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Big Brother 15 – Friday Feeds


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After what seemed like a week-long lockdown inside the house, the Big Brother 15 cast has finally been allowed back outside.  It didn’t take long for Jeremy and Spencer to use the more private backyard to chat about the current situation, and it didn’t take long for Jeremy to make himself look like a huge douche.

The alliance of Jeremy, Spencer, Nick, Howard and McCrae call themselves the ‘Moving Company’, but Jeremy has been spending a lot of time doing a different type of move on Kaitlin. To make his alliance feel better, he told Spencer that Kaitlin fell for it last night, and he’ll kick that bitch out.  If you didn’t know, they hooked up… under the covers.  I have a feeling that Jeremy is not going to be winning MVP any time this season.

The MC alliance did talk about who was going to be going home this week, and they’re still really torn between Dave and Elissa, for the reasons discussed on the blog a few times.  It’s hard to pass up a chance to boot a strong player, but they also have Dave more in their pocket than they do Elissa, or so they think.  DR sessions should be interesting to see how the players really feel about these alliances floating around.

You can see this discussion if you flashback to 10:25am.

On the girl front, Aaryn and Elissa had a long talk in the bathroom, and they appeared to have kissed and made up – for now.  Not being nominated by Elissa, Aaryn realized that there was probably a misunderstanding between the two, so they chatted it up a bit and some of the frost between the two have been chipped away.  Whether or not that remains is the question.

Here are some live updates:

12:00pm – It’s sun time for the ladies, and workout time for some of the guys.  If you’re into the skin of the show, now is a time to pop on the feeds or use the flashback feature.

12:30pm – David is upstairs in the HoH room talking to MC about the block situation.  It sounds like David may be safe, but there is still that alliance that wants to possibly take him out while he’s up.  The majority of the house is still against Elissa at this point, and want the weekly MVP threat gone.

12:45pm – GinaMarie having a pretty interesting conversation ranging from trying to pick up on Nick, the “President of Texas”, and the amount of hair below her waist.  Her description of it is probably not bloggable.

2:30pm – Slow afternoon in the house.  Most just lounging around outside. If you want to see plenty of bodies in bathing suits, afternoons like this are a good time to check out the feeds.  In addition, the houseguests were able to use the photobooth for about an hour.


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    Have you seen anywhere if one of the perks for MVP is that they can’t be eliminated? Thanks for your response.

    • Comments (123)

      sorry Maggie…but the MVP can be nominated and could be Evicted at any time…☺…

      the only Power the MVP has is that they can Nominate the 3rd HG for the week…☺…

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