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Big Brother 15 – HoH Competition: Part 1

bb15-endurance-ginamarieThe final 3 had their first part of the final HoH challenge last night, and like expected, it was an endurance challenge.  Seeing as Julie gave no indication of when it would be played, and considering the feeds were down until after midnight est, I chalked it up to them doing the competition behind the trivia.  I didn’t want to promote a live endurance challenge only to be screwed over again.


The competition was a challenge where they wore roller skates and held on to some thing as they went around in a circle  (my guess is the roller skate thing is a nudge at Nick’s alleged professional roller skating career).  Like expected, Spencer went down first, so it was up to a competition between Andy and GinaMarie.   Spencer said he lasted about 8 minutes (that’s not what she said), so the endurance challenge lasted a solid 30 minutes or so.  Pretty anticlimactic compared to season 8’s seven hour marathon.

When the floor started getting wet and slippery, Andy fell and GinaMarie won the first part of the HoH challenge.  This guarantees GM a spot in round 3 of the HoH competition that will take place live on Wednesday night.  She will face off against the winner of round 2 which will be played sometime over the next few days.  Both Andy and Spencer are pretty weak competitors, so it’s pretty much a coin flip who will win this.  What I am fairly sure on is that round 3 will be another trivia competition, and GM has actually done fairly well on those challenges.  I think she’ll beat Spencer in round 3 with ease, but would struggle more against Andy.  If I were her, I’d be hoping for a Spencer win in round 2..

So there you have it, the final 3 is set, and half of the final round is set.  We know for sure GinaMarie has a 50/50 chance to win the HoH now, and probably a 50/50 chance at beating Andy if they were final 2.  At this point, Andy has to win the next 2 rounds to have a shot at winning Big Brother because I can’t honestly see GM or Spencer picking Andy to sit next to them in the finals… that’s Big Brother suicide.  A few weeks ago, when Andy betrayed many of his friends, he claimed he had a better shot at going to the finals with the exterminators than with McCranda.  I said that’s incorrect because Andy’s social game to that point would have required him to win his way into the final 2 regardless of his opponents.  The only thing Andy managed to do with that decision was to upset a few members of the jury, so congrats to him on 3rd place unless he wins the next 2 competitions.


(side note: I think Andy would have beaten Amanda and McCrae in this endurance challenge)


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  1. Rita

    I would have liked to see McCrae in that comp. It required being upright so he may have been first out.

    • McCrae became a new man after Amanda was evicted.
      : )

    • McCrae was the one genuinely nice guys in the house. He got into a showmance with one of the most hated, but that doesn’t change who he is.

      • Nice guys don’t stand by and let others bully and attack people. They let racist comments just go by and they don’t call women c**ts. And they don’t spend 70 days laying around in their own filth.

      • AIO_7


      • While I don’t especially care for some of the people playing this game, the level of hatred you (and others) seem to have for people that you have never even met is bordering on the histrionic.

        These people have been locked in a house for nearly 90 days. They have been cut off from their loved ones, cut off from current events, and their every move is taped for everyone to see. I can understand people in this situation going a little crazy and acting in ways that they normally wouldn’t act.

        Criticizing McCrae for allegedly “laying around in ‘his’ own filth” is pretty degrading. As far as I’m concerned, Jackie, you are no better then the people you are being critical of. I would like to see how you would behave if your every move were watched 24/7. My guess is that you wouldn’t have stuck up for anyone being bullied either. Not if you were in a game for $500,000.

        And if you thing the victim, Elissa, somehow played a much nicer game, I suggest you go back and rewatch some of the feeds.

      • At least Elissa took a shower, changed her clothes and exercised. I agree with a lot of your comment, but I have to say McCrae’s hygiene was very questionable throughout this whole season.

      • Lmao “at least” 😀

      • I hate McCrea. He’s a disgusting pig and he sucks at life. There, I said it.

      • Well … As long as you feel good about yourself after saying it …

      • Jannie

        Paul –
        Thank you for your insightful, level headed post.
        It’s one of the few rational ones I have read in a while.

      • @Paul & Jannie, you people really just don’t get it! This is a board to share how you feel about the players. And just because they are locked up in that house is no excuse for some of the degrading game play they demonstrated. You know going in as a contestant that it’s going to be tough and test you physically and mentally. But do you truly believe that when some of these players go back into the outside world that folks are going to give them a pass because what–– the player wants to say, ” I had a temporary character drain, memory loss, behavioral disruption, fatigue syndrome, or nervous breakdown” that inspired them to act so vile toward other players. You both must be devoid of regular human nature because most folks don’t think that way. At some point, most adult, normal folks who would like to think they live in, or can hope for a better world, just don’t like bullies, serial liars, fakes, racists and people who have bad personal hygiene. Either you two are incredibly young or take a lot of shit off of jerks that are like people in the BB house this season. Or–-maybe you fit their profile and that’s why you have sympathy for them!

      • Jannie

        Hey Lez – have you read Stevebeans comment policy? I’m pretty sure this blog follows HIS rules, not yours. And his rules are being ignored by almost everyone here.
        And all Paul was trying to say is that many here are exhibiting the same bad behavior that they complain about the contestants in the house exhibiting.

      • Exactly Jannie! 🙂

      • @Jannie, since you think you and Paul are taking the high road here, and that Steve is genuinely offended by what is mostly the major consensus on this blog about this season–– showcasing some of the most asinine people to ever participate in this show–– well, I guess Steve wouldn’t have too many people participating on this blog right now. Maybe you and the other high minded people who want to overlook the whacked behavior of some of those contestants should seek out the “high road” blog where ever it might exist. I’m tolerant to a certain extent, but I WILL not tolerate bullies, serial liars, super fakes, racists and people who have bad personal hygiene. I just wasn’t raised that way.

      • @LEZ. 1150pm

        You come across as a rwal idiot. You seem to wanto to participate in this blog in order to bash the players, and not discuss gameplay, which is why Steve has taken a lot of time and effort to set up, and manage this sight.

        If you genuinely cant stand the players, dont watch the show.

      • Jannie: He’s not even keeping up with updates because of people like YOU.

      • It seems suggesting that you be nicer to people on this site didn’t help you much. Here you are…. still righteous and mean. Congrats. You win!!! Here’s your $500 000.00!! You know where you can shove it.

      • I personally find it amazing that you place “bad personal hygiene” in the same category as liars, backstabbers, racists, and bullies.

        Nowhere in my post did I defend any bullying, racism, or lying and backstabbing (those last two are part of the game, btw). As for the personal hygiene part, are you honestly admitting to watching so much of the 24/7 feed that you can tell how many showers he took. That says much more about you then it does about him.

      • @Paul, no I can’t admit to watching the live feeds like that! But I can go to video links that other folks post when contestants on the show talk about how Mc smelled. I don’t have that kind of time. But for those who did, I appreciated the cheat sheet. Maybe you not wanting to believe it, says more about you.

      • When you are living alone your personal hygiene is your own business. When you are living in a house with other people, it is their business as well. When those people frequently comment about it on 24/7 live internet feeds–guess whose business it is then?

        As far as placing it in the same category, No. But it shows a true disrespect for those forced to live with you.

      • I’ve never watched the feeds and still I can tell McCrae has a hygiene situation going on. Just saying.

      • I thought Lord of the Flies was required reading in HS and College, the point of the books was man’s animalistic instincts when put in extreme situations, BB
        house i would classify as an extreme situation, anyone see that vid of Amanda trying to hurt Elissa, that was pure animal. I hope when they get out there are given the benifit of the doubt and people treat them like you would want to be treated under those conditions and dont assume you would do any different then they did, You dont know what you would have said or done in same shoes,
        In your personal live what would come out of you mouth upder extreme situations and oh ya let those there are without sin cast the first stone.

      • Lez … These folks seem to forget there were many seasons before this one and those players were put in the same environment as this group with the same pressure. Why is this particular group so disgusting??? How were past groups of HGs able to quell their racism and bigotry but not these guys?

      • Average age in this BB seemed a lot younger than past BB’s, thought i was watching Real World for awhile. I always thought that older generations were more prejudice, maybe this just proves my believes wrong.

      • Paul your comments based on thought and reason are not appreciated by the masses here
        Jackie stop spouting your moral high road shit. No one with any brains trying to win the money would get in between an argument or fight however one sided it is in the house.

        To lez’s comment below. I think these comments sections are to respond to the blog and the game I general. I don’t think they are an open forum to spew the same dumb hateful comments about TV characters.

      • Can’t we all just get along? I think hygiene is important in the BB environment or outside.

      • Maybe to improve hygiene next yr they can all take showers together or co-ed baths and showers mandatory in all show-mances

      • Howard did. He picked Candice up and got her out of there. And that moment he won my respect.

      • I was a passenger in a bad auto accident and spent nearly a month in the hospital then bed ridden for months after that recovering. Aside from my parents and a few visits from friends I was stuck in one room in prone position for months on end. Yes I got stir crazy but the funny thing is I never felt compelled to lay around and call the woman who caused the accident the C-word. I didn’t spend time ripping friends that didn’t come to see me. I’m tired of hearing the argument that when you’re cooped up you don’t act as you normally do. I believe it’s times like that you show your true colors.

      • Absolutely! And in any context (including this one) if you allow such misogynistic, racist comments and bullying behaviour to carry on unchecked, you are condoning it. These people are sadly a representation of our society and we should probably consider what we find tolerable.

        Paul, I think you’re just bitter because your favorite boy McCrae was evicted, but thanks anyway for not calling me a whore.

      • Jannie

        Hi Bree – welcome back!

      • Did you hear GM say that when she hancuffed to Mcrea

        last week he stunk. She said she would not even what

        his ass smelled like because the rest of him really

        smelled BAD. She said he never washed his hands and

        turned and VOMITED all the time over nothing. She said

        he also smelled like puke and never burshed his teeth.

        So Jackie is RIGHT!!

      • Even though i agree McCrae shouldn’t be judged on what Amanda did, there are some who can’t use being locked up in the house as an excuse to be racist or degrading others. Those are the ones we as humans being should call out and let them know their actions will not be tolerated! To me thats not hatred! Thats punishment! And it may teach them a lesson they didn’t seem to learn from their parents. They weren’t taught or they didn’t listen.

      • If you ask me Elissa didn’t say enough! She was a good person. I like her for who she is and not because of her sister..i hated Rachel..I hated Elissa when i found out she was coming in the house and was Rachels sister. She is nothing like Rachel! She don’t deserve our bashing. The others already did a good job of that…..thats why they suck!

      • Why then do you suck?

      • If telling the truth sucks then ohh well!

      • Furthermore, Aren’t you the same person that just got finished talking about the HGs behavior? I wouldn’t say you sucked for calling them disgusting people out on their crap.

      • Well these people chose to be watched and judged 24/7 for money. And when HG after HG comments on McCrea’s smell and how dirty he is why am I in the wrong for saying it? Even GM was upset when she had to wear the friendship bracelet because he was so dirty.

        And why does being “cut off from their loved ones, cut off from current events, and their every move is taped for everyone to see.” excuse letting racism and bullying go unchallenged? McCrea told Amanda a couple of times what she was saying was racist and then laughed. So he knew and chose to enable. Does he do this in real life? Do the other HGs? That is a question they will have to answer for themselves when they leave the show.

        And my comment didn’t say Elissa was the victim. She wasn’t the only target of bullying. It started early in the season so what is the excuse for what was happening after only a couple of days?

      • You don’t think he was affected by that relationship and it’s ramifications? Of course, it changed him. One can only hope change was for the better.

    • Let’s switch the camaras to the jury house, they are more interesting
      than these 3. PURVET, RACIST AND A RAT. (Spencer,GM & Andy.) I do not
      care who wins.

  2. I disagree with you, Steve, about Andy beating McCrae in this comp.
    Of course, we’ll never know, but I think McCrae’s skill playing hockey
    would have benefitted him in this Roller Rink Comp..

  3. Me too Rita! But we have to settle for these disgusting HGs. I still can’t go for GM for the reasons i have stated numerous times.(racism). But to think of picking one of the others is very hard too. Well we know for sure Amanda won’t be touching any money! Lol. If GM wins Aaryn may be happy….so thats another reason not to go for her. I guess its a toss up between that Rat Andy or that disgusting Spencer. Ahh hell someone pick for me! Except for GM.

    • Oh no biggie. GM didn’t say anything all that terrible. Insensitive, perhaps but nothing to call her a racist over.

      • Jannie

        I would say calling an 8-yr old child a “Puerto Rican dirt bag” is pretty racist.

      • Ehh…insensitive and a stupid thing to say about someone’s kid but not outright racist. She didn’t call out an entire race.

      • Uh, “nigger insurance”? Hello? All that stuff about Asians? How is that not “calling out” an entire race (or two)?

      • Jannie

        Big Papi –
        So you can go around and call every INDIVIDUAL you want a racist name and it’s just fine because “you’re not calling out an entire race?”
        New rules, I guess.

      • Someone needs to watch the show again! Big Papi.

      • as for gm calling elissa son looking like a Puerto rican dirt bag, well look who is calling the kettle black. yesterday sept. 13, when she was painting coke bottles and they were talking, she brought up her sister married a puerta rican and he was nice looking and that nephew she talks about all the time that she loves so much is puerta rican. he is the apple of her eye the way she talks. wow I guess its only her family that is great looking whether they be Italians or puerta Ricans but anybody else kids of a different race looks like dirt bags. gm ridicules other people because she is jealous of them. I hope karma bites her in her a$$.

      • GM says her friend is Puerto Rican, beautiful and goes with GM’s cousin.

      • no, go back and watch the live feeds. she is talking about her relatives because spencer told gina marie that the picture of her and her nephew teddy or freddy that he was looking at, he told her he could see that her nephew was of mixed race. she said “oh” you could tell, and he says yes because of his skin color but he’s a cute boy. her response was “oh I just thought he looked Italian”. yeah because after all he isn’t a puerta rican dirt bag like elissa’s son. we don’t even know what elissa’s son mix of race is. he may not be mixed at all. it is just another vile thing coming from gina maries mouth. if she can’t say anything nasty she can’t say anything at all. that’s just who she is. NASTY

      • This was later, Darlene: Friday, 9/13, around 8:15 p.m. Gina Marie said, “My Puerto Rican friend is super gorgeous; she’s with my cousin.” Then Spencer says, “A lot of people from there are attractive.”

      • the comment she made about the n word on welfare, racist remarks about Candice there was plenty of racist remarks she made and is still making.

  4. It’s sad at this point but, I would rather watch the jury house than watch these three duke it out! I am down for any body to win at this point but Spencer, he’s an alright guy but, being the world’s greatest pawn isn’t good enough for 1/2 a million dollars. Andy played the sneaky floater game and GM played a fairly straight forward game so either of them winning I could imagine! I still would have loved to see how different the game would be had Nick, Howard and Jeremy played longer 🙂

    • I agree with you girl! The Jury is always usually more entertaining in other BB years!

    • How can you say Spencer is an ok guy? Haven’t you heard some of the filthy talk out that comes out of his mouth. He talks so much about his male organ and what he wants to do with it. It is so disgusting I haven’t watched the live feeds since Elissa left. They got really filthy then. He has no regard for women and uses words I don’t want to even say here when he talks about women. He trying to portray a redneck persona. He gives rednecks a bad name.

  5. Of course I will keep watching but I dislike these creeps. Even David and his hair would have been better than this crap!

    • I agree. Or even Kaitlin at this point LOL

      • Best think that could have happened to Kaitlin was getting evicted from that snake pit. As far as David the Dude goes. From day 1 he started in with the “Black Candice” so he would have just added to the vile.

      • sorry the best thing that could have happened to Kaitlin

      • Jannie

        Kaitlin was the one who actually said the word ni**er in the bathroom and then giggled about it. She’s a peach.

      • Not to mention her constant laughter at Aaryn’s racial comments and matress flipping. She may not have said the most offensive things, but finding humor in such hateful behavior is just as bad, or, at the very least, in the same ballpark.

      • And that is why the best thing that could have happened to her was to be evicted. She had a chance to take a look at herself before it went on and on. She has been able to see the others and know that she would have/could have been like that.

        I hope that going forward Kaitlin will be a better person.

      • She actually covered her mouth and Amanda said that it was okay. I only saw that clip though, so correct me if I’m wrong.

    • I hope he got a haircut in time for finale night.

  6. Go Gina Marie! At this point, she is the only one I would like to see win BB15. Spencer is a racist pig and Raggedy Andy is a slimball. Overall, Elissa is my favorite althoug I voted for Howard to win the 25 Grand. I think he really could use the money. Already looking forward for BB16 and I hope CBS gets it right this time meaning, get a better selection process and maybe some older contestants!

  7. Before McCrae can be a man he has to get out of the fetal position!

  8. Interesting, I found this in the current Eligibility/Requirements for BB. “#5. One participant will receive the grand-prize of $500,000 (subject to change in Producers’ and/or the network’s discretion)…”
    So according to this, they (CBS and/or producers) could change the grand prize amount; now wouldn’t that be interesting if they actually did change it!

    • Very interesting, indeed.

      Andy’s & Spencer’s disgraceful dissing of Julie and her husband
      may have become the deciding factor for CBS/BB to change the
      Grand Prize Amount.

      • Changing the prize amount certainly would make HUGE HEADLINES!

      • X 100

      • Ohh my goodness everyone! You are giving me hope! Give them one whole DOLLAR!

      • ME, zip it up! We are just trying to have a little fun.

      • no better than the HG’s

      • IF they dont change the prize payout….will the hate cowz made a stand???? … will they REALLY protest or will they jus bitch bitch bitch??


      • Me you sure do alot of BITCHING about us!

      • It would make huge headlines, all right, and large lawsuits; attorneys will find a way around that “change” in a hot minute. However, I would love to see CBS try.

      • ashamed to be watching

        it might even make people Stop and Think before they speak and ALWAYS Remember they are live (not just on Thursdays for a hour !)

      • Expect the unexpected… lol

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if the winner got less than the jurors. Who’s exterminated now!?! Ha!

      • Oh, yes, and Elissa won America’s Favorite Player and 25,000. Ha! They would really be ticked off.

      • Spencer seems to have verbal dirreha. He cannot help himself

        bashing people no matter who they are. Slandered and bashed

        every housegusest that has left. even Elissa’s sons and husand,

        How would he like it if someone bashed his nephews,brothers

        or perhaps that gir MARILYN. He would not like it. This guy

        is the worst of the worst and deserves not even $1.00 for all

        he has done and said. He needs help. He needs his head exmained.

        He a HUGE GREEN MONSTER living inside of him. He seems to be

        filled with envy.

      • You’re an overreaction in a hysterical panic….u paint him as you wanna see him n not as he is…there are lots of hours in the day and pretending that he spends ALL day bashing ppl may make u feel better bout your prejudice but its factually untrue 😛

        Youre a poopsmear 😉 lol

    • I don’t think they mean they can take the money away. I think they’re referring to times in which the grand prize is higher. Like when Big Brother 6 offered $1,000,000.

      • ashamed to be watching

        They can take the money away not only that all prizes even if already awarded !!! It is in the contract they all had to sign !

    • I’m sure it’s phrased that way in case there is a tie and they have to split it.

      • An uneven number of jurors prevents any tie voting count.

      • You’re right. I guess I was thinking of Survivor.

      • Well if one juror walked out as previously threatened then there would be even num in jury and thus possibly a tie vote … Tada!. 🙂

      • More than one of the HGs threatened to walk out of the JH, so if enough
        of them left, I guess America would be asked to vote for the BB15 Winner.
        Creep VS Creep
        The BB15 Winner by Default is ……………..

      • Oh oh oh!!!! I know this one…’s
        “The BB15 Winner by Defalt is ………………”

        Do I win a prize? I wouldn’t mind a cookie right about now!! 🙂

      • ashamed to be watching

        On “ONline Bigbrothers ” they have a copy of last years contract with the rules ,which has been pretty standard threw the years at BB . Really if you read all 36 or so pages you will see that they have violated the terms of their contract ( most of the cast has , For Sure all of these 3 have ! ) But it is up to the Sole discretion of “Our House ” CBS ! That’s Why I was so shocked that they would continue to act in this manor even when they have been given a heads up ?? I sure would NOT risk it

      • Then cbs should announce that ,”Due to the fact that these contestants repeatedly broke contract there will be no winner this season,except for Americas choice.” “The contestants received a weekly fee for their services, but that is all they will be receiving.”

    • This is probably regarding those applying for next season.
      Like, right now, that is the grand prize amount, but it may be different next year.


    “Andy Herren has formerly worked for the College of DuPage as a part time
    instructor. He does not currently work for the College.
    Any behavior or language he used on the CBS reality show, “Big Brother”
    does not represent the opinions and values of the College of DuPage.”

    Translation – “Bye-Bye, Rat Andy.

    • very interesting; and the fallout continues!

      • Today – 4:45 PM – BBT

        “Professor” Rat was reading the calorie/nutrition label on a
        bag of popcorn & couldn’t figure it out, so he gave the bag to……
        Gina Marie!!!!!!

    • Can you imagine the tears if Rat Dog gets 3rd AND finds out there’s no more teaching $$. The little ducks on his shirt might start to cry.

      • AIO_7

        He will still have that $93.48 that he won.

      • Minus Federal taxes, California state taxes and Illinois state taxes. Maybe he’ll have enough left to give pizza boy a tip.

      • Jannie

        Andy has a stalker who has posted at many things about his personal life and links to his personal life here.
        Too much personal investment in a game maybe?
        As you used to say…. “GET A GRIP!!!”

      • After your wedding ring ranting – “Get A Grip!” was & still is sound advice.

        Yes Jannie, Andy is being stalked . Oh, my!!!! Where?
        All across the Internet ……… which is where the College of DuPage
        made its announcement which was picked up & posted on numerous
        BB websites. Shocking!!!!

      • Jannie

        Just wondering why you would want participate in that – kinda thought better of you, honestly. My bad.
        I don’t spend hours on end trolling the internet for info on BB. You seem to have links for everything and everyone. Must be exhausting have your entire life tied up w/an Andy obsession – what will you do when show ends??

    • Seriously how can you for anyone to lose their job. All of you suck at life. You spend all day talking about people you don’t like.

    • Yeah, basically the brenchel losers harassed the college and that was their way of getting them to leave the college alone.

  10. Steve i live ur site man
    Love your opinions
    But u are killing me hating so much on andy
    Not that i care about andy, but thats third post u flamenthe guy for no reasob

  11. McCrae totally would have won this.

  12. At this point, I would actually feel more content if Andy gets voted out.

    • Well when Rat Dog gets out he’ll find himself out of work with the others. It seems that the community college where he was an adjunct professor has just posted that he will not be teaching there again.

  13. Cud chewing hate cows dont know the game
    Lmao 🙂

    • You’re unintelligent drivel just continues

      • Attention, folks: who are saying what most of us feel and say in unison on this site; the thumb downs you are now getting are being manipulated by the few like ME, suzyQ and others who know that if you leave the site and return back you can keep voting thumbs down to rack up the number higher. I’m sure some of you are wondering how opinions that have been pretty universal are getting thumbs down lately.

      • Lez..,we know it’s ME and his multiple personalities. Gives him something to do and keeps him off the streets. Kids in the neighborhood are safer, etc.

      • U wish 😛 lol

      • Jannie

        Yeah, Lez, because there is no way on God’s green earth that people would disagree w/you…
        It MUST be manipulation –
        I know that I can’t give more than one – ever.
        It must be Jeremy Del McGuite.

      • @Jannie, I don’t care if you disagree with me, that has never been my point. My issue with you, Paul and Bob is that you are trying to say that the rest of us have no character because we won’t turn the other cheek, or hold to a standard of forgiveness and get pass–-what did Bob call them––the characters’–– awful behavior–-as if this show was scripted. Let me break it down for you–– this is an old time expression I once heard in an old time move: you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. For some reason, I think you are older and have heard that expression. You are suggesting that we actually hate these people––but in fact, most of us just want them to have a “reckoning day” on earth so we can see, or hear about it–-as most of us don’t know what happens on the other side. So will a lot of us relish that? Pretty sure we will. But it’s not profound hate as you suggest–-it’s more like contempt.

      • I thought it was something like that! Reading the posts and seeing what people said just wasn’t adding up to the thumbs down and thumbs up. We will just keep posting.

  14. I would love CBS if they would take this whole crew and drop them off on an island to tape an episode of Survivor. Let’s see how far these lazy, racist slobs go. Lol.

  15. Jaded

    Boring boring boring, i pretty much could have guessed what was going to happen just like the rest of the comps and the final two. Great job CBS on the suckiest season ever of BB. Hey next year lets just fill the house with highschool kids, probably would be more drama!

  16. Today, BB is hosting the 3 Creep Brunch-

    On the Menu:

    French Toast with Rat Jerky and Crispy Rat Head
    Goat Cheese and Rat Crostini
    Slab o’ Scabs ( Toasted breads, butter, jam and raisins)
    Eggs Benedict Arnold

    Beverage – Bloddy Marys

    Potty Jello

    Bon Appetit!

    • okay MM you know we love you so for you’re own good please step away from the show…just for a bit honey and it will be okay…we promise.

      • The Rat “treats” were published in California.
        Rat – the other white meat. Ugh!

        Most of the food selections come from Roald Dahl’s, “Revolting Recipe Cookbook.”
        Roald Dahl of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Fame.
        He was wickedly funny and his wife published a few more of his cookbooks
        for children after his death in 1990.

        “Would you like some “Scrambled Dregs” for breakfast this morning?” lol
        Youngsters loved his books.

      • I always loved his books but I’m concerned for you. Rat Dog is having a negative affect on you. Breathe MM just breathe

      • Both of you need to step away and find a new hobby. One were you do something productive, not where you just bash others doing something.

      • I’ve had a very productive day.
        Did my 2 mile swim in the lake –
        Bake breads – German Rye & Whole Wheat
        Laundry & Ironing –
        Volunteered at the Library –
        Had a nice visit with my friend at her farm –
        Prepared Dinner –
        Enjoyed time with my family –

        *Enjoyed time here while doing the household laundry,
        ironing and baking. It is my summer fun. Even you
        can’t ruin it.

        “…..where you just bash others for doing something.”
        Criticizing others for horrific and
        disgraceful behavior isn’t a bad thing, Bob.
        Perhaps you wouldn’t step in to stop others from
        making racist remarks or slandering women.
        I would and I have done so.
        We’re just different that way.
        Apparently the HGs on BB USA and BB Canada are different
        in that regard too. HGs on BB Canada spoke up against
        another HG for making a contemptible comment.

        Perhaps YOU should step away….or at the very
        least, take a look into a mirror.

      • I too had a productive day. I ate and showered and got dressed. I got on the train and sat behind my desk for 3 hours then went with a client out to lunch. Returned back to my desk until 5. Then I got back on the train and went home. Made dinner, asked my 10th grade son how his day was and then I fed the dogs. Before bed I ironed some shirts and put the dishes into the dishwasher. I then did my teeth. Just about the moment I rested my head on my pillow I prayed that my family remain healthy happy and safe and then went to sleep…..

      • My Day:
        Got up @5:30
        Took care of cat and 17 year old dog
        Cleaned up after 17 year old dog (a morning routine)
        Made coffee and baked muffins
        Checked the news of the day
        Showered and got ready for work
        Worked until lunch
        Ran 3 errands @lunch
        Back to work
        Pick up milk, etc @store
        Took care of cat and 17 year old dog
        Cleaned up after 17 year old dog(an evening routine)
        Started dinner while watching news
        Started laundry
        Watered the yard
        Spoke with friends and family
        Finished cooking dinner
        etc etc etc

        See I’m just an average person doing what they need to do during the day

        And FYI I shower twice a day because I live in a hot climate and know that keeping yourself clean is a matter of personal self respect as well as a health issue.

      • I crapped on tardz 😉 lol

      • LOL!
        casey –
        You’re safe from Bob the Almighty’s comments.

      • Mmmmmmmm just watchn GM removing her sports bra on BBAD in front of the boys…
        …..she’s pointing at Spencer with her nips 😉 …wonder if thats a signal to who she’ll be taking to F2 😛 lol

        Hate cows blow for salt licks!! 🙂

      • Hate cows…..salt licks….lol. ME, sometimes you’re insufferable and sometimes you’re friggin’ hilarious. Don’t know if I should be a ‘hate cow’ towards you or not. But any who….please come back next season, but tone down on the vulgarity – totally not necessary dude/dudette. I know I’m gonna get a bunch of downers for this post……but I don’t care. I’m secure in my postings. Peace all!!

      • @Veeee–I know what you mean. I’m sorry, you really just can’t help but laugh at ME & his madness. Boy, you could take it to the bank with your dumb, wild ass. Rock the blog, boy, rock the blog! God have mercy on me cuz I got a belly laugh on that one.

      • I like ME to…I find him/ her entertaining on here. A break from all the BB game play/ house guests hater talk on here. I bet in real life…ME is a missionary who takes care of leppers while not watching BB. 🙂

    • I’m sure they will wand seconds!!!

    • I love the snitcherdoodles one!

  17. The only reason McCrae got his manhood back is because Amanda left his balls at the door on her way out.

    Gina Marie as a person is repulsive, she is great to look at, but as soon as she opens her mouth, I want to pierce my eardrums with a fork… Please send her home.

    Andy has less class then a used car salesman at the end of the month that has to make his quota. He is a horrible person, a bad liar, and needs to go home.

    Spencer, all though he is a floater, did nothing to enhance or make Big Brother interesting, he survived all the way to the end without stabbing one person in the back. He is a family man that probably needs the money the most, I say Spencer should win by DEFAULT….

  18. Don’t know if you’ve heard but it seems last night the Perv and Rat Dog were saying Julie was drunk and if she wasn’t banging the president of the network she would have been fired. Well since the president of the network is her HUSBAND I think he may want to personally have a talk with these boys at some time in the near future.

  19. Between midnight and 12:25 pst. Right before they went to the portrait wall and the Perv says Kaitlin’s face has my di*k imprint on it. And before the Marry, Fvck and Kill; Marry, F**k and Kill and Frame for murder and put on death row game they played.

    Can anyone tell me a better word for these people than Vile?

  20. Steve can’t you like ip ban “ME” or something?

    • Me is a troll, allow You to be the voice of reason.

      It doesn’t matter how america feels about the house guests, BB is an entertainment show, looking to make money, and provide a social experiment. What happens in the house, america gets no control over, the BB “fans” seem to think that they can influence the outcome, just because the either watch each week or pay cbs for the feeds, which obviously gives them the right to decide the winner. Heh nope.

      I put “fans” in quotations because most people just think they are fans but can’t separate what is happening inside the house with real life. Every single contestant who has come out of that house has said, it is nothing like the real world outside. But still people will bash the players for playing the game. Like it or not, GM, Spence and Andy, have all gotten where they are, and 1 will win the half a million. And I personally feel, that each of them deserves to be there. They each played a great game.

      The people on this board, and many others, are in no way better than the HG’s. You all sit behind your computer screens, bashing them for remarks, attacking them for how they act or what they choose to do in the house. A lot of you should be ashamed for yourselves. The HG’s will recieve backlash when they come out, look at the reactions to amanda and aaryn, I am sure that spencer the “pedophile” (give me a break so many people make child porn jokes these days its unfortunate but there you are, police found nothing get over it), andy the “rat” (good on him being a super successful double agent, and aligning himself to move forward in the game, not so much the name calling and bashing but hey, inside the house you lose yourself) and GM the “racist” (again, same shit as aaryn, both made mistakes, both will have to repent) will all get hate mail, and shit like that, but guess what, for every hater, they have a fan.

      My point I am trying to make I guess is, if you like the show, and are a true fan, you see the game play for what it is, a game. If you are just a troll who thinks “Noone will ever find out who I am anyway, Im gonna sit behind my computer and bash these HG’s” then, you are not a fan, and we don’t need you around.

      • Wow – Thank you Superior Being for the life lesson. I guess the word “Social” in Social Media is kind of lost on you. It’s an instrument of communication. We come here to share our ideas, thoughts, wishes and reaction to the show that many of us love and wish could have been better this season. Yes we can separate our real life from Big Brother world but we come here for a little release and discuss what happens in that environment in our own creative ways. Consider it a book club of sorts where we discuss the despicable villains and characters that we despise. Sure it gets over the top … and no … the many sane people on this site don’t wish physical harm on these people when they leave. But we’re tired of being lectured about how much different it is living in the house than the outside world. Boo Hoo .. you’re getting paid to be on a TV show with living conditions better than average Americans. Okay no TV, but we’ve got a pool/hot tub/pool table/exercise gear/free food and you may have to stay here for a couple months. Sure some Americans are coughing up lungs in the coal mine for a living or in a tent over in Afghanistan not knowing whether the next day they’re number is up … but try to struggle through your own Hell as a Big Brother Houseguest. We know these horrid conditions may lead you to deliriously scream hate filled racist remarks but it’s not your fault … it’s this damn house that’s doing it to you. Thanks “You” for not being “Me”.
        P.S. – I HATE ANDY!!!

      • and I apologize for the they’re instead of their

      • Very well stated.

      • Well Said.

      • Amen to that Doug! A zillion times! By the way, “YOU” sounds like suzyq drivel but formatted differently from the witty personality persona.

      • Cyber Dissociative Identity Disorder.

      • Doug…I agree with you wholeheartedly. By the way, nicely said.

      • So, the HG’s in the “social” experiment, are not allowed to make stupid comments, mistakes etc, but the members of the “social” media are exempt and excused for their remarks. I never mentioned anything about them getting paid, of course they should be compensated, they are leaving their jobs for weeks / months. You think any company will say “yea go be on the show, we will still pay you as if you were working 40+ hours per week. It is different in that house, go lock yourself in with the same 15 people for weeks at a time with no outside contact, maybe you will get along with everyone, maybe not. Then add the aspect of paranoia, that people are out to get you, yea I’m sure you would never get upset and speak out of your ass on accident. Oh, and all of you are allowed to continue to make your remarks, but when I defend the HG’s, still saying I am disappointed in some of the conversations and remarks, but expressing my opinion that people on these forums and blogs are no better, calling out the bullies on these sites, it is not amazing to me that I would get any flames under my feet too. Please continue to prove my point, you are no better.

        You want a little release, there are better ways than the way some of the people act here. I never called out anyone in particular. If you want to take it as a personal attack, thats your choice.

      • Excuse me, I called out Me for being a troll, stop feeding him.

      • Yo You – You really need to relax. It’s a freakin’ website about a goofy reality show with disgusting houseguest that we like to rag about. I have no problem with you feeling I’m no better than the houseguest … just as I enjoy reading your opinion which is vastly different from mine. To each his own.

      • You said that great. Thanks Doug

      • Doug you have a way with words. I AGREE!

      • And we are the backlash holding them responsible! What do you want us to do?….sit around and say yes that was nice of her to ssy that racist comment. Yes thats nice of hi to call her a C_ _ t! etc. etc. etc. NO I DON’T THINK SO. This lady will never sit back and agree with that filth! I am sick of people hiding behind THE GAME! There should be a limit to how far someone will go in a game.

      • U lose when u defend using the torment of the situation as your reason…the truth is these sheltered ppl don’t /can’t xcept that it mite be really bad out there n they’re out of touch;)

      • Lookout Me! I think you just formed an opinion! Along with alot of the opinions you have already had.

      • 😉 I can be honest were u can’t…. does it suck for u to be gluded to my cock hun?? 😀 lol

        ….I know iknow lmao 😀 fuck Julie Chen

      • Um, it’s not just BB fans reacting to these HGs statements and behaviors (which btw is what these forums are for… opinions!) it’s the real world reacting.

        You seem to be making excuses for them…yet it isn’t fans at their computers who will give them the inevitable problems… Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Spencer and Andy ALL had their employers (not CBS) either fire them or distance themselves from their actions. Peoples words and actions have consequences.

        I’m actually happy that so many BB fans have called out these nuts…there is no excuse. You are who you are.

        If you think this is a social experiment, then you’re really drinking the CBS Kool-Aid. Entertainment Yes… heavily influenced by network executives and producers. There’s no science here.

        Bring on BB16!! (with better cast).

        PS… I hate the way they all think they are going to be so famous or something.

    • We just kind of ignore him. He also posts under several other names … You can usually tell it’s him right away; it’s like Sybil on steroids sometimes.

  21. GM might be the first female to win over a male in BB history !

  22. It’s been hard for me to pick anyone among those left in the game. I certainly don’t agree with any racist and homophobic comments, nor do I condone bullying, which is why I’m glad they got Amanda out. (And should have MUCH sooner) I realize that GM or Spencer winning would be a PR nightmare, but these are our choices; floaters floated to the end of the game. GM could win this thing. She seemed to have more support in the jury house than I expected (which will be the case if she’s sitting next to Spencer in the Final 2). It is STILL to her credit that Amanda left during her HOH, even if that was the point where they had the votes. NOBODY ELSE had the balls to put McCranda up together; GM did. For that, she has my vote.

    • If you just look at what was shown during the broadcast, Spencer has been in the best light.
      GM had several fights and was overtly racist.
      Andy was shown running to gossip repeatedly for most of the season.

  23. I’ll be glad when this farce of a show is over-BB15 Sucked Book It!

  24. What a horrible cast this season. No one wheeled and dealed (remember the 1 or 2 week deals people used to do?). It was a house of floaters and only about 3 people actually playing. None of which are still in the game. I guess GM is kind of competitive. Her house game was non-existent, but she has a physical one.

    Lets look at the final people.

    Spencer: Major floater. Winning a HOH in the end vs other floaters is hardly impressive.

    Andy: I didn’t know shelly had a brother. Again.. if it wasn’t for random comps that my cat could win this guy wouldn’t have won anything. His social game has only been about survivability and never one in which he did anything else.

    GM: She’s the only one of the three that can win a real comp. One’s that pretty much randomly award someone don’t count. Her social game has been horrible. between her racist comments (there where many), and her overly aggressive behavior she would make a horrible winner.

    All and all at this point watching old people make love would be more enjoyable than watching the end of this season.

  25. Paul, you are so right. Some of the comments on this board about the house guests are very disturbing. Some of the commenters keep bringing up the racist remarks, and all the other unsavory remarks as if they ENJOY it instead of actually are appalled. I’ve even noticed a group of “mean girls” amongst the commenters and it isn’t “me” isn’t one of them. And if you disagree with the “mean girls” then you get tarred and feathered for having an opinion opposite of their opinion. And I don’t get it — one of them was watching the after dark BB like after midnight — If that person is so offended – why is he/she watching the live feeds so intently? We get it – the house guests said some mean and nasty things. Elissa is the BB queen. Poor Andy – some of the commenters on this board are so happy that he lost his teaching job because of a TV reality show. What type of people are happy when someone has to suffer a damaged reputation??? I know Andy, Spencer and ALL of the house guests at one point or another said some mean and nasty things – but I don’t believe it warrants crucifying them for life and reveling in the terrible reality that they will have to face after the show. That’s my opinion.

    QUOTE: QUOTE: PAUL :While I don’t especially care for some of the people playing this game, the level of hatred you (and others) seem to have for people that you have never even met is bordering on the histrionic.

    These people have been locked in a house for nearly 90 days. They have been cut off from their loved ones, cut off from current events, and their every move is taped for everyone to see. I can understand people in this situation going a little crazy and acting in ways that they normally wouldn’t act.

    Criticizing McCrae for allegedly “laying around in ‘his’ own filth” is pretty degrading. As far as I’m concerned, Jackie, you are no better then the people you are being critical of. I would like to see how you would behave if your every move were watched 24/7. My guess is that you wouldn’t have stuck up for anyone being bullied either. Not if you were in a game for $500,000.

    And if you thing the victim, Elissa, somehow played a much nicer game, I suggest you go back and rewatch some of the feeds.

    • I appreciate you and Paul coming on here today. I feel like only suzyq Jannie and I get what you two are saying.

    • There should be repercussions for people who do the things they have done. So he lost his job! No one forced Andy and the others to say and do the things they have done! So if they lose their jobs, they only have themselves to blame!

      • You are quite correct Nancy. Any & Most Company’s/Businesses in America have the right to Hire & Fire Employees using Specific Guidelines set forth in an “Employment Contract” which All Employees are Required to sign upon being hired. They also have the right to have an “Ethics Clause” as part of this Employment Contract. Therefore the Fired HG’s are just being let go based on their Clear Violations of the “Ethics Clause”.

    • So what part of “laying around in his own filth” is incorrect? Until Amanda left he seldom showered. Amanda told him he stunk and so did the guys and he still didn’t shower. He had sex with Amanda while she was on her period and he still didn’t shower. Everyone of other other HGs except for Amanda say all he did was lay in bed the whole season so how is my comment degrading rather than factual?

      These people signed on to be watched and heard for 24/7 and know everything they say and do is out there. No one captured them and forced them into the house. They have been reminded time and time again about the live feeds and they continued, so they need to own it.

      As far as standing up for someone and risk losing $500K I can’t say. What I can tell you is at my place of employment I have stood up against both bullying (“you do and I slit your throat”–sound familar) and racism. That’s MY livelihood and I put myself at risk. This has created very tense working relationships with people but the bullying and racism has stopped and I have a core of co-workers who I am proud to call friends.

      Since the racism started day 1, what if Andy had used his skills as a communications professor and allied with Howard, Candice, Helen, Elissa, Jessie and maybe Spencer? What if the goal of the alliance was to stop the racism and bullying and hold those responsible accountable? Would we have a different game? Would we the fans have had a better show to watch? Would Andy have been a leader and a BB hero?

      Yes it is a lot of what ifs? and yes it might have cost a shot at $500K but doesn’t that show us what a person is willing to and become for money?

  26. ME is just showing off he can’t think anything smart to write I would ignore
    him and not write anything back to him, his nothing but a end of a donkey
    behind and I hope you will get in trouble for what you have said about Julie
    and her husband I know that Spencer and Andy will I will bet see watches the
    live feed too and hears everything and I will bet that she also read Big
    Brother Junkies too.

  27. Overall I enjoyed the season but I can’t stand the final 3. Spencer did nothing, GM doesn’t know what she is doing and Andy kissed everyone’s ass to get where he is.

    My pick? nobody!

  28. Well it looks like the only real drama left is when the jury gets to ask their questions to the final 2 & see how they squirm & try to answer them & also finale night, hearing the audiences reaction whenever the HG come out & are all back together again..Amanda & Aaryn both said the other night they dont think their liked by the audiences should be pretty intense!!

  29. I’m voting for Jessie for favorite player since she was the first one that wanted to get Amanda out.

  30. This is about the worst scenario possible save for aaryan vs gm final

  31. @ ME… don’t scare me, Veeee, with your shock value and going against the grain to get a rise out of the people that post on this site. This happens to be a WONDERFUL site thanks to SteveBeans and the dedicated folks that post here.

    It cracks me up at the ones that just aren’t able to resist responding to you. I think you are an amusing, capable, bright, vulgar, intelligent, educated, attention-seeking, knowledgeable individual. You thrive on the ‘thumbs downers’ and those that oppose your ‘go Spence’ and other salacious opinions and posts. The vulgarity is totally not necessary to make a point…but if that’s the road you choose, so be it. But some of your responses and posts are really hilarious, funny and/or thought provoking. Again, I know I will get some “thumbs down” for posting anything non-negative towards you (yeah, I know that means positive. But it sounds better the other way), anyway, I do care. This forum is for expression with respect to BB15. Since the season is almost through, I think time/posts scan be utilized for sidebars. Please show up at this site for BB16. Again…peace out. 😉

  32. At this point, I would rather see a ‘fall-out’ show, film their reactions when they discover how directly their behaviours has affected their real lives. See if they have any regrets or show humility… we’ve been forced to hear their ‘comments’, I want to see them hear OUR comments now, see how they feel about it all.

  33. This racist shit needs to stop. Stop complaining about how all the houseguests are imperfect and how we all should hate them for it. They are in a god damn game and I am dick of seeing these comments coming when that happened 2 months ago. Everyone has their faults and the people of the big brother house have theirs blasted on nation television. Remember when Jeff said ‘faggot’ or said bad things about dumbledore being gay? Everyone rooted for him to win with 2 America’s favorite rewards. Our favorites left and yeah that sucks but if these people got the strongest people out then shouldn’t they be worthy of the title? Isn’t that the game? It wasn’t the houseguests that ruined this season for me.. It was the fans.

    • The hate cowz are not being honest…hiding behind the claim of Noble work, the truth is, these HG’s are NOT the worst behavior on t.v ever…. the hate cowz just hate the houseguests. If u crush these ppl the world will continue and you wouldnt have changed a damn thing… youre a bunch of miss guided bullies 🙂

      Fuck Julie Chen 😉

      • Then go somewhere else ME- easy fix

      • lol carrie dont whine I aint going nowhere.. theres room for you too, if u dont mind being part of the crowd of cows eating my ass 😉 Mmmmmmmm lez your tongue is magic girl 😀

      • I do don’t do other girls… you are outta luck.. and I don’t like crowds. You need to find someone else to change your dirty diaper dim-wit

      • Jeff didn’t keep on doing it and laughing about it. He really felt bad about it too.Thesr people make it almost a daily event saying this stuff! You can tell what kind of person Jeff really was.The HGs tried and tried to talk to Aaryn about her mouth. She didn’t start apologizing until she thought it could hurt her. Theres others who have repeated their offenses! You should be old enough to know the difference. If we all kept our mouths shut on this subject of racism and bullying and the degrading of women then where would tbis world be? Really! Rich or Poor…tv show or not! We have a responsibility to make a better future for our families.

      • Lmfao …suuuuurrrrrrrreeeeeee ….of course. ….whatever 😉
        …thought there was no xcuse for using those wordz huh???

  34. People that hate the cast, hate the show, hate the players sure do spend a lot of time watching it, reading about it, and talking about it.

  35. Has anyone noticed that some of the HGs resemble animated characters? When I first saw David…Johnny Bravo immediately crossed my mind. Then there’s Spencer and his resemblance to Redbeard the Pirate and of course Andy and Howdy Doody.

  36. Out of the 3 left, I would have to choose GM, Andt is the biggest cry baby rat,Spence is a disgusting pervert, I can’t stand looking at either of them, GM is a uneducated nut job, but she is more deserving then the other 2, if I was on jury I would not be able to choose any of them, I just hope BB16 is better than this year

  37. This is by far the most disturbing final three in the history of BB. For me the lesser of the three evils is Andy…..but only by a thread. They all pretty much suck. If Spencer or GM win they are not going to give a rats behind about not having a job….

  38. So I know Andy played a dirty game, and most likely he is the reason why the people we wanted to win were evicted… So I can see why people would hate him because of his game play, however I don’t see how he is worse than GM or Spencer as a human being? People would rather see someone who made racial, homophobic, or pedophile jokes win over someone who played a back stabbing game. Granted I would have liked to see other people in the final three, but out of these three Andy played the game and he didn’t act like an arrogant racist prick.

  39. I hope either GM or Andy get it leaving Spencer in the dust.

  40. So all you guys that post’s comments lol that mean you guys are still watching big brother lol ???? why i don’t even watch the show anymore i look on the internet don’t you guys no that nobody gives a fuck who win’s you people should stop talking about this season of BigBrother and should think about next year’s show

  41. You all need to go to Big Brothers Gossip one is stepping down and two others
    have been let go it will be worth reading.

  42. I don’t even now why this blog still exist ?? i mean come on people you should all just move on and talk about another subject this season is crap watch this interview with Danielle Reyes from Bigbrother 3 i think it’s really funny she talks about Candice Aaryn & Gina marie

  43. Another season like this one and it won’t be back for season 17. I do love the show but they need to choose better contestants and a bit more twits or something? Thank you for all your hard work keeping us up on the live feeds fantastic job. THANK YOU

  44. Friday night, worrying about how each will be regarded by the jury, Andy says he worked with Amanda for the entire game, and then stabbed her in the back. He also says he got far in the game by lying whereas GM got far by telling the truth. Spencer says that he (Spencer) didn’t do anything to anyone except get Judd out, and that Helen or Amanda messed up his deal with Candice.

  45. While you are all spewing hatred at one another, just thought you might want to know that Big Brother 12 & 14’s Britney Haynes new baby Tilly has been diagnosed with cancer.

  46. N2Wishun

    Hey, what’s going on, on BBAD. I know it’s been like watching paint dry for the last few nights, but I just peeked in at Midnite and all they were showing is GutterMouth laying around staring into space. The switched to DiSpencer and RatBoy talking, then suddenly flashed to a screen with q & a, then flashed back to GM staring off again. I keep switching channels back and forth to see if anything else is going on and nope. Now getting the fishtank with message “we’ll be right back”. Is the second part of the comp going on between DiSpencer and RatBoy maybe?

  47. What about teen mom junkies, Steve? Are ya done with it? It’s still my fav site, and I check every couple of days to see if its updated.

  48. Looks like Andy won second part of HOH…Andy and GM to battle it out.

  49. I really don’t like that people keep equating Spencer to Adam. Sure he hasn’t played a great social or physical game. But here is my ‘A Time To Kill’ question: close your eyes, there is a guy who has exceeded all records of being on the block and has come down every time. Now, picture that person as Jeremy. Are looks fogging you? Most of you will say no bc u don’t want to admit it. But you are lying to yourself if you think u would feel the same way about Spencer if he was a “hot” guy and didn’t somewhat resemble Adam.

  50. Joker reported Andy won 2nd comp. Can someone tell me what happens now. Does the jury vote for GM or Andy?

  51. This just in…ANDY HERREN has won Part 2 of the game!

  52. ANDY has won Part 2 of the game! (Spoiler Alert)

  53. And won part 2. So it’s between him and GM in the part 3 HOH comp.

  54. Ok,let’s stop bashing posts and think about Britney’s new baby Tilly, who was diagnosed with cancer. Sort of makes everything else going on here pretty darn trivial!

  55. Welcome downers to my thread 😉 apperenty our host has taken a mental health break from this site and I blame all of you for it 😀

    … …… lol irly in the seaon the weak people (woman, geeks, rejects) ganged up and got rid of all things macho …and everything was great for y’all …. I warned that this is an issue ….anywho….. then the weak got cocky and started to fight over power (thought power was bad huh??? guess its only bad when otherrs have it) …. as the smoke cleared, the vermin figured out theirs more of them than there is of , lets say non vermin, lol and the revolution began… thats when the cry’s from the peanut gallery turned to “who’ll save us?? Where are all the good men? Why is this happening? ? before U tards could figure it out, we have now our final 3….. … pause while I laugh uncontrollably at all of you 😀

    ….you see, what our host and all of you should be thinking is, have we gone away from whats made our civilization strong?? Do we really need to lower standards so those who can’t keep up dont fall behind? we need to put so much of the burden on those who rise up to carry the weight of the incompetent, by law, and will it hurt us in the end? ?? …I wont give u the answer…we see the flaw in the progressive way in every corner of society and on our favorite reality shows and yet learn nothing… how many times have we watched the best player lose to a jury of losers on survivor? How many times have we watched protectors get slain by the votes of cowardz on big brother? ….if you ask me, Howard is the ONLY person on this show that “deserves” anything…….but I digress. ….

    I hope Spencer wins, like I hoped Obama would win, when he first ran. It seemed the only way you’d all wake up to the reality of what’s going on. Seeing the stripped down naked ugly truths should be enough…. I was wrong 😉

    Im sure this wont change anything, next season will be the same and most of u wont notice because you’ll like the characters even thou the system that degenerates us continues to change and weaken us.

    I applaud the hate cows for trying to keep standards high, but I laff at them cause it seems they only care bout their beloved shows being messed with and bcuz its too late …..or is it??

    Fuck fascist pigz like Julie Chen 😀

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