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Big Brother 15 – Elissa Going Crazy Recap


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Well, that escalated quick!   That’s all I can really say to describe what happened tonight.

As I mentioned earlier, Elissa was very sensitive over Howard’s use of swearing on the bible, etc.  She started speaking louder and louder with GinaMarie outside, so Andy tried to shush her.  McCrae laughed at Andy’s attempted to shush, but this completely set off Elissa into a crazy long rage session.  I described it on twitter and I think it’s pretty accurate, Elissa sounded like a drunk girl who just misheard someone at a bar and walked around yelling at everyone all night.  You can flashback to around 3:15pm (7/23) and just watch in awe as Elissa just loses her marbles.

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I had a sneaking suspicion this would not be the end of the drama for the day, especially when Elissa mentioned confronting Howard later on in the evening.  Hours passed, and it seems like it died down – until Elissa decided to spill everything she heard earlier in the day to Kaitlin.

Flashback to about 7:30pm to see Elissa chat with Kaitlin, then around 7:40pm to watch Kaitlin confront Andy about it in the storage room.  To summarize this situation, Elissa does not like Aaryn – at all – at all (I had to repeat that).  It was not sitting well that Aaryn may stay this week, so she took it upon herself to sabotage the plan her alliance made to get Kaitlin out.  When Elissa opened that can of worms, there was no putting them back….

Now, for a more detailed version, keep reading.  If you’re not flashing back to these scenes, sign up to the live feeds and do it. What are you waiting for??

(note – times may be off.  They are wacky recently.  This is a rough time from what I’m using to flash back)

7:45p – Kaitlin is pacing around the kitchen in anger.   The buildup is happening….

7:48p – Kaitlin and Aaryn are now discussing the conversation between Elissa and Kait.  Kaitlin reveals that Elissa egged her on to confront Spencer, Howard and crew on a side alliance she allegedly had with them. I can sense the anger in Kaitlin…..

(note: I’m going to skip a lot of GinaMarie’s speeches. She babbles about nonsense and I end up tuning her out)

7:55pm – Kaitlin is re-telling it to Howard and Spencer. Aaryn is in the cockpit re-telling it to Helen.

8:00pm – Helen is in the storage room re-telling it to Judd wondering why Elissa won’t even talk to her now.  It’s time for the beginning of the house meeting when Helen goes into the bedroom to interrupt Elissa and GinaMarie who are chatting on the bed.

Judd walks in and tries to explain things, and Elissa says he is nuts and lying about stuff.

In comes Aaryn to join the fun
In comes Aaryn to join the fun

8:06pm – Aaryn enters the room and for the first time in weeks, Elissa says more than about 1 word to her.  Her words are to lecture her about the rumors going on.  When Kaitlin enters, it escalates the situation even more which results in Kaitlin being told to go get Howard/Spencer to have a meeting about the situation.

This is when the big meeting started…..

Spencer is worked up and starts snapping at Elissa right away.  She brings up the Moving Company as a ‘lie’, but really needs to get over that.  Alliances happen.  It’s really silly to keep bringing that up, and anyone who does should be a little embarrassed.  Lies happen in shows like this, but people act like everyone should tell the truth (yet they have their own lies)

Elissa keeps deflecting blame off of herself, and while she’s technically right, she did start this mess tonight.  Her personal grudge against Aaryn could have potentially altered the outcome of the game, and it likely also seals Elissa’s fate in the game.  Howard/Spencer didn’t like her, and now her alliance has no more trust in her.  I am wondering if she’s doing this purposely to be sent home.

8:45pm – Fast forwarding a bit, the group broke up and everyone has gone in their own ways to recap the situation. Elissa is chatting with Spencer playing the innocent card, and then the feeds cut to Andy/Helen.  Andy is saying how Elissa is a loose cannon and needs to be evicted.  Andy also re-tells the religion story from earlier in the day, and describes her as a malfunctioning robot.

Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Jessie are up in the HoH room talking about the situation.  They are all agreeing that Elissa has this crazy obsession with Aaryn this season.  Elissa talks about her every day, while Aaryn almost never mentions Elissa.

Guaranteed alliance now – Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Jessie, Judd, Andy.  This has made those 6 very tight and regardless of what happens, they’ll still be voting for Kaitlin this week.

I’m going to get something to eat and then go live and blog any new drama that happens tonight, stay tuned!

10:00pm – Amanda is talking with Elissa in the bathroom about the situation.  She (Elissa) is talking more about Aaryn and how much of a liar she is. Amanda decides to blow dry her hair to drown out all the sound… hate that.


11:12pm – Throughout the night, Candice has been trying to throw Amanda under the bus for the drama tonight.  McCrae and crew tried to keep her calm, but Amanda went down to smoke and did a small confrontation to Candice/Kaitlin about it.   They were a bit shocked by it, and almost calmed down until Amanda came back to talk again.

Amanda keeps asking Candice why the rumors are being spread, but Candice denies it.  This was shortly after Candice said “Amanda was talking to you (Kaitlin) because she knows Candice has a temper” [yes, referred to herself in the 3rd person]

This has been a pretty wild night, but my eyes are shutting.  I’ll try to finish this post in the AM

Note – Because I was out, I am going through the whole argument / house meeting.  Keep checking back every few minutes for more updates…

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  1. Comments (1)

    i think its not smart for ellisa do this. For the past week or so she has been soo annoying . My fav is howard i want him to go far in the house what ellisa is doing could actually help him go farther by trying to take out Arryn. But i dont like how she keeps being a drama queen (probley because its the ellisa show) and i dont like how she is talking shit to howard like tht, i guess shes just bitching
    and dont make me gett started with helen, she said America doesnt want drama, Helen America does want drama have you been sleeping under a rock for 15 seasons?

    • Comments (51)

      Amanda blamed her week of craziness at her PMS. but seriously it does that to some women.

      Funny thing is that they are still scared to nominate her since Elissa might have a COUP D’ETAT. And they might get nominated with her IMAGINARY POWERS plus the with her MVP Nominee.


  2. Comments (96)

    Why do I have a sick feeling that Aaryn and GM will be final 2 since everyone in the house is turning on each other?

    • Comments (140)

      No. Don’t worry. Neither are smart enough to manage that even if it were handed to them.

      • Comments (1076)

        Smart might not be enough. Amanda and Helen are both very smart, but their inability to shut up once in a while is making them both targets. I prefer Judds’ type of smarts. His ability to take everything in and speak only when he thinks he needs to just might take him to the final two.

      • Comments (51)

        Clarification-from argument before-Elisa never said Aaryn’s name repeatedly like another post mentioned.Kaitlin was asked about the 5 person alliance By Elissa because she was asked to vote for Kaitlin to go Home BUT she wanted to keep her so wanted to find out the truth.Kaitlin lies & denies it.She went and told Aaryn who initially told her that She heard the conversation and that Kaitlin never snapped at her & that Elissa wasn’t meaning anything about the conversation. Aaryn went & told Helen about what Elissa said to Kaitlin & Helen went to talk to Elissa.

        The argument then started in the room where Aaryn walked in on conversation between GinaMarie/Elissa/Judd & Helen.

  3. Comments (1076)

    I am watching BB after dark and the hysteria has died down and the real talking has begun. Helen is on the hammock with Spencer. the 3 mean girls are on the outside lanai with Judd and Candice. Mac, Amanda, Jessie, and Andy are in the HOH room. Elissa has Howard cornered in one of the bedrooms trying to repair the damage that she has done. But quess what, they are all comparing notes and stories and have figured out that elissa has been making up stories and pitting them against each other. Elissa is lucky she won pov or it would be her ass voted out Thursday. People from both alliances are telling each other everything and all roads lead to elissa One question, what is with Spencer and Helen promising each other a place on the jury? Are they giving up already?

    • Anti-ignorance Fan
      Comments (16)

      Elissa didn’t make up anything.,.she just told off on everyone!

    • Comments (4)

      Elissa can’t play in the veto next week-she took a punishment to win veto. Not looking good for her. She took a major trip to crazy town tonight.

      • Comments (51)

        yes! menstrual pms does that to women.=)

      • Comments (140)

        I hate Hate HATE when women say this… I am a woman, and pms may make you a bit more emotional than usual, but it does not make you bat shit crazy.

        Stop using pms as an excuse for being psycho – just try to come to terms with the fact you’re a psycho!

      • Comments (35)

        Every woman’s body is different! Just because it doesn’t affect you this way, does not mean that is true for all women.

        So we can amend the saying to, PMS definitely does that to SOME women.

  4. Comments (1446)

    Elissa’s “inner Rachael” is finally coming out. It’s just too bad she doesn’t spill the beans to everyone about the MacCrae/Amanda/Helen/Elissa/Judd/Andy alliance and really turn the house upside down!! It could use a little shaking up or the outcome will be predictable…MacCrae, Amanda, Judd and Andy in the final four.

    • Comments (1076)

      Helen has already told aaryn all the names in the alliance. I think Helen was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. This happened days ago. That’s why Amanda has been cozying up to aaryn, for damage control.

      • Comments (1446)

        Ah…I did not know that. Helen is definitely playing both sides. I am so tired of Amanda/MacCrae that I hope that Helen’s loyalty is actually with Spencer. Amanda last night schlogging around in the HOH robe…arghh.

  5. Comments (18)

    I love Rachel! So glad to see the beast of Rachel finally coming out in Elissa. 😀

  6. Comments (39)

    ‘malfunctioning robot’ my thoughts exactly!!

  7. Comments (453)

    Why is it okay for most of the other house guests to speak up and say what they feel but not okay for Elissa? Even the incident with Andy and McCrae laughing at her about Howard swearing on the Bible while telling a lie was all made to look like her having a meltdown. Most non-hypocrites would have an issue with it. Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM will lie to try to save themselves from being evicted this week so why does everyone cater to them and put others down. Aaryn has laid off the racial remarks and now is twisting and telling lies about everything that she hears or is said to her, they know it but seem to have blinders on. Elissa just needs to blow it all out of the water expose every single one of them ,then tell them to all kiss her ass.

    • Comments (407)

      The problem is, Andy and McCrae were not laughing at her. Elissa felt they were, so she went off on it for hours, but I watched the feed, Andy was trying to quiet her down. It had nothing to do with them laughing about her religion or anything like that

    • Comments (1076)

      Are we watching the same show? Even Helen has had enough of Elissa and has even mentioned this to Spencer about an hour ago on BBAD. Elissa is playing one of the worst games ever on BB. If she was not MVP three weeks in a row and if she did not win POV Monday she would be the one packing her bags on Thursday. Her childish tantrum today validates what I read the other day in the comments. Elissa is a passive-aggressive personality type who is losing her mind because everyone doesn’t love her and worship her. She is a nightmare to be around. For the entire two hours tonight the house was united in talking about what kind of a nut job she is. Have you been watching the feeds or BBAD? Amanda was blow drying her hair about 3 hours ago and she was alone with elissa in the bathroom, trying still to get Elissa to calm down and to stop making herself a target. Elissa won’t listen to anyone, and unless this game is fixed, she will be the fifth one walking out the door. Living in the house is making her crazy.

  8. Comments (228)

    there’s a blimp on jokersupdates that says’ Amanda knows Grodner real well for several years and the game is set up for Amanda to win. Elissa was only selected to be a BB houseguest to detrat from Amanda being the winner. This person from FB states that we works for CBS and know the inside scoops of production. Go to Jokersupdates and scrowl down to the highlights and the link will take you to her blog…More details are in her blog.

  9. Comments (528)

    “Where is everybody?”
    “A lot of ’em.”
    “Why…why the hell is there 25 people at the hammock?”

  10. Comments (111)

    You know Amanda Bynes’ ugly list? Well looks like Amanda is starting one! She called both Spencer and Candice ugly 😮

  11. Comments (169)

    Wow… I never thought I’d ever begin souring on Elissa, but after tonight, geeze…that was hard to watch. I don’t know, maybe she just doesn’t want to be there anymore and she wants to be evicted? If so, then just leave….why wait? It says a lot when Helen turns against her. I figure she probably didn’t even want to be on BB in the first place, and is doing it because Rachel begged her to. I really hope she leaves before jury, not because I can’t stand her, but because I really think she should get back home to her husband and kid as soon as she can. I don’t think she wants to make it to jury, anyway… didn’t I hear sometime that she said she wanted to go home before jury so she can just go straight home?

    I’m going to go ahead and make an easy prediction now for next week… If Elissa doesn’t win HoH, she’s got a great chance of leaving next Thursday..she can’t play veto, so all she has is HoH. Now if McCranda or Howard/Candice/Spencer win HoH, then they’ll target themselves… Who knows… I just have a feeling Elissa will be on the block next week, after tonight she has put a target on her back that’s the size of Texas.

    I’ve noticed that, ever since Friday, Elissa has acted VERY strange. Like maybe on Friday evening when she realized she didn’t get MVP like the first three weeks, she began acting weird. That house is getting to her, and its probably best for her, personally, to be evicted soon so she can get back home to the family. She’s not her sister, she’s not made for BB. No matter what, I do wish her the best….

    • Comments (1076)

      Thank goodness for your post. The comments from Peggi made me think I was going crazy myself. It’s amazing how some people see only what they want to see.

    • Comments (1276)

      I know, it was really weird (for lack of a better word) to watch. I haven’t like all of the robotic comments being made about Elissa, but really that’s just because I liked her. Now, it after watching last nights drama, it does look like a malfunction.
      I think it’s rediculas that people are now kind of protecting Aaryn, and she is playing the poor pitiful me victim card, and acting like Elissa is sooo wrong to dislike her, when the only reason she doesn’t talk more and worse about Elissa is because she was scared to. She trashes Elissa and blames her for EVERYTHING when she’s with her crew.
      While Elissa seemed way off, and it seems like there is more going on with her then we are seeing, she was right on with Aaryn, she’s a liar, can’t be trusted, and just evil to the core. When the other HG’s get bit by that poisonous snake that calls herself Aaryn they will remember why they should have gotten her out when they could.

    • Comments (1162)

      Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Aaryn and I think Candice have also stated at
      different times that they were ready to leave BB 15.

  12. Comments (1162)

    BB – “House Guests, MAN your Battle Stations!!!
    Everyman for himself/herself!!!!!!!!” KABOOM!


  13. Comments (1162)

    Kaitlin – to Spencer, Andy & Howard

    “Every single person deserves to be her BUT her (Elissa).”

    Right, honey. Being a bartender in a Strip Club and getting a Free Pass
    from a BB Staffer makes you sooooooo SPECIAL & so much better than
    the hundreds/thousands of BB applicants who went through the auditioning
    process. LOL
    At the minimum, Elissa had, at least, watched previous BB shows and was
    a fan, unlike YOU!!!!

  14. Comments (316)

    Is it just me or does Big Brother need more ACTION?

  15. Comments (1)

    I think Elissa is just frustrated that everyone is warming up to Aaryn in her eyes and they are forgetting that she has been the target, and obviously she is not getting through to anyone!!! I really think that is the reason for her behavior frustration.

  16. Comments (9)

    Elissa needs to get over the fact that she was the 3rd nominees! Aaryn is the one that NEEDS to go NOT Katlina

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