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One thing that isn’t getting old is how much the house has been back and forth on the MVP this week.  One minute they have it figured out (literally, almost down to the wording Julie used), the next minute they’re puzzled again because of the nomination.  Obviously we have the knowledge they don’t in this situation, but it’s funny in a cruel way to see them trying to figure out this twist that was placed on them.  We’re evil!


Now that our nominees are final until eviction, we have a very interesting group on the block. THE mean girl herself – Aaryn, and her partners in crime Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Much to the delight of the majority of viewers, one of them will be out the door this Thursday night, but don’t get your hopes up for a weird showdown with Julie.  She’ll likely be passive about the comments and not embarrass the houseguest on live tv (though I’m sure she’d want to).

GinaMarie is taking an aggressive approach, and thinks someone in the house is out to get her because she’s competitive and beautiful (her words).  This also managed to fool some who had the twist figured out because they don’t think America would vote for GM (they would, and they did).  Aaryn and crew actually think Elissa got MVP, didn’t tell anyone, nominated herself knowing she’ll win veto so she can backdoor a non-threat like GM.

Even if Elissa did nominate herself for some crazy reason, it’s almost shocking they think she would waste the backdoor opportunity on GM.  Their reasoning, because it would be too obvious if Howard or Spencer were nominated.   If you’re going to do something as bold as nominate yourself, you take out the strongest person… it’s hilarious they think otherwise.

It’s only Monday, but the campaigning has already started.  Aaryn is in the HOH room chatting with Judd about the chance of going home.  He doesn’t want to give her a definite yes or no, but I think he knows the reality.  Despite it being a bad move for about half the house, Aaryn will likely be sent packing…  That’s my recap up until this point, time to do some live blogging… refresh for updates!

4:15pm – The house is at it again with overlapping alliances, and last time this happened, it resulted in an insane blowup. Fingers are crossed this Thursday will be a repeat!

Aaryn is hoping for Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Howard and Spencer to vote her way.  That would keep her safe, but I think she needs to look beyond Howard and Spencer.

Earlier update (around 2:30pm) – Elissa and Helen were chatting in the bathroom and Elissa mentions how Kaitlin told her that she had an abortion prior to coming on the show.  Look, I understand people like Elissa, but I am beginning to wonder if she lost the filter on her mouth.  Private things like that should probably remain private.

4:20pm – Aaryn mentioned something about an opportunity she had before joining Big Brother.  It was her dream job that involved traveling, etc.  Sure, she’s ignorant and says stupid stuff, but that is going to be an extra sting when she gets out.  Passes up a dream job to basically be the face of racism in the country.

4:35pm – Helen is up in the HoH room to talk about the vote with Elissa, Jessie, and Judd.  One thing I notice, Helen is starting to extend her words similar to Elissa.  Bad influence!

Anyway, the four of them are back to discussing the MVP. We’re going from gender vote to evicted houseguest vote.

Helen doesn’t mind keeping Aaryn for a week, but Elissa does not like her at all. While saying it’s nothing personal, it’s completely personal.

5:30pm – Back from getting a coffee. Helen, Spencer and Elissa in the HoH room talking about jury, etc.  Spencer said his main goal going into the game was to make jury.  That’s loser talk!  If I made the show, my goal is winning!  That’s something Adam (bb13) would say.

Also, Elissa goes on to reveal more on production creating fish. It was nice when she wouldn’t talk, there were a lot fewer fish.

Helen is trying to decide who can’t go to jury.  As of right now they have: Helen, Elissa, Spencer, Howard, Candice, Andy, Judd, with Amanda and McCrae pushing their way out.  This creates problems as Judd wants Jessie in, so there will be some drama soon.  My question is, why all this jury talk?  I get it, you want the extra guaranteed money by making it to the end of the game, but jury should be a guaranteed.

5:50pm – The group is still together chatting in the HoH, and we get fish every 2 seconds because they’re talking about production, Aaryn’s personal life, etc.   One bit we got was that Aaryn was a finalist for RW on MTV (real world I guess?).

Took a break for a break.. not much happened anyway. Some game talk, but mostly relaxing time.

9:45pm – Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa are chatting about the vote this week.  Most of them are working on getting Kaitlin out, but Elissa’s hatred of Aaryn is messing with her decisions.  Helen then came up to the room to reveal Aaryn is basically a lost puppy and wants to stay in the house.  Look, I don’t think Aaryn is a sweetheart, but voting her out this week is a horrific decision if you’re aligned with Amanda and McCrae.

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  1. Comments (2)

    Aryan nation going home, see ya!

  2. Comments (1)

    I thought they were going to send Kaitlin packing now because she is more of a physical threat…it would be there best move…

  3. Comments (191)

    GM should go. The other two are more entertaining.

  4. Comments (768)

    I agree with you Beans about the lack of ‘filter’ on Elissa’s mouth. I want to like her, but her mouth holds me back from liking her 100%. She seems to have some kind of weird ‘disconnect’ between her brain and her mouth that is just… odd for someone her age!

    • Comments (316)

      I also agree. There is something a bit “off” about Elissa but I still like her.

    • Comments (1076)

      elissa’s husband must be a sugar daddy who likes his woman to be childlike…every time she speaks it is obviously with an affectation that is only attractive to pedophiles and macho men who like their women stupid…and as for kaetlin — y on earth would u tell a complete stranger that u had an abortion???…I know certain secrets told to me by best friends years ago and these secrets remain secrets to this day…sharing intimate details with strangers seems to be a new disease shared by the social media generation…

      • Comments (22)

        I disagree. You have to remember that they are in a house. One house. No entertainment but to amuse each other with words. All they can do is TALK.. so after having the same conversations over and over and over, someone is going to let personal conversations slip. It is only natural.

        Over exaggerated a little (chess table, pool table, pool for entertainment) but we have the luxury to leave our house and talk to different people and watch tv/radio. Even to read books other than the bible. They don’t. I’m not surprised that she mentioned her abortion.

      • Comments (1076)

        I don’t care if they r in a fox hole with bullets flying over their heads… intelligent person doesn’t spew such personal information about herself to a complete stranger, let alone a competitor…she is foolish for saying it and elissa is a piece of garbage for repeating it…

      • Comments (5)

        Elissa does not have sugar daddy for a husband. Elissa is RNA for those who do not know a registered nursing assistant. She is finishing her nursing degree unless she’s already finished it by now because this was a year ago. She also works as a yoga instructor and she is an entrepreneur and so is her husband. They each brought kids into the marriage. He has 3 and Elissa has one. You should do some research before you judge a book by it’s cover. They probably treat people better than you would.

      • Comments (10)

        You must be related to her hubby Brent Slater, since you have the same last name. He’s twice her age and my friends in Regina and White City (Saskatchewan, Canada, where he is from) say he’s her wealthy sugar daddy…one says he’s a creep. Judge for yourselves people I did like her at first but she is too judgemental…saying Kaitlin is immoral and she can no longer look her in the face cuz Kaitlin confided in her about an abortion….really christian-like Elissa…not. Plus she is taking the game personally, instead of being strategic wanting Arynn out instead of the real threat, Kaitlin, among other things. She thinks she’s better than everyone else and that’s really unattractive, no matter how much makeup she wears.

      • Comments (5)

        I am in no way related to them at all! I’m from a small upstate town in NY never heard of her til this show. So please don’t just assume like others on here.

      • Comments (1076)

        assume my ass…educated people make assumptions all the time based on a knowledge that somehow escapes u…….and u r a big fat liar to top it off…u live in TRYON, NC and u went to Cuba Central High School…..whether or not u ever graduated I don’t know…..if u want to play in the big leagues I suggest u prepare yourself for some heavy hitters…step 1 – stop defending people u say u have never met…they couldn’t give two sh*ts about u….

      • Comments (1076)

        when u defend someone you don’t know it means u have a transference problem…make some real friends, u know, not online friends but people u will actually interact with….

      • Comments (1076)

        I knew it!…hot damn I just knew it!….I have been a student of psychology for many years (i have an mba on the subject)…..elissa fits every criteria of a kept woman…the day she does one shift in a hospital is the day after her husband throws her out… she uses her childish demeanor to manipulate her “big strong man”….y r people so dumb that they can’t see the forest from the trees as far as sizing people up is concerned….there would be less victims out there if people learned how to read certain personality signs…thanks canuck….I knew I was right on the money…god how I hate stupid (terryjo) people…

      • Comments (1076)

        u still haven’t told me how much her husband was worth when they were married…and how do u presume to know exactly how I treat people and how do u know how they treat people? these people r not my friends, but their behavior represents certain personality types that anyone who has taken psych 101 would be familiar with…what do u think of a grown woman with a perpetual puckered mouth that drips nothing but honey in a sing-song adolescent voice…I say arrested development…and your girlfriend elissa couldn’t wait to betray kaitlins’ very personal confidence about having an abortion..something I would never do to a friend of mine…I will go to the grave with the secrets my friends have told me over the years…when u r as old as I am (56)u will learn that the road to hell is paved with good intentions…elissa is one of those nice people who say the meanest things and covers it with a bless their hearts to cover thee wreckage she leaves behind…stop defending people who wouldn’t know u if she ran u over with her car…people with integrity know how to keep a secret….and her husbands was worth a ton when they married…that’s how they can afford to be “entrepreneurs” which is fancy talk for not having a job….P.S. people with two first names r more likely to marry their cousins (bobbiejo, bettyjo, billyjo, joebob, jimbob, etc.)than people with a single first name…so pass the mint-julep and say hi to your brother/uncle and aunt/sister for me….

      • Comments (5)

        There you go again judging a book by it’s cover! You can’t just assume by my name anything. You seem like someone who is jealous of others good lives. I would like to see how you would act if you were in that house. I doubt you would be much better just by the way you talk on here. So enjoy your soap box while you have it. Or your throne you think you are on.

      • Comments (453)

        By the same token: DON’T SPEW NEGATIVE CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW. Most people on here making comments are talking about game play, you however, are making personal attacks on Elissa. When someone disagrees with you, then you attack them. Remember your playground rules, play nice or don’t play at all.

      • Comments (453)

        In case your wondering, LloydA my previous comment was directed to you, not Terry. Just want to make sure you aren’t misunderstanding, again.

      • Comments (1076)

        I got it…..and being able to understand personality types and using that knowledge to stay as far away as possible from certain people is a useful tool in leading a drama free existence….I don’t know paula deen but I know she is racist pig….u don’t have to be a chicken to know a bad egg…these people on big brother have given up their right to privacy and r subjecting themselves to criticism by their own choice…I would never have wriiten one word to terryjo if she hadn’t said that two people she never met in her life would be better people than I am…in my playground when u fire the first shot u better expect return fire…

      • Comments (1076)

        r u spewing crap when u refer to my intellect (the inability to understand)…believe me, I understand that passive-aggressive backhand compliment that seems to have been mastered by those pious soles who often think negatively of others but present the persona of graciousness and civility…u know what I say to that…up yours!

      • Comments (71)

        ? I know aaryn deserves it and all… but what about all the negative things comments written about aaryn – lots of comments I’ve read about aaryn are just as bad and worse than the comments aaryn made. Not trying to make excuses for aaryn because her thought process is harsh – but you gotta admit – there is some pretty heavy duty negative crap written about aaryn?
        Peggi : July 23, 2013 at 6:51 am By the same token: DON’T SPEW NEGATIVE CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW. Most people on here making comments are talking about game play, you however, are making personal attacks on Elissa. When someone disagrees with you, then you attack them. Remember your playground rules, play nice or don’t play at all.

      • Comments (453)

        Elissa hasn’t been making racial and homophobic remarks about others in the like Aayrn. I feel that Aaryn gets what she deserves, whether it is people addressing her behavior on here or what the other house guests give back. My comment on don’t spew was in reference to the remarks made against Elissa’s family and Terryjo by LloydA, which were downright rude and crude.

      • Comments (71)

        Sorry Peggi: I wasn’t trying to offend you. You said: Don’t spew negative crap about people you don’t know…. I took that to mean that most people that comment about aaryn “don’t know her.” I in no way was trying to insult you. I know that aaryn doesn’t deserve any sympathy and that she must learn from her horrible comments – but I do feel empathy for her. I apologize for offending you. As for elissa – I agree – just as with aaryn – people should not make comments judging her or aaryn’s families, etc. I think the comments should be on game play and not personal attacks – because when the attacks are personal, then it’s the same as the terrible things aaryn has said in the house.

        Peggi : July 23, 2013 at 6:51 am By the same token: DON’T SPEW NEGATIVE CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW.

      • Comments (1076)

        rna/pole dancer….

      • Comments (1076)

        OMG…I knew u were from one of the southern states but I didn’t realize how hard life has treated u until I googled u and saw your picture…u poor thing…I promise to be nice to u from now on…nature has done enuf damage without me adding to it…in deepest sympathy, friend to the downtrodden…lloydA….

      • Comments (5)

        I’m from NY you awful and ignorant person you don’t know me at all. You can’t judge by a picture. Get over yourself you ignorant twat.

      • Comments (1076)

        I knew I could get the real u to come out…thank u for participating in my doctorate work…and by the way u cretin, I don’t have a twat….when u say I am awful does that mean u r full of awe as far as i’m concerned…it was very easy to get u worked up…u need to separate your emotions and your intellect…I am not ignorant, but yes, I can be really mean when I have a live one on the hook……LMAO…..

  5. Comments (233)

    Sweet justice to have the 3 on the block. I split my nominee votes between Aaryn and GM, but K would be a great eviction, too. I can’t figure out who is the least despicable, annoying person, so I still don’t have a favorite. Maybe it will become clearer if I just keep watching…. LOL

  6. Comments (682)

    Jury talk also includes being stuck in the jury house with the evicted people. So now they discuss who should be gone before they have to deal with them without the hope of extra pay in addition to who is deciding final vote.

    • Comments (12)

      They need to get rid of all 3 mean girls before jury house. All 3 lost their guys the first 3 weeks so they are not going to award the win to anyone who had a hand in getting the guys out. I think they will hold a grudge!

  7. Comments (216)

    I thought there were penalties for talking about production? The HGs don’t seem to care too much about the feeds cutting to fish or being told to cut it out.

    • Comments (22)

      What do you mean by “talking about production”?

      • Comments (216)

        “The group is still together chatting in the HoH, and we get fish every 2 seconds because they’re talking about production, Aaryn’s personal life, etc.” (emphasis added)

      • Comments (216)

        If you mean what are they saying? I don’t have the feeds, but I assume they’re speculating about what the produces want to happen and how Big Brother may be manipulating the game, or else talking about conversations with producers in the DR that they’re supposed to pretend didn’t happen.

      • Comments (22)

        Thanks, makes a lot of sense!

      • Comments (216)

        You’re welcome. Essentially, they broke they’re breaking the first two rules of Fight Club Big Brother.

  8. Comments (78)

    Aaryon is going to win. If she doesn’t win Big Brother she will win at everything else. She’s a super star. And she’s great!!!!

    • Comments (1076)

      how right u r…she is the next national socialist party candidate for president…shave your head and join the campaign…..I know u just want to stir up trouble, buy u don’t know how right u r…there is a whole movement of assclowns just like her who r sending off butter wrappers in defense of her racist cousin paula deen as we speak…plenty of room for aaryn and her followers in the united states…just ask the fans of ted cruz and jan brewer and good ole’ sheriff “show us your papers” joe amongst many others…she has a bright future in texas or arizona or alabama or mississippi or georgia or wyoming or—-need I go on…she represents plenty of people in this country…make no mistake about it….she’s a superstar in hateville….

    • Comments (1076)

      she’s so great u can’t even spell her name…her greatness boggles your mind so much u can’t think or spell any more…i’m impressed…

    • Comments (1076)

      r u related to terryjo slater?…just askin’ y’all……….

      • Comments (5)

        You need some anger management sessions. Why do you feel the need to attack people personally on here? It’s supposed to be game talk. Not hating others for their opinions. You act like you own the page. You say nasty things. And you post your age. I am ashamed you are my elder. You have nothing to do but say hateful things to people you don’t know at all!

      • Comments (1076)

        i’m not angry…I am enjoying myself…smiling more and more with each post…this is just background work for my thesis…y r u so quick to anger…we have never met and I don’t have any idea who u r…..I just am studying the reasons that people get sucked into nonsense on the internet…how do u know that one word I have said has any bearing in truth…I could be a 23 year old biology major who has never even seen big brother…u have been used as an experiment example and for that I apologize…u r just one of many so don’t feel bad…most people react as u do when confronted…I just am proving a theory that people can get worked up and manipulated by total strangers…whatever I have said so far shud have meant absolutely nothing to u…it even roped in bystanders, Peggi,. I hope u learn from this that u r online and vulnerable if u believe all the crap u read…heck I even got canuck to verify a bogus theory while u were losing your mind…take a deep breath and realize that y have just been catfished….wake up…

    • Comments (6)

      Yeah ok “Deb” or should we say Aaryn’s hired PR firm posing as a viewer!?!

  9. Comments (1076)

    eeny, meeny, miny, moe…the perfect three people r on the block…just pick one and let’s get on with it…..

  10. Comments (19)

    Kaitlin can win stuff like HOH, Aaryn is a joke, I say toss K this week. Next week can be GM or Aaryn.

  11. Comments (20)

    As much as I want Aaryn (or Aryan) out (due to her lack of consideration for others, the racial remarks, etc.), getting Kaitlin out would be the other house-guests best move. She’s strong competition compared to GM and Aaryn. GM and Aaryn can both go on double eviction night. Either way this week, nobody is losing this. All 3 “mean girls” are up and 1 is out. I call that a success in and of itself! 🙂 Adios Aaryn, Kaitlin, or GM! Miss ya never. 😉

  12. Comments (78)

    Go Aaryn go. I know your not really prejudice. Your the real winner. If you do go home. Good luck to you and don’t let these idiots get you down. :). God bless you and your family.

    • Comments (96)

      You must be part of the PR team that her mom hired.

    • Comments (1076)

      she not prejudice..she good…me bad..tarzan want jane…cheetah want banana…and your not so far off…she is a winner in your neck of the woods…stand tall, be proud, inbreeding is not so bad…and when u r ready to join the rest of us in the 21st century just leave me a note on your cave wall and we’ll send ma and pa kettle out to fetch ya’….howdee high, howdee ho….what’s a little racism and homophobia amongst friends, huh….

  13. Comments (30)

    I was really looking forward to this Thursday’s eviction, but then today I remembered I have tix for ‘Les Miserables’ that night. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch the episode ‘online’ by Friday.

  14. Comments (53)

    I’m really starting to hate the fact that that helen cant think for herself, andy and amanda got her twisted and to think she thought spencer and howard had her looking stupid.
    its hard to root for someone that is being played.
    At least elissa think about everythings thats going on, she really mite of found out about amanda, mccrae, judd, and andy if she didn’t put so much trust in helen.
    howard, spencer or candice winning hoh next week will be there best bet, if amanda gets them out its game over , and it sucks because elissa would really of had a chance if helen was in her ear, even though she’s one the main reason elissa is still there.

    • Comments (1076)

      Amanda can only get one of them so don’t fret…all the game talk is just a bunch of drivel because every Thursday night the game really starts all over again…Helen and Amanda would both be better off if they shut their mouths a little more…if u r not on the block u shud just ride the week out…it’s as if they never saw the game played before….will and boogie did their best never to win anything and just made sure they weren’t nominated…u can’t get voted out if your not on the block……who cares who gets thrown out as long as it’s not u?…..

  15. Comments (68)

    as bad as I want Aaryn out, the buzz in the house last night was leaning more towards Kaitlin getting the boot. I hope that changes!! They feel they have Aaryn where they want her and that she will do whatever they want because she “has nobody “.(hmmmmmmm.. wonder why???)…Anywho…….I have noticed this before several times…Kaitlin seems to never be around at night. She’s off sleeping according to a lot of the house guest. she did this even when Jeremy was there. Seems a bit weird to me but I guess everyone can’t be like Andy, IN EVERY ROOM AND EVERY CONVERSATION ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! HE SURE CAN MOVE! EVERY TIME YOU LOOK UP, THERESSSSSSSSS ANDY!!!!! He makes sure he’s not going to catch a thing!! lol

    • Comments (68)

      *Miss a thing…I meant

      • Comments (233)

        I think you were right the first time, he doesn’t want to
        ‘catch’ anything. I keep hearing about ringworm and crabs in the house. Not sure it’s true,but I think I’d wipe down surfaces before I touched anything in that house.

      • Comments (68)

        Thats true!! Helen kept saying she was itching and Amanda said sje had a breakout above her eye……

    • Comments (1162)

      I don’t recall Kaitlin missing late night yammering sessions with other house guests.
      I am looking forward to her being evicted asap…….hopefully this week!!!!
      : D
      Kaitlin was not in bed early last night.

      1:26 AM PST – Kaitlin was with the others in the Backyard.

      2:18 AM PST – She was with Aaryn.

      2:54 AM PST – Kaitlin was in the Backyard with other house guests.

      3:50 – 4:10 AM PST – Still in the Backyard

      4:25 -4:30 AM PST – Kaitlin finally goes to bed.

  16. Comments (528)

    lloydA You know, people in glass houses don’t need to be throwing stones. You keep talking about other people’s racism and homophobia but that amount of misogyny you’ve been throwing around on this post is gag-inducing. As a woman, your language has offended me several times here. You may not be saying the c-word but if you were in the house talking about women the way you have been here, you’d be on Americas sh*t list, too.

    • Comments (528)

      And it’s not just lloydA, either, the more the women in the house have taken power, the more rude and intolerant the language on this blog has become towards women. stevebeans, I’m pretty sure you’d be quick to knock out any racist or homophobic remarks from posters here so I urge you to maybe help women out a bit, too. It’s getting to be a bit much.

      • Comments (1076)

        dear Sadie—there is no lloydA…I am working on my doctorate and this has just been an experiment to prove my theory…each statements made by lloydA has been written out and specifically checked to be sure that answers could relate to a man or a woman…terrijo was just the first to take the bait…describing elissas’ personality traits is not misogynistic and these traits of passive-aggressive childish tendencies r just as often used by heterosexual and homosexual males and females in relationships…if any one is a misogynist I would have to point out terryjo calling me an ignorant twat…I am just trying to prove that the lower ones’ intellect (IQ) combined with a form of social media that a person has no idea who or what they r responding to, the easier it is to bait them into anger and calling names…and judging by the response to a person that does not exist I think I have done pretty good…don’t feel bad…this is just the 374th experiment out of 1000 that will complete my analysis…it happens every time…I am well on my way to my PhD and I thank u all heartily…..

      • Comments (2)

        lloyd do you have any kind of life at all? you talk non stop and brag about yourself constantly-you’re that guy at a party that wont shut up and people keep walking away from….if you had all these degrees you would know this….blowhard…..

  17. Comments (71)

    LIVE FEEDS: 07-22-13 at 4:42pm or thereabouts: Spencer, JUDD, Elissa and Helen:

    Elisa says: I think that the people that support me are enough to OUTWEIGH the people against me.

    Spencer agrees with Elissa and says she has an advantage.

    Helen says something about America would never vote a mom out.

    Hmmm – I wonder how Elissa’s statement fits in with being “good game play”? Enough already with all the bragging about having a pre-game large fan base support – I don’t think she should have ever said anything about having fans established before she came in the house. What is she thinking?

  18. Comments (453)

    Kate, thanks, and I agree the comments should be on the game, not the smut that some are putting on here and the negative remarks about the families. As bad as Aaryn has been one can’t help feel sorry for her, sorry that she doesn’t feel what she is saying is wrong or blames others for her remarks, she is in dire need of help in understanding her behavior is unacceptable.

  19. Comments (71)

    yesterday I also saw where Aaryn and Katlyn were talking and Aaryn had Katlyn convinced that she [Aaryn] is Jeremy’s sister. Aaryn was very convincing and then within minutes she confessed that she was just making it up.

  20. Comments (17)

    Even though I believe they are truely Bigots on the show I would not like to be the employers that fired any one of the contestants because of it. I see a sharp Lawyer sueing the companies for big time amounts because the claim of the fact this is just a game and it was just a ploy to upset other contestants on purpose since this was just a game.

  21. Comments (1)

    I want Mccrae to win hes a genius.

  22. Comments (2)

    that could be a big lawsuit

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