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Big Brother 15 – GinaMarie And Amanda Have It Out


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Last night in the Big Brother house was a strange one indeed.  Sometime around midnight BBT, the feeds went down for a little while, and when they came back up, the veto competition players were picked.  Nothing something that happens on a Friday evening, which made people wonder if they were going to do a weird overnight PoV competition – spoiler alert: they didn’t.   I do think the PoV is going to be pretty early today because it makes no sense for them to draw names otherwise… unless they were just egging the house on for a fight – which they got.

Watch the flashback of arguments here

Before I get into the argument, here are the veto competition players today:

Elissa, Aaryn, McCrae, Judd, GinaMarie and Amanda.

I am really crossing my fingers for an extremely wild and shocking veto competition… the ‘what would you do for veto’ because if there was a week to do it, it’s this week.  With Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and GinaMarie all playing for either MC or Amanda, that’s 4 solid people who are willing to do a lot to win that competition.  Please make it happen BB, please!!

Now, the fight….

At some point in the few hours I missed due to the house slowing down, Elissa appears to have had a change of plans on her target this week.   She went up to Aaryn and told her not to worry, and the main plan is to backdoor Amanda, or simply vote out McCrae if nominations remain the same.  Naturally, it’s going to be a bit hard for Aaryn to start trusting Elissa, but I am wondering if GM actually was able to get in her ear.  If so, it will be a crazy twist of fate that the mouth from Jersey actually had a decent sized role in splitting Amanda/McCrae up this week.

Elissa and GM were in the kitchen doing some whispers on the plan, and every time Amanda walked by they shut up and played it off as something different.  Neither are very good actors, and Amanda quickly caught on to what was going on.

Flashback to 12:26am to watch the blowup unfold as Amanda had enough of the two acting very shady every time she entered the room.  Amanda decided to call GM on the massive amounts of shit talk she has done about Elissa throughout the season, and GM was having no part in that.  In one of the most shocking moments of the season, Amanda was the one who couldn’t get a word in as GinaMarie screamed at her about… well, whatever GM was talking about.   The ‘bully’ tried to bully the wrong person last night, and it resulted in Amanda slinking away into the other room.

The fight goes on for a bit, but I’m no good at describing word for word what happens, so just pop up the flashback and watch it.

Now, to today… the veto competition.  Easily the biggest competition of the season so far, and just about all the right people are playing in it today.  If Elissa is telling the truth and Amanda or McCrae are the real targets, it really doesn’t matter who wins, but they don’t know that.  People are going to bust their asses to win it, especially Aaryn and GM to secure Aaryn’s safety.  Sure, Elissa may have promised safety, but promises mean noting inside that house.

I will be covering it throughout the day, but for now I leave you with another poll…

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  1. Comments (2)

    Woo hoo! Finally some action!

    • Comments (231)

      If Aaryan comes off the block, Elissa will BD Amanda which was her plan. If McC wins, all bets are off bc Andy n Perv are still with the mcnastys. That leaves Gm n Judd in the Elissa alliance.

      • Comments (231)

        I’m pro Elissa.

      • Comments (20)

        We can all hope, but BB has teased with this all season and if Amanda is as has been reported the “predetermined winner and is friends with AG”, I unfortunately expect AG to make sure that Amanda or McCrae win it unhappily. I am hoping a miracle happens, but I doubt it.

      • Comments (226)

        If Amanda wins, could she still be put up if she took McCrae off?

      • Comments (12)


      • Comments (1076)

        Judd is not in the Elissa alliance. If you watch the game instead of listening, Andy, Judd, Spencer and McCrae really enjoy each others company and they like each other. That’s what counts. It’s actions not words that matter.

    • Comments (7)

      I would not mind it if Amanda wins the POV. Hear me out! If Amanda wins, then she “should” want to save her man, McGross. But, she knows if she uses it there is a huge chance she would get backdoored. This is where it gets fun. She would be damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

      I would love that!

    • Comments (8)

      Can we all please get it straight? GM is NOT “The mouth from Jersey”! She is fom Staten Island NEW YORK!!

      The good people of the Garden State would be happy for everyone to recognize that fact.

      Thank you.

  2. Comments (24)

    i picked Aaryn to win the pov because i really wanna see amanda back doored!!!! i know i am tired of the Amanda show!

    • Comments (357)

      Not in a million years, did I ever think that I would root for Aaryn to win ANYTHING! But I am rooting hard for her or Elissa to win. The The look on Amanda’s face will be worth it’s weight in gold! I wonder if Julie Chen will provide a garbage can for her to hide behind after she walks through the front door on eviction night?

  3. Comments (65)

    All is good as long as McCranda doesn’t pull a win.

    • Comments (24)

      thats what i was thinking i hope Amanda doesn’t pull a win out of her ass. this would be the worst week…

      • Comments (86)

        If by chance one of them wins pov they would still have to get hob to be safe. I think the entire house is tired and over playing BB Amanda! At this point I don’t think Andy would even keep them safe. He would be to afraid ti have the rest of the house mad at him.

      • Comments (1076)

        You are wrong. You are not playing so your reactions are emotional.

    • Comments (651)

      If McMinute comes down Andy goes up and GM, Judd and Spencer will vote him out. Elissa doesn’t have Spencer yet but he can see the writing on the wall and knows McManda’s time has come to an end.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy is sweating out this comp..
        : )

      • Comments (33)

        Hopefully Andy goes up. Then him and Arryn will be fighting for votes from the same people

      • Comments (1076)

        Judd and Spencer will never vote Andy out. Spencer sits right next to Andy on the couch even if they are the only two outside. Same with Judd. These three guys really like each other. Why is everyone missing this?

    • Comments (48)

      yeah but even if amanda wins it, and takes mccrae off, someone has to go up in his place, meaning her….

  4. Comments (10)

    I may start watching again.. I stopped watching annd just read updates to see what was going on, but now… Wooooooohooooooooo finally!! Hellen would be proud of Elissa…

  5. Comments (75)

    I hope GM wins so she can use it on Aaryn. That way Elissa’s only choice is to put up Amanda next to McCrea!!!

  6. Comments (111)

    If only GinaMarie apologized for her comments…. I like her, but many don’t because of it.

  7. Comments (82)

    If Elissa did have a change of heart, then she must of realized how stupid it was to target someone from 2 alliances (since she doesn’t know about 3am I am assuming). If she has teamed with Aaryn and GM and changed her plan to backdoor Amanda, then she won’t upset both sides. But….either way, I think Elissa is in serious trouble next week. I don’t see Aaryn and GM keeping many promises to her. And if Amanda pulls out a win somehow, takes McCrae off….Elissa is REALLY doomed. Go AMANDA!!! Win that POV, its your time! Take control of the house again!

    • Comments (651)

      Backdooring Demanda was always Elissa’s plan. And if Aaryn wins HoH next week and puts up Elissa she’ll show everyone her word is trash and since she’s won so many comps she will be the next target. And who would she put up against Elissa. Spencer? That would piss Spencer off to no end. And Spencer has seen the shift in power. GM? Well GM would vote to save Elissa but that would mean GM would never have Aaryn’s back again and would vote against her at the end. Andy? The rest of the house would vote Andy out over Elissa. The left over McManda? They would be the next to go. Judd? Aaryn would be throwing away and votes at the end.

      Elissa has aligned the house that the only noms that make any sense next week are Andy and the leftover McManda. And if it’s anyone else Aaryn would be gone the next week.

    • Comments (1076)

      You got 63 thumbs down from people that are thinking with their hearts instead of their heads. Elissa is toast next week because she is capable of having only one ally at a time. And remember, Judd still blames Helissa for his eviction, no matter what he says. Judds heart is with Spencer, Andy and McCrae.

  8. Comments (407)

    Well I thought Aaryn would jump at the chance to save herself by working with Elissa, but I was SO wrong. She is talking to Spencer and trying to form an alliance consisting of Aaryn/GM/Andy/Spencer. Five minutes later she tells Spencer she can’t trust Andy. Why would you make an alliance with someone you can’t trust?? I hope Amanda or McCrae go this week and Aaryn next week.

    • Comments (1162)

      Aaryn is trying but it may backfire on her if she is “speaking for GM” without her
      permission to do so.

      And, including Andy is just laughable ……………

    • Comments (651)

      We are at the mental part of the game.

      Neither Aaryn nor Demanda are equipped to play.

      McMinute could have been but he built his house of cards and had his pit bull guard it…take the pit bull away and it all falls down.

      Everyone knows Andy can’t be trusted so his game is gone and he has no clue how to change it.

      Aaryn still takes GM for granted. She really doesn’t see how much GM appreciates Elissa talking with her and talking strategy. And the way Elissa had GM’s back in the fight with Demanda, GM knows Aaryn would have backed Demanda.

      Aaryn is still going by Mean Girl instinct. She lost her power to Demanda and thinks once Demanda is gone she can get it back if she can get rid of Elissa. But all she sees is people sucking up to Elissa. She doesn’t realize Elissa is not saying anything that isn’t true and is giving back to people. That will be Aaryn’s downfall.

      • Comments (1162)

        FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERY TIME and Elissa poured it on
        GM last night.

        Even if GM only bought part of Elissa’s praise, the parts she does
        believe are how Helen liked GM and told Elissa what a great
        misunderstood and under appreciated person GM is and
        Elissa promising to color GM’s hair for a second time.
        GM thinks Elissa did the best coloring app on her hair than
        anyone ever has. Elissa can’t color GM’s hair if E is in the JH.

        Besides, what can Aaryn really do for GM?
        IMO, Elissa’s flattery outweighs Aaryn’s “control” over GM.

      • Comments (357)

        In your words MM…..X2!

  9. Comments (1)

    it says pull up the flashback to view the GM and Ama fight, but when i click the word WATCH IT- is nothing there but a google add for schools. Help?

  10. Comments (82)

    We can only hope that Aaryn goes….and well….2am rides to the finals. Right? Isn’t that what we are all hoping for? 😉

  11. Comments (1162)

    What do you do with a wounded Amanda?

    VOTE HER OUT!!!!!

    • Comments (651)

      Can I laugh at her going bat crap crazy first?

      • Comments (1162)

        It is one of the few perks being given to true BB Fans this season and we
        should, all, enjoy it to the max..

    • Comments (407)

      Hey MM. Did you hear Judd say they did not allow smoking in the jury house or am I letting this game fog my brain? If Amanda gets voted off and cannot smoke, I would not want to be around her…she would go completely bonkers!!

      • Comments (651)

        I’m sure they can smoke outside but I didn’t see anywhere for Demanda to lay around outside. I think Helen has probably stopped smoking again now the stress is gone and Jessie is the only other smoker. And even a week without McMinute while stuck in a house with Candice and Jessie. The only other person to talk with would be Helen so she would be stuck listening to Helen go on and on and on…Can we get a jury house show PLEASE?!?!?

      • Comments (1162)

        Helen will do her “dance” if Amanda shows up at the JH.
        : )
        Then she and Amanda can discuss, over and over
        and over again, what they did wrong.

        Jessie will be the one Amanda will have to be weary of …………. lol

      • Comments (1162)

        Wary – not weary

        : )

      • Comments (1162)

        I heard Judd say that but as Jackie stated, they may be
        allowed to smoke outside of the JH.

        Smoking or not, Amanda will go bonkers inside of the JH.
        I imagine she will begin to think back on her game and begin
        worrying about how she will be received on the outside.
        She is in for a tremendous amount of bad public relations, however
        I’ll bet her parents have already booked her on a long, long cruise
        somewhere far, far away.

      • Comments (195)

        jojo they said production would not go and buy them any extra cigarettes.

      • Comments (195)

        Don’t know why I got a thumbs down lol. I actually heard Judd say that on the live feeds last night.

      • Comments (1162)

        Forget about the Thumb’s Downer Fool.

        *He/she probably think “Thumb’s Down” is their moniker.

      • Comments (195)


  12. Comments (2)

    Amanda is not the only fish to fry in this game. If I were Elissa I would get Arron out to. Its time for the little racist to go. Arron puts Elissa up all the time & she is gonna slide to final 2 with BB helping her win competitions. I want Amanda gone but Arron needs to go NOW! I dislike her MORE than Amanda.

    • Comments (651)

      Have you learn nothing from Elissa game play…patience and everything in it’s time. Elissa has GM on her side now and GM will not go after Elissa. GM has issues but no one can say she is not loyal. And Elissa has GM talking about how Aaryn takes her for granted and had her back with the Demanda fight. Elissa has neutralized Aaryn’s biggest ally. Aaryn’s only other ally is Andy but Rat Dog is of no consequence now as no one trusts him.

      Take out Demanda then McMinute and Aaryn is alone. Because she’s a comp threat the others will take her out either before or after Rat Dog which ever week she doesn’t win HoH.

  13. Comments (651)


    While GM may not be good at acting Elissa is and she wanted Demanda to see them whispering. Again it’s the mental part of the game and what better way to mindf**k Demanda then keep her out of the loop at a crucial time? Elissa knew Demanda would attack GM and Elissa would be there for GM. What you saw was Demanda taking the bait and that’s why Elissa couldn’t help but laugh at Demanda pleading with her.

    McManda dismissed Elissa as crazy and they still think she is which is why they can’t control her. They don’t see how everything they do is something Elissa has planned for and works to her advantage.

  14. Comments (30)

    Elissa is doing what I hoped she would do. Now if she can only winPoV she will have all the power and watch the ass kissing begin. She should make Aaryn swear her safety in front of GM, Judd and Spencer so that there will be no back tracking.

  15. Comments (83)

    I wish Judd did not come back in, he ran right to McCranda, I really hope Elissa removes the right person rhis week or things will continue to go Amandas way, Aaryn needs to go but not before Amanda, GM should even go before Aaryn, she is a total whack job, Andy has the biggest mouth in BB history he should go soon as well.

    • Comments (36)

      He sure did. Right after he and Elissa plotted for him to keep McRae close so no one would know they are working together. And Judd has made no secret of the fact that he blames Amanda more than anyone else left in the house for his eviction. Judd was the first to reach and congratulate Elissa when she won HOH. And it was a truly thrilled, congratulatory bear hug. The writing was on the wall then and it was such exciting news.
      Elissa has had pretty clear eyes all along. If Helen had respected her insight she might still be in the house. I,m personally thrilled she’s gone because I found her annoying and deluded.

  16. Comments (2)

    I’ve been reading a lot of comments on the BB sites & I think people are starting to really like the disgusting racist Arron, now. Its sick! Amanda and Arron need to go. I don’t care in which order.

    • Comments (166)

      I totally agree with you Jonte..since Aaryns lil click of mean girls has gotten split up & others come forward being horrible people with disgusting attitudes(Whoremanda) it takes the spot light off Aaryn a lil bit…but she’s still the same racist lil bitch she was a few weeks ago..Whoremanda & AAryn one goes this week & the other goes next week..two bad this week is not a double eviction, now that would be SWEET!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      The majority of the comments I’ve read from blogs seem to only
      favor Aaryn as a means to a goal – breaking up Amanda and McCrae.
      Few consider her worthy of becoming BB15’s Winner and most
      are glad/eager that Aaryn will have to face the consequences of her
      disgusting words and actions.

    • Comments (357)

      Jonte, I don’t think that many people are starting or will ever like Aaryn on here at all. I think alot of people are looking at the big picture. The big picture is to get out the BIGGEST racist (Amanda) NOW! I can’t stand Aaryn and I have NO respect for her or her game. In my opinion, she is beneath me!

      With that said, The things circling around about Amanda and what we witnessed on you tube. Far out way the racist comments Aaryn has said in the past. Aaryn has spewed her racist comments more so when she had the backing of her earlier friends. Yes, she still makes offhanded comments, but for the most part, she is quiet as a mouse (hey Andy?)
      Amanda however is just plain Evil! Amanda has managed to attack almost all minorities, fantasizes about rapes, killings, and mauling of her fellow HGs. AND for an extra bonus? She made fun of people who are mentally challenged. She sank to a new low when she made jokes particularly about people with Autism.

      Racism has been around for as long as this country has been founded. We all realize that it is alive and well and it hurts many people to it see it continue to happen. But I personally find this website as therapeutic. Most people on here have a good sense of what the racism, bigotry,and misogynistic comments will mean for these people after the game is over. Or the country in general. Especially if one of these mean women wins the ultimate prize.

      Racism has run rampant (as evidenced on the news) over the last 10 years. But enough is enough! We are ALL tired of it. It’s not funny or acceptable and as someone who tries to read every posts on here, I have yet to see anybody root for Aaryn for being a racist. Perhaps I missed a comment or two, but they are the minority on HERE! Most who support Aaryn, support her for her gameplay or her attractiveness.
      It is my belief that people are rooting for her because she has done less harm than Amanda has at this time. And we want Amanda out while the time is right (we are not Helen…LOL). I will be rooting for Aaryn to stay this week, but I’ll be rooting for her to go next week.
      Amanda is the “Queen of mean”, but Aaryn is the “Princess of denseness”! Which makes Aaryn the lesser of 2 evils in my book! Take out the Devil out and her imps will follow!

  17. Comments (166)

    POV competition will be soo major today..like everyone is saying I hope it is the one ‘What Would You Do’..let’s hopefully see Whoremanda or Aaryn with a bald head…don’t think McGross will win it bcuz when you lay all day & night & eat pizza , Im not really seeing him have much brain power!!..AAryn will be in high gear so she’s probably going to go ape shit crazy to win this thing…Looks like GM finally beginning to see the light about Aaryn!!

  18. Comments (1)

    I want McCrae to win it just to see what he will do. Will he take himself off knowing that Amanda will go up or will he finally show some cajones and use it on himself. I’m just praying that Amanda doesn’t win it. If she does I hope Elissa has sense enough to send Adam or Spencer home so A & Mc don’t have enough votes to control votes.

  19. Comments (82)

    Go AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got this! Win POV and show the house who still owns it. Then pick them all off one by one. Except Andy, keep that goofball with you. Well….until you don’t need him anymore that is….

  20. Comments (83)

    @Curtis, u must be a real piece of work to side with a loud mouth bully like Amanda, she has no morals what so ever, the only person in that house half way decent is Elissa.

    • Comments (166)

      I agree…don’t be fooled Kurtis, if Whoremanda was in the room with you for 2 minutes believe me she would chew you up & spit you out!!! Not thinking she’s the racist whore you want to bring home to meet momma!!

      • Comments (1162)

        There is a strong possibility that McCrae’s family and friends
        have planned an “Amanda Intervention” for him upon his
        return home.
        : )

      • Comments (357)

        Look at how the roles reversed? And we thought Amanda’s family would look down on him? GOOD job Amanda!

  21. Comments (1)

    I think it would be funny if McCrae won POV pulled himself off block Amanda went up and then out the door she went LOL

  22. Comments (195)

    Even though I want so bad to see Amanda back doored or even Aaryn go home I still am a little worried that if you get out one of the girls the guys are going to come together and pick them off one by one as there will be 4 guys to 3 girls.

  23. Comments (8)

    I would love to see Amanda leave,but I also worry that McCrae & Amanda both stay if one of them wins veto!

    • Comments (651)

      They will both stay only if Demanda wins the veto. Then Andy will go home. So the only person they still control would be gone.

      I won’t say Demanda won’t win the POV but I will say I hope it’s a What Would You Do comp because I would love to see Demanda on the block with a shaved head!!!

  24. Comments (453)

    What is really funny is Amanda and McCrae actually thought they were exempt from being put on the block and neither can come to grips with the fact that they aren’t as powerful as they thought. Put her up along side him and she will be one screaming mess and hopefully get evicted for attacking someone or something, which makes it easier to vote out McCrae.

  25. Comments (12)

    At this point I would like to see anyone win EXCEPT Elissa or Aaryn. Elissa is a rich witch who thinks she is better than everyone & she doesn’t even need the money. Aaryn is a mean racist. As long as they both leave I will be happy. Amanda is a bully, but she has played the game more than anyone else. I feel like if she were a man everyone would love her. Remember Will & Boogie?

    • Comments (36)

      Didn’t mean to hit the report button
      I did mean that thumbs down I gave your comment though. Elissa doesn’t strike me as thinking she’s better than anyone. She,s the only person in the house that was truly disgusted by the racism and hatefulness that went down early on. Even Helen made excuses and glossed over it.
      And why do so many people think its okay to hate on people if they have money? Stereotyping rich people is as wrong as stereotyping poor people.
      I do agree that she doesn’t really need the money but other than Judd I can,t seem to like any of the other houseguests enough to root for them to win.

  26. Comments (195)

    I just remembered awhile ago I read or heard (can’t remember where) that at some point it looks like Amanda is going home but something happens and she stays. I don’t like to think that things are rigged but it will be interesting to see if she does get back doored and ends up getting the votes to stay.

  27. Comments (13)

    I’m really disappointed in the way the Judd came back into the game. I don’t think he understands how his coming back is really going to shake up the power in the house. I would have liked to see him more aggressive. At least some people, or maybe just Elyssa, are not afraid to make big moves. I’m liking her more and more. Judd has to understand he’s playing now on borrowed time and has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Have to say I’m really enjoying seeing Amanda get a little of her own medicine. Hope Elyssa gets the chance to tell her that she is going to be voted out and there is nothing you can do about it. That would be priceless..

  28. Comments (48)

    I really would hate to see Amanda in control again. After all, haven’t we been bored enough this year. With her in control all we have had is boredom.

    I find it so funny the way McCrae and Amanda marched up stairs to Elissa after the HOH ceremony to tell her who to put on the block. The thought of how she put them in their place is priceless. Neither one of them can understand her not listening to them and doing what they say. I LOVE IT. They really thought it was their house to go and tell everyone what to do and who to put up. The two of them are baffled.

    • Comments (233)

      Yes, the past couple of days were great. I am not sure they can pull the votes together to get out McC or Amanda. At least we have some players who’ve not done much so far finally getting into the action. It might be too late, though.

  29. Comments (3)

    i wish amanda goes home. the look on her facee would br priceless. i dont care who wins this year because they are scum bags

  30. Comments (20)

    I know I am pretty sure it is rigged, but I am so hoping that Amanda goes home. I have stopped watching because I am positive it is rigged for Amanda to win because she has family that works for CBS and is friends with AG, but I am hoping that she goes home and the show is not rigged. I just watch the updates to see if it is in fact rigged now.

    • Comments (166)

      Lola please continue to update us, I didn’t know Whoremanda had family that worked for CBS, I heard on this website she was friends with a executive producer Allison Grodner..very interesting!!

  31. Comments (83)

    U know how awesome it would be to see Amanda on the block with her disguting boy toy and a shaved head, then walk out to chat with Julie and get booed by america, OMG it would make this boring season come to life, now all we can do is pray it happens !!!!

  32. Comments (8)

    Spencer is the x factor! Even if Amanda goes up, we he vote against her & feel the wrath of all the people he has hung out with & kept him safe for the last month! I think not.

  33. Comments (4)

    Isn’t GinaMarie from Staten Island (borough in NYC), not New Jersey?

  34. Comments (239)

    IF Amanda does how get evicted I wonder if they will have a CBS audience instead of real aidiance. I am not counting my chickens about her leaving till it happens. I don’t want to be set up for diappointment. Also the Mcnasty pair laid in bed, had food happily brought to them, THEN with a smirk on his face Mcnasty told Andy that he had a headache and asked him to get him some advil. What did Andy do? Practically ran out to get it. I hope he got a pat on the head or a belly rub when he came back.

    • Comments (166)

      Cant stand RATNY!!!! He has turned out to be soo freakin annoying with his popping in & out on every conversation in every room..he’s actually done that the whole season..

      Its got to be so hard being in a house with soo many people that are soo disgusting, racist, & dirty..

      Next to be evicted:
      Elissa & Spencer in final 2

      Thats the best I can see at this point in the game..don’t no how Spencer could Elissa he’s done NOTHING!!!!!!I’m still TEAM ELISSA!!!!

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