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Big Brother 15 – Elissa Going Crazy Recap

July 24, 2013 | 36 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Well, that escalated quick!   That’s all I can really say to describe what happened tonight.

As I mentioned earlier, Elissa was very sensitive over Howard’s use of swearing on the bible, etc.  She started speaking louder and louder with GinaMarie outside, so Andy tried to shush her.  McCrae laughed at Andy’s attempted to shush, but this completely set off Elissa into a crazy long rage session.  I described it on twitter and I think it’s pretty accurate, Elissa sounded like a drunk girl who just misheard someone at a bar and walked around yelling at everyone all night.  You can flashback to around 3:15pm (7/23) and just watch in awe as Elissa just loses her marbles.

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I had a sneaking suspicion this would not be the end of the drama for the day, especially when Elissa mentioned confronting Howard later on in the evening.  Hours passed, and it seems like it died down – until Elissa decided to spill everything she heard earlier in the day to Kaitlin.

Flashback to about 7:30pm to see Elissa chat with Kaitlin, then around 7:40pm to watch Kaitlin confront Andy about it in the storage room.  To summarize this situation, Elissa does not like Aaryn – at all – at all (I had to repeat that).  It was not sitting well that Aaryn may stay this week, so she took it upon herself to sabotage the plan her alliance made to get Kaitlin out.  When Elissa opened that can of worms, there was no putting them back….

Now, for a more detailed version, keep reading.  If you’re not flashing back to these scenes, sign up to the live feeds and do it. What are you waiting for??

(note – times may be off.  They are wacky recently.  This is a rough time from what I’m using to flash back)

7:45p – Kaitlin is pacing around the kitchen in anger.   The buildup is happening….

7:48p – Kaitlin and Aaryn are now discussing the conversation between Elissa and Kait.  Kaitlin reveals that Elissa egged her on to confront Spencer, Howard and crew on a side alliance she allegedly had with them. I can sense the anger in Kaitlin…..

(note: I’m going to skip a lot of GinaMarie’s speeches. She babbles about nonsense and I end up tuning her out)

7:55pm – Kaitlin is re-telling it to Howard and Spencer. Aaryn is in the cockpit re-telling it to Helen.

8:00pm – Helen is in the storage room re-telling it to Judd wondering why Elissa won’t even talk to her now.  It’s time for the beginning of the house meeting when Helen goes into the bedroom to interrupt Elissa and GinaMarie who are chatting on the bed.

Judd walks in and tries to explain things, and Elissa says he is nuts and lying about stuff.

In comes Aaryn to join the fun

In comes Aaryn to join the fun

8:06pm – Aaryn enters the room and for the first time in weeks, Elissa says more than about 1 word to her.  Her words are to lecture her about the rumors going on.  When Kaitlin enters, it escalates the situation even more which results in Kaitlin being told to go get Howard/Spencer to have a meeting about the situation.

This is when the big meeting started…..

Spencer is worked up and starts snapping at Elissa right away.  She brings up the Moving Company as a ‘lie’, but really needs to get over that.  Alliances happen.  It’s really silly to keep bringing that up, and anyone who does should be a little embarrassed.  Lies happen in shows like this, but people act like everyone should tell the truth (yet they have their own lies)

Elissa keeps deflecting blame off of herself, and while she’s technically right, she did start this mess tonight.  Her personal grudge against Aaryn could have potentially altered the outcome of the game, and it likely also seals Elissa’s fate in the game.  Howard/Spencer didn’t like her, and now her alliance has no more trust in her.  I am wondering if she’s doing this purposely to be sent home.

8:45pm – Fast forwarding a bit, the group broke up and everyone has gone in their own ways to recap the situation. Elissa is chatting with Spencer playing the innocent card, and then the feeds cut to Andy/Helen.  Andy is saying how Elissa is a loose cannon and needs to be evicted.  Andy also re-tells the religion story from earlier in the day, and describes her as a malfunctioning robot.

Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Jessie are up in the HoH room talking about the situation.  They are all agreeing that Elissa has this crazy obsession with Aaryn this season.  Elissa talks about her every day, while Aaryn almost never mentions Elissa.

Guaranteed alliance now – Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Jessie, Judd, Andy.  This has made those 6 very tight and regardless of what happens, they’ll still be voting for Kaitlin this week.

I’m going to get something to eat and then go live and blog any new drama that happens tonight, stay tuned!

10:00pm – Amanda is talking with Elissa in the bathroom about the situation.  She (Elissa) is talking more about Aaryn and how much of a liar she is. Amanda decides to blow dry her hair to drown out all the sound… hate that.


11:12pm – Throughout the night, Candice has been trying to throw Amanda under the bus for the drama tonight.  McCrae and crew tried to keep her calm, but Amanda went down to smoke and did a small confrontation to Candice/Kaitlin about it.   They were a bit shocked by it, and almost calmed down until Amanda came back to talk again.

Amanda keeps asking Candice why the rumors are being spread, but Candice denies it.  This was shortly after Candice said “Amanda was talking to you (Kaitlin) because she knows Candice has a temper” [yes, referred to herself in the 3rd person]

This has been a pretty wild night, but my eyes are shutting.  I’ll try to finish this post in the AM

Note – Because I was out, I am going through the whole argument / house meeting.  Keep checking back every few minutes for more updates…

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