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Big Brother 15 – Jessie Is Trying To Make Some Moves


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I am a little late on the update today because my mother is in town and wanted to spend some time with her.  It was a pretty slow day in the house until Jessie started stirring things up this evening and the tension is now starting to boil over a bit.

Chances of another blowup in the next 2 days = 87%



Before I begin digging through the daily dirt, I wanted to do another thank you to those who have donated this season.  Really, it means a lot to me just to know that people appreciate the work I’ve been doing this summer to help me out a bit. It doesn’t hurt that my car is going into the shop tomorrow so I have no idea how much that will be, but all the donations have been put to good use!   Thank you again!   If you would like to donate, this may be the last time I push this link.  You can click here for the donate page.  (I hate mentioning donations because people freaked out on another blog – scarred)

So let’s start with the dirt, shall we?

There is a rumor going around the house that Jessie may be starting to stir up a little interest in voting out Amanda this week while they have a chance.  I mean it’s hard to blame her after the nasty things Amanda said to her the other night. I am not at all surprised she’s having second guesses on voting out Candice who has pretty much said and done nothing to Jessie this season.

bb15-gm-cone (1)

Word got back to conehead, and suddenly she goes from ‘ohh I just want hair dye’ to Tony freakin Soprano (RIP!).  She mocks the little power Jessie has with the PoV, but then makes it seem like she has this ultimate power with the HoH.  GM, news for you, bro… you nominated two people and you played in PoV.  The fact that a tie is extremely unlikely, the only bit of power you have left is about the same as Jessie’s.  It ends after tomorrow’s PoV ceremony.  Once that meeting is over, you’re just another houseguest who sleeps in the room upstairs.

Regardless of Amanda’s safety, it hasn’t done very well on her mental state.  Between the possibility of going home and being spray tanned every hour for the past day+, Amanda is on the verge of a breakdown.  Every time I see her, she looks like she’s ready to cry, which is pretty unAmandalike.  McCrae giving her lecture after lecture about her attitude this season is certainly not helping her mental state, but she really does need that reality check from him.

Anyway, I think tonight is going to be an interesting night so I’m going to stay up a bit and do some live blogging.  I will also be doing flashbacks to try and find good stuff.  Keep checking this thread for information!

Random thought: Jessie has to be pregnant, right?  I mean she’s a thin girl, but then her belly just shoots out like a pregnant lady.  I’m pretty sure she’s not, but is that the type of situation where it would be rude to ask?  Although I hear it’s always rude to ask.

7:00pm – Amanda, Aaryn and Andy are in the havenot room talking about who needs to go next.  It’s incredible how Andy can go from group to group talking about who goes home and nobody is talking about Andy.  He’s like a professional floater, someone who can play multiple alliances but also strategize with them and not just go along with plans.

7:30pm – Judd and Aaryn are in the HN room talking about the current situation.  He is starting to feel left out because Amanda doesn’t really chat strategy with him any more and Aaryn lets it slip that she does sort of think he is MVP.

Judd plans on getting his ‘flirt on’ with Jessie so he can try to get as much info from her as possible

They’re also talking about an alliance of Aaryn, Judd, Amanda, Andy and McCrae.  I don’t know what’s going on in the house at this point

7:35pm – Helen and Andy are in the HoH room telling Jessie it’s a bad week to vote Amanda out. McCrae quickly breaks up the conversation

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  1. Comments (9)

    Helen!!!! Don’t you think it’s weird that Andy – who professes to be aligned with you and who acknowledges that Amanda must go sometime soon – repeatedly and continuously refuses to be the 4th vote to evict her?!?!

    • Comments (302)

      That’s what kills me when people say what a great game Helen is playing. She continually lets Andy talk her out of the Jessie plan to eliminate Amanda with the excuse that she can go next week. Why next week why you can do it now? Helen is going to next week herself out of this game. Does it ever occur to her that Andy spends much more time with Amanda & McCrae than with her? Does it ever occur to her that maybe Judd would break ranks? I hate Amanda but Helen deserves the blindside.

  2. Comments (5)

    Ohh how I hope they start thinking and take the opportunity to get Amanda out. GM really needs to calm down. Why does she hate Candice anyway? I just don’t get it. Why doesn’t Jessie tell her it was Amanda idea to get Nick out? Come on people.

    • Comments (286)

      Figure GM is jealous of the fact that Candice has won more beauty pageants.

    • Comments (1446)

      I read a keen observation yesterday on the last thread…
      GM is jealous of Candice because Candice was “Miss Teen Louisiana.” an actual legit pagaent. While GM competes in “Toddlers and Tiaras” fake pagaents. Candice is an actual beauty queen and it makes GM crazy.

      • Comments (624)

        Imagine GM in a pageant…if the voice isn’t enough of a turn off, what about that nasty hair and cheap extensions of hers? Even funnier is when she calls herself a blonde. Yaaaa riiiight.

  3. Comments (1446)

    Who would have thought it would be mild mannered Jessie leading the charge to get “the annoying orange” out of the house?? Doubt she will succeed, but kudos to her for trying.
    Love watching Amanda slowly cracking up – and equally as fun watching McCrae try to control her. Can’t wait until she turns on Andy and Helen – the won’t know what hit them!! That’s what they get for not throwing her sorry butt out right now while they have the chance.

    • Comments (286)

      Watching BB last night find that Amanda has turned into what she was protecting Jessie from cpl weeks before in the rainbow room when team mean ganged up on Jess, and just tore into her for playing the game,Howard brought up the idea and Jess gets blamed.Also can’t anyone see that Andy is the “rat” he admitted last night he was in alliance with Amanda and Jess knows who told Amanda about plan to backdoor her,time for this cast to evict the mole that way they don’t know anything since they never leave the bed or hammock.

  4. Comments (5)

    Random thought. I am well over the age of being pregnant. But recently at the market a Lady asked me when I was due? Did not know whether to be insulted or flattered. Young enough to be pregnant but fat enough to be pregnant . LOL

  5. Comments (2)

    Everybody is ragging on Amanda, but where did all the Aaryn haters disappear to? Just a couple weeks ago everyone in America and the BB house completely hated her and now it’s looking like she’s very likely to end up sitting pretty in the jury house…if not one of the final two seats. She deserves neither!

    • Comments (1446)

      And I don’t know if anyone else sees this, but last night on BBAD, it seemed that Aaryn is maybe starting to flirt a little more with Judd. Think maybe she is trying to drive Jessie nuts?? Judd, who already is pulling away from Jessie, is eating up the attention from Aaryn…yuck!!
      And Elissa just goes WAY overboard teasing Andy – no one else thinks half of the crap that she says is even remotely funny. Andy has to walk away from her because she just won’t stop trying to be funny with him and it gets pretty lame.

      • Comments (624)

        I think at this point Aaryn will suck up to anyone she can. Problem is that most of the house hates her.

      • Comments (29)

        Yeah, she says stupid stuff and then laughs at it. She cracks herself up!!!

    • Comments (407)

      DwnInTX go to and read the article that states “Julie Chen to confront Aaryn Gries on racist slurs when she is evicted.” It says Julie is outraged over the comments that the houseguests are using and feels personally attacked by some of the things that Aaryn especially has said. What I don’t understand is, if Julie is “outraged” then why didn’t her husband (CEO) of CBS do something about it. How do they think Howard and Candice and even Helen feel since the comments were directed to them? It really makes no sense to me. But now, I really think Amanda has said SO much lately, that people are just kind of putting the earlier racist remarks on the back burner. Sorry, not me. I haven’t forgotten. My heart really goes out to Candice and Howard for what they have had to endure in the BB house.

    • Comments (651)

      Aaryn has already done the self-damage. She can’t explain or escape her behavior. We know this. But BB has been giving Amanda a pass and showing her in a favorable light. Which was really stupid because it was the live feed fans who posted on YouTube, etc and got the truth about Aaryn and GM out there. And now the truth about Amanda is out there.

      • Comments (286)

        Jackie,agree x2

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie I agree totally. Thank goodness for the internet CBS can no longer cover up Amanda’s behavior. It’s all out there for anyone to see, so they will probably have to start showing more of her horrible actions and comments to squelch the rumors that the show is rigged. Only when she walks out the door will I believe it is not.

      • Comments (29)

        I’ve seen on BBAD McCrae telling Amanda that her comments are racist when she makes them. She replies “I’m not a racist.” I don’t think Mc agrees.

  6. Comments (140)

    With all those spray tans, a lot of people have been noticing Amanda’s weight gain since her entry to the house. Her gut was jutting out her her bikini for the past 24 hours.

    Not to mention her ass blocking the camera in tonight’s episode right before the Amanda/Jessie fight was uber uber unflattering. Ugh.

    Can’t believe she’s the same girl who walked around in heels with bandaids.

    • Comments (140)

      Btw I only brought this up because of Stevie’s comment on Jessie’s belly. Also, I think that’s mostly due to the way Jessie stands. She leans her shoulders back and it just isn’t flattering. I just don’t think she realizes that.

      • Comments (195)

        I saw Jessie a few days ago in a bikini and she looked awesome and nowhere near pregnant. If anyone like Amanda said above Amanda is the one that looks like she might of gained some weight. We should not be focusing on peoples appearance no matter who they are GM Aaryn Amanda etc who are the worst bunch of racists etc but if they gain some weight so what. This day and age everyone is so focused on weight it really sets a bad example for the younger generation and as you read in the news is a growing issue with young people dying or having to go to rehab because of weight issues. What people that are famous and role models need to do more of is focus on what is important inside and what you believe in not if you can get down to a size 0…..because really in the end don’t we all want someone to love us for who we are and what we believe in and not the size we are? It is so sad now a days how when super skinny models or actresses gain a little bit of weight that is a news story. Who you are inside and your beliefs should come first and then if you happen to be awesome looking then that’s a bonus. Unfortunately life these days does not work that way but I am really tired of hearing how a nice looking girl that happens to gain a few pounds and happens to be famous either has to be pregnant or is letting go of herself. Sad how society is these days and what the media focuses on, IMO Oh yes and if anyone is going to say well these people are famous and that is their job I am talking about when they gain a few little llbs and right away the media pounces on them. How many times in the tabloids this year has Jennifer Anniston been accused of being pregnant only because of certain clothing or like Amanda said she might have been standing the wrong way. As far as I’m concerned weight should not be a news story…..ever…..especially when we do not know what is going on in peoples lives. It is judging and we have no right to judge anyone. We can have opinions but have no right to judge.

      • Comments (8)

        Nice rant..except the real crisis is that too many young people ARE too fat! Poor diet choices and lack of exercise is leading to an outbreak of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, HBP, and more. Too many people would rather play NFL or FIFA soccer on their Xbox instead of actually playing the game. It’s much worse to be too fat than too skinny. Too many of reality shows are trying to say you should be proud of your “real” bodies, but the problem is they are “real” fat. How is it that the moms on this show have better figures than the younger single women?

      • Comments (651)

        The mom’s are working out/running every day where the young one’s are laying around stuffing their faces…see a pattern here?

      • Comments (195)

        I absolutely agree with you Keith about the overweight issue these days and that is just as frustrating. So many electronic devices that kids don’t ever go out and play. Gosh I remember my parents could never get me inside. Hardly ever see kids these days skipping, playing hopscotch baseball etc that we used to do hours on end. Very sad. But, also, these kids that look up to the models etc can have serious health related issues too with being bulimic and anorexia. It seems to be one extreme to the other. Also someone mentioned that we should embrace our bodies which we should….but not when you are obese…just if maybe you are not a perfect size 5. We all come different shapes and sizes and some people are just bigger boned or maybe have a bigger booty lol and may look fat. Again just my thoughts. Now, going to go for a swim with my daughter.

      • Comments (4)

        I agree wit Sambella. The fact that people are calling anyone FAT on this show is ridiculous n itself. They gained a few pounds, no one is fat. The reason why a lot of people are fat is because instead of encouragement, people just get put down and called names, like fat. How about instead people saying nasty crap, we focus on things that are positive. Like with my kids, my sn has an extremely high metabolism that my daughter, who is not 6 doesn’t. She’s got some baby fat left, but calling her fat is what is you to give her depression, along with other kids. Instead of sayi don’t eat that, it’s too fatty, or bad for you, people need to say things like how about a healthy snack.

        FYI, my son is into his video games and my daughter is constantly running around and moving. Also, sometimes it’s e health problems that make it hard for a person to lose weight.

        Seriously, none of these women on this show are fat. Maybe if I ever make it on, everyone can talk about hot fat I am because I’m not a size 6.

      • Comments (4)

        Okay, lots of typos, but typing on a mobile to device isn’t easy 🙂

      • Comments (79)

        Being overweight can cause health issues too.

      • Comments (1162)

        Another Unbecoming Amanda Distinction –

        *Walking around the BB house wearing only her underwear panties & a top.
        What’s the heck!!!!
        Will someone please loan her some shorts or slacks?

      • Comments (27)

        Amanda made me so mad last night she was calling out on Jessie, yet she was the one walking around in an underwear!!! and since when is it ok to walk around in just your underwear with all this guys around and everyone in that house is so afraid to even tell her that!! ridiculous!!

      • Comments (1276)

        My guess is with as insecure as Amanda is, and jealous as all get out when McRae talks to anyone with a vajayjay, it’s probably to try to get the other guys looking at her and two in hopse that she’ll get a rise out of McRae. Unless I missed it, he didn’t even flinch. I’m starting to think maybe he’s using her. Wouldn’t that be karma for Amanda???

      • Comments (651)

        Of course McCrea is using her. He’s the mastermind. You can see him feeding her strategy and having her think it’s her idea. Well until she started going bat crap crazy. Now when she goes off you can look at him and see he’s thinking she’s F’ing Up MY game.

      • Comments (140)

        If you don’t have the feeds or haven’t heard about the veto or post-veto situation, I truly hope for your sake they do not edit how Mc dealt with Amanda for her actions afterwards. It was great watching her crumble and him being completely unsympathetic, keeping firm and shooting straight with her. I was really starting to question Mc and whether or not he’d be able to revive from the damage Amanda is causing for them, but I think there’s hope for him yet.

      • Comments (140)

        And that’s exactly what Jessie said to her. Amanda tried to call Jessie insecure and without batting an eye Jessie said “well you’re the one out here in your underwear”. Love it! Simply loved it!

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (407)

        Hope, nothing surprises me with Amanda anymore. Not only were the guys sitting around, millions of people saw her butt (that filled the whole TV screen) when she walked by. I could have hugged Jessie for not backing down from Amandas mouth.

      • Comments (286)

        Loved it when Jessie called Amanda out about needing attention.”Really? I crave attention,Im not the one walking around in my underwear” LMAO GOOD FOR YOU JESS!!!

      • Comments (1443)

        and the underwear was bikini see through!!! I thought maybe I had seen wrong until jesse said something about amanda being out there in her underwear!!

      • Comments (35)

        Amanda was actually wearing “nightwear”… Her bottoms just didn’t fit right, like they were a few sizes too small or something, so they looked like underwear. The fabric wasn’t underwear-like. Too thick and bunchy. But all and all it wasn’t a good look.

        My OCD made me say this…

      • Comments (1276)

        technically a teddy is “nightwear” but that doesn’t make it ok to walk around in. she was doing it for attention. and imo, they weren’t too small, the just didn’t fit. they were sagging, barely covering anything, and just gross. I would have rather her worn her underwear out if that was nightwear, it would have probaly been a thicker more forgiving material.

    • Comments (624)

      A pot belly is what she gets for laying in the HoH bed for days on end. At least she’s not an open mouthed chewer like Andy.

  7. Comments (343)

    This IS the week to get out Amanda! Is Helen smoking something? Amanda is joined at the hip with McCrae and they run the house. Why worry about Candace, who has no power! Really dumb strategic players this year. Either Helen is blind/dumb, or she’s scared of the mouth of Amanda or the power of McCrae.

  8. Comments (343)

    Oh, and I personally DIG Jessie’s body!

  9. Comments (216)

    Top 10 reasons it’s too early to vote out:

    (10) Candice is just too big of a threat;
    (9) We need to give August some time to set in first;
    (8) Better to have her angry in the jury house;
    (7) HoH bed not properly broken in yet;
    (6) She’s just a nice person to have around;
    (5) Riviting stories about escrow hijinx
    (4) The homophobia really rounds out the house;
    (3) Too focused on dying hair right now;
    (2) Nice to have someone America hates more than me;
    (1) Three words: Wrath of McCrae.

  10. Comments (10)

    I wonder how the MVP is going to work on double elimination, Thursday. Hopefully, BB keeps it somehow because we, the America people, need to get rid of Amanda. Maybe they’ll let us vote on Wednesday.

    • Comments (27)

      I really hope it automatically will be used the same nom or the next in line, which I am hoping is Helen!!…Maybe they should get Helen out first and them Amanda or Andy sincce they are so against voting Amanda out!!!

  11. Comments (9)

    Oh man, this cast cracks me up. Maccrae Amanda spencer Elissa on BBAD talking about Canadian provinces. Montreal is a province?!?!? Really? Yikes. Back to grade 8 geography

    • Comments (160)

      I’m Canadian and I’ve never had to learn American states in school. So it’s not a surprise if they don’t know the differences between provinces/territories.

      • Comments (160)

        Although I have been to the states and know most of all the states because I travel down to there frequently.

      • Midwest teaches that
        Comments (1)

        We had to learn all the provinces here in the Midwest! Of course all the states. Then where every country in the world was as well as the capitals.

        Isn’t this taught anymore?

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (651)

        Unfortunately most high school seniors can’t find their own state on an unmarked US map.

      • Comments (140)

        Kathy, I’m Canadian and come on… Look how many states they have compared to how many provinces/territories we have. I could name you all the states and I never travel to the states. There’s no excuse for American’s being that ignorant. They may not have to name them all or even place where they are on a blank map, but shit at least have the knowledge to know Montreal (and Toronto, because I hear that a LOT) are NOT provinces. It’s just ignorant.

      • Comments (768)

        I grew up in Southern Ontario and we had to learn about the U.S. in public school and again in high school. In fact, I think we spent as much time learning about U.S. history and geography as we did Canadian.

      • Comments (195)

        Being Canadian I also had to learn US geography in school…maybe I’m dating myself lol and they don’t teach it anymore. My sister and her kids live in the states and they learned very little Canadian history. But isn’t Elissa’s husband from Canada? Guess he hasn’t bothered to teach her any Canadian history lol.

      • Comments (768)

        It really surprised me that McCrae, who comes from Minnesota, didn’t know that Winnipeg was in Manitoba!! It’s right next door! Elissa’s husband is from White Rock, Saskatchewan.

  12. Comments (27)

    I am Canadian too and I too Know the husband and I always laugh because this girl at a target store, though Canada was another state and she was getting even upset at my husband because he said no it isn’t …all we asked was for a international calling card lol!!

  13. Comments (40)

    I want to learn about Canada! I was on the elevator this morning with someone from Canada and she was coming back from a 10 day VACATION from back home. I wonder how the living is from everything I have heard it sounds great!

    • Comments (528)

      The weather can suck, the taxes are high, the healthcare makes it worth it though, and no one here goes broke over taxes, unlike what Americans seem to think will happen if they pay a little more. We have our share of dicks but I find people are generally pretty friendly, our accents are goofy, our maple syrup is real and not just sugar water and we were down with bacon long before the internet made it cool.

      Overall I think I’ll stay.

      • Comments (140)

        LOL Sadie I love this response. It’s all great except I will say not every area in Canada has an accent. There are plenty of provinces that sounds just like the “normal” tones you would hear on TV. What I think happened, is a newfy went and did a lot of traveling, and just kept saying he was from Canada, so then people were like “wow, Canadians sound weird!”

        Now what I thought was amazing, was when I went to Alberta for a couple days (I’m from New Brunswick) and the tour guide was flat out amazed my bf and I didn’t have an accent. We were like, wtf do you expect us to sound like?? Imagine, a Canadian confused by the lack of accent on another Canadian. Ironic.

      • Comments (5)

        My folks came from Fredericton and had no accent…loyalists.

      • Comments (528)

        I’m in Southern Ontario and honestly thought we didn’t have an accent. When I started going to the States yearly (Comic Con YEAH) I realized I only *thought* I had no accent when in fact I did, and it was so weird that Americans were just puzzled by it and couldn’t place where I was from…I think assuming it was somewhere in the States.

        Watching BB Canada just proved it to me. They had Canadians from all over the country and even though the accents veried, they all had a very distinct Canadian ring to them…even the city folk from Toronto and Vancouver. I can also pick out a Canadian extra in an American movie in a second (usually indicating the film was made in Canada)

      • Comments (195)

        I have a lot of American friends and they always make fun of me on how I say about…they think it sounds like aboat or aboot. And when we say pop instead of soda. Also always get ribbed about eh lol. I am a proud Canadian but do also adore my American friends and did at one point live for a short time in the States. Was born in Ontario but lived 9yrs in BC where my daughter was born.

    • Comments (768)

      If you want to learn about Canada, make sure you watch BB Canada!

  14. Comments (1162)

    The Countdown Clock timing Amanda’ s Next BIG BLOWUP Begins Now ………..


  15. Comments (40)

    What happen?

  16. Comments (528)

    Jessie has a little potbelly. As a slim girl with a potbelly myself, it’s a crappy deal and really hard to get rid of…posture is definitely a big part of it and if you’re not ALWAYS conscious of how you’re standing, it’ll stick out. I basically never wear belly shirts or low-rise jeans because of this damn belly but Jessie seems a little more confident so good for her.

    • Comments (407)

      Thanks for the reply, I didn’t mean to sound negative with my comment. I don’t think she looks bad at all, even with it. I was just pointing it out because I personally haven’t seen bodies like that unless they were pregnant.

      I don’t care if she has a 6-pack, a pot belly or weighs 200lbs, Jessie so far has been the nicest girl in the house (which makes her the best looking) and I didn’t want to make it seem like negative statement.

      • Comments (651)

        Steve Jessie was talking about they should have at least one bottle of Midol in the house. Since your a guy I’ll forgive you for not having first hand knowledge of things like bloating, etc.

    • Comments (768)

      I think it all has to do with her posture. She needs to strengthen her core before it does harm to her back. She has already complained about having a sore back all the time. When she wears a slinky dress she looks great! Overall Jessie is, and always has been, my favourite. Production tried to taint everyone’s opinion of her from the first episode by airing her comment saying she was the prettiest one in the house. She has a beauty that comes from within. I hope she goes far.

  17. Comments (45)

    I followed howard on twitter and he said he can’t believe how andy goes group by group telling information to everyone. Why is jesse finally trying to get amanda. This should have happen last week. She knows after candice leaves its between her and spencer. If jessen win HOH its gonna be a fu double eviction.

  18. Comments (40)

    I ran across a article, and am going to attach the link, I was just wondering if you think it is true and/or what your thoughts are.

  19. Comments (40)

    RC I am not saying it is or it isnt true,but it seems like it could be hard to predict a winner considering things change day by day. I do agree maybe Amanda knows the producer but to say the show is riged I do not agree because if or when the HG decide the can get rid of Amanda anytime. I honestly feel like bb can not be riged consider how the hg are on live feeds 24/7 and it would be too much of a risk for cbs to take not worth it. Plus how would she know what is going on with CBS now in 2013 season 15 when she does not work there. Not creditable to me. but u just never know

    • Comments (651)

      She was still there when they were casting this season. And several times on the feeds HG’s have come out of DR and started saying they were told not to put up/vote for…oops goes to fishy

      • Comments (286)

        Maybe that’s why everyone wants to make jury,they know they can not win.

      • Comments (240)

        They are constantly told not to talk about production. I said it before, they call them a cast for a reason. Scripts given daily in DR room? Hmm

  20. Comments (226)

    Couldn’t sleep last night so read the feeds and have a couple observations: 1.: As much as Jessie was trying to work the house to save Candice, Judd was spilling it and making alliances with EVERYONE – including smooching w Jessie (I feel bad for her bc once this all gets out I think she will feel betrayed but that’s BB) 2.: no one seems to be even considering the double eviction, just focusing on this weeks vote. Any thoughts on this out there?

  21. Comments (651)

    Here’s a link to some possible news. It seems Demanda may be the 3rd person to lose her day job

    • Comments (610)

      I hope this is true because her behavior has been absolutely horrible. And she seems to be stirring up more of Aaryn’s nasty, racist behavior too. Now if these mean girls employers have fired them over their behavior and racist etc comments, why hasn’t CBS/BB “fired” them and removed them from the show?! oh, and Spencer potentially is/will be fired from his job too also due to his racist comments. See the pattern here CBS/BB?!

  22. Comments (13)

    for a group of people who LOVE bb not one of them have the brains to think about the time for a double eviction coming soon anyone who has watched the show for any length of time should be able to figure that will be soon especially since Julie made a point of saying just how many days they have been in the house

  23. Comments (9)

    I know I’ll get shot down for this, but everyone is taking the racism thing way too far. I mean if i was trapped in a house with someone I can’t stand I would probably use racial slurs against them too. Race is what separates us so it’s the easiest difference to pick on when you’re mad at someone. But then again my friends and I use racial slurs against each other all the time so maybe it just doesn’t bother me as much

  24. Comments (17)

    Random Thought…. Jessie has a “pot belly” which many, many guys find extremely sexy! In fact, of all of the girls in the house, I would rather hook up with her. Haven’t you seen Pulp Fiction? Anyways, this cast is pretty lame…

  25. Comments (233)

    Since the beginning, I’ve been wanting the justice of having the low-life, jerks evicted. It sure doesn’t look like we’re going to get it from these terrible strategists who are at the bottom of the pack. It seems that the only justice we’ll get is that anyone who knows these houseguests or meets them in the future will quickly find out about their BB appearance. With a simple query on the internet, it won’t take anyone long to see just what these folks are all about. Their words and actions will follow them for a very long time.

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