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Big Brother 15 – Endurance Competition Thread

It’s that favorite time of the year – The Big Brother WALL endurance challenge.  It’s not a pure endurance challenge, however.  The houseguests are standing on the wall with the moving platform of course, and they’re also being sprayed with water.  The thing is, every so often, balls are hit to them and they have to catch them.  The first person to catch 10 is HoH.

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If a regular houseguest catches 10 first, they’re HoH, but the competition will still go on between the jurors.  The first juror to catch 10 will be back in the game.  If a juror is the first overall, they will be back in the game AND HoH.

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View the live endurance competition right here on the feeds



Ball Tally:  (updated: 8:25pm)
First to 10 wins

Jessie – OUT
Helen – OUT
Candice – OUT
Judd – OUT for HoH, but back in House

McCrae – OUT
Andy – OUT
Elissa – 10 
Amanda – 6
GinaMarie – 3
Spencer – OUT

7:10pm – Feeds still down, hopefully up soon

7:20pm – Feeds still on trivia… need updates soon!

7:24pmFeeds Back!  Right now Jessie is in the lead on the juror side, I think Elissa is in the lead with 4 balls overall.

(I am realizing uploading images is pointless.  I will upload them later, just stay here for updates)

7:30pm – It seems Elissa has 5 balls, Jessie has 4, Amanda has 4

Andy and McCrae are OUT of the competition.  They fell

7:35pm – Feeds were down, now back up

7:40pm – Switching to the ball tally up top since it’s probably easier to follow

7:45pm – A ‘fan’ runs on the field followed by a security guard.  Clearly staged but pretty funny

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  1. Comments (7)

    I still have trivia and the chat rooms aren’t loading on my live feed screen either, ughhh

  2. Comments (1276)

    Anyone who knows my posts, knows I’m never one to say the game is rigged, and I’m not really saying that’s the case right now, however, is it just me or did the “sprinklers” seem to not be set fairly for everyone?
    I of course have NO IDEA what is happening now, since they still have trivia up… but… did anyone notice how some houseguests, like Judd, were being pelted, mostly in the face. While others, like Amanda and Candice seemed to have a sprikler pointed way lower and even little off center????

    • Comments (2)

      Yes I did notice that!

      • Comments (178)

        I was reading a comment on Joker’s website that said while GinaMarie and Elissa were being pelted with the water, The Red Queen was not getting wet. The water hoses or pipes they’re using can be adjusted. So, if all the water causes Elissa or GinaMarie to slip off, it will be patently obvious that it was rigged for The Red Queen to win. I hope Elissa can persevere and get all 10 balls.

        As for Judd coming back into the house, I’m upset about that. Did anyone notice when all four jury members came in and went around the house hugging the houseguests, Judd whispered something to The Red Queen. THEN, Judd stood off talking with The Red Queen and McCrae. Judd is their dog; he won’t make a move against The Red Queen and McCrae. I really wish any of the jurors had won entry back into the house BUT him.

      • Comments (35)

        I was rooting for anyone BUT Judd, too! When I saw him chit chatting with mccranda when he came in the house, I was thinking pleasssse don’t let him win! Hopefully he’ll play smart!

    • Comments (1)

      You do realize people are different height, weight and aren’t all positioned exactly the same. This would explain WHY the sprinklers are higher on some then others. Also standing more to the left or right, may cause the sprinkler to not hit them fully.

      • Comments (14)

        Yes but elissa is taller then amanda, or I so so since it is hard to tell amandas hieght since she is always on her back, but if it is hitting amanada in the stomach, it should be on the legs for elissa… but no it was her face, therefore rigid. I always figured Elissa was playing only when she needs to when and here it is. Now hopefully she will play with her brain and attack 2am, not aaryn she is just a lacky save her for later.

        Wow I never thought I would see the day when I would route for rachels sister, colour me suprised, but like I remind my boys judge on there merits not who they are, or how they look.

    • Comments (768)

      Spencer’s was hitting the wall to the right of him and wasn’t even hitting him directly. Someone did a lousy job of setting the aims up.

    • Comments (60)

      I did notice that!! Especially HG versus Jury members……and McCrae was just getting hammered by the water where Candace and Jessie and of course Helen were barely getting sprinkled on!

      ****** Did anyone notice when everyone was hugging each other when jury came back into house that Helen broke away at a full run towards kitchen? If the back door was open she was out it and NOBODY not even her fellow jury members noticed or said ” Hey where do ypu think you are going ” or why? It was a full out run SHE knew where she was going and I would sure like to know if she did get to go out early why???

      They showed everyone else then being told to head for backyard but of course it went to commercial so there is no way to know what she was doing out there ……..extra bizarre no one seemed to notice or care!

      Please anyone with live feeds tell me when she went zooming out there at a full bolt what did she do?
      …that is hands down one of the.most shady things I have seen happen on BB yet…..I dont know why even Julie didnt say ” Hey Helen where do you think you are going? “

      • Comments (407)

        Sundown, I read on another blog that she ran to the bathroom before starting the comp.

      • Comments (768)

        That’s where I figured she was running too. After all she didn’t know she was going into a competition until minutes before. Good job she did…. if it was me, as soon as I heard the water running I’d have to pee!

      • Comments (60)

        Thanks Jojo I guess that was one of those things that looked a heckuva lot more sketchy then it was!! Good to know!

      • Comments (30)

        I noticed Helen running to the back of the house and I thought she turned as if to go into the bathroom.
        Did anyone catch BBAD last night? The time was around 12:15 EST Amanda, Spencer and McCrae talking in the HOH room when you hear Andy being called to the DR. Amanda made the comment that it was Andy’s 5th time and she said they are making it look like he is the “swing” vote. Then she said that she knows this because she had been a producer on the show. Just thought it was a strange comment.

      • Comments (60)

        I did hear her say that ….I just thought she was being sarcastic especially considering how bizarre her conversation went on to be about asking everyone how they like to _______ who says something like that when they know they are on tv?

      • Comments (2)

        I did notice her book it to the door’s and I too wondered WHY!!??!! However, I guess it didn’t matter. She’s now in the jury house. Not a fan of any of the HG’s, but I sure hope Elissa makes good on her HOH. Makes some big moves.

    • Comments (25)

      I noticed the sprinkler inequity also. At one point, everyone was being sprayed except Andy and Amanda. And some people were hit waist
      and below, while others were hit higher so it splashed around the face. I am so glad others noticed this too. This is the season that some of us have more completely come to understand how production steers the game in very strong ways: the dr sessions in which HG are, at the very least, steered to align with certain people and are told things about other people. The jury house coming back in to compete is one of the few important things that I felt Amanda was truly surprised at. HG have been told how to act, react, and what to tell other players.

      • Comments (60)

        I agree and think its terrible…..what is most disturbing is how.some HG are being told how other HG are being portrayed on show and they are coming back from DR with that info and trying to use it as a bargaining chip at best or as we saw in last few days a weapon.

        They should not be told anything about what America thinks or how anyone is being portrayed it is not how the game is played in the past …they are supposed to be shut out from the outside world not fed bits and pieces to help them get further or upset other players and throw them off their game …why not just give them the tapes to watch in that case at least everyone would have the same info!!

    • Comments (624)

      I think part of the sprinklers not adjusted properly on everyone had a bit to do with not enough production staff tending to the sprinklers to manually move them right away. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was just one person behind the scenes responsible for all the sprinklers and launching the balls. Anything to save a few bucks to pay an extra helper or two.

  3. Comments (20)

    There is enough skill in this competition that we need not worry about Candace, Amanda, Helen or McCrea winning.

  4. Comments (1)

    Anything yet

  5. Comments (7)

    I am sure it is impossible for the splinklers to be set up to where everyone gets the exact same shot all the time. I am sure it is a moving sprinker where it will just be random on who is getting hit hard win.

    I was more curious about the ball speeds. The first one shown on tv flew in there and the houseguest were complaining about it hurting.

    My guess is they went to a commercial break to try to slow the machine down. An awkard pause of just one ball being shot out and just sitting there getting hit with water…not exactly riveting for tv….

    Then they come back and a ball is shot off that floats in there so easily that half of the guest easily grabbed it.

    They probably thought that was to slow or the game will be over way to quick.

    Then the third one was crazy fast again. Maybe they only have two speeds, and didn’t realize they needed a happy medium. So more then likely they will just go crazy fast, then crazy slow to make the competition go a little longer but not so long that no one can catch anymore balls.

  6. Comments (651)

    Andy and McMinute are down!!

  7. Comments (651)

    Demanda has 4—NO!!!!

  8. Comments (651)

    Spencer down

  9. Comments (1)

    Omg! Come on Helen

  10. Comments (191)

    I would like to see Jessie or Judd win this

  11. Comments (1)

    Go Amanda!!!

  12. Comments (1)

    jessie fell

  13. Comments (12)

    Jessie being down sucks…if Helen/Candice/Elissa go down as well, this season is f*cked.

  14. Comments (111)

    I cringe at the fact Judd will win America’s Favorite.

  15. Comments (5)


  16. Comments (1)

    If Amanda wins I am done

  17. Comments (23)

    Sounds like Judd is still a Dud! He thanked them for getting Helen out. He will follow Amanda just like she is the Pied Piper!!! What a Waste!!!

  18. Comments (18)

    According to Joker’s Updates, “NO water at all on Amanda”. The fix is in!

  19. Comments (1)

    What’s going in now?

  20. Comments (1)

    Go Elissa! Judd needs to know Amanda started the “Get Judd Out Campaign”. She thought he was the MVP putting her up on the block! Would love to see Amanda GO HOME!!

  21. Comments (17)

    Judd Boo!

  22. Comments (17)

    Please Elissa stay up and get this HOH! I can’t wait to see the reactions and that nominees. If Elissa wins it may save the season…for a week.

  23. Comments (8)

    Judd was saying in the jury house that manda was the devil. I really hope he aligns with elssa and that side

  24. Comments (45)

    Judds back in the game elissa is prolly goin to win HOH. She will prolly noinate mcrae and Amanda and Andy as a replacement.

  25. Comments (13)

    Judd Won’t follow Amanda if Elissa wins hoh. Plus jessie would probably run her mouth like always and possibly be sitting on the block this week. Yea jessie was gonna go after big targets but she could not win anything.

  26. Comments (1)

    I never had an opinion on Judd till he said something like no hard feelings to anyone during this competition. Give me a break. Hardly anyone this season has a back bone…

    • Comments (71)

      Yeah, he SAID no hard feelings, but he wasted no time talking shxt about people at the first opportunity. He’s as two-faced as Andy, and just as lame a player. He will go running right back to the paranoid psycho hag who was the reason people voted him out. What a waste.
      Helen was annoying as hell but she would have made better use of a resurrection.

      Hopefully Elissa makes the right choices this week, but I’m not holding my breath. Aaryn should not be the target, but with this bunch, she probably will be because Aaryn and Elissa just can’t seem to put personal stuff aside for the good of their games.

  27. Comments (2)

    It looks like the other jurors gave the return to Judd. It looked like they all jumped off. Helen and Candice went right after one another too. What do you guys think??

  28. Comments (138)

    I’m having an anxiety watching this competition. If Elissa doesn’t win or worse, if Amanda wins, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  29. Comments (5)

    Alisssssaaaaa HOH !!!!

  30. Comments (2)


  31. Comments (111)

    UGH WHY IS JUDD BACK. A 3/4 CHANCE FOR HIM NOT TO. Ok if Amanda wins HOH then deuces everyone!!!

  32. Comments (2)


  33. Comments (1)

    I really hope Ellisa pulls it out. Tired of Amanda running the house by fear. I think it is time for her and her boyfriend to feel what it is like to compete against each other. Once one of those leave, Aaryn should be target number one!

  34. Comments (2)

    YES!!!! Elissa finally wins HOH! I am stoked!!!!

  35. Comments (17)

    OMG!!! What fraking awesome timing for Elissa to win. Now let’s see the queen be taken down…

  36. Comments (8)

    YAYYYYYYY ELISSA HOH suck it up Amanda, McCrae \o/\o/ PLEASE GO HOME AMANDA

  37. Comments (110)

    I got what I wanted Judd is back in the house if Ellissa win HOH she will not
    put him up she is after bigger target like Arron and GM, Amanda or it might be Andy sent he betrayed Helen I bet they discuss that before she knew that
    she will be leaving the house heard Ellissa saying that she will be putting up Arron and Amanda I hope they get Amanda out I believe she would have the
    votes because GM will not vote for Arron and I think that Amanda needs to go first.

    • Comments (407)

      Sharon, I agree that Elissa will not go after Judd. He apologized to her for not hugging her when he was voted out, so I think she will definitely go after Andy and then hopefully Aaryn, GM or Amanda. GM was talking dirty to Judd when he fell off. She asked him how many balls he had and then made something dirty out of that, then asked him if he had slept with Jessie in the jury house. Her mind is so far in the gutter I don’t think there is much hope for her and to think she is 33 yrs. old.

  38. Comments (111)

    Omfg right as I posted my last comment, Elissa won!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  39. Comments (2)


  40. Comments (18)

    I wish Aaryn would of been up there getting wet with water. That would’ve made my day.

    • Comments (166)

      Sorry to inform you Jazz, but it would have been an awful site, once Aaryn’s painted on eyebrows got wet, it would have run all down her eyes & down her face…now that would have made my day!!!! LOL

  41. Comments (2)

    Would love to see Elissa put up McCrae and Andy, and then BACK DOOR AMANDA!!!

    • Comments (14)

      Back door not really needed, not like she would win the vote…. the only worry is andy winning veto, thethe trio could ssurvive. Mccranda needs to go on and elissa or gm need veto. Everyone else would be scared and take her off the block and a floater would get evicted.

  42. Comments (3)

    Elissa wins HOH. … Time to get rid of Lady & The Tramp (McCranda)

  43. Comments (166)


  44. Comments (233)

    ELISSA!! This will be an interesting week.

  45. Comments (111)

    McCrae and Andy have never been on the block right? If so then Elissa could use that as an excuse and backdoor Amanda.

  46. Comments (1)

    Elissa is perfect proof the light travels faster than sound. She looks pretty until you hear her speak.

  47. Comments (1162)

    Where is Amanda hiding after this comp. loss?

    SWEETNESS – McCrae, Andy and Spencer — EARLY COMP LOSERS!!!

    AND, ELISSA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!
    : D!

  48. Comments (1)


    Ellisa THANK YOU FOR HANGING IN THERE GIRL!!! CONGRATS!! was soooo happy to see her win. I want revenge for Helen.

    Put up Amanda and McCrae. If one of them win veto, it will be sparks since we will see if McCrae wins Veto, will he remove Amanda? if he remove himself, then Amanda will be furious. ohhhh I really wanna see that.

    But better yet, if one of them comes off, replace with Aaryn.

    so Aaryn-Amanda or Aaryn- McCrae or Amanda-Mcrae. cant ask for a better HOH!!!!

  49. TeamGetAmandaOut!
    Comments (12)

    ELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the games begin! I haven’t been this pumped all season. Elissa as HOH and Judd back in the house! I probably won’t sleep tonight because I will be reading all of the feeds!

    Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Elissa. Elissa who? The HOH that “DEMANDAS RESPECT IN THE HOUSE THIS WEEK!

    I know. I know. Don’t be to hard on my for the stupid joke. But I had to do it!


    • Comments (407)

      Team I loved your knock knock joke and the main thing I love about Elissa winning is…WE WON’T HAVE TO SEE McCRAE and AMANDA IN THE HOH BED!! We will however have to watch some real butt kissing this week.

      • TeamGetAmandaOut!
        Comments (12)

        I hope Elissa puts up any combination the includes Amanda with McRae, Andy or Aaryn. If Andy or Aaryn win POV, I don’t think they are going to use it to save Amanda. The risks include Amanda winning POV or McRae winning POV and saving his wicked witch! So, maybe it would be best to backdoor Amanda?

        Regardless, I just want her to feel the darn “I am on the block” heat and start turning on her 3AM peeps!

    • Comments (166)

      TeamGetAmandaOut!…OMG thank you for that knock-knock joke…I’m literally Laughing Out Loud…Gammit I wish I would have thought of it! :O)

  50. Comments (166)

    Thank goodness she kept up her YOGA routine everyday…Way to go Elissa, you kicked some ass tonight..lets see how fast Meanmanda & Andy try to kiss your ass up in the HOH room this week!

  51. Comments (178)

    I’m absolutely THRILLED that Elissa won! Not too happy about Judd, however. He’s very much aligned with The Red Queen and McCrae and might prove problematic vote wise.

    I really hope Elissa uses this opportunity to play smart. She needs to: tune out The Red Queen when she comes and talks game and/or makes her false promises of safety; tune her out when she makes threats that she’ll target her for eviction next week. Elissa just needs to concentrate on getting The Red Queen the hell out of the house this coming Thursday. She needs to put aside her intense dislike of Aaryn, albeit temporarily, and go after the bigger target(s).

    • Comments (88)

      I’m so happy. The timing is just prefect. A. I’m glad that Amanda wasn’t taken out earlier because she would be the one to enter back in tonight because she did last longer them Judd. B. Elissa won and she was the only one who would put amanda. C. I can’t for the house guest to eat their words and suck up to elissa.
      It’s sooo funny cuz the reason Andy gave for voting against Helen was that she was a threat to the 3am and he was scared to go on the block . He totally screwed himself. If he had just voted in favor of Helen nothing would have changed Helen would have still gone home but he could have a chip to use with elissa . I would loved to see Andy’s face right now.
      I’m so proud of elissa she is proving me right. She was only laying cuz she had to now I bet we are going to see her take over the game. I love elissa. I love how happy age was to see Candice . She is a good person and I’m rootin for her .

  52. Comments (3)

    Elissa, I hope she puts up Amanda and her pizza boy

  53. Comments (453)

    Great job Elissa. Now for her to put up Mccrae and Amanda if one comes down then put Andy up. Turn their so called safe little world inside out, and hope she gets to name have nots and makes Amanda, Mccrae, Andy and Spencer all nots for the week. It would be great if Elissa won POV.

  54. Comments (20)

    People can hate on the Reilly family all they want, but I have been rooting for Elissa since day 1. Not because her sister was on the show, but because I genuinely like Elissa! She’s probably (actually…. is) the only normal person in that house. I’m excited that she won the biggest HOH comp of the season and I’m EXTREMELY excited that this game will no longer be run by the Amanda/McCrae duo. YOU GO GLEN COCO! YOU GO GIRL!

    As far as Judd coming back….. eh. I’d much rather prefer Candice (would that be some drama or what?) or even Helen back. But it is what it is, I guess.

    • Comments (166)

      I totally agree with you Kaycee..I have genuinely liked Elissa from the beginning as well & the more time goes on you just can’t help but like her..UGH to Judd coming in, but at least we now know one of the others will be OUT!!

  55. Comments (35)

    Have y’all seen this yet? Helen being PUSHED off!

  56. Comments (24)


  57. Comments (1)

    Hallelujah!!!!!! Now were talking!!!

  58. Comments (13)

    Finally an HOH who should make her own nominations without Amanda dictating who goes up and out this week. I only hope we get to see Amanda’s large backend walkout the door

  59. Comments (8)

    Only hope that Elissa do not waste her HoH on GM/Aaryin.

  60. Comments (651)

    The HoH bed with be McManda Free this week!!

  61. Comments (1162)


    Posted at Jokers Updates –

    Helen was pushed off the wall by Production.
    From the link below – You can see Production’s hand by her foot.

    • Comments (17)

      Or was he just tapping her to go and jump? Very interesting….

    • Comments (35)

      They have since updated it saying it looked like it was someone walking by and they’d have to watch it in slo no, but those posts have since been deleted! Hmmmm..

    • Comments (17)

      Just look at her face and the expression she makes. It almost looks like she knows that it’s coming. Looks more like a tap as a signal to me…and no, I’m not a “conspiracy theorist”. I’ve never though the game was fixed. but this is very interesting.

      • Comments (35)

        She definitely looks down as it happens. I’ve always thought BB was a legitimate game and no rigging. This season has been ridiculous, from apparent rigging to terrible HGs!

      • Comments (17)

        Also look at how much more room she has that she wasn’t using. It looks as though she didn’t need to be on her tippy toes. She takes a small stutter step (a bracing step for a jump)just after the tap and goes down. Looking at it, it just doesn’t look like she’s pushed.

  62. Comments (138)

    I paid $10 for the live feeds but 95% of what I’m seeing is fish. Is it always like this?

  63. Comments (17)

    Not a Helen fan, but is she pushed or tapped as a signal to go down?

    • Comments (71)

      I accidentally clicked Report on your comment, I’m on my phone and fat-fingered it. Please accept my apologies!!!

      I WAS going to reply saying that no HG would leave quietly if someone pushed them off. Again, sorry for the mis-click!

    • Comments (60)

      Each time I look at it and know now when to look for the hand it really looks like a quick tap and a jump she still has her hand on her post and doesnt look shocked or surprised at all as she does it.

      I.dont like to think these kind of things are arranged but after a week of HG saying they have been called back in to DR to ” redo their lines ” and on the show last night they showed Aaryn and Amanda having their spat over ” winegate ” again in the kitchen and Aaryn has a royal blue tshirt and black shorty shorts on and is wearing a headband….she is upset and goes upstairs and Andy follows to see if she is.ok like one min behind her….by the time he gets in the HOH room right behind her she has now got a different hairdo with no hairband and pink shorts and tie dyed tshirt on!!! Yet Andy and Amanda are still in the clothes they had on the ” supposed 2mins ” previous when they came up the stairs behind her!

      Continuity people where are you? This was on the show last night not BBAD…anyone who recorded it or has feeds can roll it back and see it for themselves.

      Now this with Helen…..very interesting for sure I dont know what to think.

  64. Comments (21)

    YAYY!!!! Come on Elissa , do your own thing!!!!

  65. Comments (178)

    The ONLY way The Red Queen would be guaranteed to be voted out this coming week (assuming Production doesn’t rig a POV win for her) would be if Elissa puts The Red Queen up opposite McCrae.

    The votes would be as follows:

    Andy [tearfully] votes to evict The Red Queen(he prefers to be with McCrae)
    Spencer votes to evict The Red Queen (he also prefers McCrae)
    Judd votes to evict The Red Queen (still hopes for an all male finale)
    Aaryn votes to evict The Red Queen (she considers her the biggest threat)
    GinaMarie votes to evict The Red Queen (will vote as Aaryn tells her to)

    It would be worth the whole wasted season of watching “Big Brother” just to see The Red Queen’s face when Julie Chen announces that it was a unanimous vote to evict her.

    If, as mentioned above, Production pulls strings and Amanda or McCrae win POV, Andy needs to be put up as a replacement. If Aaryn is put up, she’ll be voted out instead of The Red Queen or McCrae and while that’s not a bad thing, all it will serve to do is make GinaMarie extremely angry at Elissa for causing her friend to be evicted. Right now, Elissa needs all the allies she can get in that house and, sadly, it just might be Aaryn and GinaMarie. Judd isn’t trustworthy; Spencer sure as heck isn’t and Stoolie the Toad is a waste of breath.

    Wonder why I was imaging as I watched the houseguests intially take their place on their individual ledge that a noose would suddenly drop down in front of Stoolie the Toad. Now THAT would have been an interesting competition. LOL

  66. Comments (233)

    Elissa said her son plays several sports. I bet playing catch with him came in handy tonight, as well as her great balance and stamina from all the yoga. That was some actual excitement tonight! It was also good to see so many Elissa fans on here tonight. We get a week of watching Amanda squirm, threaten and cry. It will be a good week.

  67. Comments (166)

    Looks like it’s gonna be 2 A.M after this glorious week!!!

    Can we please request a few things for BB this week?

    1)Lock Andy’s Ass out of the HOH room so he can’t appear every time there is game talk!!!

    2)Lock Meanmanda/McGross out of the HOH room so they don’t stink up the fresh linens & pillows!!

    3)Since Meanmanda gets soo much air time on BBAD with her filthy mouth, please make sure she gets just as much air time this week so we can see the Queen meltdown of being on the block, no Xanax, hopefully a have-not, & hopefully she runs out of cigarettes this week too!!

  68. Comments (71)

    Really sick of trivia and fish on the feed tonight! This season has been bad enough with (most of) these HGs, but this is ridiculous!

  69. Comments (195)

    Well everyone I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high yet. Amanda is already talking to Elissa and Elissa is telling her she is adamant about getting Aaryn out. I am praying this is just a ploy on her part as she knows that Amanda knows how much she hates Aaryn. Also in the conversation Elissa mentioned putting up Amanda or McCrae with Aaryn because she wants Aaryn gone. Amanda went bat shit and said no no. We might go home. So hopefully this is a glimmer of light and just maybe Elissa is playing the Aaryn card so Amanda won’t suspect that she and McCrae are targets. She really needs to work with Aaryn this week because she can’t play HOH next week so she really needs to think hard and long about the moves she makes.
    So looking forward to finally some good entertainment this week. I just can not stomach the live feeds with Amanda and Spencer’s gross and disgusting converstions and the others constantly bashing anyone they can. It really makes me sick.

    • Comments (71)

      ^^^^^ This!

    • Comments (624)

      Hopefully Elissa is dead set on pizza boy and his nasty queen going on the block. Put up Andy as replacement if POV gets used. I don’t blame Elissa for letting Amanda think she’s going after Aaryn…..this way she doesn’t have to hear Amanda bitching and whining all week and driving her nuts. Perhaps let Aaryn think all week she’s getting put up, so at the last minute Elissa can approch her all serious like and say if I decide not to put you up, you need to vote for McCrea. Keep Amanda one more week. Amanda will surely melt down and become such an annoyance to the rest of the HG that she will automatically become the next target. Put her up next week with Andy. Put up GM that week if POV is used.

  70. Comments (60)

    They go to the fishes if something is going on inside the house they dont want u to see whether it be HG related or production doing something like making dining table.smaller which we are overdue for.

    They also do it during live show and some comps I believe.

  71. Comments (88)

    I’m so happy. The timing is just prefect. A. I’m glad that Amanda wasn’t taken out earlier because she would be the one to enter back in tonight because she did last longer them Judd. B. Elissa won and she was the only one who would put amanda. C. I can’t for the house guest to eat their words and suck up to elissa.
    It’s sooo funny cuz the reason Andy gave for voting against Helen was that she was a threat to the 3am and he was scared to go on the block . He totally screwed himself. If he had just voted in favor of Helen nothing would have changed Helen would have still gone home but he could have a chip to use with elissa . I would loved to see Andy’s face right now.
    I’m so proud of elissa she is proving me right. She was only laying cuz she had to now I bet we are going to see her take over the game. I love elissa. I love how happy age was to see Candice . She is a good person and I’m rootin for her .

    • Comments (60)

      sorry hit wrong button did not mean to hit report comment sorry!

    • Comments (624)

      Use Judd for now. Him and Spencer means Elissa needs only one more HG to evict one of McCranda. Get one of them out this week and 3AM is no more! Then I say gun for Andy (can’t trust him) and GM as a pawn. Then watch either MC or Amanda (whoever wasn’t evicted) to come crawling to the good side. Too little, much too late!

  72. Comments (71)

    Oh, sweet schadenfreude! Demanda is boohooing, she says she doesn’t wanna go home. Boo Effing Hoo!

  73. Comments (1)

    I agree Beth. Has she hidden behind anything yet?

  74. Comments (21)

    Sambella, I soo agree , they’re disgusting conversations leaves me wanting to rip my ears off!!!

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