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Big Brother 15 – Jessie Versus The House: Round 2

August 13, 2013 | 54 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


I had just finished writing up the timeline from last night’s drama that you can check out right here, and right as I finish, I push ‘live’ on the feeds and Jessie is outside yelling at Aaryn.  I love it, Drama Llama loves it, and I’m sure America will love it.   Jessie has just about accepted that she’s going to jury this week, and it’s apparent she’s not going to go quietly.

Watch Jessie Defend Herself Live

Let’s crank up the flashback machine to about 20 minutes ago so I can see how this all went down.  I am going to live blog the shit out of this, so keep refreshing and checking back!

1:27pm – Outside on the back, I guess the time talking to Amanda was wrong.  Whatever.  Anyway, Jessie is outside still smoking (stress I guess) and tells Aaryn that Elissa still talks crap about her. Jessie is going hardcore after Helen and Elissa this week…

Aaryn tries to claim that she tried to help Jessie recently, despite putting her on the block.  Jessie replies with “How the f**k was that helping me out?”.   She also said the game that Aaryn and the rest of the house is playing is boring.  The voting unanimous, everyone having a say, etc. (I agree)

Jessie reveals to Aaryn that the ‘deal’ they made with Jessie going off the block was a crap deal and she was going to do it anyway.  Amanda apparently told her that at some point (Jessie is really letting it all out)

Aaryn said that Jessie shouldn’t be doing this and it’s not the classy way to exit.  Jessie’s response is that she’s doing what Rachel would, and she (Rachel) is one of the most loved Big Brother players in history.  She got there by annoying the shit out of everyone (which is true).  Jessie is quickly becoming a very loved character after her arguments this week and will probably get a big cheer when she leaves on Thursday.

Amanda comes out to try and talk to Jessie, but Jessie is in a real feisty and defensive mood.   Jessie keeps yelling stuff to Aaryn, while Aaryn is playing it off like Jessie is a nobody.  The funny part when Aaryn talks about how she does commercials and that’s why she has an agent… ahh she’s going to be in for a shock when she comes out of the house.

1:50pm – After a lot of arguing, it was time to wash the scent of Aaryn off her body, so Jessie heads for the shower and Elissa is in the bathroom while she is taking it.  A lot of uncomfortable silence until Jessie talks about how warm the shower is and how she can stay in it for hours.  Elissa is a havenot this week and has to use the cold shower.   Another good line from Jessie – ‘What are you going to do today, Rachel’s shadow? Oh nothing, just like what you’ve been doing since day 1’.

Get Jessie in the zingbot outfit now!

2:14pm – Jessie to Elissa “Hey Rachel’s shadow, who got fake boobs first?  You or your sister? You because your’e older right?  You’re like 35” — Hey, what’s wrong with that age??

Jessie is on a mission today, and I don’t think it’s going to end until someone blows up on her.  I’m just waiting for that spark…


I love Jessie’s attitude today, but she needs to tone it down a little bit.  She’s starting to come off as crazy instead of funny.  I know she’s trying to play the ‘most hated in house’ game so people will drag her along, but she’s trying too hard.   Space it out until Thursday, don’t have everything blow up today!

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