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Big Brother 15 – Friday Updates


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It’s going to be a pretty interesting day in the Big Brother house, or at least it should be.  Amanda is fairly certain that Elissa will be nominated, but from everything I’ve seen on the feeds, it will likely be Amanda and McCrae on the block after nominations.   This will be hours after Amanda promised Elissa she will be on the block this week, so she’s going to have some serious egg on her face.

There should also be the special competition Julie talked about, as Friday’s are generally the day they film nominations and any pre-veto competition (havenot mostly).  This gives them time to edit it into the Sunday show, as tomorrow would cut it a bit too close.  Saturday’s are generally reserved for the PoV competition as well.

Before I begin updates, the season is drawing to a close, but if you want to stay up to date with Big Brother news, be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter.  You guys have been fantastic this year, and I want you all back next year!

Also, all the times below are Big Brother Time, which is the time you use when messing with the flashback feature on the live feeds.

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10:40am – GinaMarie was laying down in the HoH bed talking to Spencer, Judd and Elissa when the feeds cut to trivia.  This could be the competition I mentioned earlier in the post.  Not sure how long they will be down.

11:15am – Feeds still down, has to be the competition Julie mentioned


12:07pm – Feeds are back, looks like a reward competition that involved a LOT of balloons.  Not sure who won what yet. They apparently had to run around and pop balloons and I think rewards were inside random numbers and letters that perhaps spelled rewards.

Spencer won $10,000 (which will help him pay taxes on the trip he won)

1:15pm – GinaMarie is waiting for a medic.  She fell down the stairs this morning and thinks she may have sprained her foot (maybe broke).  The rest are eagerly awaiting nominations

2:45pm – GinaMarie is in the HoH room talking to Spencer about future plans.  It is almost a certainty that McCranda is going up.  She is also reassuring him that Elissa will just be up her ass, but not to worry.   Hmm….. 3 guys and a girl in the final 4.. sounds familiar

3:05pm – Amanda is making her push to GinaMarie.  She is suggesting that Judd and Elissa go up, and if that happens Amanda will volunteer to go up as a pawn if one wins PoV.  Oh boy, Amanda is going to be FUMING when nominations are over.  I cannot wait…

3:14pm – Amanda to GinaMarie – “You need a 4 to make it”…. oh Amanda, if you only knew….

3:45pm – Everyone still prepping for jury.  Andy said that Amanda and McCrae have no idea what’s going to happen tonight.  Finally a real blindside.  Get your feeds here, you may want to watch this

4:10pm – Feeds on trivia for nomination ceremony.  Get your popcorn ready!

5:17pm – Feeds are back up.  McCrae and Amanda getting hugs, I assume they’re nominated. Waiting for confirmation

Amanda and McCrae are nominated


Amanda is saying she’d rather go home instead of McCrae, and she is also figuring out that GM is working with Spencer, Judd and Elissa…. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. It’s kind of funny that Andy is going to be the biggest backstabber to all his friends this season.  He may actually win this one.  Ian 2.0

Amanda rushes upstairs and is now yelling at GinaMarie about it all.

Amanda – “Elissa is the one who put up Nick and Nick went home.  Elissa is the one who put up Aaryn” …. GM – “I know, but she changed her mind”.   Reality is, Elissa is probably going to be next anyway, she’s not working with GM

5:24pm – Andy comes in (of course).  GinaMarie is telling Amanda that Nick thing is in the past, but now she’s telling Amanda she’s pissed that Nick went home and had to do with it… wait, what?

Amanda – What happens if someone else wins the veto and takes us off?  Who are you going to put up?  — GinaMarie –  I don’t know, haven’t thought that far ahead.

During the speech, GinaMarie said that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae’s eyes this season.  He dominated the first competition but could barely handle the wall.  She is calling Amanda a distraction for McCrae.

Amanda – ‘We wouldn’t have gone after you next week, but now there is a significant chance.”  (Meanwhile, Elissa continues to slip by quietly)

5:30pm – Judd jumps in and asks Amanda if everyone should just pack their bags and get ready to go home.  Amanda is now yelling at Judd.  This is getting heated.

After more arguments with GinaMarie, Amanda continues to cry and yells that she doesn’t want to be in the house any more.  She doesn’t want to be around Elissa.

What this is showing is that Amanda is an extremely sore loser.  She is upset because GinaMarie can just lie to her face when Amanda has screwed over half the house this season.   I don’t know if GM hooking up with the guys is a good plan for her, but it’s certainly a good game move for Judd, Andy or Spencer.

5:40pm – Amanda – “I look like such an idiot” … yes, yes you do.

5:55pm – McCrae and Amanda in bed trying to figure it all out, the rest of the guys are in the kitchen, GM and Elissa in HoH room.

6:15pm – Amanda is calming down a bit, but she’s still very, very upset at Elissa.  This may be a long week for Rachel’s Shadow.

— Going to eat now that things have calmed down – for the moment

7:45pm – Back.  GinaMarie is cooking in the kitchen, McCrae in the bedroom reading the bible.  I need more Hurricane Amanda

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  1. Comments (96)

    Andy and Spencer are saying they are going to throw the veto comp if Mcranda gets nominated. What is wrong with these people? They should be put up in case Mcranda does win.

    • Comments (48)

      Andy is too chicken to get his head out of demandas butt and HE should be wearing the chicken suit for that reason….I think Spencer, despite his intelligent talk, is a bit too much like Andy, just floating so he’s on the right side when things happen :/

      • Comments (48)

        and at least if on of McCranda wins POV, they can only save one of them, not both! wish Elissa had put them both up for that very reason, but at least she got rid of Aaryn and that was a very entertaining post eviction interview! I hope GM puts Andy up if one of McCranda wins POV, possibly Spencer, but I think getting rid of the news carrying rat would be the best way to go

      • Comments (48)

        I meant ONE of McCranda, sorry, typing too fast

      • Comments (12)

        remember double eviction coming up so they might both be gone!!!!

      • Comments (4)

        That would be sooo awesome!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Andy would only be a pawn, but it’s fun watching him shit his pants until Thursday. From what I pick up on joker’s I think McCrae is the real target.

      • Comments (17)

        Agree..watch Andy shit his pants definitely entertaining (can’t stand him!!!!) I’m really hoping Amanda goes this week, although watching her without McCrae could be fun too!

      • Comments (160)

        Oh god, I hope it’s Amanda. I’m tired of hearing her mouth run.

      • Comments (1)

        yes you are right!!!! andy is a RAT!! but, what will thrill me the most is when this game is over and amanda sees just how much she is HATED by America!!!! she thinks that she is cute and very entertaining every time she speaks and that is just the opposite, ALL of America HATES you AMANDA, thats what will satisfy the MOST, when she reads those six words!!!

      • Comments (1437)

        Actually Andy is playing for jury votes with Amanda and McCrae now – can’t really blame him for that. BB is a game and you have to keep them liking you as they go out the door. He has played a weasley, obnoxious game but he has to play for jury votes now.
        Can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when her and McCrae’s keys don’t come out of the nomination box – she will be (extra)crazy this week.
        I kinda hope that one of them does win the veto. Then they will be faced with the same choice that they were so giddy about handing to Kaitlin and Jeremy.
        Karma’s a bitch, McCranda! 😀

      • Comments (302)

        You are right Jannie but I just can’t see the forest through the tree’s because Andy annoys me so much. You can argue he’s played as good a game as anyone. He’s connected with every houseguest in a way that they would probably feel okay voting for Andy over other options in the end. But if he’d been playing this game with some of the smarter houseguest in BB history they’d see through him in a heartbeat.

      • Comments (1162)

        Before she left the BBH, Aaryn was on to Andy the Wuss and his
        long standing alliance with Amanda and McCrae. I think Aaryn
        will be losing jury votes for Andy before another
        juror enters.
        IMO, he’s toast!

      • Comments (453)


      • Comments (1437)

        Aaryn actually knew about the McCranda/Andy alliance before Helen left the game. They told her about it when they formed the 3AM team. She understood that’s why she left the house. I think she would give Andy her vote if he were up against McCranda, Spencer or Elissa. Maybe not Judd or GM.

      • Comments (7)

        Remember during the HOH/Jury comp that Helen told the other jurors in case they were the ones back in…”you can’t trust Andy” not sure if she would vote for him either, depends what the other choice is

      • Comments (226)

        Seems they have forgotten….

      • Comments (207)

        Actually I think GM should split her votes put Mcrae or Amanda alone on the block with a pawn pray Amanda or the partner doesn’t play in the veto comp and whoever she puts up next to Mcrae wins takes him/herself off and then backdoor the remaining partner.

      • Comments (1437)

        That’s exactly what Elissa did last week and we all remember how that turned out…
        Put them both up and be assured that one of them goes out the door.

      • Comments (10)

        Elissa tried that last week and what was the outcome?

      • Comments (27)

        Where were you last week? That’s how they are still both there now!

      • Comments (40)

        he wont make it to the final 2 so why should he care about votes.. play the flippin game weeny

      • Comments (27)

        I think everyone is secretly wanting to go to the F2 with Spencer. He’s done nothing (except win cash and prizes) and has no friends in the jury house. Might be a good strategy.

      • Comments (1076)

        I think they might want to dump McCrae and go to final two with Medusa but she doesn’t stop for a second. She is running around the house right now accusing Spencer of betrayal and screaming, “it doesn’t make sense” over and over again. She is so annoying she is screaming herself right out of the house next Thursday. Living in the house is stressful enough without her nonsense.

      • Comments (2)

        Tasha I agree…..he hasn’t made any connections with the current houseguests & didn’t ‘really’ make connections with the other houseguests for that matter so bringing him to the end is brilliant ………

      • Comments (1076)

        Andy should want to go up because he is not the target and it would still secure him with both of his alliances, but he is such a nervous Nellie (no pun intended) that he drives himself nuts. And that’s entertainment.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy the Wuss will never offer to put himself up but you’re right –
        he should.

      • Comments (13)

        I really, really hope that by “double-elimination,” they mean BOTH Amanda and McCrae get booted out of the BB house, given false hope that they can get back in, and then booted out again.

        I wonder what Helen thought when she saw Aaryn walk through the door?

      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (624)

      They’re being a couple of f*ing wussies. This way, they can shirk the responsibility of actually MAKING A DECISION onto another HG. blood on my hands, rock the boat…blah blah blah just like this whole season

    • Comments (357)

      If Spencer and Andy say that they wan to throw the veto comp. Are they doing this to help save one of the McCrandas by allowing one of them to win it?

    • Comments (160)

      I can’t find the general comment button, so I’m just going to comment by responding to someone else’s comments.

      I for one do not understand why people are cheering GM on when she wouldn’t have had the guts to put McCranda up if she didn’t have the exterminators behind her. If McCranda still had the house in the palms of their hands, GM would still follow what they want whilst derisively resenting them behind their backs. Secondly, I CAN NOT root for a delusional bigot whom attack other players because of the colour of their skin. If she wins BB15, it would be a sad moment for me.

      • Comments (12)

        THANK YOU KATHY!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (2)

        If you had watched some of the feeds, rather than basing your opinions on what CBS decides to air on TV, you would know that there are a handful of racist bigots in that house… Amanda being one of the worst. Further, half the house was in on the laughter. If anything, this season has shown that racism not only still exists, but is accepted and reinforced. Don’t put all the blame on a couple of blonde idiots who look like they wouldn’t know any better… half the house is guilty.

      • Comments (160)

        “Who likely wouldn’t know any better” is such a poor excuse. Sounding a bit like a bigot sympathizer, aren’t you?

        So it’s okay to look past racist remarks because it’s “accepted” and “reinforced”? I hope that I’m misunderstanding you.

      • Comments (2)

        You are misunderstanding me. Read the comment again Einstein. In simple terms, don’t blame a couple of bimbos for something half the house is guilty of.

      • Comments (160)

        I have reread it and it still seems like you’re sympathizing with bigots. But whatever, thanks for clarifying.

  2. Comments (2)

    I like to thank you BB Junkies for giving this newbe a better insight into BB. Love reading your Blog.

  3. Comments (118)

    Andy and Spencer are THE worst! Aren’t they overdue for Pandora’s box? Also production better be ready to drag that rapid dog out of there if she gets out of control…

    • Comments (48)

      I could almost see demanda and GM come to blows over their altercations once ( and hopefully IF ) McCranda gets nominated….if that IS the case, I hope it’s demanda who throws the first punch and gets thrown out, because I can almost see GM doing it first…..don’t want to see her go now that she’s finally half way decent and not really a mean girl anymore

      • Comments (18)

        I feel that with Big Brother Production letting Amanda Get away with everything she has to date that if Amanda or Mccrae threw the first blow Amanda and Mccrae would get away with it again. I truly think that BB and CBS do not care for the house guest this season and Amanda is getting her way cause of Alison Grodner maybe.

      • Comments (8)

        I wrote yet another letter to CBS and got this:
        We thank you for expressing your comments, suggestions, and concerns. Please note that the views or opinions stated by the houseguests are solely those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. We acknowledge your insights and will forward your communication to the appropriate department for review.

        Please know that your feedback is always important to us, and we value your patronage.

      • Comments (610)

        Thumbs down only for the way CBS replied. I’ve sent 2 emails & haven’t even received an acknowledgement.

      • Comments (8)

        I asked for one, and that’s what I got.

      • Comments (46)

        I’m assuming the thumbs down are folks disliking the standard issue lawyer speak.

      • Comments (1076)

        The “appropriate department” is located at homeland security.

      • Comments (1)

        Why would you write CBS? What are they going to do? Stop watching, since you must not understand the concept of Big Brother.

      • Comments (191)

        If you think it’s fixed don’t watch

      • Comments (1076)

        Why? I go to Jai Alai and the track.

      • Comments (624)

        I picture GM doing her patented chest bump to get it going.

    • Comments (120)

      THROWN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Comments (118)

    Oh the irony, looked up the name meaning for the crazy one: Amanda is a Latin female gerundive name meaning “having to be loved,” “deserving to be loved,” or, simply, “worthy of love.”

  5. Comments (162)

    Andy and Spencer are freakin lame….

  6. Comments (49)

    Let us not get too carried away yet about McCrae and Amanda being on the block together. We haven’t seen a Pandora’s box yet and there is the special competition. I see the chance of PB being floated out there and the nugget being GM will get to see someone previously on the show. Of course, she will think it will be Nick and of course, it will be Jesse from every season in the last decade.

    For opening the box she will get to see Jesse instead of Nick and will get only one nomination with that nominee getting to nominate the other person. She will nominate Amanda, Amanda will nominate Elissa, Mccrae will win the veto and all will be exactly the opposite as planned.

    Amanda will win the special competition and get a trip or something.

    Excpect the unexpected!

    Cannot wait for further updates.

    • Comments (1162)

      You’re scaring me.
      : (

      • Comments (49)

        I’m with you 100%. Where Elissa was able to let the water roll off her back last week, GM will go toe to toe with Amanda and that would be classic pay per view TV. I saw I got some thumbs downmfor my post….just was relaying that there is still much out there and as exciting as the week “can” be, there is too much that can happen to ruin the fireworks. I would LOVE to see Amanda and McCrae on the block THROUGH POV and see her campaign against him. That would be a highlight of the season.

      • Comments (1162)

        Your comment was Spot On.
        but …….you did scare me.
        : )

      • Comments (12)

        She would just tell him that if he cannot win, she will win for both of them.

      • Comments (1288)

        Very good points. PB could also result in a Diamond POV or 2 POVs being in play. Lots left to happen. There has also been rumblings about a coup d’etat but I wonder if BB would ever bring that in again as it is so powerful.

      • Comments (1076)

        Ask kecker what thumbs down means..LOL…

    • Comments (86)

      I can’t believe you just said that.!. If something like that were to happen everyone would believe the rumor as to Demanda being pre-chosen to win. I feel ill now. Thanks for bringing me down!! J/K

      • Comments (768)

        Well if that does come about at least we’ll know we have an inside mole on BB Junkies…:)

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (8)

        I think there is a pre-chosen person. Too many coincidences each and every season. I even see POV competitions that fit perfectly for the pre-chosen one. Production has to help them out some way. I am sure production is exhausted with Amanda and can’t wait for this season to be over.

    • Comments (453)

      Did you have a nightmare????

    • Comments (624)

      Better yet, bring in Enzo. Then he can rip on her from being from Jersey. meow meow ayyyyyyy!

  7. Comments (52)

    I’m not really sure about what they would do if the HoH got evicted for fighting. But, IF Amanda pushes her that far I get the feeling that Amanda will get her ass whipped pretty bad and someone will have to pull GM off her.

    I don’t really want to see that happen though.

    I want to see Amanda and McRae sulking in their room all week long. And, I want to see McRae going behind Amanda’s back trying to save himself from eviction. Then, I want to see Amanda’s face when she hears (from Andy, of course) that McRae is trying to throw her under the bus…

  8. Comments (302)

    Gina Marie has done some unpleasant things in this house but she is scoring some major points with her facial reactions to Amanda. Each phony attempt by Amanda to sway GM’s vote gets a behind the back roll of the eyes and smirk to the camera from GM. Hopefully CBS will include some of that footage Sunday night. But they have a way of leaving great stuff on the cutting room floor. Complete total waste of time with the Showmance piece last night and eating up more air time with Dan interview. You talk to Rachel but only get showmance crap and no reaction from her on how her sister is being treated? You have bitter people in the jury house and yet we get nothing from there. You have families of the vile houseguest being harassed and you have yet to get any reaction. Aaryn on the verge of panic in the Julie Chen interview … why couldn’t you have let that go on for just 90 more seconds. I’m sure it would have packed an emotional wallop.

    • Comments (302)

      Oh I forgot my biggest pet peeve … these stupid punishments like the Chicken suit. Can’t you clowns come up with some new creative things for contestants. This show is in desperate need of some new producers.

    • Comments (1162)

      I agree with your comment.
      Don’t know when the BB Showmance Alumni footage was filmed, however if
      it was done recently then it must have taken a great deal of mettle for Rachel
      to not talk about Elissa and what has been going on in the BBH.

      • Comments (18)

        She was interviewed by Jeff S.(Jeff and Jordan) a couple of weeks ago. She talkes all about her sister’s play in the house. I think you can find it on cbs.com.

      • Comments (1076)

        Brendon looked trapped. I think he was blinking “save me” with his eyes.

    • Comments (12)

      Same old Rachel! Wha, whaaaaa

      • Comments (1437)

        I don’t think we heard a peep out of Brenden – just the sound of fingernails running down a chalkboard(Rachel).

    • Comments (4340)

      @NoRats: Again…I’M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!…In just about all of your post, you’ve nailed it! As much as I love Jeff & Jordan, that entire “showmance, where are they now” segment could have been left as a BB special in the future. And I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Julie to ask about the conversation between Aryan and Scumanda the night before, about how they “hate” Asians. The funny thing is that the conversation started out about Julie and drifted into Scumanda saying that she didn’t even like Julie…So much they could have covered, yet missed the mark.

  9. Comments (9)

    Poll Question: At this point in the game, who do you think that GM is more loyal to – the “Exterminators” or Ellisa?

    • Comments (2)


    • Comments (52)

      I think the Exterminators are her top priority/best bet…
      But, at the moment, I think she’ll put up McRanda because that’s what SHE wants to do.

      • Comments (52)

        by ‘she’ I meant it’s what GM wants to do for herself – just so noone misunderstands

      • Comments (1076)

        No one really “likes” Elissa in the house except Judd. But, they have had more than enough of being pushed around by Mccranda.

    • Comments (1162)

      IMO, that’s a tough call because Andy is a member of the Exterminators, but,
      both, Helen and Aaryn warned GM to never trust Andy.
      Even Andy has mentioned that he doesn’t think he has GM’s trust and he’s right.

      If GM had to make a choice between Elissa vs Andy, I think she
      would choose to keep Elissa.

    • Comments (1437)

      They are (possibly)three collective votes on the jury – Elissa is one. She would be an idiot to choose Elissa…oh wait 🙂

    • Comments (17)

      Sadly the exterminators..but maybe she’ll be smarter (especially since E tries her hardest to win- andy & spencer suck!).
      Hoping Gm, E & Judd stay together!!! Judd knows he can’t trust Andy??!

  10. Bigcatdaddywalley
    Comments (6)

    Elissa needs to shut her pie hole about her $$$$ talking to GM last night that her husband bought an ice areana. She will never win the whole thing because she does not need the money in the jury’s mind.

    • Comments (52)

      I agree, between the big money talk and the constant complaining about Amanda (no matter how well deserved) I think Elissa is shooting herself in the foot

      • Comments (11)

        She stills does not need to be treated the way Amanda has done.

      • Comments (1437)

        Even the rabid Elissa fans admit she’s not there for the money. That sucks.
        I want someone to win it who’s there to get the check and change their life – not someone who’s just there for the fame and attention.

      • Comments (1162)

        I think Aaryn and Amanda could use the money, even though they’re
        from wealthy families, but I think
        their main reason for being on BB is Fame.

        However, they’re going to be/are known as Infamous BB Players, not famous ones.

      • Comments (1437)

        I agree.
        However, it seems that every criticism of Elissa’s motives for being there get turned (by you) into a criticism of Aaryn and Amanda.
        Can you admit that Elissa also has tons of money and is only there for fame??
        You and others admitted in the last post that she really isn’t there for the money…then why is she there?

      • Comments (1162)

        Sorry – didn’t write out my complete thought.
        I meant to include Elissa for the Fame motive, too.
        Elissa , Amanda and Aaryn

      • Comments (1076)

        “The Three Stooges”.

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa is there to remind me that no matter how old I get or happy I am, I will always have my issues with people like Elissa….LOL…

      • Comments (1437)

        I would take Elissa(as a person)over Aaryn or Amanda anyday. But she is far from perfect. But, God forbid, don’t tell her “fans” that – they will go after you like you cut their mother.
        Bottom line – she is there for fame and attention. She is not an innocent victim, pure as the driven snow, or the best gameplayer in the BB house. She doesn’t automatically deserve to win because of who she is related to or because her fans love her.
        I am not rooting for her to win simply because I don’t feel she is playing for the right reasons. Same with Amanda, Aaryn and GM, who I think all got in there because they had connections, not because they went thru the usual application channels and auditions.

    • Comments (610)

      I view Elissa as someone who was chosen to be in the house for a certain amount of drama, not someone who truly is in it to win it. Unfortunately with the way Amanda & McCrae have “played”, it’s upped the drama to a level that’s just vile and disgusting. If Amanda were to be evicted, maybe Elissa would continue to play but more as a coach type figure to GM and Judd…like to help them (GM/Judd) to win or at least get to final 3, then she would bow out.

    • Comments (1288)

      Elissa’s money should not be a factor, if she plays the best game she should win. The finals should not be about need but rather about game play.

      That being said I think her game play has sucked. Due to her wishy-washy-ness the people who protected and carried her through the early stages of the game have been evicted and people like Spencer and Judd are left in the house.

      Why was Elissa crying over the eviction of her “allies” Kaitlin, Howard, Candice and Judd? It was Helen/Andy/McCrae and Amanda that saved her the first time around and she was never threatened again until after she backstabbed them 3 times.

    • Comments (1076)

      What was that all about? She is so impressed with herself I don’t think she realizes what a stupid comment that was. GM doesn’t have 2 sticks to rub together and Andy is struggling to make ends meet on a teachers salary in very expensive Chicago. Here’s where that aloof, distant aspect of her personality is going to bite her in the ass.

  11. Comments (10)

    I couldn’t believe the irony of Amanda crying to McCrea & Andy that it sucks that’s she’s being portrayed as the bad guy when she is such a good/nice person & Elyssa is such an evil person! Made me spit out my frosted flakes!

    • Comments (1076)

      What’s really sad is that Amanda believes what she is saying. Poor thing is going to be a a sanitarium when all this is over.

      • Comments (1)

        Agree, this is the first time in all the seasons of watching BB that I thought to myself this woman is going to have a true psychotic break. She is certainly delusional and co-dependent. RUN MCRAE RUN!!!!!

  12. Comments (43)

    Seeing Dan last night made me wonder what a future season would look like if it was “BB Villains” – it would be interesting to see how Amanda would fare among the greats. Or maybe that would be giving her too much recognition. Sigh…

    • Comments (52)

      Amanda wouldn’t stand a chance with a cast full of people who actually have spines…

      • Comments (1288)

        Why do you think she would play the same game? Given the cast of milquetoasts we have this season she has seen an opportunity and taken it. However she just overplayed it and cannot keep her emotions under control.

      • Comments (43)

        I don’t know her potential, but she seems a bit unstable. If she is so in control of her emotions that she can cry at all the right times and so often…kudos to her.

        I have a feeling she doesn’t really have any game other than to be domineering, though. In all honesty, I wonder (as a woman) how I would feel towards a male Amanda equivalent. My gut is that Amanda is 95% reaction, 5% strategy.

      • Comments (226)

        I have a friend who s just like her-and it’s total self-doubt/insecurity. The aggressive behavior is the only way to exert control. Textbook.

      • Comments (1076)

        You give her too much credit. Her over bearing behavior and sturm and drang (highly dramatic) personality has cowered first time players. Players who have been there before would eat her for breakfast and shit her out before dinner.

      • Comments (23)

        Agreed! Evel Dick would have her in tears before the end of the first week.

      • Comments (226)


      • Comments (293)

        My comment refers to Maggie’s comment: “it would be interesting to see how Amanda would fare among the greats.” I will not watch another Big Brother show that includes Amanda. For several weeks now, for this one (BB15), I’ve only been watching the eviction ceremonies because seeing and hearing Amanda is practically unbearable for me.

    • Comments (487)

      one week

    • Comments (293)

      If she’s back, I won’t watch at all.

      • Comments (43)

        Ugh. Agreed, Shirley. I saw somewhere that Ian from last season thought of a good v. evil season. That would be kinda cool!

      • Comments (52)

        I would, but, only if it was in a season of villains – including Evel Dick (the real evil master), Willie (the headbutt king), Dan (who truly knows how to play the game), and Rachael (just because that would annoy the hell out of Amanda)…

        (and yes, I called Rachael a villain – couldn’t stand her in the game, but, she’s an awesome player, and, she has a lot of heart)

      • Comments (293)

        Nothing will change my mind–If she’s back, I’m not watching.

      • Comments (1076)

        Sorry to tell you but I think the target is McCrae.

      • Comments (293)

        Suzyq, my comment refers to Maggie’s comment: “it would be interesting to see how Amanda would fare among the greats.” I will not watch another Big Brother show that includes Amanda. For several weeks now, for this one (BB15), I’ve only been watching the eviction ceremonies because seeing and hearing Amanda is practically unbearable for me.

        I do not know how my comment ended up above instead of here. But that’s why it appears twice–Sorry!

  13. Comments (1162)


    Spencer won $10,000

    Don’t know what goodies any other HGs won.

    BB LR is covered with confetti.
    The HGs had to break balloons to find what was inside of them.
    Elissa is happy for Spencer. Judd, too.
    Amanda is back to dissing Elissa.

  14. Comments (1)

    Spencer won $10,000!

  15. Comments (45)

    I hope Amanda and McCrae don’t go up on the block because this will keep the show much more interesting. Put up Elissa and Spencer instead oh yeahhhhhh

    • Comments (43)

      I say get Amanda out and see how McCrae actually plays the game alone.

    • Comments (52)

      I think putting them both (McRae and Amanda) on the block will make for the best week of the season so far.

      • Comments (316)

        My first thought was to put Elissa up also, but she is growing on me. I liked how she laughed in Amanda’s face actually. Took guts!

      • Comments (624)

        She’s the only one with a spine thus far. Slowly she’s getting others to get away from the Dark Side.

      • Comments (15)

        Putting up McCranda would be awesome. See how much in love they are when they scramble for votes. or McCrae wins Veto and DOESN’T use it on Amanda hehe.

      • Comments (1288)

        That’s not spine, that’s the big stick she has up her *ss with her elitist attitudes.

      • Comments (1076)

        Amazing how Elissa so divides our opinions. I think she lives in a privilaged bubble and could use some heartache to teach her compassion and others think she is the cat’s meow. How interesting. Everyone basically agrees about all the other HG’s. Elissa is a lightening rod. Maybe I’m not the only one with issues about her.

      • Comments (43)

        Yeah in the beginning I thought Elissa and GM were the most annoying, but after watching the live feeds and stuff, they’re two of my favorites. Same with Andy. I don’t see why people hate him so much. He’s never been super mean to anyone, just plays the game his way. At least I haven’t ever seen him be super mean.

      • Comments (282)

        Amanda is pissed at Elissa partly because she can’t control her.Andy on the other hand was just a RAT everything anyone said about Amanda or Mccrey went right to them via Andy.He reminds me of the kid on the playground who would run to the teacher because Billy said a bad word,than smile about it.He is not mean just a squealer.

      • Comments (43)

        Ah OK, tattletale definitely! Which I think is part of his gameplay (whether good or bad). I’ve just heard a lot of people hating on him in a personal way and it makes me sad since he doesn’t really attack people or talk crap about people. I was starting to wonder if I was missing something!

      • Comments (1288)

        Andy is a rat and tattletale because Rachel tweeted it. He has been loyal to his first alliance (McCranda) throughout the game. He helped hook them up with Hellisa and while he provided some info to Helen and Elissa he maintained his original loyalty and only told everything to McCranda.

        This upset Rachel and she started the Andy is a rat, weasel and tattletale meme. No respect for his gameplay and loyalty, just totally personal BS. Andy has done a masterful job navigating the game and was helping to craft a BB first – a 5 person alliance making it thru to the F5 intact.

        Alas that was not to be because Helen forgot she said [after Elissa almost sinking the evict Kaitlin and save Aaryan plan] that she would send Elissa out when she was no longer useful at tying down the MVP nomination. When the Brenchel Army put Elissa on the block as America’s choice she should have targeted Elissa from then on.

      • Comments (43)

        I didn’t even realize – good point! I guess he hasn’t ever gone against McCranda. Isn’t it crazy how one or two people can spark wildfire? With that said. I think it would be so cool to see GM, Andy, and Judd in the final 3.

      • Comments (1288)

        Definitely could be worse F3s.

      • Comments (282)

        Don’t get me wrong I like Andy also but a rat is a rat he does have a great game in that EVERYONE trust him,its just Amanda and Mccrey never left the bed because Andy ALWAYS brought the info to them.His game play is more respected than the one Amanda has only because she takes it too far than cries about looking like a bully.If your going to use that type of tactic OWN it dont wine ,cry,than get mad you only look Psycho.

      • Comments (1076)

        Psycho, no. Wussie, si.

      • Comments (226)

        Umm, no-Andy is a rat/mole bc we can see him being so. Not saying that it hasn’t been good game play on his part, but his “everyfriend” strategy still makes him a rat-he just hasn’t been caught by McCranda-yet. He’s done a great job of snowing everyone in the house even after being called out by other. He could be the one to go to the end.

        btw, not on twitter, surely don’t follow Rachel!

      • Comments (1076)

        I agree with DanDaMan 100%. If Amanda didn’t spend the last three weeks painting a bulls eye on her own back I believe he would still remain loyal. Even McCranda thinks Spencer, not Andy, has turned.

      • Comments (226)

        Around 7:14 bbt Andy was trying to sway spencer to put up Elissa if thy got the veto … Loyal to a (lousy) fault!

    • Comments (624)

      Oh yeah, if those are the noms I’ll set up my TV next to some paint I have drying.

      • Comments (1076)

        Papi, if that paint doesn’t dry by the 18th of September I would bring it back to the store for a refund.

    • Comments (12)

      Go away!

    • Comments (302)

      They could keep the show just as interesting if Amanda gets voted out. They then need to put some live cameras in the jury house and we’ll be treated to the Amanda post traumatic break down.

    • Comments (18)

      It might be fun if McCrae goes to jury and then watch Amanda have a meltdown next week. Of course, it’s double evection next week, so even if he does go home, they would probably go after her that same night.

      • Comments (50)

        I hope McCrae goes to jury while Elissa and the other HGs taunt Amanda about McCrae being in that house with Jessie. She didn’t even want him sitting on the same couch as Jessie. She’s going to lose her freaking marbles.

  16. Comments (1)

    I just read that Aaryn will be isolated from the other jury members or that is how I am reading it. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-big-brother-aaryn-gries-evicted-20130830,0,7266978.story

    “And because Griese will be part of the jury that will determine the winner who scores the grand prize, Chen told the audience that the recent evictee would continue to be isolated in another location and not told about the fallout.”

    • Comments (302)

      Patty – I believe that means she will be isolated just like the other jury members in the Jury House. She will not be isolated from Helen, Jessie & Candice … she’ll be isolated from any news of the fallout created by her Big Brother behavior.

    • Comments (1)

      You’re reading it wrong. It’s saying that since she will be a part of the jury house, and the jury is still isolated from the real world, she won’t be told about the fallout. Her fallout being losing her jobs and public backlash from her comments. She won’t be isolated from the other jury members.

      • Comments (233)

        After last night’s audience and her Julie Chin exit interview, I think Aaryn has a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the outside world.

      • Comments (1076)

        Journalists wording was ass backwards, leaving open room for two interpretations. Journalist also Said Julie “lashed” out at Aaryn. That didn’t happen either. Julie spoke on an even keel and was very professional. If she lashed out, Aaryn would have been able to be defiant. Julies matter of fact delivery put Aaryn up against a rock and a hard place.

  17. Comments (1)

    What time are nominations usually??

  18. Comments (40)

    its just so great to see Camanda not in command, that must eat her alive. I would hate to be in the jury house if she goes then mccrae goes, and for elissa’s sake I hope andy goes before her and spencer goes before her too.

    • Comments (52)

      Actually, if Amanda weren’t such a [fill in your choice of expletives here] I would almost feel sorry for her when she gets to the jury house and is suddenly surrounded by Jessie, Candice, Helen and even Aaryn. But, since she is such a [same expletive as above] I think we should get to watch jury house live feeds the night (next Thursday, fingers crossed) she leaves…

  19. Comments (15)

    Come on GM get back up, I can’t believe you fell now!!! Go GM!!!

  20. Comments (25)

    Amanda has a serious problem with denial and deflection. Every week it seems she has some sort of problem with a specific hg. I remember when they were trying to get Candice out she said that the house would have a much better vibe and be so much better once Candice was gone, she is a trouble maker. Then she said the same thing about Jessie, once Jessie is gone the house will be so much better, Jessie is a trouble maker. Now she is spouting off the same mantra about Elissa, the house will be so much better when she is gone, she is the one causing all the problems. The only common denominator here is Amanda!! She is the cause of the problems, not the other hg’s she terrorizes and then blames for the trouble. I don’t understand why none of the other hg’s can see this?

    • Comments (25)

      Oh and she said the same thing about Judd and I am sure if she gets her way and stays in the game she will be saying that about GM next week too.

    • Comments (624)

      I hear ya….I think we need Dr Drew to break it down for us. He’s such an expert on everything after all…lol

      • Comments (1076)

        The APA is investigating Dr. Drew because of all the people who have died taking his “televised” rehab. The whole idea of therapy is the secret trust developed between patient and doctor. It is one thing for therapy to be secretly filmed and then used privately as a teaching aide for future therapists, but to televise ongoing therapy to the public is detrimental to recovery. I hope they take his license away. He is a self serving schmuck.

      • Comments (1)

        Good one Big Papi…..id luv to hear Dr Drews breakdown of this!! Lol also…

    • Comments (610)

      X2 Alisha!! Hey Amanda: the house would definitely have a much better vibe in it if YOU were gone!

    • Comments (8)

      Amanda really needs to be further evaluated. She really has some head issues

    • Comments (11)

      No doubt Amanda has deeply rooted mental issues…. All bullies do.

      • Comments (20)

        Amanda’s dad claims that she was bullied in school because she is Jewish…in that case, she of all people should know how horrible it feels to be bullied. She is a horrible mean person….she now wears the crown of being the most disliked person to ever play a reality game show in my opinion!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        That is such a croc. She mentioned it again to Spencer the other night. Who gets bullied for being Jewish when you attend High School in a Jewish neighborhood on Long Island. I went to school in a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn and no one picked on any ones religion. Feminine boys, masculine girls, and basically outsiders took some abuse. But really, abused for being Jewish in New York is too hysterical for words.

      • Comments (2)

        She is straight up crazy. I feel sorry for anyone who will have to be lock in the jury house with her. They should all be scared. Can anyone say psycho.

    • Comments (1288)

      Congratulations, you just identified Amanda’s tactics. But that doesn’t mean that her targets are innocent of her complaints. She identifies the annoying characteristics of her targets and amplifies them to the house. She knew the things that Candice did [take or use other’s stuff without asking permission / loud in morning while while others are still asleep/etc] and so she campaigned with them.

      Amanda has done the same with every houseguest evicted so far, I don’t know why her doing it now surprises you. The rest of the house has complaints about Elissa. They hear her subtle derision, backhanded compliments and elitist attitude. They know she called Aaryan and GM freaks and didn’t want to sit near them.

      This week Amanda will have her own negatives exploited, her demanding and domineering attitude. It would be interesting to see her and Elissa up together, the biggest disappointment for the house is that they couldn’t evict both. Hmmm, maybe if they all abstained?

      • Comments (25)

        I am not surprised by it now, I have noticed her doing this for quite awhile. I just find it interesting that no one in the house has realized what she is doing.

      • Comments (1288)

        Oh I think they are aware of it. GM’s are not the only eyes rolling when Amanda leaves a room, I think I even saw McCrae do it once. It worked well early in the game but at this point the prize is within sight so discomforts and annoyances mean less {and begin figuring in Jury vote predictions].

    • Comments (1288)

      Normally this is the reasoning for the first couple of evictions. “Let’s get rid of the annoying people who will ruin our fun this Summer and let the good players play out the game”. It started that way this year with Elissa [elitist attitude, tried to hide Rachel connection, not a genuine person] and Jessie [clingy, flighty, jumping from guy to guy] were the first two nominations.

      Then the MVP added a third nomination and the whole strategy changed. Now strong players could be immediately targeted without anything to strike back at even if you didn’t have HoH on your side. The HoH meant little if you had the bigger alliance. So David, Nick, Jeremy, kaitlin and Howard all went out, they didn’t get back to annoying people until Candice

  21. Comments (316)

    Why did Andy talk about Anderson Cooper?Please remind me.

  22. Comments (487)

    McCrae and Amanda are not in a good mood with each other. McCrae is annoyed with Amanda just because and Amanda is annoyed with McCrae because he’s not talking to her or doing anything she wants today. At this point if GM put them both up and McCrae won the veto McCrae would use it on himself and leave on the block. It’s all on GM’s shoulders.

    • Comments (651)

      McStinky is in a bad move because he sees the writing on the wall. He used Demanda as a meat shield and she is the reason he’s going. Since Elissa won HoH McStinky has been trying to get a guys alliance going knowing that Demanda puts a big target on his back and now he can’t shake it off.

      • Comments (1076)

        How right you are. Amanda has been his human shield through the entire game. Now that the boat’s taking on water he is freaking out. I am glad he is the target this week.

  23. Comments (3)

    can you post a pic if ginamarie falling down the stairs? .. i really wanna see this

  24. Comments (20)

    When today do we expect the nomination ceremony?

    • Comments (1162)

      My guess – very soon.
      According to online info – Amanda is in the HOH rm. with GM right now.
      Amanda is talking very, very fast & throwing Judd and Elissa under the bus.
      She told GM that if she doesn’t put Elissa on the Block, all of the HGs will be enraged.
      : )
      McCrae wants to talk with GM, so perhaps the nominations will take place right after
      their talk.

  25. Comments (2)

    I think the Nom will be soon. Amanda is going to loose her marbles.

  26. Comments (43)

    Amanda still thinks she is in control. I agree with Beans – this is going to be hilarious!

  27. Comments (1)

    Feeds went to trivia so im thinking nominations. Can’t wait! Signed up for feeds just to see Amanda and McCrae’s reaction.

  28. Comments (651)

    Nom ceremony is happening NOW…woot woot!

  29. Comments (1)

    Come on! This is driving me crazy LOL!

  30. Comments (110)

    Way to go GM you will be the only one that would have the guts to put up Amanda
    and Mcrea sent Ellissa and Andy and Helen didn’t have the guts to put them both up there together when they were HOH and I forgot Aaryn and Judd all of them had a chance to b put them up and they didn’t like everybody has said what a waste.

  31. Comments (768)

    Anyone care to predict when they wheel Amanda out on a dolly wearing a straight jacket?

    • Comments (86)

      I will put my money on Demanda jumping over the table and trying to strangle Elissa with her name key necklace!!!

    • Comments (20)

      Her reality is pretty twisted right now.

      • Comments (768)

        It’s actually kind of sad to see her coming unravelled the way she is. She did some pretty heinous things but I wouldn’t want to see her do something harmful to anyone.

      • Comments (20)

        I honestly think Amanda has been trying to push Elissa to the breaking point in the hopes that she will touch her in some way and possibly have her ejected from the game.

  32. Comments (487)

    The deed is done!

  33. Comments (86)


  34. Comments (27)

    WOOHOO GM!!! Nananana nananana hey hey good bye…!!!

  35. Comments (82)

    Alright Amanda you were almost done last week and came through…odds are you will be a nutjob the next week….but focus tomorrow, win POV…..kiss your bf goodbye, and start kicking ass and taking names to the final 2! You can do it! (in my best Rob Schneider voice)…..haters proceed with dislikes starting……..now….go….be first, hurry….

    • Comments (43)

      Hey Kurtis, without another opinion, this game would be boring 🙂

      • Comments (82)

        haha very true Maggie. I guess I have to be the devils advocate in this one! I liked her the first week, and despite all her flaws (which many have surfaced) I am still pulling for her. I guess its the pulling for the underdog kinda thing at this point, so many are against her that it makes me cheer for her that much harder! If she somehow wins this game, people can talk all they want about her behavior…but her gameplay has been pretty good. Especially if she reaches the finals….would take ALOT of competition wins here on out…which she, well putting it nicely, does not excel in… have a great day!

      • Comments (43)

        LOL she’s getting mad at Judd now. I agree, Kurtis. It’s cool to root for the underdog, but when the underdog is basically playing against herself, it’s crazy. I almost feel like CBS should run a PSA about mental illness after each episode. It would make for an epic finale – Amanda v. whoever for sure. Although, in all honesty, I can’t tell if she is playing the game or just going through an existential crisis. Whew, what fun!

  36. Comments (43)

    Is it sad that I’m so happy? AAAAAH!!!! And GM is doing such a great job of explaining to Amanda too!!

    • Comments (20)

      GM shouldn’t even have to explain anything to Amanda! It’s her HOH and she can nominate anyone she wants. If Amanda wants other people on the block she should win her own HOH. Oh, that’s right….she thought every HOH WAS hers!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Easy for you to say. Amanda wants answers and she wants them now!!!”It just doesn’t make sense”. The cry of the delusional.

  37. Comments (2)

    OMG! GM you are the girl. Amanda is the devil. Andy needs to go too.

  38. Comments (3)

    The chickens have come home to roost.

  39. Comments (110)

    Now hoping she leaves the house on Thursday and Mcrea right behind her…

  40. Comments (5)

    I’m happy GM went through with it. I’m here watching the feeds and Amanda is arguing with GM about it. GM is getting flustered and trying to justify why she didn’t choose Elissa and Judd.

    STOP trying to explain it to her GM. Tell her to fvck off!

    • Comments (5)

      AMANDA JUST SAID SHE WANTS TO GO HOME. She said she doesn’t want to be in the house with “these” people! Go home then broad! LOL She’s so weak.

  41. Comments (40)

    maybe GM should get America’s vote now..

    • Comments (12)

      WTF?????? Seriuosly????? America’s vote?

      • Comments (1076)

        Said it before, say it again, I LOVE GM. She’s like a baby sister who fell down the stairs head first when she was a kid. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her, but as the years went by , you knew something was just a little off. GM is hysterical.

  42. Comments (43)

    Hehehe GM is so much smarter than I thought. YESYESYES. She is being so honest when telling Amanda why she put them up. Good game, girl.

  43. Comments (6)

    Is it weird that I have “ding dong the witch is dead” playing in my head on a loop?

  44. Comments (86)


  45. Comments (487)

    Andy is pleading Amanda and McCrae case.

  46. Comments (8)

    I just heard Amanda say she didn’t want to be there anymore. If that were only true

  47. Comments (2)

    Double Eviction could not be sweeter if Amanda AND McCrae go home at once.

  48. Comments (23)

    Happy! Happy! Happy!

  49. Comments (1)

    LOL.. I think its hilarious… Amanda can certainly dish it, but she cant even take 1/4 of what she dished out to Elissa after she won POV and shes crumbling into a million pieces… She likes to portray a strong powerful player, but I think shes actually REALLY insecure. If she wants any chance of winning this game, she will have to step back, analyse what just happen and approach the situation once her mind is in the right place (game mode).

  50. Comments (7)

    Finally someone has had the balls to put those two up! Haven’t been a fan of GM in the past because of her comments but I am very proud she did what everyone was too scared to do in the first place!!!

  51. Comments (3)

    Let the meltdown go on and on and on and on. Best Big Brother move ever!!!

  52. Comments (14)

    man-o-man…that self destruction was wickedly good.
    wish i could stick around but nah, something too creepy about the bb scene this year

    i seriously hope NO ONE gets hurt

    enjoy the looong holiday weekend BBJunkies

  53. Comments (3)

    I want to see Amanda’s head do a 360! How happy Elissa must be right now!!!

    • Comments (1076)

      I don’t think Elissa is one to derive joy from Amanda’s lunacy. I think she feels sorry for her condition. Oh yeah, she wants her gone, but Elissa has shown no signs of being petty.

  54. Comments (2)

    Can someone help me. I am at my parents house on their computer and trying to log into my monthly pass but it wont allow me, just a black screen and wont let me type a username or connect through facebook?

  55. Comments (302)

    After sitting through weeks of snoozeville boring Big Brother we are finally getting treated to some drama. I can’t wait to see the nomination ceremony on Sunday. But my least favorite player Andy scurrying to Gina Marie to make sure she does let it slip out that Andy is part of the alliance that wants McCranda out. That little ratfink bastard. Judd is sitting there trying to protect GM from Amanda(like everyone in the Exterminator alliance agreed to do)while RatBoy covers his ass. Okay, I know it’s smart game play, but I just can’t stand the sight of this weasel.

  56. Comments (3)

    Production should have a body guard on Elissa side 24-7

    • Comments (610)

      Seriously! We’ve all seen/heard Amanda’s comments about what she wants to do to Elissa. That’s beyond game play & Amanda does not seem to be mentally stable.

      • Comments (20)

        What would CBS do if Amanda physically hurt Elissa??? It’s not like they haven’t seen it coming. Oh right, they have to keep the drama going no matter what the cost!! They have to think about those ratings you know!! It’s sickening!!

      • Comments (1076)

        They would make sure every news outlet in America got a hold of the tape. Their own news affiliates would be showing it on a loop.

  57. Comments (768)

    I just read as Amanda is downstairs slowly unravelling, Elissa and GM are in the HOH discussing…. fragrances! lmao! 🙂

  58. Comments (27)

    Way to go GM!! Finally someone in the house who is actually playing the game & I hope you win GM – the only one with some guts & a heart- u rock!!!! Way to go– now win it!!!! Floater Andy & lazy Spencer need to go next- get out- waste of space- saying they’re going to throw this Veto- what babies- afraid of Amanda as usual!!! Amanda is crying- really!!?? We all know its because you didn’t get ur way you skank- ur disgusting – the things you said & the way you harassed everyone- ur a disgrace of a human being- I really hope to see you leave- oh wait I’m sure you’ll be fine because your producer friend will AGAIN save you- that’s a disgrace- Amanda NEEDS to get out & that producer needs to be fired & CBS needs to reevaluate their values- what an awful season- shameful!!! Again, thank you GM for having the balls to actually play this game right!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (166)

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!! How sweet when Thursday the both of them can be evicted in the same night, & be on the same flight to jury house, gosh can you even imagine the looks on the jury members faces if both Amanda & McCrae walk in together!! Im thinking it will be a Kodak moment!! Go GM & Elissa!!

  59. Comments (4)

    I’m loving reading this. Amanda is in need of some sort of therapy or something. Apparently her whole life she’s been the queen bee and she goes into the Big Brother house to find out that she’s not all that special and she reacts horribly at every turn. Amanda crying that she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore (how many times have we heard house guests say that this season?), trying to still intimidate Gina Marie and bully Elissa. Wait until she gets back home into the real world. Her bio on the CBS site states that she will miss most, “Her family, friends and her job… but they’ll all be there when I get back”. Wait until Amanda gets home to not only find out that she no longer has a job, but also the state of Florida revoked her license to sell homes. I really wish CBS would film them going home.

    • Comments (15)

      Wait until she is evicted and walks out to talk to Julie and the audience boos her. Will be so cool.

      • Comments (32)

        Will probably be another controlled audience. Much of the audience Thursday night was CBS employees. There was even a cast member from Glee right up front. The few boos that could be heard was nothing compared to what would have happened if they hadn’t rigged the audience.

      • Comments (20)

        Totally agree Gern!!! I don’t think the audience was made up of BB viewers at all. The boos would have been a lot louder and people would have laughed a lot more!!!

    • Comments (86)

      That would be AWESOME!!!! Great idea. I hats to say this but I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them tries to hurt themselves. I don’t think any of them have enough sence to stay off the net.

    • Comments (1076)

      Amanda has always been Queen Bee except for that awful period in high school when the other Jewish students bullied her for being Jewish.

  60. Comments (34)

    Its catch up Friday tvgn for those who have missed episodes, like myself 🙂

  61. Comments (400)

    When Helen knew she’d been outplayed by Amanda, she gave Amanda credit. I’m sure Amanda will come to that conclusion re GM too.

  62. Comments (15)

    So very proud of GM. She did it. A big move. Now one of them will leave the house. I sure hope it is Amanda.

  63. Comments (17)

    A woman has the ONLY balls in the house!

  64. Comments (6)

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best noms of the year, this week is going to be a $hitfest starring Amanda.

  65. Comments (43)

    I kinda feel like Elissa when she spit out her sprite!! Lol

  66. Comments (1)

    FINALLY!!!!! Now I just hope she goes home. About time someone made a big move

  67. Comments (10)

    Amanda = Sybil and will show all her multiple personalities this next week for sure.

  68. Comments (43)

    Best case for the veto, GM wins!! AAmanda’s head will be spinning in circles!!

    • Comments (1162)

      For Entertainment Purposes – Imagine And winning the Veto and having
      to FINALLY stand up and make a decision. Ha!

      Until the POV players are announced, all we’re going to hear from Andy
      is how much he doesn’t want to be chosen. He is such a disgusting wuss.

      • Comments (768)

        A wuss is right! If he throws the POV and GM sees it, I hope she puts him up as a replacement nom just to watch him squirm. Andy should be #3 on the hit list now.

      • Comments (1076)

        It is too late in the competition for throwing comps.

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        my thoughts exactly. Oh the ultimate betrayal if it were one of those timed veto comps where no one knows how long the others were and Andy DOESN’T use the veto – that would be amazing.

    • Comments (1)

      no- BEST case scenario is ELISSA winning POV- that would crush Amanda!

  69. Comments (400)

    Judd should ask her how a blindside feels.

  70. Comments (35)

    I wonder how many times Amanda will say “it doesn’t make sense!” Apparently she’s never watched BB! What doesn’t make sense is how they have allowed a “power couple” to remain in the game this long!! Her bratty crying is absolutely ridiculous! She didn’t have a care in the world when she had a hand in just about every evicted HG! Karma is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m looking forward to your dramatic crying and fits this week, Amanda!!

  71. Comments (453)

    DING DONG The wicked witch is GONE hehehehehehehehehehehe (expiration points)

  72. Comments (1162)

    McCrae is soooooo quiet.

    I think he expected this to happen so is he in shock? Despair? Seeking Sympathy? Strategizing?

  73. Comments (610)

    I wonder how producer Alison Grodner, friend of Amanda’s, is feeling about Amanda’s behavior on the show now?

  74. Comments (10)

    Advice for McCrae when the game is over, RUN FAST RUN VERY VERY FAST away from Amanda who will probably be stalking you.

  75. Comments (2)

    Even McCrae got nasty last night, saying with Elissa on the block, he wants to win POV and “wear it on [his] d***.” Then at around 3:40 a.m. PT on camera 3, McCrae says about Elissa, “I just want to be like, ‘We f***ed all over your bed and came, I thought it would hurt your skin and you’d have a break out but it didn’t.'” and Amanda says, “I would love for you to come in her bed.”

    These two got to go!!!!!

  76. Comments (25)

    As much as I would love to see Amanda walk out the BB door I think it would be so delicious if McRae went instead. Imagine McRae alone in the BB Jury house with Candice, Jessie, Helen and Aaryn. All those pretty girls and McRae alone in a huge gorgeous mansion. Amanda would FREAK out!! That would be great.

  77. Comments (2)

    The only reason amanda has been queen bee in life is because she surrounds herself with people just like McRae…looks like amanda met her match with GM!

  78. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    I hope Elissa wins POV

  79. Comments (86)

    If I were Elissa I would be talking so much smack right about now. I wish she would start screaming “You aint got Spencer, You aint got Judd, you aint got Andy!!!!!! Show that bitch how it feels.

  80. Comments (1)

    I hope that Andy wins POV this week so he has to deal with McCranda and show his true colours, can’t wait to see Amanda walk out the door, but honestly the better choice for eviction might be McCrae, once he’s separated from Amanda he may get jury votes

  81. Comments (302)

    You have got to be kidding me. Amanda goes off on Gina Marie and is now asking her if McCranda can have the HOH room for one night and GM agrees. Who knows what fluids those two will leave behind. Probably a smart game moved by GM but she’s putting her own health at risk.

    • Comments (4)

      Amanda may speak her mind a lot in a “high pitched” tone, but she tells the truth as she sees and I know GM respects that on some level cause she’s the same way.

  82. Comments (1)

    Is the show rigged? And is Amanda supposed to win? Cuz I’m done with big brother if she wins!

  83. Comments (1092)

    Let’s not get too excited yet.

    They both get to compete for pov, and, gm has a sprained ankle. If it is a physical challenge, she wont do well.

    Amanda can still get lucky and squeak through this week.

  84. Comments (4)

    I want Elissa out. Can’t stand watching her. And she taunts continuously. She’s like that person that manipulates everyone with out anyone realizing she’s the villain. All her subtle remarks with a smile on her face, passive aggressive crap, I see right through her. She’s evil. She has to go.

  85. Comments (10)

    Hey does anyone know if Amanda will get an interview, like Aaryn, if there’s a double eviction?

    I don’t remember if Candice did the night that her and Judd were evicted. I want Julie to give it to McCranda! Hahahaaha

  86. Comments (2)

    I think they shoul have he same rights in the house as we have…it is not a prison….they are being threatened, andhthat individual needs to be treated like any other person would….I would be yelling 911.. Getting the police involved in this fiasco whose name is Amanda …..she is threatening their personal safety…their lives at that…why is this ok?

  87. Comments (4)

    Amanda played an amazing game and when Elissa won HOH she said she felt defeated and didn’t change her clothes for 3 days. I am so tired of people being so hard on Amanda. It’s annoying. Amanda has played this game methodically and diligently and deserves acknowledgment for that. True some of her tactics are over the top but it’s a game and to me it seems she really has been the only one with any real strategy and it got her this far.

    Everyone has cried but when Amanda cries everyone makes fun of her.
    Everyone has bad mouthed and ratted out other players but amanda is a “brat?”
    Everyone has acted childish including the princess.

    Spencer has the dirtiest mouth and behaviors and conversations in the house but yet Amanda gets called disgusting and is so degraded in the comments. If memory serves me, she usually is involved in a conversation and there are 3 or 4 other people in it, but people only hate her for it.

    Elissa is a tease and a passive aggressive spider and no one hates her.
    Amanda calls people out and everyone hates her.

    I don’t understand why everyone has to degrade her as a person, that is disgusting Elissa. elissa degraded amanda first this past week and made it personal when she said something personal to Amanda about Amanda’s personal life in judgment in front of everyone. Amanda said, “why would she make it personal like that.” She was confused. But all anyone can talk about is how amanda retaliated personally, why didn’t anyone stick up for Amanda when Elissa did it to her. Then Elissa mind-f**ked amanda, amanda reacted and elissa plays victim? I am sick of the amanda bashing.

    I think all this amanda bashing in the comments has really gone too far and gotten way too negative, much worse than anything that’s happened in the house. I think people stick up for the underdog and don’t like survivors. Amanda is a survivor and she’s played great so everyone wants to see her fail.

  88. Comments (875)

    Andy needs to go home, he is “still” the stoolie/rat for McCranda. After this week Andy wants Elissa to be evicted, because she does not trust him , & he feels threatened by her…

    Oh boo-hoo Andy, put on your big boy panties, & deal with it! Andy’s whole plan is to take Amanda to the F2, & to win BB, because no one in the Jury House will vote for Amanda to win.

    Just watch how Andy “still” defends Amanda to Elissa, & she is on to him. But dummy Spencer, Judd, & GM are not aware of Andy’s undying Loyalty to Amanda/McCrae.

    • Comments (226)

      Agree! He should have gone instead of Aaryn. His spy tactics and fake alliances are worse than what they accused Judd of doing (not that everyone else doesn’t/hasn’t/won’t do that…)

  89. Comments (86)

    I don’t get why the “house” is letting Andy sit back and look pretty. All he cares about is his damn self!

  90. Comments (4)

    Why did they cut out the Aaryn interview on the rebroadcast?

  91. Comments (23)

    Are you watching the same show we are? Amanda is a freaking Psycho Biotch!!!

  92. Comments (78)

    Mcranda suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss

  93. Comments (1)

    So I gather no one is under the impression that Amanda will use the POV on McCrae if she wins? I want McCrae to win POV just to Amanda will try to manipulate McCrae into using the POV on her if he somehow pulls off a win. And I want McCrae to tell her to shove it.

    • Comments (25)

      I think she would use it on him if she won and I further think that she would encourage him to use it on himself if he won. Amanda is many things and I am not a fan of hers but I think that she really does have feelings for McRae. She has already been campaigning for him to stay and asking the other hg’s not to hold her actions against him and she has been giving him tips on how to play the rest of the game and who to trust and who not to trust. Part of her desire to keep him in the game may be because she doesn’t want him in the jury house with all those girls by himself, but I think she really does care for him. I just don’t see her stabbing him in the back. But that’s just me.

  94. Comments (43)

    Judd looks thrilled to be in the chicken outfit!! It makes me giggle lol!

  95. Comments (1)

    I think of all the possible disorders I have seen theorized for Amanda, so far Conduct Disorder (not to be confused with disorderly conduct) seems to make the most sense. Clearly her medications need to be seriously increased. Isn’t xanax supposed to calm you down?!?

  96. Comments (5)

    I would love Judd to win this WHOLE thing, get rid of Amanda she is a sociopath, she is sick in the head, I know she pulled alot of Jewish strings to get on BB, she is an adderol poppin momma. This is the worse BB season that I have ever watched, the racism is unacceptable, how could anyone allow people like GM, Aaron or Amanda in BB. This is horrible, but then again it is reality, I just don’t want any of them to win. BB shame on you how you tried to cover up Howard release as it relates to the audience. disgusting, disgusting as Alissa always says!!!!!!!

  97. Comments (5)

    Andy is such a rat, he wants to save everyone, no he is a punk, rat and following floater!

  98. Comments (5)

    Andy is the Daily News, takes info back and forth

  99. Comments (1)

    RACISM! new name for BB. I think America should boycott BB If you believe they are condoning and sensationalizing such a dangerous, real and very much alive issue that is still crippling our country.
    Well said Melena!!!

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