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Big Brother 15 – Elissa Tries To Save Helen But Fails

Elissa’s look when her circuit board is frying

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Elissa gave a last ditch effort to save her only real friend and ally in the house yesterday, but it backfired to the point of tears.  Flashback to around 1:00pm and watch it all if you have time, but if you don’t, I’ll try to summarize the afternoon for you here….

As the eviction draws near, Helen and Elissa went up to the HoH room for one more talk with Aaryn.  This was one of the weirder conversations I’ve seen in awhile, especially when Elissa tried to stray off course and act out a sneaky plan she came up with.  Throughout the conversation, Elissa was in serious bitch-mode to a point that had Helen confused.  She basically kept saying how her and Helen are not a pair, and completely downplaying their bond.  With eviction a day away, hearing her one ally talk like that started to hurt Helen, but she kept her cool.

To be fair to Elissa, this was her strategy, and it would have been a good one had it been used about a month ago.  Elissa was simply trying to downplay her alliance with Helen to Aaryn so everyone felt like ‘equal partners’ if they were to team up.  This is in stark contrast to Elissa’s former strategy of just ignoring anyone not named Helen.

When Aaryn left the room to call up reinforcements (Amanda), Elissa explained to Helen what she was doing, so it did make a little more sense.  As Amanda pointed out later, it would have been like her and McCrae suddenly acting like they were not working together, but Amanda forgot about the fake F3 with Helen/Andy/McCrae.  He was able to pull that strategy off pretty well, but Elissa just failed at it…. hey, at least she tried.  It’s more than I can say about her gameplay for the first 2 months of the season.

At some point during the conversation, Andy did his thing and entered the room only to have all that attention aimed at him.  He sat down and was completely slammed by both Helen and Elissa on loyalty, what America wants, and how bullying is bad.  The pair then proceeded to tell Andy that if he doesn’t vote for Helen this week, he is going to be the target of Elissa, Helen (if she stays), Aaryn and GinaMarie.  Nothing like a little bullying to get the point across that bullying is bad – right?   Anyway, to my surprise, Andy snapped back and said he felt threatened and they’re not helping their case at all.  Flashback to around 1:40 to see Andy defend himself.

Finally, just as Elissa was trying to finish the sentence, ‘You’re going to let a 28 year old real estate agent… ‘, Amanda walks through the door to crank the tension up to an 11.  She instantly starts asking who is talking bad about her, what they’re saying, and wants to clear it all up.  When Amanda asked Elissa if her name was brought up at all in the past few hours, Elissa just stared at her blankly (see the above picture) until the subject was changed.

The group continued the pretty tense conversation until Andy brought up the bullying again, this time in front of Amanda.  He mentioned how he felt threatened earlier and it was making him sad, but that did not go over well with Elissa.  She said that was just a BB tactic (which it is), and it wasn’t bullying or threatening.  This is the part that bothers me, and I’ll explain (wow am I rambling today)….

As a Big Brother fan, I don’t care about that tactic… if it works, use it.  I didn’t care when Jeremy used it, didn’t care when Amanda used it, and don’t care that Elissa tried to use it.  The problem I DO have with it is Helen’s constant preaching about good versus evil and how bad bullying is in the game.  She’s trying to win with integrity, blah, blah… but then her and her ally do the very thing they preach against.  There is nothing worse than a pity party in the house, and that’s what Helen has been throwing all week.

In this situation, I applaud Elissa for actually trying to play, even if she failed.  I applaud Andy for calling out the bullshit of the pity party.  Finally, I applaud Amanda for doing exactly what she said she’d do, and having it work.  Hours after the fight, Amanda was already hanging around with Elissa and Helen and I have absolutely no doubt that if Elissa wins HoH tonight, Amanda will have an influence in the nominations.  Despite people even saying ‘It’s Amanda’s house, we’re all living in it’, they continue to do whatever she says.  It’s crazy, but fascinating.


In other news – The stress is getting to everyone this week.  Flashback to 7:52pm to watch Aaryn sit down on the chair and take a drink from her nail polish remover.   She went to the DR, they probably had her puke a bit, gave her drinks, etc and she was back and ok by 8:15pm.  I’m sure there are going to be countless snarky comments on this, but please save them.  Drinking that is no joke and it would have sucked for anyone to leave the game because of it.

Anyway, prediction thread soon.  I am not sure I’ll do an update thread today because Thursday’s are usually filled with the house prepping for tonight, but we’ll see.

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  1. Comments (110)

    Sorry Ellisa at least you tried but Helen leaving tonight no matter what you
    tried to do to keep her in the house I really don’t care anyway just can’t wait until Survivor come on the new Twist I read is great better then Big Brothers this summer.

  2. Comments (30)

    Did she drink the nail polish remover on purpose?

  3. Comments (90)

    Thanks SteveBeans, those of us without the live feeds would be lost without you. I just pray that whomever the returning HG is, they can pull the HoH. And then get the POV for the crowning touch. This would be a perfect way to get rid of Amanda in a poetic justice manner. It will also give a chance to see what McCrea’s game is really like – without HER!

  4. Comments (12)

    People in the house really have a double standard! Andy got mad at Elissa for using the bully tactic, however when Amanda uses it it’s okay? Well, I guess as long as it isn’t used on him it’s fine. I feel like Elissa has stepped her game up this whole week whether people want to admit it or not! I would love for Helen to come back into the game guns blazing, with Elissa winning HOH and nominating Amanda and McCrea because I truly believe she is the only person in the house that will do it. (Sorry such a long rant)

    • Comments (6)

      I agree. Elissa is the most mature and Andy has a double standard.
      Win HOH Elissa then they will All suck up to you.

      • Comments (80)

        Yup, I agree as well. If Elissa wins, she’ll end up with a new best friend named Amanda whether she wants her as a friend or not.

      • Comments (832)

        Court, I think you’ve been watching McCrae too much with your “yup” response! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m truly just joking!

    • Comments (60)

      Well just one persons opinion here but…. I think calling herself (Elissa) BB Royalty and that BB would find a way to keep her in the game and that America would think Aaryn was an awful person if she didnt keep Helen in the game ( Helen referred to this as well whilst breaking out the waterworks) was stepping way over the line of any sort of ” good form” and BB gameplay…..

      ….she seems to have an extreme sense of entitlement and some sort of special ” in ” with production that gets her things like a down comforter no one else can use in Have Not room but her

      AND did anyone else hear someone say on after dark that she cried so much in DR they let her call her hubby and he filled her in on how show is being portrayed on tv?

      Sorry cant give exact time stamp when it was said but it was more then halfway through After Dark .

      Again not condoning any of bad things Aaryn has said but Elissa was way out of line with her Royalty talk and i will be very interested to see if any of it makes it to the show as apparently everyone is being told that they must apologize to Elissa today and not the other way around!!

      For abit of comic relief I did spit my drink across the room when Amanda came right out on after dark and asked mccrae if he wanted a bj….now that was funny!!

  5. Comments (15)

    i’m hoping that helen stays tonight i do not trust judd coming back in he will realign with Mcamanda and jesse can be easily influenced.

  6. Comments (15)

    i’m hoping that helen will be the jury memeber to return i do not trust judd coming back in he will realign with Mcamanda and jesse can be easily influenced.

  7. Comments (48)

    I always like your posts Steve, but calling Amanda’s gameplay fascinating? We have a different definition for the word. She is good at the art of manipulation, no question, but I find it hard to loathe someone and be fascinated by them at the same time.

    • Comments (5)

      I agree with Steve, her gameplay is fascinating. She has the whole house afraid of her, yet has won nothing. It’s incredible

      • Comments (23)

        You’re right! It is incredible. But something tells me that her ‘gameplay’ would not be nearly as successful on a different group of house guests. But nonetheless, she has dominated the house without even coming close to winning anything but America’s most hated player (America’s nom for 2weeks in a row…even over Aaryn!!) it takes someone with some serious skills to manipulate the house into what she wants. Love her, hate her, or indifferent….you can’t deny the fact that she controls the house….it is indeed incredible

      • Comments (651)

        She may control the house but McCrea controls her so whose game play are we really talking about here? McCrea has been schooling her the whole game and when she goes bat crap crazy he pulls her back. She can’t stand to be more than 3 feet away from him.

        So who is really in charge?

      • Comments (65)

        McC definitely keeps her in line…as in line as she can be I guess…could you imagine her without him? But she definitely has an influence over him. And I wouldn’t say he is the one in charge as far as gameplay goes. she is the one pushing most of the game moves, at least from what I have seen. Amanda is the one getting in people’s ears, she is the one trying to work people. Amanda is the one coming up with ways to stay in the game (Helen/Andy/McC faux alliance). Now, as for their own personal relationship, you are right, Amanda is very clingy and he keeps her crazy in line. But as far as the game goes, I think Amanda is holding reigns.

  8. Comments (407)

    Does the second picture of the HOH room make anyone else sick to their stomach? McCrae has to be the laziest person in BB’s history. I don’t remember ever seeing another contestant just laying around or staying in bed that much. He made a comment on BBAD that he gets dizzy easy on some of the contests, and I was wondering if maybe that’s because he has to be in an upright position and his brain isn’t use to it. OK, I promise to be good the rest of the day, no more contestant bashing (unless I just can’t help myself!)

    • Comments (37)

      Ahhh, go ahead jojo, Please feel free to bash, just a little. I believe Amanda picked him with the sole intent of making him impotent in the game. Her ability to take out the one person who came with a lot of potential to win, may have been a fluke or brilliant play, but either way I believe McCrae is going down hard and when he watches his play in hind site he will take his time with the next “older woman” who offers up herself, there is always a price..she cost him $500,000. Wonder if he thinks she was worth it.

      • Comments (651)

        Last night on BBAD he was picking his toes and something flew off into Demanda’s mouth and she thought it was soooo funny. McMinute then proceeded to eat something and only then did he wash his hands!! All the while Demanda is telling everyone how much she loves McMinutes farts because when you love someone you love everything about them even all their farts.

        McMinute saw a pit bull he could control and has used her this whole time (for a variety of things and now he’s both afraid of her and glad she’s taking all the heat.

      • Comments (233)

        When Amanda said you have to love the good smells and the bad smells, Aaryn piped up, NO YOU DON’T. That made me laugh. I agreed with Aaryn. What??

      • Comments (1)

        I saw that too! It bugs me how they are ALWAYS laying in the bed when it’s not even their HOH room! Aaryn was laying on the couch while Amanda and McCrae were laying in her bed!!

    • Comments (60)

      Gotta.give the guy some credit though I have never seen someone NOT contribute to so many conversations and have NO ONE say ” hey McCrae what do you think? ” somehow he just lies there says nothing one way or the other for the majority of the time and no one says anything!!

      Clever and realizes the less he talks the less he is culpable and the more he hears!

      His body language with Amanda is painful and hard to watch at this point as he is literally sitting with his back to her and out of “clinging reach “……he does not appear to even want to talk to her if he can help it but hey…..i am only seeing two hrs of after dark and shows he could be all over her the rest of the time!!

  9. Comments (1)

    I really hope that Helen leaves & Judd returns!
    And I think Helen & Amanda, both are huge
    bullies & don’t want them in the house!

    • Comments (7)

      I want Helen to regret for the rest of her life the fact that she had a clear opportunity to boot Amanda but chose to evict Judd. Her game was doomed at that point. Karma ! ? Bad play most definitely!
      Now, suffer your consequences, Helen!
      Andy and Aaron also deserve an agonizing eviction. they both became puppets of Amanda. They could have turned the house around but were too afraid to go against Amanda. Well, now they shall also get the boot! I’m hoping…. As for a winner, Elissa continues to be my first choice, but she will need to be HOH or win POV a few times if that’s to happen. Good luck!

  10. Comments (34)

    has everyone forgotten that amanda hasn’t won anything?? McCrae even handed her the last HOH and she still couldnt pull that off! I am not sure what these house guest are so scared of? No one who has done anything she says deserves to win this game! At this point, the first one to get her out, deserves that money…hands down! They should really change the name of this show to BIG PUPPETS!

    • Comments (48)

      I agree Kelly. It’s one thing to try to appear weak as a strategy, but she cries her eyes out because she just can’t win any sort of competition.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree kelly1!

    • Comments (34)

      I thought it was ridiculous how Amanda was talking about how easy the OTEV questions were during the veto yet she had no idea what the answer was for the last HOH competition and Aaryn gave her plenty of time to answer it….she likes to make herself feel extremely smart/better about herself

      • Comments (60)

        Did anyone else notice anything weird about OTEV comp? Helen was up that ramp the first round in three running steps yet when she is already on the ramp in last round and Elissa is falling headfirst into water Helen is amazingly back at bottom of ramp trying for some strange reason to climb the ramp WITHOUT HER FEET on her stomach and is neck and neck with Andy and then suddenly she is back down again!! She still does not use her feet to try and get up until Elissa hits the ramp and is almost up to her……it was like she was perched waiting and once Elissa was passed her then started moving again…..did she throw it possibly so Elissa could win and pull herself off the block thinking she was solidly safe?

        I watched it a few times and she really should have been one of the firsts up especially as she was up it in three steps before that and should have at latest been behind Andy but suddenly she was further down and for some reason not using her feet to climb up….it had to have been hugely obvious to anyone there! who knows maybe she just was tired I dont know but thought it odd!

    • Comments (34)

      And I completely agree with you! They’re so scared to put her up but she hasn’t won anything so what makes them think she’ll be able to save herself?! haha.. They’re definitely running out of time and it looks like she’s be making it to the end unless something crazy happens! Whoever comes back tonight I hope they win HOH (or Elissa does) and then but up that duo!!!

    • Comments (23)

      So agree with you, Kelly1. I wonder how many of Amanda’s “friends” are sitting at home and wondering if their lives might be better without a friend like her. She’s why they say “with friends like that who needs enemies”! Amanda has her game down, and I wouldn’t buy a house from her or her company if that is how they represent the way they do business.

    • Comments (357)

      WTH? Demanada needs to grow some and stop using McCrae’s! The highlight of my day in during Comps. I try to scout out the new location for Amanda’s meltdown because She just can’y win ANYTHING”! I see slim pickings for places left!

    • Comments (48)

      bullies usually DO cry when they can’t get their own way….I hope she sees what an ass she was when she watches it all after….I was rooting for her the night she told the mean girls off over their treatment of Candice who didn’t deserve any of what she got in the house, but she just turned into a mean girl herself….I wonder if anyone will reach out with any olive branches when it’s all said and done….

      • Comments (651)

        If you go back and re-watch the night she “told the mean girls off” you’ll see she never said what they were doing was wrong. She told them that people would think they were racists and wouldn’t like them–big difference.

        Demanda has always been a Mean Girl. Aaryn was at the top of the Mean Girl pecking order and this move shoved her down and brought Demanda up. As anyone who knows Mean Girl dynamics the lower ones will do anything to stay in the group as Aaryn has demonstrated time and time again. And those at the top will do anything to stay at the top as Demanda has demonstrated time and time again.

        But she NEVER told them they were wrong in their words, thoughts or behavior.

  11. Comments (74)

    1. Amanda is the steretypical psycho ‘girlfriend’ in true form!!!!

    2. Spencer putting his hand in his pants to adjust made gag!

    3. I don’t know why I numbered this.

    I’m still Team Elissa and I hope Helen comes back in the house and Aaryn flips to get A-Man-da out of the house. Her gorilla crazy attitude and delusions of grandeur make this game a big fat Jewish SNORE!

    BOOM Amanda did point out what I have been saying about Spencer’s girlfriend. I said who is named Marylin these days anyway I bet she doesn’t even exist LOL LOL omg that would be hilarious

    • Comments (610)

      I’ve read in a couple of blogs that Marilyn’s friends & family do not like Spencer. Get a clue…if your friends and/or family don’t like or feel comfortable with your partner, there’s usually a reason, and it’s usually not a good one!

    • Comments (357)

      Amanda=Stalker, plain and simple. When your man can’t even say hi to another woman without you getting upset? Spells out a new Lifetime Movie in the next 5 years!

      Spencer (Sphincter) is just freaking nasty! On BBAD Elissa asked to borrow his floss? Thought I was gonna lose my dinner right there and then. Why oh why must we be subjected to watching him pick his nose as is he is looking for gold? Then again, keep digging Sphincter, because that’s the closest you will ever get to gold!

      After watching all the you tube videos. As much as I wanted Judd to come back? I can’t get past him joining the mob squad. Whether he did it to fit in or not? Not my call and i really don;t care either way. What’s done is done. I feel for Candice buy a competitor she is not! I think I will jump on the Jessie train. She knows what is going on, tried to flip the house, and has Andy pretty much figured out!

      • Comments (651)

        Candice never really had a shot as a competitor. She was subjected to racist remarks from day 1. But she’s the one who figured out the Moving Company and she figured out the Demanda/McMinute/Andy thing.

        I think after some rest in the jury house and the others realizing what she was telling them wasn’t crazy, she may have the ability to come back and make some big moves.

        And if CBS/BB doesn’t want to be investigated to see if this season was rigged for Demanda to win they better make sure the returning juror is coming back as HoH otherwise just end the show and give the check to Demanda.

      • Comments (60)

        I can’t understand why in the three million times they get called to the diary room Production could not say

        ” Hey Spencer you do know you are on tv right? So could you stop saying a certain very bad c word like its goin out of style, quit pickin your nose and wiping it wherever and get your damn hand out of your pants once and for all? ”

        Nuff said …..God I cringe everytime!!!

  12. Comments (1)

    I know Everyone HATES Amanda so I guess I am the only one, but I think she is kind of a genius with Big Brother skills. She has been given a weaker Big Brother cast (as far as knowing how to play the game) and she is using it to her advantage. She hasn’t had to win anything yet she is using her social game to rule the house. As a person she might not be my favorite but as a player I have to give her props. I know this probably won’t be popular but I feel that she is playing the best social game in the house. Everyone thinks “what will Amanda think” before they make a move – now that is power!

    • Comments (357)

      Thanks to DR and production.

    • Comments (23)


      She says some of the most vile things, but personal stuff aside, her gameplay is amazing!

    • Comments (651)

      McMinute is the brains behind the pair. Aaryn called Demanda the mastermind and McMinute the Enforcer which shows how stupid these people are–completely backwards.

      This whole season McMinute has taught Demanda strategy and told her who and how to go after them. She even complains that all he wants to do is talk strategy (rather than spend hours professing his love for her).

      McMinute has the social game–get Demanda to do his dirty work and when they are in the final 2 start listing all the game play he worked out and how he used her to make it happen.

  13. Comments (2)

    Ooh and Aaryn drinking the polish remover LMFAO that was some witchcraft somebody casted on her. LOL

  14. Comments (407)

    It would really be nice if we could post our opinion without all the thumbs down happening. If you’re an adult, you need to grow up. If you’re a child or teen, you need to find a hobby, go read a book or do something productive with your life. This really shows immaturity on your part and just because you can hide behind your computer and do this, it still is childish. OK, go for it, thumbs down this all you want to, but we still have the right to voice our opinion on BB and the contestants whether you agree with them or not.

    • Comments (23)

      Not one from me! I think it is stupid to rate a persons thoughts on a game! So no more ranking others thoughts sounds good to me (it is childish!!)

      • Comments (23)

        See, the young’uns can’t wait to hit a button, I do hope the human race survives the inability of some people to separate a game from reality. News flash, it doesn’t matter what I think, it doesn’t matter what you think. It is a game we are watching and commenting on, nothing more, nothing less. We enjoy the discussion, and reading others views on the game.

      • Comments (22)

        Have you noticed all the thumbs down in almost every post? I am thinking it is one or two of the ugly-minded people who were doing it before. I was told that you can do a thumbs up or down, but if you leave Bbjunkies site and go back to it you can re-enter the thumbs. I tried it and it is true. So, I am thinking that a few of the ones who were causing trouble in the past figured this out and it is not a large amount of people, just a few coming on and off just for the heck of it. Everyone, state your opinion and don’t look at the thumbs. And, Steve, why not get rid of the thumbs and make everyone post their own opinion out in the open instead of hiding behind thumbs up/down?

      • Comments (23)

        Hear, Hear! Good Idea Kathy! You would think we would be over the Jr.High teen mag games…oh well

    • Comments (610)

      I use the up button to like (agree) with what was posted. I rarely use a down button, but when I do it’s because I totally disagree with what was posted and that usually because someone has posted something that’s way out of line & it shouldn’t have been said at all. Occasionally I use the down button because I disagree, but then I usually add to the comments/discussion to explain why. Isn’t that what the buttons are for?

    • Comments (48)

      I never thumbs down, because I don’t want any controversy coming my way, if I don’t agree with a comment, I move on….I’m old enough to be a grandmother too LOL….but I do most certainly do the thumbs up, lots here TO agree with 😉

    • Comments (401)

      Personally I give thumbs up to those I agree with, thumbs down to those I don’t. Nothing more intended than that.

    • Comments (357)

      It’s a lost cause jojo. Most on here are frustrated with this type of mentality. Heads up….expect more than the average thumbs down after this. I have seen and heard of people who get the thumbs down in less than a minute after they post something. It is what it was! My philosophy today is…..let your haters be your motivators! Keep posting how you feel!

    • Comments (453)

      Agree, most of the thumbs down are on comments that are saying what is going on. Guess today is my turn in the thumbs down barrel, LOl,. Check out the downs I got on my post stating shapes of bottles.

  15. Comments (1)

    First of all, I do not applaud Amanda for anything she has done! Nothing, zilch, nada. Secondly, nothing is fascinating about Amanda running the house. It’s nothing but boring and I’m over it. Lastly, I would have stood up and cheered and did a happy dance if it would have been Amanda that drank the nail polish remover and it resulted in her having to leave the house. JMO This is the worst cast and season ever!

    • Comments (7)

      Seriously?! What does it say about you that you would applaud someone drinking nail polish remover? It is very serious and you think it would be a good thing for someone to do it? Vile personality or not, I don’t think it it appropriate to wish that upon anyone.

  16. Comments (118)

    Amanda’s flock of sheep are afraid to piss her off and get yelled at. I hope Helen, if voted out, is able to come back and do some damage, learn from the past and make some new progress girl!

    • Comments (610)

      Sadly, that’s exactly what happens when a bully is “in charge”… the sheep are too afraid to stand up to the bully. There has also been alot of “mobbing” where the others bash someone behind their back and that kind of stuff brings such glee & delight to the bully because she created the drama. Sick!!!

  17. Comments (5)

    I know everyone hates Amanda, and I agree that she’s a bitch, but you have to applaud her game. She has won 0 competitions however has managed to get out the person she wants out every single week. I hate to break it to you guys, but she could definitely win this thing.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      Actually, I don’t ‘have to’ applaud her game play. I always favor the players in this show, Survivor, Amazing Race and the like that play with some modicum of decorum. She represents everything I detest in a reality show contestant, successful or not.

    • Comments (166)

      Sorry JuddsBearShirt but my thought is Meanmanda being on a very national live t.v show & showing her true colors of being a racist, mean girl, BITCH, a bully day after day after day there is NO WAY in hell I would applaud her for ANYTHING.. game play or not!!!!!

  18. Comments (43)

    Maybe Jessie will come back in the house and her and Aaryn can flip it — getting Amanda out. Or maybe McCrae; which may be more entertaining to watch when Amanda is left in the house alone at first. FREAK OUT. I just hope the votes start becoming more individual and not “the house.”

    • Comments (610)

      they would play a “real” game?! What a novel idea! (saracasm, directed toward the HG, not you Nicole)

      • Comments (43)

        Haha! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t take it personal; But thank you for the clarification :). I appreciate it! However, I was having “high” hopes for a moment about them actually playing the “game” for a minute. I’m sure those hopes will be let down come HoH and nominations, haha!

  19. Comments (651)

    I so want Candice to come back as HoH. First it will make GM crazy and will have Aaryn freaking out. Candice was on to the whole Demanda/McMinute/RatDog thing but no one listened to her. So I think she’ll try to cut the head off the snake and put up Demanda and McMinute. Then if she or Elissa don’t win POV she can have her pick of Andy or Aaryn which ever doesn’t get POV or GM. And then she and Elissa can walk around the house talking about who should go up if the POV pulls either McManda off the block. That will leave everyone else attacking each other and all out MADNESS in the house.

    That’s how BB is supposed to be played.

  20. Comments (610)

    I can’t help but wonder how different the season would be if Amanda had been voted out early in the game. Would we have had an actual game? Or would it still be as boring as it’s turned out to be? And, we have at least another month to go until the end? I feel like I’m watching my favorite hound dog slowly die…

  21. Comments (5)

    Personally, I just don’t understand why the HGs are all so scared of crossing Amanda! Has she threatened to kill them all once out of the House if they do? I can only think that her success is because she is a savvy real estate agent, and God knows, real estate brokers are the most cunning people ever! That, combined with such a dumb and ineffective cast, makes it easy for someone with her moxie to be successful. Even though I can’t stand Amanda, I think at this point she is the only one of the HGs who deserves to win. The rest are so immature, except for Helen, that they would probably blow their winnings within weeks!

    • Comments (233)

      You said exactly what I was thinking today. You’d think $500k would be worth causing a some skirmishes. But no, they just fall in line and try not to draw attention to themselves. I don’t have high hopes for any changes after a former hg comes back tonight, but there is a little ember of hope…..

  22. Comments (5)

    Does anyone else see how dirty the house is? Let alone the supper 2. Gross enough.
    But come on. Between watching them pick there nose and scratch their butts.
    Eating with no manners what so ever. I hope each and every one of the their
    family’s are proud. I for one would be so hanging my head. Please Marliyn
    you can not really like this nasty person can you?

    • Comments (610)

      Yes, no wonder they have an ant problem in the house! Do they have cockroaches (yet)? I read on jokers blog that Aaryn took her clean clothes out of the dryer, put them on top of the pool table to fold them, but dumped the other HG clean clothes on the ground. Childish, immature and just wrong!

      • Comments (5)

        Can you think of any thing worse than a grown group of adults being told to clean the bathroom. I do not I would not want to sleep in any of those beds.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree…I would want to wash my bedding daily in that house!

  23. Comments (610)

    So if Amanda, GM, Aaryn, or Spencer actually win final 1 or 2, who will need to immediately hire security (paid from their winnings)?! I would want to ask them if it was worth it, especially all the negative press, damage to their families and their careers. I don’t foresee any lines of employers standing there waiting to hire any of them.

    • Comments (357)

      I agree with you marie2. Unless the winner can pull off a miracle and make the ~$265000 (after taxes) work for them. I foresee alot of future regrets!

    • Comments (487)

      Best outcome IMO — GM could become a WWE wrestler. Aaryn could go on America’s Next Top Model Celebrity Edition and be cut the first week, bad weave, bad eyebrows, bad attitude. Spencer will be groveling and explaining himself to his union rep to help him keep his job. Amanda will probably get some bit player work from CBS in some pilots that will never air. Beside who would want to use her as a real estate agent.
      TMZ follows them around asking them why they think they are famous?

  24. Comments (487)

    I only watched the POV competition last night. I switched to TNT and watched a Castle re-run that I have seen three times already and washed dishes. As for tonight I guess I’ll do something else until 8:15 when the jury competition will probably start.

  25. Comments (8)

    I hope all is good for
    Aaryn is must be really stressed out. Amanda has them all reminds me of the twilight story when the child puts the
    His neighbor in corn field after changing him to a scarecrow because he thoughts about him.

  26. Comments (30)

    I give NO credit to Amanda for ‘gameplay’…….I believe the ‘fix’ IS in, and that the stories ARE true. Amanda was ‘recruited’ by the show’s producers to WIN, and how dare Aaryn even consider turning against the ‘anointed’ one? Here….have a swig of nail polish remover as a reminder. If they won’t vote you out…..We’ll haul you out on a stretcher…LOL

  27. Comments (302)

    There are a lot of people hoping Helen comes back after being evicted. OMG that’s the last thing I want to see. Here is Helen today claiming she is the only one with the guts to put up Amanda & McCrae for eviction. You Pompous Ass! You have never had the guts to do it or you would have tried a lot harder to make it happen when Jessie & Candice begged you to. No doubt Helen is laying it on thick to every houseguest today hoping she makes it back into the house. Aaryn & Gina Marie pea-brained enough to buy her act.

  28. Comments (30)

    With out Andy telling all to Amanda she would not have as much hold on everyone. If he had some balls wish someone would kick him in them. But on BBAD last night he was talking about what a small penis he has -he measured about 1 inch- not a chance there is balls to go with it .

    • Comments (610)

      Thumbs down for what the HG said/did last night on BBAD, not on you Stella. I could not believe that was the topic of discussion last night…guys penis size, etc. TMI and who cares anyway?!

  29. Comments (487)

    Maybe the final twist of the season will have the viewers vote for the winner of the BB15 — None of the Above.

  30. Comments (18)

    Is it me or is Aaryn looking hotter than usual. #TeamAaryn<3 #InLove

  31. Comments (35)

    oh helen..on live feeds she is apologizing to aaryn for the first 2 weeks…she just lumped her in w Jeremy..and America will LOVE her….wait till she hears Aaryn told her to go make some rice.. just want it to be over so aaryn/gm/amanda feel the wrath of twitter!!!

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