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Big Brother 15 – Finally, A Veto Result!


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No, I wasn’t out at the beach today or sleeping on the job.  I was playing Civ 5, but still checking the feeds regularly to see if the veto competition started.  It didn’t, until 9pm est!  Before veto competitions, the house is generally tame because people are wondering what to expect, what to do after, etc.  It’s generally the time people say ‘we will just wait to see who wins veto’, and they do wait… and wait… and wait.  At one point the cameras were focused on Andy listening to his music and Amanda pulling earwax from McCrae’s ear.

Anyway, at 11:30pm est, the feeds went back to show the PoV winner:


This is an interesting situation which I will discuss in a minute, but posting this so those staying awake to find out the veto winner will see an update.  Check back for more in a few minutes…

Andy is building himself a little resume now with an HoH win and now a PoV win.  The thing he’s lacking is a big move under his belt.  Sure, he’s had roles in the early blindsides, but nobody cares about them now.  What you do in the second half of the game is what sticks in the minds of the jury.  This is Andy’s big shot for half a million dollars, and I can give you a clue, sending Jessie home is not the right answer.

Should Andy succumb to the pressure of either Helen or Amanda and keep nominations the same and then evict Jessie, this will be a disaster for Big Brother 15, possibly the entire season.  Andy will earn the rank of ‘Adam Status’ as the new worst player ever to make it far in Big Brother.

Letter to future Andy, if you’re googling your name and you’re not a half a million dollars richer when you can read this, I will tell you why.  You likely stuck with nominations, Jessie went home, and either Helen or Amanda won BB15.

Sure, nothing is a guarantee in this game, especially with a bitter jury.  Andy could float his way to the final 2 and win because he’s simply sitting next to a very hated person.  He could also make a big move down the road and build his resume.  That said, with only a handful of opportunities to make a big move, this could be his one big moment.

What should he do?  That’s hard to say, but he should either blindside McCrae, Amanda or Helen.  Kneejerk reaction is to take out McCrae, fully commit to the Helen, Elissa thing and then try to get Helen out somewhere around final 4 or 5.  If Andy makes a big move by getting out McCrae, I think he can beat everyone in the house except for Helen in a final 2 situation.

His other option is to commit to Amanda and McCrae and get Helen out now, but that leaves him in a 3rd wheel situation.  Final 3, he’s competing against 2 people guaranteed in a must-win situation.  He loses, he’s going to be the 9th person on the jury without a shadow of a doubt.  At least aligning with Helen and Elissa, there is still a remote chance of going to final 2 even if they win final HoH.

So I’m going to put up yet another poll, I’m curious what you think he should do this week….

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  1. Comments (682)

    Now we wait to see:
    Does Andy does make a big move?
    Will McCrae take a shower between now and the veto ceremony?

    Time will tell.

    • Comments (651)

      As gross as it is that McCrea doesn’t shower think about the fact that they have had sex and he still hasn’t showered. And now Amanda is not only picking his nose but cleaning out his ear wax. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

      • Comments (682)

        They need a new recording to play “McCrae… Please take a shower!”

      • Comments (302)

        Wow – I haven’t paid enough attention to realize McCrae never showers. But the more I watch BBAD the more I dislike every person in the house. McCrae was extra nasty tonight. It’s loathsome what these people say about each other. Maybe I should just stick to the sanitized CBS cut and it will probably be easier to stomach the BB15 cast.

      • Comments (407)

        On BBAD the other night, Amanda made the remark that “hillbillyish” type don’t take care of themselves…does that mean she considers McCrae a “hillbyish” type??

      • Comments (407)

        OOPS…try that again…hillbillyish.

      • Comments (651)

        But you’ll know you’re not seeing the truth.

    • Comments (12)

      I thought I was the only one thinking that McDum never really showers.. Just a hot dirty mess.. I wonder if the dirt gets on DeMandas hands when she does her nightly hand jobs!!

      • Comments (682)

        I usually avoid the snuggle time with these two but I just couldn’t resist seeing McCrae actually getting into a bathtub.
        I’m beginning to feel sorry for him. Watch 9:04 pm Cam 4. I wonder if his not showering is an attempt to get Amanda to leave him alone.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      Does McCrae not realize that people are watching him? That’s an embarrasment when he gets out the house.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree with you BB Superfan, especially since he delivers food to peoples homes. YUCK!! If I saw him delivering my pizza I would say no thanks!!

    • Comments (13)

      Amanda is always pursing her lips and smacking. I bet its because he tastes as bad as he looks.

  2. Comments (6)

    Oh God Forbid Andy do not keep the nominations the same… I know you want to be all BFFs with everybody in the house BUT MAKE AN INTELLECTUAL MOVE (*cough*Amanda*cough*).

    I think we’d better be sticking to the hopes of flying pigs.

    • Comments (1446)

      Almost 100% sure he will leave noms the same and they will vote out Jessie. Andy is spineless and will do what Amanda wants him to do.
      On BBAD tonight Andy tells Aaryn that he wants final four to be the MAAA alliance.
      But…in some ways it would be smart to take Amanda and Aaryn to the final three – he would win the money, don’t you think?? I doubt he would win against Jessie, Spencer, Elissa or Helen. So even though we can’t stand Aaryn and Amanda, at least Andy is thinking about who he can beat in the final.
      And on a random note – heard last night about Candice’s behavior in the house. Sleeping a lot, not doing her dishes, leaving her stuff laying around, and constantly taking other people’s stuff w/o asking. I liked Candice, but that kind of behavior would bug the livin’ crap out of me! I can see why they wanted her gone. Didn’t like the treatment she got from some, but taking and wearing others clothes and shoes w/o asking? That’s pretty rude.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree Jannie – Andy is much more afraid of upsetting someone who might be a potential jury vote than actually eliminating the biggest threats to vote him out and win the game.
        It would be like a football team at the one yard line ready to score for the lead but they’re afraid there’s too much time left on the clock for the other team to come back.
        We’re all sick of the players who “don’t want any blood on their hands” hoping someone else will do the dirty work for them down the line. This likely is the defining moment for Andy and he’ll let it pass him by. If I was Andy I’d be tempted to try to get McCrae out now and hope the next HOH takes out Helen. Of course with that move comes possibly the worst days of your life ahead living in the house with Amanda.

  3. Comments (30)

    PLEASE… PLEASE…. if there’s a big brother god… BACKDOOR HELEN OR AMANDA !!!!!!!

  4. Comments (8)

    He’s not going to. It’s Andy, he’s so blind he thinks Amanda is queen

  5. Comments (1162)

    Andy Won POV –
    There is no BB Justice!!!!
    – Spencer doesn’t have to worry because Andy assured him that he is safe.
    – Jessie doesn’t have to worry because Andy assured her that she is safe.
    Sorry, Kiddos – Andy lied to one of you because he chose to do “What The House Wants …….”
    Andy will soon have BB blood on his hands!! He is going to be a Mess of Worry!!
    Expect Andy to breakout in Hives. lol

  6. Comments (286)

    With Andy wining Veto you think he might give the Back door Amanda a thought and tell on himself.

  7. Comments (30)

    No balls, no backbone no change

  8. Comments (83)

    He ain’t got the balls to make a big move, he will do what he is told to do, they will send Jessie packing, next will be Spencer, cause there all a bunch of idiots, when there sitting on the jury they will say damn why didn’t I get them mean bitches out when I had the chance, Amanda, GM ,or Aaryn will win this game if stupud ppl don’t wake up.

    • Comments (96)

      I don’t understand why he doesn’t work a secret alliance with Jessie and Spencer for final 3! Hello Andy, Helen and Amanda are going to take you to final 3 but guess what? Then you’re out! Ugh, for someone who plays both sides he is not very smart.

  9. Comments (23)

    Can this season get any worse? Andy reminds me of the Court Jester! He will do what Wicked Queen Amanda wants…vote out Jessie!!! Why even watch anymore? It’s like watching a train wreck…I guess that’s why! Lol!

  10. Comments (1)

    Need Jeremy back in the house so the cake walk for Helen and Amanda will end. Been boring since he left.

  11. Comments (453)

    And once again the queen of ??? walks away win less, brhahahahaha, poor Mcfraid having to deal with the pity party from Amanda.

  12. Comments (651)

    Steve you talked about getting McCrea out. I think that would be a mistake. If you’re going to break up McManda, you don’t want to be in the same house with the Evil Bit*h Queen. Also, McCrea would still be thinking game play and would probably still work with you. I think McCrea would understand.

    • Comments (682)

      Just think about how much fun that would be for us though. An Amanda meltdown would make great TV.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda could build a McCrae Booger Shrine.

      • Comments (651)

        That was my first thought but remember these people have already had to deal with Demanda when she was MVP crazy. And psycho GM. To have to spend a week with Demanda’s out of control attacking everyone. McCrea is the only one who has half a chance of keeping her inline.

        How much can a sane human take? Then again, they brought this on themselves so what the hell.

    • Comments (407)

      The big reason is that Amanda absolutely stinks in competitions and she’s pretty well disliked by a majority of the house and jury.

    • Comments (302)

      Jackie – I agree about how horrifying the days ahead would be for Andy if he voted out McCrae but I think it would be the right move. It would certainly improve his standing if he makes it to the finals and no doubt get him sympathy votes from everyone in the house as Amanda went on the warpath. Aaryn has already said she doesn’t want to vote out Helen … At that point who would be loyal to Amanda? They’d probably all think the Evil Bit*h is finally getting what she deserves. The only jury vote Andy would lose is McCrae but he might win a few by making the move. Andy could also try to work a deal now with Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn & Gina Marie to take over the house. Once Helen’s gone Andy could concentrate on his biggest HOH threat Aaryn.

    • Comments (58)

      I don’t know Jackie, the way she flipped out being up on the block it makes me wonder if McCrap left if she mentally just breaks down and the others would definitly smell blood and start circling. McCrap is her McCrack…. Just a thought

      • Comments (651)

        Do you think an Amanda breakdown would be like a GM breakdown? That she’d go off in a corner and sob for hours? To lose McCrea and realize that everyone lie too HER! And GM would back her because she knows what’s its like to have the love of your life voted off. The two of them raging threw the house?!?!? Sleep with one eye open people or you’ll get your throat slit…

        If there is a hell wouldn’t part of eternal torment be locked away with an angry GM and Amanda?

  13. Comments (30)

    Wish Amanda would lend Andy her balls or pizza boys cause
    she always has her hands on his dragging him around.

  14. Comments (96)

    Come on, Andy, pr

  15. Comments (96)

    Come on, Andy, prove us all wrong and backdoor Amanda or Helen. If he can do that, then I think he deserves to be final 2.

  16. Comments (316)

    Andy should put Helen up she is very annoying.

    • Comments (48)

      For his game I don’t think he needs to put Helen up. Helen has been very true to her alliance with Andy. That is why Amanda is still there because Helen listens to Andy about it not being the time to evict Amanda yet. I think he would go further with Helen than Amanda. Helen is happy about his wins, Amanda will see his wins as a threat to her and McCrae.

  17. Comments (40)

    Yes, I think the best move is to vote out Amanda. It would be horrible to be stuck in the house with her after McCrea is voted out. Although I would be happy to see anyone go at this point but Elissa and Jesse.

  18. Comments (41)

    Andy make a big move, take Spencer off and put Helen up. Let it either wake her up, or get her out. Also lets see if Elissa will try to save Helen, like she did her.

  19. Comments (7)

    I am all for Helen being back doored. She is so loved by the house, she goes around playing counselor to each player. Playing a great social game but is very annoying to watch her doing it…clearly for their love. Andy doesn’t have the guts to do that to Helen but it would be awesome if he proved me wrong. Helen’s face would be a complete: shooockkkerrrr…..

  20. Comments (41)

    Andy…..Andy just asked Aaryn, Why make a move now there is plenty of time….OMG because you can, and you might not get another chance.

    Uuuum…is he thinking he could get all the floaters together…there wont be any left to use there votes to get the real players out.

  21. Comments (1)

    I really, really wish they would backdoor Amanda and get her out of the house. She doesnt deserve to be there.

  22. Comments (16)

    It doesn’t make much sense to backdoor McCrae. He doesn’t have much power without Amanda, and if you take out McCrae, Amanda is going after you. Take out Amanda, however, and you can probably manage to get McCrae to play strategically.

    At this time Andy’s best move by far is to backdoor Helen or Amanda. He’s seen as too sneaky for Helen and Amanda to keep around much longer.

    • Comments (302)

      But it would be much easier for Andy to win in the finals up against Amanda then up against McCrae. If McCrae was out … suddenly Amanda doesn’t look so intimidating to the rest of the house. At that point who would be her strongest ally? While Amanda might go on the warpath .. how many would follow her? I’d guess more would align with Andy or Helen with a majority of the house realizing they wouldn’t win in the finals against Helen because she’s kissed so much ass.

      • Comments (302)

        Wow I really like to waste my free time. Why even speculate what would be the best move for Andy when he’d never make it anyway. It’s just crazy how this house continues to vote out the weakest players. Amanda badgering Andy right now to get Jessie out because if Jessie wins HOH next week she’ll put up Amanda .. and the faint beat goes on. Maybe we should all want another boring week and look at it like a 4th of July fireworks show … the first 30 minutes are so-so .. then the sky lights up the final 5 minutes of the show.

      • Comments (453)

        Amanda wants Jessie out before herself so Jessie doesn’t get a chance to make a move on McCrae.

  23. Comments (233)

    Last night on BBAD, Aaryn croaked, “No one cheered for me when I won HOH or POV…usually the audience cheers, but they didn’t for me”… something like that. Hmmmm…is it beginning to dawn on her that she isn’t America’s BB Princess?

    • Comments (41)

      Yeah…but the bad thing is she thinks its because she is doing others dirty moves and not for her words.

    • Comments (58)

      YUPE!!!! Her own family won’t even write her letters…Doesn’t seem she’s their lil princess either… Her biggest fan in life is herself.

    • Comments (13)

      I feel bad for aaryn. I’m not condoning rasism or anything like that but Amanda, gm & Spencer have said wayyyy worse things and it’s all getting over looked. I’m just saying, shes gonna walk out being the most hated player & it should be someone else.

      • Comments (407)

        I have to disagree with you Jennifer. I do not think Amanda, GM or Spencer is being overlooked by the things they have said and done. Google any one of those names and up pops pages and pages of articles describing them for their actions in the BB house. Amanda, GM and possibly Spencer have lost their jobs due to their time in this house, so I don’t think they are being overlooked at all.

      • Comments (13)

        I meant what people see who only watch the show and not the feeds. Then all the talk shows. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but this whole seasons been terrible. I’m just saying, I hope they don’t single just one person. …side note, watching Family Guy right now & there is more racism & decriminalization in 30 mins than anything on big brother.

  24. Comments (4)

    Back door Amanda already. It makes me sick how much time she has taken over the HOH room.
    Her and McCrae doing God knows what. Dead skin cells, lotions, hair, sweat and McCrae picking his
    Nose. Then they are in the tub. Gross. Amanda’s family will never ever accept him. He’s always so
    Tired all the time. I think he’s seeing the true Amanda.

    • Comments (875)

      Very true, Pizza Boy left his job, so therefore he is now an unemployed Pizza Boy! Go on, and look at the interview with Jeff & Rachael, she even said, “as soon as they are both out of the BB House, their relationship is going to be over.”

      And when BB did the interview with Amanda’s parents, they didn’t look so pleased with the relationship between Amanda & McCrae. McCrae just looks so un-kept, un-clean, and like a slacker…imho.

  25. Comments (26)

    Hey does anyone else feel the “heat” between Andy n Spencer. We all know they both are creepy. I think they have eyes for each other. Yuk
    Can we PLEASE GET rid of GM. Send her to Candy, lets see if she is really so tuff. I bet she will get with Judd the dud and try to continue her verbal bashing on candy. However, Candy will be wiping the floor with that a**.
    this is the way it should go: Amanda, GM, Helen, spencer, aaryn, Andy, McC
    leaving Jessie n E = Jessie bb15 winner

  26. Comments (58)

    I’m curious about something, Amanda was telling McCrap that she would go to jury so he could win the half a mil because they need the money to start their lives in Florida but I thought she already has or comes from money?? Is she just saying that to draw him back into her because honestly his moods are horrible now, he looks miserable ALL the time and he’s even ugly to everyone else in the house. He has a “F” the world attitude. Watching BBAD tonight when she was talkn about Elissa he called her a piece of SH*T

    • Comments (302)

      I think McCrae is just cracking from being attached at the hip to Amanda for most of this game. He really wants to go off on her but has to pull back so he spits out venom about the other houseguest. Amanda is already planning their life after Big Brother and I’m starting to get the feeling that McCrae would rather find a pizza oven to stick his head in(Hey Nick .. there may be room for you too).

    • Comments (19)

      I think it’s funny that Amanda is planning her and McCrae’s life together, because she does not know that when she gets out of the BBH that she has no job and her realtor license in Florida has been rescinded. They are going to need that 500,000, because McCrae cannot support them both delivering Pizza’s, that is if he still has a job.

  27. Comments (19)

    i am a long time big brother watcher and fan and this is my first post.

    candice- sassy b1tch. seriously. you are not fabulous like you think you are. to think she was ever a pagent girl wow… must have been in a previous life because she has gained probably 30 lbs minimum since then. and someone gotta tell her blue eye shadow, makes you look like a skank.

    jessie- gained a ton of weight in the house. the other day she was wearing a blouse or sweater or whatever and it didnt even fit anymore. really sad. with all this time these people may want to think about working out, instead of sitting and eating all freaking day.

    elissa- as annoying as her voice is, and i stand to believe this girl has not had a hard day in her life married to a rich white guy… her body is outstanding. she is the standard of what girls should look like in society today. none of this size 14, 16, 18, + garbage… take notes women. you should strive to look like elissa.

    amanda, GM, Aaryn.. all racist. nuff said.

    helen. my biggest problem with helen is that she said at the beginning that she would play a honest game but then again she lies to just about everyone and fakes tears and crap. i got no problem with someone scheming because its pretty much written that you will need to lie and scheme to win BB with an exception to jordan and her season (still trying to wrap my head around how she managed to win). anyhow.

    honestly at this point, not too much to root for. hope someone who left like nick/jeremy get a chance to re-enter. these houseguests are pathetic. tired of week after week “doing whatever the house wants.” i will be waiting to root for someone who makes a huge move in this game.

    and last but not first i was thinking, keep aaryn around… because honestly her remarks make her hated so no one in the jury would vote for her, whereas now if i was in the house i would take either amanda or jessie to the finals. neither have won really much of anything. as vile as amandas mouth is, its smart to let her keep imploding, and then take her to the final 2. pretty much anyone could beat her on the sheer notion of having a resume of wins of some kind versus her resume of… thinking she runs sh1t.

    thats my 2 cents.

  28. Comments (19)

    honestly have no idea why anyone would backdoor amanda. backdoor helen, yes. she is very shrewd and i doubt any of them could beat her in the final 2. out of amanda/mccrae id definitely backdoor mccrae first. think about it. at least he has proven he can win a comp. without him, amanda would just further implode.. making it that much easier to take her to the final 2 for a no brainer easy 500k. as much as it would be sickening to give her 50k for 2nd, if it guaranteed me 500k id do it in a heartbeat. its not like she has shown the ability to win anything. i think of all the houseguests in the house, correct me if im wrong but amanda is the ONLY person to have NOT WON ANYTHING. no HOH. no POV. nothing. she is pitiful at competitions. she can scheme all she wants, but without mccrae she has no pull and would be the perfect person to take to final 2. at this point even jessie has a stronger resume than amanda.

  29. Comments (1)

    Why oh why bb did you get rid of 3rd nomination?at least it was more interesting and fun to watch amanda panic when nominated. Please backdoor Amanda I I can’t take her anymore

  30. Comments (143)

    I am thinking. As an observer of BB I would love to see andy use the veto and vote out the hated amanda/aaryan. But If I WAS andy, I’d sure be thinking, the jury is already going to be filled with people who HATE, Amanada, Aaryan and Helen, why should I make a big move when just making it to the finals guarantees a win. Now I don’t agree with this logic, I think he will get wiped out sooner or later he won’t make the first strike because he is a follower hence the adam status thing. When you are a followerer, you never know when the lead plans to whack you and toss you down the hole. Which is what happens to Adams. I don’t think andy will win. Right now, ignoring who is a digusting human being, it looks like a floater is going to win.

  31. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    If I had the money to buy CBS? I would do it and I would clean H-O-U-S-E! Bye bye Hgs! Bye bye Allison Grodner and Crew! See ya Julie Chens CEO of CBS husband, whatever your name is! Julie….I’m sorry but you need to quit The Talk, because I need you as the new CEO. It’s too bloody sad that this is just a dream!

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I take back some of this posting by saying that I just read a comment from the CEO of CBS (what’s his name again). He basically said that he doesnt condone some of the comments. Well shit, what comments did you condone? Nevermind Julie, if you can’t convince your husband that some or all comments personally hurt you? Then you can’t be a CEO of the new CBS! I need you a tad bit stronger in your convictions, but I still love you though! It’s just not strong enough to put you in charge of running a network. Bummer!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        No comment o Andy as usual, things will be the same. I canceled my Live Feed subscription as was posted earlier by another viewer and I think it’s a great idea to donate that much earned money to Steve. BBAD summarizes what live feed is about anyway and that my fiends, it is free!

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        Bloody Hell! I meant to say , and that my friends, is free. Come on spell check, work for me already!

      • Comments (768)

        Agreed! Wasn’t worth the money this year. There’s more entertainment here.

    • Comments (79)

      I really can’t stand Julie Chen. She’s a horrible host, and the fact that she only has a job at CBS because she’s married to the CEO drives me crazy.

  32. Comments (27)

    He should take out Ellisa and here’s why: He’ll stay off McAnda’s hit list, solidify a partnership with Spencer and Jesse and isolate Helen who will be left with a huge target. He could then make a deal with McAnda to stay safe if they or Helen wins HOH and then be left with a 3 person alliance (Andy, Jesse and Adam..ere..Spencer) which gives him the votes moving forward. Yes, I know, I am that brilliant.

    • Comments (27)

      Or use GM and Aarryn to form a new alliance instead of Jesse and Spencer because neither of the 4 will shed a tear for Ellisa leaving.

    • Comments (302)

      Yo Colin – You are brilliant. That wasn’t a scenario I was thinking about but that makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)


    • Comments (46)

      Colin, I like how you think but, Helen will recover quickly–-she’s a strategic thinker and influencer. She’s in it to win it! Amanda, however, needs to be flushed down the drain to shake things up! My boy is from Chi-town and we do not like punk thinkers––he will have to hide to duck all the names folks will call him when he returns home. So I gotta figure he’s trying to think up something else to do––may I suggest this: backdoor Aaryn? Here’s why: every one’s mouth will fly open and all of a sudden folks who haven’t been thinking start to THINK BIGGER & BADDER! Aaryn’s an enabler. GM will be the only one to shed a real tear. But it will certainly shake up alliances. Right now, with the exception of two, they all fear the viper Amanda. If someone puts her and Mc up next time, vipers eat their young and this game gets more interesting for the rest of us.

    • Comments (19)

      Great idea Colin!

    • Comments (103)

      yes get rid of the biggest floater in the house!

    • Comments (79)

      Or how about this: just take out douchebag Amanda! Pure genius!

    • Comments (768)

      I think it would only be brilliant if Aaryn and GM were no longer in the game. If anyone else wins HOH they’re going to nominate Spencer for eviction in order to play it safe and not ruffle feathers and there goes one of Andy’s votes. Andy would also have to bring in at least one of those two if not both.

  33. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    CBS cares! That’s what they promote everyday. I’m not too sure about that. CBS continues to condone racial slurs and nasty behaviors in the house. Why are the Hgs still talking about this? Leader of the MOM SQUAD Helen will be licking wounds after she watches this season at home. I’m almost positive her husband is cringing every time he turns on the Tele. I only watch this rubbish to see if someone will finally grow some (insert)and make a move. But Andy doesn’t have them to make a power move this week! Do you think that the finale will make uo for the season of boredom?

    • Comments (302)

      Something tells me we’ll probably all hate the final two in this game and have a tough time caring who wins the money. But if they’d get someone to moderate that would stir things up, and obviously that isn’t Julie Chen(someone like Howard Stern), then I’d probably be dialed in.

  34. Comments (19)

    why the hell are my comments still awaiting moderation whereas people who posted after me already have their comments up. steve get to work

  35. Comments (2)

    Big Brother is supposed to be about gameplay and strategy, right? That’s why I don’t get the whole, ‘Amanda needs to go and the floaters need to make moves’ like, why are we rooting for the floaters to get the people that play the game, out? BB fans are irritating this season.

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I think people are having a hard time getting past her behavior. She has fair game play, but her nasty mouth makes her the villain that nobody likes. Worse than Evil Dick!

  36. Comments (46)

    I said do nothing
    And make bb producers realize the flop this season was
    And step up next season
    When interviewing make the first question “do you know how to play bb?”
    “Will you be affraid of making big moves when time comes?”

  37. Comments (407)

    OK…here I go. Yesterday I said on a post BEFORE the veto comp, that Amanda was making her rounds telling people to let her win the veto. Amanda THINKS it’ll be a card/counting kind of comp, and she’s instructing everyone to fold until she is knocked out and hopefully Jessie is knocked out by then. I am quoting this from another BB blog that also has pictures of Amanda trying to do her dirty work. My question is this…how did Amanda know or think she knew it was going to be a card game? No one else seemed to have this information, so how did she? Again, I do believe she is getting inside information from production (or possibly Allison Grodner.)

  38. Comments (1)

    I want Amanda gone ASAP, but after last nights BBAD listening to Helen him while they were playing that game I couldn’t take her anymore!!

  39. Comments (30)

    Last night on BBAD pizza boy was biting nails and chewing what ever he got from under them like he was eating a snack. Then picked his knee and tasted the blood cause Amanda said “you like the taste of blood”. My question is will they ever get out of the bed again.

  40. Comments (651)

    Can someone tell me why on BBAD Demanda and Elissa were in the bathroom talking game and we had to watch that stupid hot potato/simon says BS. WHY?!?!?!

    What we did hear from the Elissa/Amanda talk was very interesting and could effect Demanda’s target order but instead we had to watch grade school games?

  41. Comments (118)

    Andy’s head is going to explode when he finally has to choose between Helen and Amanda or he’ll turn into one big hive

  42. Comments (5)

    I would like to see Andy take down Jessie and put up McCrae as well. Amanda’s biggest power in this game is her ability to manipulate people to do what she wants. However, that power seems to be fading a little bit, and there are definitely people in the house who would want to see her out. If you go for Amanda first, then you leave McCrae in, who really is not all that shabby a player in his own right, plus he can WIN stuff. He is smart, and does well at endurance challenges. Get McCrae out now, and Amanda down the road whenever you can. Will this happen? Doubt it.

    What we are seeing this season is not surprising to me at all, in terms of lack of bold game play. Last year is still fresh in everyone’s mind and the players remembered what happened to Dan. He played an amazing game, and yet the jury punished him by giving him only 1 vote to win. This year’s players seem to be very concerned about creating a bitter jury again, hence no one wants to make moves and get people mad at them.

  43. Comments (118)

    BBAD on TVGN is. Awful, commercial breaks every 10 minutes and always when a good conversation is going on

  44. Comments (9)

    Does anyone read jokers update about bb the three skanks all were making fun of african americans they made there hairin braids and made fun of candice howard and other rappers these people need to be held accountable for their racist actions whenbb is over any comments ? This just happened in the last day or so

  45. Comments (83)

    If Helen goes to final 2 , she will win, no matte who she sits next to, cause she has played a good game, I din’t think anyone would pick Amanda, or Aaryn uless they are the only 2 to choose from,i would choose Aaryn over Amanda, GM needs to go straight to a mental hospital when she leaves.

  46. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    Oh man, just watching the show and the look on Amanda’s entitled face when McCrae didn’t let her win HOH was so priceless.

  47. Comments (19)

    i could see helen going this week. she was talking to andy about putting up mccrae and amanda… little does she know, andy is closer to mccrae/amanda than he is to helen, so when he tucks his tail between his legs to snitch helen out, im sure she will become their public enemy #1. i honestly dont think anyone can beat helen at this point. remember, when it comes down to final 2, a huge part of the game is Q and A with all the jury members. little do they realize, helen is a political consultant, which means, she has an answer and explanation for everything, which means, even if your “resume” includes more HOH or POV wins, im sure she can convince the jury to hand her the 500k. they have the numbers, they need to backdoor her now.

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