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Big Brother 15 – Happy Times In The Hot Tub



Tonight is a relaxing night for the house, as most of them sat around the hot tub chatting and having a decent time.  Jessie was one of them, until Kaitlin joined in and the above picture was her expression at the time.  Needless to say, I don’t think Kaitlin will be receiving any christmas cards from Jessie this winter.


When it comes to strategy talk (which I enjoy the most), it’s been a pretty slow week like I mentioned in my previous thread.  Jeremy did sit down and had a long talk with Helen tonight, and actually did a decent job convincing her to keep him.  That was quickly shot down when she ran it by Andy and Elissa who wanted no part in that.  Last week around this time, it was a sure thing that Elissa was going home, and the last few days there was a crazy turnaround, but I just don’t see it happening this time.  Jeremy has annoyed too many people and I doubt the house will waste a chance to get him out.


As to where our brunette ‘mean girl’ will go once Jeremy leaves, she’s already been trying to get close with her new best friend – Helen.  Kaitlin has been distancing herself from Aaryn all week, and is trying to play the nice girl role now that she’s away from the toxic environment of the ‘mean girls’. Ironically, wasn’t the brunette in Mean Girls the one who started flipping first (Gretchen Wieners?)

During the conversation with Helen, Kaitlin mentioned how there is no need to talk about game until Thursday.  At the very same time, McCrae and Amanda were on another camera already going over situations for Thursday and beyond.  This is the difference between good players, and those who were just cast based on looks or personality.  It’s very entertaining (to me) watching them discuss these things because it shows they’re not just lucking into anything right now.  If those two (Mc/Am) make the final 4, it’s because they earned it instead of floating there (*cough Adam, Porsche, etc *)


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    What’s your twitter I can’t find you ?! Absolutely love your blogs. & your spot on with my own opinions also. As I imagine you are with most Americans. The world loves this show because its real. & yes this season has gotten really real with people showing their true colours & opinions. With cant let hateful people get to us we just have to be the bigger people. & hopefully this show does really give people a reality check once their back in the real world.

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    You know, I really like Amanda and Mcrae. I’m glad Mcrae won that very first HOH otherwise he would of had problems during the game.

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    GinaMarie lost her job outside of the House because of her racist comments.
    IMO, if not for that she would have lost her job anyway due to her showcasing her
    mental instability on BB15.
    Why was she ever approved as a House Guest??????

    AND, what’s up with her poaching the Have Nots food?

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      GM is a narcissist and therefore believes she is entitled to take what ever she wants regardless.

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      If I’m not mistaken, they have an ample supply of have not food. So I don’t think it really matters to them, they will be replinished if need be.

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        From the Feeds, the Have Nots have been complaining about GinaMarie
        taking their food …………………and they’re really ticked off about it.

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    I sure hope Aaryn doesn’t float her way to the end. Because taking her to the final 2 might be smart on another players part (amanda, mccrae, helen, etc) since no one would vote her to have the money. I am getting worried.

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      i dont think that would happen because to bring her to final 2 would mean automatically giving her the 2 place prize money and she doesnt deserve to be there let alone get one penny of Big Brother money. at least thats what i think. i’d be getting rid of her soon after getting out the bigger threats.

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        I hope you are right! I want jeremy out tonight but aaryn would have been nice to see get the boot too. I just had that thought the other day…what if??? ahh!!! GET AARYN OUT! PLEASE!!! I sure hope she doesn’t win the HH comp this week. The sooner the better for her departure.

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      I wouldn’t be so sure. With as quickly as this group of houseguests seem to forget or move on from the horrible things these girls say, they might just vote for her to win. Heck, if she makes it to the end, with everyone basically hating her (and no one knowing ALL that she’s said) they might give her the vote for beating the odds. Plus, anyone who’s willing to cut someone else loose, just to sit by Aaryn in the end, doesn’t deserve the money either.

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        i bet big brother wouldn’t allow her to win or be in final 2, you think? they would throw a pandora’s box before aaryn got to the end ensuring her departure. otherwise cbs wont hear the end of it? just another crazy thought

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        Because you are right, the houseguests seem to forget who said what and how mean they really are. helen is ready to take kaitlyn to the end all of a sudden, who knows who will be BFF before the summer is over…

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    I like Helen but she just talks way too much. They formed an alliance called the ” knockouts ” which consists of Judd, Helen, Elissa, mcC, Amanda and Andy. Helen has already alluded to it during conversations with others including the one with Jerkemy. This will be her downfall in the game and she refuses to listen to anyone about being quiet. You never never talk about your alliance and who you are protecting. When Howard, Jess, and Candice get wind of it, hopefully not before the vote, Helen is in deep sh.t.

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      Then when mcC and Amanda went to talk t her about her breach of secrecy, Helen lied, lied and lied until her body language was hard to watch, along with the shifting eyes. Oh Helen!!!

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        That is SUPER annoying, considering the countless hours of preaching that she’s dished out in the form of guilt trips to anyone who lied to her.

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    I do not look at Helen as a strong player at all. She reminds me of people who just float along with whoever is in power. Maybe this is considered gameplay but I do not see it. She is nice enough but she is too nieve. She makes me nervous being in power. I will be glad when her reign is over.

    I would not mind seeing someone like Howard get the HOH. See how he would shake things up a little. We have already seen how the “mean bunch” rules and we have seen how “McCrae and Company” rule. I am ready to see something different.

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    im so slow, i’m just getting the mean girls reference.

    two blonds, one brunette, one red head.

    And its playing out just like the movie, i’m sorry I know i’m late lol.

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    How much does the cast of big brother make?

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    Before Helen became the HOH you heard nothing from her, now I wish she would shut up! It’s really gone to her head.

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    It’s nice to see that Kaitlen has finally reached total consciousness and is for once finally talking game with people. Unfortunately it always seems to eventually revolve around trying to keep Jeremy in the house. I wish she would play her own game and I might actually start to respect her.

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