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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

bb15-amanda-gm-talkingIt seemed like yesterday that the group of bright-eyed bush tailed houseguests entered the house with visions of $500,000 (or a new relationship – if you’re Jessie).  Here we stand now, September 5th – day 77 inside the Big Brother house – and as of 10pm est, we will have only 5 remaining houseguests and likely 1 more live eviction show before the finale.

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It’s always a bit depressing when Big Brother comes to an end, and it doesn’t help when the remaining cast members mostly consist of floaters and generally boring people (no offense if you’re a fan of any of them).  Tonight we’ll lose the last ticking time bomb of the season, which means the last 13 days of the season will… well, likely be a snoozer.  To be fair, Amanda was only entertaining when she wasn’t laying in bed with McCrae, which was about 98% of each day.

I don’t mean to sound like a downer because one thing is exciting – a double eviction is happening tonight!  Those episodes are generally the most exciting because players tend to use this chance to get out someone they’ve secretly wanted to.  Why do they save it for double eviction?  Mostly because it prevents cooler heads from prevailing.  Imagine a week of Judd begging and pleading instead of 5 minutes.

I’m rambling yet again, time for predictions….

Votes to go home

Andy – Amanda
Elissa – Spencer
McCrae – Spencer
Judd – Amanda

That’s right, I’m predicting the first split vote in a very long time.  It should result in a tie and GinaMarie will break it to send Amanda home.

The interesting part about that is McCrae and Amanda are fairly confident they have Andy’s vote.  Andy is already planning on telling them it was Elissa who broke the deal, but I don’t think it will work and Andy could be in jeopardy of going home during the 2nd eviction depending on who wins HoH.

I will predict that either McCrae or Andy will be the second out the door tonight depending on who wins HoH.  While the exterminators are talking about Elissa, I have a feeling Andy is going to push for McCrae because of his betrayal of their alliance. He doesn’t want to deal with McCrae’s wrath if they send Elissa home instead.


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  1. Comments (682)

    I hope your predictions are correct.

  2. Comments (2)

    I think that the smart move for the 2nd one tonight would be Andy. If McCrae is sent right behind Amanda, they will try and control the Jury Vote from the time they both get there. Sending Andy would throw a loop into it…

  3. Comments (8)

    Praying to the BB Gods… lets hope you are correct 100% on both evictions. Amanda first and definitely Andy or McCrae second. If that means the last 13 days are boring then so be it. Better then seeing the catty, bitchy name calling that has been way too much a part of this season. I love the drama but enough is enough all ready.

  4. Comments (13)

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the “double eviction” meant that BOTH nominees went home? No vote. Just SURPRISE!!

    Then Amanda AND loser Spencer would be out.

    That would be amazing.

  5. Comments (6)

    With these various scenarios…looks like GM has a good shot at making the final 2….whodathunkit?

  6. Comments (15)

    GM needs to change her mind. An all girl alliance needs to form, or GM, Elissa, and Amanda don’t stand a chance of making it to the end. Change your mind GM, send Spencer Home, and Andy next.

    • Comments (8)

      And to think, with all the very strong males in the house going first, it seemed an all female alliance was possible.
      My final prediction: GM & Judd with Judd winning the whole thing 😉

      • Comments (401)

        Unfortunately I don’t think an all female alliance was ever possible with this particular grop of women.

      • Comments (8)

        No, I agree Ann. I would have given up on this season ages ago in that case.
        Could you imagine… Amanda, GM, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Candice maybe Jessie and maybe Elissa as the final 7 instead of who is there now? omg I’m certain it would have been even worse.

      • Comments (8)

        Let me clarify, It’s an observation that it seemed possible, but I did not agree it would have been a good outcome for this season.

      • Comments (233)

        That was why I liked Elissa just from her CBS Bio – she wanted a girls-alliance. It rarely works with the types of females that are chosen as houseguests. The majority of them are too insecure, too shallow.

    • Comments (682)

      I don’t like this idea at all. But I did not give you a thumbs down.

    • Comments (26)

      I agree totally! However, two out of three women in this group are too immature to be able to put aside their personal feelings and work together.

    • Comments (29)

      Emily Star

      I think the same. I posted that only 5 girls have won BB and it has always been against another girl. If it’s a girl/guy then the guy wins. I would love to see Andy/Spencer get blindsided …they have been very smug the last few days, I hate that Spencer doesn’t pack

    • Comments (624)

      I would NEVER trust Amanda.

  7. Comments (12)

    I hope you are right!!!

  8. Comments (682)

    The big question right now is why were all the HGs sent to the HOH room before the trivia started this morning?

    • Comments (624)

      Production must have been doing something in the other rooms of the house.

      • Comments (407)

        They’re removing all knives and sharp objects.

      • Comments (1162)

        And, installing a new tap in the kitchen for………….. Chocolate Milk!

      • Comments (407)

        With Spencers name on it!! One other thing, if Amanda does go home tonight (please please please), there will be a lot more booze in the house. The other night she said they only got 4 beers and a bottle of wine. She grabbed a beer, McCrae grabbed a beer, Amanda poured a large glass of wine, let Elissa have a glass and Amanda then took the bottle. I don’t know if anyone else got a glass, but she ended up with the bottle. Typical Amanda.

  9. Comments (6)

    Boom Baby Boom!

  10. Comments (293)

    I’m hoping McCrae will man up and vote out Amanda. He can get her out of the house and out of his life: one stone, two birds.

  11. Comments (162)

    Just watched the GM and Amanda fight from last night best ever….go GM

    • Comments (293)

      What do you make of the Elissa/Judd alliance? Judd is trying to show he dislikes her–for show–but Elissa is offended that he cussed at her. Can he rely on her?

      • Comments (162)

        is Judd and Elissa still in an alliance? They also traded jewelry didn’t they?

      • Comments (226)

        They did-a coin of Judd’s, but wasn’t that temporary, just for her HOH?

      • Comments (1076)

        THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a JU/EL alliance. He tried to bullshit her when he got back in the house but couldn’t take her after one day.

      • Comments (293)

        On Wednesday, September 4, in the HOH room, after the Amanda/GM fight fizzled, this conversation occurred between Elissa and Judd:

        Judd–I didn’t mean that. It was for show. Just don’t really be mad at me.
        Elissa–I don’t think it’s funny. You don’t cuss at me.
        Judd–I didn’t say anything about you.
        Elissa–You said, “Shut the f*** up, Elissa.”
        Judd– Yeah, but it was for show, so they don’t think we are together.
        Elissa–You don’t have the right to cuss at me.
        Judd–I couldn’t tell you; I wanted you to be really mad.

    • Comments (15)

      while both threw low blows and got personal, it was amazing that Amanda ‘didn’t do anything’. such denial!! she never sees herself in the wrong. most of the season she’s been talking about HGs, been a bully, and talking in the DR about how many HGs she’s gotten rid of and how stupid everyone else is. cant wait to see her face when she finds out the fans put her on the block twice. gotta say she did try to talk to aaryn about her racist remarks in the beginning. aaryn didn’t see it. if she had continued to be strategic instead of being vindictive, she wouldnt’t be in place she is now.

  12. Comments (6)

    I would love to see Amanda and Andy go tonight…can’t wait.

  13. Comments (302)

    There is no way I want Andy to make it to the final two … but I would love to see him squirm and cry and beg for his life for a week instead of the brief time of a double eviction. But since Ratboy is my least favorite player in the house I’m getting greedy. Better to get him out now.

    • Comments (120)

      Why can’t anyone in that HOUSE see what a RAT ANDY IS.

      I do think Elissa is on to him since the HELEN EVICTION.

      Please get rid of this RAT.

      AMANDA MCREA & ANDY I do not care in which order after Amanda.

      • Comments (50)

        1). Thanks for not using all CAPS.
        2). I think he’s SO GOOD at being the rat that he totally has Mcranda fooled. He’s proven his loyalty with voting Helen out. Plus, Amanda is SO delusional about being a “good” person in this game that she can’t even fathom one of her closest allies would turn on her.
        3). Spencer, Judd and GM are ok with him being a rat because he’s on their side.
        4). Elissa can probably see he’s a rat, but right now it doesn’t matter because she has no proof. Andy will just tell Mcranda that he’s lying to Spencer and telling him what he wants to hear.

  14. Comments (45)

    I would like Production to start making subtle suggestions to Andy in the DR about keeping Amanda. If they keep pressing the issue maybe he will do it. Then Elissa Mccrae and Amanda can take over and rule the house!!

    • Comments (316)

      That is fine by me. I’ll just be glad Perverted Spencer goes away!

    • Comments (207)

      Casey i somewhat like that idea! Minus Amanda. Problem with that is Elissa will be in the same situation if Amanda and McCrae dont figure out Andy. But Amanda and GM are the two i want out fast. People are forgetting what a racist P– she is! I can still hear her laughing at Aaryns racist comments! For me that puts her ahead of Amanda on my s— list.

      • Comments (407)

        No NancyW, I’m not forgetting GM’s remarks and she has made so many more this week about Elissa and even her son. She is such a lowlife and I for one do not want her rewarded for her racist remarks and actions on this show. I am sure Elissa is not aware of all that GM has said or she may have thought twice about doing GM’s hair. When these contestants get home and watch all the comments that have been made about them, they will probably never want to see these people again.

  15. Comments (6)

    I can’t believe Elissa flipped and it looks supsious since immediately after being called to the DR, she walked out and flipped???? I’am waiting til tonight to believe it’s not an act. I know production wants to keed the show exciting but I didn’t know they would go to the extent of throwing the outcome. I hope I’am wrong!!

    • Comments (682)

      That is what happened when Elissa nominated McCrae and Aaryn. She went into DR and when she came out she said she made a mistake and became obsessed with backdooring Amanda.

  16. Comments (34)

    There is no way Amanda and McCrae will ever stay together for very long after this! If, by some chance they do, they both deserve whatever kind of hell is in store for them. But I have a feeling McCrae has now served his entire purpose as far as Amanda is concerned and he will see a lot more of her true colors after this show is over…….and they both walk away with nothing.

    • Comments (26)

      It’s sad because I think he actually really likes her, but I can’t see her wanting to be with him in the real world when she can’t use him for anything.

      • Comments (233)

        McCrae used her, too, as a huge shield, so he had safety without really having to do anything. The few times he tried to carry out one of their lame scenarios (Threaten Everyone So They Vote with Us), he bumbled and stumbled and was very transparent.

        The latest scenario – Amanda as Victim – was doomed from the first minute. She – cannot – shut – her – mouth! I think they had so much success early on with their strategies, that they didn’t even notice when everybody was finally on to them and over them.

      • Comments (120)

        I cannot for them both to go. And the Rat ANDY as well.

  17. Comments (1)

    I am the last one on the planet to cheer for Amanda. She’s a bit of a sk**k.

    But let’s be honest. If she goes then the rest of the game will be a cure for insomnia.

  18. Comments (2)

    Team GM baby! She might be a bit slow, but she’s by far my favorite this year with her craziness! GINAMARIE ALL THE WAY BABY!

    • Comments (120)

      I just wish GM did not buy into RACIST Aaryn’s statements. She would

      have been better off without that stigma attached to her.

      • Comments (407)

        tara, I don’t think GM actually “bought” into Aaryn’s racism, she is just as bad as Aaryn. GM has actually gotten worse lately and I think Aaryn may have realized what she had done and tried to tone it down quite a bit before she was evicted. Neither should be rewarded for their comments and actions.

  19. Comments (316)

    What was the name of that guy a few seasons back in the banana suit? I liked him I hope he gets picked for AllStars 2.

  20. Comments (528)

    Basically if Elissa votes to keep Amanda the show is 100% rigged, no if ands or buts. Something clearly underhanded went on there.

    • Comments (50)

      Not necessarily. Maybe they asked her questions that gave her an idea to team up with Mcranda. But I have to admit that this is Elissa’s BEST chance at going farther right now. She needs an alliance. Even if Amanda leaves, hopefully McCrae will not be stupid enough to believe Andy’s lies. This gives Elissa the chance to work with him. The Exterminators wanted Elissa out almost as much as McCrae, even before she struck this deal with Amanda. Plus, this has a good chance of outing Andy for the rat that he is! His name will be mud in the Jury House since he’s evicted Amanda and Helen. People might be happy with him turning on Amanda, but they won’t be happy to find out that he sabotaged half their plans earlier in the game.

  21. Comments (1)

    amanda first then andy

  22. Comments (64)

    I am looking forward to tonight’s Double Eviction!!!!! I agree that once Amanda leaves, it will be boring with the people left. This season has me watching for all the wrong reasons. It’s frustrating.

    Hope CBS airs some jury drama…If time allows it. I always enjoyed those segments.

    Last night I actually felt bad for Amanda during the POV. As nasty as shes been, the human part of me felt bad for her. She seems to really be into McCrae and believes this is a real thing. I never believed in Brenchel and now they’re married. So…if McCranda end up together, I’d actually follow their journey in the real world…. Just outta sheer curiosity.

    I’m grasping for something to hold on to this season, I guess.

    • Comments (651)

      During Julie’s interview neither mother was happy about the showmance and that was before Demanda’s disgusting behavior–killing other HGs, sex in every room, onion crotch, etc etc etc.

      Can you see Demanda sitting down to Sunday Supper with McStinky’s mid-west family? Maybe she’ll lean over and pick his nose at the table as any good girlfriend would (LMAO). Or how about meeting McStinky’s friends who have watched this supposed BB SuperFan lay around 20 hours a day and throw his game away.

  23. Comments (52)

    I personally hope that Elissa is just playing Amanda so that she wouldn’t have to put up with the constant nagging and personal attacks from Amanda this week – and – that after last night’s issues between McRae and Amanda that EVERYONE votes to evict Amanda tonight.

    But, that’s just because I’d love to see the look on her face when she realizes everyone has turned on her (especially since I won’t get to see the look on her face when she goes home and finds out how America really saw her this summer).

    However, I think you’re prediction is pretty spot on Beans (like it always is).

    By the way – thanks for running this blog. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with the show with the posts here, and, I’ve enjoyed the back and forth “what if” banter on the reply boards.

  24. Comments (64)

    I’m looking forward to finale night. I want to see people explain their behavior. I want to see people square off!

  25. Comments (3)

    I don;t think it will go that way, I think that if Mcrae doesn’t win HOH then he will be the one going home, then Elissa will go if she doesn’t win.

  26. Comments (98)

    Amanda and then Andy. It’s been a snooze fest all season so another few days w/o Amanda gone won’t matter.

  27. Comments (124)

    Question BB fans| if Amanda provoked GM last night and GM swung and hit her CBS/BB would have to kick her out, right? What would happen then at thurs eviction with a 2-2 tie and no HOH???

    • Comments (11)

      GM would break the tie.

    • Comments (624)

      Perhaps some caveat in that circumstance that says the person that was on the block (McCrea) would not vote for this ceremony?

      • Comments (624)

        Or word it that the POV holder will not be voting under this circumstance?

        Or they could just say, “whatever Amanda decides what the house should do”. lol

    • Comments (15)

      With all Amanda did and purposed try to hurt Elissa thinking she was listening behind that door. Luckily she wasn’t hurt. I am starting to wonder myself about this game since Amanda Had her own show. )look her up on youtube she was like a reporter for some show.

  28. Comments (98)

    I meant with Amanda gone won’t matter.

  29. Comments (624)

    I think the best thing Elissa and GM could do is form an airtight 2 person alliance, from now until end of the season. This late in the game, these larger alliances are too big to remain stable for longer than a handful of days (if that) and you never know who’s working both sides of the fence (*ahem* Andy). Instead they can recruit a token floater for the week’s events for whatever the plan is for that given week.

  30. Comments (7)

    We’re having big lightning storms, I will be PISSED if we lose power and I don’t get to see the show tonight.

  31. Comments (226)

    Anyone check out jokers today? Their behavior seems real funky! They must know about the DE-

  32. Comments (6)

    Let’s hope for the BEST tonight- We need Amanda and Andy OUT TONIGHT!!!!!!!

  33. Comments (23)

    If McCrae doesn’t vote Amanda out tonight after the talking to she gave him last night he’s crazy!

  34. Comments (61)

    I just want Andy GONE!!! If Andy thinks McCrae is going to buy His Lies about it being Elissa who backed of their Deal He is much More Ignorant than even I thought!!! With Andy spending All his time in the HOH Room with everyone else & Elissa Always with Amanda No way will McCrae fall for Andy’s Lies at least He Better NOT!!! I want it to go that Andy is the 2nd Gone in the Dbl Evict!!!I know it is practically written in stone that Amanda is leaving =D However the attacks on Elissa for trying to hook-up with McCranda by the remaining HG’s are Very Unfair!!! She is Not stupid enough to just sit around with people who talk about Her in such a Vulgar & Disgusting manner the moment She walks out the room laughing about how they are going to backdoor Her during the dbl ecivt, NOT!!! At least McCranda gave Elissa a kernel of Hope that they would work with Her. What other choice does She have, the name of the Game is to work with each other???
    1) Amanda goes to Jury!!!
    2) McCrae Wins HOH & sends the “RAT Boy” Andy to Jury!!!(He is NO Man, Men Do Not act the way He does especially when they are supposed to be Professors Teaching & preparing Young Adults for their Futures)
    3) Elissa, McCrae & Judd form a F3 Deal =D
    4) Elissa Wins HOH Guaranteeing Her a spot in the F3 & puts up Spencer & GM!!!(Do Not turn on another Female in such a Vulgar & Disgusting way especially when Elissa was willing to do a F3 with Her & Judd, I guess You chose the wrong Alliance GM)
    5) The begging begins when the “Exterminators” are being exterminated themselves ha ha ha =D =D =D Spencer or GM go to Jury!!!
    6) The Final Stage of BB15 Begins =D
    7) Elissa Wins Part #1 HOH (everyone can play at this point)
    8) Judd & McCrae duke it out in Part #2 =D
    9) The Winner Faces-Off With Elissa for the Win to opportunity to choose Who You will take to the F2 =D
    10) Elissa Wins BB15 $500,000, Judd Wins $50,000 & McCrae Wins America’s Vote $25,000 =D =D =D
    Well that is My Scenario Hope You’all Like it =D btw wanted to say I have Loved interacting with All You Wonderful, Fun & Exciting People here on this BB15 Thread & Very Much Look forward to seeing Everyone here next time for BB16 =D =D =D
    + A Special Shout-Out to Beans for doing such a Super dee Duper Job!!! ++ Extra Special Wishes to You & your Family that All goes Well <3

  35. Comments (610)

    Can hardly wait to see tonight’s show (should be a doozy), but we’re having thunderstorms here, which is highly unusual for this area & this time of year. Hope we don’t lose power/cable tonight!

  36. Comments (13)

    I’m confused why would Elissa vote to keep Amanda

  37. Comments (79)

    Why in god’s name would Elissa vote for Spencer instead of Amanda? Stop using your donation money on weed stevebeans.

    • Comments (682)

      For the past few days Elissa has made a pact with McCrae and Amanda. Even gave Amanda her wedding rings as collateral to prove she will vote to evict Spencer. They also think Andy will vote to evict Spencer.

      We’ll find out soon enough.

  38. Comments (5)

    I had this little daydream where I was thinking, wouldn’t it be so funny if someone made a deal with McC to keep him as long as he voted out Amanda? Then if EVERYONE votes Amanda out it would be te funniest eviction ever! Bc when Julie comes on and says by a vote of 4-0, Amanda would get this huge grin on her face thinking she was staying bc she couldn’t fathom McC turning and then hearing “Amanda, you are evicted from the bb house” the look on her face would be the best thing all season.. Lol not going to happen.. But a girl can dream..

  39. Comments (1)

    I hope andy goes after Amanda, cause I want to see him cry !!!! oh , but he will do that anyway when he votes Amanda out just like he did with everyone else he voted out of the house. GET THE TISSUES READY BB

  40. Comments (30)

    I’m afraid the President will speak tonight @ 8: 00 Central time about Syria…..I heard that earlier today….hope it’s not true…..

  41. Comments (30)

    Help me understand.Got home late last night was at a Hospice Center with my nephew…stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Started watching BBAD that I taped, saw the arguments between GM & Amanda, guys laughing…spineless boys BUT practically all of the dialogue was cut off so you can never figure out what they are all saying. To top it off Judd is still slurring his words. Is this intentional guys, does he have a speech impediment, why did he turn against Elissa? I need some kind of deversion right now, even a little laugh. This show made me sick..I’ve watched BB since Season 1. I don’t know if I’ll be returning,its not the same show anymore. These guys are not MEN they are MICE!!!!! Most of the women,excluding Elissa,Jessie,and Helen are not LADIES.

  42. Comments (17)

    Let the countdown begin!!!

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