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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

Where did Aaryn's game go wrong?  Oh right, the beginning
Where did Aaryn’s game go wrong? Oh right, the beginning

I will be the first to admit, Aaryn was one tricky player this season.  By tricky, I mean she was willing to say anything and sell her soul to anyone for a few more weeks.  Aaryn probably should have gone home on day 35, but she played the game, Kaitlin didn’t, and Aaryn is still in the Big Brother house today… for a few more hours at least.

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By making deals wherever she could, this gave Aaryn about 2 months worth of weekly paychecks from Big Brother (the cast are paid $1k/week stipend, like most reality show contestants), and also some time to do damage control on her personality.  While I don’t expect a roaring applause for Aaryn as she sits next to Julie Chen tonight, I can easily say the response will be better from both the crowd, and Julie, than it would have been a month ago.

When Kaitlin sat next to Julie, she faced some pretty tough and uncomfortable questions that I never would have expected.  Had it been Aaryn, I can only imagine the questions would have been worse, as she was the leader of the ‘Mean Girls’.   Since her partner in crime left the house, Aaryn has mostly kept her ignorant comments to herself, and let a new person take over as the ‘most hated’ – Amanda.

Based on that, I think the predictions will be pretty obvious….

Amanda – Aaryn
GinaMarie – Aaryn
Spencer – Aaryn
McCrae – Aaryn
Judd – Aaryn

Another week, another unanimous eviction.

Did you know, since Nick’s eviction in week 2, there have only been 3 votes that went against the house.

Week 3 – Kaitlin for Spencer (she knew Jeremy was going, but couldn’t vote for her showmance.  Everyone understood)
Week 5 – Spencer for Candice (Spencer and Howard were friends all season, this was not a surprise)
Week 8 – Elissa for Spencer (there was no way Elissa was voting for Helen, and Spencer even said it in his speech)

There you have it, that’s been the season so far.  Once the two blindsides were finished, the only surprise was the double eviction when Judd went home.   I think the producers need to sit down this off-season and try to figure out a creative way to shake things up next season.  The third nominee was an attempt, but that fell flat when Elissa joined the house and received all the votes.

I’m going to toss up a poll anyway just to see what you guys think….

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  1. Comments (3)

    i dont see why gina marie is voting out aaryn i thought they were friends

    • Comments (1076)

      She could have thrown Aaryn a bone and the vote would have been 4-1. That was just cold. If I was in the house I would trust her more if she had stood by her friend from the first day.

      • Comments (26)

        Aaryn told GM NOT to throw her a bone because it would keep target off GM’s back if she voted with the house. She cried when she cast her vote.

  2. Comments (357)

    Unanimous eviction? Shocker! I have my problems with Aaryn, but ANDY? Is a rat and a sour loser! I wish they would do something different and evict his A$$….Blindside!!!!!!

  3. Comments (15)

    I put Aaryn though it would be a bigger kick to the teeth if it were Andy. Can you imagine the tears then hehe.

  4. Comments (162)

    send the witch home……… sick of her and those awful eyebrows…ugh

  5. Comments (17)

    I still dislike the b**ch…still still made ignorant comments and you can’t hide what is inside you! Amanda is clearly much worse though. One b**ch this week and hopefully queen b**ch next week!

    • Comments (8)

      Amanda is an over the top bully! an Aaryn is a bigot as well as a buly, although I like her more than I did in the beginning of the show, it’s like being I high school, with these mean girls. wish BB would do something about it, teenagers watch this show and we teach them that racism and bullying is wrong but yet it is being piped into our living rooms 3 days a week. I but In the game Andy should go and whoever gets final 2 should take either Amanda or Aaryn with them, it would be a guaranteed win.. I would like to se. J U double D win, him or Elyssa

  6. Bigcatdaddywalley
    Comments (6)

    On BBAD Aaryn was again doing her “Asian” accent in the kitchen. Amanda was quite blunt as well on her opinion of Asians…flat out said she can’t stand them…wow!

    • Comments (1076)

      I have seen functioning sociopaths before but Amanda takes the cake. Aaryn’s excusing her racism on being southern and that she really didn’t mean it. These broads are nuts.

  7. Comments (34)

    Why did people vote for Andy to go home ??? I don’t have the live feeds soooo did i miss something here :-/ do you guys no something i don’t :-/ i just hope Aaryn goes home, ok Amanda is beeing crazy right now (yo you ain’t got Candice yo ain’t got Helen yo you ain’t got …… yo) lol ahahah that was funny but anyways Aaryn just dont deserve to be there anymore it’s her time to go but i’m really really wondering whats gona happened next week with the nomination’s

    • Comments (41)

      I don’t like Aaryn and her ignorant racist comments are really sad to see but Andy is team Mcmanda and betrayed Helen so if him leaving gets them two 1 step closer to the door I’m for it too. I’d hate to see Aaryn in final 2 but she’d never get the jury votes I don’t think.

      • Comments (1288)

        Never mind that Andy was in his alliance with McCranda before Helissa, if you do something against Elissa the Brenchel Army labels you a rat and tattletale. Never mind that Elissa repeatedly went against that alliance, tried to backstab them and failed time and time again.

      • Comments (1446)

        Dan – I’ll be the first to give you a “thumbs up.”
        The Brenchel crowd can’t handle the truth…

        But….I am happy that Andy says that he is now ready to be done w/McManda. As he said “I am not playing for 3rd place.”

      • Comments (1288)

        Gracias. We should call Elissa Nefertiti as she is the queen of denial and her followers are just like her. Also do not put much credence on DR sessions shown by CBS. Those are the product of hours worth of interview and often are shown to advance the CBS story line but do not reflect the full story.

        Andy and Spencer discussed how a McCranda HoH benefits them so they might throw it and play the odds for next week.

      • Comments (1)

        I honestly loved Helen but now she’s gone….I used to like aaryn but I kinda want her to stay and let Andy go out…then amanda should go home ne t please……PLEASE KEEP AARYN

      • Comments (41)

        I’m not a brenchel army fan – why do all mcranda fans immediately lump Elissa fans into that category? I never liked Rachel and I think I’m entitled to my opinion based on who I like overall as human beings 🙂

    • Comments (843)

      Because Andy is a spineless rat. No matter what ‘big’ talking he does in DR, he doesn’t have the nerve to stand up against Amanda/McCrae.
      He will let someone else do it, then cry, then smile that little weasel smile. GAG

  8. Comments (30)

    From what I’m reading on some of the ‘spoiler’ sites, it seems like Andy COULD get the ‘boot’. The rest of the folks APPEAR to be considering dumping the ‘rat’…..and hopefully turning on Amanda. If one of them would only win the HOH & put her & McCrae up on the block…..and keep them from winning POV. But I don’t follow the ‘live’ feeds….I imagine things are changing constantly.

  9. Comments (1)

    I would love to see Andy be evicted instead of Aaryn. Andy has been nothing but a snitch for both sides of the house. He is waking up too late to see how stupid he has been siding with Amanda and her little pizza boy. I can’t stand either one of them and hope someone has the guts to put them up against each other and one goes home. I would especially like to see Amanda go.

  10. Comments (29)

    When Aaryn gets evicted tonight, I hope Julie confronts her and asks about the racist Asian remarks she made earlier in the season (flat faces, “go make some rice”). Also, I want to see the look on Aaryn’s face when she finds out she is now unemployed.

    • Comments (48)

      if she’s going to sequester, she probably won’t find that out til the finale

    • Comments (36)

      What I really hope for Alyssa (although I hope it’s Andy tonight) is that when she walks out onto the stage, the audience boos her. That might make her think a bit! 😉

    • Comments (1076)

      Julie handled it very well. Made her points very professionally. Aaryn was all over the map blaming being southern and Texan for the hatred that poured out of her mouth. The audience was laughing at her. It was pretty cool without being cruel.

  11. Comments (5)

    This group really doesn’t have ANYONE that I care to see win. Except Judd and he just came back. Their conversations on the live feeds are ignorant and discusting. They talk about sex and Amanda describes what she does to McRae and men From Her past. They askedIf they ever slept with black men.. (even Andy) I don’t need to know if anyone of them slept with anybody. The person in charge of casting should be fired after this season.

    • Comments (1288)

      You must be thrilled that Judd was making out with Aaryan last night and had to do the walk of shame while constitutionally inclined towards gallantry.

      • Comments (407)

        Well Dan, maybe Judd just wanted a little “loving” to tide him over for a while. I mean, look what’s left for him to choose from if Aaryn goes home. Elissa is married, so he can’t go there, so that leaves GM and Amanda!! I think he made a wise decision.

      • Comments (1288)

        Amanda is not really an option either. At worst she is a serial monogamist and has shown no interest outside of McCrae. GM with her genital piercings might be scary so it does look like he is stuck with Rosy Palm and her five daughters as his only option.

      • Comments (1076)

        Why must he go anywhere? Can’t he control himself for a few weeks. Are we man or beast?

  12. Comments (14)

    You can vote to evict Amanda. A petition has been created to tell CBS to remove Amanda from the BB house.

    • Comments (768)

      It will be way more satisfying for me to see her get evicted just like everyone else.

    • Comments (28)

      I don’t know if the petition will have any effect or not, but what I do know is yesterday when I had a look at it there were 8,000 signatures, less than 24 hours later (I just took another peek)and there are over 14,000.

      That is actually pretty impressive…

    • Comments (1092)

      The only way I could try and vote out one of the houseguests, is if I was actually another houseguest.

      To sign an online petition is incredibly silly.

      Seriously, if you dont like the show because you dont like some of the houseguests, then dont watch it.

  13. Comments (1)

    Aaryn is a nasty person, but in sense of gameplay I feel really bad for her. She really did play the game (quite well, actually) but just got dumped because of Amanda. I sympathize with her and feel bad that she’s leaving the way she is. That being said, I’m glad to see her leave on a personal level.

  14. Comments (41)

    I’m finally seeing the veto contest and seriously… no wonder Amanda won. I don’t think it’s rigged for her but it’s obvious they had to dumb it down enough and make it such an easy physical challenge that someone bad under pressure, slow and out of shape could win.

  15. Comments (651)

    HELP!! Damn football tonight!! I need a link to watch tonight!!!

  16. Comments (12)

    I understand everybody wanting Andy out because he’s a rat (and either he or Amanda should go next week), but if you think about it if you were Elissa or Judd or Spencer or GM, Aaryn is a much bigger comp threat and you want the best chance of winning HOH next week.

    • Comments (18)

      If Aaryn were to stay she would put up McCrae and Amanda if she wins HOH. But that is if the rumors aren’t true. That Amanda self evicts. I really want Big Brother to remove Amanda completely from the show for her actions in the past several weeks. Call Amanda to the Diary Room and walk her out of the house never to return. Fade away and don’t call her to the reunion at the end of the show either. I do not believe viewers want to ever see or hear from or about Amanda Zuckerman. If Amanda ever receives a job on national television I for one would block that time slot and channel!

  17. Comments (651)

    A link A link A link…I need a link!!! Football is going to make me miss the eviction I’ve been waiting all season to see.

  18. Comments (12)

    One suggestion to get rid of the unanimous votes: don’t have Julie announce what the vote is. Make it a truly secret vote. Talk about paranoia setting in – but at least houseguests would be much freer to vote out who they really want to vote out.

  19. Comments (407)

    Just read on another BB blog…At 2:16 pm Amanda crawled on top of McCrae again and he asked if she has taken her pills yet and she says no, should she? He says yes that she should take them before the HOH comp. Unreal!!

  20. Comments (682)

    There is a small chance Amanda and McStinky vote for Andy to leave and either hope or try to convince GM to throw a sympathy vote to Aaryn (meaning vote for Andy) and then they have their 3 votes to evict Andy. But the smarter move would be to vote out Aaryn tonight because she could beat them all in any HOH competition.

  21. Comments (79)

    Oh boy, football tonight! Better than watching this snoozefest.

  22. Comments (30)

    wish it was andy the rat..elissa should have put her feelings aside and worked with aaryn and put mccrae and amanda up… too little too late…

  23. Comments (2)

    I don’t like Aaryn, but I would rather see Andy go to Jury, then see Aaryn win HOH, and with Elissa & Judd team up and get out McCranda next week…..BUT we know that won’t happen.

  24. Comments (1)

    What the producers should do tonight is have a Pandora’s box that lets the nominated house guests take theirselves off the block and put someone else up! Now that would shake things up a bit!,,,,

  25. Comments (8)

    The two floaters are going to ride that strategy all the way to final 2 with GM in third. Spencer the Molester will be laughing all the way to the bank with the 500K. Mark my words. Aryan evicted. Mcranda with HOH this week. Elissa gone next. GM HOH next. Amanda gone. Spencer HOH – McPussy gone. Andy HOH – Judd gone. KKK, Rat Boy, and Molester final three. Double team Gm. Rat Boy betrayed everybody. Jury votes for the Professional Pawn.

  26. Comments (83)

    If Andy stays, and Amanda or McCrae get HOH, he go with them, he is the biggest cry baby rat to play BB, if he would leave, and everyone else join forces they could take McCranda down, profiding neither one win HOH, I would like to see nut job GM or Judd win HOH, put them up together, if one comes down the other one goes home.

  27. Comments (125)

    Well, I believe this cast of characters did things differently this season. They had a WHOLE HOUSE Vote idea & ran it thru the season. At least up & until now anyways. Who I would like to see win & not in any order whatsoever, Judd, McCrae & Spenser. Amanda screwed up huge with her EXPECTATIONS of others, bullying, manipulating & spewing insults that were lower than low. Elissa didn’t start to play until now & was seriously teetering in the beginning and all along until Helen dove off. Aaryn, well, she’s recovered from her lack of social set, but still not winning America over. Andy, while this crap about avoiding the Nom for Eviction finally caught up with him & his lack of any real game play. He’s stepped in it huge w/ Elissa. I like the 3rd Nom but in all reality that MVP Crap was a joke w/ Elissa getting 3 weeks in a row. Then America getting in on it. Perhaps it should be random draw somehow to assign such a position.

  28. Comments (1162)

    Hope Judd is listening –
    Aaryn told him to trust GinaMarie & Elissa and
    warned him about trusting Andy.

  29. Comments (6)

    On Double Eviction Nights, they should not tell them at the start of the show. Once the guest leaves play the HoH then call the HoH to diary to make noms right away so they can’t talk to anyone and they are kept there. Outside the others play for Veto not knowing who has been nom’d. If the Veto is won by the nom they can pull themselves off the block and the HoH makes another nom. If the Veto isn’t won by the nom then the nominations stick. At that point they pull each in to vote, in one door and out the another so no one can talk about it.

    • Comments (49)

      Great, great, great idea. I especially like the idea that the HOH not playing in the veto and them not knowing who has been nominated. Since they may be playing for their lives, they have to play.

  30. Comments (32)

    I cannot believe how accurate Steve’s predictions have been. And it leaves me with little doubt that Aaryn should pack her bags.


    It also leaves me wanting to know why Steve hasn’t used this amazing power to truly make us all richer!

    Steve, how about some PowerBall numbers????

  31. Comments (233)

    If Aaryn would stay and McC/A won HoH, Aaryn would be right back on Amanda’s team, happy to do her bidding again, along with Andy. The pretty girl with the racist comments should go home tonight. Weeks ago when Amanda told Aaryn she was being viewed as a racist, Aaryn said she wished she cared more about it, but “I just don’t”, then she made a fart sound with her mouth. I hope someday she will be able to see what was wrong with her words and actions this season.

  32. Comments (1)

    Can’t wait until duckface mcbotox goes home.. She is the fakest person ever on BB. Go watch the episode of bridezilla with her on it.

  33. Comments (87)

    I don’t get why some of the HG don’t think for themselves even now- if aaryn does not stay- Judd and GM should still vote for Andy- make it 3/2…and they get aaryns vote in jury. This group is gutless…its so boring

  34. Comments (8)

    I think we should understand aaryn because I think all the people have said at least one racist comment in the life and I m even not a white girl or a black girl I’m in the middle of colors and I have done racist comment.

  35. Comments (2)

    I also read this site that gives
    moment to moment details.
    Aryn still makes racist statements,
    Will be unanimous vote.
    erin has already packed up.

  36. Comments (4)

    As much as I’d like to see Andy leave tonight, I can’t wait to see Aaryn get booed as she walks out.

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