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Big Brother 15 – Does The Game Officially Start Now?


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Someone take a look behind all the trash barrels in the house because you’ll probably find Amanda behind one of them crying her eyes out.  63 days of completely running the house without winning anything, yet one twist and one competition completely flipped Amanda’s game on it’s back.

Elissa is suddenly channeling her inner-Rachel and winning competitions when she needs to, and actually trying to play the game a little.  It’s actually quite impressive, and if she makes the final 3, I’m going to have a hard time not rooting for her with that resume.  Coming into the night, Elissa essentially had one foot out the door next week by the way Amanda set up the house, but now a whole new shift in power has taken place and it could be the queen herself walking out the door.

This is why I watch Big Brother, folks.  I am not a huge fan of Elissa’s yet (though I am warming to her), but I AM a big fan of good TV, and this is good TV.

It’s still far too early to tell what Elissa will do this week, but if Amanda and McCrae are not on the block together tomorrow, I will be absolutely shocked.

As far as Judd returning, people have wondered why he is despite falling.  Here is the way the HoH worked… the last juror standing was guaranteed to be back in the house.  They also had a chance for the HoH this week if they caught 10 balls first, but they all fell off.  Judd was the last one to fall, so he is back in the house.  On a related note, it’s very unlikely he’ll be the target this week, so Mr Bear Shirt should be around for another week or so.

Finally, you are going to want to sign up to the live feeds this week.  I don’t say it often because the feeds have been dull, but I’ll be shocked if they are moving forward. We still have a solid month+ of feeds to go, and plenty of entertainment.  Sign up now, it’s like 30 cents a day for uncensored access.

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  1. Comments (1162)

    Should Judd be the one to return to the House?

    Posted at JokersUpdates –

    From the link below, it appears Helen was pushed off of the wall by Production.
    “You can see Production’s hand by her foot.”

    • Comments (58)

      I watched the link and I see movement of production but she didn’t really seem to lose her balance, she had her hand on the ball holder thingy and she looked down but looked like she just jumped with out a fight to stay on the plank…. i could be wrong… very interesting!!! Hmmm

      • Comments (48)

        looked to me like she jumped, she was looking down and the hand appeared, like a prompt….maybe just me, idk, not like i wanted her to lose, I wanted a jury member OR elissa to win and I’m happy things will finally begin to happen….I hope :/

      • Comments (35)

        dont know..she looked secure up there and then just jumps down…strange

    • Comments (286)

      The fix is in yet ANOTHER blemish on this season.SMH

    • Comments (7)

      Are we sure that is a hand and not part of the engine that moves the planks? It just looks weird to be a hand…the movement.

    • Comments (43)

      It certainly looks like a persons face if you look closely. I think I see hair and everything. Not that I wanted to Helen to come back, but that’s still completely unfair.

    • Comments (302)

      The hand clearly looks like it’s too the side and away from Helen but I could be wrong. If the production guys didn’t do it I would have gladly done it myself. Of course when Julie ask Helen about getting rid of Amanda she bashed her fellow houseguest for not making a big move then a sentence later saying she hoped somebody else would do it so she wouldn’t get her hands bloody. You can now spend the rest of your time telling the Jury about your brilliant play and how the rest of the house just doesn’t get it.

    • Comments (357)

      Join that Helen was caught off guard and jumper not knowing what was. I told y’all….it’s rigged!

      • Comments (357)

        Ugghhh! I meant to say. I think that Helen was caught off guard by the hand and jumped. What’s the first reaction when something unfamiliar touches or crawls on you? You jump! I told y’all, it’s rigged!

    • Comments (1276)

      it looked to me like someone telling her it was time for her to jump. I’m not big on all of the stuff about production deciding the outcome, I think sometimes comps are set up in favor of some over others, but the actual winner is decided by how the players do.
      I mean honestly, if I was playing for 500,000 and all I got was a little tap on my foot, I’d stay, no matter what they told me. They’d have to pelt me with balls and water to get me off that thing. But Helen didn’t look shocked or pushed, she had her balance, looked down, and gently hopped off.

      • Comments (401)

        Here’s my 2 cents on all of it. 1) This is a t.v. show. The producers are going to put on the best show possible. 1) The contestants are only Guaranteed the stipend ( and they are obligated to do certain things to get that such as don’t bail on jury.). One of those contestants will get an extra $50,000 and one will get an extra $500,000. I don’t anywhere think it guarantees it’ll be “fair” as to who gets the extra money. 3) Like all t.v. shows, if you don’t like it you are not forced to watch.

  2. Comments (55)


  3. Comments (293)

    Judd is the best choice besides Helen.

  4. Comments (74)

    I’ve been Team Elissa since day um day kinda one LOL you will love her lol. I hope Elissa stomps her foot down on the cockaroaches we shall call Mcman-da! I know the Rachel DNA kinda f’s plans because they fixate on one target. I hope Elissa takes a moment to avoid Aaryn this week and take out one of the love birds. I didn’t care who came back in the house I was rooting a little for Helen but as long as Candice or Jessie did come back I was good. Candice targeting GM really? The woman has no idea she’s in BB half the time “yous a cockaroaches”.

    I like Elissa because she has a mind of her own. Remember when they tried to bully her into using the MVP and she did what the f she wanted…

    Team Elissa ~snickers~

    • Comments (48)

      I read on jokers that spencer asked amanda what she was thinking and she said having Judd back changes things ( duh ) and that she was GOING to try and suggest GM and aaryn, I HOPE Elissa doesn’t listen….or feel threatened when she suggests it….wanna see mcranda broken up

    • Comments (16)

      Oh but she wont from what she just said on BBAD she wants aaryn out. Grow up and get over the comments already. Dont worry about arryn but she can not see pas her blinders

    • Comments (231)

      I agree and it is fun to watch McManda scramble. Elissa said that Aaryan is her target but I wonder if she is BDing someone —– like AmAnDa. Let US hope that that that the GAMES have begun!

  5. Comments (68)

    Yeaaaa Elissa! Lets get busy! Get Amanda or Aaryn outta there!!!

    • Comments (5)

      I’m so excited at just the thought of Amanda leaving….

      • Comments (82)

        Everybody hates on the best player in the house! She has evicted 9 HGs and hasn’t won a single comp. I am really unclear as to why she has so many haters. Bully? No. She simply manipulates, comes up with great strategies, is always thinking game, and making moves in her head 2 days before they even need to be made. She is a GREAT gameplayer. I hope all you fools are even more pissed in a week, when Amanda somehow convinces Elissa to take out someone else, and once again….evicts a 10th person. Go AMANDA! Keep it goin, you are one of the best players of all time. (commence with the dislikes) bahahahaha

      • Comments (82)

        Just thought of more concrete evidence Amanda is a rockstar gameplayer. On Wed episode, she has Elissa in the kitchen, telling her that Helen is going home, to distance herself from Helen. Then in her DR session, she says she confided in Elissa that information to show Elissa she can trust her in the even Elissa wins the next HOH etc. Point is, this girl was thinking 2-3 days ahead, preparing for the event of Elissa becoming HOH. Who else does that??? Nobody. That is killer gameplay. Not saying it will work, but the fact she was doing it…is genius. Also, it makes more sense for her to go after Aaryn. Not only because Aaryn has targeted her on numerous occasions, but because in the end Aaryn can beat her at competitions, Amanda….not so likely.

      • Comments (1092)

        Elissa wanted Helen to stay. She is the only one that voted for Spencer. With Amanda telling her that Helen would be the one going home, she knows it was Amandas & McCraes plan.

        Elissa wants to win. She has the chance to put up McCranda, and if necessary, put up their lapdog Abdy as a replacement after pov. All this for making a power move, and for Helen’s revenge.

        Also, since Andy is so liked in the house, if there was a chkice to vote out Amanda or Andy, Amanda leaves. If there is a choice to vote out Andy or McCrae, McCrae leaves.

      • Comments (77)

        I do not think Aaryn is the best choice. She is only 1 vote whereas getting rid of Amanda or McCrae breaks up the 2 vote situation. I realize that Aaryn is good at the competitions but maybe Elissa would have a better chance at staying if she eliminated Amanda then go head-to-head with the others. Break up going against a 1-2 situation.

      • Comments (26)

        Kurtis, please go watch the YouTube video Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior. It shows why many dislike her. She is a racist, she knocks black people, gay people, and people with disabilities. She calls Aaryn out on it, and she is as bad, if not worse. Please watch the video.

      • Comments (64)

        Not disagreeing with you on gameplay. If she manages to stay this week, then clearly she deserves to win. It would have been nice to see some one equally as manipaive go after her sooner to make it more exciting to watch.

      • Comments (64)

        I still can’t praise Amanda’s game too much because I wonder how she would have played had there been a Rachel, Janelle, Will or Dan type player. She had no real competition as a strategist… So part of me still doesn’t see her as the best of BB.

        I go back and forth when it comes to Amanda’s game. I admire that a woman is holding a firm grip on the house and rendered her competitors frozen in fear. She ran the house from the very beginning. Impressive…..

        But when America nominated her twice, and no one took that chance, it led me interpret her position as: there is no game. There is no push back. Where’s the measuring stick?

        If she wins, she earned it on a way no other winner ever had. So, that much I can admit. Ugh.

      • Comments (82)

        You def make some good points there. I agree she has not had much push back. But in a way yeah, that impressive because maybe they are people that would normally push back, but somehow Amanda took control over them. lol, almost like a spell. It is definitely weird. But, I don’t mind as I have pulled for her from the first week. I know she has said some very controversial things. But I also know, I don’t judge someone until I know them, even if they said something stupid on TV. I don’t know her, I don’t know her personality, I don’t know anything. All I know is her gameplay is killer….and DIDI, it is refreshing to see someone that doesn’t like her able to suck that up, and commend her on her gameplay. BB isn’t a who is the nicest player blah blah game. Its suppose to be ruthless, there is suppose to be lying and manipulating….and as far as gameplay, Amanda is the best in the house. Aaryn for competitions, and Elissa is coming on….we’ll see if she can keep it up. I still say Aaryn is her best target. If she kisses Amanda/McCraes ass one more week, evict Aaryn while she can (who is her biggest threat at any competition), then Mcmanda won’t go after her next week I don’t believe. So she will get another shot at Amanda in a couple weeks….maybe. But, yes, breaking up a strong duo is also always a good move. So I guess we’ll find out shortly where her thoughts are. Revenge on Aaryn and Andy for Helens eviction, or splitting up the strongest duo. Should be a very interesting week ahead!!

      • Comments (220)

        Sorry for all of my typos. Sometimes, I’m at responding from my iPhone which makes it difficult to edit.

        Kurtis, you are right about Amanda’s ability to be so manipulative, may be the very reason she is a good player in this setting of BB15. Hurts to type it, but I’m starting to see this more and more.

        I’m rooting for Elissa, or anyone, to take down McCranda, Andy and Aaryn. Watching their take down, will be good tv. But who does that leave…GM? Spencer? Tough call.

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t think she’s smart enough to target Amanda. I bet she’ll go with her personal vendetta and target Aaryn.

      • Comments (6)

        How is Amanda smarter? She can’t win anything. Smart thing is to take out an alliance member who can actually win… AKA Aaryn.

    • Comments (18)

      I agree with getting Fatmanda out but, nobody is going to get out Aaryn she needs to stay. #TeamAaryn<3

      • Comments (58)

        She’s in bed crying now and McCrap told her to stop freakn out…She says she’s scared…Bwahahahaha

      • Comments (5)

        Don’t worry I want to cry now elissa is hell bent on getting aaryn out she’s buying Amanda crap once again. Can no one see thru this bully.

  6. Comments (8)


  7. Comments (293)

    I hope Elissa is smart and backdoors Amanda. Putting Amanda and McCrae up, together or separately, is too risky considering the POV (Of course Amanda wouldn’t win it, but if McCrae does, he would take her off the block.) Elissa should put up Aaryn and Andy and backdoor Amanda. Getting rid of any one of the A’s–Aaryn, Andy, Amanda–would be quite all right!

    • Comments (286)

      Putting up Amanda and Mccrea would be idea if either wins Veto only 1 could come down and you put up Andy if he does not want to vote Elissa’s way ,if he does put up Aaryan .Win-win for Elissa.

      • Comments (58)

        I like that senario Painter1!!1 🙂

      • Comments (293)

        I’ve rethought not putting up either Amanda or McCrae because they would purposely lose the POV to keep Aaryn and Andy on the block. Both should go up, but I am so afraid McCrae would be evicted.

    • Comments (77)

      I feel that she needs to put up Amanda and McCrae. Then if McCrae wins POV he can only save himself, not Amanda too. She will be left on the block and hopefully voted out. If she only puts up one of them the other one might be able to win POV and take the other off the block and you still have your romantic two.

      • Comments (6)

        And how entertaining would it be AFTER he saves himself instead of her? She would flip out.

    • Comments (34)

      Yeah she couldn’t just put up Amanda because if McCrae somehow wins the POV he could pull her off and they’re both safe!! That would be a disaster…. I hope Elissa pulls in Aaryn and GM to make an alliance then goes after McDemanda (or whatever everyone is calling them lol)

  8. Comments (65)

    I was really rooting for Elissa in the beginning (I love me a good underdog) but in the past few weeks, she has kind of disappeared. But this week, she finally stopped doing yoga and showed some fire! I am still not completely team Elissa, but I love what her HOH win will do to this house! BB is about the power shifts and its aftermath, not about the HOH giving the power to someone else!! Finally! And who knows, maybe Elissa will win me over this week!

    • Comments (1162)

      “…….she finally stopped doing yoga………..”
      No! She is still doing her yoga each and everyday.
      : )

      • Comments (65)

        I meant she did something other than yoga, eating slop, and sleeping, and started to really play the game. Maybe the low-key, not much social gameplay was actually her gameplay. I am not criticizing her for it, I am just saying it is nice to see her fired up and fighting.

      • Comments (65)

        I guess the better way to say it is we get to see her do something other than yoga and typical daily activities. We are now (as of last week) seeing some serious, all out game play from her.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you.
        : )

      • Comments (6)

        She was a target at the beginning which is why I think she faded out, but whenever she’s on the block or HAS to win, she pretty much does. I think it’s game play.

  9. Comments (14)

    Hey guys! Been away for a few, but, I knew Elissa could do it! Did I say it? Or did I say it? Elissa at this point could have been the only one to flip the house on it’s head! Yes!

    Helen was a lost cause- her problem was she swore McManda would drag her to the end but Amanda can sniff out a threat in a second. Helen had her chance to get rid of them, and now she was booted out the house! Everyone else is scrambling to stay on Amanda’s good side but Elissa was the only one, and she did it! Now, if she can only get Judd to align with her…

    Unfortunately I didn’t catch tonight’s episode but stevebeans made it possible for me to get the info! Thanks Steve!

    • Comments (293)

      Elissa can get Spencer, Judd, and Gina Marie; she might even get Aaryn. If she backdoors Amanda, only McCrae and maybe Andy, would be against it.

      • Comments (407)

        Shirley, she would have to get Aaryn first and GM would not be a problem. She has turned into Aaryn’s shadow and does whatever she tells her to do. As far as Spencer, I think he would agree to anything to stay off the block for a week.

      • Comments (293)

        I think Elissa sided with Aaryn because she knew Helen was leaving. She doesn’t need Aaryn now that Judd is back. Andy is her only problem. She needs an alliance with Spencer, Gina Marie, and Judd. Amanda and McCrae would be on the block and Aaryn would be the replacement.

      • Comments (77)

        I think that is a great line-up. I really think getting rid of either McCrae or Amanda needs to come before getting rid of Aaryn. Amanda/McCrae = 2 votes, Aaryn = 1 vote.

        The entire house realizes what a beast Aaryn has been in competitions so they will see the need to eliminate her after Amanda or McCrae leaves.

        Elissa might get the boot after this week but at least she will hopefully show the house they need to follow suit and make big moves.

    • Thespywholuvedme
      Comments (11)

      You should watch the episode on CBS’ website! It’s free and should be there in 2 hours or so!

  10. Comments (27)

    Hopefully, Ellisa puts up Amanda and Andy. Andy has been McAnda’s weapon all summer. They haven’t had to win any comps because they have had all the information they need from that rat so even if Mcrea wins Veto and pull Amanda down, you still get Andy, their main asset out. If Andy wins veto, put McCrea up.

    • Comments (58)

      Ugh…Andy the rat is RIGHT!!! It absolutely erks me to no end when he has his water bottle…He literally drinks like a hamster at a water bottle in a cage!! LOL , seriously, Who drinks like that???

  11. Comments (1)

    Yes finally a shift in power. All I have to say is bye bye amanda don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  12. Comments (875)

    I will try to hold “Hope against Hope” that Judd will not join up with Andy, McCrae, & Amanda again…But with some of the conversations that have just taken place with Judd reentering the Game, I think Judd will pick up where he left off.

    That’s why out of all of the evicted HG, I didn’t want Judd to come back. Helen, Jessie, or Candice in that order would have been great…That is unless he has a plan to get his former alliance mates out!

    But as for Elissa, she won the HOH…Yay! \o/

    • Comments (1162)

      X2 – except my preferred order for the returning winner was Helen, Candice and then Jessie.
      I’m not a fan of Judd being back in the House unless he can clearly see something
      Helen missed – McCrae is tied to Amanda – 100%.
      So forget forming any real alliance with him.

    • Comments (293)

      Jessie was after Helen and Candace was after GM (huh?). Unfortunately, the jury did not get a chance to talk with Helen. Regardless, Judd knew who was in charge when he left, so he should figure out who is responsible for his eviction. If not, he should listen to Spencer. Everyone else will blame Helen.

      • Comments (48)

        Helen did manage to tell Judd that Elissa was only vote to keep her and that GM did want to but had to vote what house wanted….so hopefully between what Jessie and Candice had to say and what Helen got to say, he keeps an open mind and does the right thing….as in GET RID OF amanduh

    • Comments (58)

      I don’t think Helen would have done anything game changing if she went back in…I honestly think she woulda fell back in the place she was in when they evicted her.

      • Comments (77)

        I think she would have gone back in trying to make sure everyone gets along but she has been wanting someone to make a move against Amanda and McCrae since Andy was HOH. She just could not get anyone to bite on her idea. She would not have had that problem with Elissa. Elissa would have done it. Maybe she would have been the best one back in.

  13. Comments (1162)

    For the Record – Wuss Andy didn’t cry tonight when he evicted Helen.

    • Comments (407)

      MM, I thought he was crying while he was sitting on the couch before the voting even started. I may be wrong, but he looked like he was sniffing and rubbing his eyes.

      • Comments (58)

        I think Andy is able to turn that on/off like Helen, I don’t think his tears are sincere.. Unless their tears of joy because his little rodent butt was still in the house and not walking out the door lol

  14. Comments (79)

    Candace would have been foolish and gone after GM if she had come back. Booooooring.

  15. Comments (453)

    Going to be a busy week. Glad Elissa has already figured out everyone’s fake personalities. Hope she puts up McCrae and Amanda, if one comes down puts up Andy, but with her fire lit she could also win pov. Going to be good seeing Amanda have to grovel and kiss Elissa’s ass.

  16. Comments (30)

    Get out of the HOH room and take your boy toy with you Ho-manda.Room needs some major cleaning before Ellisa moves in.

  17. Comments (302)

    I can’t stand Amanda but I really hope Elissa gets rid of the first real stain on this game Aaryn. Maybe the rest will have the common sense to get Amanda out next week. Aaryn has proven she’s a strong competitor and will be back in the HOH mix next week. No Matter what Aaryn & Gm say to Elissa you know they will go after her as soon as they can. I think Amanda might target Aaryn before Elissa. However it shakes out if Amanda & Aaryn are the next two to go I’ll be a happy camper.

    • Comments (35)

      That’s why Amanda is still there– waiting for the next week to get her out! I hate Aaryn, too, but this is the week to break up the couple! The votes are dwindling!

      • Comments (302)

        I just don’t want to see Aaryn win $500,000. My fear is she has a shot … I just think so many people dislike Amanda it would be tougher for her in the final two.

      • Comments (293)

        She might need it since she doesn’t have a job and will probably need the witness protection program.

      • Comments (15)

        yoga teaches you ‘balance” fine time for that comp.

    • Comments (16)

      Wow cause Aaryn made some comments that BB showed to the world. What about all of the comments that Amanda gm and the others made on BBAD really. you are going to fault 1 person for the comments when the comments that she said were said by others in the house as well. Get over it move on GROW UP live life in the real world. You need to have you focus on a bigger person other than someone who made a comment that I am sure was taken way wrong

    • Comments (768)

      You’re thinking like Helen did and look where that got her!

      • Comments (6)

        Except Helen opted to get out non-threats while Aaryn is actually a threat, of everyone left she’s the most likely to win comps.

    • Comments (77)

      I think Elissa would have a better chance against Aaryn instead of Amanda. Maybe she can make a deal for 1 week of safety if Aaryn or GM win HOH and she will not put either of them up. Aaryn would like to see Amanda go because she doesn’t like the idea that she has had to play Amanda’s game since she lost all of her alliance. I still feel it is best to get rid of Amanda and if not Amanda then McCrae, then Aaryn or Andy.

  18. Comments (21)

    Elissa would be smart to put up Amanada and Aaryn. People would be more likely to vote out Amanda than Aaryn at this poin and if Aaryn won POV and took herself off she is guaranteed to get Amanda out because she can put Macrae as the replacement nominee. I just hope Elissa uses her head rather than her dislike for Aaryn.

    • Comments (178)

      I just don’t think the house will vote out The Red Queen over Aaryn. The only person Aaryn really has on her side is GinaMarie. Elissa could tell them to vote out The Red Queen; but they’re not afraid of her and will probably ignore her wishes. Andy would vote to keep The Red Queen; McCrae certainly would vote to keep her; Judd would vote to keep her as well. So, while I don’t mind seeing Aaryn’s back as she exits the Big Brother house; I think that would have been a wasted HOH on Elissa’s part. She’s adamant about putting Aaryn up. She’s thinking with her heart and not her head because she dislikes Aaryn so much. I wonder if the Diary Room is also counseling Elissa not to put up The Red Queen. The Red Queen will still be in control of that house with McCrae, Elissa will be gone the next week, and Big Brother will be handing the $500,000 check over to The Red Queen (as we’ve all known since the beginning of the season).

      • Comments (875)

        That’s why Elissa should put up McCrae & Amanda, she needs to break the duo/showmance up.

      • Comments (224)

        Elissa won’t tell them to vote out Amanda, she’ll target Aaryn cause she’s incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

    • Comments (231)

      I think Elissa is going to BD Amanda bc Aaryan most likely will win veto.

  19. Comments (343)

    Amanda and McCrae is the move for Elissa. But will she do it? Helen was forcing Elissa to do her (bad) moves since the beginning. Everything except getting out Jeremy was a disaster for Helen. Elissa needs to get Judd and Spencer on her side, with GM. Will she follow Helen’s lousy strategy moves? Tune in, because it has been BB15 Dummer of the Stupid.

    • Comments (343)

      Wow, meant to say Summer of the Stupid. Although, Dummer of the Stupid has a nice ring to it, too!

    • Comments (293)

      Helen admitted one of her mistakes was getting Howard evicted, and I agree. She turned on Howard and unfairly ratted out Spencer to Candace. With an alliance with Elissa, Candace, Spencer, and Howard, she could have won. Trusting Andy–Really?!

    • Comments (1288)

      Well Helen said for her to align with Aaryan and GM to go after McCranda, so why are you suggesting the same “bad strategy”? Elissa will have no one on her side with Helen gone. She treats them like “peasants” and that will only get worse with her royal highness holding court in the HoH.

      And what besides Elissa’s poor social game and constant agitating for breaking up their alliance was disastrous for Helen prior to her eviction this week?

      • Comments (36)

        Refusing to listen to her allies telling her to get amanda out when she had the votes. Trusting al the wrong people. Disregarding their correct fear of Amanda remaining in the game till it was too late. Getting rid of allies she could trust because she trusted people who were playing her. using the mom card, the america wants blah blah blah card……I could go on but I won’t.

      • Comments (1288)

        Helen did not get rid of any allies. None of the people evicted were part of a stronger alliance than Helen/Elissa/Andy/Amanda/McCrae/Aaryan If she had not made efforts to turn on her alliance they would have stood by her and they would have been the F6.

        I do believe you probably could go on being wrong all day.

  20. Comments (1162)

    Looking forward to seeing Elissa’s HOH Room – photos and treats.
    I’ll bet she will not have too many HGs requesting her healthy treats.
    : )
    Will she post a sign on the HOH Bed –

    • Comments (58)

      I hope she asks DR if its clean sheets on the bed cuz if not I’d strip those suckers and go straight to the washing machine with some Tide and Bleach!!!!!

      • Comments (293)

        I’d request brand new mattress, pillows, and bedding.

      • Comments (624)

        I’m thinking of the Ted Knight pool scene in Caddyshack: “I want the entire pool scrubbed, sanitized and disinfected”!

  21. Comments (58)

    I LOVE IT!!!! Mcamdy are in the cockpit freakn out and losing their minds in the cockpit right now!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

    • Comments (1162)

      Just read about it …… LOL
      Poor Amanda!!!!!
      Hopefully the week only gets better for us …… watching a total Amanda

      I think Elissa will stick to her conviction and not be swayed by Amanda’s push
      to put up Judd.
      McCrae is going to be on the Block. Love it!!

      • Comments (407)

        Oh Wow!! Double the meds for Amanda!

      • Comments (1162)

        Her Xanax Rx is done. No more refills.
        Production told her last night and she freaked out!!!!!

      • Comments (58)

        She’s in bed crying now and McCrap told her to stop freakn out…She says she’s scared…Bwahahahaha

      • Comments (407)

        Saphire, I just read on jokers that McCrae told her Elissa cheated and then said Amanda did as well and he would like to have seen both of them disqualified so GM could win. How the heck can you cheat standing on a little ledge, trying to catch balls while water is spraying on you? Let’s face it, McCrae isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box!

      • Comments (35)

        I absolutely LOVE watching her squirm with fear and cry. She hasn’t cared about all of the HGs she’s had a hand in getting out, so sorry for ya! Karma is sooo sweet! The fact that she’s crying because she “doesn’t have control anymore” is too funny!!

  22. Comments (274)

    Well looks like I can watch again!! PLEASE ELISA! USE YOUR BRAIN NOW!
    I hate the way this has gone but this may make it an actual game? I do so hope so.

  23. Comments (240)

    Mcgross finally got a shower! You can tell by the look on his face he hates wster. Like giving a cat a bath lol

  24. Comments (58)

    UGH…. I so wish someone would sit next to McCrap and everytime his nasty rear puts one of his fingers in his mouth to chew on God nows what, would slap his hand out of his mouth!! how can Amanda even kiss him watching him do that constantly… EWWWW

  25. Comments (407)

    I loved Stevebeans very first sentence…Someone take a look behind all the trash barrels in the house because you’ll probably find Amanda behind one of them crying her eyes out. I can’t wait to see what she has to day about losing again, especially since she did catch a few balls. She actually had me worried for a few minutes, but thank goodness Elissa came through for us and I say let the game begin.

  26. Comments (35)

    transmanda break down…why wont elise do what i tell her to do..whaaaa..LOVE IT

  27. Comments (17)

    If Elissa has a brain fart and fails to put both Amanda and McCrae up, then her HOH is a waste. Aaryn should be at least 4th behind Andy, with the exception that Elissa needs to watch Judd to see which way he falls.Remenber Judds comments in the jury house about them.
    Don’t forget that he refused to hug Helen and Elissa on his way out and was a popular part of McCraes group even before Andy got hot and heavy with them.
    Spencer is still up for grabs since he has no credibility with either alliance BUT, he has made some very crude remarks about Elissa and that makes you wonder why other than the usual.

  28. Comments (1162)


    Amanda is crying while saying she doesn’t want to go to the Jury House because ——-
    “Girls are so nasty.”

  29. Comments (74)

    Even though I’m so ANTI Aaryn I have to say I’m equally ANTI Spencer. BB scrapped the bottom of the dirty barrel for him.
    NO man I mean NOOOOOOOOO man that looks and acts like Spencer has the right to say a woman should wear makeup. He’s repulsive and everything about him makes me want to vomit! He’s like those stalkers that blame their victim for him stalking them. He looks like he smells bad and his eyes creep me out. Whomever this “Marylin” person is may be blind, deaf and dumb. Maybe she’s one of those sex dolls that perverts order!!!!!!!!!!! The way he talks about her sounds like all LIES. Right?!

    I’m sorry for the rant but I dislike him to the extent I feel the need to shower after watching him. I wish he went home day 1

    • Comments (17)

      He is from Conway AK which is still andold 50’s male dominant society. He may be a little more behind the social curve. Small rural areas in many states tend to be that way.

      • Comments (378)

        Yay …Larrys on the social curve …whats joke! Lemme translate… youre a femi ized drone that votes with house lol. If anything, we see how badly things get when wiman and fruits run stuff. Are there any men left?? 🙂 thats all hahaha later b!thes

      • Comments (7)

        As someone from a small rural area in the south, I take great offense to that! Where do you get these stats from? Where I live, women and men a pretty equal, probably more so than in larger cities. Yes, I see that you said most states, not meaning all, but it doesn’t make it any better. It’s still offensive for me.

      • Comments (74)

        Ok I’m from the South and I’m from a very small town and stereotyping pigs so that their behavior is justified is even WORSE! Don’t make excuses for disgusting people! That’s like saying oh she deserved it because she wore that dress. He’s foul! I guarantee he was the ugly fat kid that always felt like a loser and he thought he could change it up by imitating a douche womanizer. I don’t care what background a man comes from he should NEVER speak of, speak to, or about a woman the way he has. This is the 21st century and women before us worked hard to get to a place where we are even considered ‘equal’ I will not sit around watching a man like Spencer shit all over that during his -1 minute of fame and have people condone it. The only reason I continue watching is after this show is over he will go back to his pathetic existence with his so called “Marylin” plastic sex doll and have to remind himself that he’ll never be anything worth remembering.

        ~kicks soapbox~ DONE

      • Comments (378)

        Blah freaking blah you windbag!! And you know but a sliver of this mans life n you wish to destroy him cuz you hate his attitude….. hater lol

      • Comments (378)

        ….so youre sayn No, wait…were housebroke down here [email protected] lol at you 😀

  30. Comments (302)

    It is so sweet to see Amanda in panic mode. This is the perfect time to start needling her. You just know at some point she is going to go on some stupid tirade that will wake a few more people up. The one good thing we know down the stretch is she is incapable of winning HOH. It’s very sad to see how Judd has already come into the house bad mouthing Candice. She was so sweet to him when he entered the Jury house … Candice hugging everyone on her return to the competition and even wishing GM a “Happy Birthday Boo.” No doubt Judd will join GM on some Candice bad mouthing tour down the stretch. Judd also doesn’t hug Elissa incorrectly blaming her for his ouster. Now that Elissa has won HOH he’s apologizing for not hugging her. I don’t get everyone’s love affair with Judd.

  31. Comments (74)

    Does anyone have a screen shot of tha hand????
    Maybe the BB house is haunted!

  32. Comments (832)

    It’s so funny to see McCranda & Rat Boy freakin’ out & scrambling to figure out their gameplay! This may be the first time all season that Amanda doesn’t get to call all the shots! Good to see her shaken up a bit!

  33. Comments (1288)

    Well well, the sun does shine on a dog’s ass every now and then. But this is why the comps make all the difference. You can plan strategy as far ahead as you want but who get’s the power changes the plans. Too bad Elissa couldn’t find this effort one or two weeks ago when it could have really helped her.

    Now with Helen gone she will be an island. Her social game sucks worse than her lip job, you can see how well she did trying to get the target moved from Helen to Spencer. The rest of the house cannot stand her and while they will work with her to get thru this week, next week she will be an easy target.

    • Comments (77)

      I really hate saying this but if we have to see Elissa leave next week I can handle it as long as she gets rid of Amanda this week. After all, nothing is free in life. Our price will be probably Elissa.

  34. Comments (74)

    So is Andy still on McMan-da threesome + Aaryn??? Or is he serious about backing Elissa. I think it’s stupid not to take Amanda out. Rolls eyes. Even though Aaryn wins comps but Amanda puppeteers her. Argh.

    • Comments (1288)

      If Elissa ends up with only 1 member of 3AM on the block then 3AM will have the votes to save them. Elissa may get to make the nominations but she has no power base to strong arm the votes.

      • Comments (343)

        If you nominate Aaryn and McCrae, like Elissa already said….then if one of them wins veto, you put up Amanda. Um, of course then youd get one of the 3 AMs out. Works perfectly.

  35. TeamGetAmandaOut!
    Comments (12)

    MEAN AMANDA sat on a wall
    MEAN AMANDA had a great fall
    All the BB HOUSE GUESTS and all OF 3AM
    Couldn’t put MEAN AMANDA together again!


    Go Elissa!

  36. Comments (35)

    elise will blow this if she gets too obsessed w/aaryn..getting worried

  37. Comments (453)

    Love it, McCrae and Amanda are scared crapless and now know how others have felt. Love it!!!!!!

  38. Comments (610)

    I don’t have live feeds but after reading jokers blog, it sounds like McRae, Andy, Spencer all fell down shortly after each other. So, did they legitimately fall (how coincidental), or did they take a dive in the hopes that Amanda might actually win HOH?

  39. Comments (35)

    dont blow this elise…

  40. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    My excitement over Elissa’s HOH is slowly dissipating. It seems like McCranda’s constant cramming their agenda on Elissa is already taking a toll. I think she is going to put Aaryn and GM up, and everyone will just go back on their word and vote out GM. I really hope I am wrong.

    • Comments (1288)

      Perhaps not, Aaryan is a competition beast and with the herd thinned this may be the only chance to get her out. GM is just as much of a drag on Aaryan’s game as Elissa was on Helen’s. And just as Elissa’s agitating to backstab the alliance got Helen voted out, now GM’s agitating for that last week may cost Aaryan her spot.

  41. Comments (16)

    OMG Elissa you are so dumb. You need to get past the personal issues you have against Aaryn and play the freaking game. For you to say you are going to put up Mcrea and Aaryn and asking spencer if he wins that he wont change your nom cause you want Aaryn out….WTF what kind of dumb are you… I mean really. Get over it things were said in week whatever move on and get a brain already

  42. Comments (1288)

    Okie doke, finally caught up and getting my mind around Elissa’s direction. The destination isn’t bad but her choice of route seems counter-intuitive. She wants Aaryan gone, fine. She is the competition beast and a worthy trophy to mount during your finals speech.

    She is talking about putting McCrae up with Aaryan. She wants to make sure McCranda will be playing hard for the veto. Unfortunately she is also guaranteeing that Aaryan will be competing for the veto. Between Aaryan and McCranda who is more likely to win a POV?

    If she really wants to take Aaryan out she needs to put McCranda up together. Putting one up is pissing them off just as much as both would. But there is a chance Aaryan would not be in the veto comp. The rest of the house except GM could be prompted to use the veto and Aaryan would go up in a classic backdooring.

    But no, Aaryan will be in the veto comp and if she wins she comes down. The replacement would be crucial but I trust Elissa will bollocks it up as well. If she puts up GM, Judd or Spencer then they will go home and an intact 3AM will be gunning for Elissa next week. Then again Elissa is playing this personal and does not care if she is evicted next week.

    The big winner in this: Judd. He is off the radar for two weeks and may be able to get a fair chance of moving ahead.

    • Comments (302)

      Like the plan DanDaman. The only reason I like having McCrae & Aaryn up is that it provide maximum drama for the week. I would hate to see Aaryn win that POV but then Elissa could put up Amanda with McCrae and the outcome would be as satisfying for everyone but Elissa.

    • Comments (1092)

      This could be a backdoor Amanda plan, hoping that Aaryn wins pov.

      • Comments (1288)

        It is an awfully convoluted way of going about it if Amanda is the final target. She will be going hard after the POV to save McCrae [and finally win something] and this game does have a perverse habit of the longshot coming thru.

        Really this HoH should have been right up Amanda’s alley as I am sure she has plenty of experience with balls flying at her face. **ZING**

      • Comments (302)

        Line of the season DanDaMan! We’ve finally discovered who was in that zingbot costume.

      • Comments (1288)

        I do have to admit that was shamelessly stolen and adapted from a movie, Heathers I think.

      • Comments (36)

        This is what I believe she is doing.

  43. Comments (302)

    A lot of people on this site saying how stupid Elissa is for trying to get Aaryn out and not concentrate on McManda. Hello folks – Elissa doesn’t give a rats ass whether she wins 1/2 million, her lifestyle is quite comfortable now, this is payback for a racist that doesn’t deserve that money. I didn’t care for Elissa this entire game and now I’m going to be her biggest cheerleader. Amanda & McCrae in a meltdown over Elissa’s plan to put up McCrae & Aaryn to make sure McCrae tries hard in the POV. This alone is going to make the week a joy to watch. Of course Andy has already gone back on his word and immediately reported Elissa chat back to the Queen – Amanda & McCrae have already lied to Elissa promising they’ll vote out Aaryn. So far they have brow beat Elissa but unlike Helen .. Elissa showing some intestinal fortitude. Stick with the plan Elissa … you have finally made it interesting to watch this season. Boo Hoo Amanda – You’re NEXT!

    • Comments (224)

      If she doesn’t care about the money, and liked her lifestyle pre Big Brother, then why is she even on the show? If she doesn’t care if she gets evicted, then why didn’t she just volunteer to go up as a nominee several weeks ago? Why try so hard to get the veto?

  44. Comments (216)

    [Catches dodgeball]: Now you’re all in big, big trouble.

  45. Comments (2)

    Poor Pizzaboy…he’ll have bloody stub fingers soon….

  46. Comments (1162)

    The following cracked me up — If Elissa puts Aaryn and McCrae on the Block and GM wins
    the POV, takes Aaryn off and then Elissa puts up Amanda.
    Amanda to Elissa: “If you put up me and McCrae, they see us as a pair, so they’ll
    send one of us home.”

    Elissa’s Response: “They’ll do anything YOU tell them.” (Smirk)

    Amanda: “NO!!!!!”

  47. Comments (48)

    Let the games begin . . . . . . finally! ! ! ! ! !

  48. Comments (1162)

    5:39 AM BBT

    Amanda awake and still crying!!!!

    : )

  49. Comments (233)

    If Elissa is smart, she will have a cone of silence descend whenever the human tape recorder comes near. That alone will freak out Andy, the wack-job-Queen and her jester. This will be a good week, but it could all flip back next week. Let’s see Elissa shake up this place! And finally someone voted to keep their friend instead of the unanimous votes we are used to.

    • Comments (624)

      NO KIDDING! Andy has this blind loyalty thing to 3AM. Sure he’s a member, but that alliance is truly 1AM. The other 2 are minions.

      Elissa needs to focus on Aaryn and GM this week and build a bridge, so to speak. Spencer and Judd should follow along, so no worries there.

  50. Comments (2)

    I think Pandora’s box will be this week & Rachael will be in it, to stir the house up

    • Comments (226)

      Agree-a reward for Elissa’s HOH. I was always a fan of Rachel’s (aside from the multiple meltdowns) because she was strong and determined and put it all out there.

  51. Comments (624)

    Before I even go back and read all the above posts, I say put up McCranda so one for sure goes home (preferably Amanda). But along with Spencer and Judd, Elissa needs that third vote to make it happen. No way I’d trust Andy with his 2 sided behavior…he thinks 3AM will carry him to the end. GM and/or Aaryn are longshots, but I’d think they would either get both of them on board or neither since GM has this BS loyalty to Aaryn. Elissa has her work cut out for her, but it’s surely doable.

    Otherwise, if they stick with McCranda they are just competing for 3rd and 4th runner up.

    • Comments (1162)

      Elissa and GM seem to have a possible “Peace Bond” going on.
      Sure hope so…………. it is so hard to know because
      trash is said so often that seeing any good is difficult.
      GM is not a fan of Amanda.

    • Comments (231)

      Elissa wants to put up mcC and Aryan and probably BD Amanda.

      • Comments (624)

        I hope the focus is splitting up McCranda this week and END the “dynasty”. Aaryn can always go next time.

  52. Comments (110)

    I think what Ellisa should do is put up McCrea and Andy and Hopefully they
    don’t win POV then hopefully that Judd or Elissa win it and go to Andy and
    say if you will be willing to votes with us we will save you off the block
    like the way they done Jessie when they backdoor Judd.

  53. Comments (80)

    Finally!! The excitement has started!! So glad Elissa finally decided to step up her game. Elissa is fully aware of what a complete rat Andy is and told him straight to his face that she knows he runs and tells EVERYTHING to McManda. Andy also suggested to Elissa to put up GM and she flat out told him she’s not going to. Then he tried to suggest she put up Spencer and Judd and her response was “UH NO”! YOU GO ELISSA! Glad you noticed Elissa. Also, Elissa is planning on putting up Aaryn and McCrae. Hmm Elissa, I think it’s time to get over your personal issues with Aaryn for once. Don’t worry, she’ll get hers eventually. I’m hoping Aaryn wins POV ONLY BECAUSE Elissa told Amanda right to her face that if Aaryn wins, she will be putting her (Amanda) up in Aaryns place. Sorry for babbling, I’m just finally excited for once this season.

  54. Comments (1276)

    All I can say is this makes me “Happy, Happy, Happy” 🙂 I’ve been hoping we’d see Elissa start to really compete, as steve said, the inner Rachel coming out, and I hope this is a sign of things to come.
    It hasn’t made since in some of the comps that she didn’t do better, but maybe she just wasn’t really trying. She was already a huge target, so winning tons of comps, like Rachel would have done, would have scared the crap out of the houseguests, and they would have known she’d have been just a hard as Rachel to get out, of course, less the strong Brendon/ally to win when she couldn’t.
    But when she was on the block, with a good chance of going home if Helen got herself off, she won the Veto, and Otev at that, by man handling anyone (including Helen) who got in her way. Then, when she was basically a shoe in to get voted straight out next week, she kicked all of their butts and won the HOH!!! Amazing!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  55. Comments (233)

    I’m good with either Amanda or Aaryn being evicted. I think Aaryn’s racist attacks should not go unpunished. If she’s in F2 with Amanda, she’d probably win based on comps. So, if Elissa wants to carry that grudge against the racist, I’m right there with her. It’s been interesting to see people on here who can excuse those racists but hate Elissa for her puffy lips.

    • Comments (224)

      Amanda has actually made more racist comments than Aaryn has (though both are bad and I would like to see both go, but Amanda first). Although, I’m starting to think Amanda has convinced herself that she is not racist because she hates every group and not just one particular one!

  56. Comments (2)

    If Ellissa nominates Amanda and Aaryn & then Mccrae wins veto, would he use it to take Amanda off the block and risk being her replacement??? hmmm…??? If Mccrae won veto & didn’t save Amanda (gasp!! how dare ge not save his queen??) & Aaryn got voted off, then it might divide both Mccrae/Amanda & Aaryn/GM teams. Best bang for her HOH.

    • Comments (624)

      I’d vote McCrea off just to get rid of the pestilence he carries around. Hopefully Mom and Dad will still let him come home to live in the basement.

    • Comments (2)

      & if Mccrae got the POV & didn’t save Amanda, then she would loose all power over the household vote. If she can’t control Mccrae, then she will go nuts. Let her stay week after week being completely powerless & being no threat to anyone. See how it is to turn the table on her. Classic BB twist!

  57. Comments (143)

    Hmm, I am not sure what the best move for Elissa is right now, she has no allies and it seems no matter what people will gun for.

    I can see taking out Andy as her best move, yes I hate Amanda/aaryan too, but between Judd, Aaryan, Spencer and GM, EVERYONE wants Amanda out at this point. If she outs Amanda then who goes next? I am not sure if the house will target mccrae. I am not sure if taking out Amanda is her best move to WIN the game. Mccrae will gun for her and she has no real allies. I think maybe Andy Aaryan noms would be her best move. Andy has no real allies who will gun for her after and gm can’t really do all that much. If I was her I’d gun for Andy. It means Amanda don’t gun for her and Aaryan might actually take out amanda

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