully. Speak out against Helen and you look awful because she is so friendly with everyone. Speak out again Amanda and feel her wrath.

    Andy is a floater.

    Aaryn, GM, and Jessie are lost.

    Elisa is…..Elisa.

    McCrae is confused.

    These people better wake up, realize there is $500k on the line, and start getting rid of the REAL strong players. Man I would LOVE to see Amanda and Helen on the block at the same time and watch them turn on each other. I can dream, right?

  60. Comments (3)

    Worst HOH by Aaryn, you see the look on her face when she won it was like she really didnt want it. WHY not put helen and amanda up have some balls and do something big… come on these people are a bunch of sheep

    • Comments (220)

      Aaryn is only tough when she is spewing hate.

      When she is the HOH, the time when its a legitimate reason to push her own agenda, she hands it off to Helen to decide for her instead.

      I guess ever since she was blind-sided by surfer boy, Nick, and Jeremy going home, she’s been too afraid to use her own brain. She’s basically there to do Helen’s bidding at this point.

  61. Comments (80)

    Is anyone else still as shocked as I am?!?!!???!??!!

    • Comments (150)

      You are shocked because all your observations come from outside the house. Did you ever hear the expression that you really don’t know someone until you live with them? Well these people are voting out the people who they do not wish to live with. It is easy to have opinions from your living room arm chairs. It is way different when you are in the house. Cause when we get behind closed doors, and she lets her hair hang down………………..

      • Comments (80)

        Not sure what you’re talking about. I was referring to Judd. And I do keep up to date on BB info from this site and twitter from people who have live feeds and do live reporting. So yeah.

  62. Comments (166)

    PLEASE BB CONFISCATE NICK’S HAT!!!!!!!!! And when is ZINGBOT going to make an appearance & zing these idiots!!!!

    • Comments (9)

      McCrae’s hat

      • Comments (166)

        Well Nick always had it on when he had on that turquoise hoodie, & GM clearly wears it in remembrance of him. Don’t know how the hoodie made it out cuz she would shower,eat, & sleep in it!!

    • Comments (624)

      I wish Jeremy ass cracked that stupid hat instead of Elissa’s.

      • Comments (1276)

        Good lord, I just saw Jeremy’s name in your post and actually missed him (only for a minute). Do you see what the horrible game play of these houseguest is doing to my brain???

      • Comments (624)

        HA! So true…what a bunch of clones.

    • Comments (875)

      I hope when Zingbot makes an appearance it tells Amanda, Aaryn, & GM the Truth!

      GM ~ Nick doesn’t like your trashy, fake blonde Arse….Zing!!!

      Amanda ~ Since you’re the “man” in your relationship with Pizza Boy, will he be known as Mr. Mom when U have children….Zing!!!

      Aaryn ~ Don’t Mess With Texas…You’re the State of Texas Biggest Bigot…Zing!!!!

      • Comments (150)

        Remind me again why your disparaging remarks are different then the HG’s.

      • Comments (7)

        lmao! I can’t wait for Zingbot.

        GM and Aaryn: you lost your jobs and are now unemployed by making racist comments against the HG… zing

        Spencer: the police are investigatin’ you for that child porno joke… zing!

        Amanda: Jessie and McRae are secretly hooking up when you are bullyin’ the other HGs… zing!

        Helen: Andy tattles on you to Amanda and McRae and you thought Judd was the threat…. zing!

        Elissa: you are a weak game player and now that Amanda can’t use you, get used to being on the block… zing!

        … can’t wait for what Zingbot has to say.

      • Comments (624)

        I hope they bring Zingbot in soon, and do an all-nighter with the hourly (or sooner) insult wakeups. Even better, first wake them up by dousing them with ice water. That will get the little Brooklyn out in GM.

  63. Comments (44)

    After Judd’s eviction, Helen telling Aaryn : “… This is for the house, this is for your game”.. SOO PATHETIC. So many unanimous votes this season, cause everyone’s A PUSSY. Lets all do what the house wants? What happened to not going out with a whimper, or at least knowing you played your own game, and the wrong move backfired. This idiots are just waiting until Amanda tells them its their time to go.

  64. Comments (13)

    This big brother has been boring in my opinion no eviction has been close and you can almost predict who will evicted each week.

    • Comments (150)

      Spencer or Jessie is next. He can’t put up Helen or Elissa because then they will know he is allied w/ Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn and GM will only go up if Jessie or Spencer wins POV. Yes it is very predictable.

      • Comments (80)

        They should already know that he is allied with them due to when Helen suggested that they put up Amanda, he stated that he can’t lose such a close ally and practically refused evict her.

  65. Comments (651)

    Does anyone remember the old video game Lemmings? Welcome to the BB version.

  66. Comments (46)

    Helen is a fool because she has deluded herself into believing she is so much smarter than the those 3 racists beeches whose egos she keeps juggling. It has made her over confident! Amanda is a shrewd viper and vipers work on killing their prey through smell. She has sniffed Helen. Bet on it! But the surprise will be Jessie realizing that Helen thinks that phony, pat on the back stuff is enough window dressing to keep her moving up in the game. If Jessie gets HOH, that’s when this game will be lit up! Look to Jesse to put the elephant stomp on nominating both Helen and Amanda so that all the dummies will know what’s up! Then the blood bath will begin! In the jungle, vipers don’t usually mess with an adult elephant in their prime! Of course, in the real world anancondas don’t come in contact with elephants!

    • Comments (487)

      Jessie winning HOH would be perfect. She owes none of them any loyalty and hopefully won’t give a d#mn what the ‘house wants’. That will put the fear into Amanda and Helen.

      • Comments (220)

        I know, right?! What is “this house” mantra they are all hiding behind? One person walks away with $500k, not the house.

        These cowards just met each other a few ago but you would think they’re a brain-washed cult family…blindly obeying their two elder lady leaders.

        Its mind-numbingly dull. Nick should have stayed. He, Spencer, Jessie, Candice, and Howard would have had the nerve to PLAY THE GAME and go against the house. Instead we’re stuck watching Andy, Aaryn and GM follow directives from Helen/Amanda.

        Production should put everyone on slop and shut down certain parts of the house to increase the tension. Maybe if these HGs weren’t so comfortable, they’d feel the urgency to actually play rather than wait for house consensus.

        I still have hope McCray will turn on Amanda. That would be so SWEET from a game perspective and to watch the wicked witch melt before our eyes!

      • Comments (1446)

        Pretty sure Helen will convince Jessie that she saved her by getting Aaryn to backdoor Judd.

  67. Comments (6)

    Aaryn made a so-called “bold move” but it was used on the wrong person. IF she was smart she could have put up both McCrae and Amanda when she won HOH.That would have broken them up. Once one of them were gone, she could have put the other one that was left up with her POV. What kills me the most is how they all hug people after knowing what they just did. I would have done them the same way Kaitlin did when she left. I don’t think she hugged anybody, and I don’t blame her because to me that’s just being fake. And as far as Candice goes with not fighting back. What good would that have done? Anytime she opened her mouth it put a target on her back as we all saw, from PRACTICALLY THE WHOLE HOUSE, even her so-called friends. and she certainly wasn’t going to try and suck up to people who outright hated her very existence. She felt defeated, betrayed and probably depressed which showed in her gameplay. Everyone else is being judged on their game play, and she’s having low blows thrown at her that have nothing to do with this game. Unless you are ever in that situation you can’t possibly know how to react.

    • Comments (610)

      well said kb!

    • Comments (150)

      If my grandmother had balls she’d be my grandfather. If is meaningless.

    • Comments (7)

      Actually I think that Aaryn should have put Helen and Amanda up together initially and then when POV rolled around, she should have taken Helen off like weakened her gameplay and deflated her ego a bit, and put up McRae. Then McRanda would have had to play against each other. McRae would have stayed and Amanda would have gone to jury with Candace, who would have been more karmatic. That would have really gotten the house to play. Because its like you said KB, one person is gonna win $500K and all this “the house says” shit, is stupid. Just admit that you are being controlled. Don’t hug it out because that’s just fake and walk out with some class instead of all the other stuff they do. Its just crap. I don’t blame Kaitlin, I would have been like don’t touch me, and stop with the tears you all voted me out so stick by your decision and stop trying to justify that you did it. I don’t get that behavior at all, you let someone play you, just own up to being played. Smdh pathetic losers this season.

  68. Comments (220)

    I’m bored to tears! Double eviction night is always huge, except for this season. I hoped the HGs would’ve shaken the game tonight. The prize is $500k!!!!! Yet none of these people want to play boldly. I miss players with a competitive spirit. As a BB fan, I want to watch schemers, strategists, risk-takers with genuine and diverse gamesmanship. We all love alliances and loyalty, but this season these players are feeble and gutless.

    Amanda – mostly everyone is intimidated by her, which is normally admirable in this BB setting, but her vile, mean-spirited nature outweighs her game play.

    Aaryn – is a hateful puppet that Helen/Amanda will discard eventually.

    Andy – as a viewer, he’s infuriating. He cowers behind major players, which is an effective “social” game tactic but its too dull to watch spineless HGs.

    Jessie – one of the few with any guts to go after major threats and truly attempt to play the game the way its meant to be played.

    GM – an envious ignoramus. An embarrassment.

    Spencer – from a game perspective, you’re not bad, but ever since Jeremy spilled the beans about the Moving Company to Helen, you’ve never been able to bounce back.

    McCray – if you were to be the one to nominate or backdoor Amanda, that would be the move of all BB history. Pretty please….please do that, please.

    Helen – you’re intelligent and great at this game. I wish you would have made bolder moves, but it seems you’re working with the cards you’ve dealt with and are using it to your advantage to manipulate weaklings to do your bidding. Hope it works out for you because at least you’re actually playing the damn game.

    Candice – girl, you’ve endured too much from the mean girls. You’re well-educated, with a professional career, attractive and have had fascinating ventures. Insecure women hate you because you’re a reflection of everything they could only wish to be. Good things are coming your way.

    • Comments (343)

      Helen is playing well? Helen is royally served up Amanda for two weeks in a row by America nominating Amanda for eviction — but kicks out Howard, Candice, and Judd (because she stupidly thinks he’s MVP!)!!!!!! HORRIBLE. It will cost her. Just dumb.

      • Comments (13)

        I agree with you

      • Comments (220)

        I don’t agree with any of the choices she has made. But when compared to who is left in the house, at least Helen has some influence. Besides Amanda, Helen is the only other person in the house that is able to get others to follow her…that is what I meant.

      • Comments (50)

        I realize Helen is afraid that she’s the next big target if Amanda gets voted out, but she had two really good opportunities to backdoor Amanda. I hate how everyone votes with “the house” this season. I don’t watch the live feeds so that makes a difference too, but seriously these people are wimps. I thought Jessie was the easiest one to manipulate but she’s probably the only one with balls to put up Amanda and/or Helen.

  69. Comments (166)

    Just curious are we glad that Judd’s bear shirt is out now?? I liked it in the beginning but I’m over it.

  70. Comments (45)

    Is there a reset button and will America vote Judd back in the game. So many questions. Funny how judd dissed Helen and elissa should have dissed amanda and mcrae too

  71. Comments (768)

    I was expecting Julie to let them know that America was the MVP and wanted to see the look on Amanda’s face when that registered. I also wonder if knowing the MVP wasn’t someone in the house, would have impacted the voting against Judd?

    On another note, I’m glad Judd wore that shirt tonight…right out the door and now we won’t have to see it or wonder who’s going to wear it next. 🙂

  72. Comments (19)

    I choose to evict…Nicks’ hat! Then we can watch GM have a breakdown.

  73. Comments (43)

    So, does anyone know who won HoH yet!?

  74. Comments (79)

    I would at least like to see a vote of defiance for a friend. Even the evicted HGs’ buddies vote against them because they’re afraid of the reaction from ‘the house’. What a suckass season.

    • Comments (1446)

      Can’t any one of them think for themselves? Jessie and Elissa did not want to vote out Candice, so why not say it with your vote?? They are so damn scared of Amanda – well too bad. What the hell has Amanda won?? What a frustrating season!!

      • Comments (50)

        Well, apparently she doesn’t have to win anything because there’s a bunch of other people lining up to do the dirty work for her.

  75. Comments (453)

    Time to get the wrecking ball out and knock down helhouse and amanhouse so these other whimps start playing the game. I for one, have never been so tired of hearing this is for the house, if it is all for the house then they can all march out the door of the BB house and give the money to charity because none of them know how to play for it much less deserve to win it.

  76. Comments (7)

    So how much of this twist about jury people “still being in the game” and therefore secluded from outside contact and news and what not is CBS’s attempt to delay Candice from being able to talk about all the racism and verbal abuse and what not?

    • Comments (302)

      No doubt Julie is referring to a twist they used in Big Brother Canada where one of the jury members was voted back into the house by the viewers. That would be funny if Candice, Aaryn & Gina Marie were in the jury and Candice got the vote to return to the game. I’m sure Gina Marie would never see that coming. I’m not a big fan of that twist but this motley crew it might be entertaining.

    • Comments (150)

      Candice and Judd will be on CBS morning show with Jeff.

  77. Comments (60)

    Is there a chance since there was no live audience when Candace came out ( someone even said they saw there wasnt any as she came out) they recorded them apart and something happened between the first and second nom and veto? It made zero sense that Aaron nomimates Jessie and then pulls her off the block and all of them appeared to be crying even Amanda before and during their votes like they were doin it against their wishes……when Judd came out presto there is a live audience! I just dont see this being McCranda game play if they are both crying before vote ( which is in no way me sticking up for Amandas bad behavior) they all wanted Jess out so bad and were so upset to make the vote it just doesnt add up…neither does no live audience and then a live audience….not to mention Aaron looked like she was having the mother of all panic attacks after winning the pov!! I think Julie said

    “just because a HG isnt in the house anymore doesnt mean they cant participate in the game”
    which isnt exactly saying they will leave jury house or come back into house but will have some sort of influence or vote at some point….thats what I took it as….maybe I missed something?

  78. Comments (10)

    I would LOVE to see Amanda and Helen on the block. I am so sick of them and their egos. It’s frustrating. Judd really? And did you hear Helen tell Aaryn that she made a big move and called her Janelle. Judd a big move???? NOOOOO Amanda or Helen or Amanda and McCrae is a big move. Good grief

  79. Comments (166)

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if Nick looks at this website & would blog to us, oh PLEASE Nick tell us something, give us a tidbit..What do you think about GM?!! Are you considering the Witness Protection Program?!

    • Comments (166)

      After all Nick’s been home watching all of this, how awk-weird is it going to be at finale bcuz they will both be there & of course Nick knows about ALL the fatal attraction things she’s done & of course Julie Chen will say something!!

      • Comments (610)

        Maybe he will be there “on tape” from an undisclosed location…he can only hope!

  80. Comments (1446)

    Does anyone else see the sweet, sweet, irony of Judd going to jury tonight?? Jessie came to him with a plan to get Amanda out(he could have cast the 4th vote against Amanda). If Amanda had gone out 1st, Candice probably would have gone out 2nd. He goes against it, pushes Jessie away, and instead cuddles up to the black widow that is Aaryn, who promptly kills his game. Love it!

    • Comments (220)

      Judd was too comfortable with the showmance duo and that sneaky slimy Andy. Whoever follows Amanda from this point on deserves what they get.

    • Comments (302)

      Yeah Jannie – I always get a little satisfaction when I see that irony play out. Judd was his own worse enemy … was a terrible liar and when cornered by his own alliance would sometimes give sketchy answers when he didn’t need to. He was in a perfect position to float along in a house of floaters and blew it.

  81. Comments (2)

    I dont have the feeds anymore so I have to read the updates. Does anyone know if they are up yet and who is the new HOH?

  82. Comments (1446)

    OMG!! Andy is the new HOH!!
    No big moves this week – whatever Amanda says, goes…
    Guessing it will be Jessie and GM/Spencer on the block.
    Or they(well, Amanda) will try and backdoor Jessie.

  83. Comments (1162)

    When the BB15 Jury/HGs vote for the Winner will they vote together, “The House Way,” or
    will they make their own decisions? (Sarcasm)

  84. Comments (68)


    • Comments (624)

      Good. Let that annoying yenta write her own ticket out of the house! God knows none of the HG have the guts to follow through with the tough decisions.

  85. Comments (10)

    The new HOH is Andy. Amanda is super upset cause she didn’t win and was bummed he didn’t just let her have it. Good grief

  86. Comments (12)

    Aaryn/Helen/Gina Marie are have nots

  87. Comments (12)

    and Elissa

  88. Comments (4)

    I’m watching BB after dark and I think Andy is the new HOH.

  89. Comments (2)

    Helen and Amanda going to get bit by 1 of them followers when they least suspected they wont know what hit them it will be the 1 that says I love you with a hug and then tells them on eviction day that its part of the game the way they did nick, like, yeah, cockeroaches

  90. Comments (150)

    It is after 2AM and my hubby is getting a little annoyed (we are off to Martha’s Vineyard in a few hours to spend the weekend with old and new friends) and he wants me to come to bed, but first I must thank the person who called me a “redneck” while decrying my supposed racism. The irony is so delicious that when I called my mom and oldest daughter in Florida this evening we all had a good laugh. I can’t wait for lunch with the girls tomorrow afternoon. I have the perfect ice breaker. Other peoples foibles are somewhat amusing, but decrying bigotry with racist slurs is hysterical. As my husband always says, “drama is hard but comedy writes itself”.

  91. Comments (2)

    Candice is out of the house still she continues to be the laughter of their topics she never ever stood a chance with this crew I,m surprise she made it this far even that she was torture and her allies turn away from her for no reason other than selling a true player out just to control the game whom would have been loyal to the end remember Helen you may have to crawl back where you started cause you never know who may walk back in the BB house Carmen she lives around the corner.

  92. Comments (13)

    Let’s get this straight, every single one of those people have used bigoted, rasicit, decrimatory launage and most of them have laughed or agreed when they heard someone else say something. So let’s not paint anyone a martyr here. Yes, even candise and Howard. I blame CBS for not showing all of it. Everyone was on the hate aaryn train till CBS had to start showing Amanda’s true colors. Watch the feeds & not just the live show to get a better picture of what’s really going on.

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