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Big Brother 15 – Fragile Alliances

How far will McCrae and his PJ's go?
How far will McCrae and his PJ’s go?

Before I begin, I noticed that Survivor is doing something they’ve never done before in their history.  They’re bringing former players back to compete in the game!  I know, try to contain yourselves, I’m just as shocked as you are.  This is BB relevant for two reasons..

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1. BB12’s Hayden will be there with his girlfriend Kat (somethingwhatever) from Survivor: One World.
2. Colton Cumbie from Survivor: One World will be there with (whoreallycares).

You can all understand #1, but why is #2 relevant?  Colton was the male version of Aaryn that season, and that’s just the part that made the air.  He made racial slurs (but it was ‘ok’, his housekeeper is black), and made pretty terrible remarks about everyone around him.  The parts that made the air were bad, I can only imagine how he’d be if Survivor had live feeds …..

So, the fact that one of the biggest d-bags in Survivor history has been given a second chance (after another big d-bag – Brendan Hantz – was also given a second shot), this makes me think BB15 may not be the last we’ll see of Aaryn and/or Amanda.  Give Big Brother 1-2 more seasons, and suddenly Aaryn and Amanda make perfect ‘villain’ characters in a ‘heroes vs villains’ type of season, and people will love it.  Yes, despite your hatred of them now, people will love those two returning as the known ‘villain’ role.

Back to the actual BB15 house since that’s what you came here to read….

After I stopped my live update thread last night, things in the house remained tense but calm.  One thing is for sure, Aaryn’s bashing of McCranda all week is not going unnoticed by the couple.  Much like Judd and also Jessie, at this point all Aaryn had to do was shut up and she would have been guaranteed a spot in likely final 4, but her HoH week has been pretty brutal for her game this season.

Listening to Helen go on and on and on and on about various things, Aaryn has let it slip that she’s not really big fans of the Amanda and McCrae alliance and knows it will be tough if they’re in the final 3 together.  While that’s completely understandable to think that, letting it slip is where she made the mistake.  When you bash your f4 alliance behind their back, you may as well backdoor them and start getting them out.

Aaryn was scared to put McCrae or Amanda on the block this week because if she didn’t have the numbers, she’d be a target.  The problem is, running her mouth has basically created the same problem minus the actual attempt to get rid of one of them.  Good job, Aaryn.  You put a target on your back when you didn’t need to… the theme of the Big Brother 15 season I suppose.

The tension in the house is building quite a bit, and I expect Thursday night to be one hell of a show.  A jury member will return, and all 4 of the potential returnees could stir up quite a bit of drama (unless Spencer becomes one, but he shouldn’t).  As for those speculating, if the returning player does not receive auto HoH (which would be sweet), they should be guaranteed a week of safety regardless.  I’m pretty sure they did that in BB13 and I see no reason why they wouldn’t do the same here.

I have a few errands to run this morning (oil change, etc), but I’m sure the house will still be sleeping when I return.  I’ll get started on the live update thread when I am back!

Update: Correction, Brendan was not giving a week of safety when he returned.   I must have been thinking of this twist on the countless other reality shows that use it.

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  1. Comments (2)

    I have read it is rigged and Amanda wins .. If this is true I will not watch this show again ever

  2. Comments (118)

    I agree that the returning player should be safe for the week. Are the current jurors segregated and alone until Thursday night? How much do they know since leaving?

    • Comments (405)

      Nobody knows for sure, but Julie did ask Jessie something about going to the jury house with Judd. I don’t know if it was to play it off, or if they will be hanging out in the jury house together until the competition.

      • Comments (140)

        If that’s the case (being in the house together until Thursday), I’ll be just as unhappy as I was in BBCan when they did it. It isn’t fair to send people into the Jury House under the impression the only thing they have left to do is vote for the final. If they plan to bring someone back they should be segregated.

        In BBCan everyone went to the Jury house and people let their guard down and immediately got to work on sharing stories and cross referencing everything to prepare for the finale. They all spilled their secrets, revealed alliances, plans, stories, etc. Then when Gary was voted back in by Canada, he had an arsenal of information under his belt that was unfair. He wouldn’t have known anything if he had been sequestered, yet he was able to come back into the house and say I know this, this, and this. It’s an unfair advantage and I would hope BB15 would have considered this, but given there is a lot they didn’t consider this season… who knows.

      • Comments (20)

        I respectfully disagree…when you play this game or any game the, way you play will always come back to you. If you cheat, others will call you a cheater. If you lie, you’ll be known as a liar. If you steal..blah blah. You get it. So you come into a game and do whatever you can to win, that is going to come back to you! You are saying that those who have been evicted should not compare notes? They all do not get to come back so finding out who did what to whom is really not much of an edge…..except for revenge (ahhhh)if you happen to be the lucky one “back in” with the slugs and you happen to want revenge or, this is novel, you want to win the money! Why do those left in the house get to know more than you? They know what they have done and you know who lied, sounds like a real game is about to begin and I for one can not wait!

      • Comments (220)

        I did not watch BBCan, but jury members being tucked away together before the competition does not seem unfair to me. Its not as if the jury members are out in the real world privy to all the information we, as viewers, know. They are simply sharing secrets among themselves. Jury members are sequestered from the world. So it would not be any different than sharing secrets in the house, had they decided to flip sides, as that tends to happen in BB.

        That is the whole point, in my opinion. To shake up the predictability of this entire season. The unanimity of voting has made it so boring. So, a few secret-sharing does not offend me in the slightest.

      • Comments (822)

        I don’t have a problem if the jurors get to compare notes. The returning HG is alread at a disadvantage going back into the house because the current HG’s main goal is to re-evict the returnee.

  3. Comments (610)

    stevebeans, Survivor brought back former players on several seasons, so this isn’t a new thing for them. I sure hope that BB does NOT bring back former players like Aaryn and Amanda. I don’t think I could watch if they did. Although pitting them against Janelle and/or Evel Dick, could be quite interesting! (Helen, I think she could play a good game of Survivor except that she’s already known for BB, so that would hurt her game from the get-go).

    • Comments (158)

      Screw the “Heroes vs Villians” concept, in the BB history there are enough “villians” to make a season of just villians. Imagine how “villians” like Aaryn and Amanda would react when having to face “villians” who really know what they’re doing….like Evel Dick or Chilltown?

    • Comments (239)

      I agree Marie2 I think Helen would have been better off doing Survivor. Too late now. Maybe they should do a BB Survivor. Bring previous HG’s back previous Survivors could be a game of Big Brother vs favorites.

  4. Comments (6)

    You’re probably right about BB being willing to bring back Amanda and/or Aaryn. That willingness is the main reason this will be my last season. The game has changed too much and I don’t find it fun anymore. Or maybe I’m the one who has changed. I just don’t want to have the ugliness in my life anymore.

    But of course, I HAVE to keep watching this season to see how it all plays out. I expect I won’t get much relief from my frustrations. But I gotta see it to the end. then I’ll put a period on it and move on…(sigh)

    • Comments (407)

      I agree Daya. Having to watch another season of either Amanda or Aaryn is more than my stomach can handle. There are other hg’s that I would not want to watch any more also, namely McCrae, Spencer and GM. I have always loved BB and looked forward to it, but this year has really been hard even though I am still watching just to see what happens next. I will say that I am looking forward to Thursday night and this is probably the first excitement I have had for the show all year. Sure hope we are not disappointed again.

      • Comments (55)

        Whoever lives in New England, Big Brother in on ch.38 Thursday night at 9:00 p.m.. NFL Preseason Football on CBS

  5. Comments (68)

    That seems to have been Aaryn’s problem all season, THAT MOUTH OF HERS!I hope and pray it will be her down fall and she is next to go! Never did care for her at all!She does not deserve to win!

    • Comments (1437)

      Aaryn is THE WORST at talking trash behind other’s backs!!
      Have been gone for a few days – a few questions…
      Does Helen know she’s going home? She seems pretty calm about it – why do they all just go out the door so willingly??
      Helen could try and stir the pot between Amanda and Aaryn. Try something, anything. It’s just sad to see every one of them resigned to their fate with no fight.

    • Comments (407)

      Moonk, Totally agree with you. I just read on jokers (Aaryn & Spencer talking) and she said her modeling agency didn’t want her to do BB or anything that was unscripted. She said “They’re not gonna be mad at me when I get back.” Spencer said “f… no, they’re gonna be happy.” Wow! She is really in for a shock not only to find out they are NOT happy, but she has been fired. I guess her modeling agency might have suspected or known what she is really like.

  6. Comments (20)

    It would be no fun if the jury were not all together as they approach a comp to “get back into” the game (sounds like those in the house are all ready to vote out whom ever could be their only chance of beating Amanda’s game). If Jessie has done her job and filled in the blanks, all should see and be willing to take out the slugs who have been throwing everyone else out of the house. It won’t matter who comes back! Revenge will be the name of the game and I hope it starts with a bang!

    So pretty please let them have a chance to compare notes and make plans….it’s the only shred of hope I have to justify watching this train wreck of people any longer.

    • Comments (226)

      What season was it where we got to see the evicted HG arrive at the jury house, be surprised at who walked in next and then watch the dvd’s? I really enjoyed that. In any case, I hope there is some safety for the returning player-but instant HOH would be the best. Only way anything is going to turn around in the house until the end. Man I miss the days when you didn’t know who everyone was voting for until the show 🙂

      • Comments (220)

        That was one of my favorite parts. I remember Rachel refused to believe the Brigade existed when she was first told. I always thought BB production could make an additional half hour devoted to the jury house. It seemed super interesting.

      • Comments (233)

        That’s why I think the jurors have been sequestered; otherwise, we’d be seeing video of them in the jury house. They’ll probably start showing the j-house after Thursday’s competition to determine the returning player.

    • Comments (407)

      Sizzors, I really hope that the evicted hg’s are all together comparing notes, and filling each other in on some of the things that happened that I’m sure they were not aware of. The contestants that are still in the house are all together scheming, talking, trashing people and trying to get votes, so why shouldn’t the ones on jury be allowed the same privilege?

  7. Comments (8)

    bb15 is the worst game ever this season. Its not fun anymore and the house guest gets to say anything they feel (no respect for each other. Amanda will win the game and she did nothing.she came in as the winner anyway. i stopped watching and just read about itThe producers of the show can do better.I quess its all about the ratings.

  8. Comments (118)

    My daughter is 16 and mouthy, I tell her to think before she speaks, most of the HG’s act like they’re still in high school

  9. Comments (118)

    I agree Sizzors

  10. Comments (79)

    Just say no to yeast!

  11. Comments (118)

    Julie Chen should also tell them about MVP once the HG gets returned, priceless reactions especially from Demanda

  12. Comments (768)

    So after this dismal season of BB I was looking forward to watching the start of Survivor next month. Now I find out that they are bringing Colton back??? I’m not an advocate of violence, but if someone punched that guy in the mouth, I’d probably be jumping up and down in my living room like Helen does!

    • Comments (48)

      Totally agree Rob. I hate Colton more than I have hated any reality show player including current BB15 hg’s by far. I wonder with all the hatred shown to him what motivation he would have in coming back. Money and a chance to change his image I suppose.

    • Comments (239)

      I agree Bob about Survivor. I gave up on this season of BB. Looking forward to watching Survivor and with some of the people they are bringing back I probably won’t watch it either. Bringing back previous cast members is old news. So many people are dying to get on these shows and this is the best they can do? Time to take out the trash cause it stinks!

    • Comments (1162)

      Survivors getting old………..
      Out of all of the Reality Shows, my favorite is still The Amazing Race.

      IMO, if the Survivor producers want to bring back former contestants, they
      should have a show consisting of all of the first evicted contestants.
      They share a love of the show and the pain of never having
      experienced much of it.

      • Comments (768)

        I love The Amazing Race equally as well as Survivor. The formula Boston Rob came up with is equally applicable to BB.
        1. Form and alliance
        2. Form an alliance within an alliance.
        3. Get rid of your alliance before they get rid of you!

  13. Comments (191)

    I would rather watch a season of all villains than a season of Spencers

  14. Comments (357)

    Colton was an A$$! And the fact that he kept the idle? Makes him a superA$$ in my books!

  15. Comments (453)

    The jury members should be privy to the same perks the house guests get, which is all the info from the production staff in the DR. It isn’t fair to bring them back in if they were in sequester and know none of the scheming secrets since they have been out and weren’t able to compare notes with other members of jury.

  16. Comments (220)

    I don’t like bringing people back. I like new hungry contestants. But if they had to bring someone back, I liked Frank. He was a comp beast. And his comps seemed more difficult. I hate to say it, but Aaryn’s wins seem more like luck to me. Not that I am trying to take away her wins. But I still don’t see her as “competitive”.

  17. Comments (48)

    Rupert is coming back! Love that guy!!!

    • Comments (233)

      YAY! Me, too.

    • Comments (768)

      I liked Rupert too, but this will be his fourth kick at the can on Survivor! And why bring back Tina Wesson? This is her third time and she already won. At least the producers over there aren’t afraid to bring in some older players. Rupert is 49 now and I see Gervase from Survivor 1 is 43! Wow! Survivor is a lot more physical than BB is so why can’t they bring in, or bring back, some of the older players??

  18. Comments (30)

    Will Pizza boy toy -be at the finals in p-j’s—–not showered——and biting nails. I guess yes to all 3. You win Miss Stella you got all 3 right. Now give me the money. I deserve it more than Amanda.

  19. Comments (80)

    I think it would be best for both CBS and BB to NOT bring back some of this seasons players. America threw a fit with all of Aaryn and GM’s crap and now Amanda’s too. I think it would cause an uproar that CBS would not want. It’s in the best interest to NOT bring them back. People will accuse them of supporting racism and bigotry.

  20. Comments (33)

    What they need to do to make it make a difference is make the person re-entering HOH. Then let America vote on the two person combo to put up (if someone gets taken off the block then HOH picks replacement). Teams like: Amanda-Arryn —Amanda- McRae— Amanda-etc——-Arryn-Elissa—Arryn-Andy —Arryn-etc——-Elissa- GM—Elissa-Spencer—-Elissa-etc—–
    Make it teams so America doesn’t do something dumb like put up Amanda against GM. Or Spencer against McRae. Lets not just votes the most hated. In order. Amanda, GM, Arryn, Spencer, Andy, Elissa, McRae. So Amanda would go up against GM. That would be useless because GM would be voted out like she will be in the next few weeks anyway. Lets make it voting on combinations of people to make it make a differance. It would be great to see the look on people’s faces when they go up on the block by people they have already screwed.That would make for a great week of A$$ kissing.(don’t tell them they are America’s picks) come on, lets salvage the most boring season in BB history

  21. Comments (339)

    Evil Dick was the biggest jerk in BB history, yet he won and America loves him. Maybe he didn’t say anything racist (maybe), but he was the poster child for anger management issues and verbal abuse. A class one a-hole.

  22. Comments (1)

    Yes.. I really do hope the returning evicted HG will have immunity or automatically win HOH! I would hate to see a repeat of BB6 (Kaysar.. my fave!) or BB13 (Brendan)! Also.. I really hope it’s not true about Amanda being the pre-determined winner… I will be very upset!

  23. Comments (25)

    I would love to see Elissa win HOH then put up Amanda and McRae, win the Veto take McRae off and backdoor Andy. Amanda and Andy up on the block next to each other. That would make for a fun week!

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