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Big Brother 15 – Fourth Of July Blogging

July 4, 2013 | 36 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



The Big Brother 15 houseguests are up and already talking game.  Still shocked about last nights votes, Aaryn, Pukey, Jeremy and Miss Beautiful are up in the HoH room trying to figure out the votes.  In addition, they are obsessing over Elissa’s part in the game, how it’s so unfair she’s in it, she’s only in it because she’s Rachel’s sister, etc.


Let me give you a reality check, Aaryn.  While Elissa is only in the house because of her sister, you’re only in the house because of your looks.  A lot of hardcore big brother fans are sitting at home and saying how unfair it is that you’re playing the game, especially being the massive bitch you are, and it’s pretty much all because you’re a cute little blonde.  You even admitted production is probably shocked at the ‘real you’, so you knew you fit into the Jordan typecast of pretty, innocent girl. Stop trying to act like your’e some hardcore Big Brother fan who has applied every year and finally busted ass to get in.  You’re a model, were probably recruited and didn’t even have to try to get in.

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With my rant out of the way, let’s keep up with the house as Amanda and co are outside talking game, and Aaryn inc is in the HoH room….

11:00am – Jessie is up in the HoH room trying to fit in and has the feel of a 40 year old at a college party.


11:17am – Jessie has moved outside to spread her incredible beauty around the house.  There is too much beauty to sit in the HoH room all day.

11:30am – Here is a little photobomb from Jeremy



11:34am – People who swore on things that they didn’t vote for Dave:

Amanda swore on her niece
Howard swore on his religion
Candice swore on her family, America and God
Spencer didn’t swear on anything, but he promised
Nick didn’t swear on anything, but he promised

(for the record, Candice was the only one who voted for Elissa out of that group)

Aaryn then talks about how she studies psychology and can’t read them, which is scary.   GinaMarie is up in the HoH room, so this will be painful.

Meanwhile, Jessie is going through the list of guys she’s dated.  Needless to say, she’s dated a lot.  No wonder she has an ego.  She was probably the big fish in a tiny pond back home.


2:20pm – Fell asleep, catching up.  Apparently Amanda swore on her niece, not knees, though the latter certainly sounds a bit more fitting.  She (Amanda) was up in the HoH reiterating the fact that she voted to keep David (she didn’t).

Aaryn, America’s sweetheart (sarcasm of course), apparently caught whatever Kaitlin had last night and is now in the HoH bathroom sick.  I hope it’s not a bug that goes around the house, it will make for a very gross week on the feeds.

2:33pm – Jeremy joins the HoH and brags about how he threatened a few people in the house that they’ll go up next if they don’t target Elissa this week.  They are all sitting around talking about how stupid the house is for not siding with the ‘strongest players in the house’.  The HoH crew is talking about how Elissa will just pick them off one by one once they’re gone, but it makes me wonder just how stupid they are.

Elissa can’t pick anyone off one by one. The MVP doesn’t have that power, even if she were to get it weekly.  The MVP simply has the power to nominate a third person once a week.  What they are failing to realize is that it still takes votes to get people out.  Once team ignorance is out of the house, they can easily get rid of Elissa regardless of MVP.


4:00pm – Houseguests hanging around right now.  Amanda is painting McCrae’s face for the 4th of July, and we get to see Kaitlin’s puke bucket nearby.  Wonder if it’s clean.

6:00pm – Aaryn and Helen having a heart to heart, sort of.  If heart to heart means complaining about…guess who?  Elissa!  Yes, Aaryn has major issues with Elissa and will talk to anyone who will listen about her.  In other news, they are giving the houseguests a 4th of July party for about an hour.  Havenots will be able to eat.

7:39pm – The ignorance alliance is up in the HoH getting ready for the 4th of July party when Andy enters the room.  They tell him that Jessie has been playing both sides and they’re pissed at her.   In addition, Kaitlin was in the bathroom and heard Jess and Candice signing “Shady F*ck”, which apparently is a big hit in the BB15 house.  Kaitlin then says she’s not sure they can trust Andy… paranoia is running wild with this HoH crew!

8:00pm – Houseguests having their 4th of July party, feeds on trivia likely due to music being played (copyright issues blah blah)


(keep checking for updates)

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