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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Predictions


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Before I begin my predictions, the highlight of the feeds last night was at 11:53pm.  Helen said she was going to go down in 5 minutes, and a random ‘That’s what she said’ appeared over the speakers.   That line never gets old, and I love when production has a random sense of humor.

I guess it’s pretty sad when the highlight of the feeds was a random line over the speakers, but meltdown aside, it’s been that type of week.  Watching the CBS episode of Big Brother last night reminded me of the big moves Andy could have made this week, and reminded me how sad I am that a perfect opportunity was wasted.   I said in my last post, you can’t blame Jessie for at least trying, and she’ll be leaving the house as one of the few girls this season who can show their face in public when it’s over.

Another comment on the episode and the week, it’s funny listening to Helen, McCrae and Andy talk about their secret alliance considering what they’re saying is 100% true.   It’s just too bad only 33% of that alliance actually believes it.  Even a bitter jury would vote for Amanda over Andy, McCrae or anyone else, simply because she’s played a great game whether you like her or not.  To be able to control the house like she does without winning any challenges is impressive.  Sure, she does say a lot of dumb things, and has grown more annoying over the season, but she is a good player.

When you consider her ability to even take others ideas and claim them as her own, I can’t see how she’d lose in the finals.  Look at the veto competition thing, she basically went ahead and took full credit for ‘the plan’, but McCrae had a large part in it as well.  He was the one who brought up the competition, and mentioned folding each round.  Amanda took it, made it her plan and got upset when Spencer didn’t follow along with it.   It’s certainly an ‘evil dick’ bully tactic, but you know what?  It’s working and working really well on this house.

The sad part of it all, if and when Amanda wins, there is about a 5% chance of her and McCrae staying together.  If he is content with going to the final 2 with her, good for him, but hopefully he’s content with 2nd place.  This isn’t a Jeff/Jordan, Brendon/Rachel situation where they’re both ‘winners’ because they remain together.  I think there is a bigger chance Helen and Elissa will hook up than there is McCrae/Amanda staying together when the season is over, but who knows?  Maybe I’m wrong?

Anyway, here are the easy predictions for tonight:

Aaryn – Jessie
Amanda – Jessie
Elissa – Jessie
GinaMarie – Jessie
Helen – Jessie
McCrae – Jessie

Another vote, another unanimous outcome.  It’s kind of getting old.  At this point, I don’t know who I want to win HoH tonight. Who has the potential to create the biggest waves next week? Jessie was probably the only one, but she’ll be in jury.

One thing I can guarantee, Jessie won’t be on the block next to Spencer next week…


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    • Comments (407)

      Even if true (Amanda friends with producer), it likely only means she had an ‘easy in’ on the show, just like Elissa did because of her connections.

      • Chucklestheclown
        Comments (302)

        Yeah Steve – These conspiracy theories are growing tiresome. Big deal Amanda has a friend on the staff … I’m no fan of how CBS has handled this season but c’mon .. do you really think they’d slant the entire game for Amanda, risking that no one on the staff would spill the beans, just to get her the win and put their reputation on the line? Hey, I don’t doubt they’ve done a few things to try to help more interesting or controversial characters last longer in this game .. but hard to believe the fix is in for one contestant. But, of course, ever since the Supreme Court & the state of Florida fixed it for George Bush to become president … I have to admit there’s always that slight possibility.

      • Comments (1162)

        Casting’s Troubled Waters –

        Did Amands’s “easy in” include CBS/BB selecting weak-willed wussy HGs who
        would likely make her an “easy winner” as well?

      • Comments (610)

        Excellent pont MM…time will tell, right?!

      • Comments (651)

        Steve why is Amanda always talking about her friends in production…go to fishy…

      • Comments (610)

        Yes, please tell us stevebeans…that is kinda fishy (no pun intended)

    • Comments (53)

      anyone bored of where bb15 is going, can always watch bb Canada hands down one the best big bb i’ve seen right down to the end.

      filled with lies, betrayal, twist, and game changing mistakes that changed everything! personally im really mad about the finale rule lol

      my bb15 last post the underdogs have fallen

  2. Comments (34)

    It’s too bad that Helen is falling for that fake alliance between her, Andy, and Mcrae. When she brought up the possibility of taking out Amanda earlier (at 6 left) Mcrae was like YES, SURE! That should have been a red flag…. I know he’s been vocal-ish about trying to hold Amanda back and he’s said that being attached to her could hurt his game. But if you watch them together (which I’m assuming Helen isn’t blind….) you can tell that they’ll be 100% together until the end. It’s frustrating that Helen can’t see that! Even if she thinks Mcrae would want Amanda out eventually don’t you think he’d at least be SLIGHTLY hesitant? The fact that he’s like “Yeah, definitely, let’s get rid of her sooner” and getting away with it is crazy to me..

    • Comments (1446)

      Helen dug her own grave when she decided it was “too early” to take Amanda out when the MVP put her up two weeks in a row.
      Yuck – almost as bad as a McCrae/Amanda final two would be an Andy/Aaryn final two…the rat against the bigot, who would they choose? Could be Aaryn, because all of them seem to have forgotten how horrible she really was the first 4 weeks.
      Anyone catch the “skin fest” last night on BBAD? No, not nudity, but Amanda(mostly), Jessie and GM sitting round plucking and squeezing zits. Amanda also spent time plucking hairs from McCrae and then sat around pulling belly button lint out and pulling out her own stomach hairs. And, as usual it all just ended up on various couches and beds. Oh, and after that, Amanda went to the HOH room and was eating chips from a bag, licking every finger each time and then reinserting said fingers back into the bag for more. And I never saw ONE of them wash their hands afterwards. These are the most grotesque people ever.

      • Comments (624)

        I cannot stand people who suck their fingers when they eat. Get a damn napkin.

        Sticking hands back in the bag after licking them is just proper nasty. That’s akin to Spencer/MC doing a ball scratch and going in for a chip. Pour some chips into a personal bowl if you must eat like an animal.

      • Comments (302)

        Very funny Big Papi – I have a hard tie watching the feeds sometimes because I get so annoyed with the way some of them eat. Andy has to constantly have something in his mouth and his sippy sip sipping drives me crazy. Ditto for the ones that eat with their mouths open. Maybe I’m the one with the problem because it bugs me so much.

      • Comments (624)

        UFF I know! Andy does an open mouth chew as well as his other neanderthal behaviors.

      • Comments (407)

        Big Papi, Andy’s eating habits make me sick to my stomach too. I will probably never buy another bag of Skittles or M&M’s. While Amanda was getting ready for her “wedding” she was chomping so loud I could hardly even hear what she was saying. Her microphone was picking up her chewing more than her talking.

      • Comments (624)

        Me personally, if I were a BB houseguest, I would NOT eat anything that didn’t come from an unopened container. For reasons just like above.

      • Comments (610)

        I saw that too & it was disgusting. It was such a slow night on BBAD that was all they could show?

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        I agree Jannie. I know they are cognisant of when BBAD is on so I don’t get why they didn’t do all that grooming at a different time. Yuck.

      • Comments (768)

        Last year the houseguests would actually make an effort to entertain us when they knew BBAD was on.

      • Comments (651)

        What do you expect from someone who says her crotch smells like onions?

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (624)

        All it takes is a little VaporRub on your upper lip to cover up the smell. Just sayin’….

        Not that I would…EWWW

      • Comments (233)

        I cannot watch them eating or ‘grooming’. The most disgusting personal hygiene I’ve ever seen. Good grief.

      • Comments (624)

        Last night had more zit popping than a junior high bathroom. Freaking DISGUSTING. I’d rather look at fish.

      • Comments (68)


      • Comments (624)

        I did like the clip with Jessie opening her toga to attach her battery pack. She has some meat on her bones, but very cute.

  3. Comments (44)

    “One thing I can guarantee, Jessie won’t be on the block next to Spencer next week”. This is kinda sad, because its so true.

    • Comments (302)

      I wish Jessie would have kept going down swinging instead of following Amanda’s advice and apologizing to everyone. I was loving her scorched Earth approach. She still has a chance to put a stamp on this very tiresome season on her way out tonight and maybe sway America to get her back in the game. Listening to Helen continue to bash Jessie to the others questioning her emotional stability saying she “feels sorry for her as a person” is despicable game play … similar tactics she used on Howard. I would really like to see her go next. Sadly Jessie was listening outside the door as the rest made fun of her … that would be a heart breaking moment for anyone. While you clowns are making fun of Jessie … Millions of us viewers are making fun of you.

  4. Comments (34)

    Side note: I hope they show some of the drama and fighting tonight! I don’t have the live feeds and they didn’t show anything on BBAD (at least the ones I’m watching which seem to be delayed by a day) very weird..

  5. Comments (302)

    As much as I despise it I understand Andy’s “No Blood on my hands” gameplay. He’s sitting right on the middle of the Big Brother fence apparently not the target of either side just yet. But living in floaters paradise makes you a bigger target at some point as people realize they’d much rather be up against Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, Gina Marie or Helen in the finals than a supreme butt kisser. I just read Andy’s HOH BLOG – – Just as Helen thinks the BB Universe revolves around her, Andy apparently thinks he’s been the one mainly responsible for all the evictions. Maybe to some small degree because the little ratfink reports everything he hears to Queen Amanda. But here’s the quote that kills me from Andy on his HOH win: “Being able to make my mark on the house in an overt manner is something my game really needs, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’m about to accomplish.” Yeah, sure Andy, as overt as every other HOH that has gone along with whatever the house wants. What a grand accomplishment – put the two weakest players left in the game on the block … the only strategy these pea brains can muster in BB15. I agree with Andy on one point – it’s amazing no one has caught on that he is a DEFCON 1 Weasel.

  6. Comments (30)

    It would be funny if Andy turned out to be legitimately licensed in the state of CA to perform weddings….and McCry & the ‘she-beast’ actually WERE ‘hitched’. IF she wins, he could immediately divorce her & take half of her winnings. Based on what we’ve heard about Spencer’s ‘fondness’ for toddlers…..I’m surprised HE didn’t conduct the ceremony. The guy seems cut out for the priesthood.

  7. Comments (85)

    this is one of the worst, most predictive bunch of high school children BB has ever had on this show. I have been watching this show since it came on and this one is sooo weak. the best part so far this year was when aaryn got all racially motivated (at least it was entertaining and now CBS has that disclaimer!) They really need a more diversified age and background group in there, thats when the best shows really do happen.

    • Chucklestheclown
      Comments (302)

      The incredible part is that Aaryn & Gina Marie just keep it up. You’d think by now Producers would have made an impression on them in the Diary Room to knock it off. Aaryn says that Candice’s two moms must be embarrassed by the way their daughter acted in the Big Brother house. Oh my! Payback is going to be a B*tch when this show is over(Amanda you may want to take notes on this).

      • Comments (610)

        Yep, they are still at it. Earlier today on another blog Aaryn asked Jessie to not let Candice “continue to slander her name in the Jury House”. Aaryn, that ship has sailed and it has all the flim and audio.

      • Comments (85)

        i was totally horrified by they way that treated candice and howard. and I have to say that candice and howard are class acts. I would have punched aaryn right in the face!

      • Comments (86)

        I seen a video on you tube that shown how much if a racist Amanda truly is. She shown no one any mercy. It was worse than ANYTHING Aaryn or Kaitlin have said. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three of them lock themselves in a house for real.

      • Comments (85)

        she is a beauty till she opens her mouth. but i don’t think she is actually a racist, like all out KKK person or anything, i think she is just very immature, naive and insensitive to other peoples feelings. even in saying that, I still would have punched her in the face haha

    • Comments (651)

      High school is giving them too much credit for maturity. These are middle school at best. They are all acting like 13 year old Mean Girls.

      • Comments (610)

        I was thinking the same thing Jackie…they are more like middle schoolers, including potty mouths.

  8. Comments (302)

    stevebeans – I can’t agree your assessment that “Even a bitter jury would vote for Amanda over Andy, McCrae or anyone else.” We’ve seen time and time again where superior game play was trumped on reality shows by bitter juries. I can’t imagine this pitiful group voting with their heads and rewarding the best game play. They have proven time and time again by voting powerless players out that they are incapable of rational thought.

    • Comments (528)

      Except this jury would have nothing to bitter about other than their own stupidity. Unlike Dan, who lied to people’s faces, swore on the bible and stabbed them in the back, Amanda could not be making it more clear to these utter morons that she is in control of them and intends to send them to the jury house one-by-one. They’re the ones who are too stupid to take opportunities they have been given on a silver platter to get her out and that’s their fault, not Amanda’s. they would have NOTHING to be bitter about.

      If Amanda makes it to the final two, these people would have no one to blame but themselves.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m with you Sadie on Amanda’s game play … I just don’t think the houseguest would blame their own stupidity on themselves … they’d blame people like Amanda from bringing out the stupidity in them. If Amanda & Aaryn are the last standing .. my guess is that someone like Helen would be bitter that Amanda outplayed her and vote for Aaryn. But you might be right.

      • Comments (85)

        i agree they are too dumb and immature to see it any other way. Either way, I think McCrae is going to win this year.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree with you Jaded. I think the remaining houseguest will realize they need to break up McCrae and Amanda and foolishly choose to dump Amanda. If he can make it to the final 3 I think McCrae wins HOH and is smart enough to know who to take with him to the final vote.

  9. Comments (12)

    I really would like Elissa or Helen to win HOH because that would shut a lot of people and their “big moves” down. I really think Elissa is the only person who would put AM and Mc on the block together because no one else has the balls to do it!

  10. Comments (96)

    I think I want Spencer to be HOH. He seems like the only one that will put up Helen and Amanda together. Let them battle it out.

  11. Comments (21)

    Boring season

  12. Comments (21)

    Almost every season of survivor and big brother the juy votes for the nice person, not so much the strategic player. If what Helen said to manda is anywhere remotely true , Amamda will will

    • Comments (302)

      I completely agree Ludi. Look at Survivor contestant Russell Hantz who played a far superior game to everyone and found three immunity idols without any clues. He even convinced a player to give him his immunity idol one season. If you were going on game play Hantz should have been a unanimous decision. But instead bitter contestants shut him out in the finals.

  13. Comments (80)

    Hoping for a good HOH comp and winner to come out of tonight’s episode. *crossing my fingers*

  14. Comments (45)

    Big brother twist?

  15. Comments (34)

    i am really hoping that Judd, Candice and Jessie will compete to re-enter the house. One of them returning and earning HOH would be about the only thing that could shake up this boring season. Those three (Jessie probably more than the other two) have figured out who the rats are and are quite possibly the only one’s with enough sense and courage at this point to put Helen and Amanda up and get one of them out!

  16. Comments (401)

    The “sad part” is that Amanda and McCrae won’t stay together? Who cares?!

  17. Comments (487)

    The only reason I have to watch tonight’s show is to see if Jessie gives speech that puts the HGs on notice that the only person who would get her vote already left the game and his name is Nick. Ginamarie’s head will explode!

  18. Comments (528)

    I just fast forwarded through two hours of BBAD of the houseguests putting on and then removing makeup.

    These people suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  19. Comments (17)

    how pissed was GM for Andy not mentioning her love for nick (couple) at the wedding (AMANDAS TRAP)so sad because this was the only way Amanda can get a man — poor Mc he cant get away from her.. she will beat his ass

    • Comments (624)

      Well at least until Momma finds out her son-in-law to be isn’t Jewish. All he’s gotta do is wear a nice big cross necklace.

      • Comments (651)

        Momma’s had to watch her sweet little skank pick his nose, clean his ear wax, have sex with him, have sex with him while on her period, and give him bj’s and have sex without him showering after the period sex. She’s seen him pick his scabs and eat them. She can listen to Demanda tell him he stinks and then give him a bj. And then she can hear her daughter say her crotch smells like onions.

        I think McMinute not being Jewish is the least of her concerns.

      • Comments (624)

        HAHAHA! That should about do it.

      • Comments (195)

        omgosh Jackie that was just too funny and gross at the same time to read lol. The sad thing too is it is all true!

  20. Comments (55)

    I think Amanda and McCrea should be put up together. If Helen and Amanda go up together, Helen would go home for sure. We could have a little entertainment with Amanda and McCrea as long as neither of them got POV.

  21. Comments (610)

    Has anyone else noticed how often Helen uses the word “like” in every sentence now? I doubt that she would normally use it, especially as a political consultant, but now it’s like, ridiculous, like let me tell you like this is how it should go down, like… argghhh, gag me! And McRae does it too. Doesn’t anyone know how to communicate in that house?! OK done with my rant, thanks for listening.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well, “like,” you’re welcome.

      : )

    • Comments (302)

      marie2, like, I totally, like, agree with you. Like, I think in poker terms, like, this is Helen’s, like, “Tell”. You may notice, like, whenever she is, like, trying to be deceptive or like lying her LIKE meter goes into overload.

      • Comments (610)

        @BoredNow, the lying and LIKE meter overload is totally correct, lol. I doubt that she is even aware of it. But as you said, it is very telling (oops, sorry the pun slipped out).

    • Comments (651)

      Ok ok Helen is a lobbyist like ok ok which is like different from a political consultant like Ok ok.

      • Comments (610)

        Hee hee, Jackie, until you put in the OK’s, I hadn’t picked up on Helen’s use of “OK”. Can we all get a nickel for every OK or Like said in the house?! We’d all be rich, lol!

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie, If you want to get sick to your stomach google Youtube Helen Kim. You can watch 18 minutes of her interview before she went into the BB house. She never used the work “like”, but instead it was “you know” over and over. She constantly flips her hair, talks about her career working on political campaigns for the past 12 years and said her husband is an engineer. The part I love is how she said she needed to keep her reputation…that’s already gone in my books and that the BB player she hates is RACHEL. Wow…wonder if she bothered to tell Elissa that? She also said she has no time or respect for floaters! Just watching her actions sickened me. I think she is very conceited.

  22. Comments (1)

    While I agree Amanda might be a good player *for this season*, it isn’t saying much. She pales in comparison to players like Dan, Willie, and even Janelle (who wasn’t a finale winner, but a damn good player nonetheless).

    First of all, she’s HORRIBLE on the block. She doesn’t exactly fight for herself so much as she scares the bejesus out of everyone, which I don’t see as an actual skill, since she’s not exactly doing it on purpose. If it were all a show, a calculated measure, then I’d say she’s made strong choices, but this is her natural state of being in that kind of situation, so I wouldn’t exactly call it skill or good strategy.

    She’s also never actually won anything when she’s had to. She uses force, manipulation, and sheer good luck once someone else wins, which is her only calculated smart move. Even then, if she’s not careful, it’s going to bite her in the ass.

    She’s already spilled the entire plan to Jessie, knowing she’s going home. If she keeps only looking out for number one and throwing her alliance under the bus just for a jury vote (ala Andy to Jessie), she’s going to majorly piss people off.

    Good player for the season of sheep? Okay. Good player in general? No way.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Karen, Amanda is not even close to being a Janelle or Dan or any of the other top players. It seems many of the strategic ideas have initially started with McRae & she just takes over & takes full credit for them. Typical bully behaviors.

  23. Comments (6)

    I don’t even watch the show now because it is so boring! I enjoy this site and all of the comments a lot more! They couldn’t have picked a more boring cast for this season!

    • Comments (1162)

      100% Correct –

      CBS/BB must have staffers reading BB blogs. So far I have not found a single
      blog where the majority posting don’t agree with your comment about the casting
      for BB15 and most include major criticism for the same old, tired format, too.

    • Comments (610)

      One would think the BB producers or whomever would be scanning the blogs (as Midwest Middie mentions) and maybe get a clue how the viewers feel about the season and make the applicable changes (hopefully ASAP) to redeem what’s left of the season. I have seen some really great ideas/suggestions on this particular blog that would improve the show right now. But then maybe CBS/BB has their heads in the sand?

  24. Comments (1162)

    Julie needs to play the game, “Who said?” with the HGs, but instead of using
    silly quotes, she should use the secretive behind closed doors quotations of the HGs
    and let the BB Game begin …………

  25. Comments (28)

    I would really like to see a big change for next year – as mentioned before, this is all too predictable.

    Maybe they should have 21 contestants, in 3 segregated ‘houses’ or call them ‘apartments’. (7 in each ‘cell’). They don’t really get to interact with the other groups, and the first two have/have not competitions are house against house, so either you all eat, or you are all on slop (bad mood in that house!). Each cell has to nominate 2 people for eviction, and the crazy part? After week 1 (huge shake up) the guest are randomly re-distributed amongst the 3 ‘cells’. In week 2 (when 2 out of 6 houseguests in each cell are nominated) the division evaporates (so all 18 are now playing together – whole house, OR perhaps one cell is just divided, 1 nominee and 2 players go to each of the remaining 2 groups…

    The whole point is that they start with smaller groups right from the get go, maybe even let all 21 live together for a week, wondering why there are not nominations, and letting America get to know more about each player, because 21 is a LOT of players to keep track of.

    When they finally play all as a group – do they stick to house alliances? Jump ship? And the first week that the whole house joins together there should not be an HOH. America should nominate the players, who can play for veto, but America also gets to choose the replacement nominee.

    I just want a radical departure from what is happening now. I know this may not be the best idea, but I have plenty of others – so why is there nothing new from production?

    • Comments (610)

      sounds similar to Survivors’ tribes…that could be interesting.

      How about sending a few people, randomly, to jury earlier in the season & some of the longer playing people don’t get to jury, they’re just out of the game & the HG don’t know that until the end vote time? That way no one is just “playing” to get to jury house? Come on CBS/BB wise up & change things up because everything is way too predictable.

  26. Comments (7)

    The only reason Amanda is “playing a good game” is because she’s surrounded by a bunch of dumb players. Put her in previous houses, and she’d probably be gone already.

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (610)

      Why o why don’t the remaining HGs see the COUPLE (McRanda) as a threat?! Why koolaid have they been drinking?!

      • Comments (407)

        I don’t know what koolaid they’ve been drinking, but I’ve been wondering if maybe they slipped something in Jessie’s to send her over the top? Elissa asking Jessie about taking meds seemed to come out of the blue because I don’t recall anything ever being said about her being on meds. It has been mentioned that Aaryn, GM and Amanda all take something, but not Jessie.

  27. Comments (166)

    Let me point one thing out…If Helen or Elissa or Spencer DO NOT win HOH tonight we’re SCREWED!!!! They are the only ones who would have the brass ones to break up the Meanmanda/McGross duo..bcuz if its Aaryn, Meanmanda, McGross or GM then its over for Helen & Elissa & they’re headed for finale.

    I only hope that for some reason if Aaryn or Meanmanda or GM win (I HATE even saying that) that there is soo much backlash about all their racist comments that they would not receive the check for $500,000..that CBS would donate it to charity..possibly charities such as Autism, mentally challenged, adoption agencies, African American charities(Candice & Howards choice) & gay rights.

    Being on a reality t.v show & saying ALL those things again & again & offending soo many people, you SHOULDN’T be rewarded!!!!!

    CBS if you are reading this, you obviously know that there has to be some kind of consequence for what they said, as viewers we shouldn’t have to watch a favorite program & be submitted to such 1960’s views!!!!!

    • Comments (651)

      CBS can’t not give them the money. It’s not just contractual and they’d get sued but also this a competition on tv so the FCC would go after CBS. While people are saying it’s not true that Demanda was the pre-determined winner. If she does win, you can bet the FCC will be looking into that.

    • Comments (143)

      I hope they don’t, but if they win I sure hope they find a way to screw them out of the money by disqualifying them for the hate speech they used right before they win. Now that would be awesome.

      I remember when there was that former new black panther in season 1 what did cbs say:

      “In the summer of 2000, when CBS first locked people in a fishbowl of a house and televised almost every second of their lives, there was a spate of bad press when a newspaper discovered that a participant had ties to the New Black Panther Party. The network quickly issued a statement that said it “will not tolerate nor permit any hate speech on the program,” called “Big Brother.””

      “In a statement, CBS said that ”we and the producers of ‘Big Brother’ will not tolerate nor permit any hate speech on the program.” But the statement emphasized that ”there has been no hate speech on Big Brother.” This was in reference to Collins in 2000, who had ties to new black panthers but never actually said anything racist while on the show.

      In reference to racism this year

      “As the controversy bubbled up, CBS emphatically said that it did not condone the prejudicial comments. It said the same thing in 2011, the last time there was outrage about hateful words on the show’s Internet stream. But to some viewers, this time felt different.”

      “It was ultimately part of the story in the house,” said Allison Grodner, an executive producer of “Big Brother” since its inception, who has defended the show’s choice to cut out isolated offensive comments in past seasons.”

      “She suggested that “Big Brother” was simply mirroring real life, as ugly as it sometimes is.

      “Your neighbor is probably using racial slurs behind closed doors, no offense to your neighbor,” she said, pausing before adding, “There’s a very important discussion here that people will hopefully have as a result of all this.””

      Ok I get it, when you have a black racist there is no tolerance for hate speech and you will not permit any hate speech. But when you have a jew racist or a white racist, what does Allison say? Well, your neighbour is probably racist so its cool if they are racist on the show, as long as of course that racist is not a black racist. I am not sure who she is trying to villainize here.
      1. Trying to villainize whites and jews by showing them being racist and hiding blacks being racist. Making blacks and hispanics think all whites and jews are racist behind closed doors because hey your neighbour is probably racist even if they are one of the whites or jews speaking out against this.
      2. Trying to villainize blacks, because there is no tolerance and no permittance of black racism or black hate speech, but other groups are in free reign to be racist. It is like she wants to make a certain scenario pop up.

  28. Comments (68)

    Hey, let’s play, “COMMON “ANNOYING” PHRASES OF THE BIG BROTHER 15 HOUSE GUEST!”(these are annoying words or phrases that the house guest constantly use that you hate to hear!!!!)

    I’LL START……



  29. Comments (80)

    Can’t wait for the jury house to chose the winner based on “what the house wants.” I’m already preparing myself for it. >:(

  30. Comments (3)

    Hey if all you idiots are sick of this show maybe you shouldnt watch instead of bitching and moaning all day…amanda is the best player in BB history, even Evil had a daughter to help him…she has controlled the whole house from the jump without winning anything, thats impressive…who cares if she has friends that. Might be fixing it for her to win, its a tv show its meant for entertainment and it has been entertaing besidss all the so called reality shows are fixed…you dont really think millions of people actually vote on american idol, they just pick you they already have contracts with and put them in the finals and pick you they wont, its all fixed people…..and for all you liberal, left wing obama lovers on here i hope gou all rot in hell with the rest of your babie killkng buddies

    • Comments (453)

      WOW Jacksonhole, too much adderal or not enough xanax today? And BTW I am not a liberal. Chill out

    • Comments (166)

      Jacksonhole…I’m thinking you have misinterpreted blogs..we ABSOLUTELY love the BB game..the whole fun about watching BB is to see the good game play, strategy, drama, lying, alliances, many alliances etc…NOT degrading someone who has been adopted, the color of their skin, or personal beliefs, THATS NOT THE GAME!!!!!!!!

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      • Comments (166)


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      Amanda the best player in all of big brother history?!!!!!?? I’m offended lol

      It’s easy to be a good player when all of the other HGs have no brains.

      And I think we can complain and moan all we want, thanks (:

    • Comments (80)

      And why the hell are you bringing politics in to this?!!?!!!

    • Comments (528)

      The Daily Show just did a segment about how psychos on the Internet use whatever forum they can to insert their weird politics (such as here, YouTube, etc) this is just another example.

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Comments (143)

      As an israeli hebrew jew, whining, moaning and bitching all day about things I dislike is my people’s national past time.

      And if you are so right wing, forget watching this show, there are probably no romney voters in that whole house. I am sure Aaryan voted for George Wallace or Lincoln Rockwell jr. And GM is on welfare so she never made it to the voting box. Wouldn’t surprise me if she had a few abortions being 33 and living at home.

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    A friend of mine and I were talking. She doesn’t read blogs, watch lives feeds or BBAD. She didn’t want spoilers. I kept telling her what she sees on Crappy Bull S*** (CBS) is not true it’s edited. When Time Warnet cut CBS signal she finally watched you tube and BBAD. She said she was watching a whole new show. I said yep and um, told you so. I also followed up how cool the people on this blog were and she will get caught up real quick. What am I going to miss when this season is finally over? You guys! Most of the time I don’t have to comment because it’s just what I would have said. Thanks in advance for the laughs!

  32. Comments (343)

    I disagree about Amanda. Really everyone hates her. You think Candice Howard, and Judd are voting for her? Never. The longer she lasts, the more people were hate her — LIKE AMERICA DOES! Play good or not, you don’t always win (See: Survivors Russell Hantz).

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