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Big Brother 15 – Finally, A Veto Result!

August 10, 2013 | 113 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


No, I wasn’t out at the beach today or sleeping on the job.  I was playing Civ 5, but still checking the feeds regularly to see if the veto competition started.  It didn’t, until 9pm est!  Before veto competitions, the house is generally tame because people are wondering what to expect, what to do after, etc.  It’s generally the time people say ‘we will just wait to see who wins veto’, and they do wait… and wait… and wait.  At one point the cameras were focused on Andy listening to his music and Amanda pulling earwax from McCrae’s ear.

Anyway, at 11:30pm est, the feeds went back to show the PoV winner:


This is an interesting situation which I will discuss in a minute, but posting this so those staying awake to find out the veto winner will see an update.  Check back for more in a few minutes…

Andy is building himself a little resume now with an HoH win and now a PoV win.  The thing he’s lacking is a big move under his belt.  Sure, he’s had roles in the early blindsides, but nobody cares about them now.  What you do in the second half of the game is what sticks in the minds of the jury.  This is Andy’s big shot for half a million dollars, and I can give you a clue, sending Jessie home is not the right answer.

Should Andy succumb to the pressure of either Helen or Amanda and keep nominations the same and then evict Jessie, this will be a disaster for Big Brother 15, possibly the entire season.  Andy will earn the rank of ‘Adam Status’ as the new worst player ever to make it far in Big Brother.

Letter to future Andy, if you’re googling your name and you’re not a half a million dollars richer when you can read this, I will tell you why.  You likely stuck with nominations, Jessie went home, and either Helen or Amanda won BB15.

Sure, nothing is a guarantee in this game, especially with a bitter jury.  Andy could float his way to the final 2 and win because he’s simply sitting next to a very hated person.  He could also make a big move down the road and build his resume.  That said, with only a handful of opportunities to make a big move, this could be his one big moment.

What should he do?  That’s hard to say, but he should either blindside McCrae, Amanda or Helen.  Kneejerk reaction is to take out McCrae, fully commit to the Helen, Elissa thing and then try to get Helen out somewhere around final 4 or 5.  If Andy makes a big move by getting out McCrae, I think he can beat everyone in the house except for Helen in a final 2 situation.

His other option is to commit to Amanda and McCrae and get Helen out now, but that leaves him in a 3rd wheel situation.  Final 3, he’s competing against 2 people guaranteed in a must-win situation.  He loses, he’s going to be the 9th person on the jury without a shadow of a doubt.  At least aligning with Helen and Elissa, there is still a remote chance of going to final 2 even if they win final HoH.

So I’m going to put up yet another poll, I’m curious what you think he should do this week….

[polldaddy poll=7313330]

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