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Big Brother 15 – Did Andy Kill His Season?


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Ahhh, it’s good to be home.  I’m sure I’ll be going back up soon, but at least not until after the Big Brother season so I won’t have to leave you guys hanging for so long.

This week two things are certain…

a) Spencer will finally not go on the block
b) McCrae is the #1 target

McCrae’s new goal in life is to win PoV, HoH, PoV, etc, etc until the final 2.  If he fails to do that, he’ll be in the jury house and there will be a solid chance of GinaMarie sitting next to Spencer in the finals.  Sure, Judd or Andy can be there as well, but they have far more friends in the jury house, and I doubt anyone will choose them to sit next to them in the finals.  McCrae, Andy and Judd will have to win their way to the final 2 if they want a shot at $500k because there will be no easy rides.

Speaking of easy rides, at this point in the season, you really have to hand it to Andy.  Everyone is calling him a rat and a snake, but he is taking pages directly from the Ian Terry playbook and that guy was a huge fan favorite.  Both of them floated their way to the finish, and they hid behind bigger targets for most of the season.  Ian got to hide behind the bigger target all the way to the final 2, while Andy decided to vote his meatshield out on day 77.

Andy was cruising through this game doing a brilliant job at remaining friends with people as they went to the jury house, and then the big decision had to be made.  Should he stick by his original alliance or join the new one… Ian chose the former (even if it meant potentially losing to Dan), while Andy chose the latter, and that is why Andy will see a place Ian never did – the jury house.

While Andy seemed to have good logic during his goodbye message to Amanda, the problem is the same logic applies to his current alliance.  Like I mentioned above, Andy is well liked, and the exterminators know this as well.  While he would have had to win his way into the f2 over Amanda and McCrae, he’s going to have to do the same vs Spencer, Judd or GinaMarie.  The big difference is, instead of sitting next to a hated Amanda, he managed to piss off at least 3 jury members and counting by this move.

I don’t know why I started rambling about Andy, probably because he’s suddenly being called all types of nasty things, but really he played a solid game until last night.  It may have been a ‘behind the scene floater style’, but it put him in an excellent position until last night.

Anyway, nominations are today and McCrae will be going up.  I am not sure who it will be against, but it really doesn’t matter.  They may as well literally put a pawn piece on the chair next to McCrae because it has a better shot at going to the jury than Judd, Andy or GM.

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  1. Comments (20)

    On the “Who Do You Want to Win?” poll…. where is the “none of the above” button? 😉

  2. Comments (316)

    GO McCrae, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Comments (166)

    Well I see that Spencer is HOH..Big Freakin Whoop!!

    Lets see how long Andy can play both sides now, bcuz they will turn on each other, I want to see him on the block next to McCrae & McCrae win POV take himself off & another exterminator go up & out the door..Please let it be Andy!!

  4. Comments (57)

    Judd, the man already evicted once, is the frontrunner for having done absolutely nothing yet. There should be a penalty if he wins after being evicted:He can only win half of the prize. I think that’s fair.

    • Comments (20)

      I don’t like any of the remaining house guests but I’m going to cheer for Judd because I think he is the lesser of all the other evils. He hasn’t played all that well and I don’t like how he treated Elissa at the end but he was not a horrible racist like Amanda and Gina Marie. He has not been a bully either. Andy had a pretty good game plan but he made his comments too personal and the stuff that came out of his mouth was disgusting!! Spencer has spent most of the game with his finger in his nose or his hand in his pants and has floated to the final 5. McCrae doesn’t deserve the win because he has not thought for himself ever since he hooked up with Amanda. He totally wasted his HOH last night. I hope he’s voted out next because I don’t want to see the jury members get bullied by Amanda to vote for him if he makes it to the final.

  5. Comments (4)

    Completely agree with you. Andy has strategized to get this far, whether fans like his approach or not.

  6. Comments (231)

    Beans, you did a great job this season of keeping us updated on the Hg’s of the BB house. But, I don’t have the heart to continue with the current lack of human beings left in the house. The choices are Gm the racist, Spenser the pervert, mcC the filthy no gamer, Judd the clueless and Andy the soulless. Even if Andy wins, I do not believe he will enjoy the win bc each time he back stabbed someone ——- he became more cruel.
    Also, the conduct of the beasts left in the house towards Elissa’s belongings, still verbally bashing her and what Spenser said he would do to her picture every night is quite enough for me. HOPE to blog with e1 next year. TAKE CARE 🙂

    • Comments (407)

      Thanks 🙂 I don’t blame you, if I had to pick a final 4, it certainly wouldn’t be this 4. As a writer, I need drama and excitement!

      • Comments (875)

        Yes Steve, from the bottom of ALL of our hearts…”Thank You” for your updates!

        I am going to log you onto my Favorites list, and I will be back next year to follow your update blog for Big Brother 16! Lets just hope that Allison Grodner, & Company cast better HG for next seasons edition of BB…My fingers are crossed. 😉

    • Comments (1076)

      It’s a cruel, cruel summer……..LOL…..what drivel.

    • Comments (86)

      Just a heads up no one has a soul. Even you.

      • Comments (1076)

        I sold my soul to rock and roll. Best deal I ever made. I don’t think atheists believe in souls. I cried when I saw Bambi and Dumbo when I was a child, so there must be something there. But, thanks for the heads up, I’ll be on the lookout.

    • Comments (12)

      Macrea was nothing but a bed bug with Amanda. all those two did was lie in bed…

      • Comments (1288)

        …have sex and talk game. Haters gonna hate. McCrae brought more to the partnership than people give him credit for. He has great knowledge of past seasons, as much as Amanda. He also has something Amanda doesn’t have – the ability to consider a situation from another’s point of view. Amanda did not always dictate the moves, they discussed them.

        And what exactly is there to do in the house besides lie around? It is not like they are skipping school or calling in sick at work. People have differing levels of activity, from hyper-kinetics like Helen and Elissa to those inclined to stay at rest. The backyard is often off limits thanks to production. Games and activities have been few and far between before the last couple of weeks. “Oh boy, let’s get out of bed and walk 50 feet and sit on a couch, wheeeeeeeeee”.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmfao its like you gotta spoon feed these moronz or they just don’t understand 😀 Bwahahahaha!!!

      • Comments (401)

        “Oh boy, let’s get out of bed and walk 50 feet and sit on a couch, wheeeeeeeeee”. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Comments (162)

    Spencer and GM in final two… I think

    • Comments (1076)

      I am rooting for GM because I can never get enough of her speaking to the group. Her plea to the jury just might be comedic gold.

      • Comments (1162)

        GM is a horrible human being but, at this time, she does have the
        Biggest Balls in the BBH.

      • Comments (316)

        She may have balls but what she is really lacking is a HEART!!

      • Comments (1162)

        No Argument …….however, considering the HGs left
        in the House – we can’t totally dismiss her Big Balls
        compared to the “men.”
        : )

      • Comments (207)

        I cant believe anyone would go for that racist pig GM! I dont care what contract i signed i would not vote for Aaryn,GM or Amanda. Them three need toblearn a lesson that has nothing to do with the game. They crossed lines that even in a game should not be tolerated! Sorry people racist really make me angry.

      • Comments (207)

        Ohh sorry again! I was hitting the keys so fast i made some errors.

      • Comments (378)

        Angry chix are funny 😛 lol

  8. Comments (65)

    Everyone left in the house has said vile/disgusting things, so I think it’s fair to judge on their gameplay.

    Andy – His social game is excellent. He got basically everyone to think he’s on their side. Even when he was exposed for not being trustworthy, people still foolishly believed it wasn’t him (McCrae/Elissa). However, he doesn’t have the balls. He said countless times that he doesn’t want any blood on his hands and hasn’t made one big move.

    GinaMarie – I’m surprised she made it this far. The only member of her original alliance (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy,David, and Nick to an extent) to make it this far. She also has played a decent game. She’s one of the few who has balls and will do what she wants as HoH. She was the first to nominate and successfully break up the power alliance of McCranda, and totally blindsided them, which was even better! I have a feeling she’ll leave right after McCrae, however, kind of like the Brigade kicking out Britney.

    Judd – I predicated him to win at the start. Awesome social game, nobody targeted him (like Andy), and he was just sweet all around. Then as time went by, he became more of a target and I predicted him to leave during the Double Eviction. When he came back, I expected him really to start playing hard, but hasn’t really done anything and is a huge floater. I know some of you like him, but he really doesn’t deserve the win (unless he’s in a F2 with Spencer)

    McCrae – I really liked him at first. He seemed like he would be this force that came out of nowhere and nobody would expect anything from him because he is so non-threatening. He got pretty far siding with Semenda (lol), but it didn’t make him a strong player. He has basically been her puppet since like Week 2. I would say he doesn’t really deserve it, unless he plays his heart out for the rest of the time he is here.

    Spencer – After Howard and most of the Moving Company were gone, he was basically forced to float. After a few weeks, I would’ve thought he would really start playing, but I was DEAD wrong. Hasn’t done anything but float and be on the block. He even volunteered to go on the block, he should NOT win this game. Idk why he’s so happy because he broke a record like that, that is nothing to be proud of. He better not win.

    Some of the best players have been evicted (Amanda,Helen,Elissa) so as of now I think Andy and GM are the only ones that are somewhat deserving of the prize.

  9. Comments (40)

    Can there possibly be any unexpected twist that we could look forward to? or are we stuck with this group till the end? and do we get to see the jury house at all? so depressing how Thursday went down…. was so disgusted with mcnastys but now.. hate that elissa fell prey to that. should’ve been andy…. too bad no do overs allowed.

    • Comments (1076)

      Yes, the Ice Princess Elissa will return to Narnia with no Turkish Delight. It is all so sad for her kingdom.

    • Comments (5)

      ..that would be the best END to this otherwise pathetic a twist that brings back anyone ..anyone is better then what’s left….even a suggestion of such a great twist would spike these bleak ratings that are spirilling downhill…

      • Comments (1162)

        Plus, it would make Andy cry ………….
        : )

      • Comments (18)

        Anything to make Andy cry is worth it. Can any of these shows cast a butch gay guy for once??… quit sticking with the emotional mess stereo-types. Would be awesome if they cast a really hot bi guy who would f*ck with the heads of everyone.

        PLEASE PLEASE CBS, get some new producers or casting people to get a group for next season that is smart and clever and not a bunch of loser racists lazy sh*theads. 🙂

  10. Comments (4)

    We know Ian, and Andy is NO Ian. His capering off to rat out people is a turn off. (Did you notice when he lies he stares, talks fast and his neck is stiff? Watch for yourself.) ANDY GO HOME, but don’t tell anybody,OK?

    • Comments (207)

      Ohh yeah Kevin! Andy gets these big ol bug eyes when he lies too ! LOL

    • Comments (4)

      But shame on the other HouseGuest’s for not having any sense of interpersonal cues, body language or facial expressions. They were SO obvious!

    • Comments (610)

      Don’t forget about his face turning red when he lies… I guess it’s pretty bad when we the viewers can spot the lies but the HGs who are with him 24/7 don’t see them at all?!

    • Comments (528)

      I agree. Ian played a fully social game and did it – for the Sony part – with more dignity than this whole house combined. Sure, he got cocky (which turned people off immediately) but at a certain point, who wouldn’t in his position? Andy has just been mean, nasty, rude, crude and a dick…all BEHIND people’s backs, of course, which adds coward to that list.

      I was rooting for Ian from day one. I don’t think I have actually rooted for a single player this season and certainly not Andy.

    • Comments (228)

      what I dislike about Andy is his obsession and vile comments about Elissa. He’s still making nasty comments about her which I think he need to move on. He just won’t stop. Calling her those disgusting names is unnecessary. It shows me how he lacks any character and personality in real life.

  11. Comments (207)

    Ohh Kaycee i agree with you! But steve i think people just dont want HGs who dont work a game play to win. Andy has hid behind people and panics everytime he thinks someones against him. Yes he is still there but we want someone who gets there hands dirty to come out on top. Thank you steve for all your hard work on this site.

  12. Comments (4)

    Difference between Ian and Andy are vast. Ian was sweet and a fan of BB. He was so excited just to be there. Andy is as bad as Aryn, Kaitlyn, GM, Spencer, Judd, Amanda, etc with the name calling and gutter mouth. Sitting and laughing while others make racist/sexist remarks makes you just as guilty. Ian was loyal, Andy is a back stabbing, sneaky RAT! Only redeeming person left is McCrae, hope he finds a four leaf clover or diamond POV! 🙂

    • Comments (682)

      Add McCrae to the gutter mouth list.

      • Comments (682)

        Amanda and McCrae Big Brother 15 Calling Elissa C**T

      • Comments (1076)

        If 14 out of 15 HG’s call Elissa the c word, they all can’t be crazy. It is a terrible word but maybe the best word to describe her? If everyone in the house hated her who are we to disagree with all of them? If you met someone new, and every single one of your friends said this person was horrific, wouldn’t you start to wonder?

      • Comments (26)

        I’m really disgusted by you suzyq, that word is such a disgusting and vulgar word. My opinion is she had a target on her back for being cast really just because she was Rachel’s sister. But worse than that is Amanda being cast because she is a friend of Alison Grodner. Women should be backing women, not knocking them down.

      • Comments (1076)

        I do not condone this word, but she seems to have never met a person who liked her, (except Miss Romper Room Helen). If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, I am pretty sure it just might be a duck. Sorry I “disgust” you for having a critical thought.

      • Comments (1162)

        Just imagine what these HG Creeps would have probably
        called you ……………

        I doubt you would being posting the Duck Adage then.
        : )

      • Comments (207)

        Suzyq dont back step now!!! You said it may be the best word to describe her. Thats disgusting!

      • Comments (26)

        You are a true piece of work, you say you don’t condone the use of this word, yet you then go on to say…if it walks like a duck, etc…. Which side of your mouth will you be talking out of next?

      • Comments (207)

        Suzyq they disliked her from the start because they found out that she was rachels sister. I also believe alot of the girls were jealous because she took care of her body. Theres no reason to call her what they did.

      • Comments (1288)

        It has not been always directed at Elissa. At one point the week she went out Aaryan did apologize and say to someone “sorry for being so c*nty”.

      • Comments (55)

        I can’t believe you said that. To me they were all intimidated by her. Elissa had class they all lack. I read on a post today that Spencer said now they can swear all they want since Elissa is gone. These are all vile human beings. My sons are in their thirties and would never disrespect any woman as these men have.

      • Comments (378)

        These woman???? Ya they would 😀 and the ones in here too 😛 jus sayn lol

      • Comments (274)

        Sad but ME & this suzyq are one in the same. This person has about 5+ personas and claims he/she is a mental health professional. Yeah-professional in the fact they have been patients often enough!

      • Comments (5)

        You people are all crazy Elissa was the big stuck up snob I have ever seen and calling her the joker was about as true as it gets …if she was just random player like everyone else and not rachael’s sister you would hate her also…wow

      • Comments (4)

        He was included in the etc. I chose him week 1 to cheer for and unlike Andy I am loyal:) He curses but hadn’t degraded people or gotten into verbal altercations.

    • Comments (15)

      Mcwinner I agree with you. Ian may have lied and played both sides etc but he did not bad mouth people behind their backs. That is what really bothers me about Andy. He says horrid things about people and is just plain mean and cruel. I just pry he does not make it to the final 2 or 3. He needs to go and the sooner the better.

  13. Comments (875)

    I wish for the Jury’s sake that they had a category for who to win Big Brother as “None OF The Above.” Then they would let the cash prize of $500.000 roll over to next seasons edition of BB. 🙂

    I personally could not vote for any of the remaining HG to win the cash prize of $500.000! McCrae laid up in bed the whole season with Amanda, Andy is a backstabbing Rat, who played both sides of the house, GM is a racist proto-type of Snooki, Spencer is a floater, & a pervert, Judd is misguided HG who believed in Andy till the end…Just horrible, all of them.

    • Comments (1076)

      If the show is “entertainment” and has no legal guidelines couldn’t they just announce that who ever won has decided to donate their winnings to charity? What could the winner do? I suspect nothing without looking like a fool.

  14. Comments (453)

    Great Job Stevebeans, glad I found bbjunkies. Andy’s trying to be Ian leaves a lot to be desired. He did do the be everyone’s friend good, to their face. He fell way short with the nasty, hateful remarks, which were for the most part uncalled for. He reminded me of a mid school boy being over ran with hormones and not knowing what direction to run with them. Hard to make a choice for a winner with the five left in the house, it is like scraping the bottom of the pig slop bucket! With that being said, the one with the least evil done to others is Judd.

  15. Comments (14)

    It saddens me to hear the remaining houseguests talk so badly about Elissa. I guess I missed all the terrible things she did and said to warrant all the horrible things they say about her.

    • Comments (610)

      Me too Chrissy. I don’t recall Elissa saying or doing anything to anyone that was so horrible. Unless it’s because she is Rachel’s sister? I don’t recall Elissa swearing to/at anyone or calling anyone a name (other than horrible person). So what gives? Why so many HG calling her the b word, and the c word, and f u, etc? What did she do to get treated like that?

      • Comments (1076)

        Her air of superiority.

      • Comments (207)

        suzyq i believe you might be a little jealous of her yourself. Elissa is a quite person. Its not a act. Take a look at season 5 of David tutera. He is doing rachels wedding on one of his episodes. Rachel isnt that nice at all. When you see Eliissa she is quite and she doent try to take over. You barely even know shes there. Theres no excuse for the things people have said about her. I believe Andy has started the hate Elissa fest a long time ago. When they all watch the show they will realize the racist and rats in the house.

      • Comments (55)

        I agree, I saw her on David Tutera show when he did Rachel’s wedding. She was quiet and reserved.

      • Comments (5)

        Its called passive aggressive.. people she is Aldo so stuck up she is most definitely a bizach!! Just because you dont swear doesn’t mean you you are a good person .what hypocrisy.

      • Comments (46)

        @SuzyQ––Air of superiority! Coming from you that’s rich!

      • Comments (13)

        Elissa was really mean to Amanda when she dressed up like a dominatrix for McCrae’s birthday, remember?

        *shudders at the memory*

    • Comments (4)

      She did not deserve all that but she did come across as very vain and focused on people`s physical attributes. Her biggest fault was a complete lack of social game. She almost repelled people from herself.

  16. Comments (1)

    I guess I don’t remember Ian being such a 2 faced, foul mouthed weasel

    • Comments (407)

      Ian wasn’t foul mouthed by any stretch of the imagination. On a personal level, the two are miles apart, but on a game level, both turned on their former allies who were carrying them. Both played the ‘mole’ for their new alliances.

  17. Comments (30)

    Andy and the other floaters,welhame on the housr for letting them get away with it. But the vile and disgusting things being said , they are just wrong. I hope they do have to face the public for what they have said. They are not even men, or a lady just a messy trash pile.

  18. Comments (5)

    At this point I’m watching the show to see who wins America’s favorite (I’m hoping its Elissa)

  19. Comments (29)

    Gina and McCrae are going up. If McCrae wins POV then it will be Judd and we all know Gina will go home (it’s a guy thing) although if they were real players they would take Gina because not too many like her. I know McCrae didn’t say too much etc but he was watching things etc. He did not do what Amanda wanted and keep Aaryn (big mistake)but he expected some loyalty from the guys. I think he expects better from the remaining hg but he knows he is not safe.I would want him to win (which he won’t)I just find the others disgusting. I doubt that I will watch the rest. I will probably just check the spoilers (love them btw so thank you)

  20. Comments (378)

    GO SPENCE !! 😀

  21. Comments (3)

    For me, the jury is out about whether or not Andy ruined his season… Mostly because I don’t know if the rest of the Exterminators are smart enough to realize how far he’s willing to drive that knife in people’s backs. When he started telling the Exterminators that he was going to tell Amanda what happened in his goodbye message to her, something should have clicked in their heads, “Duh. He’s already campaigning for jury votes by taking credit for getting rid of Amanda.” Even if it pisses off Amanda that he voted her out and possibly loses him her vote, it will certainly gain favor with the other members of the jury who are there at Amanda’s hands. That gets him four votes and he only has to swing one more.

    When GM replied, “I dunno if that’s a good idea, bro.” it just proved she really has no idea how these final stages work. Admittedly I’ve not watched all of the live feeds, so there could have already been a conversation among the other house guests. I hope it has, in fact, because that will actually put a target on his back and then he’ll actually have to work for it.

    Because I’m feeling lazy, I don’t want to go into the whole floater debate because all that’s left are floaters — except for GM who has made moves. But then, I’m not confident she understands why she’s made the moves she has.

    Out of whose left, I would like to see Andy and Judd in the final two with a win by Judd — mainly because he has somehow managed to convince the people who voted him out in a blindside backdoor because they thought he was such a threat to not even try to evict him through three HoH’s. That’s some good game.

  22. Comments (12)

    I would rather watch the drama at the jury house .

  23. Comments (378)

    So the big think tanks got my boy Spencer all figured out eh??

    ..considering we aint got to see what he’d do with power, its no surprise you all think he’ll do what the HOUSE would do if in his position, but no doubt he’s smarter than the average blogger 😉 (that ain’t saying much). Lets pretend youre all rookies 🙂 …that was easy, and our man Spencer knows the game, who can he beat? ? If im Spence I’m thinking sit next to McCrae. You know that wench of his is in jury house driving everybody bonkerz, and the last thing they’ll want is to let Amanduh share McCraes winnings!!! 2+2 moronz!!!!

    🙂 《《《whata nice smile lol

  24. Comments (98)

    Steve thanks for the updates. Hope you will be doing Survivor/Amazing Race. Not the F4 I was hoping for either.

  25. Comments (30)

    Ok as far as Andy goes it’s not so much about his lies, hey we all know it maybe something you may have to do. Andy sits back and laughs and bashes people. The vile and disgusting things that have come out of his mouth about Elissa too far….. Let him say them to her face, or better yet her husband. Spencer he is low life disgusting trash, I cross my fingers he gets what is coming his way. I am sure his friends and family must be so proud. Judd, he needs to wake up in a lot of ways. GM racist pig…….. Please someone show her how to chew with her mouth shut. Mccrea you blew it a long time ago.. Some say Elissa didn’t want to spend time with the HG, well would you?? She said weeks ago she didn’t because they are always talking vile and disgusting things. Yes we love drama, we must we watch BB, but when do we as views draw the line? We yell CBS is allowing it, but how many turned off their TV ? and yes I did turn my off to BB.

    • Comments (1076)

      At least Judd got to tell Elissa to STFU as she walked out the door. Don’t believe me, go to the feeds.

      • Comments (29)

        lol i thought he said love you Elissa. I wish they would quit bashing people already and focus on the game

      • Comments (1162)

        Wuss Andy is complaining that HE didn’t get to say the same thing to Elissa.


        He is such a cowardly creep.

    • Comments (302)

      Michelle – I feel the same way. I think this is the last post for me here on the junkies site – thanks for your hard work stevebeans. I just have no interest in the people left in this house. Since last night most conversations have been bashing Elissa. I know she was a snob … but who can blame her for not wanting to sit around with this vile group and exchange insults about whoever was not in their company. Ignorance is bliss with this bunch. I suppose my dislike for Andy is that he’s the only one that seems smart enough to know better and yet he’s just like one of the mean girls … the only difference … he’s too chickens**t to every say it to someone’s face. Some on this site think he’s played a brilliant game but I think it’s a product of his competition. Surrounded by simpletons and idiots who can’t see the Red Flashing warning signs in their face. How can you feel satisfied with any of this bunch winning. Any has said multiple times how he’d like to punch Elissa in the face – my hope is that Elissa’s husband punches Andy in the face when this is all over.

    • Comments (875)

      BRAVO…Michelle, +1

  26. Comments (1076)

    5:48 PM PT – GM talking about the jury house, “you got the biracial robots who aren’t human”, Andy agreeing, “Yeah, the robotic biracials”. Besides being beyond the pale, I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. Not only are they racist, they are dumb. Andy could just be agreeing for the sake of not making waves, but it’s slimey nonetheless

  27. Comments (1)

    Unfortunately for McCrea he listened to Amanda just before her exit. He questioned whether they could trust Andy and Amanda said you can trust him over Elissa, he’s got your back, so naturally he believed Andy voted to keep Amanda. Amanda was so full sure of her game play she never once saw what the whole world could see about Andy and she may have sunk McCrea’s boat with her bad advice. Andy-Floating Rat; Spencer-Disgusting Floater; GM-One Move Wonder and racist; McCrea-Yea, Yea, I Don’t Know Grunge Bed Mate; lesser of all evils to win-J-U-Double D.

    • Comments (82)

      hahahaha, the WHOLE world could see it because we see EVERYTHING dude. Amanda didn’t see it, because she trusted Andy. She carried his ass through the game, she kept him safe and he pushed that knife deeper then imaginable. Good move for his game, not faulting him there…but Amanda was a badass player.

  28. Comments (11)

    I choose Judd only because he’s the only one left I don’t hate. I probably won’t even watch the episodes anymore since Elissa is gone. I’ll just check this site. 😛

    • Comments (378)

      Hate?!? ….serious you tardz have been flipping out for months bout how awful the HG’s are and yet at any moment you bloggerz spew venom and hate in their direction… sayn hope Spence gets whats coming to him and others labeling them with tags that may never wear off…talking trash bout their families and then getting all righteous when they do so in the house to other HG’s….you guys gang up on HG’s with your lil hatesquads and tear the flesh of the ones you hate snd defend the same behavior in the HG’s u like…remember whrn that bitch Elissa csme into the washroom where Amanda was getn ready for McCrar’s bday surprise? ?? all the HG’s were there having a moment (whether fake or not) and UNPROVOKED that plastic fraud Elissa starts slamming their good time, ripping on Amandas 1-piece….if the hypocrisy wasnt so thick in here I’d be just some standby casual reader , but you tardz are beyond pathetic and need to feel the pain 😀 …and before you lose focus, I’m aware I’m bagging on you for the rooms flaws duh…suck it up n deal wah!

      In the new world most of you are landfill 😛 GO SPENCE !

      • Comments (82)

        Well…….that was not the easiest thing to read, but I agree with your point. Yes, all the HGs were rude or unkind throughout the season. Elissa fans do put her on a pedestal of righteousness. She is snobby, and yes she was VERY rude and judgmental of Amanda that night. Amanda was having fun, and just being her outgoing self and Elissa basically said she looked like crap. I am pretty sure PLENTY of plus sized women read this blog…..don’t you find Amandas confidence in her curvy body a good thing? And don’t you find Elissa’s judgment of it a little distasteful?

      • Comments (378)

        Hypicrites ….go figure 😀 and thx for struggling thru my post…I get xcited lol 😀

      • Comments (407)

        I just thought you were one of GM’s relatives.

      • Comments (55)

        Me, I agree with you to a point. I try not to post anything negative. I started reading and posting here a few wks ago and many times I thought some post were a lot worse then what the HG were saying.

      • Comments (651)

        Elissa just told her the truth–she looked like a stripper. And I personally would be uncomfortable around somebody acting like especially when day after day hour after hour Demanda was spewing sexual filth.

      • Comments (6)

        I agree! How about Amanda walking around topless with bandaids on her nipples.disgusting pig!!! Her mother must be so proud.

      • Comments (6)

        Those comments elissa made to amanda about her bathing suit were pretty much the worst thing she said to anyone. If you think those comments come close to being even a fraction as bad as the things other houseguest have said you are nuts. those comments were so mild in comparison of this seasons comments and behavior. I don’t understand everyone’s animosity towards Elissa. While she does seem to be a bit of a snob, she hasn’t been mean or cruel and has kept to herself alot and tried to avoid the drama. She is certainly not a great or threatening player like her sister was. No one except Helen liked her so she had no chance to win this game, yet they all wanted her out. These people left in the house are not smart , you want to take someone to the end like amanda or elissa who won’t get jury votes.

  29. Comments (1)

    My favorite from the 5 is Judd. Although if McCrae comes off the block he might be the one evicted. It looks like Spencer has a final 2 deal with Andy. By the way Steve I found this page this season and you are doing.a great job. This is the first page I come 2 after watching Big Brother and will continue on too the next seasons.

  30. Comments (166)

    It’s so amazing to me that no one in the BB house thinks Andy is freakin annoying..I have NEVER seen him in bed..when does he rest..when does he sleep? He is always in EVERY conversation in EVERY room & EVERYONE tells him EVERYTHING!!

    Telephone..Tell a Friend..Tell Ratny!

    UGH, time for him to GOOOOOO!!!

  31. Comments (82)

    Well….my girl is gone. If any of you have read my posts you know I was a die hard Amanda supporter. Mostly for her gameplay, not all the other stuff you people worry about. Well, Amanda AND Elisa are gone….congrats people, now we have horrible players and floaters left. Seriously, who wants to watch this group??!!??! I mean, I will cuz I am a fan…but wow. Also, I have talked about Amandas gameplay for over a month on here now. Many have doubted her gameplay or not cared due to her comments. But I want to leave you with 2 more killer moves she did. She SOMEHOW, with 2 feet out the door….did the impossible. She convinced her arch enemy of 3 days earlier to vote to keep her. Seriously…..come on, people….you have to recognize that as greatness. Then….she, on her way out the door….still is playing the game. Telling Andy “I thought I could trust you.” She told Julie she did that, to help Andys game…so the other HG’s didn’t go after him by linking him to her. Now, yes she was wrong about his loyalty…but, point is WHO WHO WHO WHO has ever STILL played the game on their way OUT THE DOOR??? Nobody, thats the answer. This girl is one of the best gameplayers ever, if you all would clear your minds about your opinions of her you would see that. The best player left last night, her only competition as the best player of the season being Aaryn. Amanda, her unfavorable comments or tactics aside, is definitely one of the best to ever play this game. Hope all you live feeders enjoy watching the BORING-NESS that is now the Big Brother house……

    • Comments (82)

      Also, lets point out one more thing about last night. Amanda, the evil, bully, only cares about herself, bitch, and on and on…hugged everyone on the way out, told them nice things and had a totally honorable exit. Fan favorite Elissa, who is an angel in all your eyes….I believe hugged nobody….walking past them several times, then out the door with a snotty comment. Hmmm…who in REAL life might just be the overall nicer person……BB House is NOT the real world people.

      • Comments (316)

        I atually agree with you Kurtis. I wil root for Mccrae now SIGH noone else is worthy.

      • Comments (82)

        Thanks. Not sure how people can’t agree with it. They are just blinded for dislike of what she did, or what she said. Plus I don’t care what the other fools think….she is smokin hot…curvy, hot, sexy brunette. Now I gotta find McCrae in about a month, kick his ass and take her for myself…..

      • Comments (378)

        Well Kurtis youre almost right ..cept youre blinded by the misinterpretation of the word floater…u see, you cant be considered a floater if youve won HOH.
        Amanda HAD a game going and lost…so deal…

        Ian was a huge floater till it came time to win or go home, thats what winners do, win when they have to. Spencer is a winner no longer a f f f f floater!!!!! 😀

      • Comments (82)

        Even a bassett hound can figure out how to lick his balls one time bro. Spencer is anything but a gameplayer, he is the exact definition of a floater. Now, if he wins vetos and HOH’s here on out, maybe you have something. Ian also was not endlessly on the block week after week. Spencer had every reason to win HOH every week….and couldn’t. Not saying he wont’ win….cuz one of these hapless fools will, but he def hasn’t earned it.

      • Comments (378)

        Idk…as a large ugly older crude dude, he managed to stay in a house loaded with young unhip rejectz….oh wait maybe he did float lol right to the top baby 😀 lmao

      • Comments (82)

        Wait….I shouldn’t say something like that to this group…..I will be labeled as a bully or threatening someones well being or life. Instead of what it is, sarcasm and joking around….

      • Comments (29)

        yes and she owned it (DAN)she said she felt bad about the Elissa thing. I am sure if she is on meds that that did not help. I am not trying to excuse it though but sometimes people just lose it and feel bad later. Elissa I am sure was just dumbfounded. I was not a fan of hers until she realized if Amanda was sitting next to her she would be the lesser target and she started playing but too little too late type thing.

      • Comments (46)

        @ Kurtis, so you thought Anaconda’s exit was classy and gracious. If I had been Elissa I would have wanted to spit at them–-and that still is too good for ’em–– but in some states that’s considered assault. Anaconda with her sleazy self was trying to shore up the front for McStoopid. Amanda was a scummy person who when she sees how people view her from the show will have a total breakdown. Basically, she’s a manic-depressive.

      • Comments (6)

        after the way Elissa has been treated in that house I don’t blame her for the way she went out. I always hate the fake hugging that goes on when someone leaves. Those people just voted you out and deprived you of a life altering amount of money, Half a million dollars, in real life you would not be so forgiving.

    • Comments (15)

      in the last all stars boogie was still playing as he went out the door.

      they all have lied. that’s the game, but things got to personal. that’s what helped Amanda out the door. she was playing a good game but got too emotionally invested.

  32. Comments (1)

    THIS SUCKS. All the houseguests are so mean to each other… I think no one should win and CBS should donate the 5 grand to charity, x.x

  33. Comments (2)

    BB producers should note that I have stopped watching BB as of last night. The remaining house guest are so boring, they could put sleeping pill companies out of business.

    • Comments (1)

      This the last year I will watch BB. The people in that house are just plain disgusting. The show is annoying instead of entertaining. Not one of the people left in the house deserves to win anything. Such horrible people.

  34. Comments (9)

    why can I hear Andys annoying voice in my head saying “OMG Julie, like I was soooo shocked” while shrugging those girl girl shoulders of his and twisting his mouth into that valley girl twist while saying “OMG”…. get him out ASAP

  35. Comments (41)

    Hey SteveO,
    the other night the hg’s played a game of “who’s the most, who has the best, etc…” that was fun to watch… If your looking for some fun for those of us that keep coming back hoping for something to happen you could run some of those kind of polls… I was just thinking to myself how all the women were above average in looks and maybe 2 of the guys are above average… why is that I wonder? All the women are good looking, good shape then we women get Spencer and McCrae to look at… NOT FAIR!! Especially when it’s down to 5 of them and they aren’t fun to listen to or look at!!

    • Comments (41)

      Oops “you’re” not your and I forgot the most important reason I posted – to say thank you once again in case I don’t post anymore this year! You are awesome and really enjoy all the work you do for us! I hope people donate – if everyone just gave a buck I’m sure you’d notice!!

    • Comments (407)

      Julz, add Andy to that unfair list. I still can’t get that image of him twirling around in that tutu out of my head.

  36. Comments (65)

    I’m not getting this ‘Justice For Elissa’ thing.

    1) It was an eviction and that’s all. I’m sad about that, but not everyone gets their way. People act like one of the HG’s killed her.
    2) America loves her.
    3) She actually has a job when she gets back.
    4) She has a beautiful family to get back to as well.
    5) The $25,000 America’s Favorite prize WILL be going to her.

    • Comments (82)

      Because of her sister. Period. If not for Rachel, Elissa would of been nothing all season, and all you superfans wouldn’t be voting for her. Rachel is the ONLY reason she got the MVP thing those times as well. Elissa Reilly is your fav player…Elissa (same person) by any other last name? Wouldn’t be.

      • Comments (378)

        …wasnt Elissa the MVPs nom as soon as Amorica had a say?? Yep she was, sure two other hated types were already nominated but she was at least 3rd in the poll….. 🙂 gawd willing the Elissatardz are outvoted by ppl with common sense…give it to Judd or McCrae 😀 jus sayn

      • Comments (26)

        Kurtis, and if not for AG, Amnda wouldn’t ve been cast either!

  37. Comments (65)

    And I almost forgot, keep doing these petition things and soon there won’t be BB anymore. Think about the people that would DREAM to be in this show. Don’t get me wrong, the remaining HG’s are mean and rude people, but they’re going to get it anyways once they leave the house. Don’t ruin the actual show.

    • Comments (528)

      It just means more demand for BB Canada, which anyone who saw the first season last fall will agree, it was better than the last several seasons of BB America. This show has been going downhill for a long time, it’s clearly being heavily influenced behind the scenes by production (making the whole “reality show” thing BS), they’re recruiting from casting agencies and friends of the producers…and I’m pretty sure mental institutions. I’ve been disappointed almost every season for a while now – with the exception of Ian winning last year, yay!

      I’d like to see people – including Americans – get behind BB Canada and see it roll. It seemed far more authentic, the people were more real, they weren’t all terrible monsters, the comps were better, the game was fair and damn, but they got a lot of booze! And talking moose heads. I mean come on! What else can you ask for?

  38. Comments (15)

    Andy is a weasel but he played a good game until last night when he lied to Amanda even though he knew she would see his video. I suppose that was for McCrae then? His alliance is going to think that he was just trying to get Amanda’s jury vote.

    I heard that Judd is acting like a jerk. I know that Andy played a sneakier game but to be honest, I think the houseguests this year don’t read people very well (Amanda sometimes was ok but she was too paranoid). Andy is not the best liar but they seem to always believe him. Of course, I’m not locked in the house….

    I am not sure I really care who wins at this point. Every year all the people I like are usually gone by this time. I still watch every year though!!! I almost stopped when Adam won a few years back.

  39. Comments (49)

    I was a McCrae fan from the first couple of weeks, and loved all the strategy talk he had with Amanda and the guys. Andy & Amanda were anoying, but I ignored it for the strategy talk. I really don’t think all the people are really like this in real life and it is mostly because of the house.

    I am pretty sure I couldn’t last even 1 hour locked in a room with any of them without going crazy myself.

    This is going to be a busy 2 weeks with an eviction on Wed and another on Thurs. If McCrae and/or Andy does win the all the competitions this week to get to the final 3 and 2, then both of them would deserve to win over anyone left in this house…….to poin the most used BB phrase these last few weeks…..I have to go get some chocolate milk…LOL.

  40. Comments (875)

    I have been watching Big Brother since Season 1, and if I remember correctly the 1st people who were removed from the house were the Showmances, HG who were Wealthy/or HG that had High Paying Jobs, Annoying HG and Floaters…Now it seems like the opposite is done!

    Steve…I also believe that there is one OP on your blog, with several different handles, that’s terribly “annoying” to the other bloggers.

  41. Comments (2)

    Why is there so much hatred for Andy, and so much love for Judd? I was very similar about Andy a week ago, but you have to hand it to him, he can go into a situation, and immediately leave it without a trace of blood. He’s no floater in the case that he’s no competition, and is there to make the actual competitor’s chances easier, like Spencer. I find Andy’s game very similar to Dan’s gameplay. He knows how to play socially, and he never had to play too well in competitions, even though he hasn’t even had as much opportunities to win vetos in the beginning,

    And why Judd? Because he’s a great guy? I like Judd, but he’s done practically nothing. He isn’t always on top if his toes, he left the game and got two weeks free. Judd was known to be a suspicious player before he was a jury member. Andy can play Judd’s game, seamlessly, and better.

  42. Comments (82)

    Just finally watching Wed nights After Hours. GM and Amandas fight in the kitchen….what a bunch of loser men, not breaking that up and stopping it. And McCrae, are you kidding me? F*ck the game and defend your woman. What a bunch of weak men. Even if you don’t take a side, stop that crap.

  43. Comments (14)

    I’m so disappointed with BB if the little BITCH Andy wins I will never watch It again

  44. Comments (43)

    Why do so many people say they’ll never watch the show again if such and such happens? Isn’t the whole point of the show kind of like a football game? Or tennis match? For instance…who says, “If my team doesn’t win, I’m not ever watching again”? It’s the love of the game, and sometimes exciting and cool to see unexpected people/teams win/lose.

    It’s a game – which I think can be forgotten if you watch the live feeds. This is my first season watching the feeds and I must say it is exhausting being so interested in these people I don’t know. Will I watch them next season? Maybe…probably…but it’s just a game and I think a lot of fans and often the players forget that in the moment.

  45. Comments (1)

    It’s been a crazy season, but at this point, no one left truly deserves to win. I would have said Judd, but then he decided to align with the floater crew, I mean the exterminators. If only we could restart the season and get rid of the problem people from the beginning. Quite frankly, I wish that Aaryn and Ellissa paired up at the beginning, there probably would have been less emotional play and possibly less controversy because Aaryn wouldn’t have had people who egged her on, Ellissa probably would have kept her straight. Also, Howard and Nick deserve to still be there, along side Helen, who actually knew how to play big brother. Clearly, this season was a flop from the beginning, and in my opinion, ever since CBS started casting younger people, there has been more and more problems. If they would go back to a real game strategy, and less of playing matchmaker, we as viewers would enjoy the show much more! To answer the question, I’m rooting for no one. I don’t see any part of this season as a plus, and no one left deserves to be there. At the same time, however, after all the controversy from this season, I feel bad for everyone coming out of the house, because they are going to have a lot of hate mail to sort through, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  46. Comments (13)

    Why does everybody like Judd? He’s done absolutely nothing the entire game. Is it just because he isn’t as horrible as the rest? Do people actually *like* him?

  47. Comments (1)

    Let’s not forget, Andy actually had a first alliance with Helen, Elissa and himself first, then had one with just himself and Spencer, then and only then did he hook up with the 3AM, then go with the Exterminators….so 4 alliances….so is a total weasel, but a friend to all. Basically a gossip girl, and they called poor Jessie a flip flopper. Andy should win, all that’s left are floaters…Andy is still lying to McCrae….and stupid McCrae should have kept Elissa to try to keep himself saved. And keep the game worth watching. Think it’s time to quit watching now.

  48. Comments (143)

    Out of all the remaining guys the best player has been spencer. He should have gone home a very very long time ago as in right after howard. McCrae did nothing since the first week but make Amanda do all his work. Andy has been a rat bastard and will not get votes from bitter jury. Judd will be told he had a 2nd chance and it was a huge advantage, I mean he got blindsided on a double eviction. And well GM did nothing of relevence until last week. Yes spencer hasn’t won hoh, but he been at the top of 2 of 3 of the best alliances (moving company and exterminators). He was widely hated and should have gone long time ago. I am trying to figure out why he is still hated at this point. He is no more evil than dr. will

    • Comments (13)

      Dr. Will was a little evil, but he was brilliant and a master manipulator. Spencer is a master of nothing, except floating and jerking off.

      • Comments (143)

        A little evil, really, he made just as homophobic comments as anyone in the house, actually worse, he called bunky a super f*g.

        Will floated his way quiet far, he did not win, he played both sides of the house and was loyal to no one, that is what a floater does. He voted out people in his own alliance chill town.

    • Comments (14)

      Spencer? Floated his way. No one gives a damn about him. He didn’t make good friends besides Howard, nor did he make enemies. I’d like to say if you don’t have friends or enemies in the house, you’re likely a floater.
      The moving company wasn’t a good aliance, because they put themselves in a corner too early in the game.
      The difference between Will and Spencer is that Will went on to do plots in the house that sometimes used other people, and other times, only involved himself. All of Spencer’s successful ideas were… no wait, he never had any.

      • Comments (143)

        Will floated his way as well. He was not in the untouchables. He was part of chilltown and spencer was part of and a vital architect of the moving company and the exterminators. He was nominated more times than any other player in history. Spencer was a floater for much of the season, a floater is someone with no alliance who plays both side. When Chilltown got the boot with mike boogie going what did will do? He floated as well. Spencer had lots of enemies hellow, half the moving company was being kicked out, helen hated him, elissa, candice, amanda and aaryan.

        And he did have good friends like howard and andy. Again Will was a floater his entire alliance was gone by week 5. he floated between the remaing players left.

        Chill town was a horrible alliance, two of their members went out in the first week even though they won the hoh, then autumn went then shanon and boogie and krista behind em. You think chill town wasn’t in a corner early in the game? Please will was the only one left at the half way point.

        Spencer’s plots have worked, the exterminators? Hello! He did do plots that why they hated him, they called him a schemer and can’t br trusted.

  49. Comments (2)

    I have no sympathy for McCrae. He is a shitty player. He should have quickly pointed out to the others how much better they would be sitting next to him on the [email protected] than Judd or Andy. Crack the alliance.

  50. Comments (6)

    I can’t understand how andy gets away with so much lying and playing everyone in the house. the other houseguests know he lied to mcrae to cover his ass with him and they go along with it, which only helps his game. I hope alissa and amanda badmouth him in the jury, I dont want him to win. Then again there isn’t anyone left I want to win. I guess Jud is the least offensive.

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