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Big Brother 15 – Jessie Versus The House: Round 2


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I had just finished writing up the timeline from last night’s drama that you can check out right here, and right as I finish, I push ‘live’ on the feeds and Jessie is outside yelling at Aaryn.  I love it, Drama Llama loves it, and I’m sure America will love it.   Jessie has just about accepted that she’s going to jury this week, and it’s apparent she’s not going to go quietly.

Watch Jessie Defend Herself Live

Let’s crank up the flashback machine to about 20 minutes ago so I can see how this all went down.  I am going to live blog the shit out of this, so keep refreshing and checking back!

1:27pm – Outside on the back, I guess the time talking to Amanda was wrong.  Whatever.  Anyway, Jessie is outside still smoking (stress I guess) and tells Aaryn that Elissa still talks crap about her. Jessie is going hardcore after Helen and Elissa this week…

Aaryn tries to claim that she tried to help Jessie recently, despite putting her on the block.  Jessie replies with “How the f**k was that helping me out?”.   She also said the game that Aaryn and the rest of the house is playing is boring.  The voting unanimous, everyone having a say, etc. (I agree)

Jessie reveals to Aaryn that the ‘deal’ they made with Jessie going off the block was a crap deal and she was going to do it anyway.  Amanda apparently told her that at some point (Jessie is really letting it all out)

Aaryn said that Jessie shouldn’t be doing this and it’s not the classy way to exit.  Jessie’s response is that she’s doing what Rachel would, and she (Rachel) is one of the most loved Big Brother players in history.  She got there by annoying the shit out of everyone (which is true).  Jessie is quickly becoming a very loved character after her arguments this week and will probably get a big cheer when she leaves on Thursday.

Amanda comes out to try and talk to Jessie, but Jessie is in a real feisty and defensive mood.   Jessie keeps yelling stuff to Aaryn, while Aaryn is playing it off like Jessie is a nobody.  The funny part when Aaryn talks about how she does commercials and that’s why she has an agent… ahh she’s going to be in for a shock when she comes out of the house.

1:50pm – After a lot of arguing, it was time to wash the scent of Aaryn off her body, so Jessie heads for the shower and Elissa is in the bathroom while she is taking it.  A lot of uncomfortable silence until Jessie talks about how warm the shower is and how she can stay in it for hours.  Elissa is a havenot this week and has to use the cold shower.   Another good line from Jessie – ‘What are you going to do today, Rachel’s shadow? Oh nothing, just like what you’ve been doing since day 1’.

Get Jessie in the zingbot outfit now!

2:14pm – Jessie to Elissa “Hey Rachel’s shadow, who got fake boobs first?  You or your sister? You because your’e older right?  You’re like 35” — Hey, what’s wrong with that age??

Jessie is on a mission today, and I don’t think it’s going to end until someone blows up on her.  I’m just waiting for that spark…


I love Jessie’s attitude today, but she needs to tone it down a little bit.  She’s starting to come off as crazy instead of funny.  I know she’s trying to play the ‘most hated in house’ game so people will drag her along, but she’s trying too hard.   Space it out until Thursday, don’t have everything blow up today!

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  1. Comments (96)

    Love it!! all Jessie needs to do is convince Amanda, Macre, and GM to vote to keep her. Andy can break the tie and viola! We will finally have an epic showdown.

    • Comments (624)

      That *would* be awesome, but this house is on auto pilot. zzzzz

      • Comments (302)

        Exactly Big Papi – as usual no one will want to make a move this week figuring Jessie will be the choice of the house. I think McManda might see the benefits of keeping Jessie but Andy would be too chickensh*t to upset Helen & Elissa. He wants someone else to do that dirty work. I would love it if Jessie & Helen were the next two voted out and then Helen watch America vote Jessie back into the game(no doubt Helen has convinced herself that she is America’s Sweetheart).

      • Comments (80)

        He’s too chickensh*t to do anythign to anyone! That kid would put himself up on the block before putting anyone else up (aside from spencer).

    • Comments (19)

      I just wish Jessie would have started with this earlier in the game and we would have had something good to watch. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happens next. I totally agree Kiki, if Jessie could convince the other side to keep her and then Amanda, McRae, GM, and Andy could have a majority and vote out Helen and Elissa. But, Jessie may have unfortunately just helped herself out the door. Karma can be a b$#@h sometimes and Jessie may get revenge by being on the jury, who knows???
      Once Jessie gets to the jury house and tells the players in there that Helen masterminded Judd leaving, Helen could be in trouble if she makes the final two and whoever she is with may walking away with the money.

  2. Comments (57)

    For the sake of having someone to root for, I hope Jessie strikes a deal with Mcrae and Amanda.

  3. Comments (4)

    Go Jessie!!! It is about time someone stands up to helen!! I hope Mccrae ans amanda say Jessie send spencer packing!! Go Jessie Go!!!

  4. Comments (302)

    I think it’s too late for Jessie to save herself this week but I am certain that Big Brother is going to let America vote to bring one of the jury members back in the house. Vote Vote Vote for Jessie … she is the only player that has made things interesting down the stretch and her week of “Scorched Earth” will finally shake up that house of Ho-Hum floaters. I absolutely loved seeing Helen’s mind go into panic mode when Jessie called her out for her lies – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZMKbX3iHR4 Keep fighting the good fight Jessie and let’s get this girl back in the game after she gets booted Thursday night.

  5. Comments (46)


  6. Comments (43)

    Jessie gets credit for standing up to Helen. I just hope when Jessie is evicted, which sadly she will be, that they dont make her watch good-bye messages and we have to hear helen say ” i played a heavy hand in your eviction “. Yea helen we all know you were the reason everyone was evicted, you are a big brother legend. In reality you suck and will forever be tied to the worst cast in big brother history along with Amanda,crying because a guy she has known for a month didn’t let her win a competition?! Helen and Amanda make Aaryn look good, if that’s possible.

    • Comments (80)

      I didn’t think it was possible either but I feel the same way. I think that even though Aaryn denies (still) having made terrible racist comments, she knows deep down that she did in fact do that and is now worried about the repercussions waiting for her outside the HG. Which is also why she’s toned down in the house as well. I’m definitely not saying I like the girl, but I definitely dislike Helen and Amanda more than Aaryn at this moment.

    • Comments (407)

      bbpat, I would be surprised to hear Helen tell them she had a hand in their eviction since they will be part of the jury. I hope she does tell them that because she would surely lose their vote.

  7. Comments (7)

    I don’t understand Andy’s nominations at all at best he bought himself two weeks because after Jessi will be Spencer then he will be stuck in the house where all six people have partners and he will be the odd man out he could’ve really partner with Jesse and Spencer and really change the game

  8. Comments (10)

    this season is a disappointment, i do not watch it I just read the blog, if anything interesting happens I will start to watch again.. worst season ever!!

  9. Comments (43)

    Andy is one of those players that is just happy to be there, he will never make a big move, he has no idea how to win, and laying low isn’t his strategy, he’s just so bad at the game people know when they are ready to get him out it wont be a problem

  10. Comments (26)

    Aaryn: “yeah well you’re unemployed Jessie!”
    Oh, Aaryn..

    • Comments (86)

      BB should have Donald Trump on the final night tell Aaryn and GM You’re Fired!!! That would be the best thing to happen. I can hear Candice laughing already. VOTE THE DON IN!!!

  11. Comments (43)

    i agree diana, the personalities of the cast suck. I know alot of people don’t like the idea but maybe it’s time for another all star edition. Only because whoever casts this show has obviously no clue who people want to see.

  12. Comments (43)

    half the cast will be unemployed when they get out, some because of what they have said and others because their employers will realize they have an idiot working for them

    • Comments (407)

      I agree bbpat and I think Helen should be one of the unemployed. She is such a lying skank that I don’t know of any organization that would want to be associated with her. Even if she does still have a job, I am sure her fellow employees will not have any respect for her. Let’s just hope the house “Moms” children never see the lying, cheating mother they have.

      • Comments (7)

        Helen’s a politician, so of COURSE she’ll have a job outside the BB House. In fact, she could use this to pad her resume. “Intensive training in lying under huge amounts of pressure and manipulating people for personal gain”

      • Comments (64)

        I’m still surprised no one separated the last couple in the house considering all of the couples have been split up. I don’t understand why anyone thinks McC and Amanda would be loyal to anyone other than themselves. The level of protection around the power couple baffles me. Spencer, Howard, Candice and Jessie were ready to take Amanda out. Helen and Elissa should have gone with that group instead. We would have see more competition and more gameplay. But instead Helen targeted – instead of maximizing weaker players. Aligning with – rather than using their opportunity to make moves against the unanimous votes would have shaken up this house. Everyone else, from McC and Amanda’s perspective, is a third wheel. I’m still hoping McC back-stabs Amanda. The game has changed over the past few seasons breeding frightening HGs. So so frustrating.

  13. Comments (1)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jessie! This season has been terribly boring! Finally someone inside the house sees it. As a longtime BB fan, I roll my eyes every season when I see the inevitable “this cast is the worst” comments. But seriously, if I hear “it’s what the house wants” one more time, I’ll have to resist stabbing myself in the eye with a fork. Pick up the drama people! Today is the first time in 2 weeks I’ve watched the live feeds.

  14. Comments (875)

    I find Helen tactics so disgusting, when she is called out on being a Liar, she stoops to calling people who are telling the truth about her “Crazy!”

    Then she goes to the people in the house that “ARE” actually crazy, and kisses their asses! I am thoroughly sick of Helen, and will be very happy when her partners in crime, Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, & McCrae evict her next week!

    One last word….Go Jess! I just wish Candy was in the house so that both of you could double team on the HG.

  15. Comments (17)

    Thanks for the post Steve. You are correct. Jessie needs to dial it back a little but right now I am splitting my America’s Favorite Player vote between Jessie and Candice. The season sucks but they at least caused some entertainment.

  16. Comments (2)

    Now THIS is more like the game America WANTS to watch!!
    Expect the Unexpected right?
    Hang in there Jessie, we need more than one memorable move this season.

  17. Comments (822)

    It will be interesting to see the HG’s reactions when America’s Fav is revealed. I’m guessing they’ll be surprised. For quite awile they were speculating that America loves GM – wrong on that account! I wish they would grow some balls & keep Jessie. But with this year being so predictably boring, that won’t happen. Not quite sure why so many of the HG’s think they’re so smart & think Jess is clueless. Jess has been more “tuned in” than anyone. Vote for Jessie!

    • Comments (407)

      I think the person that will be the most upset will be McCrae when he finds out Judd was not MVP. He kept saying he did not think it was Judd and Amanda seemingly changed his mind. What a pea brain…he should have gone with his own instincts.

  18. Comments (651)

    Ok ok I just had a thought. Judd the Studd is going to be in the jury house with “I told you so” Candice on one side and “I told you so” Jessie on the other…better up his Xanax.

  19. Comments (58)

    Does anyone know what the fight between Aaryn and GM was about??? I caught some of the other HG’s sayin it was the dumbest fight ever??? I was just curious, but very proud of Jessie for jumpin in Helen’s butt!! i think its just a little too late. Was entertaining to watch Helen start to panic for was… Almost looked like fear to me.

    • Comments (624)

      Leave it to GM for always being loud and obnoxious. Can’t wait for her eviction.

      • Comments (610)

        ok, gonna try this again. (first time I got an “error” that said I was posting too fast & needed to slow down…what’s up with that stevebeans?)

        So how long before GM gets pulled from the game due to her increasing mental/emotional meltdown?

    • Comments (407)

      Saphire, this is my favorite BB blog, but I also read BB 15 Because You’re Addicted. They have word for word the fight plus pictures. I agree..it was dumb.

    • Comments (195)

      Saphire, Jessie told GM you know that Aaryn goes around talking crap about you and GM responds ya I know other people have told me that. Then she goes to Aaryn and tells her what Jessie said. You really need to watch it. First GM is all calm then she just goes off on Aaryn because Aaryn does not want to talk about it anymore. Then she follows Aaryn out the HOH room then chest bumps her then she (GM) wakes up the whole house to come up to the HOH to hear what Aaryn is saying. It was really bizarre and scary at the same time. You really need to watch it on the feeds. I think it was around 3am bbt.

  20. Comments (43)

    i’ve been waiting for aaryn to get evicted to see if the live audience would boo her when she walked through the door, although they might be warned not to do so. I hope with these other dopes (helen, amanda) people still remember aaryn is trash and has only been playing nice to stay in the house

    • Comments (39)

      She has been laying so low with her bitchy attitude I almost forgot how much I hated her…until I went back and watched the earlier episodes. I am pretty sure they won’t forget the real Aaryn anytime soon since they actually had to live with her.

  21. Comments (528)

    Man, I have never flipflipped between houseguests to root for as much as I have this season. Last season I picked Ian on, like, the first day! I guess it’s Jessie…she was just so useless the first few weeks, I guess that’s biting her in the butt now. They’re all so useless and unlikable. This season is almost unwatchable.

  22. Comments (27)

    Jesse needs to keep her cool, be meticulous and start the enviable war between Hellisa and McAnda. If she plays it right, she could save herself by being the valuable foot soldier McAnda need.

    But, she’ll probably just be a defeatist and immature and just cause chaos.

  23. Comments (78)

    I hope that GM keeps her mouth shut while Jessie is giving her last statement. I wasn’t a fan of Candice but she did deserve to have her final say. Julie should have taken control of that situation.
    At least Jessie is trying to play the game. Better late than never!!!
    Bye Jessie. Best of luck to you in the future.

    • Comments (195)

      I agree totally with you Retired. Julie should never have let GM go on like that but I guess since ratings have dropped they probably thought this is good tv. Felt bad for Candace though,,,,really unfair and maybe her speech would of been even better if GM had not interrupted.

      • Comments (233)

        Maybe they’ll turn off GMs mic during Jessie’s speech. If Jessie goes, there’s no one left to root for. Elissa turning on Jessie ruined her for me.

  24. Comments (143)

    I think the crazy card is the last card left.

  25. Comments (302)

    Crazy is Good

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