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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Aftermath; HoH Results


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I don’t even really know what to say about the live eviction episode tonight.  I’d like to be happy that I called Judd going home in my prediction thread, as who doesn’t love bragging, but I hate that Judd went home.  As a blogger, I shouldn’t be bothered by these things, try to remain neutral, blah blah, but who doesn’t like Judd?  In a cast full of d-bags, bitches and egomaniacs, you had the huge Big Brother fan who mostly avoided all the petty drama that went on this season.

That’s Big Brother for you, but I want to say, has anyone won so much and done so little as Aaryn? Her first HoH win was co-won with Jeremy, who basically controlled the nominations that week.  Her second HoH, she basically traded to Helen and Amanda in order to remain in the house over Kaitlin.  Her third HoH win?  Admitted it was a majority decision.  The PoV, she made a big move but then followed it up with saying she was threatened with eviction if she didn’t.

If she didn’t make lousy comments, Aaryn would be up there as some fierce competitor, but so far I see her as a puppet.  She’s doing Amanda and Helen’s dirty work and getting nice and bloody, just so in the final 2 (if she makes it), they can say ‘I actually did the planning, Aaryn was just my grunt’.

Anyway, a question everyone is wondering is ‘Who won HoH??’ …

The answer……


And instantly, we have Amanda crying because she hasn’t won anything, which makes Andy feel bad…


Amanda, these are carnival games that require more luck than skill.  Shut up, stop crying and stop embarrassing yourself.   You have a good chance to win the game, but you keep making an idiot out of yourself.   Helen is sitting there praising Amanda how good of a game she’s playing, do you not think that’s going to come back and haunt you when Helen wants to win?

I have a strong feeling the jury will have a chance to come back in the game.  Julie was acting very strange tonight, especially the way she noted how she can’t talk about anything otherwise it may impact the game.  I get that the jury doesn’t get full feed access, but rarely do I hear her make such a note of it.  99% sure there is going to be a comp with the jury members to come back in.

I am dead tired, so sign up to the live feeds and see how the night progresses.

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  1. Comments (302)

    It’s amazing how Helen gets the likes of Aaryn to do her dirty work and then rushes to heap praise on her that it was a bold move and good for Aaryn’s game. Hello all you houseguest idiots … it’s good for Helen’s game. Meanwhile she rushes around assuring others she’s done everything in her power to keep them in the house.
    Please Julie … do not say “Expect the unexpected” again. This is the season of “Expect the expected.” here’s the last 5 jury votes 7-0 Judd, 7-0 Candice, 7-1 Howard, 9-0 Kaitlin, 9-1 Jeremy.
    Big Brother 15: Whatever the House wants!

    • Comments (44)

      I couldn’t have said it better. Find out Amanda’s target (unanimous eviction), come back next week for a new HOH.

    • Comments (178)

      “Big Brother 15: Whatever the House wants!”

      Correction, Doug. Big Brother 15: Whatever The Red Queen wants!

      • Comments (302)

        How right you are Anita. The Red Queen back to more childish behavior throwing a crying fit when she doesn’t win HOH. Why am I so drawn to this train wreck of a show. It’s almost become a Saturday Night Live Skit.

    • Comments (2)

      This is NOT “Big Brother” this is “BIG BULLY” — Bullies (Helen and Amanda) threaten, lie, and con to get their way. The rest of the house — cowards with no brains of their own.

      • Comments (2)

        okay so maybe calling them all ‘cowards’ was a bit harsh–sorry. But, it is just so frustrating. Would we want our children to bully like these people do? Or, would we want our children to be so scared of the bullies that they become paralyzed and don’t think for themselves? That is what I see here–bullies and paralyzed ‘followers’ — it is like a cult in there, isn’t it?

    • Comments (20)

      You got it down pat:-)

  2. Comments (96)

    I’m still mourning the loss of Judd. I hope he comes back with a super powe or something and can get rid of Amanda or Helen.

    • Comments (4)

      I have a feeling that Pandora’s Box will bring back the MVP twist for a week. America will vote for MVP from among the evicted houseguests in jury and the person with the most votes will go back into the house. Just my guess…

      • Comments (258)

        The twist when a house guest gets to come back in will only come into play if Elissa gets booted. Kinda like they did to get Rachel back in the house when she was booted.

    • Comments (224)

      I’d prefer Judd to come back if a jury member returns to the house, but if it’s up to America to vote on it, I think they’ll pick Candice just because of how badly she was treated.

      • Comments (2)

        I agree I think they both deserve to go back but I don’t think Judd would do anything different than he did before he would still let them control him. Candice would let them have it like they deserve she would know that she wouldn’t be there long but while she is there she would give them HELL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Comments (7)

    crap andy won i guess no shake up again

  4. Comments (302)

    What kills me about this season so many HOH winners give their power to others …. and half the time they give up their HOH room to Amanda and McCrae. It’s astonishing. When Helen was HOH she made about 15 deals making sure she could still control people the following week. Obviously Gina Marie & Aaryn weren’t taking notes. Could someone with a backbone and some vision please win HOH?

  5. Comments (7)

    let me guess Jessie and spencer

    • Comments (20)

      Didn’t Andy say on the broadcast tonight that he wanted Spencer to stay? My guess it is GM and Aaryn nominated.

      • Comments (25)

        Aaryn won’t be nominated. She is now part of his final four. Aaryn may wind up in the f2. I know she is hateful but she may wind up winning it honestly. If she keeps doing what she is doing.

    • Comments (80)

      Shortly after Andy won, him and Amanda had a quick whisper sesh and it does look like it’s going to be Jessie and Spencer going up (most likely but we will see) with Jessie as the target. “Shockkkerrrrr”

      • Comments (682)

        I heard that too. And if either Spencer or Jessie wins veto they will put in GM. I thought Andy said he wanted to make a “big move”.

      • Comments (407)

        Rita, Andy will only do what he is told to do. What a WIMP!! His only “big move” so far has been how fast he can “move” from one room or conversation to another.

  6. Comments (1)

    Thought everyone went into this Game to play on there own? Just give the dam money to Helen and Amanda. Since when do you vote as a house? Can’t any of these people think for there self? If Elissa didn’t want to vote for Judd then why did she? Now with Andy as hoh and Amanda acting like a spoiled brat I can only guess who he will put up. People Think On Your Own!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (224)

      I wish at least one person would vote against the house just to get Amanda freaked out and paranoid again so they’ll be more likely to kick her out next.

  7. Comments (25)

    Oh there will be a shake up. McC and Amanda will have him put Helen and Elissa up. They want Helen out at this point and don’t want the blood on their hands. This week Andy will be exposed. I wish Jessie had won. She would have put McC and Amanda up. I am hoping beyond hope someone gets into his head and gets him to realize they are not going to take him to the end. He is a little puppet being used.

  8. Comments (65)

    I have been wondering what platform I should ask this question on. Because this is the only BB site I read, I figured, it was a good place to start.
    Before I get into my question, I want to say that I DO NOT condone Aaryn’s comments or behavior. Her racial comments aside, I still wouldn’t like her.
    With that said, I wanted to ask a question about a raial comment Aaryn made earlier in the season, one directed towards Helen – “Go make some rice” – or something to that effect. I don’t know the full context of this comment so I am curious. (The only live feed I watch is After Dark on TVGN and the live evictions, so I all I know about her remarks is what I have read.) is it possible this comment was less racial that it has been portrayed? I have noticed, Helen cooks rice often, at least she has a few times I have watched AD, but I assume there are more times she has done this. Could the comment had been made because Helen actually cooks rice a lot? Like, let’s say, Helen made a lot of pizza, instead of rice, would Aaryn’s comment had been “go make a pizza” instead? Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to justify her comments or behavior in anyway, but I have to wonder if this was made based on something Helen actually does and not because she is Asian.

    • Comments (682)

      Go to youtube and search “Big Brother racist” and you can find a ton of videos with Aaryn’s comments and decide for yourself.

    • Comments (407)

      Newbiefan, the statement was by no means made because Helen cooks rice. She actually told Helen to “shut up, go make some rice.” This was just another one of her many racist remarks she has made and it infuriated Julie who addressed Aaryn’s racist remarks on The Talk. Julie called Aaryn “ignorant, young and immature”. I totally agree with Julie on the ignorant part, but the young and immature part I disagree with. She’s old enough to know better.

  9. Comments (10)

    Helen told aaryn she was like Janelle.. really?? How?? Janelle would have nominated someone that was considered a power player like amanda or Helen..

    • Comments (228)

      she was just stroking Aaryn’s ego. Aaryn told Helen and others at the beginning of the summer that she so admired Janelle.. Janelle already commented on twitter and said ‘no way’ because if you were like me power moves would of been!!!!

  10. Comments (1)

    I firmly believe that for a real twist to the game, Big Brother producers should not tell the house guests the number of votes for each person, just who was evicted. This would completely change many of the house guests votes as they are worried that the rest of the HG will figure out who voted for who simply by the number of votes. Tonight there was many HG that clearly did not want to vote for Judd, but felt they had to for the house. They are all just Helan’s puppets in my eyes. I think i would completely change the game in the voting aspect.

  11. Comments (5)

    I think there might be a shake up. Andy seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t let other people tell him what 2 do. I’m also super happy Aaryn is finally a have not. As far as the jury goes I hope one of them can get back in the game. I would love 2 c Candice come back & send that bitch Amanda packing.

    • Comments (651)

      Andy has been nothing but Demanda’s lap dog. And he’s still is. If he had a spine he would put up Demanda and ok ok Helen and tell them it’s because they are the ones who have had the power claiming it was The House and now it was time for The House to pick between them. But he won’t yip yip yap yap ankle bite.

  12. Comments (23)

    maybe the one or ones coming back will be based on americans’ vote.

    • Comments (302)

      After the wild controversial finish in Big Brother Canada that got lots of press I’m sure CBS Big Brother will follow the same script of bringing back one of the Jury members by America’s vote when the house gets down to 4 or 5 people.

  13. Comments (35)

    In all honesty I would be disappointed if Candice came back and won solely because her game play was awful.
    I feel bad Judd had to go because of Amanda’s drug induced paranoia. There needs to be a punishment where she’s locked in a room, for at least a day, with a constant loop of everything horrible she’s said and done.

  14. Comments (231)

    I’m not surprised that Judd was evicted bc he was warned several times and his blind loyalty to Mcmanda Was his downfall. Candice, Helen, Elissa and Jess told him that Mcmanda thought he was MVP which by the way started the fight between Candice and Amanda during the POV comp. Also, Gm ‘s behavior has reached the overwhelmingly offensive and brutally mean stage. I will give the HGs a B+ for effort, when the live feeds returned after the last HOH, for changing the subject whenever Gm tried to trash Candice.

  15. Comments (178)

    I think The Red Queen will have Stoolie the Toad nominate Elissa and Jessie as two safe nominees. I don’t see Stoolie risking putting Spencer (his “Boo”) up on the block. The Red Queen looks upon the two of them as floaters and basically expendable. But I think McCrae will convince her to have Stoolie backdoor a bigger target, e.g., Helen, if the opportunity arises. Someone has to make a major move in the game and take out a strong player. The Red Queen already heard rumors from Stoolie about the prior insurrection to get her evicted that involved Helen. Or, she just may decide to have Stoolie put Helen and Elissa up on the block and justify it by saying they’re a “power couple”.

    Allison Grodner is really tipping the house entirely in favor of The Red Queen. Just look at the people who will keep winning the HOH’s.

  16. Comments (875)

    Amanda just said to Pizza Boy, “after we get rid of Jessie this week, we have to get Helen out.”

    Helen your day of reckoning is coming girl, and you’re gonna be in for a rude awakening…SMH. Unless Helen wakes up, & smells the coffee soon, she is a goner, via Queen Amanda.

    • Comments (1)

      Helen is gone don’t be shocked. if she is back doored. amanada will tell andy that Helen is after the guy and got to go. Helen let amanda send everyone that would have picked her over amanda out the door.

      • Comments (2)

        or amanda will say helen is a threat to amanda…then andy will back door helen. HAHAAA nothing shocks me with these ppl!

    • Comments (231)

      Helen knows she has to move on Amanda but couldn’t get Andy or Judd on board to do it. So, her and Elissa had to vote with the house bc E, helen and Jess were not enough votes.

      • Comments (231)

        In fact, Helen met up with Elissa in the hallway, for maybe 5 seconds, and said to E that we don’t have the votes.

  17. Comments (60)

    Is there the a tiny chance that someone could smuggle Dr. WILL into the house and teach these folks not only how.the game is played but how to have fun doing it? I watched a montage on utube today of his first run in the house and it is amazing how few luxuries these people had. A patio table and a basketball hoop a super tiny bathroom and LOTS of cameras it FELT like reality tv forced HG to have their own gameplay heck he even got the WHOLE HOUSE to do a 24hr fast so they would be weaker for comps and they did it!! It.was a broad mix of people agewise and every other and they had to play they could not float. I would love to see BB go back to the basics and take away all the extras that have made this seem like a game show rather then a REALITY show where everyone fights for themselves and doesn’t play follow the leader. I can only hope Andy decides to have his own game play and shakes the heck outta the house this week like they use to in the beginning! Lets get back to the Game and no more Lemmings!!

    • Comments (14)

      Do you have the link to that montage?

      • Comments (60)

        Hi I dont have the link but if u do a utube search for Dr. Will it should come was an eye opener as to how “real ” it use to be….and how fun! I think it said also best BB player. I will try to figure out where I found it as well.

      • Comments (60)

        Hi the video on utube is titled Dr. Will Big Brother 2 its a long video so you really get to see alot of house and how simple and real it felt….diary room was just an interview all and all these folks had to work to get where they were goin in the game and its pretty hilarious in spots.

        I also saw a hysterical take off of Amanda and Dexter ( from tv show Dexter) and McCrae she is calling him in to ” take care of something “…..I have tried to figure out where exactly I found it too but if u do a search u should find it easy enough.

        there was also a hilarious still shot of McCrae in bed with his hair all messed up saying ” I .just wanted to talk game” which I assume was in response to her jumping him and him saying no no we should talk game while.she had her way with him!!

  18. Comments (1288)

    My first thought for the twist hinted at is that America will be able to vote for one of the jury members to possibly return to the house (“I’m back b*tches” flashback time)and be combined with a Pandora’s Box (Dear HoH, you can have $10,000 but then America’s Choice comes back in). It would probably be after one or two more evictions.

    If Elissa and her duckface are in the jury I would expect her to be America’s Choice and if she is still in the house it will hopefully be Judd.

  19. Comments (46)

    People, I’m from Chicago and Andy won HOH. Please, if he is a gay boy, the pimp slaps will now go into play! No red blooded Chicagoan, in the city of mastermind, low-down, machine, back-stabbing and sell your momma politics is going to be predictable in their play. Chi-town is about to put his foot up someone’s ass and tear a big hole in the house. It will be like––no he didn’t! We don’t play in Chicago! When the cold comes, we hunker down. When it’s hot, we are mothers! If Andy punks out, he will not be able to walk the streets of Chicago; he would be slammed down into the gutter by our trash talking gay crowd. Andy knows that!

    • Comments (4)

      It’s great that you’re proud of your city, but I think you will be disappointed in Andy. I’m almost positive he will “play”. I wish you were right, but I don’t see it happening. Spencer & Jessie… Welcome to the block. This week will be predictable. The only hope is that one of them win veto. Then maybe we will see some “Chicago style” game play.

  20. Comments (302)

    I think Andy is in a tough spot here. Great opportunity to back door Helen but I’m sure he doesn’t want her blood on his hands. She considers him her closest ally next to Ellisa. Helen could do a lot of damage to his voting base in the jury. We saw how single minded she got about getting Howard out for lying about his alliance imagine how betrayed she’d feel by Andy. Oh yeah .. I’d love to see it … I just don’t see it happening.

    • Comments (4)

      Ok–so he couldn’t really back door Helen but he could & should knock-out Elyssa!!
      Whiny, snot needs to go!! That will at least weaken Helen…and show he’s got a spine to make a move on someone that will eventually be putting him out.

      Ok–all you ElyssaManiacWorshipers–lemme have it! Sorry, but I can’t stand the bitch!

  21. Comments (453)

    Andy needs to do some serious thinking and nominate Amanda and McCrae. She rained on his parade by crying that she didn’t win HOH and that alone should make him want to nominate her. Doubtful he will grow a spine or a pair and do what will benefit him, since he didn’t pick them for have nots. Then when Amanda gets to jury house, Candice can provoke her to do something so she(Amanda)gets kicked out and we all get to do the happy dance!

  22. Comments (46)

    Maybe the jury will be the mvp
    Picking the third nomination.

  23. Comments (46)

    Following previous nominations i predict andy nomination spencer and jessie
    And then amanda and helen will make his decision to backdoor another HG

  24. Comments (2)

    My last comment before walking out that door would have been no hugs but ” I would like you all to know you are an embarrassment to me and this house. Since I will be in jury my vote will go to the player who not played a good game but who stuck up for anyone and tried to rescue anyone in this house who got verbally abused, threatened, orwho heard sad ass comments and did not say one word. Instead of fleeing to their rooms like scared chickens and not coming out for support until after the person doing the trash talking was gone. Shame on all of you.

  25. Comments (83)

    Andy is a Wuss, he will do whatever he is told to do, these ppl are soooo stupid,giving the game away to ppl like Aaryn, GM Amanda, Helen, none of them are deserving of shit.

  26. Comments (24)

    Andy won HOH, woe, now does that take him out of the floater position ? I really do not think he knows what up, he just goes from here to there and has a dumbfounded look on his face like , What? wow, this season is a Trip.

  27. Comments (15)

    I thought maybe the twist would be that jury members would be the MVP. Too bad, that would have been more fun.

    I was completely surprised by the Judd blindside… although I didn’t see the fight. Out of everyone, he and Elyssa seem to be pretty quiet.

  28. Comments (28)

    The only reason Judd was voted out is because Amanda the skank thinks Judd is the MVP who has been putting her up for the past two weeks. I would love to see the look on her face when Julie Chen tells her it has been America! This will be the best moment of the show for this season. I hope CBS has the gumption or balls to put Judd back in the game. Andy will be the most pathetic HOH of the season. So far I honestly believe there shouldn’t be a winner of Big Brother for this season. They’re all pathetic!

    • Comments (624)

      Not only Amanda think that Bubba was the MVP, she also programmed that into Aaryn’s pea sized brain. Amanda is getting way to big for her britches (in more ways than one) and time for her bossy self to go! But why not treat the viewers to a week or two of heartbreak drama and get MC out first?

    • Comments (60)

      Didnt Julie announce before the second eviction three was no more MVP? I can’t see how that is the valid reason why all those people would vote out someone they all cried ( but jess ) while doing?

      They clearly did not want to and if Aaron was doing mcrandas bidding by nominating who she did why would she then turn around and take one down almost immediately and send someone home who was no longer a threat as there were no more MVPs? This is what doesnt add up clearly the majority did not want to do it and were upset to have to……

      did anyone notice Spencer got a haircut somewhere between beginning and emd of show….I really think there was alot more time in between and something occurred that meant he was goin one way or another…heck I think McCrae and Andy are still crying about it!! I am not defending Amanda in anyway I am saying the sequence of events is bloody odd.

      Rumour is also that Andy is getting Pandoras box as we speak!

  29. Comments (49)

    I watched the tape of Big Brother over and over….Julie specifically says that being in the Jury does not mean your not playing the game. She does not say they could come back into the game. Actually at the end of the show she tells us several times that we are down to only 9 players left playing for the $500K. Sounds more like the Jury is going to be able to influence the game, but not neccessarily when the game, which would be fair.

    Andy’s first allegience is with Amanda and McCrae, but since they have pulled Spencer in now to replace Judd, I don’t see him risking Spencer as a pond this week. I see Andy’s target as being Jesse, but once and if everyone including Jesse calms down they may realize it is a good chance to get Ellisa or Helen out either by putting them both up, of backdooring one. All three have numbers on their back. GM may be used as the pond if needed just because she tried to get Andy to be one, but Andy & Amanda enjoy her antics.

    • Comments (49)

      Sorry meant Win the Game, not when the game.

      Also since Julie said the MVP twist is gone, I don’t think it will be back at all. The Jury could still get a vote in the game, or their could be a Jury nom, or the Jury could get to celect challenges or task for the HGs. There could be a “what would the jury do or say ” feature.

      • Comments (1)

        I bet it’s going to be exactly like Big Brother Canada – Garry got voted out and into the Jury house, then got voted back into the game by Canada, and he got Final Two.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.

    • Comments (610)

      what if the jury members get to vote on the evictions?! Wouldn’t that be a riot?!

  30. Comments (1)

    First- I loved Big Brother 14!!!! I feel like this season cannot compete! It is so obvious, Judd was to likeable and way too easily persuaded to take it to the final four. “Mcranda” planned this all along. Who better to take to the final four but the “Evil Queen” Aaryn herself! It seems cut and dry, Final Four Prediction: Mcrae, Andy, Aaryn, and “She who must not be named”. Final Three: Mcrae, Aaryn, “She who must not be named”. Final Two: Oh Yes, the back door that will take your socks right off your feet, “She sho must not be named” and the “Evil Queen”. How do you get everyone to vote for Amanda, put her up against Aaryn. The biggest question I have, did the twist really have an effect on the game?

    • Comments (5)

      If I were in the jury and to chose between those two, I’d immediately just walk away and say “I am not voting for either of these racist bitches,”

      • Comments (610)

        I thought that too! I’m sure America would feel the same way. It would be an “in your face moment” for both the HG and CBS/BB.

  31. Comments (18)

    I am so bummed. Why can’t Jessie or Elissa win anything!?! I was hoping so much they would win something here as I truly believe they are the only ones in that house that would make a big move. Tired of Helen’s face and mouth, Andy’s dumbounded looks like Shawnie said and Amanda’s spoiled brat ways. I will hope Andy makes a big move but it wont happen people. His “boy” is Spencer? Really? Geez. He’ll be the lap dog for Helen/Amanda. Bye Bye Jessie or Elissa. And it drove me nuts that Elissa is crying that she had to vote out Candice and Judd. Then grow a set! Vote how YOU want to. And Judd? YOU DESERVED IT!!!!! Jessie tried to warn you, LET’S GET AMANDA OUT OF HERE WHILE WE HAVE THE CHANCE. He walked away and said he’ll think about it. Well now he’s got plenty of time to think about it in the jury house!!!! THis season is infuriating but I do LOVE my big brother! And Aaryn might just win this thing. What a shame that would be.

  32. Comments (1276)

    I did love Judd, and was feeling horrible that he was getting the boot. But after going back and seeing the feeds of him and what he said to Jessie, he deserved it. She was the only one in that house who really wanted to make it very far with Judd. Sure, she can be annoying, but she hasn’t been mean. Him telling her to Shut the F up in the HOH room (which I sure was partially to impress his crush Aaryn) and then saying all of those horrible things to her in the bathroom… not cool.
    This entire time I thought he was a nice person, but to go from making out with her over the last few days, to apparantly a make out session with the racist Aaryn (who by the way he called trash the night of the bed flipping), to telling Jessie that she is the worst person in the house, and to stay away from him and never talk to her again??? And at the same time giving pitiful excuses of apology’s with insults in the same breath, that takes a special kind of mean streak.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s mostly because he’s been around the hateful girls over the last few days, and when you hang around garbage you end up smelling like trash, and I think he’ll regret what he said, but still, he went too mean too fast.

    • Comments (80)

      Completely agreed. Felt bad for a bit but I finally subscribed to live feeds last night and watched the whole scene. Not cool. Can’t say I felt too terribly bad for him long after watching that.

  33. Comments (40)

    LISA I agree all the way with you. The look on Amandas face will be priceless. I thinks she will cry or feel sad. There should not be a winner of bb15 this season was pathetic and I wish bb would have took a little control over the bashing there is a thin line between entertaining and out right disrespect. As a AA I felt a little uncomfortable at times and I do not think it is fare to turn on tv and not be able to watch a show you waited a whole year for and feel uncomfortable.

  34. Comments (1276)

    Now, onto Noms. I am sure Jessie will be one of Andy’s targets, because, well she’s always everyones target. Which is stupid of him, because even after her threw her under the bus with Amanda and McCrae, she still is on his side.
    If he puts up Elissa he’s a jerk, they’ve been super close as of late, he’s really been with her more than anyone else, and it would just be a slimey move.
    Spencer wouldn’t go after Andy, so if he puts up Spencer it’s again a stupid game move, Spencer, Elissa and Jessie wouldn’t put him up so he’d be putting out the ones that would keep him there.
    Aaryn and GM would be easy targets, but he’s not going to put up Aaryn, because she’s somehow become the princess of the house, YUCK. GM is a possibilty, I just don’t know.
    Which leaves Helen, Amanda and McCrae. I’m about 99% sure he will put up their votes, so he’ll screw himself to protect them. But he should put up Amanda and McCrae or Amanda and Helen (which is what I’d do) and if one of them wins Veto, put up McCrae. That way at least one of the 3 power houses that are controlling the house would go out.
    We’ll see what happnes, but I don’t have a lot of faith that anything good will come from this week. Except that Andy will have to show loyalty to someone, by either putting up his real allies, or making a big move and putting up one of the three Tyrants in the house.

  35. Comments (1)

    I saw this on web page, and if this is True, Next to Aaron, Spencer is now lown down and dirty, Noone shoulde ever ever Joke on this…
    ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Probed By Cops Over Child Porn Jokes
    August 7, 2013 by TMZ Staff
    “Big Brother” contestant Spencer Clawson just learned a valuable lesson about child porn … don’t even joke about that crap … because cops will go after you.

    In case you didn’t see the clips from this week — Clawson grabs the microphone attached to McRae (another houseguest) and while pretending to be McRae, Spencer goes off on this really uncomfortable riff about child porn, saying, “I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that? I love it. Beating off to child porn is my favorite thing there is.”

    You’d think he’d stop there, but no … he kept going, saying, “I love it when they’re around three or four years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.”

    And the jokes didn’t go unnoticed … especially by Spencer’s hometown police in Arkansas.

    Chief AJ Gary from the Conway Police Department in Arkansas tells TMZ, “The Conway Police Department was alerted to comments made. Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven’t found that any criminal act was committed.”

    Good news, but still … don’t make child porn jokes. They’re not even funny.

  36. Comments (80)

    So I had to watch BB not live last night as I wasn’t home when it aired. (It was very hard to stay off the twitter and bbjunkies feeds! lol)

    I will admit that as soon as Aaryn won the HOH comp, I was immediately mad (not sure if just in general, or more so mad at Jessie/Elissa for not trying hard enough). Of course I knew that as soon as she won, she was going to put up Jessie (because we’re over our drama with Aaryn and Elissa now it seems). Then the veto comp came and went and this time I was for sure angry with Jessie for not winning lol. I had almost given up on watching the rest of the show until low and behold, BOOM! Jessie is removed from the block and Judd went up.

    I’m still in shock about that, and it’s almost kind of sad because it seems as if they are accusing him of a lot of things that he did not do. If I’m wrong though, please let me know!! Anyways, I was hoping for something unthinkable to unfold and I guess in a way it did. Just too bad it wasn’t anyone of “importance” to leave the house.

  37. Comments (80)

    BTW, I also found it entertaining and almost hilarious at how upset Amanda got after losing the HOH comp. Though, I’m not sure why because her favorite puppet won and it’s not like she wont have any say in the matter of who goes up anyways. Actually she already did and I explained in an earlier comment.

  38. Comments (1)

    Yes the jury is going to be allow to come back in like they did in season 3. However, i hope America get the vote instead of then doing a competition.

  39. Comments (1)

    Everyone is saying “no body I’d voting how they want only how the house wants”
    If they wanna stay in the game that’s SMART you realize when one person voted against the house , they caught HELLL and almost went home.
    Jessie and Elissa last night almost voted Amanda. Elissa didn’t because, if you caught it, Jessie to.d her before she we t to the DR that she voted for Candice. Elissa was very upset to have to vote that way but had to because everyone else did so she can stay safe and not catch hell. I love this season. By far my favorite.

    • Comments (624)

      The problem is, the “house” to which they are referring is McManda with a side of Helen. More of a dictatorship than a democracy, if you ask me.

  40. Comments (5)

    I am mad about Judd going home mainly because Aaryn, GM, Amanda, or anyone like that did not leave.

    • Comments (624)

      They had their chance with Amanda, but wussed out. It will bite them, for sure. As Jessie (and half of the rest of the house) would say, “like like umm you know, basically totally”!

  41. Comments (9)

    I hope bb holds all the contestants liable for all racist and bullying remarks please next year don’t let this go on also cannot wait till all those who ran their mouths get out and find most have lost jobs and totally defamed there own familys

  42. Comments (74)

    Maybe the twist of the evicted players returning will be when they pull out Pandora’s Box. The person who opens it will either have a chance to participate in the return of the evicted houseguests OR bad luck and not have a chance to participate. Remember when they did that with Brendon and Rachel. Because we all know ~no body comes between her and her man~ dry heaves a little.

    I was upset that Judd was evicted because I think it was for misleading reasons. BUT his attempt to ward off Jessie to get closer to Aaryn for some fun time was douchebag-ish!

    I’m still for Elissa! LOL

    Though Spencer made me laugh for the first with his impression of Saw. ‘I want to play a game, Andy you’ve spent your whole life loving dudes……’ I’m laughing because I always have a fear that if I auditioned for BB it would be a scene from Saw!

  43. Comments (9)

    I think the worse thing said this year was GM telling Candice “At least my mother wanted me” as Candice walked out the door. Everyone knows Candice was adopted. What a horrible thing to say

  44. Comments (7)

    Idk what is with all the crying… you all voted him out! Aaryn went with Helen thinkin’ she was making some big move to save her neck when in reality Helen controls you and you allow yourself to be controlled. So just own it and get the hell over yourself. Smh, at this season. Aaryn is nothing like Janelle, Helen! Cuz Janelle would have but you and Amanda up followed by Mcrae and Andy. You all a bunch of pussies! So predictable… no one has a backbone. I hope for next season it will more stimulating.

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