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Big Brother 15 – Hurricane Amanda Heading To The BB House

I know the Big Brother house is in California, but that doesn’t make them safe from the hurricane season inside the house.  First, we had Jessie who was a category 5 out in the Pacific Ocean, but quickly broke up as it hit land, and by the time it was all the way through the house, it was a tropical depression at best.

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A few weeks later, another storm was brewing out at sea.  This one was called Hurricane Aaryn and it was a solid category 3 heading straight for the coast.  One night in the middle of the week, the jet stream carried it off course, and it went harmlessly back into the Pacific Ocean until it was completely dissolved and destroyed by none other than Julie Chen.

In what appears to be the last real threat of the hurricane season, a new one is forming as Tropical Storm Amanda.  We expect it to quickly turn into a hurricane and it could peak as high as category 4.  This storm is expected to be a direct hit on the Big Brother house sometime this week, but some damage has already been done.  Tropical Storm Amanda rolled through the island of GinaMarie shortly after it was discovered, and has now been re-gaining the strength needed to to a full assault on the Big Brother house.

Our video footage was able to capture the force that Tropical Storm Amanda is capable of, and you can see that footage by watching the feeds and turning to 5:20pm on 8/30.  Strangely enough, Amanda then apologized to the island of GinaMarie and said she was really aiming for the island of Elissa.  GinaMarie then made her chicken parm, which is unheard of in the storm world.

Stay tuned to Big Brother Junkies for the Hurricane Amanda storm tracker…

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  1. Comments (111)

    Brb lolling.

    • Comments (51)

      how does the double eviction work? it’s next week right? there’s a possibility McCrae will be evicted, then followed Amanda in the same day? all in one day of continuous competition?

      • Comments (48)

        I feel sorry for the other jury members if that happens, oh wait, other than her big mouth spewing garbage, most of the time they’ll just be in bed…ewww :p

      • Comments (111)

        Yeah they can both leave on the same day. #GetMcRandaOut

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    Great post

    After the storm will be a brighter day, Amanda GONE!!!

  4. Comments (1)

    Too funny Stevebeans. Still laughing.

  5. Comments (1)

    That creepy photo of Amanda is certain to give me nightmares tonight! Perfect, though!

  6. Comments (768)

    Hurricane Amanda soon to become a Tropical Depression!!

  7. Comments (78)

    Gmail don’t fall for it. The devil is in the house. This sure does show that there’s really a devil. “Amanda”!!!!!
    Don’t let her fool you. She will kill you and spit you out like nothing. She is the worst player in BB history. I don’t even know if I’ll watch BB next year because of her. I wish BB would pick better players who are not into them selves and think this game is about them. It’s just a game and she has bashed anyone who has been in her way. In a way that’s not heard of. Not realistic. I can’t stand BB this season. Except for my darling Elisa who is so true and honest. Amanda needs a wake up call. I can’t stand her. BB did an injustice in having her on Bb. AMANDA SUCKS. And because mckrea. R who ever he is. He’s just as f:&$(( dumb as her. Both lives are going down. Down baby down.

  8. Comments (2)

    Omg not funny ugh I hope Amandy stays and win she is the best in the game…. Ever so shut up you trolls

    • Comments (2)

      Mmm plz dnt even try 2 rply 2 dis cuz I will own ya peace btchz

      • Comments (16)

        Not even sure anyone would want to reply to your post assuming they could even decipher what it’s supposed to say…. Grammar Nazis everywhere shaking their heads

      • Comments (6)


      • Comments (378)

        Serious??? …ok I mean ya Steve thanks for the entertain ment but come on people…..sidesplitting laughter ??? …..you guys are just desperate 😛 lmao

      • Comments (43)

        When someone takes the time and effort to keep us informed and entertained, many thanks are due. I loled when I saw the pic of amandacane or whatever you want to call it. Beans is great, and it needs to be acknowledged 10-fold.

      • Comments (1076)

        Yeah, but honestly, the update was mildly amusing at best.

      • Comments (378)

        Ya lol!!

      • Comments (357)

        @ Ray of Arayan, 3 facts…1) Arayan is gone….gone…..gone! So change your moniker (preferably with the spell check ON)! 2)Use the skills you learned in elementary school and use your syllables to break down the word Arayan…..sound familiar to you? {-; 3)If your bestie Amanda survives this week….she is toast next week. But thanks for the posts though…I needed a good laugh! LOL

      • Comments (32)

        But Nqb, your post makes some assumptions not in evidence:

        First and foremost Ray may not have completed Elementary School. (yet) Based on his post at most he is 12 or 13.

        And secondly he is a board (or bored – depending on perspective) troll. Don’t bother feeding him and he will fade away!

        As for Amanda, she or Mc are out this week unless BB tosses in a BIG curve. A month from now she will be trying to pick up the pieces that was her life. Tabloids will follow her moves. She will end up broken and an utter failure. Or doing porn with Aaryn. No need to feed the trolls over Amanda, that is for certain.

      • Comments (357)

        Never thought about it that way. Thanks for the heads up! (0-:

    • Comments (8)

      She does play the game, but the personal attacks are excessive.

    • Comments (15)

      McRae won 1 HOH because nobody wanted to be the Ist HOH.

      HE dont exercise, smokes , no indurance, not that smart, low self esteem,

      and yet people dont consider him a “floter”….. what gives

      if anything, he holding back the Hurriacane.

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  10. Comments (78)

    Amanda is a bitch. And her follower mckrea is a pussy. Get lost both if you. You both suck balls. I can’t stand watching you. I hope mckrea’s family is imbaressed because I am and I don’t even know these fools

    • Comments (1076)

      Any one who spells embarrassed as imbaressed is the person who Should be ashamed. Seriously, this is the sign of a person who doesn’t read much. Turn on spell-check and learn how to express yourself correctly. You will be doing yourself a major favor.

  11. Comments (30)

    Too bad someone couldn’t lace her tampons with ‘itching powder’ or something……..( Apparently she’s ALWAYS ‘on the rag’….so I’m guessing she’s got an ample supply stashed away somewhere in the house.

  12. Comments (682)

    She’s just waiting for everyone to go to sleep.

    • Comments (1162)

      A Creepy & Possible Scenario………
      “Psst – HGs do not get into your beds tonight. Hide!!!”

      • Comments (48)

        they might all want to hide in HOH room and lock the doors….but then GM promised them one night of unbridled passion alone up there….I think I just threw up in my mouth

      • Comments (357)

        I hope it’s GM last night in that room, cuz I would NOT belying back down in that bed after that!

  13. Comments (8)

    What is Amanda painting with her nail polish?

  14. Comments (16)

    This is the best post ever lmao

  15. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
    Comments (74)

    Did you have to Google about hurricanes? LOL
    FYI you don’t need to be an island for a tropical storm to hit ya lol.

    I haven’t watched BB at all today and I’ve been in the dark about everything. I’m still laughing about the live crowd laughing obnoxioisly at Aaryn’s pathetic attempt to back peddle! It was taken out of context, it’s a saying in Texas, what? I didn’t say that!

    She will watch back and still not take responsibility but blame everything on everything else. She is such a LOSER!

    I hope Elissa wins veto!

    • Comments (405)

      I know a bit about hurricanes but hey cut me some slack, it’s hard to mix in big brother talk with hurricanes 🙂

      • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
        Comments (2)

        LOL it’s funny! I’m from Louisiana so I know about hurricanes. I was just messin’ with ya.

      • Comments (20)

        I thought ur weather watch was great + imaginative. Made me laugh

      • Comments (357)

        To date,I reside in the lightening capitol in the world. The good old sunshine state of FL. Your comments were spot on Steve! If you haven’t been threatened by a hurricane or been through one? Steve’s comments may be lost on the few who thought his comment was tasteless. During a hurricane watch/warning, you spend days and hours preparing for destruction and then you get this trickle of wind and rain and your left with thinking WTH (I.E Jessie and Aaryn) ? I think that this is the one because Amanda has the capabilities to become a cat 4 or 5…..total destruction! Wait until after the POV. Then we will know if we need to run for the hills or the grocery store to stock up on batteries, canned foods, water, and a generator!

      • Comments (407)

        nqb I hope Amanda doesn’t embarrass the state of Florida like Aaryn did Texas on her eviction interview with Julie. People in Texas are not too happy with her saying, “In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don’t mean it.” One Texan said “Aaryn’s comments were an outrage and this type of behavior is not tolerated by anybody that I know, and I was born and raised in Texas.” She also said Aaryn embarrassed the entire Lone Star state when she blamed her racist remarks from the show on growing up in Texas. This was from the TMZ website.

      • Comments (357)

        The city of Boca Raton is a city of alot of wealth and I doubt they will allow her back in the club if she disgraces them like Aaryn did. Heck, I think the council has beem meeting to see if she is worthy of even moving back to South Florida.

      • Comments (357)

        Afterthought….Nah, she can’t blame growing up in Texas for the way she thinks and talks. We’ll leave that to Mommy and Daddy! My child knows better than to ever say the ignorant things said on that show. The minute she repeated it as a child in front of me would be the last time she repeated it. You ARE a product of your environment and Aaryns environment was/is filled with hate for people who are different than where she is from. It’s a cop out and I ain’t buying it!

  16. Comments (651)

    Poor little McStinky. Laying in bed(what else)crying. Mommy Demanda trying to comfort poor little McStinky.

    GM told you why your on the block you damn fool. Dump the b*tch, get off your ass and play the game.

    • Comments (1162)

      He can’t hear you. Ear Wax
      (Amanda didn’t do a through job of cleaning his ears.)
      These two are the most gross HGs ever.

      • Comments (651)

        Now McStinky will not only have to take crap from his guy friends back home about bedding the House Ho but they are seeing cry because he let the Ho ruin his game.

        I bet he talked for years about “If I were on BB…” and he gives it all away to someone who spend 70 days talking about her onion crotch.

  17. Comments (610)

    Why does the picture make me think Amanda’s head is being flushed down a toilet?

  18. Comments (159)

    This is awful afterdark TV… what confetti tastes like?? I’m over listening to Andy speak he is such a snake! I’m on team Judd!

  19. Comments (4)

    Finally McCranda are up. I think McCrae is done with Amanda. He is seeing how she messed up his game. I think he wants out but too afraid of her. She’s the aggressor in the relationship always clinging to him. He doesn’t’t get five minutes without her. Hope he stays, she’s evicted and he gets evicted on the double. Amanda has no right to treat people so badly. Then when it’s her turn she loses her mind and cries like how dare they, Don’t they know whom I am?

    • Comments (651)

      She didn’t mess up his game–he did. He’s such a BB fan and knows that a showmance will ruin your game. Guess he thought he was above that.

      • Comments (160)

        Being in has actually worked for him until this point. Now is the time he splits from her but won’t because she’s a level 5 clinger. Almost as scary as GM clinginess.

    • Comments (10)

      I agree mccrae is done he just using Amanda and once she is gone he will win big brother he is a strong competitor and I just hate elissa she only came on big brother because of her sister I rather rachael back than elissa

  20. Comments (83)

    She is one Crazy bitch, if she does not win pov, or if there is no big twist, she needs to go, this may be there last shot, if she or mcnasty win pov, that damn game is fixed, I would hope GM is not that stupid, I know she is a nut job, but hopefully a smart one.

  21. Comments (2)

    Ok I think I am team Ginamarie, now, lol

    • Comments (14)

      I have always like gm. At the beginning she was just fallowing the croud, she was not as hateful as she was pertrayed, stuipid and guilable yes but we have our moments. She has won hoh and I believe a pov ahe evaded being a hn more than anyone else yet she is seen as a floater. Where as amanda won 1 thing and is seen as a huge threat. If the game is not rigid I believe gm is going to take this to the end, she just has to pull an andy, align with the boys but really work with elissa and there would be your final 2, the boys will turn on her first if they get final 4 and she is not hoh.

    • Comments (111)

      I hope Julie isn’t as hard on GM as she was on Aaryn.

      • Comments (407)

        I think GM has been better in some respects the last few days, but if given the chance she still makes inappropriate remarks. It depends on which hg’s are around her at the time. My belief is, Julie should address ANY racism that was aired on this season of BB.

  22. Comments (6)

    Steve, you’re good. Are you a writer or some thing. Hurricane Amanda, good writing, good illustration, love it, still laughing at all the responses!

  23. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
    Comments (74)

    I’m watching After Dark so why does Andy hate Elissa? Is he crawling back up Mcman-das ass again? For once I’d like to see a gay man dominate the game without being a floaty leech. From the seasons before they all seem to have a similar game play. Was that homophobic? You must have taken it out of context, it’s a saying in Texas, I didn’t say that!


  24. Comments (14)

    Am I the only one that thinks Andy is the biggest loser he cries more then my 3month old baby I just wanna bitch slap him all over big these contestants are the worse

    • Comments (651)

      What’s worse is he is a Mean Girl as well.

      • Comments (1162)

        AND now he’s talking to Spencer about getting rid of Elissa because
        he’s certain she doesn’t trust him.
        Why should she trust him? Sheesh!

      • Comments (302)

        Absolutely! When Elissa put him up against Aaryn strictly as a pawn he cried and cried then had to be reassured every 10 minutes that he was safe. Then he goes off on what a stupid game move that was by Elissa. Elissa put every member of the 3AM alliance up in that one HOH week and it has worked out beautifully. What bugs me the most about that chickens**t is that he plays Amanda’s grade school games … flipping off Elissa to her back when she passes by. This guy is supposed to be a professor? Professor Dumbass maybe.

      • Comments (651)

        He’s not old enough to be tenured and he’s said that he needs the money because he doesn’t go back to teaching until next term.

        I wonder if they will renew his contract? And if they do I wonder how many of his students will call him RAT.

      • Comments (302)

        That might be worth taking his class just to say “Excuse me Mr. Rat but Amanda ate my homework.”

      • Comments (1162)

        He doesn’t have a PhD.
        I think he was an Instructor at a college for one class.
        Class Subject – FLOATING!

      • Comments (1162)

        Just now read, Andy called Elissa a c**t.
        Of course, not to her face.
        What a total creep!
        He said he is a “mama’s boy.” I wonder what she thinks of her darling son?

        Can’t stand Andy and haven’t since early on in the Game.

      • Comments (14)

        Omg I totally agree him and those pointy ears that stick out lol

      • Comments (110)

        He look like Yoda in Star Wars.

      • Comments (651)

        I’ve always said Rat Dog is just a Mean Girl.

      • Comments (10)

        It’s like u read my mind!

      • Comments (8)

        AHA. SO TRUE.

    • Comments (610)

      Andy has been a two-faced tattler all season. But he seems to have forgotten that he’s now down to so few HG that the two-faced part is a whole lot easier for everyone else to see.

  25. Comments (43)

    Watching the live feeds, I still can’t believe how smart GM is. She knows what’s up, people! I never thought I’d say this, but wow. GM for the win!

    • Comments (651)

      Since Elissa befriended GM we can see that she has some sort of learning disorder. I bet her whole life people have called her stupid and made fun of her.

      I wish we would have met this GM early in the show.

      • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
        Comments (74)

        You’re the company you keep and that’s so true for GM. She was racist scum so she became racist scum. Whether fans love or hate Elissa , she’s a better influence!!!!!! My husband said he likes watching GM because she’s a little “special” I told him she’s like a child especially watching her play with the toys in their gift back after the veto Amanda won. I live watching the Jersey Shore as they are like GM! Must be something in the water lol. I think GM is entertaining ………….. Sometimes LOL

      • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
        Comments (74)

        **********she was around racist scum

      • Comments (14)

        I love listening to girls from NY and NJ like they got a set of balls lol

      • Comments (357)

        NY motto…eat or be eaten. not a city for the wussies! Most life lessons are learned on the street. Respect is given when you stand up for yourself. So I respect GM’s no nonsense approach to bullying!

      • Comments (160)

        huh?! When did she ever stand up to bullies? She was a bully herself.

      • Comments (357)

        Are you serious? Did you miss the clip where GM was in it to win it when Amanda approached her and Elissa in the kitchen? Amanda didn’t see that coming at all! What other HGs in that house has a bigger mouth and bigger balls to stand up to Amanda? A bully is what a bully does and Amanda met her match! Last nights BBAD was priceless? Amanda nor McCrae were at a loss for what to do next. 2nd week of no control, but this week the bullying from Amanda ain’t gonna work! But then again Amanda is soo unstable that we will just have to wait and see what happens.

      • Comments (16)

        I agree with you there I think GM has more balls than any of the guys in the house lol

  26. Comments (378)

    Elissa is a fraud ….just sayn 🙂

    • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda
      Comments (74)

      Fraud of what? LOL smh

      • Comments (1288)

        How she gets pissy when Spencer says her and Amanda were fighting. Elissa doesn’t see her snide remarks, condescending manner and elitist attitude as egging on Amanda. The rest of the house does.

      • Comments (651)

        That’s called game play. Elissa knows where Demanda’s weakness is and uses it.

      • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
        Comments (74)

        Agreed Jackie!!!!!!

      • Comments (357)

        Elissa is playing the game the best way that she knows how. Plain and simple….I’ll take her backhanded comments over Amandas disgusting behavior ANYDAY of the week!

      • Comments (378)

        Elissa playing the game?!? Now THAT is funny haha shes such a waste of a roster spot and you clones give her credit for ……gameplay :S …..maybe you people will buy and support anything lmao

      • Comments (160)

        I second this!

      • Comments (357)

        @ ME and Kathy….Birds of a feather, so keep flocking together!!

      • Comments (768)

        That’s odd. Nqb gets 26 thumbs up for what she said, Kathy agrees with her and gets 8 thumbs down?

  27. Comments (13)

    Andy is so playing the both sides of the house. Floater

  28. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
    Comments (74)

    I’m sick of Andy. His lisp is annoying and using the word “hate” is disgusting. If Amanda or Mccrae win veto I hope GM nominates Andy. I knew he was a shady little prick from the start!


  29. Comments (27)

    Ever seen an 8 year old being told “No” for the first time?

    I almost hope she self evicts, maybe BB gave himself a safety net with a double eviction this week; in case she does turn mean, green and full of rage and smashes out of the house, she won’t wreck the show.

    Think McCrea would be more or less attracted to Incredible Hulkmanda? Amanda, Smash!

  30. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
    Comments (74)

    Andy wanting to punch Elissa in the face is just as bad as Aaryns racist slurs. Just because you act like a little bitch doesn’t mean it’s funny to make remarks about physically harming someone.

  31. Comments (14)

    Grrrrrrrr I just want to grab Andy through the TV he is such a little BITCH and what the hell does mcrae see in Amanda she definitely ruined his game dumb ass

  32. Comments (302)

    Amanda already talking about throwing in the towel. That’s a sign of a great competitor. First real adversity and she folds like a Walmart Lawn Chair. I hope all the rest of you wussies in the house have been taking notes from Gina Marie. She wasn’t about to be bullied by Amanda and let that bitch have any control over her. Once Amanda realized she had no power over Gina Marie she went to the corner to cry(and of course blame Elissa for everything).

  33. Comments (1288)

    Looks like the cone of wobble is carrying this blow back out to sea as well. Amanda rebounding with contrite apologies and a desire to just have fun until she leaves. How disappointing that must be. And to think McCrae may end up still being the target and Amanda may have more than a week left in the house.

    • Comments (14)

      Noooooo don’t say that I can’t take her another week 🙁

      • Comments (1288)

        They are seeing McCrae as more of a threat for some reason. Leaving Amanda there would open the door for the oddest all-female alliance evar.

      • Comments (1162)

        Just imagine Amanda’s mental state in the House while she is
        thinking about McCrae living it up at a mansion with Jessie and Aaryn.

        She really believes those two want her “Smelly Boy” for themselves. lol

      • Comments (8)

        Imagine her realizing that Andy isnt on her side! Bad weather forecast for Andy! Cause even if he does end up staying on her side, the house will know where he lies.

      • Comments (357)


      • Comments (1162)

        I hope someone – Elissa? – tells Amanda about
        Andy soon. Today would work out well.
        : )

        Andy will then cry to Amanda that he was
        really only AWOL – absent from McCranda’s
        Army but without the intention of EVER deserting them.
        Like that will save him from Amanda’s Wrath ……….lol

      • Comments (14)

        I can’t take her anymore I can’t wait till the crowd reaction when he gets ousted they better booo the shit out of her

  34. Comments (14)

    Did elissa have a lip job done ? Ya gotta admit she is annoying

    • Comments (143)

      I like Elissa but she is hot but has had a ton of work done. Nose, lip, face, pretty much everything, boobs and botox.

      • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
        Comments (74)

        How can you even tell she’s had work done because fake boob Amanda made it up for an idiotic insult? Her nose doesn’t even look like the typical nose job, her lips are not even that plump and she puckers them like her sister.

        I have very plump lips and they are real and I pucker them like my mom does its a gentic habit. Oh i have full lips they must be fake ! People are super lame with this work done bull sh*t! Stop being so damn superficial. Shallowness smh

      • Comments (143)

        No. I dislike Amanda and think she is Ugly. I can tell she has work done in several ways
        1. She looks NOTHING like she did in her pictures, previous interviews or even her photo on the big brother wall. She has thick lips now but thin lips in her picture.
        2. She looks very different than she did in her interviews.
        3. My cousin is a plastic surgeon in LA, I know what a botox job, a chin, lip, boob etc job looks like. I use to volunteer and would run equipment, bring needles, do minor grunt work etc. I can tell a before and after. This is because all plastic jobs look alike. Once you seen a thousand of them, you start to notice a pattern. hell my cousin can look at a woman’s breast and tell what brand implant she has. Thin women with a sculpted body like hers simply cannot have such large breast. It is impossible. Breast are fat, she has that vein showing up in her arm and has like a 4 pack so roughly 10% body fat. It is simply impossible to have all your body fat in your breast.

        Look at her lips now compared to her interview she did before she was on the show several years back, she had very thin lips. She is of Irish descent, how does an irish person go from looking normal to get thick lips, slanty eyes a hispanic/ asian looking face. I like Elissa I already said it but I am not delusional. She has an overtly fake nose. No puckered lips are quiet different from a lip job. Its not even close as puckered lips will show other facial muscle movement, the face will not be totally relaxed.

        Its not superficial to point out someone has something fake. If a man drives a fake benz or wears a fake watch or fake hair, is that superficial to point out someone wears a toupee or a wig? I don’t think so, its superficial to wear fake hair, fake eyelashed, have fake lips, a nose job, boob job, fake chin, eye work and cheek work and then pretend it is all real. That is the definition of superficial. If you wear something fake, you have no right to be upset when people speak the truth and say hey that is not real. When someone’s eyes brows are in their forehead they’d work done ok. I’m not shallow, shallow people are the ones getting work and pretending its natural when they know it AIN’T

      • Comments (875)

        I think Elissa probably has had a nose job, but I have never seen a b4 photo of her, so I don’t know. And I also believe she has done botox, & lip fillers too. Elissa is only 27 years old, and the procedures in of themselves, are not many. I honestly think Elissa is far better looking than her Sister Rachel though, and I like her more than Rachel also.

        GM has also had some plastic surgery, a nose job also, & boobs done. Amanda has a boob job, and “might” have also had a job. So no one in the house has room to talk about not having had something done.

      • Comments (453)

        And you have seen her medical records?

    • Comments (1162)

      I’m not sure because when she isn’t wearing her usual ton of makeup, she is
      very pretty.

      IMO, the most laughable outcome from plastic surgery – Amanda’s boobs.

  35. Comments (4)

    Good job Gina Marie! Hopefully, Amanda will walk out the door on Thursday…Ellisa or Judd wins HOH…Nominates Andy and McCrae…Andy goes right out the door with the witch. He is such a rat @$$ &!÷@¥. I don’t think McStinky will win in F2 if he is up against Elissa, GM or Judd. So, hopefully these 3 can keep winning and stick together. The only chance he has to win is against creepy Spencer. My F2 hopes are Elissa and Judd!

  36. Comments (27)

    Andy and Amanda are a great pair:
    That rat has lots of cheese and Amanda’s got plenty of whine.

    Oh, snap! I’ll be here all week folks.

  37. Comments (10)

    OK you talk so much crap about Amanda say she throwing in the yawl what about what about elissa when she thought she was going to the jury when aaron was hoh she said she was going mccrae instead of going to the jury. Elissa is two faced as hell one day she wanted aaron to go then the next Amanda I’m a fan of mccrae not Amanda but she is doing what anyone would do to protect herself and mcrae

  38. Comments (1)

    Crack me up. Seems to me that they all have had a few things to say bout 1 other… Ellissa is no saint and she sure has said a few things herself and truth be told she sure give Aaryn some shit way be4 the Candice stuff but less not talk bout that.. hahah.. If I did’nt know any better I would think she was jealous of her ….Yes Ginamarie is a good player but the best 1 for me would be Judd……Andy, now there is your Snake….

  39. Comments (14)

    I couldn’t stand her sister and she just reminds me of her so much

    • Comments (274)

      Ya know at first I hated her too. Made fun of her, etc etc. Now though after all that’s occurred I actually like her and her little voice too. Funny how that works.

    • Comments (1162)

      I wasn’t happy about Elissa being on BB15 because she is Rachel’s sister, however
      over time I have come to enjoy her being on the show and certainly like her more
      than many of the other HGs.
      I stopped comparing her to her sister weeks ago.

      • Comments (875)

        Me too Middie, they are both totally 2 different individuals, and nothing alike.

      • Comments (160)

        I had a love and hate relationship with Rachel so when Elissa was picked to be in BB15, I didn’t mind that much because I was going to have a similar fan relationship with her. Rachel was a strong competitor and let’s face it, she kicked ass in her season(s). I expected more from Elissa but whateves, at least she’s no bigot.

  40. Comments (651)

    9:43 PM Amanda says she will understand everything once she sees the show.

    To be a fly on that wall…

  41. Comments (274)

    Well well well. I have to ask honestly if the ratings had dropped a good deal or if they increased? I haven’t watched but kept up on steves blog and am going to watch Thurs. I wonder if this was bb’s plan all along?? Toying with us, kinda like in the beginning of a relationship…playing hard to get. They give us the attention then ignore us, back to giving us a bit of love and now we will see if they dump us or put a ring on it and say adios A-man-and-nuclear-douche-aholic!
    My 8 year old read this post and said “ah mom, I actually see a ‘tormanda’ warning! It will be touching down soon! Take cover!”
    Kids are so dang smart and observant.
    So steve we love ya! Thanks for the giggles!

  42. Comments (1162)


    Can’t wait around any longer for Amanda’s Late Night Terrorizing of Elissa and Jude.
    Fact – If they have garlic cloves with them, they’ll survive the night.
    : )

  43. Comments (90)

    Someone on youtube who posts bb reviews and spoilers said that Amanda actually bleached her butthole while in the BBhouse. I would worry about dressing while in that house, let alone consider such behavior. Ewww.

    • Comments (407)

      Amanda and Aaryn did that. I forget what they said they used, but one ingredient was honey. After they did that, Amanda told McCrae to check hers!!

      • Comments (651)

        It was honey and lemon juice. And yes McStinky did check it hers.

        But since they’ve been on the block we haven’t heard one thing about Demanda’s crotch or other orifices and that is a blessing.

      • Comments (357)

        TMI people….TMI! Can’t I get a disclaimer first?

  44. Comments (10)

    I like Amanda and mccrae I rather have elissa to go this week then amanda

  45. Comments (8)

    A great forecast! Please weatherman, provide us with a detailed account of the aftermath!

  46. Comments (88)

    Wow I’m already having a great week got a new job, finally finished the hunger game trilogy , and Amanda is on the block life’s pretty good. I know they say positivity is the key to getting what you want but I can’t help thinking if she wins pov. Or worse mcgross winning and taking her down cuz I feel he is dumb enough to do it. I have a feeling the only way they are getting rid of Amanda is with some holy water and a wooden stake.

  47. Comments (13)

    Don’t forget that this is a TV show for entertainment. When you trash people, you are no better than them. Personally I watch for the drama and craziness. For that reason I love watching Amanda and aaryn. If Amanda leaves its gonna get soo boring!

  48. Comments (10)

    I think that without Amanda McCrae would’ve made different decisions that would’ve helped his game

  49. Comments (1162)

    Was Andy a “Professor” at a college before coming on BB15?
    No, BB15 allowed Andy to embellish his on campus status.
    Andy has a Masters Degree in Communications and was an Instructor at
    a County College.

    To his credit, the students in his speech class enjoyed him. They found Andy
    to be funny, at times on a juvenile level, and he gave super *easy tests -*requirement for popularity
    : )

    He was successful in removing the fear of public speaking for many of his students. “Kudos!”

    This is an interesting article written by Andy about his years in college and his
    nighttime expeditions “Opening Doors” all across campus. lol


  50. Comments (191)

    It’s funny how the bully reacts when they are bullied.

  51. Comments (55)

    I haven’t read any of the previous comments yet, but watching BBAD. I really think Andy is in the wrong profession, he should be hired as a spy. I have never seen anyone lie as easy as Andy does, it just rolls off his tongue.

  52. Comments (1)

    Did you see when Julie interviewed Dan? He said Amanda was a brat. He was rooting for Judd to win. Loved the interview with Aaryn. It was almost like Julie was trying to tell her just wait till the game is over & see the show. Man she is in for a rude awakening. In Texas, that’s how we do. What a load of crap.

  53. Comments (8)

    I am not watching “After Dark” and not watching live feeds. Can anyone explain why people dislike Elissa so much. I don’t understand Aaryn’s comment “When I talk to her, I feel like I’m looking into Hell.” The comments people make about Elissa and actions that I see from Elissa~~there just seems to be a huge disconnect. She might be a little self centered (Not in a negative Amanda way). I was not happy with her bashing Amanda when she dressed up for Mcrea’s birthday dance- but we all know Amanda deserved it. I just don’t get it

    • Comments (87)

      I think it all started with the Rachel connection… they saw her as a threat for this reason… and yea, she is not that annoying at all.. less so than her sister- which I was reminded of when they did that short with Rachel and Brendon on Thurs.
      Also, Elissa looks to be in incredible shape… some girls don’t like that so much I figure

  54. Comments (2)

    One more observation about Aaryn. Mix it up and you get Aryan ! Coincidence I think not.

  55. Comments (1092)

    I am hoping that while the dust is settling from this week’s storm, that Spencer, Judd, and GM talk about what Aaryn told them:

    That she was in 3am with Andy, Amanda & McRae. If they really take the time to think about that, then they will realize that if Andy gets to the final 2, that he will have 3 automatic votes waiting for him. So far, Helen is the only juror that is pissed off at him.

    They are going to have blindside him after the power couple leave.

  56. Comments (15)

    McRae won 1 HOH because nobody wanted to be the Ist HOH.

    HE dont exercise, smokes , no indurance, not that smart, low self esteem,

    and yet people dont consider him a “floter”….. what gives

    if anything, he holding back the Hurriacane.

  57. Comments (15)

    I would live to see HurricaeAM be put on the block evey week but not get evicted….. she would only get 2 votes from the jury

  58. Comments (15)

    Cant wait for Hurricane Amanda to hit the jury house with Hurricane’s jessie and Candice and hellen there watch out for STORMNADO

  59. Comments (17)

    What about this scenario, vote out McCrea in the first eviction. Then vote out ANDY in the next. Then we get to watch Amanda squirm for the next couple of weeks without her man-child. Everyone else in the house can make a packed to take her to the end no matter what and to tell everyone in the jury NOT to vote for her. It’ll be an 8-1 vote for the 500k!

  60. Comments (45)

    Go Amanda you can DO IT!!

  61. Comments (8)

    So does this mean Amanda will win the Diamond Power of Veto?

  62. Comments (316)

    What has Spencer contributed to this game? Can anyone please tell me.

  63. Comments (111)

    Random thought, do you guys remember Kathy from BB12?

  64. Comments (55)

    I just started watching the live feeds, so I could see how Amanda reacted in the house. The house is still in bed. The only ones up is GM and Elissa, but Elissa got dressed and made up and went back to bed.
    What’s up with these lazy people? Five out of seven nights I’m up watching BBAD until 2 or 3a.m. and still have my butt out of bed come early morning.

  65. Comments (302)

    Just another example of how stupid this house is. Elissa pulls Judd aside and warns him that Andy is trying to work both sides of the house. While it would be wise of Judd to sit on this information and observe Andy in action as Elissa has done … Judd instead runs right to Andy to tell him what Elissa said. Maybe Judd is smarter than he looks and realizes this just makes Elissa a bigger target then him as the numbers dwindle but I have a hard time believing Judd is that smart. Of course Andy tells Gina Marie & she says it’s probably because Amanda was happy you were picked for POV competition. HELLO … wake up pea-brains … yes this is another sign that Andy is working both sides. Apparently Elissa the only one with an IQ high enough to see it.

    • Comments (8)

      Allison Grodner needed to fill the house with many mindless puppets, to help her BFF (aka muppet master) move to the top

    • Comments (90)

      Wil Hauser has a bunch of youtube vids up ‘bb15, the saga’.
      You would love the newest one. Andy is shown as a rodent.

    • Comments (90)

      Speaking of stupid, Elissa started it all when she blabbed about her MVPs.

      • Comments (1162)

        Didn’t she first tell McCrae and ask him to keep it a secret?

        She told Helen next but I can’t recall if McCrae told Helen.

        I agree, she should have kept it to herself but chances are she
        would have been accused of being the MVP no mater what.
        As soon as everyone knew she was Rachel’s sister, her game was
        in trouble..

  66. Comments (78)

    They need to get McCrae out first. If you don’t the guys will form an alliance which will be 4 strong and take out the girls including Amanda.
    By leaving McCrae in, the F2 will be Andy & McCrae and both of them being major Floaters and not deserving to win.

    • Comments (90)

      Amanda needs to go now. She keeps the fights lively, but the longer she stays, the closer she gets to winning.

      Her boyfriend is a better person when she is not around.

  67. Comments (6)

    I just want to say that no matter what Elissa says or does is not worse than anything Aaryn or Amanda have done or said. Ya, I like drama too and okay some people wanna be jerks and get all up in people’s face’s and yell but to actually say you want to kill someone is or that you want to slit their throat and anal rape her is soooooo WRONG! Or MAYBE thats just me…I just watched on Youtube, Amanda Zuckerman Supercut, and it is just as disgusting as the racism remarks toward Candice 🙁

  68. Comments (1288)


  69. Comments (1288)

    Thank goodness no, McCrae for the wrench in the Exterminator plans.

  70. Comments (16)

    Did anyone ever think that they’re sleeping so much as a result of cabin fever? It can also cause distrust and paranoia. Look at how Amanda was at the beginning of the season compared to how she is now…. I would also be to wager that someone on the medication she is on may be affected worse than others.

  71. Comments (1)

    Amanda looks like Gary Busey. Buh bye Gary, you crazy sob.

  72. Comments (17)

    Does anyone know when GM names the replacement nominee? I am really starting to get nervous!!! Could Andy or McCrea climb any further up GM ass? I can’t stand them, besides the fact of them thinking they can talk her (GM) into putting Elissa up, I want this week to be over!!!!

  73. Comments (5)

    Cute analogy with the hurricane/tropical storm stuff 🙂

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